Moscow to stand with Armenians on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide - March, 2015

Several days before President Putin's miraculous resurrection from the dead (during which he triumphantly ordered massive military drills from the Arctic to Armenia) France’s Agence France-Presse reported that President Putin will indeed be traveling to Yerevan to commemorate the grand centennial of the Armenian Genocide - 
Putin to Commemorate Armenian Genocide Centennial in Yerevan:
The greatest and the most powerful leader of our times will join Armenians on April 24 to commemorate the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. President Putin's decision to spend this most important day for Armenians with Armenians is particularly appreciated in light of the fact that the Russian Federation currently faces one of the greatest challenges in its history and Kremlin officials have their hands full. I am grateful that a superpower like the Russian Federation officially recognizes the historic tragedy that befell Armenians one hundred years. And I am deeply grateful that President Putin will make time from his very busy schedule to stand with us Armenians as a symbolic yet powerful gesture that Armenia is not alone in the tumultuous south Caucasus.

Thank you, Russia. Thank you, President Putin.

Although 1995 is known for being the year the Russian Duma first officially recognized the Armenian Genocide, we must always remember that it was the Soviet Union that commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in 1965 by beginning the construction of the now world famous monument dedicated to the remembrance of the Armenian Genocide. Let's also recall that April 24 was a major albeit unofficial holiday for Soviet Armenia. And as noted above, the Russian Duma officially recognized the Armenian Genocide in 1995 and since then, all high ranking Russian officials and dignitaries that visit Armenia pay official visits to the genocide memorial complex to honor the 1.5 million Armenian victims. Moreover, the historical veracity of the Armenian Genocide is always acknowledged in state funded Russian news agencies, television programs and publications. In short: Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by official Moscow has never been a problem for Armenians.

Which actually brings up an important question: If, as we are always told, international relations is solely based on selfish "interests", why then is Moscow going out of its way to recognize the Armenian Genocide?

Think of it this way: Armenia is almost totally dependent on Russia for survival and Russians know that Armenia has no real alternatives in the south Caucasus to Russia. Moscow has Armenia's dependence with or without genocide recognition. Therefore, is it in Moscow's political or economic interests to disregard the expressed wishes of nearly one hundred million Turks and Azeris and openly take sides with Armenians by recognizing a historic event that took place one hundred years ago? No, it is not. If Russian officials were simply being guided by selfish "interests" vis-à-vis Armenia, Moscow would not have recognized the Armenian Genocide in ways it has. After all, don't Anglo-American-Jewish officials always point to political considerations (i.e. the West's close ties to Ankara) as the primary reason why they are incapable of recognizing the Armenian Genocide? Well, what about Russian ties with Turks?

Let's take a brief look at this matter from a Russian perspective:

Bilateral trade between Russia and Turkey/Azerbaijan is very lucrative, running to the tune of tens-of-billions of dollars annually. Russia has been for many years trying to lure Turkey away from NATO. Russia has been for many years doing its best to draw Azerbaijan into its political orbit. Russia recognizes Turkey's strategic importance as a bridge connecting Europe and the Middle East. Russia recognizes Turkey's strategic control over the Bosporus Strait. Russia has in recent years developed a very lucrative arms supply deal with Baku. Russia just recently signed a major multi-billion dollar natural gas pipeline project with Turkey. Russia recognizes the importance of Baku as a strategic energy hub. Millions of Russians spend their vacations on Turkish beeches. Russians know that there are over one hundred million Turks/Turanians bordering Russia. Russians realize that are millions of pacified Turkic peoples living right within their homeland.

Do Russians, like Westerners, have reasons to pander to Turks?

Similar to what Western powers do when it comes to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Russia has every excuse one can imagine for pandering to Turks and Azeris at the cost of Armenian interests. At the very least, Moscow has the excuses it needs for telling Armenians - "look, we will help you in any way we can but we can't officially recognize the Armenian Genocide because we simply have a lot of important interests in Turkey and Azerbaijan." Unlike what Western powers do, however, Russian officials have somehow always managed to put aside their political and financial considerations with the Turkic world and have had the integrity to officially recognize the genocide committed against Armenians by Turks even though not doing so could prove more beneficial to Russia.

Is this not the definition of what a true friend should be? Is this not what a genuine ally is supposed to do?

I need to remind the reader here that Moscow's pro-Armenian stance regarding this matter has been solely a Russian initiative because there is a virtual absence of Armenian lobbying efforts in Moscow. In other words, there is no ANC in Russia. Russians recognize the Armenian Genocide because Russians WANT to recognize the Armenian Genocide. So, despite what Western-financed propagandists and their brain-dead followers want Armenians to believe, could it be possible that Russia is actually a true friend and a genuine ally?

As noted above, despite the absence of Armenian activists in the Kremlin, not only does the Russian Duma officially recognizes the Armenian Genocide, every high ranking official from the Russian Federation - including Putin, Medvedev, Ivanov, Lavrov and Chilingarov - has visited the Armenian Genocide memorial, and always on a state level. And it's not only Russian politicians. The Russian Patriarch has also been to the genocide memorial. Even CSTO troops have been taken to the genocide memorial. The last time President Putin was in Armenia in 2013 he once again made time to appear at the genocide memorial -

And in the following picture we see how "Westernized" assholes in Yerevan (London resident Babken Der Grigoryan pictured below left) greeted the man's arrival earlier in the day -

Although Armenians are generally speaking too politically ignorant or too emotionally disturbed to realize it, Russians have actually been going out of their way to stand with us Armenians even though by doing so they may be hurting their national interests. Think about it: Other than keeping a small bunch of troublesome Armenians temporarily happy, what are Russian officials gaining by their official recognition of the Armenian Genocide? Seriously, think about this. It's not like Armenia's dependence on Russia or its allegiance to Moscow is at stake. In other words, nothing of political significance would change within the political landscape in Armenia if Russians did not recognize the Armenian Genocide. Other than hurting Armenian feelings, nothing of real political value would change in the political landscape in Armenia if Russian officials did not join us on April 24. Once more: If politics is merely about interests and financial profit, why hasn't Moscow made a deal with Turkey at Armenia's expense? It's not like Ankara has not been signalling its willingness to make a deal with the Bear -
Turkey Leveraging Major Arms Purchase Against Genocide Recognition:
So then, why is Moscow refraining closer cooperation with Ankara, abstaining from billions of dollars in possible military contracts with Turkey to stand firmly beside Armenians? With a major power like Turkey willing to deepen its ties with Russia, why is Moscow pandering to Armenians instead? As I said: It's not like Armenia is going anywhere.

In my opinion, Russians are putting aside their economic and political interests with Turks and Azeris to show Turks and Azeris - as well as Armenians and the rest of the world - that Russia's alliance and friendship with Armenia transcends political and/or economic calculations. Moscow wants the world to know that Russian-Armenian alliance goes beyond mere interests and that it sees Armenia as an integral part of Russian and not Western civilization. The Russian Federation therefore sees Armenia as a natural partner that needs to be nurtured and protected, unlike Washingtonian officials that see a dollar value on everything on earth and would even sell their mothers to the highest bidder? Simply put: Moscow has been going out of its way to stand with Armenians because Russia sees Armenia as part of its world.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out recently that Strelkov, the rebel leader in Novorossia, actually made a public statement in which he said that the "Russian world" should include Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, and possibly Central Asia -

'Liberal' Putin could be toppled 'like the tsar', warns Russian ultra-nationalist:
Did Strelkov deliberately leave out Azerbaijan from the Russian world? I don't know and I don't even care. What's important is that Armenia continues to be looked at by Russian officials as an immensely valuable geostrategic asset. Let's take another look at what the Russian factor means for Armenia and what the Russian Bear has been doing for Armenia during the past twenty years:

Russia provides invaluable military protection against Turkey, thereby allowing Armenia's small military to concentrate its limited resources on a more manageable enemy, Azerbaijan. Russian officials, both civilian and military, regularly warn Baku against trying to solve the unresolved dispute in Artsakh militarily. Russia provides Armenia modern weaponry at domestic prices and oftentimes for free, to help Armenia keep up with oil rich Baku's massive arms expenditures... Russia looks the other way when Yerevan transfers large quantities of Russian supplied arms to Artsakh... Russia trains Armenian military specialists for free... Russian security and intelligence officials closely collaborate with their Armenian counterparts... Russian arms developers, scientists and academicians closely collaborate with their Armenian counterparts... Russia supplies Armenia with very affordable gas and oil... Russia provides Armenia's atomic power plant its nuclear fuel and assists in its maintenance... Russia has invested billions of dollars in Armenia's economy and infrastructure... Russia is by-far Armenia's largest trading partner... Russia has given Armenian producers and businessmen open access to its vast domestic market... Russia provides work opportunities to hundreds-of-thousands of Armenians annually, who's remittances to Armenia represents a significant portion of the country's GDP... Russia uses its UN veto power to block actions against Armenia... Russia has tolerated Armenia's flirtations with Western powers... Finally, Russia officially - and proactively - recognizes the Armenian Genocide.

What else do we want from these people?!?!?!

It seems to me the only thing Russia has not yet begun doing for Armenia - at least to my knowledge - is giving every single Armenian alive a week long, all expenses paid vacation in Disneyland.

But, I can hear it now: "What about Russian arms sales to Baku?!"

I have lost count how many times I have reflected on this matter, but I guess one more time won't hurt: Foremost, let's recognize the fact that Baku has the petrodollars to purchase whatever it wants. If Russia does not sell it the weaponry it is seeking, there are a number of nations that are more than willing to do so. Western powers, Turkey and Israel have in fact been selling Baku billions-of-dollars in arms and training the Azerbaijani special forces and sharpshooters responsible for killing Armenian border guards. Russian arms sales to Baku is not directed against Armenia. Military specialists and political analysts agree that Russian arms sales to Baku and Yerevan are designed to maintain the balance of power between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Most of Baku's arms purchases from Russia are defensive weapons meant to be used for its air and sea defenses. While Russia sells weaponry to Azerbaijan at market prices, it gives weaponry to Armenia essentially for free. We also need to recognize that Russia has normal relations with Azerbaijan. Moscow is also trying hard to lure Azerbaijan into its orbit and by selling it the weaponry that Baku wants, Moscow realizes it gains leverage over Baku - which is good for Armenia. Russia will therefore do its best to maintain good relations with Baku while making sure Armenia is protected from Baku. Moreover, even though Armenia is allied to Russia, Kremlin officials know very well that Armenians can be easily bought by Western money and that Armenia and Armenian society in general is rife with Western operatives. A quick look at Armenian society these days is enough to show one that Russians cannot trust Armenians, even if there was a thing called “trust” in politics. Therefore, Russia will protect its only strategic ally in the south Caucasus but it will also make sure to also have some leverage over Yerevan by arming Baku, just in case. Russia is thus managing the situation on the ground between Yerevan and Baku by making sure that the current status quo, that which only benefits the Armenian side, is maintained.

Nevertheless, the hysteria created by Western propagandists recently over this matter forced President Sargsyan and Foreign Minister Nalbandyan to make public statements critical of Moscow. The Armenian president knows very well that Russian arms sales to Baku are not directed against Armenia. The Armenian president knows very well that Russia has enabled Armenia to keep up with a big spending Baku. The Armenian president knows very well that Russia has been solely responsible for stopping Azerbaijan and Turkey from solving the dispute in Artsakh militarily. Knowing all this, why then did the Armenian president feel compelled to criticize Moscow? The answer: Because of Yerevan's "complimentary politics". Yerevan's desire to expose itself to Western powers is continuing to give Western propagandists meddling opportunities. Consequently, we continue seeing Western propagandists creating a self-serving, virtual reality in which Armenian officials are forced to respond. And since Armenian officials want to impress Western officials with their complimentary politics, they are responding by publicly complaining about Moscow. This is another case where Western propagandists have forced Yerevan's hand essentially because Yerevan is allowing Western powers to remain in the game. What did Armenia gain - in real political terms - by the Armenian president's public criticism of Moscow? The answer is: Other than encouraging Armenia's Russophobes and furthering Western interests in Armenia, nothing. What official Yerevan needs to be doing instead of criticizing Moscow is lobbying Russian officials. In politics, lobbying works, criticism does not. If there is a problem in a relationship between friends, you do your best to directly engage your partner in an attempt to solve the problem - instead of jumping on to your enemy's lap and complaining about your partner. Even Armenia's chobans-in-Armani-suits recognize this universal wisdom -

ArmeniaNow: Armenian ruling party’s ‘pro-Russian wing’ hints at risks of “spoiled” relations with Moscow:
Once more: Russian arms sales to Baku is not directed against Armenia. Russia is the only nation on earth that is profoundly concerned about militarily protecting Armenia and it has been doing so brilliantly for the past twenty years. Despite the negative perception created about Russia among Armenians, Russian policy towards Armenia has actually been surprisingly positive and constructive, whereas the West's policy towards Armenia has always been hostile. Those who create the perception that Russia is hostile towards Armenia are in fact the hostile ones towards Armenia.

Let's take a quick look at American hostility, direct and indirect, towards Armenia:

Despite the million-plus Armenians living in the US, Washington has refused to recognize the Armenian Genocide; No high ranking US officials have ever visited the Armenian Genocide memorial complex on a state level; Washington has not made any effort to make Ankara lift its economic blockade of Armenia; Washington allows Turkish aggression against Syria and Iraq; Washington gives Turks access to American nuclear weapons; Through its destructive policies, Washington has harmed the Armenian communities of Ukraine, Syria and Iraq; Washington regularly meddles in the internal affairs of Armenia; Political activists connected to Washington have attempted revolutions in Armenia; There has been a disinformation campaign against Armenia by American financed news agencies and journalists; Washington trains and equips Azeri snipers and special forces; Washington is hostile towards Russia, Armenia's largest trade partner, investor and arms supplier; Washington is hostile towards Iran, Armenia's most reliable neighbor and trade partner; Washington encourages Salafist/Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalism in the Caucasus; Washington is against Armenia joining the EEU; Washington is against the military protection Armenia receives from Russia; Washington has not signed a free trade agreement with Armenia; Washington's presence in Tbilisi has had a very negative impact on Georgian-Armenian relations; Washington's policies in the region have hindered the implementation of major regional infrastructure modernization project; Washington has never given any Armenian president a state level reception; No US president has ever visited Armenia, even during the 1990s when Russia was on its knees and Armenia was up for grabs.

Simply Put: Washington is in the Caucasus region to curb Russian and Iranian influence and exploit Central Asian energy. Armenia's friends are their enemies. Their friends are Armenia's enemies. It's that simple. Only Russia has a vested interest in Armenia. Only Russia has been enabling Armenia to survive the turbulent south Caucasus. Only Russia stands to lose the most if Armenia is lost. The modern version of the "Great Game" being played by Western powers in the south Caucasus today is the ONLY reason why Armenia has been hurting since its independence. All in all, the West's presence in the Caucasus region has been very destructive for Armenia. But... according to the sheeple, Russia is the hostile country and all the US wants is freedom and democracy. We are living in a world turned upside-down.

Armenia's pragmatic nationalists look at Russia and see a historic opportunity the kind of which Armenia has not had in well over one thousand years. Armenia's pragmatic nationalists look at Russia and see a massive economic opportunity. Armenia's pragmatic nationalists look at Russia, a neighboring ally who is a superpower and see a means to safeguard Armenia's borders from regional predators. Armenia's pragmatic nationalists understand that the keys to Armenia's long term health and well-being lies in the highest offices of the Kremlin. Sadly, however, Armenia today does not have an overabundance of pragmatic nationalists. What Armenia does have an overabundance of are Western mercenaries, Russophobes, smut-peddlers, nationalist nutjobs, whiners and complainers.

Due to the Russophobia being relentlessly propagated by Western propagandists throughout Armenian society, it has become fashionable among Armenians these days (even among normally pro-Russian Armenians) to claim that Russia mistreats Armenia or that Moscow always imposes its will on Yerevan. Moreover, Armenians generally speaking are under the impression that Armenians officials are subservient to Moscow always doing the bidding of Russian officials. These are all false perceptions created by Western propagandists. The reality is that Russian officials have actually been treating Armenia with white gloves. But, as we all know, from the sheeple's perspective, perception is reality, and Western propagandists are the masters of creating perception.
Compared to what the Russian factor in the south Caucasus means for Armenia and compared to what Russia does for Armenia, despite how hard I try, I fail to see how Russia mistreats Armenia and how Yerevan is being subservient to Moscow.

Let's recall that Yerevan has maintained close ties with the political West. At a time when Russia is fighting a proxy war against NATO in Ukraine and Syria, Armenia, a Russian ally and a member of EEU and CSTO, has been regularly participating in NATO military exercises, some of which are aimed against Russia. Armenia purchases war supplies from NATO members. Armenia regularly hosts US and European military and civilian officials. Armenia hosts one of the largest US embassies in the world. Western operatives in Armenia have had a free hand to do as they please during the past twenty-five years. And an increasing numbers of Armenians are making a comfortable living these days by propagating Russophobia. And with regards to Armenia's membership in the CSTO and EEU: Armenia is a member of those Russian-led organizations not because of Russian pressure but because of absolute necessity. In other words, for it to survive in the south Caucasus, Armenia has no choice but to be part of the Russian orbit. I therefore don't look at Armenia's membership in the CSTO and the EEU as a result of Russian pressure. Armenia has no choice.

Therefore, I ask: Is the notion that Russia mistreats Armenia and Armenians officials always do the bidding of Russians a false perception created by Western-financed propagandists inside Armenia society as well as the by-product of our people's political illiteracy? Absolutely!

With that said, it should also be said that whatever flaws that exist between Russia and Armenia today is primarily the result of Yerevan’s complimentary politics (i.e. Yerevan flirting with Russia’s enemies) and the lack of sustained and organized Armenian lobbying efforts in Moscow. Our people's Western fetishes, Russophobia and political illiteracy is therefore hindering the proper development of Russian-Armenian alliance. While Armenia's military is its tactical advantage, Armenia's ties to Kremlin officials must be made it strategic advantage. This requires political foresight and activism. Armenians need to embark on a serious lobbying campaign in Moscow and Yerevan must limit it's dangerous exposure to Western powers. Armenian activists, Armenian officials and Armenians businessmen need to be a constant presence behind the walls of the Kremlin. Armenians need to become part of the political culture in Moscow for Moscow is where the key to Armenia's future successes are found. Yet, there continues to be virtual absence of Armenian lobbying efforts in Russia.

While Turks and Azeris are all over Moscow lobbing their causes, our idiots are no where to be seen in Moscow because they are too busy kissing the asses of war criminals in Washington for a few dollars or in foolish hopes that Uncle Sam will utter the "G" word. Well, one does not have to be psychic to foretell that Uncle Sam will once again spit on the Armenian community's face on April 24. Armenians, particularly American-Armenians, deserve every insult by Western officials because even a jackass by now would have learned something form its past failures. Armenians need lobbying in Moscow, not in Washington.

Although Armenians admire Jews for their political foresight and agility, when the time comes for Armenians to act like Jews they instead act like Arabs.

Our people's political illiteracy, which has brought Armenia to this point in our history, must be in our blood. A typical case in point: While Armenians and Russians will be commemorating the centennial of the Armenian Genocide on April 24, Western funded scumbags calling themselves "Founding Parliament" will be exploiting the historic opportunity to attempt what? A revolution in the country!

As always in our history, the Armenian fortress is being dismantled stone-by-stone from the inside by Armenians themselves. When it comes to geopolitical matters pertaining to Armenia, I, a Diasporan Armenian, am therefore more inclined to trust Russians than Armenians. I therefore thank God for the existence of Mother Russia for without her we wouldn't have an Armenia.

It would be wise for Armenians to put aside their Qaj Nazarian empty bravado - as well as Western fetishes - and realize that Armenia lives today not because of the "almighty Armenian" and not because of the big talking Diaspora but because of the Russian factor in Armenia. Had it not been for Russia, Armenia would have suffered the fate of Cyprus, Serbia, Georgia or Ukraine or worst a very long time ago. Had it not been for the Russian coming down to the south Caucasus some two hundred years ago - and staying - we Armenians would still be living in eastern Turkey and northern Iran not much unlike backward Kurds and Yezdis. Anyone that does not see this is either an imbecile or an agent of the West. Our Russophobes therefore are either dangerous imbeciles that need to be flogged in public or Western mercenaries that need to be put up in front of a firing squad. Anyway, it is no surprise that as Russia's state representatives prepare to commemorate our solemn centennial with us Armenians, some Western pigs - and their piglets - will be running to stand with Turks -

And as some Westerners are whoring themselves to Turks, some Westerners will be whoring themselves to Azeris -
Is Armenia America’s Ally Or Iran’s?:
And as noted above, as Westerners keep whoring themselves to Turks and Azeris, some Armenians will be whoring themselves to Western powers by trying to start a revolution in Armenia on April 24. Nevertheless, come April 24, we Armenians will be once more dropping our pants and bending-over in front of Uncle Sam with great hope and anticipation. Come April 24, Uncle Sam will once again spit on Armenian faces -
Be that as it may, naive Armenians are once again thinking that due to recent tensions between Ankara and Western powers, Washington may be inclined to say the "G" word this year. Naive Armenians are foolishly thinking that Anglo-American-Jews will be turning against the Turkish state because of some problems between them in recent years. Naive Armenians should realize that the West's problem is not with Turkey per se but with Recep Erdogan. Western powers may turn against Turkey's belligerent Prime Minister but they will never turn against Turkey. In other words, the tensions we sometimes see between the West and Ankara is an internal matter, a technical matter that will be sorted out between them. Under no circumstances, however, will the Anglo-American-Jewish political order abandon Turkey simply because Turkey represented a far too great geostrategic asset for them. The Anglo-American-Jewish world needs a friendly Turkey as a buffer against Russia, pan-Arab nationalism and growth of Iranian influence in the Middle East.

Naive Armenians must understand that the Turco-Western-Judeo alliance is just too big to fail.
Therefore, when it comes to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide blaming any single American president, administration or political party is misleading. The problem is not Bush, Clinton or Obama - or Democrat or Republican - the problem is the very nature of geopolitics the geostrategic pursuits of the American empire. Washington's anti-Armenian stance is not recent. US hostility towards Armenia actually goes back to the Soviet period. Back then, it was ARF nutjobs that were used against Soviet Armenia. Today, it's a much wider array of nutjobs (e.g. Dashnaks, socialists, liberals, feminists, environmentalists, homosexuals, etc) being used against Armenia. Nevertheless, imagine the Armenian fury if for example Moscow was working against our genocide recognition efforts. It seems that Washington is the only political entity on earth today we Armenians enthusiastically and persistently make excuses for. When it come to Washington, or Jews for that matter, we Armenians understand, we Armenians can wait, we Armenians are hopeful, we Armenians are grateful... We Armenians are pathetic!
Speaking of the West and France

The Anglo-American-Jewish global order is not new. The foundations of the modern political West was first placed in 1815 with Napoleon Bonaparte's defeat at Waterloo and then again in 1865, when Washington succeeded in keeping the young nation united under one flag. The West began taking discernible shape by the late 19th century when the political and financial elite in Britain and the US began joining hands. And being that wealthy Zionist Jews were firmly entrenched in both societies, the merger of British and American power included within it a very obvious Jewish factor. Hence, the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance. This global political order has been gradually evolving/developing ever since. The outcome of both world wars in the 20th century and the unexpected collapse of the Soviet Union placed the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance on top of the world.

European nations like France and Germany collaborate with Anglo-American-Jews for various reasons. Germany, for instance, is still occupied by them, so Berlin has no choice but to tow the Western line. For its part, Paris has been closely cooperating with the political West for a number of economic and security reasons for nearly one hundred years. Moreover, large numbers of prominent Jews are also firmly embedded within the upper echelons of French society.

Since Armenians have a love affair with all things French, allow me to just say this: Despite the fact that Paris has officially recognized the Armenian Genocide - France CANNOT be trusted. Although all of our Russophobes always blame Russians for the Bolshevik handover of historic Armenian lands to Turks, for reasons that I have not yet been able to fully explain, the same never say anything about how the French made a secret deal with Ataturk in 1920, disarmed Armenian soldiers under French command in Cilicia and turned-over the territory to Turks literally in the middle of the night -

"During the spring of 1920, the French occupation forces began to disarm the Armenian volunteers, and by September 27, 1920, the dissolution of the Armenian Legion was completed. Some Legionnaires stayed behind to do what they could to help the local Armenians, who were now at the mercy of the Turks; others returned to their homes to try to rebuild their lives. The retreat of France from Cilicia was officially completed by the Ankara Accord of October 20, 1921, when France recognized Nationalist Turkey and agreed to withdraw all its forces from Turkish territory No adequate provisions were made to safeguard the Armenian population from persecution and massacre.. This betrayal by France, which had stood for the Armenians as a symbol of freedom, democracy, and justice, was a bitter blow. The Armenian population of Cilicia was finally and brutally eradicated. Any hope by the Armenians for a return to their homeland in Western Armenia was now destroyed, while revolution and civil war in Russia ended all possibility of an independent Armenian state in Eastern Armenia. Even as the Armenian Legion was being disbanded in Cilicia, the two-year-aid independent Republic of Armenia was being overrun by the forces of Soviet Communism (November 29, 1920). Bitter, disillusioned, and disappointed, the Legionnaires gradually resumed their daily lives".

Dr. Barbara Merguerian
French officials deliberately and treacherously abandoned their faithful Armenian allies and allowed the final phase of the genocide of Armenians to take place in the region. My ancestors were survivors of this final genocide made possible by the wonderful French. But we don't need to go back a hundred years to see examples of French betrayal, aggression and brutality. We saw the real face of France in the genocidal role it played in Algeria in the 1960s. We saw its criminal nature in Libya in 2011. We have seen Paris' crimes against Syria. We are currently seeing Paris' hostile behavior towards Armenia's most important ally, Russia. If France has been giving Armenia lip service in recent years by way of genocide recognition, it’s because it has been tasked to do so by NATO (i.e. Anglo-American-Jews). Most Armenians do not know that during the collapse of the Soviet Union some twenty-five years ago, major European nations were essentially given big brother status over former Soviet republics. As such: Germany got Georgia. Britain got Azerbaijan. France got Armenia. Vualá.

France is tasked with paying lip service to Armenia in order to keep Yerevan tied to the Western world. France does not have any meaningful political designs for the south Caucasus nor does it have a long reach, militarily and politically speaking. Paris is simply following a Western script. Paris therefore is not to be taken seriously - especially today, since it has become the Western global war effort's willing partner. It would be idiotic of Armenians expect anything more than worthless symbolic gestures from Paris. At the end of the day, when Turks decide to do to Armenia what they did to Cyprus (right under the noses of the Americans, British and the French) or do what they periodically do to Syria and Iraq, it's not the French or the British or the Americans that will come to Armenia's rescue – it's the RUSSIAN BEAR.

Think of it this way: The only nation on earth that will be most negatively impacted by Armenia's demise is Russia. No other nation stands to lose more from Armenia's destruction than Russia. This geostrategic calculus alone makes Russia the most reliable partner and ally to the Armenian nation. Think of it in another way: If Russia went out of its way to save Bashar Assad's government from Western and Turkish-backed human flesh eating monsters in 2013, imagine what it would do to protect Armenia. If Russia was prepared to start a world war to protect Armenia from a Turkish invasion in 1993 - at a time when Russia was on its knees - imagine what it would do today.
Needless to say, for Armenia, Russia is a vital lifeline without which it cannot live. From a Russian geostrategic perspective: Armenia is one of the strategic gateways to Russia, therefore crucially important to preserve. From a Western perspective: Armenia is simply a nuance getting in the way of their desires to exploit Central Asian energy and curb Russian and Iranian influence in the south Caucasus. In other words, and I hate to break this news to Armenians, Western officials are not too concerned about fighting "corruption" or spreading "democracy" in Armenia. The West's problem is not corruption in Armenia but Russia in Armenia.

For those among us who are not deaf, dumb or blind, the symbiotic relationship that exists between Armenia and Russia today is a historic opportunity for our little, impoverished, landlocked and embattled homeland in the south Caucasus. In fact, the Russian Bear's alliance is an opportunity the likes of which an Armenian state has not had in well over one thousand years. Sadly, due to Yerevan's "complimentary politics" and the constant anti-Russian hysteria being disseminated inside Armenian society by Western activists and Western funded news media outlets, we Armenians are failing to recognize and thus exploit this historic opportunity.

Bad omen for Armenia

The new year started off with a series of major assaults against the Armenian state: A rapid escalation of violence along Armenia's border with Azerbaijan has brought the nation to a near war-like situation; a Russian soldier inexplicably murdered an entire family of seven in the Armenian city of Gyumri causing serious tensions between Moscow and Yerevan; an extremist group known as Founding Parliament (formerly known as Pre-Parliament) has increased the intensity of its effort to incite a revolution inside Armenia and has more recently attempted to embroil Artsakh in its agenda as well; Armenia's ruling political party had an unexpected but a serious falling out with the nation's second most powerful political party; and Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland and was just recently in Armenia to give out what essentially mounted to poison laced cookies. Is a Maidan being planned for Armenia this year? I personally think so, and I am not the only one. Former Ronald Reagan official also thinks so -
Փոլ Քրեյգ Ռոբերթս. Նրանք փորձելու են ոչնչացնել ավանդական բարոյականությունը:
Пол Крейг Робертс. Армении грозит опасность:
U.S. expert: Washington sent Nuland to Armenia to organize coup there:
It is very troubling that an uprising is being planned for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Once again we are seeing here the convergence of interests between Turks, Westerners and Armenia's political opposition. Too many potentially explosive incidents are taking place almost simultaneously. This is therefore a multi-pronged assault against the Armenian state. There are dark forces trying to sabotage Armenia's Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) membership by attempting to drive a wedge between Yerevan and Moscow. There are dark forces trying to drive a wedge between Armenia and Artsakh. There are dark forces trying to incite a Ukraine-like uprising in Armenia. There are dark forces trying to divert Armenian attention from the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. They successfully set fires to Syria and Ukraine. Predictably, it's Armenia's turn.

A Ukraine-style uprising is definitely in the works for Armenia. But, will it succeed? I personally do not think so. That proverbial train left the station many years ago. Although we Armenians have more than our share of easily manipulated idiots who are more than willing to destroy their homeland in their blind pursuit of Western fairytales, Western-sponsored color revolutions have not been able to find fertile ground in Armenia. The average Armenian on the street instinctually understands the paramount importance of Armenia's alliance with Russia. Despite Yerevan's flirtations with the West, the country's powerful "Karabakh clan" remains staunchly pro-Russian. Moreover, Armenia's Russian-backed security services are very capable and perform their tasks very efficiently. Armenia is bound to have sociopolitical unrest, periodic strife and perhaps a tainted genocide centennial if Founding Parliament radicals are not reigned in. But the possibility of a successful revolution in Armenia is virtually nil.

But try, they will.

As ludicrous and/or outrageous as it may sound, Founding Parliament extremists are promising to raise a civilian militia and topple the ruling "regime" beginning this April 24th.

Who are these people? Why are they doing this?

There is a good American formula that can be applied to explain Founding Parliament and their activities: If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it's most probably a duck.

The only way to make sense of their irrational and destructive behavior is to simply assume these extremist nutjobs are getting their marching orders from abroad, most probably from Washington. Their irrationality and destructive behavior is thus essentially the by-product of Western funding. There are a number of private and government Western grants to help willing activists get involved in a number of sociopolitical endeavors in a number of targeted nations around the world, and Armenia is no exception. As the existence of the massive US embassy on the outskirts of Yerevan attests, Armenia is in fact one of the major targets of the Anglo-American-Jewish political order. Armenia's Western-led political opposition (e.g. The entire leadership of Founding Parliament, Raffi Hovanissian and his Heritage party and Vartan Oskanian and his Civilitas, Richard Giragosian, Paruyr Hayrikian and Alik Arzumanyan) is financed by Western sources be it private or government. Because of their ties to the political West, we see Founding Parliament extremists trying to do in Armenia what was and is currently being done in places such as Venezuela, Serbia, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Ukraine. Typical of Western-led activists, they are exploiting the country's growing pains and official Yerevan's incompetence in an attempt to sow political unrest in the country. After a few failed attempts to capture the public's attention, Founding Parliament extremists finally managed to make headlines on January, 31 when they took their traveling circus to Artsakh. 

Despite their "nationalistic" rhetoric and lofty speeches about "democracy" and the "rule of law" Founding Parliament extremists are Western-financed troublemakers tasked with sabotaging the genocide centennial and putting pressure on Yerevan for joining the Russian-led EEU. Simply put: They are our version of the Western-backed extremists in Ukraine that destroyed their country with their unbridled hate, political illiteracy and Russophobia.

I am not an apologist for President Sargsyan's failed political policies but the situation in Armenia is not nearly as bad as what the Western-led political opposition wants Armenians to believe. What I mean by that is this: Most nations on earth have "oligarchs" (i.e. monopolists) that are actually much worst than the ones that exist in Armenia. Corruption of all kinds exist in worst forms in most other nations, even in Western nations. And Armenia's population-drain is the result of four fundamental factors: The 24/7 doom and gloom hysteria propagated by Armenia's Western-led political opposition; typical Armenian տարամոլութիւն; the terrible economic situation in the south Caucasus which began as a result of the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union and more recently the global recession; and the fact that Armenia is a tiny, poor, remote, landlocked and blockaded nation stuck in the middle of predatory animals and in a virtual state of war. Even if every a single one of Armenia's "oligarchs" turned into pretty little angels overnight, Armenia would still continue suffering from terrible socioeconomic problems.

Regarding Armenia's so-called oligarchs: Had it not been for them - and for the lack of "democracy" in the country - Armenia would have been sold to the highest bidder on the international market a very long time ago. There are individuals in the US, Britain, Turkey and Israel than can essentially purchase all of Armenia with a single financial transaction. Had it not been for our wealthy chobans-in-Armani-suits, Armenia would have been turned into a playground for wealthy Turks and Anglo-American-Jews.

What remains crystal clear to me is that President Sargsyan's administration is by-far the lesser of all the evils in the country. I say this because those waiting on the political sidelines in Yerevan to take advantage of any serious political unrest are those who serve Western and Turkish interests. If God forbid the Western agenda for Armenia proves successful, Armenia will cease to exist. Therefore, anyone in the Diaspora that supports Armenia's Western-led political opposition is doing Armenia a great disservice. Armenians need to wake up from their American dreams and put aside their silly EUrotic fetishes and recognize that what Armenia needs is a sociopolitical evolution and not a Western-sponsored revolution, and what the south Caucasus desperately needs is Pax Russica. At the end of the day, Armenia is too small and too vulnerable to make the kind of mistakes made by Serbians, Georgians, Ukrainians, Libyans and Syrians.

After seeing what we have been seeing in places such as Venezuela, Serbia, Greece, Ukraine, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iraq in recent years, I still find it rather amazing that there are significant numbers of Armenians today that have somehow convinced themselves that Armenia needs a revolution - right away in fact - and that Armenia can do without Russian protection because the "civilized world" (i.e. the political West) will provide for and protect Armenia in times of need. Haven't these idiots learned anything from our history? Haven't these idiots learned anything from recent world events? Haven't these idiots seen the "civilized world" destroy nations and kill millions around the world? Haven't these idiots realized that for centuries Western powers have been in bed with Turks? I suggest we don't repeat the mistakes of our forefathers. We have already lost so much because of our political illiteracy. I think one genocide is enough. There is a time and place for everything. Armenia is surrounded by predators in the south Caucasus. The Caucasus region is one bad event away from turning back into being a Turkic/Islamic cesspool. This is therefore not the time and the south Caucasus is not the place for a revolution or for Russophobia. This is the time to do all we can do to strengthen Armenia's ties with the Russian Federation. This is the time to begin strengthening Armenia economically by looking north, south and east. This is the time to rally around the Armenian state regardless of the "corruption" in Yerevan.

Nevertheless, the troubling realization that there are voices in Armenian society demanding a "regime change" and the expulsion of the Russian military from Armenia (at a time when that region of the world is on the verge of a major calamity) reveals just how suicidal, how treasonous, how politically ignorant and how self-destructive many Armenians can be. 

Sensing an opportunity Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland (the wife of neocon zealot Robert Kagan) was in Armenia recently to essentially give out poison laced cookies to gullible Armenians, similar to what she did in Kiev a little over a year ago just before that country fell into utter ruin. The cookie in Armenia's case, however, was her unofficial visit to the memorial complex of a genocide that she and her government refuses to officially recognize. There were other toxic cookies as well. Similar to what her evilness Hillary Clinton did during her visits to Armenia on 2010 and 2012, it was also quite expected that Nuland would also meet with some of Uncle Sam's obedient servants in the country. Nuland's imperial delegation also seems to have conveyed the message to official  Yerevan that the American empire is pleased with it. According to various reports put out recently, Washington seems particularly pleased with the progress of "democracy", "freedom of press", "civil society" and "economic reform" in Armenia -
All in all, this is a very bad omen for an Armenia that is already reeling from a series of internal and external assaults against it this year. That Washington is pleased with Armenia is something that should actually be extremely worrying for Armenians. In an age where Western powers have weaponized everything imaginable, Armenians need to worry about the progress of "democracy" (i.e. providing the ignorant and easily manipulated masses a say in government); Armenians need to worry about the strengthening of "civil society" (i.e. tolerating dangerous subversive organizations funded by Western entities); Armenians need to worry about "reforming the economy" (i.e. keeping the financial system of Armenia subordinate to the US Dollar); and Armenians need to worry about "press freedoms" (i.e. allowing Western funded propaganda outlets posing as news agencies and Western funded "independent" journalists the freedom to sow Russophobia and foment sociopolitical unrest in Armenia).

