The Barak Obama Deception - April, 2011

As of this writing, Barack Hussain Obama, the "peace" president, has three active wars, several proxy wars and several more wars on the drawing board. The Obama administration is also complaining that Iran is helping Syrian authorities clampdown on their protesters - while the White House has been helping the governments of Egypt (yes, they are still killing their demonstrators), Yemen and Bahrain crackdown on their people in the bloodiest of manners. But since you were not bombarded with such stories and/or images on America's mainstream news press on a 24/7 basis, it did not happen.

The point I'm trying to make is simply this: Barack Obama is the palatable character the empire's political/financial elite chose to represent them in their business-as-usual global campaign. As they repress brown people from north Africa to Central Asia, Obama was meant to be the brown face in the White House. From the very beginning, Obama was the PR stunt of the American empire's ruling elite. From the very beginning, Obama was the tool they used to disarm the country's growing anti-Bush/anti-war movement.

The commentary below was disseminated by me almost exactly two years ago; soon after Barak Hussain Obama was appointed President of the United States. I wrote the commentary more-or-less in response to the Armenian sheeple's renewed hope at the time that this president was somehow "different" and that he finally stood for "change". The Armenian-American hope at the time was that the White House would finally recognize the Armenian Genocide now that the "black knight" was in office, and now that Ankara and Washington have had problems. Needless to say, they were disappointed yet again.

We have now come to the realization that the only thing "different" about this president was his skin color. Yet, instead of learning a real lesson in realpolitik as a result of the Obama letdown, our community pundits are still asking us to "confront" him and "demand" that he live up to his promise. Since when has serious political policy (especially in a corrupt place like Washington) been made by the electorate? As a matter of fact, since when have American presidents made policy?! The American electorate have never had a voice in making serious political policy. For the past hundred years or so, American presidents have simply been the spokesmen, salesmen and marketing agents for those that rule the nation behind-the-scenes.

Are we Armenians this ignorant of politics?

Some are naively asking: Didn't Obama keep his word and pull troops out of Iraq? The answer is: Yes he did, and there was very sound geopolitical reasoning behind it. The Iraq war was totally mismanaged by Bush's team of Neocon criminals from the very beginning. Let's recall that the American public was told American troops would be greeted by flowers and kisses, not by bullets and bombs. After a series of political and military disasters, Iraq became a serious impediment to the empire's long-term regional agenda. Consequently, they had to somehow disengage from Iraq so that the overall agenda, control of regional energy assets and the plan to destroy Iran could be salvaged.

Here is something none of you would hear on CNN or BBC or FOX. In my opinion, American combat troops were withdrawn from Iraq for the sole purpose of repositioning them for a possible future military assault on Iran. Having secured Iraq (by more-or-less destroying it), American combat troops stationed in Iraq would have become vulnerable to Iranian/Shiite attacks once hostilities against Iran commenced. So, get them out of harms way.
The Sunni Arab world is currently being reorganized at the tip of a sharp bayonet. All the region's loose-ends, vulnerable nations such as Libya, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine are carefully being worked on in preparation for the major attack on Iran.
Nevertheless, individuals that understand politics understand that there is no such thing as a "free" or "fair" elections, especially in the United States. Simply put: An empire this wealthy, this complex, this vast and this powerful cannot be trusted to the whims of a people this ignorant, this diverse and this complacent. The destructive notion of Western "democracy" - the nonsensical concept that the masses can effectively rule themselves - is being imposed on underdeveloped nations very similar to how Western Christianity was imposed on backward natives in times past. The end game, as always, is exploitation, subjugation or destruction. Anyway, April 24 is here again and we again have silly Armenians getting excited. What a waste of precious time and effort our lobbying efforts have been in the United States. The following is a little reminder from the past.

April, 2011


The Barak Hussein Obama Deception

Americans better wake up and come to the realization that when it comes to fundamental political matters there are no differences between Republicans and Democrats. For a long time, the US has been a nation of one political party (the party of the financial elite) represented by two factions - Democrat and Republican. In essence, the political/financial elite in this great empire decides what shirt the people will wear and the people are cordially giving the democratic privilege of picking the color - no pun intended.

I despised the Bush administration as well as the prospect of having someone like John McCain for president just as much as anyone else, but all the mindless Obama worship in America today is making me utterly sick. Knowing how this global empire operates, I know that Obama will prove to be just as bad if not worst than the Bush administration. Nevertheless, despite Obama, America's downward economic spiral will continue; America's lose of individual freedoms will continue; America's military entanglements worldwide will continue...

The fact of the matter is, American presidents do not make national policy, they are simply chosen to represent those who do. When it comes to foreign affairs, decisions are made by the US State Department, the Pentagon, semi-political entities and think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations and several special interest groups such as the oil lobby and the Zionist lobby. When it comes to making domestic policy in the United States, Wall Street and international banksters call all the major shots.

What the sheeple of this world need to realize is that Obama was not elected by the people, he was instead chosen by the nation's political/financial elite. As a matter of fact, he was chosen by them five years ago (during the 2004 Democrat convention) as one that could potentially replace the failed and discredited representatives of Neoconservatism in Washington. It now seems obvious that the globalist agenda of the American empire needed a fresh new face to move it forward, a face that could again appeal to the disillusioned masses and disarm the growing zeal of the left. And Barack Obama is that new face. 

By putting Obama on the political podium, they also managed to put a brown face behind the military machine that will be raping and pillaging brown people all across the Middle East and Central Asia. Damn good PR stunt, in my humble opinion. 

President Obama had barely moved into the White House when he began surrounding himself with Banksters, Globalists, Clintonites, Neocons, Zionists, Turkophiles and Russophobes. And we have naive Armenians today betting that Obama would recognize the Armenian Genocide?!?!?! As previously mentioned, Obama's election victory was essentially a coup d’état for the financial/political elite in Washington. Obama in the White House is giving the nation's real bosses the effective means to silence the growing left and win-over the domestic opposition. The Obama presidency will essentially be the continuation of the American empire's global agenda by other, more effective means. And due to the sheeple's blind Obama worship, it may ultimately prove more disastrous.

Please look at the various links posted below and watch the videos recently released by popular talk show host Alex Jones and veteran political activist Lyndon LaRouche. Regardless of what one may think of Mr. Jones' or Mr. LaRouche's unabashedly libertarian political rhetoric, their assessments of the political climate in this nation today is quite accurate.

May, 2009


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