Armenia Assulted by Orange Agents - March, 2011

The following is a lucid commentary about Levon Petrosian's failed color revolution in 2008. The commentary was written by as an introduction to a well known Pravda article about the events in question (Pravda article is posted at the bottom of this page). In his commentary, the author gives Armenia credit for being the only nation that defeated Western/Zionist forces after being targeted by them. Interestingly, the author claims that Armenia is being targeted due to its political closeness to Moscow. More interestingly, he also courageously mentions one of the well known yet least talked about modus operandi of Zionists; one that Jews have exploited throughout the world since biblical times.

Zionist operatives regularly used/use women to seduce and solicit prominent individuals, politicians, artists, scholars, scientists, doctors or individuals that exhibited good leadership in the Soviet Union. They have done the same in America and in Europe. The Monica Lewinsky ordeal is merely one example. It is said that there is a school in Israel that actually prepares political seductresses. The historically effective method in question is essentially meant to be an investment for the future. Thus, it is no coincidence that many prominent men in the Soviet Union were married to Jewesses. Likewise, it is no coincidence that Armenian men like Aram Khachatryan, Tigran Petrosyan, Paruyr Hayrikyan and Levon Petrosian, to name a few of the better known individuals, were/are married to Jewesses.

Now that the Levon camp has effectively been silenced by Serj Sargsyan's political brilliance, what Armenia was saved from back in 2008 deserves a second look.
Nevertheless, Armenia's self-destructive peasantry in the Levon camp and Raffi Hovannisian's naive sheeple are living proof today that any attempt at "democracy" in Armenia will prove suicidal for the fledgling state.

My blog page on Levon Petrosian and his failed revolution:

March, 2011


Armenia Assaulted by Orange Agents: George Soros Style

I wanted to bring this recent event in Armenia to your attention. Please note that the exact event occurred back in March, BUT the struggle in Armenia against these Zionist forces is still continuing today, and politically, the country is still destabilized due to the constant opposition rallies and misinformation that they are spreading through the media (funded by George Soros of course!), which still posses a threat to Armenia's political stability. The reason why I am mentioning Armenia’s failed 'colored revolution' is because after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Zionists have been overthrowing the governments of the newly independent Soviet republics, and so far, Georgia’s ‘Rose Revolution,’ Kyrgyzstan's ‘Tulip Revolution,’ Ukraine's ‘Orange Revolution,’ and the Serbian revolution have all been a success.

Armenia was the only country in the post-Soviet bloc, which fought against these Zionist funded forces, and managed to crash the Western revolution within hours, although nine people were killed as a result of clashes between the police and the opposition forces.

Before you read the article, I wanted to inform you that Levon Ter-Petrossian (the Soros agent) was the first president of Armenia after its independence in 1991 from the SU, but he was ousted from office during his 2nd term (which he rigged big time!), and all of a sudden, last year he decided to come back into politics in Armenia after nearly 10 years of disappearance.

In addition, his wife is Jewish (born in St. Petersburg, Russia) and it is widely known in Armenia that she was and still is active in the higher Jewish/Zionist circles of Russia who obviously have enough ties with the Western Zionists. The fact that the Zionist circles in Russia hooked her up with Levon Ter-Petrossian decades ago while Levon Ter-petrossian was working on his PhD in St. Petersburg seems hardly a coincidence, since it is known that the Zionist circles always took for potential leaders (or similar) men among the Goyim whom they later help to advance in a given country. The whole thing was very well organized now that we look back, since Levon was very good at bringing Armenia to its knees after he took office in 1991, which resulted in a very LARGE number of migrants out of the country due to the economic hardships.

I am proud to say that after so many successful provocations by the Zionists in the Post Soviet bloc, the smallest country of them all, Armenia, was able to kick some major Soros/Zionist butts by crushing the opposition within hours! One important thing that I wanted to mention, which will help you better understand the situation and why Armenia was targeted by George Soros, is that since its independence, Armenia has been a very close ally of Russia, and today it is the only ally of Russia in the Caucasus region. Armenia also has Russian troops stationed within its borders for more than a decade. Now you have the background story, so please do the reading in order to know that the Zionist do not always target the big countries!


Armenia Assaulted by Orange Agents

Perhaps the empire just doesn’t get it. They need to re-examine their despicable, foolish and devious scheme to bring an orange scenario to an embattled, besieged Armenia. Under blockade by neighboring Turkey and Azerbaijan, Armenia continues to prosper despite some instances of corruption and economic isolation. Armenia is not fertile ground for any sort of orange scenario. Armenians are generally politically astute, pro-Russian and not easily swayed. They are also acutely aware of the fact that there is no future for them as vassals of the empire.

Armenian history is said to be 12,000 years old, and Mt. Ararat is the historic scene where Noah‘s Ark is said to have rested, a revered and treasured Armenian landmark. An archeologist’s dream come true, Armenia is a land of quaint churches and elaborately and meticulously carved khatchkars (Orthodox crosses). Constant and reliable, the centuries old friendship and alliance with Russia is unshakable. Most Armenians are aware of the fact that there probably would be no Armenia if not for Russia. No plots or schemes by the empire are going to change that reality.