It is truly troubling that democracy, civil society, human rights, freedom of the press and even humanitarian aid have become highly refined tools of manipulation and subversion by Western powers in recent years. This is essentially because the hand that gives is always above the hand that receives. As long as nations look to the West for guidance or assistance, the West will look to manipulate and exploit. The Armenian pursuit of Western fairytales and Yerevan's burning desire for Western financial aid is therefore what's keeping Armenia politically vulnerable to Western machinations. Armenia's flirtations with the West is also why Washington seems pleased with Armenia. In other words, Washington's desire to remain in the political game in Armenia is the reason for its current soft approach towards Yerevan -
NATO Official: Armenia’s Membership in EEU, CSTO ‘No Obstacle’ for NATO Relations:

Being that Armenia is now officially a member of the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), Washington will do its best to exploit its assets throughout Armenian society to keep channels of communication and collaboration open with Yerevan. This was predicted. The south Caucasus remains strategically very important for the West essentially because it is the gateway to energy rich Central Asia. Yerevan's alliance with Moscow, the only one of its kind in the south Caucasus, has thus made Armenia a pivotal player because Washington knows that Moscow can essentially lose all of the south Caucasus if Yerevan is somehow made to change course and seek an alliance with the West. Armenia is therefore a strategic prize not only for Moscow but also for the West, albeit it for two fundamentally different reasons.

Many Armenians realize that the West's ultimate geostrategic desire for the south Caucasus is to curb Russian and Iranian influence. Many Armenians realize that the West looks at the south Caucasus as a strategic corridor for the exploitation of Central Asian energy. Many Armenians realize that the West looks at Armenia as a strategic prize. Many Armenians are therefore making the mistake of thinking that Armenia can benefit from cooperating with Western powers. What many Armenians are failing to realize is that the West's agenda for the Caucasus runs the serious risk of creating a very dangerous political vacuum. If Russia (and/or Iran) suffers a defeat at the hands of Western powers, the only players that are already in the Caucasus region and ready to fill the vacuum are Western oil interests, Wahhabi Islamists and Turks. From an Armenian, Russian and Iranian perspective, this is the fundamental danger of the game Western powers are playing the Caucasus. Purely from an Armenian perspective, this is why the Western agenda for the region poses a threat that is existential in nature. This is the reason why Moscow, Yerevan and Tehran have formed an alliance of sorts in recent years. Simply put: Armenia's cooperation with Western powers cannot come at the expense of Russian interests in the south Caucasus because it is the Russian factor in the region that's keeping Armenia alive. As I have said on many previous occasions: The Caucasus region has the natural tendency to revert back into being a Turkic/Islamic cesspool, and all that is required is one bad incident to make it happen.

I reiterate: For Russia, Armenia is a crucially important, natural ally in a highly volatile strategic region where anti-Russian sentiments run high. For the West, Armenia is a geopolitical prize to be won and essentially taken out of the political equation of the region. Russia is in the south Caucasus to protect its vulnerable southern borders from Turks, Wahhabi Islamists and Western interests. The West is in the south Caucasus to use Turks and Wahhabi Islamists to contain Russia and open an unhindered path for Western oil corporations. Armenia's friends, Russia and Iran, are the West's enemies. The West's friends, Turks and Wahhabi Islamists, are Armenia's enemies. The only country on earth that would be very adversely impacted if Armenia ceased to exist is Russia. Armenia's independence from Russia will only result in Armenia's dependence on Turkey. Therefore, no Russia in Armenia = no Armenia in the south Caucasus.

Anyone that cannot see what I am saying here simply does not understand geopolitics, does not know the Caucasus and has learned nothing about the region's history.

Ultimately, Washington will remain in the game in the Caucasus as long as Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku continue to seek doing business with Western powers. Washington's destructive tug-of-war in the region will only end when Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are firmly and securely placed within the Russian orbit and a new period of Pax Russica begins. We still seem to be a long way from Pax Russica. By having Victoria Nuland meeting rights groups and political activists in Yerevan, Washington is signaling to Yerevan that it expects such entities to be tolerated by Armenian authorities. It goes without saying that our chobans-in-Armani-suits will happily give in to Washington's expectations just to look as if they are not too beholden to Moscow. Ultimately, our willingness to give into Western demands lies at the root of the sociopolitical problem in Yerevan because doing so provides Western powers a portal through with they will meddle, manipulate and exploit.

Let's stop fooling ourselves about Armenian capabilities or Armenian intelligence, we Armenians are awfully unprepared to safely sit at negotiation tables with masters of deceit and manipulation. Armenia is too weak and Armenians are too inexperienced to safely flirt with powers that have been cultivating their statecraft for centuries.

The finely crafted ability to meddle in a country's internal affairs is one of the ways with which Western powers always manage to stay in the game in targeted nations. At the end of the day, Washington's compliments about Armenia, as well as the Neocon war criminal's unwanted visit to the genocide memorial complex needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Essentially given the green light to operate by Armenian officials, US officials and CIA agents stationed in one of the largest US embassies in the world will continue working behind-the-scenes to foment sociopolitical unrest in the country. In fact, a headquarter meant to foment such unrest in "ex-Soviet countries" was just opened in Prague. In this context, "ex-Soviet countries" essentially means nations that are either allied to Russia (i.e. Armenia) or have the potential to be allied to Russia (i.e. Georgia). When it comes to inciting revolutions, the following center will be one of the seats of operation -
Czechs open center for civil society activists from ex-Soviet countries:
It is through such networks (and their enthusiastic activists from around the world) that Western powers can organize flash mob protests virtually at will: President Putin is visiting Armenia? No problem. Quickly get out a few thousand Armenian freaks in Yerevan to protest. President Orban is holding trade talks with Moscow? No problem. Quickly get out a few thousand Hungarian freaks to protest. President Zemen does not want to go along with sanctions against Russia? No problem. Quickly get out a few thousand Czech freaks to protest. It's all meant to put pressure on a particular government and create a particular perception because for the sheeple - perception is reality! Like Marxists before them, they have an uncanny ability to appeal to the lowest or lowliest in social strata.

From Dictatorship to Democracy: Ideal Illusions 

Regardless of how beneficial or even necessary they may seem at first glance, any movement that has any form of Western-backing or is spearheaded by Western-led or inspired activists need to be categorically rejected. I say this because imperial interests in Washington have co-opted and weaponized sociopolitical issues and are currently exploiting them towards self-serving political gains. Accepting help, in any form, from the political West comes with dangerous strings attached, conditions that developing nations such as Armenia or the Ukraine cannot meet. I ask you to refer to a book by James Peck regarding this very important topic for our era -
Ideal Illusions: How the U.S. Government Co-opted Human Rights
"Devastating and deeply disturbing, this book lays bare any lingering illusions that human rights concerns seriously influence U.S. policy."—Andrew J. Bacevich, author of Washington Rules

The United States has long been hailed as a powerful force for global human rights. Now, drawing on thousands of documents from the CIA, the National Security Council, the Pentagon, and development agencies, James Peck shows in blunt detail how Washington has shaped human rights into a potent ideological weapon for purposes having little to do with rights—and everything to do with furthering America's global reach. Using the words of Washington's leaders when they are speaking among themselves, Peck tracks the rise of human rights from its dismissal in the cold war years as "fuzzy minded" to its calculated adoption, after the Vietnam War, as a rationale for American foreign engagement. He considers such milestones as the fight for Soviet dissidents, Tiananmen Square, and today's war on terror, exposing in the process how the human rights movement has too often failed to challenge Washington's strategies. A gripping and elegant work of analysis, Ideal Illusions argues that the movement must break free from Washington if it is to develop a truly uncompromising critique of power in all its forms.
Yes, many of the world's Hollywood-struck sheeple these days are indeed suffering from ideal illusions. These sheeple are the cannon-fodder Washington exploits against developing nations that not in their pockets or under their boots. Now, to place the enlightening book featured above into a better, more complete perspective, juxtaposed its message to the following book titled "From Dictatorship to Democracy"Unlike the previous book's author, the following book was written by an American with a Western/Globalist political agenda. Unlike the previous book's intent, this work by Gene Sharp is essentially a step-by-step blueprint for revolution and its primary target (i.e. those it is trying to bait) are the freaks of society and the disgruntled masses  -
From Dictatorship to Democracy
From Dictatorship to Democracy was a pamphlet, printed and distributed by Dr Gene Sharp and based on his study, over a period of forty years, on non-violent methods of demonstration. Now in its fourth edition, it was originally handed out by the Albert Einstein Institution, and although never actively promoted, to date it has been translated into thirty-one languages. This astonishing book travelled as a photocopied pamphlet from Burma to Indonesia, Serbia and most recently Egypt, Tunisia and Syria, with dissent in China also reported. Surreptitiously handed out among youth uprisings the world over - how the 'how-to' guide came about and its role in the recent Arab uprisings is an extraordinary tale. Once read you'll find yourself urging others to read it and indeed want to gift it.
When Western financed civic society organizations gather their diverse operatives to form networks and workshops and make global connections during their annual meetings and conventions, these are the types of publications they disseminate and this is the kind of inspiration at work behind their activism. We must for once recognize that virtually every single societal matter found around the world today - be it Islamic militancy or gay rights or planned parenthood or nature protection - is ultimately being financed, controlled and/or exploited by Western interests. As the first book by James Peck courageously suggests: Sociopolitical movements of the world today must first break free of Western control if they are to be safely embraced by developing societies. As the second book by Gene Sharp reveals: Many of the democracy uprising we are seeing in various parts of the world get their funding and inspiration from Western sources. More perspective on this topic -
Does the US engineering revolutions?: 

Documents Leaked by WikiLeaks Show an Organization Training Opposition Around the World: 

How to Start a Revolution: 

Revolution Engineering: US know-how and 'colourful' technology: 
The Weight of Chains | Težina lanaca (2010):
NGOs, an extension of US foreign policy:
Money Talks Through NGOs:
Washington on the War Path: Civil Society as Battering-Ram: 

George Soros and his open society:
Top 5 Revolutions Backed by George Soros:
Occupy Hong Kong, Gene Sharp, and nonviolent revolution:
US Sponsored “Color Revolution” in Russia?:
Czechs open center for civil society activists from ex-Soviet countries:

In 1969, British historian and aesthetician Sir Kenneth Clark stated: "It is lack of confidence, more than anything else, that kills a civilization. We can destroy ourselves by cynicism and disillusion, just as effectively as by bombs."

In 2004, a Dutch paper called "The Effects of Strategic News on Political Cynicism" claimed that the way a news media presents the news can cause political cynicism.

They have the sponsors and the expertise (organizations like National Endowment for Democracy, Amnesty International, Civil Society Institute, Human Rights Watch, Helsinki Committee, well connected men like Jon Huntsman, Gene Sharp and George Soros) and they have the tools (USAID, IMF, a vast army of NGOs, limitless funding, reputable news agencies, humanitarian aid agencies and legions of activists worldwide) to penetrate and then to manipulate political discourse in any given society. They have the tools to rally the peasantry, sow political unrest and put pressure on targeted governments. They first destroy the individual's spirit and the nation's core values through an information war and agencies tasked with Social Engineering (e.g. promotion of multiculturalism, interracialism, atheism, abortion rights, planned parenthood, homosexuality, feminism, minority rights, immigration, etc). Afterwards, they are able to easily destroy the body either through economic/financial blackmail or through war.

Softening your competitors and make them susceptible to sociological degradation and political collapse is what Western meddling, propaganda and psy-ops is all about. This is what Armenia's smut-peddlers (Western financed whores and mercenaries in the "political opposition" and "independent news media") are tasked with.

Armenia's Western funded smut-peddlers are tasked with taking the nation's national growing pains (e.g. corruption, crime, depopulation, political mismanagement, etc) and exploiting it towards political gain. Most of their news reports and activism are therefore designed to sow discord, outrage and hopelessness among Armenians. This is the primary reason behind their relentless doom and gloom campaign against Armenia in recent years. It's all meant to degrade the Armenian spirit and turn the Armenian peasantry against its leadership. And it's all because Armenia has chosen a Russian path in life. In other words, had Armenian officials been in bed with Western powers, they could do not wrong in Western eyes. [I think a brief look at Mexico and Saudi Arabia is ample proof of Western duplicity and hypocrisy] But the trouble here is that had Armenian officials been in bed with Western powers, Armenia would cease to exist as a nation-state in the south Caucasus. Therefore, keep all this in mind next time you read news articles produced by Western-funded Armenian news outlets or when observing the actions of  Armenia's Western-led political opposition groups such as Founding Parliament, Civilitas and Heritage political party.

Therefore, be mindful: Terms like "press freedom", "freedom of speech", "free and fair elections", "human rights", "civil society", "open society", "liberal democracy" and "democratic progress" are essentially code words for allowing Western assets in Armenia a free hand to meddle in the internal affairs of the country and sow social and political discord. I'd also like to reminded the reader that this is not a recent phenomenon. Washington has been perfecting its ability to sow sociopolitical unrest in targeted nations around the world since the 1950s. The author of a recently published book on the infamous Dulles brothers had the following to say in a recent interview -
"[The Dulles brothers] were able to succeed [at regime change] in Iran and Guatemala because those were democratic societies, they were open societies. They had free press; there were all kinds of independent organizations; there were professional groups; there were labor unions; there were student groups; there were religious organizations. When you have an open society, it's very easy for covert operatives to penetrate that society and corrupt it." 
This is the moral of the story: The freer a society is, the more vulnerable it is to manipulation and exploitation by higher powers. Dwell on this notion for a while and apply it to the current situation in Armenia. We have seen nations like Serbia, Georgia, Libya, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine suffer devastating losses due to Western meddling. Not wanting to follow suit, nations like Russia, China, Egypt, Iran and Venezuela are feeling forced to tighten their control over society to stop Western meddling. It is truly unfortunate that freedoms have to be curtailed to stop imperial exploitation of the masses. It is truly tragic that human progress is being stunted due to Western machinations around the world. But this is where we are today and this has to be acknowledged. Today we have a convergence of interests between  Neo-Bolshevik (civil society groups funded by leftist entities in the Western world) and traditional Western imperialists (wealthy Westerners funding political opposition groups in targeted countries). The aforementioned two sides of the political spectrum in the West have joined hands and are seeking to topple governments not yet under Anglo-American-Jewish rule. The Western political order has become a source of evil around the world and even influential Americans such as Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan are beginning to recognize it.
Paul Craig Roberts: DC the Enemy to World Peace:
Ron Paul: Reckless Congress Declares War on Russia:
Pat Buchanan: U.S.-Russia Clash in Ukraine?:
Being politically ignorant during the Cold War was somehow excusable for there seemed something more ominous on the other side  of the Iron Curtain. Today, after what we have seen during the past twenty-five years, after what we have seen Western powers and their "well meaning" activists do in places such as Venezuela, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Libya, Iran, Egypt, Syria and Iraq, there are no excuses for political ignorance anymore.

They have the money. They have the tools. They have the expertise. They have the experience. They have the following. They have the aura. They control the global control board. When they are given the political platform to propagate their agenda and the freedom to operate in a targeted country, they waste no time in sowing their seeds of sociopolitical unrest.

Yerevan is vulnerable to this kind of foreign manipulation precisely because Armenians are politically naive and materialistic and because Armenia has more than ample political freedoms. In fact, politically, Armenia is much freer than the US. When was the last time the US had political parties and political activists as diverse or as violent or as competitive as the ones that exist in Armenia? Never! Political diversity is not an advantage, it's a serious impediment to nation building. Had political diversity been a healthy thing for developing nations, Western powers would not be pushing it upon them. Moreover, the Western world has been powerful because of its entrenched elite, not because of its fictitious political freedoms or liberalism. In fact, liberalism (i.e. values of Neo-Bolshevik entities pushing Globalism around the world) is not how the western world attained its wealth and power, but it is the reason why western civilization is currently in decline. And this is one of the reasons why I have been heralding the rise of Russia as the savior of traditional western/European civilization, conservative values, apostolic Christianity and the independent nation-state.

What the south Caucasus desperately needs today is Pax Russica. Armenia's rightful place, its natural place is within the Russian world. Armenia needs to curb its exposure to Westerns entities such as the IMF, USAID and NATO. Official Yerevan needs to tighten its control of the country's Western funded news agencies, NGOs and activists. Yerevan  needs to place individuals and organizations that maintain ties with Western entities under constant surveillance. Having an open society and a free press is a serious liability for an small and embattled country like Armenia because Western powers are using political activism, humanitarian aid, financial assistance, independent journalism and the dissemination information as weapons-of-mass-destruction. We have seen enough examples of this in recent years. Simply put: Armenia is too small. Armenians are too few. We Armenians simply cannot afford to make the kind of mistakes made by Serbians, Georgians and Ukrainians.

March, 2015


 Putin to Commemorate Armenian Genocide Centennial in Yerevan

The Kremlin has announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the Armenian Genocide Centennial commemorations in Yerevan in April. “Yes, he will fly to Yerevan,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told France’s Agence France-Presse (AFP). Peskov added that Putin discussed his plans to visit Yerevan with his Armenian counterpart President Serge Sarkisian via telephone on March 12. According to Sarkisian’s press service, theydiscussed key aspects of the strategic partnership between Armenia and Russia, and exchanged views on further integration processes; the Treaty on Armenia’s Accession to the Eurasian Economic Union was put into force on Jan. 2. Putin and Sarkisian specifically discussed the peaceful use of nuclear energy and oil and gas sectors. They also coordinated their upcoming meetings to ensure joint participation in events marking both the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and the 70th anniversary of the Red Army’s victory over the Nazi forces. The State Duma, the lower house of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, recognized the Armenian Genocide on April 14, 1995, and accepted April 24 as a Day of Remembrance for the victims of the genocide.


Putin will attend Armenian Genocide centennial commemorations in Yerevan

Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the Armenian Genocide commemoration events in Yerevan, Speaker of the Russian State Duma Sergey Naryshkin said at a meeting with Armenian Parliament Speaker Galust Sahakyan. A number of Russian lawmakers are also expected to attend the events. Naryshkin said the State Duma will adopt a document in the near futureto express the position of the Russian side on these historic events. Sergey Nayshkin also attached importance to the conduct of events in Armenia dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and emphasized the role of the Armenian people in that great victory. Galust Sahakyan voiced hope that the visit would boost the inter-state relations between the two countries and promote the further strengthening of inter-parliamentary cooperation. He noted that the allied relationship and strategic partnership between Armenia and Russia is based on the centuries-old friendship of the two brotherly peoples, strong cultural and spiritual ties. The Armenian Parliament Speaker highlighted Russia’s constructive role in the strengthening of regional security, particularly in the settlement process of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict.


Russian, Armenian Lawmakers Call for Worldwide Recognition of Armenian Genocide

On Monday, the Armenian National Assembly’s Committee on Foreign Relations and the Russian State Duma’s Committee on CIS Affairs and Eurasian Integration adopted a joint statement condemning the Armenian Genocide while at the same time marking the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany.

The joint statement, adopted on Monday following a meeting of the two parliamentary committees, highlights the importance of the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, as it is called in Russia, and the contribution of the Armenian and Russian peoples to the victory over fascism. The statement also reaffirmed the sides’ stance on the Armenian Genocide and called on the legislative bodies of all countries to condemn and recognize the Genocide that took place in the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1923.

The parliamentary committees also included a point about enhancing the economic integration of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), so far consisting of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia.

Russian lawmaker Leonid Slutsky, who chairs the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and Eurasian Integration, remarked on Monday that the Armenian Genocide “needs a political solution,” opposing Ankara’s insistence that a historical debate is in order. “Our stance on the Armenian Genocide is known also to the countries that do not recognize that crime against humanity, including to Washington,” the Russian parliamentarian said.

Slutsky brushed off complaints from Armenian lawmakers that the joint statement does not go far enough and is unclear in its demands.

“We should realize that sometimes it is useful to yield in small issues to win in the bigger ones,” Slutsky said. The Russian lawmaker repeated his belief in the need to condemn and recognize the Armenian Genocide, which, Slutsky said, he has voiced during foreign visits, irrespective of the stance of the country hosting him. “I voiced my stance on the Armenian cause even during my meeting with Aliyev,” the Russian parliamentarian said.

Slutsky said Yerevan should use its strategic relations with Moscow to soften the anti-Armenian rhetoric from Baku and Ankara. The Russian lawmaker also informed journalists in Yerevan that the presidents of Armenia and Russia, Serzh Sarkisian and Vladimir Putin, will meet on April 24 in Yerevan to discuss the Artsakh conflict, ahead of ceremonies commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

“The Karabakh conflict is a sensitive and delicate matter. The negotiations are held within the OSCE Minsk Group format, Slutsky said. “There is another format of trilateral negotiations between the presidents,” Slutsky said recalling the August 2014 meeting between the Armenian, Azerbaijani, and Russian presidents in Sochi wherein, according to Slutsky, the settlement was discussed rather comprehensively.

Slutsky hopes for “symbolic steps” in the Karabakh peace process within the coming months. He stressed the need for an immediate settlement of the conflict given the recent upsurge in tensions at the frontline.

Meanwhile, Armenia’s President Serzh Sarkisian met with the Speaker of the Russian State Duma, Sergey Naryshkin, who is on a working visit to Armenia. The two parties reportedly discussed a broad range of issues related to the Armenian-Russian strategic partnership and bilateral relations. The sides emphasized that inter-parliamentary relations play an important role in the strengthening of partnership between Russia and Armenia.

Sarkisian and Naryshkin also discussed the development of Armenian-Russian trade and economic relations, especially in the context of new EEU integration processes. The sides asserted that by acceding to the Eurasian Economic Union, Russia and Armenia have enhanced their mutually beneficial partnership and must take advantage of the Union for the welfare of both nations.

Naryshkin was later hosted at the Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University, where a forum devoted to the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War was being hosted. Speaking at the forum, the Speaker of Armenia’s National Assembly Galust Sahakyan noted that the year marking the 70th anniversary of the victory is also the year marking the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, stressing that there was a direct relationship between the Armenian Genocide of the early 20th century and atrocities of World War II.

Prior to the opening of the forum, Galust Sahakyan and Sergey Naryshkin participated in a tree-planting ceremony held as a sign of friendship between the two nations in a newly added pathway in the courtyard of the Slavonic University.


Why can't Russia ignore the Armenian genocide?

Armenia is Russia’s strategic ally and Russia cannot ignore the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Russian Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Volynkin said in an interview with Sputnik-Armenia. He said the centenary of the first genocide of the 20th century will bring many visitors to Armenia, including heads of states and high level government officials, including Russian parliament and Senate members as well as president Vladimir Putin, “whose visit to Armenia will raise the level of the event,” Volynkin said. Asked whether Putin’s visit to Armenia to remember the victims of the Genocide may affect Russian-Turkish relations, Volynkin said Russia has common interests with Turkey, which are “of pragmatic nature.” “Our relations with Turkey are pragmatic, and Russian participation in the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide should not affect our relations with Turkey,” said Volynkin.

Second secretary of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Konul Suleymanli commented on statements of the member of the Russian Parliament (State Duma) Leonid Slutsky made by him during the press conference in Armenia.“We would like to remind Leonid Slutsky that monuments to Nazi generals Garegin Nzhdeh and Drastamat Kanayan (‘Dro’) are being worshiped in Yerevan and one of the central streets of this city was named after Nzhdeh. Moreover, “nzhdeheism” compiles the foundation of the official ideology of the Armenian ruling party,” Suleymanli said, adding that «Leonid Slutsky, as the people's deputy, had to express his concern over the "glorification" of fascist generals by the official Yerevan and holding events in honor of them in Moscow on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism.”Suleymanli further said that Slutsky should also know that a monument to another Armenian "national hero", terrorist killer Monte Melkonian, one of the founders of the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA, has also been unveiled in Yerevan.“As a result of the policy of ethnic cleansing based on radical ideology, Armenia has evolved into the only mono-ethnic state in the world. Azerbaijanis were subjected to ethnic cleansing in their historical lands (now Armenia). Other nations living in Armenia have also become victims of the ethnic cleansing policy. There were more than 28 Russian villages in Armenia before the collapse of the Soviet Union, now there is not one.Leonid Slutsky speaks about the "arms race" in the region. I would like to refresh the memory of Leonid Slutsky, reminding him that although up to 50 percent of the population of Armenia lives in extreme poverty and external debt of this country exceeds its GDP, Armenia is the most armed country in the world by the ratio of GDP per capita.Armament of Armenia through donations and external borrowing bolsters occupation of Azerbaijani territories and encourages aggression against Azerbaijan,” Suleymanli emphasized.The Azerbaijani diplomat further said that “such a statements by Leonid Slutsky can harm partnership between Azerbaijan and Russia.”‘His remarks contradict the spirit of the Azerbaijani-Russian relations, and can be regarded as interference in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan, " Suleymanli said.

Chilingarov: Armenians worldwide rally up to mark centenary of Armenian Genocide

Armenians worldwide have rallied up to mark the centenary of Armenian Genocide, but there is still room for a closer cooperation, legendary polar explorer and Hero of the Soviet Union and Russia Arthur Cghilingarov, who is also a statesman and political activist, said in Sputnik-Armenia radio's live broadcast.   He also pointed out that the Church plays a special part in it and help gathering Armenians.   «Although there are Armenian communities in almost all the cities of Russia, it is hard to guide them,» Chilingaryan was quoted by Novosti-Armneia as saying in the live broadcast.   Armenian Genocide was the first genocide committed in XX century. Turkey rejects the accusation of massacres and the killing of one and a half million Armenians during World War I.   The fact of the Armenian genocide is recognized by many countries, particularly by Uruguay, Russia, France, Lithuania, most of the U.S. states, as well as by the parliaments of Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, Belgium, Wales, National Council of Switzerland, Common House of Canada, the Seym of Poland and lower house of Italian parliament.

Seyran Ohanyan: Russia assists Armenia globally

To refuse from military cooperation with Russia means not to think of Armenia's future, Seyran Ohanyan, Defense Minister of Armenia, told reporters, Thursday. "Russia is our strategic partner and it means much. Russia assists us globally," the minister explained.  As for the escalation of tensions in the Karabakh conflict zone, the minister said Azerbaijan tries to settle its political and economic problems and distract the world community's attention from the centennial of the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey. President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan has recently expressed his concern over Russia selling arms to Azerbaijan.  He spotlighted that "the soldier on the border realizes that they try to destroy him with Russian weapons."


Exhibit of Armenian Artifacts a Century after Rescue by Russians

An exhibition presenting the Armenian Culture took place in the Russian Museum of Ethnography

On my way back from the Centennial events in Yerevan last week, I stopped in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to attend the inauguration of an unprecedented exhibit of Armenian artifacts rescued by Russian ethnographers from Western Armenia during the genocide. Here is the incredible background story of that unique exhibit. In 1916, during the Russian military campaign which temporarily liberated Western Armenia from Ottoman Turkey, Saint Petersburg’s Russian Museum of Ethnography sought Czar Nicholas II’s permission to dispatch a scholarly expedition to the Van area to collect Armenian artifacts from imminent loss. The Czar gave immediate consent in his handwriting: “Approve. Need to hurry.”

A small team of ethnographers led by Alexander Miller arrived in Van on June 10, 1916, after a lengthy and perilous journey. During their two-week stay, they managed to purchase from local inhabitants a total of 513 objects: 396 Armenian, 110 Assyrian, five Kurdish, and two Turkish. The artifacts included traditional Armenian costumes, jewelry, and carpets from the city of Van, the towns of Alur, Bitlis, Moks, Mush, Shatakh, and neighboring villages. During their visit, the scholars took 60 photographs of natural landscapes, historical monuments, buildings, and some residents. All of these materials were hauled back to Saint Petersburg under the protection of the Russian military.

Surprisingly, these painstakingly-collected cultural objects remained in the Russian museum’s basement for 100 years and were never displayed! No one seemed to remember their existence, until two years ago, when Armenia’s Consul General Vardan Hakopyan in Saint Petersburg learned about these artifacts and informed the authorities in Armenia, local community leaders, and the Armenian Jewelry Association.

After extensive joint efforts between the Armenian Jewelers Foundation and the Russian Museum of Ethnography, the items that were kept in storage for a century were finally put on display in Saint Petersburg last week. The Jewelers Foundation and the Russian Museum published an impressive catalog titled, “Treasures of Western Armenia,” which showcased the artifacts collected from the region of Van in 1916, before its recapture and genocidal destruction by Ottoman Turkish forces.

The exhibit was officially opened on April 27, 2015, at the Russian Museum of Ethnography. It was attended by Vigen Sargsyan, the Armenian President’s Chief of Staff, Olga Kazanskaya, Vice Governor of Saint Petersburg, Vladimir Grusman, Director of Russian Museum of Ethnography, Pierre Akkelian, Chairman of Armenian Jewelers Foundation, Gagik Gevorkyan, President of Armenian Jewelry Association, and Karen Mkrtchyan, the Armenian community leader of Saint Petersburg. Not surprisingly, after it became known that the Museum of Ethnography had in its possession valuable artifacts from the Van region, the Consulate of Turkey in Saint Petersburg contacted the Museum claiming that these items are the property of the Turkish Republic and sought their return. The Museum’s leadership rejected the Turkish request as the objects were purchased from their owners in 1916.

It is ironic that Turkish diplomats had the audacity to request these Armenian artifacts, after having killed their owners, burned their homes, and stolen their possessions! One would hope that the Turkish government would be foolish enough to go ahead and file a lawsuit against the Russian Museum, trying to claim these items. Such a lawsuit would further publicize Turkish responsibility for the Armenian Genocide, the looting of Armenian cultural objects, and occupation of their ancestral homeland!

One hundred years later, another expedition should be dispatched to Turkish museums and libraries to locate and recover all Armenian artifacts, manuscripts and other valuable items plundered during the genocide. Lawsuits should be filed against all Turkish institutions holding such Armenian materials. If local Turkish courts reject the demand, Armenians should then appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in order to recover these long lost and precious fragments of Armenian cultural heritage. Such a legal effort would be yet another means of seeking restitution for the massive genocide-era losses suffered by Armenians a century ago!

The Russian Museum’s remarkable exhibit should go on tour to Armenian communities around the world: Athens, Beirut, Berlin, Boston, Buenos Aires, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, Moscow, New York, Paris, Tehran, Toronto, San Francisco, San Paulo, Sydney, Yerevan and many other cities. Let the world see a small sampling of the vast quantities of valuable cultural artifacts that the Armenian nation lost during the genocide in addition to the 1.5 million human souls.

The Armenian Genocide will remain in all archives around the world: Deputy Head of Russian State Archives

The Russian version of the book “The Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire: Testimonies of Survivors: Collection of Documents” was presented during an event held at the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the Russian Federation on March 19. As the Department of Press, Information and Public Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia reports to “Armenpress”, among the participants of the event were Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Russian Federation Oleg Yesayan, members of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation I. Chernishenko and Zh. Ivanova, Deputies of the Russian State Duma I. Fakhritdinov and O. Arshbay, Deputy Head of the 4thDepartment for the CIS at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation A. Gromiko, member of the Public Council of the Russian Federation, leaders of Russia’s public and scientific circles and Armenian community organizations of Moscow, public and political figures, as well as diplomats and journalists. The Russian version of the book was published with the support of VAN NGO.

In his welcome speech, Ambassador Yesayan, on behalf of the embassy and the All-Russian Committee on Coordination of the events dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, expressed gratitude to the gathered for participating in the event and supporting the efforts of the Committee. The Armenian Ambassador also attached importance to the significance of the publication of the Russian version and noted that it would help raise awareness of the Russian society about the Armenian Genocide.

Author of the book, Director of the National Archives of Armenia Amatuni Virabyan mentioned that the Russian version of the book was an addition to the Armenian, English and Turkish versions of the book, which is of pivotal significance for presenting the irrefutable facts about the Armenian Genocide to the international community.

In her speech at the event, Deputy Head of the State Archive of the Russian Federation Larisa Rogovaya mentioned that the Armenian Genocide is one of the tragedies in history that the international community will always remember the Armenian Genocide and that it will remain in archives around the world.

Member of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation and the Armenian-Russian inter-parliamentary cooperation committee Igor Chernishenko emphasized that the international community is focused on two epochal events this year, that is, the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide and the 70thanniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. According to him, these two major events bring the Armenians and Russians together in the fight for the restoration of historical justice and against crimes against humanity.

The speakers cited irrefutable facts about the Ottoman Empire’s anti-Armenian policy and the Armenian Genocide and attached importance to the modernity of the Russian version of the collection of documents in the fight against the policy of denial, frequent misinformation, as well as reprinting and distortion of history.

Russian Translation of Book of Armenian Genocide Testimonies Presented in Moscow

The Russian version of the book “The Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire: Testimonies of Survivors: Collection of Documents” was presented during an event held at the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the Russian Federation on March 19. In his welcome speech, Armenia’s Ambassador to Russia Oleg Yesayan, on behalf of the embassy and the All-Russian Committee on Coordination of the events dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, expressed gratitude to the gathered for participating in the event and supporting the efforts of the Committee. The Armenian Ambassador also attached importance to the significance of the publication of the Russian version and noted that it would help raise awareness of the Russian society about the Armenian Genocide. Author of the book, Director of the National Archives of Armenia, Amatuni Virabyan mentioned that the Russian version of the book was an addition to the Armenian, English and Turkish versions of the book, which is of pivotal significance for presenting the irrefutable facts about the Armenian Genocide to the international community. In her speech at the event, Deputy Head of the State Archive of the Russian Federation Larisa Rogovaya mentioned that the Armenian Genocide is one of the tragedies in history that the international community will always remember and that it will remain in archives around the world. Member of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation and the Armenian-Russian inter-parliamentary cooperation committee Igor Chernishenko emphasized that the international community is focused on two epochal events this year: the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide and the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in World War II. According to him, these two major events bring the Armenians and Russians together in the fight for the restoration of historical justice and against crimes against humanity. The speakers cited irrefutable facts about the Ottoman Empire’s anti-Armenian policy and the Armenian Genocide and attached importance to the modernity of the Russian version of the collection of documents in the fight against the policy of denial, frequent misinformation, as well as revision and distortion of history.


Vladimir Spivakov arrives in Yerevan for three concerts on the Armenian genocide centenary

World famous conductor Vladimir Spivakov arrived on Sunday night in Yerevan to perform three concerts on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide in Ottoman Turkey, Novosti-Armenia reports.   Asked about his position on the genocide he said it was re-affirmed by his arrival.   “The position is clear. The world has not recognized the genocide yet – it is their problems. Yet, not the entire world failed to acknowledge it. The Pope has just recognized, which is a very serious story with far reaching effects. Russia has recognized since long ago,” the maestro said.   The National Philharmonic of Russia led by Spivakov will hold concerts in Armenia on April 14, 15 and 16 to commemorate the centenary of the Armenian genocide. The concerts will take place at the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Yerevan. The concert program includes Mozart Piano Concert N12 and Requiem (April 14), Verdi, Mozart, Bellini, Donizetti and Puccini (April 15) and Chaplin “Big City Lights” multimedia project (April 16).   In commenting the diversity of his three concert programs, Spivakov said he did not like repeating himself.   The conductor said he has trips to France, Austria and the USA planned next. He said the invitations he got cover the period till 2017.   “But now I am planning ahead a month only,” the maestro said.
World famous conductor Vladimir Spivakov arrived on Sunday night in Yerevan to perform three concerts on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide in Ottoman Turkey, Novosti-Armenia reports. 

Asked about his position on the genocide he said it was re-affirmed by his arrival. 

“The position is clear. The world has not recognized the genocide yet – it is their problems. Yet, not the entire world failed to acknowledge it. The Pope has just recognized, which is a very serious story with far reaching effects. Russia has recognized since long ago,” the maestro said. 

The National Philharmonic of Russia led by Spivakov will hold concerts in Armenia on April 14, 15 and 16 to commemorate the centenary of the Armenian genocide. The concerts will take place at the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Yerevan. The concert program includes Mozart Piano Concert N12 and Requiem (April 14), Verdi, Mozart, Bellini, Donizetti and Puccini (April 15) and Chaplin “Big City Lights” multimedia project (April 16). 

In commenting the diversity of his three concert programs, Spivakov said he did not like repeating himself. 

The conductor said he has trips to France, Austria and the USA planned next. He said the invitations he got cover the period till 2017. 

“But now I am planning ahead a month only,” the maestro said.
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Russian influence in the South Caucasus exists due to relations with Armenia – analyst

The influence Russia has in the South Caucasus comes from its relations with Armenia, Director of Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan said on Sputnik Armenia radio channel, as cited by Novosti-Armenia.   “Armenia is a key South Caucasus country for Russia and cannot be replaced by anything else. Importance of Russia to us is, of course, even greater. But Russia cannot substitute Armenia with Georgia, or Azerbaijan, or South Ossetia, Iran or Turkey. Russia uses its influence in the region due to the current format of its relationship with Armenia, and Putin has confirmed it,” Iskandaryan said.   “I mean the strategic, political and other influence. Withdrawing from Armenia Russian will lose not only Armenia, but at least the South Caucasus and maybe even the entire southern direction,” the political analyst said.


Close collaboration with Russian Federation a key component of Armenia’s security, president

Addressing an international media forum in the Armenian capital entitled 'At the Foot of Mount Ararat,’ dedicated to the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, President Serzh Sargsyan said Armenia’s foreign policy has always been based on the principle of complementarity of different systems and accommodation of the interests of great powers involved in the region. He said joining the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) , the Republic of Armenia has simultaneously enhanced its cooperation with NATO, by contributing to the strengthening of international peace and security through its participation in the peace-keeping missions. Our country has developed and continues to develop allied strategic partnership with Russia. 

‘The Armenian-Russian allied inter-State relations are anchored in the close historical ties that existed between the two nations. The close collaboration with the Russian Federation (RF) is a key component of our security, economic development and stability. The RF is Armenia’s largest trade partner: in 2014, our trade accounted for more than 1.4 billion dollars, there are 1.3 thousand enterprises with Russian capital in Armenia and the amount of Russian investments in our economy have exceeded three billion dollars. 

I am confident that for very many persons sitting in the hall these numbers seem small and ridiculous, but believe me that for a small state and a small economy such as Armenia these numbers are extremely important. We cooperate with Russia in different sectors – energy, infrastructure, industry etc. According to non-official data, there are around 2 million Armenians living in the RF. We also continue to deepen our collaboration with the RF within the framework of international organizations – the Eurasian Economic Union, CIS and CSTO. We attach great importance to the Russia’s efforts aimed at a peaceful settlement of the NK conflict within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group.

Our foreign policy is also aimed at reinforcement of our friendly partnership with the US and of the special relationship with France. Since independence, Armenian-American relations have continued to develop dynamically. Currently our bilateral agenda includes various sectors – political, economic, human, security and other dimensions – in which we have been making further progress year to year. I must express my content with the fact that owing to mutual efforts our partnership has now reached its highest level in the history of Armenian-American relations. The reciprocal visits at various levels conducted in the recent years bear testimony to this.

We highly appreciate long-standing US support for the RA’s economic development, multi-sectoral reforms, consolidation of democracy and civil society, which pursue the objective to strengthen our statehood. We also place great value on the US role in the maintenance of security and stability in the region, especially on its active involvement in the peaceful settlement of the NK problem. Armenia is very keen on continuing interstate relations based on shared values and the age-old friendship between the Armenian and French peoples. We value the achievements embellishing our interstate relations during the last two decades, which involve regular promotion of political, economic, cultural, scientific and educational cooperation, and effective implementation of the assistance programs.

The consistent and concerted efforts in the relations between Armenia and France have resulted in a crucial haven, special relations we enjoy. France’s role is invaluable both in the condemnation and international recognition of the Armenian Genocide at the highest level, and in the peaceful resolution of the NK conflict within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship. Of course, deepening and broadening of our traditionally friendly partnerships with neighboring countries, particularly, with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Georgia are top priorities for our country. We highly appreciate our mutually beneficial and multifaceted cooperation with Iran, which is rooted in historical and cultural similarities, reciprocal economic interests and in common approaches to a number of regional issues.

The multifaceted relationship between Armenia and Iran is maintained at the high level. This is testified by our active and high-level political contacts, and agreements reached therein pertaining to the effective implementation of joint political, economic and humanitarian projects. We are closely following the negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the P5+1 over Iran’s nuclear program. We wish the issue to be resolved as soon as possible, and the settlement to be acceptable to all the parties. We are hopeful that the agreements that have already been achieved will result in a comprehensive settlement of this issue.

I must express my content with the fact that in recent years the high-level contacts between Armenia and Georgia have tangibly intensified. Our active interstate dialogue rooted in the traditional, historical and good-neighborly friendship and mutual understanding between our peoples establishes serious prerequisites to outline new dimensions in our partnership. As a result, we are building effective mechanisms to swiftly address any issue on our current bilateral agenda. We have always attached great importance to Georgia’s role not only in the development of our bilateral relations, but also in strengthening and maintaining security in the South Caucasus. The level of our political cooperation has provided favorable conditions for promotion of bilateral economic cooperation. In this regard, we have made considerable progress in the development of a relevant legal framework.

From January of 2015 onwards we have been a full-fledged member of the Eurasian Economic Union. Since independence active involvement in regional integration processes has been and continues to be a priority for the Armenian foreign policy. In the 21st century regional integration unions play a major role in helping small states follow ongoing trends in the global economy and fully integrate into it. In this regard taking into account the present structure of our country’s economy, the geography of export and our economic ties with EEU member states, the accession to the EEU opens up new prospects for our country to develop. Free movement of goods, capital, services and labor give our businessmen substantial opportunities to penetrate new markets and reinforce their positions there. All this will naturally stimulate employment opportunities in Armenia, increase of foreign direct investments and development of our economy.

Being a full-fledged member of the European family and civilization and building our development on the European principles and values, we continue to make vigorous efforts to enhance our relations both with individual European countries, and with the EU and our Western partners. The cooperation between Armenia and EU has been marked by major achievements, which is a result of our concerted efforts, political will and mutual commitment. Throughout these years, the large-scale reforms in Armenia have been at the forefront of our dialogue. To raise the effectiveness of those reforms, we have transformed the executive structure, establishing the Ministry of International Economic Integration and Reforms, which will coordinate those processes.

We intend to maintain these achievements and, moreover, to deepen and buttress them with further initiatives. This is proved by the Armenia-EU Joint Statement adopted in Vilnius in November of 2013, in which the parties reaffirmed their mutual commitment to further enhancing and strengthening multi-sectoral cooperation. We are taking active steps both towards development of a new legal framework for our relations with the EU and pushing forward our agenda with NATO.

Meanwhile, I have to note that under conditions of the boisterous pace at which globalization has proceeded in the 21st century, when the world is moving towards formation of a single common area, when it seems that the economic borders between the states are losing their importance, it is meaningless to speak about conflicting integration models. In this respect, as I have said on numerous occasions before by joining the EEU, Armenia could serve as a connecting link between the business communities of EEU states and Western countries.

Our country’s foreign policy agenda has been expanding with every passing day through embracing new partners. Our relations with the countries of the Latin American and Asian countries have intensified, and we continue to maintain traditionally good relations with the Arab world. Among the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, we have kept on promoting close cooperation with China, Japan and with a host of other states. In a few days, I am going to pay a State Visit to China, which I am sure will give a new impetus to the development of our bilateral relations in various fields.

Of course, our foreign policy and security cannot remain unaffected by events unfolding in neighboring regions and, in general, in the international arena. By this I refer to the alarming developments in Ukraine and the Middle East. Today, the so called Islamic State based in the territories of Syria and Iraq poses a real threat to both regional and international security. In the Middle East, the cradle of ancient civilizations, those very civilizations risk being destroyed. Armenian communities in Syria and Iraq are also affected by that situation. The Armenian Genocide survivors, who had found shelter in Syria and Iraq, now have to face the mentioned challenges. Armenia has already accepted more than ten thousand refugees from Syria.

Armenia condemns the crimes and atrocities committed by the Islamic State, the Al Nusra Front and by other terrorist groups, and calls on the international community to take decisive steps against this newly-emerged calamity. In this context, Armenia expresses its full support to the complete implementation of the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council


Armenian Defense Minister Lauds Military Cooperation With Russia

Russia and Armenia host elements of an integrated air defense network that comprises units in six countries.

Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan on Thursday praised his South Caucasian country's military cooperation with Russia, in a comment to Sputnik.  "Russian-Armenian military cooperation is at a very high level. We are strategic partners… There is no other country that we have the same level of cooperation with as Russia," Ohanyan said.  He added the two planned joint military operations and had a united military force.  "We cooperate on military training and exchange experience," Ohanyan told Sputnik on the sidelines of the 4th international security conference in Moscow.  Russia and Armenia have a history of military cooperation that goes back to Soviet times. Russia has a military base in Gyumri, Armenia's second largest city.  The countries host elements of an integrated air defense network that comprises units in six countries – Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.

Over 1,000 Russian Soldiers Begin Tactical Training in Armenia

More than 1,000 Russian military personnel have begun tactical exercises at the Alagyaz Training Complex in Armenia

More than 1,000 Russian military personnel have begun tactical exercises at the Alagyaz Training Complex in Armenia, the Russian Defense Ministry’s Southern Military District’s press service said Tuesday. “More than 1,000 military servicemen and around 300 pieces of hardware, including tanks and self-propelled artillery units, are involved in the exercises,” the press service said. Earlier this month, Russian MiG-29 (Fulcrum) jet fighter pilots carried out military exercises from a Russian base in Armenia. In March, more than 2,000 Russian military personnel from air defense units have begun exercises in the country’s south, as well as at Russian military bases in Armenia, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia. The Russian Defense Ministry has announced plans to conduct at least 4,000 military exercises this year.

Russian MiG-29 Fighter Pilots Begin Military Drills in Armenia

MIG-29 fighters

Russian MiG-29 (Fulcrum) jet fighter pilots have begun military exercises from a Russian base in Armenia, the Russian Defense Ministry’s Southern Military District’s press service said Thursday.  “More than 100 Air Force pilots and service personnel are participating [in the military exercises] with more than 30 pieces of specialized military and aviation hardware,” the press service said. During the three-day exercises, the fighter pilots will cover ground forces from the air and destroy “enemy” bombers, as well as cruise and ballistic missiles.  Earlier this week, Eastern Military District announced that over ten aircraft including helicopters simulated attacks by an "enemy" near the Chinese border. According to the district press service, S-300 missiles, jet fighters and support aircraft will carry out live-fire exercises in April in southern Siberia.  The Russian Defense Ministry announced plans to conduct at least 4,000 military exercises throughout the country in 2015.


45 bordering communities in Tavush to benefit from Russia-funded development project

Over the next 5 years 45 bordering communities of Tavush region, with an overall population of 62,000, will have the opportunity to develop their own community plans, prioritizing activities – such as infrastructure and income generating activities – for financing within the framework of “Integrated Support to Rural Development: Building Resilient Communities” project, financed by the Government of the Russian Federation and implemented by the UNDP in Armenia, in close partnership with the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations. The project budget is over USD 5 million.

Today, Bradley Busetto, UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative in Armenia, Armen Yeritsyan, Minister of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations, and Ivan Volynkin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Armenia, signed the relevant documents to launch the project. Representatives of government agencies responsible for rural and community development, as well as international organizations, diplomatic corps and media attended the event.

“UNDP, as a global development organization, tries to reach remote communities in Armenia with the support needed not to provide short term emergency aid, but sustained development support. Our added value has several facets – neutrality, impartiality, flexibility, as well as innovation, which makes UNDP special as a development partner for Armenia. For more than two decades UNDP has worked closely with the government and other development partners to make Armenia a better place to live and work. In this context, I would like to express my gratitude to the Governments of Russian Federation and Armenia for the excellent collaboration and for this important partnership to support vulnerable communities. By working together, we can make a difference to peoples lives,” said Bradley Busetto, UN RC/UNDP RR in his welcoming remarks.

“Russia consistently builds up its efforts in providing support to its foreign partners in achieving sustainable development. Priority recipients of the Russian international development assistance are CIS countries and its partners in Eurasian integration. The importance of this UNDP programme is its focus on complex development of the vulnerable bordering communities in Tavush region and the positive experience of its realization could be transferred to other communities of the country. It should be noted that UNDP is a reliable partner of the Russian Federation which has an excellent reputation and huge experience accumulated within years of work globally,” said Ivan Volynkin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation.

“We have 915 communities in Armenia and they have unique problems and challenges. In order to make the country’s territorial administration more efficient, it is necessary to engage in each community and village, especially in bordering regions. Bordering communities are always in the focus of the Government of Armenia, which carries out various measures aimed at their support and development. We are confident that this project will be an invaluable investment to mitigate the burden felt in bordering communities,” noted Armen Yeritsyan, Minister of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations.

Since 2001, UNDP in Armenia has provided support to over 150 communities in Armenia, including rehabilitation of rural infrastructures and providing income generation, while building institutional capacities through jointly developed local community plans

Russia Will Grant 130 Million Rubles to Armenia

An agreement on providing a technical assistance to Armenia in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union membership will be signed between the governments of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation. By that Russia will allocate a free aid of 47 million US dollars and 130 million Russian rubles to Armenia. The draft agreement is included in the agenda of the Armenian government’s session of March 26.  Armenia has applied to the Russian Federation with the request to provide grant funds for the implementation of events in six directions (customs administration, technical regulations, sanitary, phytosanitary and veterinary measures, statistics, industry, building a common information space and integrated information system), defined by the roadmap of the Customs Union and the United Economic Space. The detailed budget of the necessary works, goods, services and trainings for the corresponding works was also presented to Russian side. 

Baku: Statements by Russian MP can be seen as interference in internal affairs of Azerbaijan

Second secretary of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Konul Suleymanli commented on statements of the member of the Russian Parliament (State Duma) Leonid Slutsky made by him during the press conference in Armenia.

“We would like to remind Leonid Slutsky that monuments to Nazi generals Garegin Nzhdeh and Drastamat Kanayan (‘Dro’) are being worshiped in Yerevan and one of the central streets of this city was named after Nzhdeh. Moreover, “nzhdeheism” compiles the foundation of the official ideology of the Armenian ruling party,” Suleymanli said, adding that «Leonid Slutsky, as the people's deputy, had to express his concern over the "glorification" of fascist generals by the official Yerevan and holding events in honor of them in Moscow on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism.”

Suleymanli further said that Slutsky should also know that a monument to another Armenian "national hero", terrorist killer Monte Melkonian, one of the founders of the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA, has also been unveiled in Yerevan.

“As a result of the policy of ethnic cleansing based on radical ideology, Armenia has evolved into the only mono-ethnic state in the world. Azerbaijanis were subjected to ethnic cleansing in their historical lands (now Armenia). Other nations living in Armenia have also become victims of the ethnic cleansing policy. There were more than 28 Russian villages in Armenia before the collapse of the Soviet Union, now there is not one.

Leonid Slutsky speaks about the "arms race" in the region. I would like to refresh the memory of Leonid Slutsky, reminding him that although up to 50 percent of the population of Armenia lives in extreme poverty and external debt of this country exceeds its GDP, Armenia is the most armed country in the world by the ratio of GDP per capita.

Armament of Armenia through donations and external borrowing bolsters occupation of Azerbaijani territories and encourages aggression against Azerbaijan,” Suleymanli emphasized.

The Azerbaijani diplomat further said that “such a statements by Leonid Slutsky can harm partnership between Azerbaijan and Russia.”

‘His remarks contradict the spirit of the Azerbaijani-Russian relations, and can be regarded as interference in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan, " Suleymanli said.

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Sheikh-ul-Islam Allahshukur Pashazade awarded with UNITWIN honorary diploma

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USAN calls on USA to stop financial aid to Armenia

30.03.2015 [17:34]

Date of 5th News Agencies World Congress defined VIDEO

30.03.2015 [17:14]

Pakistan Senate`s Defense Committee issues statement supporting Azerbaijan on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

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USAN calls on USA to stop financial aid to Armenia

USAN calls on USA to stop financial aid to Armenia

31.03.2015 [11:50]

OSCE to hold next monitoring on troops’ contact line VIDEO

31.03.2015 [11:20]

Armenians violated ceasefire with Azerbaijan 37 times throughout the day

30.03.2015 [17:34]

Date of 5th News Agencies World Congress defined VIDEO


Azerbaijan, Belarus ITC ministries discuss prospects of cooperation

Azerbaijan, Belarus ITC ministries discuss prospects of cooperation

31.03.2015 [12:30]

Oil price on world markets

30.03.2015 [22:00]

Azerbaijan, Montenegro discuss prospects for economic cooperation

30.03.2015 [15:15]

Surakhani District and Riga Duma discuss prospects for cooperation


Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Spanish Donostia International Physics Center discuss scientific relations

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Spanish Donostia International Physics Center discuss scientific relations

13.03.2015 [11:06]

British representatives visit Azerbaijani Institute of Physics

27.02.2015 [19:06]

Azerbaijani delegation visits Pierre and Marie Curie University

25.02.2015 [18:02]

ANAS delegation visiting Israel


Azerbaijan joins International Cultural Expo in Malaysia

Azerbaijan joins International Cultural Expo in Malaysia

30.03.2015 [17:10]

Emin Samedli enchants jury of the Ukrainian show "Golos Kraini"

30.03.2015 [14:05]

Russian filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov to visit Baku

29.03.2015 [10:00]

Yarat Contemporary Art Centre launches with Shirin Neshat’s The Home of My Eyes


Italian portal publishes article on Baku

Italian portal publishes article on Baku

03.03.2015 [10:50]

Oil price on world markets

13.02.2015 [13:55]

Azerbaijan becomes official partner of Conde Nast Traveler Luxury Travel Fair

10.02.2015 [17:30]

Azerbaijan, Egypt interested in progress of new touristic destinations


International oncology conference wraps up in Baku

International oncology conference wraps up in Baku

15.03.2015 [13:19]

‘Gathering of world-known oncologists in Baku is an indicator of Azerbaijan`s high-level development’

14.03.2015 [14:33]

International oncology conference opens in Baku VIDEO

11.03.2015 [21:36]

Baku to host international oncology conference


Quantity of biogenic substances in Kur and Araz rivers exceeds norm

Quantity of biogenic substances in Kur and Araz rivers exceeds norm

10.03.2015 [11:55]

Earthquake hits Mingachevir

04.03.2015 [10:48]

Quantity of biogenic substances in Kur and Araz rivers exceeds norm

28.02.2015 [16:25]

Natural disasters in Asia and Pacific impact some 80 million people, new UN study shows


Sheikh-ul-Islam Allahshukur Pashazade awarded with UNITWIN honorary diploma

Sheikh-ul-Islam Allahshukur Pashazade awarded with UNITWIN honorary diploma

31.03.2015 [11:10]

Presentation of Murad Ashurly’s book takes place in USA

29.03.2015 [21:46]

Azerbaijani delegation attends 15th Monitoring meeting of OECD`s Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

29.03.2015 [08:03]

Azerbaijan switches summer time on March 29


High winds delays, cancels Schiphol flights

High winds delays, cancels Schiphol flights

31.03.2015 [12:27]

Road accident claims dozen lives in south Peru

31.03.2015 [10:23]

Shakespeare's grave should be exhumed using techniques honed for Richard III

30.03.2015 [15:37]

Star Wars actor Harrison Ford is out of hospital after devastating plane crash


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Sheikh-ul-Islam Allahshukur Pashazade awarded with UNITWIN honorary diploma


Turkish media publishes article on March 31 - Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis

[18:35] SPORTS

Azerbaijan rank first in medal table of Junior European Judo Cup

[16:49] WORLD

High winds delays, cancels Schiphol flights

[14:36] POLITICS

USAN calls on USA to stop financial aid to Armenia

[14:21] ECONOMY

Azerbaijan, Belarus ITC ministries discuss prospects of cooperation

[12:30] ECONOMY

Oil price on world markets

[12:27] WORLD

Road accident claims dozen lives in south Peru

[11:50] POLITICS

OSCE to hold next monitoring on troops’ contact line VIDEO

[11:20] POLITICS

Armenians violated ceasefire with Azerbaijan 37 times throughout the day

[11:10] SOCIETY

Presentation of Murad Ashurly’s book takes place in USA


Netherlands TV channel airs program about Khojaly genocide

[10:23] WORLD

Shakespeare's grave should be exhumed using techniques honed for Richard III

30.03.2015 [22:04] SPORTS

Ten countries secure six Archery spots each for Baku 2015

30.03.2015 [22:00] ECONOMY

Azerbaijan, Montenegro discuss prospects for economic cooperation

30.03.2015 [20:36] CULTURE

Azerbaijan joins International Cultural Expo in Malaysia

30.03.2015 [20:30] OFFICIAL NEWS

President Ilham Aliyev reviewed the progress of construction at the Baku White City boulevard VIDEO

30.03.2015 [17:49] SPORTS

Nakhchivan to host international chess festival

30.03.2015 [17:34] POLITICS

Date of 5th News Agencies World Congress defined VIDEO

30.03.2015 [17:18] POLITICS

Statements by Russian MP in Armenia can be accessed as interference in internal affairs of Azerbaijan

30.03.2015 [17:14] POLITICS

Pakistan Senate`s Defense Committee issues statement supporting Azerbaijan on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

30.03.2015 [17:10] CULTURE

Emin Samedli enchants jury of the Ukrainian show "Golos Kraini"

30.03.2015 [17:02] POLITICS

Azerbaijan-Pakistan working group holds next meeting

30.03.2015 [15:37] WORLD

Star Wars actor Harrison Ford is out of hospital after devastating plane crash

30.03.2015 [15:15] ECONOMY

Surakhani District and Riga Duma discuss prospects for cooperation

30.03.2015 [15:05] POLITICS

Azerbaijan, Ukraine expand parliamentary ties

30.03.2015 [14:58] SPORTS

Azerbaijani gymnasts win 3 world cup bronzes VIDEO

30.03.2015 [14:48] SPORTS

Azerbaijani wrestlers claim 9 medals at European championship

30.03.2015 [14:24] WORLD

Airlines rapidly change cockpit rules after Germanwings crash

30.03.2015 [14:11] SOCIETY

Azerbaijan Education Ministry’s employee attends international forum in USA

30.03.2015 [14:05] CULTURE

Russian filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov to visit Baku

30.03.2015 [13:49] ECONOMY

Fluor Selected as Project Management Contractor for OGPC Project of SOCAR

30.03.2015 [13:34] ECONOMY

TAP issues contract notice for Italy onshore construction

30.03.2015 [13:17] SPORTS

Azerbaijani wrestlers grab 3 medals at Yasar Dogu tournament VIDEO

30.03.2015 [12:17] POLITICS

Azerbaijani flag raised in Skokie, Illinois

30.03.2015 [11:56] POLITICS

Armenians violated ceasefire with Azerbaijan 39 times throughout the day

30.03.2015 [11:51] ECONOMY

Management companies buy 93% of SOCAR Eurobonds issue

30.03.2015 [11:32] SPORTS

Azerbaijani judo fighter wins gold at Samsun Grand Prix VIDEO

30.03.2015 [11:23] POLITICS

New Jersey General Assembly issues resolution marking Azerbaijani Remembrance Day

30.03.2015 [10:50] WORLD

Canada: Accident involving Airbus A320 hospitalises at least 25


30.03.2015 [17:34]

Date of 5th News Agencies World Congress defined VIDEO

16.03.2015 [20:31]

AZERTAC`s photo correspondent wins gold medal at DONEGAL 2015

14.03.2015 [14:33]

International oncology conference opens in Baku VIDEO

11.03.2015 [19:26]

Azerbaijan`s first lady Mehriban Aliyeva handed “Hilal-e-Pakistan” order VIDEO

Second secretary of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Konul Suleymanli commented on statements of the member of the Russian Parliament (State Duma) Leonid Slutsky made by him during the press conference in Armenia. “We would like to remind Leonid Slutsky that monuments to Nazi generals Garegin Nzhdeh and Drastamat Kanayan (‘Dro’) are being worshiped in Yerevan and one of the central streets of this city was named after Nzhdeh.

Moreover, “nzhdeheism” compiles the foundation of the official ideology of the Armenian ruling party,” Suleymanli said, adding that «Leonid Slutsky, as the people's deputy, had to express his concern over the "glorification" of fascist generals by the official Yerevan and holding events in honor of them in Moscow on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism.” Suleymanli further said that Slutsky should also know that a monument to another Armenian "national hero", terrorist killer Monte Melkonian, one of the founders of the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA, has also been unveiled in Yerevan.  “As a result of the policy of ethnic cleansing based on radical ideology, Armenia has evolved into the only mono-ethnic state in the world.

Azerbaijanis were subjected to ethnic cleansing in their historical lands (now Armenia). Other nations living in Armenia have also become victims of the ethnic cleansing policy. There were more than 28 Russian villages in Armenia before the collapse of the Soviet Union, now there is not one.  Leonid Slutsky speaks about the "arms race" in the region. I would like to refresh the memory of Leonid Slutsky, reminding him that although up to 50 percent of the population of Armenia lives in extreme poverty and external debt of this country exceeds its GDP, Armenia is the most armed country in the world by the ratio of GDP per capita.

Armament of Armenia through donations and external borrowing bolsters occupation of Azerbaijani territories and encourages aggression against Azerbaijan,” Suleymanli emphasized.  The Azerbaijani diplomat further said that “such a statements by Leonid Slutsky can harm partnership between Azerbaijan and Russia.”  ‘His remarks contradict the spirit of the Azerbaijani-Russian relations, and can be regarded as interference in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan, " Suleymanli said.


D.C. the Enemy to World Peace

On February 25 and 26, Paul Craig Roberts addressed the 70th Anniversary of the Yalta Conference, hosted by the Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow State Institute of International Relations in Moscow. The following is his speech, which was given over the course of the two-day event.

By Paul Craig Roberts —

Recently, I was invited to address an important conference of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Scholars from Russia and from around the world, Russian government officials and the Russian people seek an answer as to why Washington destroyed during the past year the friendly relations between America and Russia that President Ronald Reagan and President Mikhail Gorbachev succeeded in establishing. All of Russia is distressed that Washington alone has destroyed the trust between the two major nuclear powers that had been created during the Reagan-Gorbachev era, trust that had removed the threat of nuclear Armageddon.
Russians at every level are astonished at the virulent propaganda and lies constantly issuing from Washington and the Western media. Washington’s gratuitous demonization of Russian President Vladimir Putin has rallied the Russian people behind him. Putin has the highest approval rating ever achieved by any leader in my lifetime. Washington’s reckless and irresponsible destruction of the trust achieved by Reagan and Gorbachev has resurrected the possibility of nuclear war from the grave in which Reagan and Gorbachev buried it. Again, as during the Cold War the specter of nuclear Armageddon stalks the Earth.

Why did Washington revive the threat of world annihilation? Why is this threat to all of humanity supported by the majority of Congress, by the entirety of the presstitute media and by academics and think-tank inhabitants in the U.S.? It was my task to answer this question for the conference.
‘American Exceptionalism’ Dangerous

What I propose to you is that the current difficulties in the international order are unrelated to Yalta and its consequences, but have their origin in the rise of the neoconservative ideology in the post-Soviet era and its influence on Washington’s foreign policy. The collapse of the Soviet Union removed the only constraint on Washington’s power to act unilaterally abroad. At that time China’s rise was estimated to require a half-century. Suddenly the United States found itself to be the uni-power, the “world’s only superpower.” Neoconservatives proclaimed “the end of history.”

By the “end of history” neoconservatives mean that the competition between socio-economic-political systems is at an end. History has chosen “American democratic-capitalism.” It is Washington’s responsibility to exercise the hegemony over the world given to Washington by history and to bring the world in line with history’s choice of American democratic-capitalism. In other words, Marx has been proven wrong. The future does not belong to the proletariat but to Washington.

American Exceptionalism

The neoconservative ideology raises the United States to the unique status of being “the exceptional country,” and the American people acquire exalted status as “the indispensable people.”

If a country is “the exceptional country,” it means that all other countries are unexceptional. If a people are “indispensable,” it means other peoples are dispensable. We have seen this attitude at work in Washington’s 14 years of wars of aggression in the Middle East. These wars have left countries destroyed and millions of people dead, maimed and displaced. Yet Washington continues to speak of its commitment to protect smaller countries from the aggression of larger countries. The explanation for this hypocrisy is that Washington does not regard Washington’s aggression as aggression, but as history’s purpose.

We have also seen this attitude at work in Washington’s disdain for Russia’s national interests and in Washington’s propagandistic response to Russian diplomacy. The neoconservative doctrine of U.S. world supremacy is most clearly and concisely stated by Paul Wolfowitz, a leading neoconservative who has held many high positions: deputy assistant secretary of defense, director of policy planning at the U.S. Department of State, assistant secretary of state, ambassador to Indonesia, undersecretary of defense for policy, deputy secretary of defense and president of the World Bank.

In 1992, Wolfowitz stated the neoconservative doctrine of American world supremacy:
“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

For clarification, a “hostile power” is a country with an independent policy (Russia, China, Iran and formerly Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi, Assad). This bold statement struck the traditional American foreign policy establishment as a declaration of American imperialism. The document was rewritten in order to soften and disguise the blatant assertion of supremacy without changing the intent. These documents are available online, and you can examine them at your convenience.

Neocon Foreign Policy Dominance

Softening the language allowed the neoconservatives to rise to foreign policy dominance. The neoconservatives are responsible for the Clinton regime’s attacks on Yugoslavia and Serbia. Neoconservatives, especially Wolfowitz, are responsible for the George W. Bush regime’s invasion of Iraq. The neoconservatives are responsible for the overthrow and murder of Qaddafi in Libya, the assault on Syria, the propaganda against Iran, the drone attacks on Pakistan and Yemen, the color revolutions in former Soviet Republics, the attempted “Green Revolution” in Iran, the coup in Ukraine and the demonization of Putin.

A number of thoughtful Americans suspect that the neoconservatives are responsible for 9-11, as that event gave the neoconservatives the “new Pearl Harbor” that their position papers said was necessary in order to launch their wars for hegemony in the Middle East. 9-11 led directly and instantly to the invasion of Afghanistan, where Washington has been fighting since 2001. Neoconservatives controlled all the important government positions necessary for a “false-flag” attack.

Neoconservative Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who is married to another neoconservative, Robert Kagan, implemented and oversaw Washington’s coup in Ukraine and chose the new government. The neoconservatives are highly organized and networked, well-financed, supported by the print and TV media and backed by the U.S. military-security complex and the Israeli lobby. There is no countervailing power to their influence on U.S. foreign power.

The neoconservative doctrine goes beyond the Zbigniew Brzezinski doctrine, which dissented from detente and provocatively supported dissidents inside the Soviet empire. Despite its provocative character, the Brzezinski doctrine remained a doctrine of power politics and containment. It is not a doctrine of U.S. world hegemony.

While the neoconservatives were preoccupied for a decade with their wars in the Middle East, creating a U.S. Africa Command, organizing color revolutions, exiting disarmament treaties, surrounding Russia with military bases and “pivoting to Asia” to surround China with new air and naval bases, Putin led Russia back to economic and military competence and successfully asserted an independent Russian foreign policy.

When Russian diplomacy blocked Washington’s planned invasion of Syria and Washington’s planned bombing of Iran, the neoconservatives realized that they had failed the “first objective” of the Wolfowitz doctrine and had allowed “the reemergence of a new rival . . . on the territory of the former Soviet Union” with the power to block unilateral action by Washington.

Attack on Russia Begins

The attack on Russia began. Washington spent $5 billion over a decade creating non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Ukraine and cultivating Ukrainian politicians. The NGOs were called into the streets. Extreme nationalists were used to introduce violence, and the elected democratic government was overthrown. The intercepted conversation between Victoria Nuland and the U.S. ambassador in Kiev, in which the two Washington operatives chose the members of the new Ukrainian government, is well known.

If the information that has recently come tome from Armenia and Kyrgyzstan is correct, Washington has financed NGOs and is cultivating politicians in Armenia and the former Soviet Central Asian Republics. If the information is correct, Russia can expect more color revolutions or coups in other former territories of the Soviet Union. Perhaps China faces a similar threat in Uyghurstan. The conflict in Ukraine is often called a “civil war.” This is incorrect. A civil war is when two sides fight for the control of the government. The breakaway republics in eastern and southern Ukraine are fighting a war of secession.

Washington would have been happy to use its coup in Ukraine to evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base, as this would have been a strategic military achievement. However, Washington is pleased that the “Ukraine crisis” that Washington orchestrated has resulted in the demonization of Putin, thus permitting economic sanctions that have disrupted Russia’s economic and political relations with Europe. The sanctions have kept Europe in Washington’s orbit.

No Interest in Peace

Washington has no interest in resolving the Ukrainian situation. The situation can be resolved diplomatically only if Europe can achieve sufficient sovereignty over its foreign policy to act in Europe’s interest instead of Washington’s interest. The neoconservative doctrine of U.S. world hegemony is a threat to the sovereignty of every country. The doctrine requires subservience to Washington’s leadership and to Washington’s purposes. Independent governments are targeted for destabilization. The Obama regime overthrew the reformist government in Honduras and currently is at work destabilizing Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina, and most likely also Armenia and the former Central Asian Soviet Republics.

It would be a strategic error to dismiss the neoconservative ideology as unrealistic. The doctrine is unrealistic, but it is also the guiding force of U.S. foreign policy and can produce a world war.

In their conflict with Washington’s hegemony, Russia and China are disadvantaged. The success of American propaganda during the Cold War, the large differences between living standards in the U.S. and those in communist lands, overt communist political oppression, at times brutal, and the Soviet collapse created in the minds of many people nonexistent virtues for the United States. As English is the world language and the Western media is cooperative, Washington is able to control explanations regardless of the facts. The ability of Washington to be the aggressor and to blame the victim encourages Washington’s march to more aggression.

9-11 and the U.S. Police State

Just as 9-11 served to launch Washington’s wars for hegemony in the Middle East, 9-11 served to create the American police state. The Constitution and the civil liberties it protects quickly fell to the accumulation of power in the executive branch that a state of war permitted. New laws, some clearly pre-prepared such as the Patriot Act, executive orders, presidential directives and Department of Justice memos created an executive authority unaccountable to the Constitution and to domestic and international law. Suddenly Americans could be detained indefinitely without cause presented to a court. Habeas corpus, a constitutional protection which prohibits any such detention, has been set aside.

Suddenly people could be tortured into confessions in violation of the right against self-incrimination and in violation of domestic and international laws against torture. Suddenly Americans’ and Washington’s closest allies could be spied on indiscriminately without the need of warrants demonstrating cause. The Obama regime added to the Bush regime’s transgressions the assertion of the right of the executive branch to assassinate U.S. citizens without due process of law. The police state was organized under a massive new Department of Homeland Security. Almost immediately whistleblower protections, freedom of the press and speech and protest rights were attacked and reduced.

It was not long before Homeland Security declared that the department’s focus has shifted from Muslim terrorists to “domestic extremists,” an undefined category. Anyone can be swept into this category. Homes of war protesters were raided and grand juries were convened to investigate the protesters. Americans of Arab descent who donated to charities—even charities on the State Department’s approved list—that aided Palestinian children were arrested and sentenced to prison for “providing material support to terrorism.”

All of this and more, including police brutality, has had a chilling effect on protests against the wars and the loss of civil liberty. The rising protests from the American population and from soldiers themselves that eventually forced Washington to end the Vietnam War have been prevented in the 21st century by the erosion of rights, intimidation, loss of mobility (no-fly list), job dismissal and other heavy-handed actions inconsistent with a government accountable to law and to the people.

In an important sense, the U.S. has emerged from the “war on terror” as an executive branch dictatorship unconstrained by the media and barely, if at all, constrained by Congress and the federal courts. The lawlessness of the executive branch has spread into governments of Washington’s vassal states and into the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank, all of which violate their charters and operate outside their legal powers.

Jobs offshoring destroyed the American industrial and manufacturing unions. Their demise and the current attack on the public employee unions has left the Democratic Party financially dependent on the same organized private interest groups as the Republicans. Both parties now report to the same interest groups. Wall Street, the military-security complex, the Israeli lobby, agribusiness and the extractive industries (oil, mining, timber) control the government regardless of the party in power. These powerful interests all have a stake in American hegemony. The message is that the constellation of forces precludes internal political change.

America’s Achilles Heel

Hegemony’s Achilles heel is the U.S. economy. The fairy tale of American economic recovery supports America’s image as the safe haven, an image that keeps the dollar’s value up, the stock market up and interest rates down. However, there is no economic information that supports this fairy tale. Real median household income has not grown for years and is below the levels of the early 1970s. There has been no growth in real retail sales for six years. The labor force is shrinking. The labor force participation rate has declined since 2007, as has the civilian-employment-to-population ratio. The 5.7% reported unemployment rate is achieved by not counting discouraged workers as part of the work force. A discouraged worker is a person who can’t find a job and gives up looking.

A second official unemployment rate, which counts short-term (less than one year) discouraged workers and is seldom reported, stands at 11.2%. The U.S. government stopped including long-term discouraged workers (discouraged for more than one year) in 1994. If the long-term discouraged are counted, the current unemployment rate in the U.S. stands at 23.2%.

The offshoring of American manufacturing and professional service jobs such as software engineering and information technology has devastated the middle class. The middle class has not found jobs with incomes comparable to those moved abroad. The labor cost savings from offshoring the jobs to Asia has boosted corporate profits, the performance bonuses of executives and capital gains of shareholders. Thus all income and wealth gains are concentrated in a few hands at the top of the income distribution. The number of billionaires grows as destitution reaches from the lower economic class into the middle class. American university graduates unable to find jobs return to their childhood rooms in their parents’ homes and work as waitresses and bartenders in part-time jobs that will not support them.

None of the problems that created the 2008 recession, and that were created by the 2008 recession, have been addressed. Instead, policymakers have used an expansion of debt and money to paper over the problems. Money and debt have grown much more than U.S. GDP, which raises questions about the value of the U.S. dollar and the credit worthiness of the U.S. government. This raises the question: Why was the credit rating of Russia, a country with an extremely low ratio of debt-to-GDP, downgraded and not that of the U.S.? The answer is that the downgrading of Russian credit worthiness was a political act directed against Russia on behalf of U.S. hegemony.

How Long Can This House of Cards Stand?

How long can fairy tales and political acts keep the U.S. house of cards standing? A rigged stock market. A rigged interest rate. A rigged dollar exchange value, a rigged and suppressed gold price. The current Western financial system rests on world support for the U.S. dollar and nothing more. The problem with neoliberal economics, which pervades all countries, even Russia and China, is that neoliberal economics is a tool of American economic imperialism, as is globalism. As long as countries targeted by Washington for destabilization support and cling to the American doctrines that enable the destabilization, the targets are defenseless.

If Russia, China and the BRICS bank were willing to finance Greece, Italy and Spain, perhaps those countries could be separated from the EU and NATO. The unraveling of Washington’s empire would begin. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury under President Ronald Reagan and was associate editor and columnist at The Wall Street Journal. He has been a professor of economics in six universities, and is the author of numerous books and scholarly contributions. He has testified before Congress on 30 occasions.

Global Shift in the Balance of Power Is Moving from West to East

A major recent event last week largely went unnoticed by both MSM and independent news sources alike. The British are apparently jumping ship away from the US dollar/petrodollar in an overt effort to align itself more closely with the BRICS alliance as it seeks a new standard international currency. For several years Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa (BRICS) have been preparing the world for its transition from USD standard international currency to its own alternative-in-the-making. America’s so called mother country England has seen the writing on the wall and knows the global balance of power is rapidly tilting in favor of where the sun always rises in the emerging East. 