The empire also wins no friends among Armenians for its consistent policy of Genocide denial. These policies go beyond the geo-political considerations given as an excuse, such as the US base in occupied Western Armenia, under control of Turkey and their alliances with Armenian enemies Turkey, Israel and Azerbaijan. And then there are the oil pipelines…constructed to bypass Armenia, a country in a strategic position between east and west, a crossroads as it were. As a result of the Armenian Genocide of 1894-1923, Armenians lost most of their homeland and over 1.5 million Armenians were murdered in the most horrendous and brutal fashion imaginable and unimaginable. To this day, no Nuremberg trials, no compensation or apology have occurred. Therefore, the memory of this tragedy in an ongoing issue of importance to Armenians.

In Armenia, Levon Ter-Petrosian is generally despised for his corrupt ruinous policies while President of Armenia. He is also despised for proffering the notion that the recently liberated Armenian land of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) should be returned to Azerbaijan. Artsakh is now an independent country. The US regime is financially backing Ter-Petrosian and causing trouble in the background. Ter-Petrosian had the strange idea that he had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning an election to be President. Fat chance. Now he sends agitators to do his bidding, a la Soros funding, all the best agitators money and the empire can buy.

On Public Armenian Television, Armenian Parliament Speaker Tigran Torosian told the following of his knowledge of events: “These people decided who the winner is five minutes after the election. This is their characteristic feature. I learned about my alleged resignation from journalists. Levon Ter-Petrosian and his team-mates have exhausted the sources of lies which exceed all possible borders,” the speaker said. “They spread lies about all and offense all those who are not with them. They are filled with hatred and revenge,” he said. "OK, let's say all the grenades, pistols and automatics were planted by the regime, what do you have to say about all those hooligans with rods and sticks, beating the police, throwing bricks and stones, burning cars including busses and an ambulance, looting shops and supermarkets?"

According to various local reports, 8 persons were killed in orange demonstrations as the Army was called in to restore the peace. They also report that Opera and Republican Square are swarming with army troops and military police armed to the teeth with AK-47s, belt-fed battle rifles and there are dozens of light tanks in both locations. In addition to that, there are troops scattered in posts all over the city and on all the roads into the city. One hundred and thirty-one persons were reported injured in the March 1 disturbances.

An on the scene observer sent this report:

"Hi, this morning I walked from the Opera House until Mashtoz Underpass. Everything was just fine. Police closed the underpass toward city hall and near the French embassy where they made a mess. My friend 8:30 at night went everywhere with the exception of closed areas and found calm...all shops are open and traffic is normal, 8 people got killed and about 30 people got arrested for looting, all young guys."

Interior troops and police officers suffered bullet wounds and injuries in the March 1 clashes with rioters in Yerevan. On his visit to the hospital, President Kocharian was accompanied by police chief Hayk Harutyunian and other officials. Kocharian went from one hospital ward to another and spoke to officers and servicemen. Hospital chief, Arthur Petrosian, said they admitted 33 wounded officers and servicemen on March 1 until 8.30 pm and 27 others after 9 pm. He said 11 received bullet wounds, eight were hospitalized with heavy symptoms of gas poisoning, 2 received knife wounds. Seven servicemen went to their quarters after receiving first aid and 11 others were operated on. The chief of the hospital said their condition is satisfactory now. At the end of February, prior to the breakout of violence, a vehicle was apprehended trying to enter the country loaded with weapons and ammunition.

On March 1, 2008, Armenia’s President Robert Kocharian declared a 2-day state of emergency in compliance of article 55.6 of the RA (Republic of Armenia) Constitution (threat to state and population security). Fortunately, anti-terrorist, anti-orange scenario joint exercises were held by Armenia and Russia in anticipation of such occurrences. Meanwhile the empire is mouthing duplicitous, hypocritical words about “excessive use of force.”

Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Terry Davis said, “The state of emergency suspends the application of several rights and freedoms protected by the European Convention on Human Rights. Under Article 15 of the Convention the Armenian Government must inform me of the measures which it has taken and the reasons therefore. I expect that they will do so without any delay,” the Council of Europe press division reports. The recent presidential elections in Armenia saw Serzh Sarksyan, Kocharian’s number two man, elected as President of Armenia. The voting result was unmistakable: Serzh Sarkisyan - 862,369 (52,82%) votes, Levon Ter-Petrosian – 351,222 (21,5%).votes.

The February 19th presidential elections were not only characterized as `free and fair' by the CIS observers, but also received the positive assessments of the Western observation missions. The observation mission of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, which stands out in terms of its strict and meticulous attitude towards the electoral processes held in former USSR territories, clearly recorded that, `The presidential elections held in Armenia on February 19 were mostly in line with the commitments to the OSCE and the Council of Europe.” But this didn’t satisfy the orange agitators.

Kocharian, throughout his term as President, has had a warm, brotherly relationship with his counterpart in Russia, Vladimir Putin. Like the outgoing president, Robert Kocharian, Mr. Sarkisyan is from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Both men were commanders in the war.The newly elected Armenian President released this message to the people:

“Dear Compatriots,

In consequence of the recent events, our people suffered great losses. There are casualties among policemen, who performed their duty, and among protesters, who fell under the influence of a group of people. Hundreds of civilians suffered from illegal acts of the radical opposition.Leaders of the co-called ‘movement’ made targets of their own supporters and policemen to suit their own ends. The initiators of disorders must answer for their deeds before the law, history and generations. With pain, I conceive that our compatriots fell victim to blind hatred of some individuals. I share your grief and wish you courage and strength to overcome this tragedy…”

As the cleanup crew mitigates the after effects of the recent lawlessness, one can only hope that the street sweepers will also sweep away the trash known as orange agent provocateurs and leave this proud, struggling nation in peace.

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