The European central banking cabal from the City of London, a separate and private political and financial entity apart from the rest of both London and England, sent British royalty Prince William to China to quietly sign a deal to become a founding member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). This surprising new development is a clear indication that the royal Bank of England is placing its financial bet and future on China and the East as its rock solid anchor. Much of the world has been looking to move away from and abandon the longtime global financial stronghold of the US Federal Reserve, its World Bank and US dollar standard. A US official feebly chastised UK in the Financial Times:

We are wary about a trend toward constant accommodation of China, which is not the best way to engage a rising power. More consternation arose when Germany, France and Italy have additionally made overtures in the same direction. This worldwide trend spells utter defeat for Obama and his disastrous foreign policy. After Washington’s been exerting strong-armed pressure on Australia as its key allied partner supporting its failing Asian pivot designed to check China’s growing regional and global dominance in the Pacific Asian market, Australia is now also looking to follow suit accepting and embracing China’s lead. According to international investor and entrepreneur Simon Black, the US is experiencing major economic blowback after two plus decades of aggression as the only global superpower:

… After years of endless wars, spying, debt, money printing, bailouts, and insane regulations, the rest of the world has had enough. And they’re looking for an alternative. Enter the China led BRICS alliance and its New Development Bank and now China’s other investment bank entry AIIB. Simon takes liberty in his interpretation of Britain and Europe’s bold rebellion after decades relegated to being a mere puppet of the US Empire:

Look, you have $18.1 trillion in official debt, you have $42 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and you’re kind of a dick. I’m dumping you. Perhaps some Americans may feel a bit betrayed and unsettled by our longtime strongest global allies one by one seemingly abandoning the US dollar and American Empire in its reckoning time of need. If these geopolitical and economic trends are examined beyond their face value though, the changes occurring now may reflect much more significant, deeper changes than a mere alteration of standard international currency (as impactful as that will likely be for the US). These deep rooted fundamental changes have everything to do with the major global shift now taking place where the West’s ruling power elite itself is losing to the emerging global power rising in the East.

The latest act of bold economic defiance breaking rank with US Empire interests mirrors last month’s bucking trend that Europe exercised when putting the skids on the US campaign for sending heavy armaments to Ukraine and pushing for war against Russia. The fact is Europe and especially Germany depend on natural gas from Russia and the US imposed sanctions on Russia hurt Europe even more than Russia. That along with wanting to avoid war in their own backyard has nations like Germany and France softening their hardline, US pushed anti-Russian posturing.

Several weeks ago German and French leaders attended meetings in Mink, Belarus to negotiate a peaceful way out of the escalating violence in Eastern Ukraine between the government forces in Kiev and the ethnic Russian separatists seeking autonomy in the Donetsk and Lugansk region. In the same way Netanyahu attempted to fan the war flames against Iran, the same day Germany and France were gathering in Minsk to meet with Putin and Ukraine leaders, Secretary of State Kerry showed up in Kiev mouthing the same worn out lie of “Russian aggression” in a transparent feeble attempt to sabotage the Minsk talks. Again, the tie-in is the Israeli-US crime cabal constantly at work every chance they get peddling and promoting more global violence, death and war.

For over a year now Washington’s war drums have been beating louder for NATO to join forces with Ukraine, pressuring Europe to submit as it always has in going along with its permanent war agenda, all the while falsely demonizing Russia’s President Putin with outrageous propaganda lies and nonstop false flags not unlike the WMD lies against Hussein in 2002-3 Iraq. But in a rare gesture of independence, unwilling to start a war so close to home against nuclear powered Russia that Europe relies heavily as a critical source for its natural gas consumption, the powers of Europe are seeking a non-violent resolution to its regional conflict that carries the devastating potential of triggering World War III.

Meanwhile, NATO Supreme Commander US Air Force General Philip Breedlove fashions himself to be a Dr. Strangelove incarnate, making repeated bogus claims and lies of Russian army presence inside Eastern Ukraine in a vain yet persistent attempt to foment war. Having such a deluded and deceitful warmonger in charge of the NATO nuclear arsenal poses a calamitous threat to the entire world. Yet his commander-in-chief Obama has chosen not to relieve him of command. Instead German leaders have openly criticized Breedlove and the European Union wants to replace NATO with its own continental army. This very public geopolitical conflict over such widely differing Western approaches toward Ukraine seriously undermine American Empire’s global influence and power, again underscoring simultaneous developments around the world that indicate consistent across the boards US foreign policy failures and from the broader context, a rapid US decline as the sole global hegemonic superpower. Putin advisor Sergei Glazyev nailed it when he said:

The war has been provoked to destroy the Russian World, to draw Europe into it, and to surround Russia with hostile countries. Unleashing this world war, America is trying to deal with its own internal problems.

Current economic turmoil reverberating in Japan is in large part due to the notorious corruption of the Abe government that may soon have additional problems to contend with once accusations over a fraudulent past elections get fully exposed. Abe has been a subservient tool used by the same international crime syndicate controlled by subversive Israeli-American forces. As such, Japan will also be moving away from the USD/West geopolitics and very likely pivoting toward China and a Pacific alliance that excludes the US Empire finding itself increasingly isolated on the outs.

Though incumbent Prime Minister Netanyahu is the apparent winner in today’s Israeli election, the despot had to claw and fight for his political life to survive another day. Recent revelations that he’s been a Russian spy surfaced right after his disgraceful debacle in front of the Israeli captured US congressional audience on Capitol Hill two weeks ago and then came the despicable treasonous display of 47 Republican senators threatening letter to Iran. Bibi’s days of hate, war and paranoia are numbered as the ugly truth about his evildoing will continue to unfold that will soon bring him down. Showing his true evil colors right to the end, the day before the election Netanyahu once again reminded the world that an autonomous Palestinian state will never come to pass while on his watch.

Within the last couple weeks other mysterious events suggesting some cataclysmic, behind-the-scenes development included the apparent disappearance of Vladimir Putin for 11 consecutive days, fueling speculation from an internal political coup to possible sickness and/or death to witnessing the birth of his child at the bedside of his girlfriend in Switzerland. Because so many monumental breaking stories and developments seem to abound every week, Putin’s normally high profile lifestyle would naturally generate even higher profile speculation over his abrupt, extended disappearance. Of course it begs the question asking if it’s merely coincidental with these other earth-shaking events or very much related.

For years the CIA and US Empire have been hard at work in nations from Eastern Europe through the Caucasus to Central Asia all the way to China courting the favor of corrupt dictators and supporting coups promoting anti-Russo-Sino US puppet governments along the entire corridor bordering Russia and China. Despite such Obama’s plan after the 2008 Russian-Georgia conflict was to a reset relations with Russia. But with last year’s US-induced Ukrainian coup and Russia’s annexation by consensual vote of Crimea that “reset” plan went out the window. In 2011 Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed the economic alliance of the Eurasian Union. Meanwhile, recognizing the strategic importance of the land bridge between Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Putin has made inroads strengthening ties with the three South Caucasus nations. Putin enticed Armenia to also join the Eurasian Union and has mediated hostilities between Armenia and oil rich Azerbaijan while seeking to repair and realign with Georgia that previously leaned toward the West. US Empire has largely failed to gain a foothold in this part of the world.

Other key geopolitical developments that have been ongoing for some time center in such remote places as western China’s mineral and oil-rich Xinjiang Province. With the powerful US Navy patrolling and to a great extent controlling Pacific waters in conjunction with Obama’s flop of an Asian Pacific pivot, the geopolitics chessboard strategy to hem the two adversarial giants in with hostile neighbors has generally backfired. Furthermore, the US was not prepared for Russia and China to suddenly renew an ultra-close economic, political and military bond that would effectively counter US Empire’s hegemonic aggression. They promptly signed a $400 billion oil-gas pipeline deal that will span a landlocked pathway, thereby foiling the US plan to seal off the China’s energy access via the Pacific. Hence, Moslem populated Xinjiang Province that is the proposed pipeline passage route has become a highly contentious target where the West and CIA in particular have been funding and supporting a separatist movement and acts of terrorism as a disruptive interdiction tactic. Overall this covert strategy has failed.

The Western cabal controlled crime syndicate led by the likes of kingpin Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu financed and supported by the likes of multibillionaire Sheldon Adelson and the Saudi royal family along with congressional henchman and ISIS friend Senator John McCain and the rest of his treasonous Republicans, the rogue US intelligence agency the CIA and NATO’s General Breedlove are all bent on plunging the US Empire-NATO forces into World War III on multiple warfronts at every global hotspot – Ukraine, Syria, Iran, the Caucasus all the way eastward to China’s Xinjiang Province and northward to the oil-rich Arctic against the forces of the two most powerful nations of the East – Russia and China. As a desperate last ditch attempt to retain its many centuries of Rothschild-Rockefeller power and dominance, these evil-minded, megalomaniacal psychopaths know that their hitherto unchallenged global control and strength that have bankrupted and nearly destroyed the planet is fast slipping away. So they seem all the more erratically resolute in seeking revenge by taking the entire earth down with them.

The truth about the horror and destruction these Western oligarchs have conspired and caused worldwide for centuries cannot even be fathomed. They have ensured a permanent state of war (in the US alone 93% of its 239 years) right up to the present Bush crime family-neocon fabrication of the “war on terror,” then under Obama this last year alone wrongly plunging America into another dangerous cold war with Putin’s Russia, and dozens of tragic false flag events like 9/11 designed to demonize Moslems into becoming the instantaneous post-Communist designated enemy of the twenty-first century with the US-Saudi-Israeli creation of al Qaeda/ISIS. These dark malevolent forces of evil that have propagated so much misery and suffering on humanity for so long are finally at last being exposed like never before.

The Western oligarch agenda to inflict a globalized system of absolute totalitarian fascist police state NWO control on every nation and people on earth trapped in hopeless debtor bondage may just be running into a brick Eastern wall as clear losers in the ongoing economic/currency war. Despite the constant jabbing of Putin and his Russian bear in vain attempts to manipulate him to react with military force in eastern Ukraine and despite the failed overt assault in the form of US Empire’s Asian pivot designed to close in and isolate China from the rest of Pacific Asia, ironically it’s the United States that finds itself increasingly alone as the longtime global village bully that’s finally met its match about to get its comeuppance. The smarter, economically stronger forces emerging from the East are winning the power war potentially without even firing a single shot against Western oppressors. Hopefully peace will prevail and the international crime syndicate that has long controlled the West will be deposed of as the murderous traitors to both peace and humankind.

As a necessary qualifier, actual real life tends toward shades of gray far more than black and white. Undoubtedly elements of corruption and evil lurk behind all the most powerful nations in both the West and the East. But the forces of China and Russia appear to be seeking a far more rational, humane and even peaceful resolution to the West-instigated West vs. East geopolitical military showdown sinisterly orchestrated by the international crime cabal’s global agenda of polarization, militarization, privatization and unsustainable, insurmountable debt-driven feudalism based on pure theft, deception, exploitation, impoverishment and pervasive planetary destruction.

Seeking to avoid the inevitable bloodbath that would result from world war and possible nuclear annihilation of all life forms on earth, the East appears to be seeking to avert such global disaster by ensuring that this ongoing war is won by successfully transitioning to an international currency backed once again by the gold standard. The Western central banking cabal consisting of the Bank of England and other European central banks, America’s Federal Reserve Board, its World Bank and International Monetary Fund along with the Israeli-US government crime cabal all stand to ultimately be stripped of their absolute power that have the entire world drowning in debt, crushing destabilization and impoverished despair. But now a light at the end of the tunnel at least is shining a little brighter.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/.


'Liberal' Putin could be toppled 'like the tsar', warns Russian ultra-nationalist

Russian ultra-nationalist Igor Strelkov has said President Vladimir Putin could be toppled "like the last tsar" if he does not fully support pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine. According to the Sunday Times, the former commander of the pro-Russia rebels in the disputed region speculated about Putin's removal from power when he addressed supporters last week. Although Putin is seen as a hardliner in the West, Strelkov believes the Russian premier is too liberal, and has failed to act decisively enough in the region due to his decision not to annex Donetsk and Luhansk.

"Ukraine was, is and remains a part of Russia," he said according to the newspaper. He warned that Putin could "end up like [former Serbian leader Slobodan] Milošević who was toppled by both patriots and liberals over his policy of being neither with one group nor the other."

This sentiment was also expressed in a controversial interview with German paper Der Speigel published 18 March, in which Strelkov spoke of his longing for the re-emergence of a Russian empire led by a totalitarian leader. Speaking with a portrait of Tsar Nicholas II – who was murdered with his family by the Bolsheviks – propped on his desk, Strelkov speculated that the "Russian world" should include Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, and possibly Central Asia.

"The real separatists," he told the newspaper, "are the ones in Kiev, because they want to split Ukraine off from Moscow."

Strelkov, whose real name is Igor Vsevolodovich Girkin, first came to prominence in April 2014, when he led a group of pro-Moscow separatists into the east Ukrainian city of Sloviansk, sparking the large-scale uprising against the government in Kiev. It later emerged that he had served with the FSB, the Russian intelligence agency that replaced the KGB, for 18 years. When he retired in 2013, he was part of the Directorate for Combating International Terrorism. Strelkov is also a veteran of both the Soviet and Russian armies, and was charged with terrorism offences by the Ukrainian authorities during the current conflict.

In November last year, Strelkov said he took responsibility for triggering war in eastern Ukraine. He has also established the Novorossiya movement, which supports rebels in the Crimea. The group's name, meaning "New Russia", is a historical term for southern and eastern Ukraine used by the Russian Empire. The European Union added the group to its sanctions list in February this year.

Russian military drills range from Arctic to Armenia

The Russian Defence Ministry said Tuesday that large-scale military exercises have been extended until Saturday and that troops in places as far-flung as Armenia and the Arctic were participating. The ministry said in a statement that parts of the Baltic Fleet and air force formations in western Russia joined the exercise, which began Monday in the Arctic region. On Tuesday, practically all vessels of Russia‘s Northern Fleet left the Arctic harbour of Severomorsk to train for an enemy airstrike, the Interfax news agency quoted a defence ministry spokesman as saying. In Armenia, some 300 Russian soldiers took part in a survival exercise in mountainous territory, Interfax reported. Russia has a permanent military base in the South Caucasus country. The Defence Ministry said that the drills were part of its battle preparedness plan for this year. Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov said that Russia voluntarily informed the Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSCE) about the drills. He said that the number of participating servicemen was below the ceiling of 8,700 agreed with the European security watchdog in 2011. However, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said Monday that up to 38,000 military personnel were affected by the drills. The exercises come at a time of tensions between Russia and the West over the conflict in Ukraine. NATO is holding maneuvers in the Black Sea and increasing its military presence in the Baltic States.

U.S. expert: Washington sent Nuland to Armenia to organize coup there

While Washington works assiduously to undermine the Minsk agreement that German chancellor Merkel and French president Hollande achieved in order to halt the military conflict in Ukraine, Washington has sent Victoria Nuland to Armenia to organize a “color revolution” or coup there, has sent Richard Miles as ambassador to Kyrgyzstan to do the same there, and has sent Pamela Spratlen as ambassador to Uzbekistan to purchase that government’s allegiance away from Russia. The result would be to break up the Collective Security Treaty Organization and present Russia and China with destabilization where they can least afford it, Paul Craig Roberts says in a piece titled “Russia Under Attack” published on his website.

Thus, Russia faces the renewal of conflict in Ukraine simultaneously with three more Ukraine-type situations along its Asian border. And this is only the beginning of the pressure that Washington is mounting on Russia, he says.

On March 18 the Secretary General of NATO denounced the peace settlement between Russia and Georgia that ended Georgia’s military assault on South Ossetia. The NATO Secretary General said that NATO rejects the settlement because it “hampers ongoing efforts by the international community to strengthen security and stability in the region.” Look closely at this statement. It defines the “international community” as Washington’s NATO puppet states, and it defines strengthening security and stability as removing buffers between Russia and Georgia so that Washington can position military bases in Georgia directly on Russia’s border, Roberts says.

In Poland and the Baltic states, he adds, Washington and NATO lies about a pending Russian invasion are being used to justify provocative war games on Russia’s borders and to build up US forces in NATO military bases on Russia’s borders.

“We have crazed U.S. generals on national television calling for “killing Russians.” The EU leadership has agreed to launch a propaganda war against Russia, broadcasting Washington’s lies inside Russia in an effort to undermine the Russian people’s support of their government. All of this is being done in order to coerce Russia into handing over Crimea and its Black Sea naval base to Washington and accepting vassalage under Washington’s suzerainty,” Roberts says.

If Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad, and the Taliban would not fold to Washington’s threats, why do the fools in Washington think Putin, who holds in his hands the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, will fold? European governments, apparently, are incapable of any thought. Washington has set London and the capitals of every European country, as well as every American city, for destruction by Russian nuclear weapons. The stupid Europeans rush to destroy themselves in service to their Washington master, Roberts claims.

Human intelligence, according to him, has gone missing if after 14 years of US military aggression against eight countries the world does not understand that Washington is lost in arrogance and hubris and imagines itself the ruler of the universe who will tolerate no dissent from its will.

We know that the American, British, and European media are whores well paid to lie for their master. We know that the NATO commander and secretary general, if not the member countries, are lusting for war. We know that the American Dr. Strangeloves in the Pentagon and armaments industry cannot wait to test their ABMs and new weapons systems in which they always place excessive confidence. We know that the prime minister of Britain is a total cipher. But are the chancellor of Germany and the president of France ready for the destruction of their countries and of Europe? If the EU is of such value, why is the very existence of its populations put at risk in order to bow down and accept leadership from an insane Washington whose megalomania will destroy life on earth?” Roberts concludes.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

Victoria Nuland’s “Secret” Coup d’etat in Georgia

Former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili has been saying for six months that he will be back in six months! No elections are due to be held and he can’t run for president again. Now, unfortunately, we might know what he meant. On February 17 Victoria Nuland, a US Assistant Secretary of State, visited Tbilisi. She is best known for being an outspoken supporter of the coup d’etat in Kiev a year ago, which led to the violent overthrow of then-president Viktor Yanukovich and the ongoing fighting over this now nearly failed state. She appeared in Tbilisi at the same time Saakashvili officially became an “advisor” to Ukraine’s new incumbent, Petro Poroshenko.

Nuland’s notoriety as a field-tested battleaxe precedes her. Both she and her husband, Robert Kagan, are products of the Bush-Cheney neo-con regime and are closely linked with its “1984” mindset of conducting continuous war, which was the basis of the defence strategy outlined by the Cheney Defense Department in the waning days of the Bush Administration, the now-notorious “Project for a New American Century”.

Nuland and Kagan both subscribe to the old doctrine of “manifest destiny” which this document was based on. According to this, America must remain the undisputed leader of the world, because that is the reason for America’s existence. As a diplomat she has been employed to serve America’s interests, but, like many official US representatives, she has taken the view that the US interest is the only one, there is no such thing as a general or even broader interest, as her famous “Fuck the EU” remark last year testifies.

In late February Germany’s Der Spiegel described her as “America’s Riot Diplomat”— a sobriquet which can mean both that Nuland acts disruptively, and that she creates actual riots (as on the Maidan in Ukraine). Its “Politics” column stated that Nuland poses a threat to America’s allies (including Georgia and Azerbaijan, the countries she has just visited), and that while her current remit is to solve the crisis of Ukraine and its relations with Russia, “In the crisis, Nuland herself has become the problem.”

So why was such a person visiting Georgia and Azerbaijan at the same time former US favourite Saakashvili was taking up a new appointment in Ukraine to prevent him being extradited to face criminal charges in Georgia? As always, there is no coincidence about these things occurring at the same time.

Too many connections

Victoria Nuland is well aware of both Georgian and Ukrainian history, and knows the players or “patsies” now engaged in them. Indeed, she was in Kiev during the Orange Revolution when she was US Ambassador to NATO, banging the drum for regime change. Georgia had already had a similar US-inspired regime change, led by Saakashvili. Now another violent regime change has occurred, but has not gone to plan, Saakashvili is being brought in to advise these new “patsies”.

Nuland’s position on Ukraine is clear. Der Spiegel described a closed-door meeting she held at the Munich Security Conference a week before, involving “perhaps two dozen U.S. diplomats and Senators.” She told them to “fight against the Europeans” on the issue of arming Ukraine to fight Russia, referred to the meeting between the leaders of Germany, France and Russia as“Merkel’s Moscow junk,” and “Moscow bullshit,” and welcomed a Senator calling German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen the “Defeatism Minister.”

Nuland doesn’t want an agreement between the warring parties in Ukraine, or to prevent further loss of life. The more Ukraine is in crisis, the more the US, or rather she as its representative, can do what it likes in the name of “regulating” that crisis. That, apparently, includes rehabilitating Saakashvili by making him an “adviser”, and therefore a statesman, rather than the wanted criminal he is in the country he was president of.

It is hardly surprising therefore that this open support for a man forced out of Georgia for his many crimes aroused considerable disquiet in Tbilisi during her visit. When pressed about the alleged crimes of the former president she would only answer that Ukraine was in need of expertise and was seeking advice from those who have a proven track record in such situations. It was exactly that track record which got him kicked out of Tbilisi, so such a statement cannot be considered friendly.

The U.S. Department of State claimed her visit was dedicated to discussing “cooperation and regional issues” and “Georgia’s path toward European integration and Georgia’s efforts to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty.” In English, this means ensuring that Georgia cooperates with the US on Ukraine by threatening it with being barred from entering the EU and losing Abkhazia and South Ossetia forever if it doesn’t. Open support for Saakashvili is all part of the same threat.

Devil in the detail

After visiting Tbilisi Nuland travelled to Baku, to “strengthen bilateral relations in trade and investment, energy diversification, security and counter-terrorism and democracy and civil society, and advancing a just and lasting settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.” Note the similarity of language. The US will help Azerbaijan, and ignore its own misdemeanours, if it supports it over Ukraine. If not, it will sign Karabakh over to Armenia, without consulting Azerbaijan.

It was reported that Nuland held meetings with the NGOs allowed to operate in both countries. The vast majority of these are funded by the Soros Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy, NED, which have long been CIA fronts for toppling regimes which fail to toe-the American-foreign-policy-line. See where they operate, and where the funds go, and an undeniable picture emerges.

While this was going on Saakashvili was holding meetings with his supporters via a big screen link at his Presidential Library in Tbilisi, the only such institution in Georgia. A number of youth orientated NGOs regularly attend these meetings, including the Innovations and Development Foundation, The Movement for Independence and European Integration, Free Zone and the newly created Azat Zone (a Georgian-Azerbaijani venture) and the League of Young Diplomats,. These are all standard bearers for keystone Saakashvili policies.

Unfortunately, there are a number of governments around the world who would wish to benefit from Saakashvili’s experience of running criminal networks which robbed, terrorised, tortured and murdered Georgians for so long. However Saakashvili and several prominent members of his regime are being protected by the latest US project, and walking into jobs in its government, despite not being Ukrainian or elected.

It is also interesting that the US is saying that the present Georgian government is deviating from the country’s Pro-Western course by trying to prosecute the Saakashvili gang. This is exactly what the protestors in Ukraine were alleged to be complaining about, when they were doing nothing of the sort. The implication is that Saakashvili, rather than the new government, represents the aspirations of the people. So what, are we left to imply, should be done by a caring global policeman?

Too many rumours

All the ducks are in a row for another attempt at “pro-Western” regime change by “popular uprising”, like the failed Orange Revolution and the faltering Chocolate War. All Saakashvili’s many attempts to hold demonstrations in his favour since he left office have shown the Georgian people do not want him. But if the present Georgian government will not do what America wants in Ukraine, that is what it is going to get.

Indeed, there have been persistent rumours in Georgia over the last few weeks that some regime change may be in the works. These have been openly reported in the Georgian media, as if trying to prepare the public for what others say is good for them. Another of the usual telltale signs, the sudden increase in the number of overseas military advisors entering the country, has been observed by sources at the Tbilisi airport.

The former Georgian government people now in Ukraine have strong connections with the National Endowment for Democracy and Soros Foundation-funded NGOs. These are the people Nuland met and briefed in Georgia and Azerbaijan. She could have met other people, like the electors or independent media, but she was interested in these individuals and their network. As the State Department unwittingly acknowledged, she wasn’t there to hear but to tell.

Jeffrey Silverman, Veterans Today Bureau Chief in Tbilisi, recently said the following in an interview in a Georgian language newspaper, Georgian and the World: “A representative of a foreign intelligence service, who also represents a NATO country, at least I suspect so, suggested that Vakhtang Maisaia, one of Saakashvili’s former political prisoners and a high profile human rights defender, should disappear for a while, as he had information that he was on some sort of hit list, and was among those to be killed as part of a plot to overthrow the current government.

“Based on ‘strong rumors’ going around which, based on previous experience, are very credible, some diehard members of the former ruling United National Movement and high ranking members of the current government have been plotting together to stage a coup d’etat. There will be some “nice ceremonies and private parties” for a selection of participants, and as my contact sees it, Vakhtang Maisaia will be one of the guests to be terminated.“My source added, ‘I am sorry for being so enigmatic, but this is something scalding and it’s easy to get burnt with it. I wish you the best of luck and I kindly ask you not to mention the topic via email anymore. If you find documents but need clarifications, download software called Jitsi from a clean computer and let’s have a chat through it.

“The world has gone nuts, there is an investigation going on within Georgia. I am sure you know what I am talking about, but plz do not add anything via email – it is encrypted, but not bulletproof. If you find the right door to knock on in Tbilisi, I think you will get all the evidence you need. Whether that information can be published or not depends on the politicians in power and how fearless is the Georgian press,” he concluded.This is what the Guardian democracy does when its friends elect their own government. Time will tell whether that government caves in, or whether a popular uprising by 20 Georgians and 50 diplomats installs one which will.

Azerbaijan Should Be Very Afraid of Victoria Nuland

The US’ Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, visited Baku on 16 February as part of her trip to the Caucasus, which also saw her paying stops in Georgia and Armenia. While Azerbaijan has had positive relations with the US since independence, they’ve lately been complicated by Washington’s ‘pro-democracy’ rhetoric and subversive actions in the country. Nuland’s visit, despite her warm words of friendship, must be look at with maximum suspicion, since it’s not known what larger ulterior motives she represents on behalf of the US government.
A Bad Omen
Nuland is most infamously known for her “F**k the EU!” comment that was uncovered during a secretly recorded conversation with the American Ambassador in Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt. The two were conspiring to build a new Ukrainian government even before democratically elected (but unpopular and corrupt) president Viktor Yanukovich was overthrown by the US-supported EuroMaidan coup. Nuland played a direct role in events, not only behind the scenes, but also on the streets, since she proudly handed out cookies and other foodstuffs to the ‘protesters’ that would violently seize power just over two months later. Her role in the Ukrainian events forever marks her as an agent for US-supported regime change in the former Soviet sphere, and her visit anywhere in that space should be seen as the bad omen that it is.

Like Husband, Like Wife

Normally an individual’s personal life doesn’t have any bearing on their professional one, but in the case of Nuland, it’s the opposite because her husband is the leading neo-conservative thinker Robert Kagan. He and his ilk are known for their expertise in exploiting foreign geography to maximize US power, regardless of the regional cost. Also, he previously referred to Azerbaijan in 2006 as a “dictatorship” and said the US will “pay the price” for dealing with it when responding to a user-submitted Q&A session with the Financial Times:

“During the Cold War, both Europeans and Americans had to compromise with dictators around the world in order to weaken the Soviet Union and communism. What would be, in your view Mr Kagan, the new sort of compromises that the US government is willing to make to defeat terrorism? 
Corneliu, Bucharest
Robert Kagan: Clearly we are making such kinds of compromises all over the place in the war on terrorism, although I must say I doubt they are proving very useful. We are turning a mostly blind eye to the Mubarak dictatorship in Egypt, despite much rhetoric to the contrary, as well in Saudi Arabia. We have been forgiving of the dictatorships in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Nor have we been very critical of the Putin dictatorship in Russia, no matter how many people he assassinates. This is all largely in the service of the war on terror. During the Cold War I actually believed that we wrong to support so many dictators, for it often did not help but hurt in the struggle against communism, in addition to being a violation of the principles we were struggling to defend. I am equally unpersuaded today that our support for these dictatorships will help us fight terrorism, and once again we pay the price of moral and ideological inconsistency.”

Given the ideological context in which Nuland likely sees eye-to-eye on with her husband, plus her experience in instigating the Color Revolution in Ukraine, it is not likely that she came to Baku with positive intentions, or even with a positive image of the country in her mind. This is all the more so due to the recent scandal over Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
Foreign Agent, Domestic Punishment

The US-government-sponsored information agency was closed down at the end of December under accusations that it was operating as a foreign agent. While the US has harshly chided the Azeri government for this, at the end of the day, it remains the country’s sovereign decision and right to handle suspected foreign agents as it sees fit. Azerbaijan’s law is similar to Russia’s, in that entities receiving foreign funds must register as foreign agents, and interestingly enough, both of these laws parallel the US’ own 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).
So why does the US feel that it reserves the sole right to register foreign agents and entities, and if need be, identify and punish those that are acting in the country illegally, but Azerbaijan is deprived of this exercise of sovereignty? The reason is rather simple, actually – it’s the US that is the most likely to use these foreign agents to destabilize and potentially overthrow governments (as in Ukraine most recently), whereas Azeri agents in America, should they even exist, are nothing more than an administrative nuisance incapable of inflicting any real harm on the authorities. This double standard is at the core of the US’ relations with all countries in the world, not just Azerbaijan, but it’s a telling example of the power and leverage Washington attempts to hold over Baku, which is seen most visibly by the blistering criticism leveled on the government after Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s closing in compliance with the law.

Duplicitous Games

Even more concerning for Azerbaijan isn’t the seditious game that the US and Nuland might be playing within the country, but the geopolitical one that they might be playing next door with Armenia. Although Washington says that it values Baku as a strategic and pragmatic partner, one needs to wonder to extent a prosperous, neutral Azerbaijan is more important to the US than a destabilized one that could be used as a weapon against Russia. To put everything into context, take a look at the threat that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued towards Russia and the Eurasian Union back in December 2012:

“There is a move to re-Sovietise the region, It’s not going to be called that. It’s going to be called a customs union, it will be called Eurasian Union and all of that, but let’s make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it.”

One year later, Ukraine, which could have been of immense value to the US and its geostrategy as a neutral, stable state, was in the middle of the US-supported EuroMaidan Color Revolution, showing that Washington will go to great and dramatic lengths to sacrifice its pragmatic interests for the sake of destabilizing Russia. So the question is, could the US also do the same in the Caucasus in order to simultaneously destabilize Russia from the southern flank while it’s distracted in dealing with Ukraine?

In Armenia Against Azerbaijan, The US Always Wins
Armenia is arguably the weakest member of the Eurasian Union, and is thus the most prime for any external destabilization attempt. As the world has seen, the US will even go as far as instigating a war on Russia’s borders (the Ukrainian Civil War) just to hamper its regional integration efforts in the west. Could it also try to instigate a new war in Nagorno-Karabakh, too, in order to facilitate this goal in the south? Azerbaijan doesn’t know what matters Nuland discussed with Armenia behind closed doors, nor what convincing promises or irresistible threats she may have given Yerevan. The authorities can no longer be assured that Azerbaijan’s enormous energy reserves guarantee it a safe place in the US’ regional vision, especially considering the caustic language the US has used since the closing of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. If America is successful in instigating a continuation war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, neither of the two states would emerge as the strategic victor, since it’s the US that would ultimately triumph because it would have succeeded in destabilizing Russia at the entire Caucasus’ expense.

Walking A Tightrope

Given the fact that Azerbaijan can no longer trust the US to not conspire against its internal or external affairs, it is necessary for the country to tweak its foreign policy in order to best safeguard its interests. This means that although Baku cannot outright reject Washington or forget the two-decades-long history of fruitful cooperation with it (nor should it), it must pragmatically reorient its policies to adapt to multipolarity. By this, it is meant that Azerbaijan should look to diversify its partners and foreign policy dealings, namely, in the direction of Russia and Iran, the two neighborly countries that would support its leadership against any US-inspired plot against it. Although there are certainly challenges existing in bilateral relations with Iran, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be overcome in the interests of preserving Azerbaijan’s prosperity and protecting the country’s overall population from any unwanted trans-Atlantic tinkering that could endanger it.

Despite the fact that the US is most definitely interested in seeing Azeri energy power the EU, it is not yet known whether this objective of EU energy diversification is more important than the one of Russian destabilization. Under such circumstances, Azerbaijan must carefully walk a tightrope between the West (US/EU) on one hand, and the East (Russia/Iran) on the other, and if it is successful in delicately balancing between both worlds, then it can pivotally reap the resultant benefits thereof and propel its global prominence.

Andrew Korybko is the political analyst and journalist for Sputnik who currently lives and studies in Moscow, English version exclusively for ORIENTAL REVIEW.

Concern In Baku Over Russia-Georgia-Armenia Military Transit

Recent reports that Russian military vehicles were appearing in Georgia have raised complaints in neighboring Azerbaijan that Tbilisi is “betraying” Baku by allowing the Russian military to ship military supplies into Armenia via its territory or airspace.

The story of the Russian vehicles in Georgia is almost certainly a tempest in a teapot – after footage surfaced of Russian-made ZIL 131 military trucks on Georgian streets, various theories quickly emerged. Georgia's opposition claimed the trucks were evidence that the current government was in cahoots with Moscow, while some suggested they may be on the way to Armenia, where Russia both has its own large military base and provides substantial military aid to the armed forces there. But it didn't take long for another, more banal explanation to come out: the vehicles were decommissioned in Russia and are being sold on the commercial market.

There's no indication that the Russian trucks were in fact destined for Armenia, but the question of how Russia supplies its base in Armenia, as well as delivers military aid there, has long been a secretive and contentious one. Armenia is separated from Russia by Azerbaijan and Turkey, which are hostile to Armenia, and Georgia, which is hostile to Russia. Georgia nevertheless did allow overflights of Russian military shipments to Armenia until 2011, when it publicly annulled the agreement with Russia allowing for that transit. The status of that transit is now unclear, though there have been various unconfirmed reports that it was reinstated even while former president Mikheil Saakashvili was in power.

Azerbaijani analyst Mubariz Ahmedoglu, in a Baku press conference March 5, accused Georgia of “betraying” Azerbaijan by allowing the transit. “Chronic problems in the Azerbaijan-Georgia relationship have shown themselves cumulatively. Georgia never expresses real support for Azerbaijan's territorial integrity. The only support is rhetorical,” Ahmedoglu said. He argued further that Georgia's government is going along with a Russian plan to annex Armenia via the Georgian occupied territories.

“Georgian officials can resort to sophistry to claim that the transit of military hardware via Georgia to Armenia does not pose a threat for Azerbaijan and Georgia. However, the incumbent Georgian leadership created the biggest threat for itself. This is both a military and geopolitical threat,” Ahmedoglu said.

It's not clear to what extent Ahmedoglu's views represent those in the government, but the fact that in Azerbaijan's increasingly repressive environment he held a press conference covered by pro-government media suggests it has official sanction.


Paul Goble: Is Moscow Putting the Talysh in Play Against Azerbaijan?

More than in most parts of the world, the former Soviet space is a place where battles about the present and the future are waged over the past. Most famously, Russians and Ukrainians disagree profoundly whether Kievan Rus marked the beginning of Russian statehood, as Moscow would have it, or was at the beginnings of a separate and distinct Ukrainian nation. But across the region, there are many such battles going on, and one of the most potentially fateful involves the question: “Did Talyshistan belong to the Azerbaijani Republic” in the past? And thus, should it belong to the Republic of Azerbaijan now?

What might have seemed like a petty issue, one that originated on the pages of Facebook and reflected some intramural Azerbaijani academic politics, has been raised to a new level by an article posted on the website of IAREX. The Russian news agency IAREX was founded by Modest Kolerov and is known for its Russian nationalist and even imperialist leanings. That article, by Talysh leader Fakhraddin Aboszoda, is entitled: “Scandal in Azerbaijan: Did Talyshistan Belong to the Azerbaijan Republic?” He answers that question in the negative and says that “every Talysh must be certain that in the not too distant future Talyshistan will become an independent state!” (IAREX, January 28).

Aboszoda—or Abbasov as his name is sometimes given—was involved with the self-proclaimed Talysh-Mugan Autonomous Republic in 1992 (located in the southeastern corner of Azerbaijan). He has worked closely with the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation on behalf of the Talysh, who speak an Iranian dialect, follow Shiism, and number approximately 100,000 in Azerbaijan and about 400,000 in neighboring Iran. In earlier articles, the Talysh leader has pushed the idea that Azerbaijan is “a pseudo-empire” that must be decolonized. His assertion has been taken up by others, including researchers at the Kremlin-connected think tank, the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISI) (IAREX, December 24, 2012; for more on RISI, see EDM, January 27).

Aboszoda’s current article was ostensibly prompted by a dispute about the existence, or non-existence, of a Talysh khanate in Persia in the early 19th century when, as a result of a treaty between St. Petersburg and Teheran, control over what had been northwestern Persia was transferred to the Russian Empire. Azerbaijani textbooks routinely list all the khanates that the Persians gave up—all except one, the Talysh. This has prompted first an objection by Jamil Hasanli, a historian who is also a leader of the opposition National Council, and then a rejoinder by Yakub Mahmudov, the head of the Baku Institute of History and a member of the country’s parliament.

Hasanli objected to the absence of any reference to the Talysh khanate in the textbooks his grandson was using. In most countries, Aboszoda says, such a complaint would pass unnoticed. But not in Azerbaijan—where any such objection becomes a challenge to the state. As a result, the authorities brought Mahmudov into the game. The regime-friendly historian dutifully said there was no reason to complain because, in fact, the Talysh khanate was one of many transferred by the Persian-Russian treaty. Furthermore, at the time, this khanate was led by Turks, not Talysh, and therefore it is entirely proper to subsume it under Azerbaijan and to teach Azerbaijani young people that version of history.

Soon, other pro-regime historians entered the fray, insisting that Talysh is “a geographic territory” and no more. And any reference to a Talysh “khanate,” they argued, must be written in quotation marks, to dispel the notion of its independent existence or that its rulers were ethnically Talysh rather than Turks—or more precisely “Azerbaijani Turks”—regardless of what the vastly more complicated historical record suggests (IAREX, January 28).

Aboszoda reviews that record and comes up with a list of reasons why people should know that a Talysh khanate existed and that its leaders were Talysh. His arguments would be of interest only to historians if it were not for his conclusion: Talyshistan was never part of Azerbaijan, as even Baku historians acknowledge by refusing to include it in the list of khanates transferred from Persia to Russia in the 19th century. And as a result, he declares, “Talyshistan did not have and does not have any relationship to the artificially created in 1918, and again in 1991, state under the strange [sic] title ‘the Azerbaijan Republic,’ because under the word ‘Azerbaijan’ has always been understood the northwestern territories of Iran” (IAREX, January 28).

Why is a Russian nationalist site pushing this idea now? At least three possible reasons exist, and each of them should be a matter of concern to anyone worried about stability in the South Caucasus. First, Russia may be nervous that Iran is itself stepping up activities among the Talysh, and Moscow wants to counter that trend. Second, the Russian government may feel that backing an anti-Baku movement now will improve its standing in Armenia given the continuing tensions over the murder in Gyumri (see EDM, January 16, 30). And third, the Kremlin may want to send a signal to Baku that Moscow has resources within Azerbaijan that it is quite prepared to put in play, if Azerbaijan does not go along with Russia’s wishes.


Amount of Russian arms sold to Azerbaijan provides balance of weapons in region – analyst

Russia is supplying weapons to Azerbaijan to an amount required for keeping the balance as compared to arms sales to Armenia, director of the Caucasus Institute political analyst Alexander Iskandaryan said on Sputnik-Armenia in commenting Armenian president’s statement during the international “At the Foot of Ararat” media forum, as cited by Novosti-Armenia. Speaking at the forum on Wednesday Armenia’s president Serzh Sargsyan said Armenia is concerned over the Russian arms sales to Azerbaijan. The Armenian leader also said military and defense cooperation plays an important role in the allied partnership with Russia. “Russia has its interests in the region, and it does not want to lose Armenia for political reasons. But it does not lose Azerbaijan either. It gets involved and is selling weapons. The South Caucasus is one of the most militarized regions in the world,” the analyst said. In general, Russia is selling arms to everyone in post-Soviet area, Iskandaryan said.   The expert also said Azerbaijan has bought quite an amount of weapons from Ukraine and Israel. But, in broad terms, weapons come from Russia that is the main arms manufacturer and supplier in the area, Iskandaryan said.

Economist: A Russian ally rues its dependence upon Moscow

Armenian soldiers parading in 2011

How long might the so-called “frozen conflict” that is developing in eastern Ukraine last? A look at Armenia may give some idea. Its conflict with Azerbaijan over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh first broke out in 1988, and is still going strong. Armenia’s borders with Azerbaijan and Turkey are closed to this day, leaving it isolated and economically stagnant. On March 19th three more Armenian soldiers were killed in a skirmish.

The increasing threat of escalation leads Armenia to depend upon Russia for protection, but Armenians are growing increasingly frustrated with the relationship. They are particularly unhappy with Russian arms sales to Azerbaijan, which account for 85% of that country’s acquisitions over the past five years, according to a new report. Armenia officially joined the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), a Moscow-led customs union, at the beginning of this year. But the decision to join the EEU was taken under duress, as Russia threatened to reconsider its alliance if Armenia signed an association agreement with the European Union.

The EEU does the Armenian economy few favours, according to Richard Giragosian, director of the Regional Studies Centre, a Yerevan-based think tank. The absence of shared borders with the other three members—Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan—makes trade difficult. Membership requires Armenia to introduce high tariffs, which undermine competitiveness and deter foreign investors. That, combined with the poor protection of intellectual-property rights, could threaten some of the economy’s bright spots, such as the IT sector, which contributed 5% of GDP in 2013.

Russia’s economic woes in the wake of falling oil prices and international sanctions have caused further damage. Remittances from abroad accounted for 21% of Armenia’s GDP in 2013. They fell by 7.7% in 2014, and are forecast to fall a further 30% this year. Russia has sent thousands of Armenians home, allegedly for violating migration rules, and more could be coming. Exports were down by 22% in January compared with a year earlier, and the Central Bank expects meager growth in 2015.

Popular frustration with Russia came to a head in January, after a Russian soldier murdered six members of an Armenian family in the city of Gyumri. The soldier was quickly spirited away to be tried in Russia. Thousands of Armenians took to the streets, protesting both Russian arrogance and their own government’s subservience. A heavy-handed police response only made matters worse.

Armenia cannot afford to turn its back on Russia, but the government is trying to draft a new association agreement with the European Union that would be consistent with its membership of the EEU. The EU is still interested in better commercial ties, as is America. In January, ContourGlobal, an American power company, made a significant investment in Armenia’s energy sector.

But although sharp resentment of Russia's influence may have grown, it is not weakening the government’s hold on power. On March 5th the government scored a victory when opposition leader Gagik Tsarukian, one of the country’s richest men, stepped down as head of the Prosperous Armenia party that he had founded. Mr Tsarukian had opposed attempts by Serzh Sargsyan, the president, to reform the constitution to move the country from a presidential to a parliamentary system. The opposition leader claimed the move would strengthen the ruling party, and tried to persuade Russia that Mr Sargsyan was no longer a reliable partner. The government responded by expelling him from the National Security Council and launching investigations into his business interests.

The ruling party’s use of state resources to pursue a political vendetta exemplifies the weaknesses of Armenian politics, Mr Giragosian says. With the opposition even more demoralized, Armenia is now close to being a one-party state. Moscow’s refusal to back Mr Tsarukian suggests that the government has Russian support. For now, the government in Yerevan, like the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, is likely to remain frozen.


Blomberg: Putin Seizes on Armenia Dispute to Buttress Iron Curtain

Turkey’s closed border with Armenia is a final remnant of the Iron Curtain. It may also be the first building block of a new cold war border taking shape across former Soviet satellites. Russian President Vladimir Putin will arrive in Yerevan in April to mark the 100th anniversary of Armenian massacres during World War I, his spokesman said Monday. He will also be asserting Russia’s dominant position in a country that was wooed by the West yet chose to join the Eurasian Economic Union, the Kremlin’s rival to the European Union.

Armenia’s decision in January was a victory for Putin after losing sway in Georgia, which signed an association agreement with the EU in 2013, and war-torn Ukraine. Yet the deal runs the risk of further isolation for Armenia under Russia’s protectorship, according to Alev Kilic, head of the Ankara-based Center for Eurasian Studies.

“While Ukraine turned its face toward the West at the risk of civil war, Armenia without any power was forced to bow to Putin,” Kilic said. The closed borders with Turkey and nearby Azerbaijan mean that without Russian support, “life in Armenia would come to a standstill.”

As part of the Eurasian Economic Union, Armenia has entered into a free trade zone with other members while agreeing to a common customs regime that’s seen its duties to rise in line with Russia’s. With the Russian economy struggling amid low oil prices and sanctions, the expected stimulus from joining the Eurasian Economic Union has not materialized. Armenia’s foreign trade declined 28 percent in February, according to the state statistics service. Remittances sent home from Armenians working in Russia have declined more than 10 percent on a year earlier to about $1.5 billion.
Turkish Border

The Turkish-Armenian border was a former front line between NATO and the Soviet Union. Putin’s determination to keep Western influence out of what he considers Russia’s backyard in the Caucasus was a factor in tensions that led to war with Georgia over South Ossetia and Abkhazia in 2008. Apart from a brief period after the Soviet collapse, Turkey has kept its Armenian border closed since April 3, 1993, as a gesture of support for Azerbaijan in its conflict with Armenia over the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The dispute has left Armenians with access to the outside world only through Iran to the south and Georgia in the north. Russia is the country’s largest single trading partner, with total trade of 1.27 billion euros ($1.36 billion) in 2013, according to a European Commission report, although the EU as a whole is its largest market. 

Russian Business

A 2013 energy deal handed the Armenian government’s 20 percent stake in ArmRusGazProm, the country’s main gas supplier, to Russia’s Gazprom, which already owned the remaining 80 percent, in return for a reduction in prices.  Two of the three mobile phone companies serving Armenia are Russian-owned, Gazprom controls the country’s gas pipelines, Russian Railways its rail tracks, and Inter Rao UES owns 100 percent of Armenia’s electrical grid.

While joining the economic bloc reflects Armenia’s dependency on Russia, it may dim prospects of resolving the country’s longstanding disputes with Turkey and Azerbaijan. Chances of opening Turkey’s border with Armenia are “worse than they were in 2010,” when a brief thaw between the countries led to discussions about re-establishing diplomatic ties, according to Tom de Waal, senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.

Turkey’s imports from Armenia fell to $1.5 million in 2014 from $2.6 million in 2010, according to Turkey’s state statistics institute. Turkey exported no goods to Armenia last year, it said. An air link between the countries is operating.
Genocide Dispute

Tensions between the countries date back to the breakup of the Ottoman empire during World War I, when the Turkish authorities’ decision to expel Armenians from their homes led to mass killings. Armenia says 1.5 million died in actions that amounted to genocide, a charge Turkey rejects. The unresolved conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh led Azerbaijan to broker a $10 billion deal with Turkey and Georgia for the Trans Caucasus Anatolian gas pipeline to Europe - even though a much shorter route would cross Armenia. Turkey is also building a new highway and rail-link to Azerbaijan that bypass the country.

“We have no hostility toward anyone, but it is our duty to defend the rights of our brothers and ask the price of their blood and suffering,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said March 17 in Kars, in reference to Azerbaijan, with which Turkey shares linguistic and cultural affinities. Armenia took over Nagorno-Karabakh, a mountainous enclave made up of mostly ethnic Armenians, from Azerbaijan in a war after the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991. About 30,000 people died and 1.2 million were displaced before Russia brokered a cease-fire in 1994. Armenia has a mutual defense pact with Russia that ensures the presence of a 4,000-strong Russian military base in Gyumri until 2044.
Putin’s Choice

Relations between Turkey and Armenia hit a new low as the centenary of the Armenian massacres approaches this April. Erdogan turned down an invitation from Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan to attend commemorations in Yerevan and moved a ceremony marking the 1915 Gallipoli battle to the same day.  Putin was invited to both events but chose to travel to Armenia.

“It serves Russia’s interests to see Armenia’s border closed,” Tevan Poghosyan, a member of the opposition Heritage party in the Armenian parliament, said by phone. Armenia’s entry into the Eurasian Union was linked to the standoff between Russia and the West because “Russia wants to show that the EU’s Eastern Partnership program failed,” he said.


Eurasianet: With Friends Like Russia, Who Needs Enemies

Armenia considers Russia to be its strategic ally. But it appears that such feelings of loyalty are not mutual: officials in Yerevan are far from thrilled to find out that Russia is by far the largest arms supplier to Azerbaijan, Armenia’s neighbor and sworn enemy. Russia’s double-dealing prompted Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan to grouse at a March 18 media forum in Yerevan. “Armenian soldiers at the front know that they [Azerbaijani troops] are trying to kill them using Russian weapons,” Sargsyan said, referring to the ongoing struggle between the two countries over the Nagorno-Karabakh territory. Although a ceasefire has been in effect for more than two decades, skirmishes between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces are almost a daily occurrence.
Flush with cash from energy exports, and eager to reverse territorial loses at the hands of Armenian forces during the 1988-1994 hot phase of the Karabakh conflict, Azerbaijan has been on an arms procurement binge in recent years. Russia seems only too happy to serve as Azerbaijan’s chief purveyor of the machinery of death. Azerbaijan obtains 85 percent of its weaponry from Russia, according to a recent report.
Russian arms sales to Baku have long been a source of concern for Yerevan, which, lacking the same kind of lucrative revenue streams that its foes possess, has trouble keeping pace in the arms race with Azerbaijan. At the same time, Armenia’s Russia-reliant economy means that President Sargsyan must choose his words carefully when he chides the Kremlin. Before delivering his March 18 criticism of Russian arms sales, Sargsyan emphasized that no other country has been given “even 1 percent of the support” that Armenia has received from Russia since the Soviet collapse in 1991.
Russia maintains a military base in Armenia, a geopolitical fact that limits the chances that Baku would use all its Russian-bought military hardware to renew the Karabakh war and try to forcibly reclaim its lost territory. It is believed that Russia used its considerable economic and political influence in 2014 to pressure Armenia into joining the Kremlin-led Eurasian Economic Union, while rejecting an association agreement with the European Union.
Armenian officials now seem wary of the pitfalls of near-total reliance on Moscow. Thus, they are probing possibilities for establishing some sort of political and economic relationship with the EU. Brussels seems keen to lend Armenia a helping hand and dispatched Expansion Commissioner Johannes to Hahn to Yerevan for talks. The visiting commissioner said that Brussels looks forward to formulating a new agenda with Yerevan that is compatible with “Armenia’s other obligations.”


Պուտին. Ցեղասպանությունն ընկալվում է, որպես սեփական վիշտ և աղետ

Միջազգային հանրությունը պետք է ամեն ինչ անի, որպեսզի ցեղասպանության նման չարագործությունները երբեք չկրկնվեն: Նման կարծիք է արտահայտել Ռուսաստանի նախագահ Վլադիմիր Պուտինը:  «1915թ-ի ապրիլի 24-ը ողբերգական թիվ է, որը կապված է մարդկության պատմության ամենաահավոր և դրամատիկական իրադարձության` հայոց ցեղասպնության հետ»,- նշվում է Կրեմլի պաշտոնական կայքում: Պուտինը նման ուղերձով է դիմել «Աշխարհն առանց ցեղասպանության» հուշ-երեկոյի մասնակիցներին:  «Հարյուր տարի անց մենք գլուխ ենք խոնարհում այս ողբերգության բոլոր զոհերի հիշատակի առաջ, որը մեր երկրում միշտ ընդունում են որպես սեփական վիշտ և աղետ: Ռուսաստանի տեսակետը միշտ եղել է և մնում է օբյեկտիվ և հետևողական. ազգային հողի վրա մասսայական կոտորածը չի կաորղ արդարացվել:Միջազգային հասարակությունը կոչված է անելու ամեն ինչ, որպեսզի նման չարագործությունները երբեք ու երբեք չկրկնվեն»,- ընգծել է Պուտինը:  Հայերի և տարածաշրջանի ժողովուրդների նոր սերունդները պետք է ապրեն խաղաղության և համաձայնության մեջ, չառերեսվելով այն սարսափներին, որին հանգեցնում է կրոնական թշնամությունը, ագրեսիվ ազգայնականությունը և քսենոֆոբիան:  «Ցանկանում են եղբայրական Հայաստանին, Ռուսաստանում բնակվող բոլոր հայերին ամենայն բարիք, խաղաղությունը և բարգավաճում»,- նշված է Պուտինի ելույթի մեջ:

Госдума России примет заявление с осуждением Геноцида армян, приуроченное к 100-й годовщине трагедии

Госдума России в апреле собирается принять заявление с осуждением Геноцида армян в Османской империи, приуроченное к 100-й годовщине трагедии. Как передает РИА Новости, об этом сообщил в Ереване глава комитета Госдумы РФ по делам СНГ, евразийской интеграции и связям с соотечественниками Леонид Слуцкий.

«Ранее Госдума уже принимала жесткое заявление, осуждающее Геноцид армян в 1915 году; там же содержался призыв к странам мира признать 24 апреля днем памяти жертв геноцида. Аналогичное заявление будет принято в середине апреля Госдумой и в этом году», – сказал Слуцкий на третьем совместном заседании профильных комитетов парламентов Армении и России, которое проходит сегодня в Ереване. Дискуссия идет по разным проблемам, и в числе их отдельная сессия на тему «В преддверии 100-й годовщины Геноцида армян: сотрудничество по этому вопросу на парламентских площадках». Согласно информации, Слуцкий также сообщил, что Госдума и Совет Федерации в конце апреля направят представительную делегацию в Армению на мероприятия, посвященные траурной дате.

«Сегодня нам особенно важно поддержать армянский народ во время этой траурной даты», – подчеркнул российский парламентарий.

Известно, что факт Геноцида армян в Османской империи 1915г. (Armenian Genocide) признан многими государствами. Первым это в 1965 году сделал Уругвай, примеру которого последовали Россия (1995г.), Франция (2001г.), Италия (2000г.), Германия (2005г.), Голландия (2004г.), Бельгия (1998г.), Польша (2005г.), Литва (2005г.), Словакия (2004г.), Швеция (2010г.), Швейцария (2003г.), Греция (1996г.), Кипр (1982г.), Ливан (1997г.), Канада (1996г.), Венесуэла (2005г.), Аргентина (1993г.), Чили (2007г.), Ватикан (2000г.). Геноцид армян признали также Европейский парламент и Всемирный совет церквей. Официально признали и осудили Геноцид армян, а также объявили 24 апреля Днем памяти жертв Геноцида армянского народа 42 из 50 штатов США. Парламентами нескольких европейских стран приняты законы предусматривающие уголовную ответственность за отрицание Геноцида армян. Однако Турция по-прежнему отрицает массовое убийство армянского населения Османской империи во время Первой мировой войны (в канун Первой мировой войны в Османской империи жило два миллиона армян, около 1,5 млн. армян было уничтожено за период с 1915 до 1923 года, оставшиеся полмиллиона армян были рассеяны по всему миру).


  1. Romanian AnonymusMarch 31, 2015 at 9:30 PM


    Anglo-Zion would never recognize the "G" for the simple reason that nothing should be permitted to cast the slightest shadow on the "H" and dilute the narrative of the greatest, the most, the..., you know.
    The Anglo-American-Jewish alliance has deeper roots in Western history. Jews have been at all times the financiers of the Kings and Emperors.They financed the voyages of Columbus (who was a secret Jew) in order to lay their hands on the gold of the New World, with the stated goal to use it for the "conquest of the House of Jerusalem". The post-napoleonic era just saw their taking the center stage and the spectators front rows.
    I think that the attendance of Putin at the Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide is a serious warning to Turkey and to the Anglo-Zio alliance to not let bellicose fumes get to their heads. The symbolism is unmistakable (at least to my mind). The Dardanelles expedition of 1915 was one of the treacherous moves of the perfidious Albion. Its aim was clearly the occupation of Constantinople and the strangulation of Russia. It failed not because of the bravery of the Turks, but simply because the Russians threatened to withdraw from the war and make peace with Germany. The show at Gallipoli were mostly an Australian thing (a show to fan an Australian nationalism), but it evolved into a symbolic reaffirmation of the Western-Turkish dalliance with anti-Russian overtones. That's why the royal buffoons will show up. A new Crimean or Caucasian war is in their plans.
    It is possible that Putin's presence in Armenia is intended also to cool the heels of the "revolutionary chobans in Armani suits".

    1. Thank you for commenting, Romanian Anonymous. The modern political West - today's Anglo-American-Zionist political order - began taking shape only in the late 19th century. But of course I agree with you that Jewish role/influence in Europe (western civilization) goes much further back. You may recall from our conversation about Christianity some time ago, I am also of the opinion that Jews were a significant force even in the Eastern Rome Empire during the time of Constantine the Great. Anyway, Putin's presence in Armenia later this month will certainly be a loud message to Turks and Westerners alike. In a sense, Moscow is publicly drawing a red line in Armenia.

    2. Romanian AnonymusApril 1, 2015 at 8:10 PM

      Jews were a significant force in the whole Roman Empire since Julius Caesar. Their privileges were exorbitant and the story of their "persecution" is unadulterated BS. Their power grew even more when the Edict of the Emperor Caracalla gave them the Roman Citizenship. This was also the era of the most savage persecutions of Christians. Constantin put an end to them and from his time on the privileges of the Jews have been curbed. That explain the unremitting hostility of the historiographers against Constantin, Theodosius, Justinian. In the Eastern Empire Jews have been kept "out of banking, out of education, out of government". Naturally they continued to conspire with all external enemies of the Empire (Persians, Muslims, Khazars and especially the emerging West).
      The West was less provident and therefore its Judaization started early (at the latest since the pact between the Carolingians and the Papacy).

  2. It is ignominiously abhorrent for the hye narrative to mention the H in every second paragraph. It looks as if the Hye genocide can not get any traction whatsoever without the H passport. In the story of the H, there is never a mention of the Hye genocide. I recall vividly a talk delivered by one hayastansi professor, in Athens, on our genocide . After an hour of listening to the professor I learnt more about the H, than the main theme of his lecture. Piper

    1. Your experience about the Hayastantsi professor in Athens is not very common. When such things happen outside of the Western world, it's usually because of someone's personal prerogative. It's a way of linking an unrecognized event to a recognized one with the naive hope that such a linking will provide legitimacy to the unrecognized event. It's somewhat different in the Western world where Jews control the dissemination of information. For example: I know for a fact that if an Armenian in the US wants to have have an article on the Armenian Genocide published in any one of the mainstream news media outlets in the country, he or she has to include mention of the so-called "Jewish Holocaust" - or it wont even get considered. I suspect similar conditions apply to public gatherings in the US.

  3. Arevordi,

    You speak the truth. Russia is not only Armenia's only option, but Russia is also Armenia's best option--a natural enemy to the Turks, who sends shivers down the Turks pants. More over, those who make the point that Russia supplies arms to Azerbaijan, should also understand it is also with Russian arms that Armenia defends it's borders and independence.

    With that said, you should tone it down a bit, I mean your attacks Armenian nationalists. A true Armenian nationalist by definition has Armenia's best interests at heart. Most Armenian nationalists are proud to have a strong, powerful Russia as an ally. By attacking them, you're being counter productive, which is what those who truly want things to come in the way of Russia and Armenia really want.

    1. I never attack "Armenian nationalism" for I am an Armenian nationalist. You need to place my comments in its proper context. I have said that Armenian nationalism will be exploited by Western powers and used against Armenia's ties with Russia - similar to what was done in Soviet times. And when I directly criticize Armenian nationalists, I single out the "nutjobs". Example: Jirayr Sefilian is a nationalist nutjob who just happens to be more dangerous to Armenia than any Azeri. What good is nationalism if it's irrational and self-destructive? I don't consider Sefilian or Hayrikian type characters Armenian nationalists. At best, they are psychotic. At worst, they are traitors. Sometimes they are both.

      PS: The Bear and the Wolf have fought about two dozen times over their feeding grounds with the Bear beating the Wolf every single time. The Wolf has thus developed an instinctual fear of the Bear. Perhaps it's genetic memory. Nevertheless, this fear (or respect) of theirs towards Russians is essentially why Ankara doesn't dare to even publicly criticize Moscow over its recognition of the Armenian Genocide like it does to other nations.

    2. I agree completely. But I would not label Jirayr a nationalist. On a solemn day as April 24, the 100th anniversary nevertheless, that this guy tries to make a political move out of it, he cannot be a patriot. In fact, he is doing exactly what our enemies the Turks would want to see. I hope and am confident our authorities are taking proper precautions to prevent any troublemaking on that day, what an international embarrassment that would be. I don't know how that Pavlik manukyan ended up in his camp?

    3. Sefilian is a "nationalist" regardless of how you would label him. And that's the basis of the problem at hand: Many "nationalists" tend to be like Sefilian and Hayrikian - idiots or traitors or both. We don't need them, especially in civilian society, especially when there isn't an active war going on. Let's therefore not jump to praise our "nationalists" without first defining what nationalism should mean and then signaling out the dangerous ones in our society. Trust me there are a lot of dangerous ones.

      Generally speaking, if you want to gauge the caliber/quality of Armenian nationalists pay close attention to their thoughts about Russia or Armenian-Russian relations. If they are pro-Russian, chances are they are healthy, intelligent and pragmatic nationalists. If they are anti-Russian, chances are they are dangerous idiots.

      I was in Artskh in the summer of 2005 when Pavlik was beaten up - allegedly by Seyran Ohanyan. According to the gossip on the street in Stepanakert at the time: Apparently, a drunken Pavlik approached Ohanyan at a gathering or a meeting, insulted him and accused him and Kocharyan of planning to sell Artsakh to the Azeris. Supposedly, Ohanyan got very upset and basically kicked his ass. I don't recall exactly when, but sometime before or after that incident Pavlik was also booted out of the ARF.

      In my personal opinion, Pavlik is the quintessential Armenian nationalist. Courageous? Yes, no doubt - but also self-righteous, arrogant, extremist, ostentatious, politically ignorant and stubborn.

      I don't know what gives people the idea that just because someone was a brave soldier during a war, he must be psychologically normal or intellectually smart. Yes, the guy fought bravely against Turks some twenty-five years ago, even posed for some very nice "fedayee" pictures... but now he is working against his nation's interests. What to do with him? Well, put a medal around his neck, say thank you for your service and then kick his ass out of the country.

      What draws characters like Pavlik to such moments? Mainly: ignorance (low intellect/naivete), money (materialism/greed) and prestige (arrogance/egotism).

      When you say anything to them about them receiving money from abroad they often deny it, saying "prove it". But sometimes when it's so obvious that they can't deny it without looking stupid, they justify their actions by trying to convince you that they are doing what they are doing for the good of the country. In other words, these people have convinced themselves that by taking money from Western entities they are able to pursue their dream of making Armenia a better place. It's a very subtle and subconscious justification for treason.

      They see Western grants upwards of one to two million dollars and say to themselves: "Hey, we can use this money to rid our country of these bloodsucking gangsters, criminals, oligarchs, Russophiles, etc". Presented with such financial opportunities, they even begin subconsciously exaggerating the current sociopolitical situation in the country - all to justify their actions. This is part of the reason why there is so much doom&gloom rhetoric on their part. It's always the "sky is falling".

      I have personally seen/heard a number of political activists in Armenia insinuate that they may be receiving help from abroad for their political activism. But they go on to say that at least they are doing it for the betterment of Armenia whereas the "other side" is openly "working" for Russians and preparing to sell Artsakh to the Turks.

      At the end of the day, you cant reason with such people. When you try, they will accuse you of either being ignorant to Armenia's problems, criminally inclined like the oligarchs or simply a treasonous Russia lover. The only way to stop these people is to crush them through force - when the time is right.

    4. Arevordi, very indepth analysis about these activists it makes total sense to me. You know you should have been a psychiatrist if you are not one. Very good and very timely blog entry. I like that you always carry some elements from your prior work into the new one like a continuous chain.

    5. In other words, many of the big name oppositionists in Armenia are available for purchase, not unlike your common street whore. Except common street whores tend to be intelligent enough to understand that the only reason anyone pays them is because the payers want something very specific for their money, whereas it sounds as if these oppositionists are either willfully blind or actually stupid enough to think an empire from the west is throwing millions at them for altruistic purposes.

      Good point about a political experts views on Russian-Armenian relations being a good general gauge of their overall integrity and intelligence.

    6. I disagree, friend. I think any true, patriot Armenian's blood will broil if they heard about anyone trying to use April 24 as a platform to push a political agenda, that's something if he was a true patriotic he should never have allowed himself to do; I'd bet the turks are rooting for sefilian really hard.

      Also, try to distinguish between certain individuals and their actions, and not generalize. for instance when you say, "thanks for the service, now beat it," that's not showing that you're grateful; if that's how a state treat's its citizens and young men, will it be encouraging future defenders of the homeland? hardly! would you put your life on the line for a country that treated you that way? the same psychology is at play here as if an individual takes advantage of you, uses you, and then says're not going to like it; it's not positive reinforcement. it's more effective to neutralize such treats peacefully and without sending the wrong message to our good citizens. that's where my overall issue with you is. we can't make enemies out of ourselves.

    7. Then let's agree to disagree. Besides, I specifically said we first need to define what nationalism is and then pick out the dangerous nutjobs amongst nationalists. In other words, I was not generalizing. Also, when a military veteran or a war hero gets into politics and begins to act destructive - and will not listen to reason or take advise - the only choices you may be presented with one day his to either kill him, jail him or expel him from the country. There are similar cases in the Western world as well. You can choose not to accept any of what I'm telling you here but I just want you to realize that this is all part of human nature and despite what you may want to think, Armenians are human. Someone that has done a lot of good can one day also do a lot of bad. You don't tolerate destructive/dangerous behavior today just because someone was good yesterday. And don't worry about perception. If their country begins treating them bad, it's not for what they did in the past, it's for their destructive behavior today. Most normal people will understand this. Once again: Nationalism is a monster that comes in handy in time of war but has to be restrained or killed in times of peace. Anyway, I hope you one day have the good luck of interacting with such people. It remains to be seen how understanding you will be when dealing with with arrogant, stubborn and ignorant people who want to bring your country to the very edge of disaster.

      PS: Please identify yourself.

    8. I don't know if Anonymous ever realized this, but most Armenians and specially Armenians "patriots/nationalists, or generally politically-active people, generally have little to no respect for the Armenian Genocide in practice. Think about it, how many times have we heard the self-righteous democracy now(!) freaks tell us that Kocharyan, Sargsyan, or the Russians are "worse than the Turks"? That has to be one of the most popular phrases used on assbarez, hyeclub and other such forums by western cyber-warriors. Think about that for a second. One is a genocidal enemy that barely a century ago massacred a majority of the world's Armenian population and still poses an existential threat to Armenia today; the others are the Armenian government and its only lifeline in the world. I can't tell you how many random posts I've come across where I have to stop and chastise the Armenian idiots making these statements, and ask them to "please stop belittling what a genocide is by equating Turks with the Armenian government or with Russia". Yet I have never seen this fact cause any Armenians blood boil, nor have I seem too many Armenians' blood boiling when criminal US regimes deny the Armenian Genocide or use it as a bargaining chip to pressure their Turkish allies - the only reaction for most Armenians is to give up and try the same strategy again at the next election cycle.

      As for Selfishian, Hovannisian, Shant Haroutunyan, and the rest, Armenia would be doing the right thing by deporting them to their countries of origin. State security is above all else. There is no way to "positively reinforce" these foreign-funded, hard-line psychopaths. For his recent attack on Artsakh's western border alone Selfishyan should have been sent back to jail - preferably a jail in Artsakh where the degenerates of Armenia's big cities would have limited influence... When necessary, positive reinforcement can be achieved by giving the 99% of Armenian veterans who aren't engaged in criminal sabotage the respect they deserve (remember that even the US fails to treat its veterans properly). Veteran-status is no justification for treason.

    9. Here's a comment I wrote in 2010 responding to an Armenian "nationalist" saying the Armenian government is "worse than Turks", try to imagine a Jew ever having to chastise another Jew for throwing the term "holocaust" or "shoah" around because they disagree with some policy in Tel Aviv:

      While everyone should have a right to complain about their government, the first comment is completely ridiculous. The Turkish government committed the genocide of Armenians first in Western Armenia in 1915 which it controlled, and then Turkey attempted to finish the job in Eastern Armenia first in the invasion of 1918 and then again in the invasion of 1920 but was fortunately at least partially stopped on both occasions. Since that time Turkey has destroyed nearly all traces of Armenian existence in territory they control; lobbied the world into abandoning any support for the Armenians; built a domestic education system which instills hate in the future generation of Turks against Armenians; denied the Armenian Genocide; illegally blockaded the Republic of Armenia since the latter’s Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union; and provided support semi-fascist Azerbaijan in its war against Armenians. For you to equate corruption in the Armenian government to the guilt the Turks carry for the Armenian Genocide is flawed and an insult to the memory of the Martyrs of Armenia. Corruption exists in every government, particularly those which have only recently emerged from the ashes of Communism. Your careless and selfish exploitation of the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide in order to draw sympathy and support to your own political goals is an affront to the ideals of justice in the world. Shame on you, it should be a crime that you so casually exhume the memory of the victims of a genocide as a tool to attack the problems facing Armenian society and the Armenian government. Do the Armenian nation a favor, and think before you post any such comments in the future; DO NOT play into the hands of the Turks and other enemies of Armenia.

  4. Again we see ISIS fighting the enemies of the Anglo-American-Zionists, in this case a group of hapless Palestinian refugees at a camp in Syria.

    ISIL Captures Most of Yarmuk Refugee Camp in Syria

    "A skirmish between ISIL, al-Nusra and Palestinian faction Akhnaf Beit al-Maqdis is currently taking place there."

  5. Let's be frank: April 24 is around the corner, can Armenia's government just move to honor the memory of the Genocide victims by eliminating the current existential threats like aravot and the other idiot media that are rampant across the existing Armenian state and people?

    “The Russians promised to return the liberated regions or Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan.” Politician
    17:06 | April 1 2015

    In the conversation with Aravot, the expert for French Military Research Foundation Gaydz Minasyan, in response to the question of why Serzh Sargsyan touched upon the subject of sale of weapons to Azerbaijan by Russia, noted,

    “Russians suggested Azerbaijan to be a member of the EaEU, instead, perhaps, promising to return the liberated regions or simply the Karabakh to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan refused joining the EaEU. Serzh Sargsyan, then, played another game, realizing that the relations between Azerbaijan and Russia are not so good. If Armenia had not joined the EaEU, Russia would interfere with the stability of Armenia, now, they have no reason for doing so. Russians do not want hot situations anywhere, there is a Ukrainian crisis, as well as socio-economic problems inside Russia.

    In this situation, Serzh Sargsyan exercised his diplomatic tactics. Using some problems between Russia and Azerbaijan, he touched upon the subject of arms sales to Azerbaijan by Russia”.

  6. The articles below postulates that China has an interest in promoting military cooperation with Armenia due to the strategic consideration that China - like Russia - has millions of Turkic-peoples inside its territory with separatist tendencies, as well as millions of Turkic-peoples on its borders, and that Armenia is the only country between China and Turkey free from Turkic elements and influence. I never took that into consideration before, that does help explain why China sells faraway and economically-political less significant Armenia artillery systems and other weaponry, and why President Sargsyan received such a warm welcome in Beijing.

    Armenia's government and President Sargsyan in particular deserve praise for capitalizing on these possibilities. Armenia already received Chinese AR1A (Smerch-like) and WM-80 systems. Armenia's geopolitical reality requires that it acquires every piece of advanced weaponry that it can get. Some nice Chinese short and medium range missiles would be excellent too.

    Meanwhile - just a hunch on my part - most diasporan Armenians could probably with convinced to stage "Free Taiwan" protests in Los Angeles and elsewhere with very little effort. Weren't the "Save Darfur" campaigns a few years back nothing more than an excuse to get the sheeple up in arms over an African-region that was rapidly falling under Chinese domination? Didn't the Armenian organizations in the diaspora, led by the brain-dead dashnaks including the AYF and ANCA, wholeheartedly support these campaings with little to no understanding of why this issue was allowed to become a major topic of discussion?

    Newspaper: Armenia to purchase weapons from China?
    07:41, 31.03.2015
    Region:World News, Armenia
    Theme: Politics
    YEREVAN. – Well-informed sources report that one of the key issues of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan’s recent visit to China was to obtain an agreement on supplying arms to Armenia with reduced rates, Haykakan Zhamanak daily reported.

    “[But] our sources do not specify whether or not this matter was resolved.

    “Analysts note, however, that the separatist aspirations of the Turkic-speaking minorities living in northwestern China always troubles Beijing. And Armenia is the only country situated between China and Turkey which is free from the Turkish element. This means that there are objective conditions for China-Armenia strategic cooperation,” Haykakan Zhamanak wrote.

    «Հայկական ժամանակ». Սերժ Սարգսյանի խնդիրներից մեկը Չինաստանից զենք գնելն է եղել

    07:41, 31.03.2015

    Հայկական ժամանակ» թերթը գրում է. «Լավատեղյակ աղբյուրներից հայտնի դարձավ, որ Սերժ Սարգսյանի՝ մայիսի 25-ից 28-ը Չինաստան կատարած այցի հիմնական խնդիրներից մեկը արտոնյալ պայմաններով ՀՀ-ին զենքի մատակարարման շուրջ պայմանավորվածություն ձեռք բերելն է եղել:

    Հաջողվե՞լ է արդյոք այս խնդիրը լուծել, թե ոչ մեր աղբյուրները չեն մասնավորեցնում: Փորձագետները նկատում են, սակայն, որ Չինաստանի հյուսիս-արեւմուտքում բնակվող թյուրքալեզու փոքրամասնությունների սեպարատիստական ձգտումները մշտապես անհանգստացնում են Պեկինին: Իսկ Հայաստանը Չինաստանի եւ Թուրքիայի արանքում գտնվող միակ երկիրն է, որը զերծ է թուրքական տարրից: Սա նշանակում է, որ Չինաստան-Հայաստան ռազմավարական համագործակցության օբյեկտիվ պայմաններ կան. մնում է այն իրական գործակցության վերածելու հմտություններ եւ շնորհք ունենալ»:

    1. The turks, or rather their ancestors the tatars, who are known mainly as the Mongols, were the arch-nemesis of China for centuries. The Mongols were not the ones fighting per se, they were the ruling elite. The main enemies were the tatar-turks who attacked, ravaged and pillaged China for centuries. Also don't forget the modern-day Ugyurs in China, roughly around 8 million, caused some trouble a few years back. Naturally China will want to help Armenia. In this case,
      it's a Chinese initiative, not Armenian. Let's see when Armenians will understand that China can be even more anti-turkish and pro-Armenian if we work for it to happen.

  7. Putin shows far more political sense than just about anyone in Armenian history. Still, it has to be a huge problem to have so many Armenians in Los Angeles. Mostly brainwashed, and easily corrupted. On the bright side, one suspects that Russia is giving up on the passive approach to foreign affairs. Subtlety doesn't always work, and that may be the case in Armenia.


  8. Here's one theory about Yemen

    Yemen: Moscow responds to oil blackmail

    Some highlights here:
    From the point of view of the Saudis, in the Middle East, they have to deal with the coalition of Russia, Iran and Syria. What if Yemen is part of a plan to repel the attack of Saudi Arabia and the United States in the game to lower the price of oil? It turned out that the Huthis can block the Bab-el-Mandeb at any moment. In this case, tankers from Saudi Arabia will not be able to go through the Suez Canal to Europe and America. When Iran promised to do it two years ago, an uproar occurred, and now it is logical to assume that Iran decided to do it more carefully - through the hands of the Huthis.

    As a result, the price of oil will go up dramatically. Of course, this is sacrifice, because Yemen is facing a full-scale intervention. Yet, Yemen is fighting for justice - to bring Zaidi imams back to power (an ancient dynasty in northern Yemen).

    Yemen is the only country in the world, where arms trade is legal. Every man has a Kalashnikov, and patriotism remains on a very high level. The Saudis have a weak army, but they can have help from Egypt and Pakistan that depend on the funding from Saudi Arabia. The prime ministers of both Egypt and Pakistan have declared their readiness to join the ground operation. However, Egypt has bad memories of Yemen. Fifty years ago, Egypt lost 26,000 soldiers in the ill-fated military intervention in Yemen. In addition, Pakistan may receive another highly unstable border.

    Saudi Arabia will have to face higher justice. This is a Wahhabi state that funds all wars in the Middle East, trains jihadists, organizes speculative futures trading in oil and its peg to the US dollar.

    Russia and Yemen have something to talk about. The two countries can recall the cooperation in the middle of the last century, when the Soviet Union accounted for more than 50 percent of foreign loans received by South Yemen.

    1. Turkey first showed support and enthusiasm for the military operation against Yemen.
      In my opinion the events in Turkey in the last week, specially the killing of the prosecutor and the power failure across all of Turkey was a subtle Iranian-Russian response to Erdogan's plans, probably a warning against any involvement in Yemen. The power failure across all Turkey could have been due to fuel shortage due to some Turkish oil tankers not allowed to cross the Bab el Mandeb strait in Yemen. Turkey's growing economy and lack of energy resources makes it vulnerable to oil supply disruptions, their economy is always short in fuel and have very little reserves. lack of energy is the curse of Turkey, that's why they were desperate to grab north Syrian/Iraqi oil fields. Here's a chronologically sorted list of events that took place last week.

      Iran accuses Turkish leader Erdogan of fomenting regional strife ( Fri Mar 27, 2015 )

      War In Yemen: Tankers Moving Unimpeded Through Bab Al-Mandeb Oil Shipment Choke Point, Says Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (March 29 2015)

      Iran summons Turkish charge d'affaires over Erdogan comments ( Mon Mar 30, 2015)

      Turkey struck by biggest power cut in 15 years, investigation underway ( March 31, 2015 )

      Turkish prosecutor taken hostage in Istanbul (31 Mar 2015)

      Yemen's Houthis enter base on Bab el-Mandeb strait ( Mar 31, 2015 )

      Prime Minister says nationwide blackout could be caused by terrorists ( Mar 31, 2015 )

      Turkey nabs 10 Westerners, 4 Russians trying to cross into Syria to join ISIS ( 2 April 2015)

      ISIS just suffered its worst defeat yet — losing the Iraqi city of Tikrit ( 2 April 2015)

      Yemen: Turkish envoy warns against possible land operation ( 03 April 2015 )
      Turkish Ambassador to Yemen Fazli Corman says tough geography, clan system and south-north tension in the country would make any operation difficult.

    2. Aroutin, I appreciate your take on the situation in Yemen and I thank you for all the provided information. I think the crisis in Yemen is part of the bigger, global struggle between East and West. As I have mentioned in my blog commentaries we entered a new phase in international relations in 2008. For the past eight years allegiances and alliances are being reconfigured and borders are being redrawn. Western powers are doing their best to transfer the global hegemony they gained in the 20th century into the 21 century and beyond. And emerging nations like Russia, China and Iran are resisting. I personally think China's and Russia's desire to topple the US Dollar is an integral part of this struggle. The core issue in the current global struggle is not Moscow vs. West, Sunni vs. Shiite or oil prices per se but efforts by the West to preserve the US Dollar's global hegemony and the East's desire to undermine it. At its core, this struggle is therefore about freeing emerging powers like Russia and China from the shackles of the Western financial system. All else is just a nasty side-effect. This is therefore a battle for civilization. When it all ends, could be tens of years from now, the winners will set the future global order. I only hope this all remains a struggle by proxy. In other words, I hope it does not come down to a major fight between Russia, China, Iran and Western powers.

      Now, with that said, do you know how involved Iran is on the ground in Yemen? If Iran and Russia do not get somehow involved in directly helping the Houthis, I don't think they will succeed. This isn't fifty years ago. The entire country can be leveled by aerial strikes.

      PS: Saudi Arabia needs to be erased from the map of the Middle East. Because our attention is almost always drawn to Israel and Turkey as the region's rouge states, we always fail to understand just how destructive and dangerous Saudi Arabia has been.

    3. Any comments about the Iran deal? I think its a win win for Tehran I also think Israhell will sabotage it. I also think its interesting how Americans and Iranians can engage in nuclear talks at the same time work against each other in Yemen and Syria. Politics is really a deadly game, does who play well live those who don't die.

    4. Romanian AnonymusApril 3, 2015 at 11:59 PM


      It's probably better not to talk about Russia, China, Iran as "emerging nations", not even as "emerging powers". This is the language of Western interlopers into the realms of the oldest "powers" in the world. Well, you can say that they are emerging from a state of lethargy which enabled the interlopers to invade the house and plunder the pantry. There is a Romanian proverb: "When the master is not in the house, the rats dance on the table" (it's universal actually: "When the cat is away the rats dance on the table"). Now the masters are back.

    5. Arevordi, I don't agree with you here.
      My travel throughout the Middle East have taken me to Yemen a few times in the past. This country can not be destroyed or subdued by air strikes. Most of the country is very mountainous (like Afghanistan) and the majority of the population lives in villages scattered around the country. Almost every man has an AK rifle (it has always been like that). Yemenis are very militant and are not afraid of anything.
      In history, no country or empire could really conquer and control them. Any military force going into that country will achieve nothing.

    6. Zoravar, I wasn't not speaking about them being conquered. I simply meant to say their country can be devastated by bombardments if other powers don't step in and assist them. With that said, I know very little about the country. I am therefore very glad you disagree with me and I really hope you and Aroutin are right about these people.

    7. Romanian, I understand where you are coming from and I agree with you. But let's please not mince words. All nations have their ups and downs. Russia and China have both had their historic downs, now they are on the rise.

    8. Longtime reader,

      Accurate observation about politics. That's exactly why I worry about Armenia. Armenians today, as a people, are not politically capable. The following video clip from the Armenian parliament is a vivid reminder of the quality of our country's leadership and political opposition today -

      16 12 2014 Seyran Saroyan:

      Anyway, the deal reached between Iran and Washington is an interim agreement that can sour at any given time - especially since right wing Jews in the US and Israel are against it. Putting any hope in it is therefore foolish, at least at this stage. In my opinion, Washington was confronted with three options: Go to war against a very powerful country which would prove very costly for the West and its allies in the region; maintain the status quo that would see Iran achieve nuclear capability in the near future; swallow your pride and negotiate with Iran and hope for the best. Washington chose the latter. But like I said, it's far from over.

    9. On Iran, as brief as possible. The signing of the nuclear deal is only by name a "nuclear" deal, the essence of this deal is the recognition and acceptance by the world powers that Iran along with its allies (Syria and Hezbollah) are a dynamic and powerful force in the Middle East that are capable to resist US designs for the region. If there was possibility for war on Iran, it would have taken place at least 10 years ago when the nuclear program was at early stages and Russia was not in today's position. The deal already was decided to be signed during the time Lavrov-Kerry signed Syria's Chemical weapons deal. That was the time the US realized there is no possibility for military intervention in Syria, the timing of the signature was postponed until maturation of circumstances (i.e. US preparing its allies Turkey, Saudi, Israel to accept the idea or otherwise show them alternative scenarios to curb Iran's influence). The post-Soviet western focus on Iran's nuclear program as well as the sanctions aimed at halting the development of Iran was part of the neocon full spectrum world domination project.They hoped that after the fragmentation of the Soviet Union, isolating and weakening Iran paves the path for the empire to rule the world. Long story short, the US gave time (and assitance) to its allies to show their capabilities how they can halt Iran's ambitions. Turks failed in Syria (although the US turned a blind eye for all its dealings with terrorists), Israel also tried its shots and failed (supporting Nusra in the Golan stretch), finally Saudi Arabia also tried its last shot to change the region's calculus with the war on Yemen (perhaps they thaught that might drag Iran into the conflict), surprise,despite a week of bombings, Houthis managed to advance and capture Bab el Mandeb and Aden (Yemen's coast is Sunni Shafii dominated, so the fact that Houthis advanced that far proves that the bombings made the Yemenis more united). This also is evidence how ignorant western strategists are, in fact in Yemen, the Zaidis (who are a distinct branch of Shiia) among all Shiia are the closest to Sunnis, andthe Shafii Sunnis among all Sunnis are the closest to the Shiia. So their attempt to form a Sunni coalition to support their Sunni brothers in Yemen (hoping for deepened sectarian strife in Yemen is misinformed, your average Armenian arm chair general has more political wisdom than these monkeys))). Game over, US is pragmatic and thinks only of its own interests, its allies are expendable. The aftermath of the deal however is uncertain, the regional powers will continue to push their interests in the region. The rule is clear, wherever you place your foot and persevere, that shall be yours. This period may stretch for some years until the storm settles and it becomes clear who gets what. All cards are on the table. There is a chance that the axis of pigs (Turks-Zio-Saudis) might consider transporting Islamists (who are being heavily defeated in Iraq, Tikrit is liberated) to Yemen. But then I can easily see a blood bath of unprecedented scale and even ISIS are afraid to confront such a formidable enemy as Yemenis. The air bombardment on Yemen achieve nothing and sooner than later the coalition of Arab mercenaries will fall apart due to disagreements. An unintended consequence of this affair might be the leaking of Jihadists to Sinai and from there they might crawl towards Israel in a desperate attempt to reclaim their moral legitimacy in the Arab world.

    10. I agree Aroutin. They seriously contemplated the war option for over tens years but in the end Iran's aggressive posturing, diplomatic acumen and its ties with Russia convinced the Anglo-American-Jews to seek a negotiated settlement. But right wing Jews in Israel and their Christian-Zionist servants in the US are not happy and may yet sabotage the interim deal. But, all in all, Iran proved to be a formidable opponent, as we all thought it would be. Clearly defeated, Western powers and their regional Arab monkeys may seek to take out their anger and frustration on Yemen to stop the country from turning into yet another Iranian stronghold in the Middle East. As you pointed out, the worry now is that the transfer of Salafist/Wahhabist terrorists from Libya, Syria and Iraq coupled with a persistent areal bombing campaign will utterly devastate the country similar to what has happened in Libya and Syria.

      Pragmatic US? Maybe. Maybe not. Uncle Sam was faced with three options: 1) A major war they knew they could not win and a war that could easily turn global and shutdown oil flow from the Persian Gulf with devastating results to Europe and east Asia. 2) Not dealing with Iran and sanctioning Iran was clearly pushing Tehran closer to Russia and China and making it even easier for Tehran to reach nuclear capability.
      3) Making a deal with Tehran to keep Iran engaged in order to have at least some leverage over it. I think Uncle Sam chose the option three simply because the first two would just not work. In other words, Uncle Sam chose the option - "keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer". Nevertheless, the deal in question has been mostly a show for public consumption. Both sides have more-or-less agreed to keep talking and there will be a long road ahead. A most optimistic forecast: It will be a very long and difficult road until a final agreement is reached between the two parties. A more realistic forecast: The negotiations will fall part somewhere along the way because a number of special interests in Washington, not the least of which are Zionist Jews, do not want to see the rulers of Iran being given legitimacy by Western powers...

  9. Schwein George Friedman

    In Nagorno-Karabakh, the Possibility of Escalation Lingers

    1. Just remember that Stratfor is a for-profit organization run by Turcophilic and Russophobic Jews. Take their "analysis" with a grain of salt. With that said, the article did a fairly good job of presenting the situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan. However, I don't buy that Baku is not worried about a reprisal by Moscow and Yerevan. Ukraine of no Ukraine, Baku is terrified of Moscow. Arms purchases or no arms purchases, Baku knows it cannot win a war against Armenia. In my opinion, the reason for the increased number of provocations by Baku has two fundamental reasons: 1) Continue putting pressure on Yerevan to gain concessions during negotiations 2) Create enough tension in Armenia to divert attention away from the up-coming centennial. In my opinion, the reason why Yerevan has not responded forcefully to Baku's recent provocations is the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

  10. The Tax Free Tour (vpro backlight)

    Armenia's choban-in-Armani-suit oligarchs are the equivalent petty, pocket-picking, gypsy children compared the oligarchs of the west. I cannot imagine someone named Dodi Gago, or any of the other silly names they have, ever coming up with a scam this sophisticated.

  11. Video of the May 9 Victory Parade rehearsal at Alabino (near Moscow).
    New equipment never shown before can be seen.
    The tarp covered vehicles are new models that were never seen before.

    Large photo amalgamation of some of the new vehicles:
    From left to right: T-34 tank, Tigr, BTR-82, Typhoon-K, Typhoon-U, APC version of Kurganetz, IFV version of Kurganetz, T-90 tank, BMD-4, Koalitsya SPG, Boomerang APC

    The new Armata tank and it's IFV version did not take part in that rehearsal. But will be revealed too.
    The new AK-12 Kalashnikov rifle will also be paraded.

    1. This year's parade will be historically significant for a number of reasons not the least of which is current struggle between Russia and Western powers. Anyway, I will be looking forward to your commentary.

  12. The Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

    A good, dark documentary about the mass-drugging of the US Military with (highly profitable) psychiatric medication, and the extremely terrible results on and off the battlefield. Some the statistics are staggering, specially the number of different pills prescribed to one soldiers at the same time.

    Sadly I know many people (mainly non-Armenians) who are also on such "anti-depressants" and other drugs from my personal life, school, and work.

    Ps at this point the military is such a criminal, mercenary organization that it is hard to feel any sympathy for soldiers who volunteer for it. And if you are a parent who lets their kids take this crap and then your kids hang themselves, again it is hard to understand how a parent could be so negligent.

    1. Thank you for the link, Sarkis. I think this is a very serious matter and a very important topic for today. Virtually all mass homicides in the US are related to psychiatric drugs. I personally think the tragedy involving the German Wings flight is also related to these types of drugs. Mega drug companies in the US and their pushers in American society (i.e. medical professionals) have essentially created a culture within which natural human emotions and feelings are being treated as abnormal diseases. The effort to alter/manipulate the human mind is reaching alarming levels in the military where soldiers are more-or-less being used as lab animals.

    2. Thanks Arevordi. You are, unfortunately, 100% correct in you assessment. Big pharma makes billions by paying doctors to diagnose people with non-existent diseases, and then prescribing them unsafe pills that provide no cure apart from completely destroying the persons ability to think and feel. It's legalized drug-dealing. And I agree, they want to classify every behavior and emotion as some kind of imbalance, whether its young children with short attention spans, or teenagers having trouble fitting in, or adults stressed over money, worries, health, work, their love life or whatever else. The (ironically) insane DSM book ( was clearly designed to diagnose the tiniest dissatisfaction as some mental disorder in order to sell as many pills as possible. Only overly-theoretical lawyers, doctors, and their accountants and business partners (aka soulless reptiles in suits and lab-coats) could have designed this scam. I am certain that for many if not most patients, exercise, fresh air, a better diet, shutting off the jewtube and disconnecting from mainstream media and pop culture, and perhaps some spiritual nurturing from a religious authority (for those who need it) would relieve any emotional problems being felt.

      The way pills are advertised to Americans is also ridiculous. I do not watch television anymore, but I remember when I used to watch it there were non-stop commercials that followed a basic pattern: A calm, friendly woman's voice asks, "Do you ever feel tired or weak" or "Do you ever feel anxious, nervous or shy" with sad animated people shown on the screen.... "well you may have XYZ disorder... ask your doctor about our medication and get your life back on track" followed by active, smiling, happy people shown on the screen. Playing these advertisements at all is unethical enough, but playing them during South Park and Family Guy when the audience is teenagers and twenty-somethings is just plain evil, no different than playing McDonald's or other junk food commercials during commercial breaks for children's cartoons.

      Unfortunately pills are both a big business and a means of controlling the population. Paul Craig Robers recently wrote, "Scientists, like journalists, advance their careers by lying for the Establishment." And I am sad to report that a large segment of the population, especially "educated" people, place the same kind of faith in scientists that was once reserved for priests. So when you try to point out that pills, vaccines, or GMOs are either a scam, more harmful than beneficial, or otherwise being exploited for profit by the mega-corporations, you get attacked, labeled a conspiracy theorist, and generally ignored.

      And yes it is true that most of the mass-shootings and other very violent crimes involve pills, specifically "SSRI" pills aka anti-depressants ( Alex Jones is correct when he calls them "suicide pills." Some related links:

      Psychiatric Drugs, Not A Lack Of Gun Control, Are The Common Denominator In
      Murderous Violence {Originally published by Forbes right after the Sandy Hook "shooting" and then quickly deleted from Forbes website}

      Magic Trick: Promoting Diseases that Don’t Exist

      Antidepressant Can Change Intrinsic Connectivity of Brain

      Vaccines: Penalizing the Unvaccinated?

    3. Sarkis,
      I am very happy to see a young Armenian expressing such level of wisdom with regards to the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry. This topic always may seem as secondary, but in my book it is priority. The survival of a nation (and here we are interested in securing Armenia's survival) first and foremost depends on the survival of its people, which in turn, after providing them with physical security, comes the question of maintaining the human organism and its natural defenses (immunity). You said "exercise, fresh air, a better diet". let me rephrase this to "exercise, fresh air, a raw diet" based on the findings of the Great Armenian Prophet Arshavir Ter Hovannessian who was ignored and forgotten by the world and specially by Armenians, further validating the words of Jesus Christ that "no prophet is welcome in his hometown". This Armenian Genius/Saint/Prophet who lost two of his children until he came to the conclusion that cooked food is dead food, it is a poison, a craving no different to addiction to tobacco, alcohol, coffee and drugs. This comes as a shock for many people but Arshavir explained in full details of this in his book "Raw Eating", he sent thousands of copies for free to world leaders, officials and friends but to no avail. A Jew called David Wolfe from LA plagiarized the work of Arshavir word by word, his book became a bookseller, he has a huge crowd of followers (mainly the Raw Vegan) and he didn't give any credit to Arshavir.
      Hence, Armenians are in the dark, whereas Jews in this aspect are more knowledgeable than us. Therefore I dedicate this facebook page for Arshavir hope to spread his ideas to those who need them.
      I will keep posting some quotes form his book, each sentence and paragraph from his book is worth hours of contemplation.


    4. Thanks to Yerevan's complimentary politics American drug pushers operate freely in Armenia -

      Charitable Health Gift: $600,000 in Flu Vaccines to Armenia:$600000-in-flu-vaccines-to-armenia.html

    5. Thank you for the compliments Aroutin. I appreciate the information you post here as well, especially the deep and wide perspective of Middle Eastern affairs you regularly provide. If I recall correctly you once posted about having repatriated to Armenia.

      Regarding the importance of keeping our people healthy, I agree 100% with you. If we are going to call ourselves nationalists, we must incorporate care for the nation (as the nation exists, not as some mythical entity we create in our heads), and this includes improving the physical and mental well-being of the people among other things.

      Thanks for the links regarding Arshavir Ter Hovannessian. I admit that I did not know too much about him, I've only skimmed over his name in passing a few times before. I checked out some of the posts on that facebook page, it looks very informative... Admittedly moving large numbers of people to a raw diet is too big a change for most, but no efforts should be spared in providing people with information. Several of the modern Armenians mealtime habits, which include heavy amounts of խորոված, alcohol, topped off with a pack or two of cigarettes could certainly use some improvement.

      While we are on the subject of health, it is really difficult to wean off of the chemicals found in ordinary products. I think it is important to not to rush to take medication, like not rushing to Tylenol, or ibuprofen, or other "nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs" at the slightest discomfort. Same with antibiotics, I have not taken antibiotics for years and I never have a cold that lasts for more than 2-3 days.

      Another area with many questionable chemicals are face wash, soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. I switched a while back to using Made-in-Syria Aleppo soap in place of face wash and shampoo because I wanted to get rid of sodium laureth sulfate in those products. Aleppo soap is working great, and as an added bonus it does not contain tiny microbead bubbles made out of plastic like some face wash products ( Whether its food or toiletries, the corporations don't care about their consumers' well-being; in fact it appears that they actively despise their consumers.

      Other areas of concern are aluminum in deodorants and fluoride in water. Needless to say, I long ago cut out soda and junk food, and generally avoid products with corn syrup, aspartame, mono- or di- glycerides, BHT (embalming fluid!!), and in general any ingredient which I cannot pronounce without difficulty or recognize right away out of my diet. This is not an easy task.

      On the topic of vaccines, which I noticed the facebook page mentioned, I have serious concerns. Even if vaccines, for the sake of argument, were effective fifty years ago against polio (and I have heard the argument that polio, like the Medieval plague, merely ran its course) I believe that big pharma at this point is more interested in producing as many injections which it can sell to parents of newborns as possible. Selling unnecessary treatments for profit sounds like standard practice in today's medical field, and the fact that many vaccines carry ingredients like formaldehyde only serves to greatly increase my suspicion... Autism rates in the US have soared to about 1 in 68, yet the mainstream media and the indoctrination institutes (schools, media, and now social media) have made even questioning vaccination into a form of heresy that cannot be tolerated. These facts alone should raise an alarm for any critical thinker.

      On a side note, I understand seriously ill people need medical treatment. Someone who needs heart surgery cannot wing it on better food or exercise. But when the industry attempts to extract profits by convincing healthy people that they are sick and need treatment, then we have a serious problem.

  13. Arevordi, I read this writeup yesterday. Thank you for bringing up the French betrayal of 1920. I don't know any Armenians including myself that knows anything about this story. Americans, English and French are all the same shit we can't trust any of them. Also you make a very good point about Russian genocide recognition, they have lots of excuses not to do it but they do it very openly. Even our "friends" the Iranians can't get themselves to recognize our genocide but Russians do. Armenia has only one friend and ally in this world.

    Christ has risen. Happy Easter.

  14. Քրիստոս Յարեաւ Ի Մեռելոց Օրհնեալ Է Յարութիւնը Քրիստոսի

    1. Happy Easter Arevordi, and everyone else here. I hope everyone had a good celebration with their family and friends.

  15. Happy Easter everyone.

    Very timely commentary for upcoming 100 years of AG.
    If we associate ourselves with europeans or americans we will be lost as a nation. If we ever trust our security to europeans or americans a new genocide could happen.

    That said, I would be happy if Iran and China recognized the AG and condemned Turkey. It is important for our security.

  16. Just a friendly historic reminder of the inevitable outcome for arrogantly confident westerners who decided "we have to get in there and kill as many Russians as possible":

    "Bad News from France, painting depicting Napoleon encamped in a Russian Orthodox church (Vasily Vereshchagin, part of his series, "Napoleon, 1812", 1887–95)."

  17. I didn't bother reading the propaganda piece the slut at yahoo wrote, but the incredible hypocrisy of the west and its pressttitutes is breathtaking.


    Check out the author if you get a chance, she looks like a walking STD machine. Hopefully she goes to a movie or mall and runs into one of those pill-popping "James Eagan Holmes"-types we mentioned earlier. Worthless american trash.

  18. Very good read.

    Stumbling World Order and Its Impacts by Dr. Imad Fawzi Shueibi

    Despite the fact that President Barack Obama presents himself as the promoter of a New International Order organised around the NATO and certain new military pacts like the developing Joint Arab Force, the result of the public and secret military operations of the United States is breeding quite the opposite - the installation of a growing, invasive Disorder. The Syrian epistemologist Imad Fawzi Shueibi analyses this paradox from the point of view of the Straussian theory of "creative chaos", of which ISIS is the prime example


  19. Lavrov should always keep it's hand on top of Armenian diplomacy

  20. Unlike these Slav-Nazi clowns, I have actually read Mein Kampf by Hitler. It may be a complex book, but even a retard should be able to understand after a few chapters that Hitler really hated Slavs. To summarize: Hitler was born in Austria-Hungary, and one of his initial socio-political gripes was that the Austro-Hungarian state was multicultural, including Germanic and Slavic elements, and that in Hitler's view the parliamentary system (which Hitler hated) was resulted in the German element of the state and especially its capital Vienna being disenfranchised and replaced with the Slavic element. This is one of the main reasons Hitler volunteered to serve in the German military in WW1 rather than the Austro-Hungarian.

    But of course it would be silly to expect that any of these illiterate, mosh-pitting, kike-obeying "Nazi" scum from Ukraine have ever read anything in their miserable lives. These people make Armenian peasants look like seasoned, ultra-rational philosophers and strategists. That being the case, in my opinion every Slav affiliated with or fighting under a Swastika or other Nazi symbol needs to be rounded up and eliminated, with extreme prejudice.

    Ukraine’s neo-Nazi leader becomes top military adviser, legalizes fighters

    1. Romanian AnonymusApril 6, 2015 at 9:40 PM

      @kike-obeying "Nazi" scum from Ukraine

      Look at that:

    2. One must not fall into the juden trap of labelling the symbol of the sun, the svastika, with Nazis. When one visits Armenia and its thousand year old shrines, churches, monuments, it strikes the visitor with awe and amazement( if he lacks any historical knowledge) the number of svastikas to embroider the very stones making up the historical legacies. I 'll never forget a visit to the Sardarapat museum and the reaction of my foreigncompanion at the myriad of svastikas adorning ancient artifacts. The visitor asked the stewardess on duty " what are these Hitlerite emblems all over ?. She was quick to retaliate by telling the visitor. The svastika is an aryan symbol, an armenian symbol, the Germans borrowed it. The fact that a nationalist group or movement adopts the symbol of the aryan, the symbol of the sun, should not be castigated by calling it Nazi, fascist or Hitlerite. The Ukranian nationalists, the genuine nationalists, not the fake ones representing the hidden power , may use the svastika, and the Juden power pulling the strings of this movement allow them for expediency purposes. It suits the propagandists and it is grist to its mills, to classify the nationalist, or any nationalistss, as Nazis. It earns automatic opporbium and a pavlovian reaction of instant rejection. The Juden rules in today's Ukranine, in alignment with the global juden Kabala. The Banderite, the straggler nationalists, the patriots, these are simply cannon fodder and yeast for the dough. The Banderites were never anti Russian, they were anti bolcheviks. They fought with the Germans against Juden bolchevism, not against the Russian people.

  21. One thing i can not understand is the need to continue cooperation with Nato. No Armenian soldier should participate in any anti-russian military exercises unless they are there for purpose that serves Armenian-Russian interests.

    1. TK, you are having a difficult time accepting stuff like this because you do not think Yerevan's "complimentary politics" is sincere. Well, it is sincere. As a result of its willingness to maintain ties with Western powers there are large numbers of Western agents throughout Yerevan, including within the presidential staff. Let's not fool ourselves: Armenians are by nature and character very naive, individualistic, arrogant, materialistic and money grubbing. There is no intellectual depth, spirituality or ideological conviction within Armenia society today. It is therefore very-very easy to feed the Armenian ego and get it to do whatever you want it to do.

      How else would you explain Armenian troops joining hands with Armenia's enemies and participating in anti-Russian military drills? How else would you explain that one of the world's largest US embassies is in Armenia? How else woudl you explain Yerevan's on-going cooperation with IMF and USAID? How else woudl you explain that a tiny nation like Armenia has hundreds of Western funded NGOs and they have the freedom to do as they please? How else would you explain the existence of dangerous activists such as Raffi Hovanissian, Vartan Oskanian, Paruyr Hayrikian, Levon Petrosian, Jirayr Sefilian, Richard Giragosians, Zaruhi Postanjyan, Alik Arzumanian, Levon Parseghyan, Igor Muradyan, Nikol Pashinyan, etc? How else would you explain the actions of Founding Parliament?

      If Armenia has remained in the Russian orbit it is the result of a handful of Armenians from Nagorno Karabakh - primarily Kocharyan and Ohanyan. Had it not been for Artsakhtis Armenia would have either been laid waste by Russians or simply be turned into a cheep brothel servicing Turks, Azeris, Georgians and Westerners.

      PS: There is an added danger to these types of joint military operations most of us are failing to understand. I know for a fact that such events are used by Western intelligence to recruit agents. I have no doubt that due to these types of contacts between Armenians and Westerners, there are a number of Western agents right within Armenia's military apparatus.

    2. There we go, Arevordi preventive actions from NSS re founding parliament.

    3. ANC is quick to protect them, I am sure they are behind this movement. Financing must be coming from USA and Masonic leaders in Lebanon.

      Watch out for Anelik Bank.

    4. Arevordi as to believing if government's complimentary policy is sincere I think it was. Not anymore. After USSR's collapse all republics including Russia had a sincere policy to integrate with the west. Some did.
      I think Armenia is in a process of integrating with new Eurasian axis (Russia, China etc.). It's complimentary policy will gradually become a lip service.
      Western infestation in Armenian society is a problem but i think it is a priority issue for the government, they are not sleeping. I think they are moving in right direction without hasty actions. How can they cut all ties with the west? It is not possible, even Russia while being targeted still continues dialog.

    5. TK,

      I also see Yerevan's Eastern reorientation. After about twenty years of complimentary politics, Yerevan is finally headed to where it naturally belongs. Complimentary politics made sense in the 1990s. Today, it's dangerous. As we all know Armenia has become saturated by Western operatives as a result of Yerevan's flirtations with the West. Consequently, there are West-leaning characters in the Armenian parliament. There are West-leaning characters in the Central Bank. There are West-leaning characters in the current ruling administration. While some in Yerevan may be wise enough to begin looking Eastward, some are still foolishly continuing to look Westward.

      How can you remedy this "Western infestation" as you rightly called it when you allow criminals like Nuland into your country and then allow her to meet with your activists? How can you remedy this Western infestation if you continue cooperating with IMF and USAID? How can you remedy this Western infestation if you send your military personnel to conduct military drills with NATO? How can you remedy this Western infestation when you have one of the largest CIA headquarters in the world operating in your tiny country? How can you remedy this Western infestation when you have hundreds of Western funded NGOs freely performing a number of sociopolitical experiments in your country?

      With that said, I have never called for cutting all ties with the Western world. When I say "West" I specifically mean the Anglo-American-Jewish political order and not Europe or even America per se. When I say "West" I specifically mean organizations such as IMF, World Bank, USAID and NATO and not Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, GM, ect. I actually think we Armenians have a lot to learn from western corporations. We have a lot to learn from western expertise. We also need a lot of western tourism.

      With that said, I do want Yerevan to curb (lesson/limit) its exposure to the political West. I do want Yerevan to end its dependency to the US Dollar. I do want Yerevan to stop cooperating with the IMF, USAID and NATO. I do think Armenia is too young, too weak and too inexperienced to sit at the table with the absolute masters of deceit and manipulation.

      Even a massive superpower like Russia is suffering terribly today due to its overexposure to the West. All the cooperation Moscow did with the West throughout the past 20-25 years has come to hurt it today. But since Russia is a very large and wealthy superpower and Russians tend to be very patriotic, Russia will survive. Will Armenia?

      You know very well that the US Dollar is venerated like a god in Armenia. Western officials know they have something that Armenians worship. They therefore know that they can use it to lure Armenians to do their bidding. So, dialog and lip service is fine as long as you are not accepting things from them. As soon as you accept money or any other kind of assistance from them you give them the advantage and the opportunity to meddle in your country. Examples are many: Egypt, Serbia, Tunisia, Venezuela, Greece, Ukraine, Libya, Nicaragua, Georgia, Argentina...

    6. T.K., I agree with you and Arevordi. I know Armenia is trying to be a commercial hub between Russia and the West, that's a good thing but it's a risky operation. Like Arevordi said Armenia is not mature enough to handle these people safely. Look at Assad and Gaddafy experiences, they opened up to the West and in a few years their country was destroyed. When we deal with the West Russkies will always be looking over our shoulders. I guess it's a good thing. Here's an article you both will enjoy:

    7. Very well said, Arto. Nothing would make me happier than to see Armenia become a commercial hub between East and West. I know this is one of the motivations behind Yerevan's current complimentary politics. But Yerevan has to figure out a way to do this without collaborating with the likes of IMF, NATO and USAID. I personally do not think Armenians are experienced enough or mature enough to safely sit at negotiation tables with Western powers without, as you said, Russians looking over our shoulders...

    8. EEU is in itself a vehicle to replace the IMF, USAID etc. This new integration process will allow Armenia to break free from western financial chokehold. I think Armenia is also betting on better ties with China for the same reason. We all want to see fast changes but i think it will take years until we see tangible results.

    9. It was a very pleasant surprise for me to see how warmly President Sargsyan was treated by Beijing.

  22. Russian ruble is the best performing money in 2015. Proof you dont need the US to do well in this world: Russian ruble seen as world’s best performing currency, hits 2015 high

    Happy Easter to all my brothers in Christ.

  23. Some might find this interview with a Russian think tank/intel analyst rather interesting:
    (for the Anglo-Zionist take)
    (for the long version of the interview in Russian)

    He thinks the Western oligarchy wants to break up Russia, amongst other things. There is a war of civilizations, but the usual radical Muslims are just pawns in Western control. The states around Russia are vulnerable to destabilization.


    1. USA thinks within a year or two it will finish setting up the missile shield, after which, it can go for a first strike and dodge a Russian counter strike. Russia on the other hand knows this, and is on full throttle to destroy the dollar because without another trillion dollar, the missile shield will not materialize.

      Meanwhile, the empire will play the Islamist card against Russia, probably soon.

  24. Civilitas Lragi and Hetq is reporting the arrests of FP radicals

    1. It is reported that Sefelian has been detained. This poor seed of Armenian provenance should be taken out of the political circuit and politically neutered, together with the rest of the proditor gangs polluting Armenian politics. The authorities allowed this scum stem sufficient rope to wrap himself with and now they have taken action.


    2. Although we Armenians have had numerous war heroes in foreign armies (particularly Russian and Soviet), we have had very small numbers of war heroes fighting for an independent Armenia. Perhaps this is the reason why every single person who has fought in an Armenian war effort and made a name for himself is venerated today.

      While understandable, our unconditional love of war heroes may be counterproductive.

      Armenians need to be mature enough to move away from the notion that just because someone courageously fought in the war of liberation in Artsakh needs to be unconditionally venerated for the rest of his life. What gives people the stupid idea that just because someone is courageous on the battlefield has to be a good politician? What makes people think that a war hero has to be emotionally stable, psychologically normal or even smart?

      Armenians need to stop bestowing supernatural powers to their war heroes, even to the likes of Monte Melkonian.

      Chances are had Monte been alive today he would have also been a militant oppositionist. The man was patriotic, idealistic, courageous and disciplined. Perfect for the battlefield... but what was his take on politics? What was his intellectual depth? How stable was he emotionally? How broad was his understanding of the world he lived in? How well did he understand Armenia's geopolitical predicaments? Would he seek to topple the Armenian government because of prevailing poor sociopolitical conditions in Armenia? Would he look at Armenia's alliance with Russia as a serious problem? Chances are Monte would not be a friend of this blog.

      War heroes usually don't fare well in times of peace.

      This is a norm around the world. Consider how Zhukov was treated by Stalin after the Second World War. Similar processes happen even in the West. General Douglas MacArthur had serious problems in American society after the war. And General Patton, the "legendary" American war hero, was assassinated by his government simply because he was too vociferous and too extreme -

      General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book :

      Patton actually wanted to continue the war against the Soviet Union. I think Uncle Sam did the world a favor by having Patton killed. By killing him, Uncle Sam also gave future generations of Americans an unblemished, iconic war hero. Which brings up another norm: Dead war heroes are more effective in serving their nations than living war heroes.

      Yes, we need to respect out war heroes but we cant tolerate destructive behavior by them. We need to respect our war heroes but we must expect them to play a ceremonial role in peace times.

      Moreover, I have said this before: ASALA, the organization many Armenians today venerate because of its past accomplishments, is a foreign supported operation today. The ASALA representative in France is a nutjob most probably under a French payroll. Monte's ASALA associate Alex Yenikomshian who is currently one of the leaders of Founding Parliament is also an agent most probably working for the French.

      Anyway, they should hang a medal on Jirayr's neck, thank him for his services to Artsakh twenty years ago and send him back home to Burjhamood. He would probably make himself more useful in Syria.

    3. PS: We also need to be mature enough to disregard and ignore the "politics" of Armenian celebrities. Who turned Charles Aznavour, Ruben Hakhverdian or Serj Tankian into political analysts? What in the life of our politically outspoken celebrities has made them experts on international relations or military matters? Expressing thoughts is one thing, but why do we give such people so much weight when it comes to political issues? Armenians are like troubled children.

    4. Why spend energy trying to dilucidate Monty's moves after the liberation of Artsakh ? Monty served his purpose, and destiny took him away at the right time, a hero, untainted by political affiliations. Had Monty been alive and tried to be in opposition he would have disfigured his memory and written himself off as a " has been". There is no other option for us Armenians to be rutheless and non compromising with any kind of internal enemies. For better or worse we are joined in the hip with Russia. We better make the best of this joint union. We are alone in this jungle, save for Russia, , Monty or no Monty, and do not expect anything good from the west other than deceit, perfidy and treachery. I respect and worship Monty;s memory. He is dead , he belongs with the dead heroes. God was merciful maybe not to allow him to live. It would have been a grand dissappointment to see him in the rank and files of the trecherous opposition. Piper

    5. I wholeheartedly agree. But why stop there? I would go a step further and say, it's a good thing that these young boys are getting killed at the front lines as well. You never know, they might become or be used as a tool of the opposition. In the words of the great Tallat Pasha, "those who are innocent today, maybe guilty tomorrow." You people DISGUST me.


    6. When you present Seyran Saroyan as a Choban-in-Armani suit, which I wholeheartedly agree with, don't leave out his other viewpoints which are in exact duplication of yours:


    7. Had you read my blog commentary you would have realized that I referred to the ArmeniaNow link you posted and said "even Armenia's chobans-in-Armani-suites recognize [certain] universal wisdom". In others words, I was saying even some of our chobans-in-Armani-suits are smarter than the likes of you.

    8. Oh, a select and choose policy, how very convenient!

    9. Only idiots see the world in black and white tones.

    10. Arevordi that was another brilliant analysis! I have had the same thoughts about Monte Melkonian. He was undoubtedly brave and did more for Armenia than any of us here on the battlefield, but from what I have been able to gather, his political views were close to being insane. Those intellectually-weak hardliners are putty in the hands of the the Anglo-American-Zionists (best examples are the "Nazis" in Ukraine and the Balkans, and the fanatics in the Islamic world). Using Monte as a hypothetical example was perfect, I suspect he would have ended up somewhere between Jirayr Selfishyan and Paruhi Hayrikyan.


      Regarding Sahak, I am nearly certain we are dealing with someone who reached puberty only a few months ago and the hormones are making him extra emotional and irrational. The immediate Talaat Pasha quote makes me suspect he is an AYF pansy.

    11. Romanian AnonymusApril 12, 2015 at 2:18 AM

      @American spy chiefs wanted Patton dead because he was threatening to expose allied collusion with the Russians that cost American lives.

      The book talks about "criticism of allied leaders". What was actually Patton criticizing?

      'Gen Patton's Clear Vision - Why He Was Murdered 12-5-9' @
      There are some comments based on his diary:

      "Having immediately recognized the Soviet danger and urged a course of action which would have freed all of eastern Europe from the communist yoke with the expenditure of far less American blood than was spilled in Korea and Vietnam and would have obviated both those later wars not to mention World War III -- Patton next came to appreciate the true nature of the people for whom World War II was fought: the Jews.
      Most of the Jews swarming over Germany immediately after the war came from Poland and Russia, and Patton found their personal habits shockingly uncivilized.
      He was disgusted by their behavior in the camps for Displaced Persons (DP's) which the Americans built for them and even more disgusted by the way they behaved when they were housed in German hospitals and private homes. He observed with horror that "these people do not understand toilets and refuse to use them except as repositories for tin cans, garbage, and refuse . . . They decline, where practicable, to use latrines, preferring to relieve themselves on the floor."

      These experiences and a great many others firmly convinced Patton that the Jews were an especially unsavory variety of creature and hardly deserving of all the official concern the American government was bestowing on them.

      Another September diary entry, following a demand from Washington that more German housing be turned over to Jews, summed up his feelings:
      "Evidently the virus started by Morgenthau and Baruch of a Semitic revenge against all Germans is still working. Harrison (a U.S. State Department official) and his associates indicate that they feel German civilians should be removed from houses for the purpose of housing Displaced Persons. There are two errors in this assumption. First, when we remove an individual German we punish an individual German, while the punishment is -- not intended for the individual but for the race."

      By this time the Morgenthauists and media monopolists had decided that Patton was incorrigible and must be discredited. So they began a non-stop hounding of him in the press, a la Watergate, accusing him of being "soft on Nazis" and continually recalling an incident in which he had slapped a shirker two years previously, during the Sicily campaign. A New York newspaper printed the completely false claim that when Patton had slapped the soldier who was Jewish, he had called him a "yellow-bellied Jew."
      "Another point which the press harped on was the fact that we were doing too much for the Germans to the detriment of the DP's, most of whom are Jews".

      There is more, of course.

  25. This is just the circus ringmaster worming up.

    Full scale ridiculing inevitable. I don’t want any publicity from these whores. Can’t think of any positive coming out of this.

    PS. The article showed up on the front page of the Google news. I hope this is because I frequently search the news site for Armenia and Google thought that this is a relevant news for Armenia to display on the front page.

    1. When the world's most famous "Armenian family" is made up of low class, materialistic whores from the US, it says a lot about modern Armenian civilization. When low class, materialistic whores are adored and venerated throughout the world, it says a lot about the times we are living in. We are living in a period in human existence where degenerate values (i.e. filthy behavior) is worshiped - all thanks to the overpowering influence of the Anglo-American-Jewish civilization around the world.

      I have no problems with the Kardashians going to Armenia. I am actually glad they are there spending money and getting to know their ancestral roots. My problems is with the big deal our idiots are making about her visit. When someone like her is placed on a pedestal (e.g. extensive press coverage, interviews, meeting government representatives, being escorted around the country, adoring fans lining up to see her, etc) it sends an unmistakable signal to society and that signal is: Being a whore has great advantages in this day in age. What kind of a role model is she for young people in Armenia? Getting ahead in life by being a flashy porn start? Is this what young girls in Armenia need to see? Armenia is already suffering terribly from these kinds of Western/American/Capitalistic values.

      With that said, why aren't top rate scientists, philosophers, writers, poets, musicians, artists, clergymen, doctors and professors venerated like this by humans? And we wonder why humanity is in constant turmoil.

    2. Arevordi, celebrity worship is part of Western culture going far back as Roman times.

    3. The euphoria generated by the kardashin clan ( some do refer them as porn actresses; whereas the mainstream media refers to them as reality show actresses ? In typical hollywoodian vernacular.). Whatever they are,( porno queens, epic monuments to immorality and modern times moral debauchery, reality queens, etc) because of their celebrity status
      around the world if they can aid the international cause, well and good. There was a piece of news by hypocrite sky tv, about the kardashin arrival in yerevan, and something about the genocide at the hands of ottoman soldiers. What ottoman soldiers ? Who were this ottoman soldiers ? Whose orders did they follow ? . The impression conveyed is unmistakable, some rogue soldierly crime was committed, not a carefully crafted, methodically executed extermination program of an entire race by the Turkish government. Stinking, malodorous,
      deceitful reporting. Typical Hebraic double speak. Coming to the dwindling presence of Christianity in the ME. The question is whether there is any purpose or meaning of a Christian presence in that part of the world ? Who wants to live in the ME , I mean what non Muslim group or community would want to live as a despised minority in that part of the world ? The Christian world is gradually losing its living space. The tsunami of Afro-Asian immigration into traditionally Christian hearthen it is ominously a mortal threat. Confronted with the real facts of a replacement of population in their own living space, and a seemingl impotency to deal with it; it is unthinkable of Christianity flourishing in the ME. The new pope in the Vatican has exhorted Christians to be humble, pacifist, embrace human brotherhood and avoid and elude success and triumphalism. Avoid success and triumphalism. A perfect Hebraic prescription for the dissolution and eradication of what it's considered by them as human flotsam. Piper

    4. We are in an era and historical phase of worshipping the human races at its basest and lowliest levels. The worship of the simian races. It is utterly bemusing the conduct of the main stream media ( fully crippled in the hands of the chosen). 99 % of news streaming is in their iron clad hands. Check the following hypocrisy, misrepresentation, foggy reporting and communication skulduggery. Sky news , once again had clips and news runs and reruns of the infamous Lawrence case , in the UK, after 20 years. Who was Lawrence, a Jamaican primate who challenged the law and was sent to the spiritual world ( if there is such a world). After 20 years or more the brain of the transfixed audiences is bombarded and corrupted with the Lawrence face, racial discrimination, institutional discriminates, anti whitisms and pro negroism. There was another news run and run about a white policemen in the states that shot a primate running away in suspicious circumstances. The announcer, almost had tears in her eyes , and a doleful voice narrated the sequence of images. The message is clear, whites are carnivorous beasts and they shoot " innocent " simians on the run or escaping interrogation. Another news run and rerun is about Anne Frank, yes None other than Annita Frank. What was the news, well it had to do that Anne Frank was not hiding in the attic, but in an ante room. However no runs and reruns was mentioned about the negro beast that killed a young mother of six, because she spurned his advances. The interesting case of the beast was that he had been convicted for a crime against another female 8 years ago and had been sentenced to be deported. But the animal was not deported, he was let loose amongst the citizenry for the beast to commit a second crime. This despicable case took place in the degenerate, oblivion destined UK. We did not see any of this news on Sky . Worship the basest races in humanity, that is the agenda of the hebraics.

    5. Piper,

      You are basically tolerating the degenerate by-product of modern Anglo-American-Jewish cultural values and the overwhelming influence it has on human society. The Kardashian whores are part of a vast array of powerful "cultural" tools Anglo-American-Jews are currently using to destroy western civilization and Christian values. Believe it or not, the Kardashian sisters are powerful tools of Westernization, Americanization, Globalism, multiculturalism, interracialism, atheism, corporatism, celebrity worship, etc.

      Your tolerance of them is therefore quite strange in my opinion.This is what I mean when I say we the sheeple give them their powers.

      With that said, are you happy that they also posed in front of the Mother Armenia monument? What's the message there? Mother Armenia is now being represented by three low class, materialistic, superficial, physically enhanced, Hollywoodian whores who made a big name for themselves by filming their sexual encounters with black-American celebrities?

      Whatever "positive" impact their visit to Armenia will have on Armenia will be short-lived and superficial at best. However, long after whatever positive they may have brought to Armenia is gone and forgotten, the negative impact on Armenia and on human society in general will remain.

      This is what I mean when I warn people about the invisible power of Western social engineering and cultural subversion.

      We Armenians don't need the Kardashians attracting attention to Armenia or to the Armenian Genocide. The Armenian Genocide is not recognized in Western powers not because of Armenia's "obscurity" or the lack of "awareness" amongst western peoples but because of GEOPOLITICS and because JEWS don't want competition. Therefore regardless of how slutty the Kardashians will act they will NOT change the geopolitical calculus of the Western world. And if they can't do so, then why are we making such a big deal about them? Why are we bestowing upon them a larger than life status? Are we Armenians this desperate? Are we this insecure? Are we this low class? Maybe we are. But I am not about to join the rest of the crowd.

      PS :I personally have nothing against the Kardashian sisters. I have nothing against flashy people who make a name for themselves regardless of how they do it. I have nothing against independent women with loose morals. I actually believe non-traditional women are attractive and they have an important place in society. My problem is simply this: We should not be putting such people on a pedestal as if they are royalty. We should not be adoring such people are if they have advanced human civilization. Once more: This is all symbolic of the dangerous times we are living in.

    6. I am not supportive, nor approve seeing the K's parading in front of our monuments. It is tantamount to defacing the monuments. Neither I feel comfortable viewing her prized schwartzer paramour and the hybrid droplet in tow.. It is an abhorrent and execrable display of miscegenation conveying a subtle message to the audience to
      emulate her example. But that is my personal view. I was surprised to learn the President received them at a reception. The government might have figured out that a momentary publicity could be had owing to their famous worldwide sex stars celebrity.
      Whores and harlots are venerated by the Hollywood Karbala, and exalted beyond reason. A potent tool expertly used in the process of dumbing down and degrade the populace. The media do their job, to pander and eulogize low life forms, like Madonna and other whoring ensembles. Piper

  26. "At the turn of the twentieth century the Christians accounted for 20 to 25 percent of the population of the Middle East. Today they are barely 2 percent. Their numbers have been declining steadily because of low birth rates, and emigration for economic reasons; but many have been forced to leave because of violence and wars, and as a result of overt discrimination, and persecution."

    "Yes, we may be witnessing the twilight of Christianity in the Levant and Mesopotamia. It is conceivable that in few years there will be no more a living Christian community in Jerusalem or Bethlehem for the first time in 2000 years, only monks and priests tending to the stones of monasteries and churches being visited by the tourists. An Arab world without its Christian communities will be more insular, more rigid, less hospitable and more desolate."

    1. We are witnessing the twilight of Christianity in the Levant and Mesopotamia because of policies implemented by the Anglo-American-Jewish political order.

    2. Romanian AnonymusApril 11, 2015 at 4:32 AM

      Policies adumbrated in the notorious "Clash of Civilizations" of Samuel Huntington, 1996. It looks even as a blue print for the reorganization of the Middle East and the whole World after.

      In 1994, in an interview, Ata Abu Rashta [the global leader of the Islamic political party Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Party of Liberation, associated with the goal of all Muslim countries unifying as an Islamic state or caliphate ruled by Islamic law (sharia) and with a caliph head of state elected by Muslims] said, "The establishment of the Caliphate is now a general demand among Muslims, who yearn for this: the call for Islamic government (the Caliphate) is widespread in Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, Algeria and so on. Before Hizb al-Tahrir launched its career the subject of the Caliphate was unheard of. However, the party has succeeded in establishing its intellectual leadership, and now everyone has confidence in its ideas, and talks about it: this is clear from the media worldwide".
      In 1998 this general demand becomes official line: "Party indicates that the Caliphate is now the wish of all the Muslims".
      In 2010-11 "Party helps ignite the Syrian Revolution and heavily invests in it, hoping that the revolutionary fighters would unite under an Islamic umbrella and agree upon an Islamic Caliphate".

      The Party was founded by Taqiuddin al-Nabhani in Jerusalem in 1953. Between 1978 and 1994 the Party reached, as its leaders put it "a state of total surrender and despair and was not responding to anything... this had caused the level of activity to decline almost to standstill, mainly due to misconceptions."

      All that was accompanied by a sustained PR campaign to denounce any warnings about the intentions of Hizb-ut Tarhrir, or opposition to, as Islamophobia. On the other hand, despite its loud mouthed anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, it never took any action against Israel, on the contrary making the laughable recommendations that it adopts the methods "employed by the Prophet Muhammad [who] limited his struggle for the establishment of the Islamic State to intellectual and political work. He established this Islamic state without resorting to violence." In actual fact "senior members" of Hizb ut-Tahrir are quoted condemning Hamas on the grounds that sending poorly armed Palestinians now against the Israeli army is "fruitless," and that military operations against Israel and its occupation of Palestinian lands should await a united Caliphate and the combined armies of Islam", the Malhama (the Great War of End Times), when the Islamic Messiah, the Mahdi, will destroy the Anti-Christ Al-Dajjal, along with Juj and Majuj (Gog and Magog)- who Muslim luminaries assure us are the Russians and the Chinese - and the rest of the Christians who would not convert to Islam.
      So, the Caliphate was on the drawing boards of the CIA/MI6, Mossad, strategists since the Cold War. The objective was the unification of the "Muslim civilization" and its transformation into an element of "clash" with the "Orthodox and Sinic (Chinese) civilizations". ISIS is the fruition of all those efforts.
      Despite the fact that it was designed as a terrorist organization, it survived proposed bans in Australia and the UK, after clearance from the intelligence services and police. In Australia it attains levels of insolence that are hard to digest, but nevertheless both the authorities and assorted politically correct cretins are more preoccupied to combat Islamophobia and to abuse Christians who protest. Reporting massacres committed by Muslims must always been "balanced" by evocation of historical wrong doings of Christians against Muslims, preferably the "massacres by the Crusaders".

      For us, we should heed the recommendation of Jesus Christ : "Then if anyone says to you, 'Behold, here is the Christ,' or 'There He is,' do not believe him".

      Have a wonderful Pascha!
      Christ is risen!

    3. I wish all our Orthodox brothers a very Happy Easter.

      Christ has risen!

  27. The blatant criminality of the US regime and its puppet governments across the world becomes more brazen day-by-day. The criminal establishment in Washington passes these terrorists off as "democracy activists" while taking every opportunity to belittle and denigrate countries that are not in line with Washingtonian imperial diktats, including leveling ridiculous accusations of "limiting press freedom". This is the kind of second-rate terrorist that a supposedly "prestigious" institution like Harvard invites to give a presentation... What a disgusting display. I don't buy for a second that the assholes at Harvard were not aware of the type of scum they invited to their campus.

    Ukrainian Analyst Proposes Murdering Russian Journalists in Sniper Attacks

    "I know how to resolve the problem of waning attention and to bring media attention to a new level. The Ukrainian army must selectively and carefully eliminate Russian journalists covering the situation in Donbass. We need to direct Ukrainian army snipers to shoot people wearing PRESS helmets, making them priority targets," Romanenko wrote, recalling his comments before the Harvard audience.

    1. Well since they're Uniates, they must be traitors to Orthodoxy.

      BTW, this link right here is an interesting one:

  28. World famous conductor Vladimir Spivakov just arrived in Armenia to perform classical music concerts in commemoration of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Will he be paraded around Armenia like a hero or is that honor reserved only for westernized whores?

    Vladimir Spivakov arrives in Yerevan for three concerts on the Armenian genocide centenary:

    1. Vladimir Spikvakov is an elite amongst elites. High culture. High culture does not normally spill over on the streets; It is admired and appreciated only by a few. On the other hand the populace/plebeians can only be made happy with bread and circus. Westernized whores and Mesalina's are supreme yeasts for bread and circus entertainment. Piper

    2. Exactly, Piper. Examples are many today. There was a historic mass celebrated in Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican yesterday during which the Pope recognized the Armenian Genocide -

      Holy Mass for the faithful of Armenian Rite - 2015.04.12:

      The mass was actually specifically held in honor of Armenians. During the rituals Saint Gregory of Narek was proclaimed the Doctor of the Catholic Church, Katolikos' Garegin and Aram gave excellent speeches and the Holy Eucharist was prepared under the sounds of the Armenian Duduk. It was a momentous event. But, for all its historic importance, it took a backseat to a bunch of professional whores from the US and their low class, arrogant, hoodlum tag-along rapper who actually thinks he is Jesus -

      Kanye West Jumps into the Lake During Yerevan Concert:

      The fact that the masses are satisfied merely by mind-numbing nonsense and animalistic titillation is the reason why Western powers have sway over humanity and why democracy is a very scary thing.

  29. Mr. Joachim Hagopian on West Point, the declining state of the US military, and the general decline of the United States:

    Much of Hagopian's writings remind me of Arevordi's blog. The part about US military history reminded me especially of this comment from Arevordi:

    An alternative look at US military history:

    Other than in the Pacific campaign against Japan in which US forces resorted to using atomic bombs to avoid major combat operations inside mainland Japan, the US military has not been truly impressive in any other major conflict. That includes:

    - WWI, when they joined in the war effort with France and Britain against Germany only in 1917

    - European front in WWII, when again late in the war they joined Britain and Soviet Union against Germans

    - Korea was a mostly a failure

    - Vietnam was a total failure

    - Lebanon in 1983 was a failure

    - Afghanistan (2001) is a failure

    - Iraq (2003) is a failure

    Partial/unimpressive/incomplete military successes were against:

    - Iraq (1991), when a international coalition of over half a million men attacked Hussein's antiquated forces conveniently dug into the open dessert

    - Serbia (1999), when NATO went on a ruthless aerial bombing campaign until Milosevic surrendered

    The only 'major war' against almost an equally powerful foe that the US waged successfully on its own (without any help from allies) was against southern separatists during mid-19th century.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot: I admit, Granada and Panama were 'total' successes LOL

  30. ​Has anyone else noticed that on asbarez and the other Armenian news websites, not a single negative comment about Kim Kardashian has been published? I know Armenians well enough to know that there are always a few people to call out people like Kim for being glorified porn stars and especially for having a black spouse and mulatto offspring. But the only comments on asbarez are "thanks for visiting your fatherland and recognizing the Armenian Genocide, you are a hero". I guess a policy of total censorship and direct promotion of Armenian-Black miscegenation has been agreed upon.

    Glory to the Dashnaks and their "free" media! They never, ever fail to disappoint. I'd hate to think of what ultra-liberal, multiracial atmosphere that is being pushed in AYF centers across the country on very young Armenian children.


  31. Let's do a quick quarter-year analysis, there are a few noteworthy points to review. There are just my opinions, so if they are wrong let me know:

    -MURDER IN GYUMRI: The murder of the Armenian family was a great tragedy, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we felt terrible for the victims. However, the west was very quick to politicize and weaponize the occurrence, literally within minutes of the tragedy occurring. We were forced to counter western propaganda, which put us in the uncomfortable position of playing politics over a massacred family -- the guilt for this lies entirely with the west and particularly the western-controlled Armenian opposition... Fortunately, it seems that the public's emotions towards the events have died down. I don't think there is any risk of the incident being used again to flare up protestors. Gyumri will remain calm, the Russian military will remain firmly in place. Hopefully in the background the investigation has yielded important facts about the mysterious killings, and the Russians have moved the rectify the problems which had been persisting at the base.

    -FOUNDING PARLIAMENT: They tried to create a scene on the border with Artsakh with their convoy of cars, and they were met with a very harsh response. The public did not seem willing to swallow that dangerous publicity stunt too well after the fact either. Perhaps this is why there has been practically no real protest over the arrest of Jirayr Selfishyan and his co-conspirators. I think Armenians are mature enough that they don't want to deal with any more "revolutionaries" who are going to cause another March 2008, which will only achieve dead civilians, a government crackdown on media and on public assemblies, embolden Azeri provocations (already higher than usual), and of course give the west a reason to berate Armenia and punish its civilians by restricting aid (such as the messed up decision in 2008 to cut off "Millennium Challenge" funding that was supposed to be non-political infrastructure projects designed to help the poor.

    -ARMENIAN OPPOSITION: Still fragmented to pieces. LTP, Raffy Hovannisian, Paruhi Hayrikyan, Founding Parliament, and the rest are totally marginalized and unable to muster up a large number of protesters. The ARF is also hopeless. And surprisingly, the Tsarukyan-Sargsyan "war" ended very quicky, with Tsarukyan pretty much retiring from politics. So Prosperous Armenia has also been neutered. For better or worse, the Kocharyan-Sargsyan-Ohanyan group under the banner of the Republican Party will be unchallenged for a little while. I wish in the meantime that more Republican MPs would change from "businessmen" to actual professionals.

    -RUSSIAN ECONOMY: The west launched its major attack. Panic was predicted from various corners. The ruble experienced a mini-crisis....... And now things have settled down to a stable level, and Russia's economy has nowhere to go but up.

    -NOVOROSSIYA: A total victory for Russia. No surprises here. I wonder how long Kiev can stagger on before a general collapse.

    -APRIL 24: I'm very happy with the strong support Russia is showing Armenia.

    -WAR WITH AZERBAIJAN: Very tragically soldiers are dying in order to defend Armenia/Artsakh from invasion. But their sacrifices have allowed Armenia to hold a solid frontline, despite Azerbaijan throwing its "best" soldiers at Armenia in their recent raid attempts. We know as April 24 approaches things will only get more dangerous. Some preemptive activity may be required on the part of Armenia... Also, on a side note, Azerbaijan's economy has recently experienced some unprecedented turmoil. They will have to be watched very closely.

  32. The US has gone so low, it can't even evacuate its citizens.

    Just by watching this clip, I'm amazed that Russia has actually done the job of evacuating foreigners, including EU and US citizens that the citizens of their respective countries should have done. And what's worse is that the US won't act so grateful to Putin for saving the lives of Americans trapped in Yemen.

  33. There was a comment on Home.Arm, ( an armenian newspaper on line from Yerevan where they called the negger rapper," our son in law". Kim is our daugther and Kayne is our " son in law". This is like falling down a toilette bowl and be flushed out into the sewers.

    1. This is also like smearing shit on your face to get attention. The stated excuse for venerating people that happen to be society's lowest scum is the gaining of attention for Armenia and the Armenian Genocide. What a wonderful situation. Professional whores and filthy hoodlums are representing Armenia! We are on the map finally! We have nothing to worry about now! This all speaks volumes about our people's low quality today. Whereas "drunk" Russians and bad Soviets brought high culture and intellectuality into Armenian society, thanks to the Westernization of Armenia during recent decades, Armenians are systematically devolving.

    2. A friend just reminded me that Spivakov's wife is Armenian. So I guess that makes Vladimir Spivakov a "son in law" as well. Let's see how many Armenians will be throwing themselves into the Swan Lake for him. Symbolically, the Spivakovs and the Kardashians are actually very good representatives of the civilizations they represent. Once more: Whereas "drunk" Russians and "godless" Soviets brought refined culture and intellectuality into Armenian society, thanks to the Westernization of Armenians in recent decades Armenians are systematically devolving.

    3. The comparisons are akin to the representatives of deculturalized debris and sleaze, versus those of refinement, art and high culture. The K had her hybrid nigglet baptized in Jerusalem. It would be interesting to see if ,according to our law , whether the baptized toddler is now considered an Armenian ? , although racially he is most definitely not. I know of an acquaintance (75 years old ) who applied for Armenian citizenship in the Armenian consulate in Greece. Everything ,at first ,was progressing smoothly, ( parents, grand parents all Armenian refugees from Adana and Sis who were evacuated to Greece during the Smyrna catastrophe)however a stumbling bloc was struck when the clerks asked him to provide proof of his baptism in an Armenian church. Needless to say there were some documents attesting to his being registered in the church. But the document was hardly legible. His application was rejected on account that he could not show his baptismal papers. He says, he is thinking of baptizing himself for a second time. This situation is incongruous.

      We read in the papers, journalistic mongering and scandal seeking scribbling, that Putin's presence in Armenia is " being considered" , whether or not Obama will mention the G word, and the attendance to the Gallipoly show by the speaker of the Duma. There are certain sections that in their hearts are hoping Putin does not turn up for the centennial as anticipated, it will serve their political agendas. The Turks have been seething with venom at the Pope's sermon and mass at the Vatican. April 24 is only a week away.

  34. This is an excellent series on the world of intelligence, counter-intelligence, psych-ops, terrorism, false flags, the CIA, and the history of the American Empire. I highly recommend everyone watches it when they get a chance. I have watched the first three episodes so far:

    Counter Intelligence | Part I - The Company

    Counter Intelligence | Part II - The Deep State

    Counter Intelligence (Part 3) - The Strategy of Tension

    Counter Intelligence (Part 4) - Necrophilous

    Counter Intelligence (Part 5) - Drone Nation


    Am I just too conservative, or is everything about the above website, from the URL to the overall concept behind it, just tacky. "Hip-hop culture" is not a valid culture, it is a mixture of jungle behavior and western urban criminality; it should be allowed no connection to Armenian culture, which is at its core a refined ancient culture rich in its own arts and tradition (even if most Armenians and the westernized "pop" culture on Armenian media fall far short of being refined).

    And putting aside the "hip-hop culture element", what kind of ethical standard would make it okay to market $180 Nike sneakers with Genocide themed logos and writing on them. Using the Genocide (the death of over a million of OUR ancestors and the complete destruction of Armenia as it had existed for thousands of years on its western territory) to sell clothing at very high markups is grotesque to my sense of honor and morality. It's as insulting as using a pornographic, race-mixing whore like Kardashian to "promote" the Genocide among the world's unthinking masses. What's next, getting "1915 Never Forget" tattooed near the private parts of professional porn stars and "promoting the Genocide" to millions of porn addicts?

    I don't expect perfect intelligence or saintly behavior from Armenians, but like Arevordi pointed out above, Armenian culture has fallen to unbelievable depths today. The lowest form of human garbage, and the lowest, most undignified conduct is being passed off as the bight spots in Armenian culture today.

  36. I know none of us take Garen Yeghparian seriously, but here he is defending the kardashian whores, their black and jewish husbands, and their mulatto and mischling offspring. Compare this delusional glorification of trash with Arevordi's assessment above:

    The Kardashian Factor

    "A warped sense and conception of “morality” lies at the root of most of the “commentaries"".
    -Yeghparian is an excellent representative of the prevailing western mentality which views it as "warped morality" to condemn a race-mixing pornstar and attention-whore.

    -"They {the Kardashian whores} have a strong enough sense of Armenianism that they want to use that success and access to help in our struggle for justice."
    -Kim has an unnaturally large ass and she's been recording her sexual encounters with blacks since she was like 19. That is pure whorishness not a "sense of Armenianism"... Nothing personal against Garen, I don't want to imagine the type of mothers and sisters these kardashian-approving cretins have that they think the Kardashian's qualify as prime examples of "Armenianism".

    -"Yet Serj {Tankian} has unquestionably done more for our cause than almost anyone else".
    While System of a Down's music is not bad, Serj has done almost nothing to tangibly help Armenia, and in fact is a disrespectful jackass who thinks he can dictate policy to Armenia's president. I've even had former dashnak associates complain in private that one of the local dashnak organizations awarded Tankian a "man of the year" award or something like that two or three years ago, and they were upset that Tankian didn't bother to write a decent acceptance speech and apparantly had only a shallow grasp of Armenian subjects (imagine that).

    -"The Kurds have a saying, “He is a Kurd who says I am a Kurd” that we would do well to adopt."
    This "deconstuctionism" of racial identity is analogous to the modern western concept of being able to choose your "gender" while ignoring physical sex organs. You cannot be a member of our race without meeting the blood and cultural prerequisites. If these concepts took hold in Armenia, there would be nothing to prevent the submerging of Armenia into Iran, Turkey, or Georgia.

    -"there’s no such thing as bad publicity."
    Degenerate whores, street gangs, insurance fraud probably qualify as bad publicity in most peoples minds.

    More gems from another Asbarez article

    Born to an Armenian father he never met, Rollins took the last name Lopez and was raised by his mother and stepfather. He’s spoken in scant media about his Armenian heritage.........Aside from character strategy, it seems worth noting in a broader societal sense that Seth Rollins is Armenian. This would be partly helpful as WWE mends its diversity issues, but especially in light of the Armenian peoples’ genocide survival. It’s important for continuity and cultural preservation to establish that people of Armenian descent have lived and thrived to do great things in the world after the early 20th century Armenian Genocide.........But precisely like the successes of many other Armenian entertainers, Rollins’s achievements symbolize via blood and lineage that generations of Armenians have strengths contributing to global culture.

    -Again we see the "Genocide as a new creation myth" in action. There is no evidence that this part Armenian wrestler has any connections to Armenia, no need to worship him as an example of "overcoming the Genocide." If you want to focus on Armenian survival, then look at the actual Armenians in Armenia and Artsakh, not a half-Armenian who has already assimilated and will be completely lost to the Armenian nation within a generation.

  37. Matchupyan has stepped down, or was he stepped down ? The patriarch in Istanbul will not participate in the events for the centennial, and he will avoid the mention of the G word. What a useless waste of Armenian skin and soul.. Piper


  38. Will Washington Kill Us All?

    If you don't want to read the whole thing, jump past the one-sentence paragraph that reads "And there goes the world." PCR launches another scathing attack on Washington's war-mongering policies and the threat Washington poses to the entire planet. I appreciate that PCR calls honestly refers to American jew Andrew Lack, who is now the head of the Broadcasting Board of Governors US government agency as "the idiot who declared RT to be a "terrorist organization' . . . who seems to lack every aspect of humanity, including intelligence, integrity, and morality". PCR also notes that the US "is going to propagandize against Russia inside Russia" through increased funding to so-called "independent" media within Russia and Russian-speaking countries, including Armenia.

    PCR has been slaughtering some sacred cows lately. In the link below, he explains how an imperialist war-monger like Abraham Lincoln was transformed into an American hero through lies. The article's tone is similar to Arevordi's above analysis on the despicable, racist (highly anti-Russian, not just anti-Soviet) General Patton, who was used as a tool by the Anglo-Jewish establishment before being sent to hell once he outlived his usefulness:

    The Power of Lies

  39. Ted Cruz Calls For Armenian Genocide Recognition

    We were talking about the above clown, Ted Cruzsteinberg a few months ago. Armenian neocons can rejoice.

  40. Ռեպորտաժ Մարտի 19-ի ճակատամարտի բոլոր հերոսների մասին

    Armenia has no shortage of praiseworthy individuals. It's a shame to see whores from the United States being hyped up by the media as "heroes" simply for flying out to Yerevan for a few days and tweeting selfies, while the sacrifices of real Armenian heroes like these soldiers goes unappreciated.

    Their sacrifice was not in vain, however, because Azerbaijan has not attempted any further penetration attempt into Armenian territory since the beating their top commando units received on March 19. April 24 is only a few days away...

  41. We are going through a period in history comparable to the dark ages. Decadence, debauchery, sleaze, filth, the death of morals, nihilism, the elevation of ugliness, the demonization of beauty, virtuousness ,these are the conventional standards today. The so called democracy and democratic entities have morphed into pornocracy and kleptocracy. Whores are esteemed , exalted and served as role model for society as celebrities. They are the maximum icons of the jewified entertainment industry. Nietche philosophy centered in the transvaluation of values. We have today the inverse, the devaluation of values. Turbulent years lie ahead. As far as recognition is concerned, following the centennial remembrance, a new strategy needs to be thought out. Within the international legal framework claims for territorial and property compensation and restitution need to be started. This will be a very long haul, spanning the next two generations. In alignment with the utmost readiness and preparedness of our armed forces, we also need a dedicated army of lawyers , jurists , to engage in interminable battles in the international arena of jurisprudence and law. Recognition requires a follow up. Recognition is the first ledge in the steps of the ladder.

  42. Germany uses word genocide, set to officially recognize. The west is putting pressure on Turkey. Let's see how this goes down.

  43. Նոր գրառում

    Ժամանակն է Նոր Մարտավարության

  44. I wonder how all this interest and focus is coming together , and why ? A silence of complicity became the rule for 100 years, now suddenly pangs of conscience are rueing the soul of the "west" ? There has to be certain hidden interests at stake. This sudden surge of awareness could not be solely attributed to mark the centennial . There must be other reasons, and I don't believe it has to do with humaneness, human rights and other liberal credos, or a coincidental sympathy/empathy with our history of tragedies. Piper

    1. My best guess would be that the western powers are, once again, looking to pressure Turkey and reign in its overly-ambitious governing party which in recent years has committed the unforgivable crime of open and notorious anti-semitism. The threat of "recognizing" the Armenian Genocide has been one of the west's favorite bargaining chips for the past decade or so with Turkey. Additionally, France and Germany still have an interest in keeping Turkey out of the EU, or at least delaying its entry as long as possible.

  45. The ball keeps rolling...Austria uses word Genocide

  46. I always suspected this pagan-style pseudonymed, so-called Mr. Arevordi was a KGB agent, but now we have confirmation that he also fits the official definition of a terrorist, running a terroristic blog and spreading terroristic concepts like critical thinking and rationality-in-geopolitics.

    Truth Is Washington’s Enemy

    "US Representative Ed Royce (R, CA) is busy at work destroying the possibility of truth being spoken in the US. On April 15 at a hearing before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs of which Royce is chairman. . . Royce expanded the definition of terrorist to include dissident bloggers, such as Chris Hedges, John Pilger, Glenn Greenwald and the rest of us, who object to the false reality that Washington creates in order to serve undeclared agendas."

    ps Ed Royce is defined by the local Armenian community's "elites and leaders" as being "very pro-Armenian".

    1. Well Stalinism is back to Ukraine, and McCarthyism to USA. I am honestly worried about our youngsters living their life in USA or Canada. Things are getting ugly and real fast.

  47. LOL

    I did not know ukr-jew-bitch yulia timoshenko's real was "kapitalman". Too funny. The graphic would be more complete with yats the yid and an honorary spot for nudelmann/nuland

  48. There is an important detail in countries AG recognition statement, i have read an article about it recently but i didn't post the link. Apparently only Russia's statement out of 21 countries mentions that the Genocide happened in Armenian motherland. The rest refer to as in Anatolia or Turkey. This news statement also mention on national land. this has legal ramifications for land reparations

    1. That the crime occurred on Armenian lands is vitally important recognition about the genocide. Ultimately, recognition that a genocide occurred is worthless and meaningless if such a recognition is not followed up by land and money reparations.

    2. Arevordi
      What is your take on EU countries recognizing the AG? Do you think there will be a case filed at ICC?

    3. TK, I don't closely follow genocide related matters. So, I don't know if the matter will ever get to the ICC. Regarding the EU and genocide recognition: It all depends on the nature of their relationship with Ankara and what they intend to do with Turkey. Historically, traditional European powers - France and Germany in particular - have sought to keep Turkey at an arms length: They want Turkey close but not too close. They want good relations with Ankara but at the same time they don't want Ankara to be part of the European club. They will therefore trade with Ankara, they will allow Ankara to be part of their military apparatus but they will use the Armenian Genocide as one of their tools to keep Ankara out of the EU. With that said, the further Ankara drifts towards political independence and conservative Islam the more strained its relations will become with the EU. But, ultimately, Turkey as a nation is simply too valuable for Europe to give up. To think that European powers will sacrifice all their ties with Turkey for a tiny, impoverished and landlocked nation in the south Caucasus is a silly fantasy. Moreover, let's not forget the powerful backing Ankara has traditionally had from Anglo-Americans. Washington and London have always lobbied in Europe on behalf of Turks. Why? As I keep saying: Turkey is a buffer against Russians, Arabs and Iranians. Whatever problems the West has with Turkey today is not about Turkey per se but about who's in power in Ankara. In other words: It's an internal matter. The West is not about to turn against Turkey - not now, not for the foreseeable future. So, even if the case miraculously gets to the ICC, it will be sabotaged by Western interests. My opinion.

  49. "Germany, sooner or later, must answer a categorical imperative - how to keep running massive trade surpluses while dumping their euro trade partners. The only possible answer is more trade with Russia, China and East Asia. It will take quite a while, and there will be many bumps on the road, but a Berlin-Moscow-Beijing trade/commercial axis – or the “RC” in BRICS meet Germany - is all but inevitable."

    1. The West will no nuclear before it allows a German-Russian-Chinese alliance to fully evolve. Such an alliance, a fantastic idea and a dream of mine for many years, would deal a certain death blow to the English speaking world. Such an alliance would also have the potential to be the world's supreme power - economically, militarily and culturally - for a thousand years. The weak link in the equation, however, is Germany for it is still fully occupied by Anglo-American-Jewish forces.

  50. Americans are really slick with their sanctions policy against Russian. Their European "biatches" are taking major losses in trade. All European countries, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Poland..... Portugal got hit for 40% loss in trade with Russia, Germany lost 6% trade.

    Meanwhile, American trade with Russia gained by 12%.

  51. Never forget the 2 million martyrs who who gave their lives from 1894 to 1923. Never forgive the perpetrator and their successors today of this most terrible of crimes against humanity. Always demanded justice. Always demand reparations. Always remember the road we traveled on to get to where we are today. See to it that their deaths were not in vain. See to it that their spilled blood fertilizes the spirit and awakens the consciousness and helps give birth to a new Armenia. Let their deaths be the beginning of a new and better life.

    Live from Armenian Genocide memorial complex:

    1. Never forget and forgive. There is no Armenian family today that has not lost a relative due to the AG. My great grandfather was the major of Sis city first to be hanged in the centre of city once turks arrived.
      Found this link showing guests coming to the memorial.

    2. Never forget the 2 million martyrs. But also make sure to be prepared next time. Our enemies only understand one language, the language of gunpowder and rattling swords. Only when we're strong enough will the turks come to term with us. Only when powerful will Western Armenia be liberated. Only when we're back to our warlike roots will we earn respect.

      "One day Armenians must forgive the turks, but not while kneeling in front, but when making them kneel in front of us" - Garegin Njdeh

      "And so, dear and blessed Armenians, when you return to the Fatherland, to your relatives and friends, take weapons, take weapons and again weapons. People, above all, place the hope of your liberation on yourself. Use your brain and your fist! Man must work for himself in order to be saved." - Khrimyan Hayrig

    3. Turkey will pay sooner or later.

      Thank you Mr. Putin:

      Fuck the inbred "royals":

    4. Never forget, never forgive ALWAYS demand. With a united Armenian-Russian front eastern Turkey will once again become Western Armenia. Once we free Kilikia Russia can have a warm water port for as long as they want. Thank you for recognizing the Armenian genocide President Putin.

      Russian-Armenian Relations Step by Step:

    5. Well said, everyone. Svediatsi makes an extremely important point, while we mourn the past we must also learn the lesson of the dangerous of a demilitarized and demoralized Armenia - the Turks are not going away anytime soon, and the only changes that "modernization" will bring to the Turkish mindset is that it will give them better and more efficient tools for committing genocide in the future.

      Arto, good point. I would go further, I would consent to Russians quartering their troops inside every house in Armenia if it meant the liberation of Western Armenia. Armenians need to lobby that it serves Russian interests to expand Armenia at the expense of Turkey. Look at the case of Mt. Ararat, our national symbol was conceded to the Turks in 1920 (by the dashnak government in Yerevan no less), and today it serves as a base for NATO to spy on all of Russia. And closer to Cilicia, the Incirlik air base is founded on Armenian lands yet it serves NATO operations in the Middle East, while Russia is reduced to the inferior base at Tarsus. Armenians should make Russians realize that Western Armenia and Cilicia can be the next Crimea and Sevastopol naval base - a fitting jewel on a resurgent and expanding Russia.

      TK, I agree with you there. Almost all of us, in the diaspora and in Armenia and Artsakh have suffered from the genocide and massacres at the hands of Turks during World War One. All of my great-grandparents were survivors and refugees, including a grandfather who was born in 1909 in Kharberd and thrown into a river where he narrowly escaped drowning. A crime has been committed, we will have to make the criminals pay.

      ps fuck those little anglo-jewish pigs. I cannot overstate how happy I am that England and France are being thoroughly bastardized right in front of our eyes are millions of Africans and Muslims are being imported in, and their women are being brainwashed into mating with those races. Since the British love Turks so much, it's only fitting that all their grandchildren will be named Mohammed... And I don't want to hear any silly crying over "but they are our Aryan brothers" from any overly-emotional and naïve Armenians.

    6. I will never forget the innocent lives that were lost in this tragic event, although it's even more of a tragedy that my own country has no clue about what happened exactly one hundred years ago. However, within the Turkish global community there are deniers who deny that the Armenian Genocide/Holocaust happened and apologists who were proud that their ancestors had exterminated them. It's also quite worth noting that the Kurds apologized despite their minor role in this tragedy.

      However, I must say this dark note too: we are witnessing an event where Orthodox Christian victims of atrocities committed by Westerners and their lackeys are either forgotten, justified or glorified. The evil that originates in Washington, London and Tel Aviv will continue to destroy innocent lives until they reign supreme while standing on top of the bones of their victims.

      It is not only the Armenian Genocide that I commemorate, but Assyrian Christians, Pontic Greeks and many other countless victims that were exterminated by the Ottoman Empire. Thank God the Ottoman Empire has been consigned to the dustbins of history despite Serasker Sultan Erdogan's neo-Ottoman fantasies.

  52. founding parliament ridiculed itself. I guess this is the end for them as well.

  53. I read Jalalledin for the first time last night. I don't know what else to say but if you're reading this and haven't read it or Khent then I would recommend doing so immediately.

    Armen K.

    1. Raffi's Khent is probably my favorite piece of modern Armenian literature. I read it many years ago when I was young. It made a lasting impression on me. I never bothered to read Raffi's Jalalledin perhaps because I thought his Khent was such a seminal work that I didn't need to read anything else from him. I will now take your advice and place Jalalledin on my to do list.

    2. I would add the following Raffi books worth reading:

      Դաւիթ Բէկ, Խաչագողի Յիշատակարանը, Կայծեր, Սամուէլ, Խամսայի Մելիքութիւնները (The Meliks of Karabagh).

      I also recommend Վէրք Հայաստանի by Khachatur Abovian. He was the one after all who ignited this patriotic literature movement.

      Also Arpiar Arpiarian's Կարմիր Ժամուցը (The red alms). Probably the most well-known work written by a Hunchakian.

      Of course, there are many. But these works are the earliest and in my opinion some of the best patriotic literature we have.

    3. It's a short read, can be done in a couple of hours. I'm half way done with Davit Bek, it is very good as well. A completely different tone.


      PS. That first message was directed at everyone who reads this blog. It should be required reading for every Armenian!


    this link is interesting

    1. TK, the link you posted is very important as a primary source for Armenian history during that critical period, and it should be mandatory reading for any Armenian who wants to engage in discussions of Armenian history and politics.

      I say this not because I want to blame the dashnaks - although my negative feelings towards the dashnaks are no secret - but because I believe we Armenians need to really learn and understand our own history, our past mistakes, our shortcomings as individuals and as a collective, and especially the failures that we had and the patterns of behavior and the underlying thinking which led to that behavior. The major failures of that time lead directly to the difficult reality we face in the present.

      At the very least, Kachaznuni makes it clear that the dashnak government in 1918 was too hardline, too radical, and very shallow in its understanding of geopolitics which led it to maneuver Armenia is such a way that in 1920 Armenia faced a two front war against both Turkey and Bolshevik Russia, while relying on unfounded hopes that some western power would save Armenia. The results speak for themselves ("res ipsa loquitor"). Today we have a sizable population of "oppositionists" in Armenia and the majority of the "activists" in the diaspora We cannot afford to repeat our past mistakes.

    2. While I criticize the ARF when I feel it's necessary, I don't have any deep seated negative feelings towards the organizations as a whole. The ARF came into existence during a very tumultuous time. They did a lot of good but they were at times faced with situations they were simply too inexperienced and thus incapable of solving. Thus, they made some historic blunders. Nevertheless, they played an important role in the Armenian Diaspora throughout the 20th century. But, in the big picture, I fully agree with what Sarkis said. To this day I find it amazing that our national leaders at the time positioned Armenia into a two front war - essentially because of some promises made by London and Paris. Much of our national pain is a result of our collective political illiteracy and the failure to see the big picture. Today, we see the spiritual offsprings of those who led Armenia down the path of destruction within Armenia's Western-led political opposition - Raffi Hovannesian, Vartan Oskanian, Levon Petrosian, Paruyr Hayrikian and the entire freak show known as Founding Parliament. One of the ways to make sure our past mistakes are not repeated is to show no tolerance and no mercy to any Armenian political activist or organization that is funded by or gets its inspiration from the West.

      PS: Thanks for posting the link, TK.

  55. I was reading RT's coverage of the Armenian Genocide. I came across this. The filthy Anglo pigs, whether in North America, Australia, or their interracial island in Europe even coerce their Armenian or part-Armenian officials into using evasive and deniable language when referring to the Armenian Genocide. Jews and Anglos, in addition to Turks, around the world are an unholy trinity that go out of their way to harm the Armenian nation.

    07:25 GMT:
    Treasurer of Australia Joe Hockey has abandoned plans to speak at a ceremony to commemorate the Armenian genocide. Hockey’s grandfather was an Armenian and a survivor of the 1915-17 atrocities.

    “My views in relation to the events that occurred 100 years ago in Turkey are well known. I’ll certainly be at the event, but I’ll leave it to [human rights lawyer] Geoffrey Robertson to do the speaking,” he said.

  56. The whole article is worth reading. I posted a relevant quote regarding "Plan Kavkaz" and American-Turkish-Azeri cooperation in promoting Islamist separatism and extremism in the Caucasus in the 1990s - an existential danger for Armenia.

    Russian Rossiya-1 TV channel aired a documentary titled "The President" dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Vladimir Putin's accession to the presidency on April 26.

    Putin: "Once, our intelligence services registered direct contacts between militants from the North Caucasus and representatives of the United States intelligence services in Azerbaijan."

  57. I think that it is too glib and disingenuous to lash out to the Dashnaks as having consigned territories to the Turks. Mistakes were made, grievous error of judgement by the Dashnaks, however in the words of Simon Vratzian, the leadership of Armenia at the time lacked political maturity, were inexperienced in global politics and hardly had any resources to wage and
    prosecute a war of annihilation. The provisional government of Kerensky, the premier Lvov issued a proclamation placing Armenian provinces liberated from Turks under the protection of Russia. Soon after the Bolshevik Revolution, Kerensky overthrown, the Reds issued a call to Russian officers and soldiers to return home, thus abandoning the Armenian provinces to their fate. With this new situation the Turks run wild and overrun what was ancient Armenian territories and lands. The Turks imposed upon the Armenian establishment to declare independence upon dissolution of the Transcacaucasia entente. The treaty of Batum, which guaranteed the annhilation of Armenia was rejected. The Turks achieved their objective of preventing a common border with Russia, by severing Transcaucasia from Russia. The treaty of alexandropol ceded 50 % of Armenian territories to Turkey. But this treaty was never ratified by the Armenian parliament ( whichever had a majority of Dashnaks). Political insufficiency by the Armenian Government ( if one wants to attribute this solely to Dashnaks, it is their problem) cost Armenia dearly. With hindsight, a perfect science, The government should have sought a political accommodation with the Soviets with the proviso of retaining Armenian homelands. This did not happen. Bolshevik Russia did not also push for the return of the Armenia provinces which the Kerensky government had placed under her protection. Catastrophic errors of judgement were made, but at least they were admitted after the event. These lessons have not been learned, it seems, since we still harbor an army of intellectual lunatics and political quasimodos in the political plateau , in the shape of the odious Raffis , the insipid Parukyans , and other misguided ( maybe foreign tools) western trucklers which abound and flourish in the motherland. Our history is tragic, and have to blame ourselves for the misfits and shortsighted leadership who were responsible for our affairs. Having said that, with the meager resources, the limited capacity in military terms, the famine, the deaths by hunger and epidemics , plus the relentless drive by Turks to wipe us out, it is difficult to see if any other government ( minus Dashnaks) would have acted any differently. The treaty of Sevres was discarded, neither Soviet Russia, nor Armenia SSR made any attempts to revive or resurrect it. Piper

    1. You are wrong on every point on than the fact that dashnaks lacked maturity and experience. As explained before, they declared themselves king of the hill in Armenia, pressured and assaulted rival Armenians, declared as traitor any Armenian that had did not support their plans, forcibly extorted money from Armenians through threats of violence in order to fund their agenda, they took every opportunity they could to further antagonize the Turks, and when push came to shove the dashnaks proved they were not only utterly worthless as leaders, but they actually took the most treasonous steps and praised the Turks in a desperate and silly effort to play the Turks against the Bolsheviks after earlier having driven the two into each others arms. You keep citing Vratzian, you ignore the fact that fellow dashnak Kachaznouni highlights Vratzian as a symbol of the dashnak's failure.

      It is impossible for an organization to fail on every single possible occasion, for an organization to absolutely maximize the amount of losses for a country like the dashnak government achieved for Armenia in 1920, and then have some apologist claim it is "too glib and disingenuous to lash out" at the dashnaks by highlighting their massive failures.

      The one semi-decent thing the dashnaks accomplished was somewhat organizing the diaspora communities. And even there, the dashnaks managed to create more internal divisions than natural, for example the remaining Cilicia v. Etchmiadzin split. In fact the dashnaks laid the foundation for the diaspora to "not trust" the Armenian state under the pretext that it was Soviet; we are now witnessing the consequences as western intelligence builds on the dashnak legacy to turn the diaspora into an anti-Armenia tool.

      If anyone defends the dashnaks today, it must be because they were born into a dashnak family, or they joined when they were younger and they do not have the gumption to face the fact that they wasted decades of their lives on a worthless organization. Dashnaks tend to make their party the central focus of their Armenian identity in a cult-like fashion, it thus becomes hard for them to be reasonable and objective regarding the party.

      And nothing has changed over the past century. Today the AYF, ANCA, and ARF are leading forces in ultraliberalism and the "regime change" movement in the diaspora. I've spent enough time in ակումբներ and around leading ընկերներ to fully understand their mentality. They don't hide their plans either, anyone who is not blind and not illiterate can pick up a copy of their publications and read the non-stop promotion of homosexuality, feminism, "democracy aka regime change" rhetoric, Russophobia, and self-worship. They were quick to openly call for Sargsyan's assassination in 2009 over the protocols, without any understanding of the game Armenia was playing - or that dashnak leaders in 1919 had to swallow their pride and thank the Turks for keeping the border open back then. I hate to think of the type of pro-interracial, anti-Putin rhetoric the dashnaks are preaching to their պատանի members at this very moment.

      They are quick to condemn "homophobia" and the nauseating rhetoric they publish about topics they don't understand regarding social and political theory is unbelievable. They went from "միայն զէնքով կայ հայոց փրկութիւն" to "we're here, we're queer, get used to it". Off the top of my head here are some current dashnak big shots: ara khatchadourian, nanore barsoumian, seto boyadjian, maria titizian - some of the worse Armenian scum. Who else has this organization attracted in the past? Raffi hovannisian (ARF in Armenia and the diaspora have been worshipping this faggot for years), Jirayr Selfishyan, Nairi Hunanyan, Garo Ghazarian? I'm sure if we dig deep enough we can find lots of links between traitor ara manougian and other PFA assholes and the dashnaks in the diaspora as well.

    2. Every dashnak action has ended up hurting Armenia, like their short-sighted Bank Ottoman operation. They put together the plan to take over the bank.... then what? The minute that word spread that Armenian terrorists had attacked the bank in Constantinople the Turks in the city started attacking Armenians. While the Dashnaks were still in the bank negotiating with the Europeans, Armenians were being killed on the streets in the city outside. Wikipedia says about 6,000-7,000 Armenians were massacred in Constantinople alone. Three weeks after the massacre, the Turks killed another 2000 Armenians in terrorist leader Papken Suni's native village of Egin. The dashnaks never have any idea of what they are doing. Every time they try to act like they are leading Armenia to some "great victory" they only end up causing the deaths of thousands of Armenians because they - like children - act without taking the time to consider the potential consequences of their actions. This was 1896, they knew or should have known that the Turkish people and the Turkish government were looking for an excuse to massacre Armenians. Turks aren't over-civilized pussies like today's Europeans, they get violent quickly. It's like the Dashnaks WANTED to incite a general massacre of Armenians, and to incite it in a way that the Europeans would notice. Of course if thousands of regular Armenians died they did not care, the surviving terrorists were more than happy to get on that English yacht and go to Europe. They probably did not feel one bit of remorse for causing so many Armenian deaths, and if they did the dashnak hive mentality and self-aggrandizement probably stepped in to tell them that the Armenians died for a "greater cause", like western "recognition" of the Armenian plight.

  58. The president keeps harping on the opening of the border with the Turks. Who is going to benefit from it ?. We will see an "invasion" of Turkmen businessmen flooding our tiny homeland. Many more Armenians will trek to enemy country to seek jobs. The victim begging and serving his executioners. Fortunately the Turks are against it , turkey will not relent because the azeries will never acquiesce to a peace and acknowledgment that artsaj is Armenia and their case is shut. Things could change, but I can not see it in the foreseeable future. I would like to understand what practical benefits for Armenia is the opening of the border ? I see it as gradual process of turkification. I trust I may be off the mark.

    1. Open borders = lower transaction and transport costs on import and export between Armenia and everything to the west of Armenia (including Turkey and the whole of Europe). It opens up an alternative to the current routes Armenia uses, which is through Georgia and the Black Sea by ferry followed by transport through Ukraine or other unstable Black Sea nations.

      Also, for what its worth, it makes Armenia look like a better investment destination to show that it has open trading borders with its largest western neighbor.

      The claim that open borders with Turkey will lead to a flood of Turkish products inside Armenia is bullshit - a scare tactic used by the dashnaks to rally diasporan supporters against President Sargsyan in 2009 - because anyone who lives in Armenia can tell you that Armenia is already flooded, probably saturated with Turkish products. A good portion of Armenians don't care if they use made in Turkey products, this is sad but true. Additionally, sometimes there is no reasonable alternative to using Turkish products, for example certain construction materials. You have to understand that Turkey is a manufacturing and agricultural powerhouse, and its products are cheap and decent quality, Armenia isn't wealthy enough to import more expensive western European or Japanese or American substitutes for cheaper and readily available Turkish products. And it's not just Armenia, many Balkan, eastern European, and former Soviet states import large amounts of Turkish manufactured products.

      Also, some Armenians make their living traveling to Turkey and buying cheap products to sell back home. While it is not ideal, I understand that people need to make a living.

      No Turks will move into Armenia for colonization because Armenia's government isn't run by globalists and zionists like the EU governments that are intent on demographic population replacement. Open borders for trade and tourism is entirely different than open borders for settlement. And if you want to stop Armenians from emigrating for economic reasons, you need to support steps to improve Armenia's domestic economy, which includes opening up its borders for trade.

      Finally, "Turkmen" businessmen would be eaten alive by the Armenian oligarchs and the Russians. Russia safely holds control of vital Armenian infrastructure, Turks would be limited in their role in Armenia to petty merchants selling their wares and profiting from tariffs. Armenian businessmen can be shark-like. As long as Russian-backed rational leadership is setting the policy in Yerevan, the Turks will have to play nice.

      Worries of "gradual Turkification" are completely without merit.

    2. And I forgot to mention, it would be a severe blow to Azerbaijan if "big brother" Turkey were forced to open its borders with Armenia. It already undermines Azeri credibility of "pan-Turan" and "pan-Islamic" support for Azerbaijan in the Artsakh conflict when Russia forces CSTO member nations to attend military exercises in Armenia and visit Tsitsernakaberd, or when fellow Shia state, the Islamic Republic of Iran, develops very close relations with Armenia.

      The damage to Azeri morale and self-identity would be severe. And their childish outbursts would probably be worth a million laughs.

    3. Your points are noted. However the impression left is the Turkic orientation of the majority component of the political movements of the era. The dashnak was a party incubated in turkish Armenia. That is understandable they would find a common language with Turks rather than Russians - it was an equivocal streak, but tha was it. This factor could be a major stumbling bloc in moving forward. The contemporary diaspora movements, whatever they are called, have hardly any differences amongst them. They have the indissoluble identity vindication of armenianess, but beyond that there are myriads of ideas percolating through these groups. There is so much splintering that if tomorrow the recognition was acknowledged very few would know how to proceed forward with one single voice. We can not ignore these western diaspora movements of today because they endorse feminism single sex fornication or marriages and for espousing decadent and degenerate concepts and credos which are pillars of the Sanhedrin globalization agenda. We can struggle though to win their hearts and minds .The diaspora, whatever it's color, shade or shape has been westernized, brainwashed and indoctrinated like their host population. So much denigration and vilification of the dashnaks serves no purpose whatsoever. They constituted the bulk of the intellectual base of that time, and they acted to the best of their political capabilities ( shortcomings )and acumen ( none) in the critical period of history. They failed, that is it. The borders will not reopen until the Azeri conflict is finally settled, does anyone see alyev azeries accepting peace terms ?The borders should not open until turkey acknowledges the genocide , and the Turk stops laying down conditions for its opening. So there is quite a long while ahead before any of these two projects are concluded satisfactorily. One of the conditions of the opening of borders is for Armenian state to renounce on claims of territory, withdrawal from Artsaj , and other prickly points, Naturally the diaspora would be against this, after all they are the victims of territory theft, genocide and uprotedeness from their ancestral hearthen. As for Armenian oligarchs and businessmen eating alive the Turkmen, this is an atavistic legacy of the adage or proverbs in the days of Constantinople that one Greek is worth 4 Turks and one Armenian is worth 4 Greeks, which is very reassuring.

    4. Sarkis, I agree with everything you said. I find it utterly silly when Armenians fearmonger by suggesting that as soon as the borders are opened hordes of Turks and Kurds will pour into Armenia. What's stopping them from doing so now via Georgia for the past twenty years? There have been no laws restricting Turks and Kurds from traveling to Armenia.

      And even if they did, what will Turks and Kurds do when in Armenia? Take Armenian jobs? LOL

      Turks and Kurds are going to out-compete our oligarchs? LOL

      Regarding Turkish products: Turks have been saturating the Armenian market via Georgia since the country's independence. Why not at least cut out the Georgian middleman and position a Russian-backed Armenia to truly become a regional hub?

      I agree that opening the borders in the 1990s would have been dangerous for the young Armenian nation because it was a time when Armenia did not have well established political and security institutions. The 1990s was also dangerous time to open borders because Russia was on the verge of disintegration and its future seemed uncertain. Therefore, Turks missed their chance in the 1990s. They foolishly thought they could starve Armenians into submission. They miscalculated back then. Today, they fear Armenia. Opening the borders today, with an established nation that is a member of EEU and CSTO, will only benefit Armenia. This is why Ankara is keeping the border closed.

      I find it utterly silly that some Armenians think they know something Turks don't. If Turks knew for sure that they could overwhelm Armenia and make it economically and financially subordinate to it they would have opened the borders. This topic is yet another example of how shortsighted nationalism and fanaticism can hurt Armenia. The more I see the decrepit political landscape we have the more appreciative I am of Serj Sargsyan. And I really hope to see Ohanyan as the next president.

    5. @ Anonymous at April 27, 2015 at 1:54 PM

      ---"That is understandable they would find a common language with Turks rather than Russians - it was an equivocal streak, but tha was it"

      That's not true, the dashnaks were a product of the rising socialist revolutionary and nationalist movement inside Russia at the time. They were founded in Russian Tiflis, and the three founders were Russian-Armenians. And at the time I believe they had local bureaus or party groups to head policies for the divide Armenian communities. Doesn't matter in any case, in 1907 the dashnaks declared an alliance with the Young Turks (aka Ittihadists, or CUP) and by 1920 they damn well knew that the turks were intent on destroying Armenians and if they still thought they could "find language" with the Turks, then I don't know what to say except Kachaznouni was right and the ARF has nothing to do and must disband itself.

      ----We can struggle though to win their hearts and minds.

      If you or anyone else wants to try winning over diasporans, go right ahead. Good luck. But I doubt that most of these people can be saved, westernism is all they know. I feel like the true patriots will work to repatriate and reject the prevailing ideology in the west, but most of the diaspora is beyond salvation.

      ---So much denigration and vilification of the dashnaks serves no purpose whatsoever.

      I disagree. The dashnaks consider themselves the leaders of the diaspora and great heroic saviors of Armenia. With leadership comes responsibility. The dashnaks have failed that responsibility completely. Therefore they need to be taken to task and have their failures publicly exposed and humiliated in order for the error of their ways to be clear for all. Otherwise, like an undisciplined child, they will continue on under the belief that everything they have done is correct. It doesn't help to make excuses for the incredibly major screw-ups of the dashnaks.

      ---I've heard that same proverb restated as "It takes ten Greeks to jew a Jew. It takes ten Jews to jew an Armenian".

    6. Good point Arevordi. There is a false argument that goes "the protocols and open borders will be the end of Armenia, thank god the Turks are inadvertently helping Հայ դատ by refusing to sign the protocols". I first noticed this argument being promoted several times by Harut Sassounian during the Protocols era in 2009. I cannot believe how naive the so-called "leadership" of the diaspora can be. Sassounian is certainly a patriot and well-intentioned, and we all appreciate the great work he does as head of several Armenian charities and organizations. But he and others like him need to be checked when they start dispensing radical and frankly dangerous advice about topics they do not understand and, as you say, "think they know something Turks don't".

      You're not kidding when you say geopolitics is "the most important yet least understood topic on earth".

  59. I want to note how extremely happy I was with the English-language Russian media's coverage of the Armenian Genocide. RT's website had it on its top four stories that load on the top of its main page for two days, and the Viral box had it for three days. Sputnik and TASS also provided great coverage. And Russian media clearly referred to it as the Armenian Genocide, not "what Armenians claim was a genocide" as was the case in many of the reports of the so-called "free media" of the so-called "democratic", Anglo-American-Jewish dominated west.

    I was a bit disappointed that none of the "alternate media" in the west bothered to mention the Armenian Genocide as well. Not Paul Craig Roberts, not infowars, and nowhere else as far as I can tell. Same with the anti-jew websites I normally visit like dailyslave or tomatobubble.

    Regarding the official commemoration ceremony at Tsitsernakaberd: Bravo Armenia! It was solemn, respectful, beautifully done. Not a hint of any trouble from the radical opposition. I was extremely proud of our military officers stationed on the walkway at the Memorial Complex - a reassuring presence that the Armenian state is serious about the slogan "1915 Never Again." Serge Sargsyan was solid. And at the end when the French, Serbian, and Russian presidents walked out, it was very powerful. Needless to say, President Putin's presence was epic. Let's face facts, every small nation like Armenia considers some foreign occupation or invasion from the past to be genocidal. It means a lot that Putin was present for the Armenian Genocide commemoration at a time when Russia is under siege from all sides. Try to picture the jealousy running through the Jews, who are able to make every western politician don a jew-hat and pay homage to Yad Vashem and the Wailing Wall, but are forced to watch the leader of the Russian state and the Orthodox Christian world pay his respects - without being compelled - to the victims of the Armenian Genocide (a rival event kikes work hard to deny). Knowing the Jewish personality well, I am certain they are seething and see this as a major insult to the self-chosen parasites.

    One final note, one can argue that Serbia's president had no business in Yerevan. Armenia is small, poor, far away, inconsequential for occupied Serbia, and in fact has troops in Kosovo. Yet he very respectfully attended the ceremony, sitting next to Putin for the duration of the event. Had it not been for Putin, there is no way a Serbian president would have bothered to make the trip. This is a scene which makes me believe that a new alliance of natural allies - united by history, shared Orthodox Christianity, cultural similarities, and of course united against common enemies is beginning to form. Any Armenian who understands international relations, politics, and history must surely appreciate the message that the president of Serbia's presence sent to the Turks and their Albanian and Kosovar Albanian puppets, and by extension to NATO.

    On a final note I've heard from friends that local diasporan Armenians on social media are silent on Putin's presence, but apparently they are fawning over the statements made by Israel's president, even though the word genocide was notably absent. I guess being raised in the west, they have been socialized to kike worship and are beyond redemption. I'm also sure the diaspora is still grateful to their newest national hero' Kanye West. More proof, if any was needed, that the western diaspora is a desolate graveyard with no future and no value for Armenia.

    Final note: "Turkey condemns Putin." LOL.

    1. Very well stated on all accounts, Sarkis. I have no doubt that many West-leaning Armenians are upset (although they wont dare show it) that Putin was in Armenia on April 24. Why? Because the great Russian Czar is making it difficult even for the most rabid Russophobes in our society to criticize Russia. God bless the Russian nation. It was indeed epic seeing Putin at the memorial.

      Where was the Iranian president? According to some Parska-Hay morons (I'm sure you know who I have in mind) Iran was supposed to be a better, more reliable friend of Armenia than Russia. Well, what happened? Did Tehran chicken out like last time when Ahmadinejad was in Armenia and quietly flew back to Iran the night before he was scheduled to make an appearance at the memorial complex? The rumor at the time was that Ankara had threatened Iran in some way. Anyway, I am criticizing Tehran as a friend of Iran. I harbor no ill feeling towards Iranians whatsoever. In fact, I see Iran as a valuable neighbor and a potential ally. But to suggest that they are more reliable or more friendly towards Armenians than Russians is fucking ludicrous.

      Same applies to Greeks as a collective nation. I actually respect Iranians more than Greeks. Politically speaking, what a worthless bunch of people. Not much unlike Georgians.

      My deepest respect to Cypriots and Serbians, two truly brotherly peoples with a shared history and common enemy.

      I was unexpectedly surprised by Germans and Austrians, although we shouldn't make too much out of their recognition.

    2. One important no presence was of Georgians. they have shown themselves as a disgrace to the whole christian world. There is no reason from now on to hold back on Javakhq Armenians. Time to move forcefully. No more good neighbour game.

    3. Thank God, I am confident President Putin's visit will do much towards undoing the damage to the image of Russian-Armenian relations that the Permyakov killings caused earlier this year. 2015 may have started off shaky, but it has just been reset on the right course. And yes, even the worst Russophobe can no longer claim "Russia is selling Armenia to the Turks/Azeris" without looking like a complete idiot. This was one of the most openly pro-Armenian steps any Russian leader has publicly taken - I'm sure that if the Azeris and Turks were not frightened of the Great Slavic Tsar they would be burning his portrait and issuing direct threats.

      I agree with your everything you stated, specially the folly of mistaking Iran as a viable alternate to Russia. I've said if before and it bears repeating: Istanbul-Armenians and Iranian-Armenians are two sides of the same coin. They may not mean any harm, but at the same time they are almost entirely incapable of objectively assessing their home country's interest regarding Armenia and Armenians. I don't hate either of those communities, but when one of their members starts demanding that Armenia needs "less Russia and more 'democracy'", I feel it is my duty as an Armenian patriot to publicly point out the error of their ways and the danger their demands pose for Armenia.

      Our friend Arto gave an excellent description some time ago of how cunning Persians are and the lengths they are willing to go to accomplish whatever self-interest they have. Of course we need the best possible relations with Iran, but it is beyond ludicrous to even hint at Iran replacing Russia.

      How could I forget to mention Cyprus and President Nicos Anastasiades? A fraternal people indeed. In fact, weren't the Kingdoms of Cyprus and Cilicia under the same crown at one point? Cypriot Greeks should know better than anyone else about the treachery of the Turks and of the Anglo-American-Jewish establishment that runs NATO.

      As for Greeks, they can't even stand up for themselves in their own country as it gets raped by the EU. Pathetic indeed. Also I think the Germans are probably looking for something to hold over the heads of the millions of Turkish settlers they have to contend with, and much like the French the Germans also want to kill any chance of Turkey ever entering the EU officially.

      The Georgian state is truly the disgrace of the Christian world. I suspect at this point if it wasn't for Armenian pressure, those idiots would have already imported a few million "Meshketian Turk" Muslims to seal their own demographic doom. Their short-sighted Russophobia will be the death of them... And weren't we told that the current Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili supposedly had close relations and warm ties with Armenia, as demonstrated in the link below? Personally I don't care if some Armenians are in awe of "Georgian Democracy". Javakhk (not Samtskhe-Javakheti) must be liberated and secured from de-Armenization. And Georgia remains a great option for that inevitable land link between Armenia and Russia. If need by I am sure Armenia's Russian-backed military can secure these objectives.

      Со своим давним другом президент Грузии Гиорги Маргвелашвили встретился в Армении

  60. It is really painful for me, and I hope, understandably so, that Romania cowardly chose to bury her head in the sand and officially not recognize the Armenian Genocide and instead to dither, using such vapid statements as: "The acknowledgement of a historic tragedy like the one which happened 100 years ago (with the Armenian from Turkey) means an important and necessary signal for the eradication of hate, intolerance, racism and xenophobia", said the the puppet President Klaus Iohannis (voted massively in by a a mass of imbeciles - I was in Romania at the time and I know first hand how it happened). It is a wonder that he stopped short of adding "antisemitism" to the items to be eradicated (although I am sure that it was precisely that that was in the subtext).
    Radio Free Europe wonders why "officially the leaders from Bucharest don't know what to say when when they are asked why they don't recognize the Armenian Genocide. At the end of last year - 19 Nov 2014 - the Romanian Ambassador to Erevan was asked at a Conference he attended at the American University in Armenia what is more important for Romania, the political and economical relations with Turkey or the moral imperative to recognize the Armenian Genocide? ... Without having a ready answer, the Ambassador Sorin Vasile, subsequently recalled because of the diplomatic scandal which he provoked, tried to extrapolate the subject, talking about the dispute about homosexuality. In that way the Romanian diplomat thought he can demonstrate that moral norms are relative. Thus, he provoked a storm of criticism at Erevan, and in order to calm them, the Ambassador told a joke (I am not joking!) about a Jewish businessman who was looking for a reliable servant, eventually hired the one who said that 1+1 equals what the boss wants! In other words the Romanian diplomat tried to justify himself to the Armenians suggesting that in international relations, as in business everyone comes with his own opinions, subordinated to the interest he serves". That was the comment of Radio Free Europe. Of course it did not spell out whose interests Romania now serves, but nobody can have any doubt. It is really shocking that they are so open. It is nevertheless amazing how Free Europe put the spin on the reasons of the reluctance to name the things by their real names:
    "Romania hopes to export electrical energy to Turkey... The native (sic!) leaders did not succed to get more, and their energetic and strategic hopes have nothing to back them, THE MORE THAT ANKARA AND MOSCOW ARE COORDINATING THEIR MOVES, ESPECIALLY IN THE BLACK SEA". So, Russia is the real culprit! OMG!

    Anyhow, I am glad that it happened at all and I am totally and wholeheartedly with my Armenian friends.

  61. Russian twerking redux: Women jailed for ‘inappropriate’ dancing next to WWII memorial (VIDEO)

    Good. Stupid degenerate whores need to have some sense and respect taught to them for acting like monkeys near a memorial for millions killed defending their motherland.

    "Twerking" - is there any better way to demonstrate that you are a weak-willed idiot with no self-respect, a complete tool of the west's poisonous pop culture agenda designed to destroy society? This garbage should be reserved for coal-burning prostitutes and strippers. You just know these sluts are future members of the next pussy riot or femen.

  62. The depressing thing is that both Greeks and Georgians give the impression that they can't calculate what it is they are trying to do. At least Iran is making a rational decision in a given situation. They want to have energy deals with Turkey in the future, and they want to show Ankara that they are not obviously plotting against Azerbaijan too much. Whatever the case may be, and you probably know far more than I.

    On the other hand, the Greeks seem to want to do what Armenia is so good at: wanting to play off both sides. This worked out well for the Ukraine. And the Greeks have the same dubious idea that they can stay in the euro zone and EU but not do what they are told. Listening to various Syriza activists and functionaries can be painful - it is like "Europe" is a religion. They are like some of the Ukrainians thinking they have leverage they don't. There is a lot of talk that Gazprom offered a deal and that Syriza backed off due to EU threats. All you will do is convince the EU to smash you, and Russia won't offer any support. We get back to not understanding who friends are and why. The EU doesn't need a prosperous Greece; it offers no great value. A raped and enslaved Greece is better.

    As for the Georgians, I don't know. Are they full of secret Khazars or something? What is their strategy? Zero problems with your neighbors might be OK, but it is more likely that they are just tied up with their power struggles and can't even think about long-term issues.


  63. Iskandarian put is very cearly


    Funny, the above chart could just as easily be titled "World's faggotest countries" or "country's where an African immigrant requires the least amount of effort to bang a native White whore (no rape required)". Seriously, is it a coincidence that the most jewed countries are also the most anti-Russian? I'm not going to bother to check, but we can certain that those countries probably have birth rates below replacement level; lots of homo-faggots and tranny-faggots; rising atheism; and populations that are so dumbed-down and politically illiterate that they make Armenians look godlike by comparison. Fortunately the Universe has a way of balancing all things, and in this case those countries have rapidly expanding Muslim populations who in the next decade or two are going to beat some sense (and god knows what else) into the degenerate natives Whites of Europe... And we can't say they are not getting exactly what they deserve.


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Arevordi will be taking a sabbatical to tend to personal matters. New blog commentaries will henceforth be posted on an irregular basis. Please note that the comments board however will continue to be moderated on a regular basis.

The last 20 years has helped me see the Russian nation as the last front on earth against the scourges of Westernization, Americanization, Globalism, Zionism, Islamic extremism and pan-Turkism. I have also come to see Russia as the last hope humanity has for the preservation of classical western/European civilization, Apostolic Christianity and the traditional nation-state. These sobering realizations compelled me to create this blog in 2010. Immediately, this blog became one of the very few voices in the vastness of cyberia that dared to preach about the dangers of Globalism and the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance, and perhaps the only voice preaching about the strategic importance of Armenia's close ties to the Russian nation. From about 2010 to 2015, I did monthly, at times weekly, commentaries about Russian-Armenian relations and Eurasian geopolitics in general. It was very difficult for me as I had no assistance in this endeavor. The time I put into this blog therefore came at the expense of work and family. But a powerful feeling, dare I say voice, inside me urged me to keep going; and I did.

When Armenia finally joined the EEU and fully integrated its armed forces into Russia's military structures a couple of years ago, I finally felt a deep sense of satisfaction and relief, as if a very heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders. I finally felt that my personal mission was accomplished. I therefore felt I could take a step back, as I really needed the rest. Simply put: I have lived to see the institutionalization of Russian-Armenian alliance. Also, I feel more confident now that Armenians generally speaking are collectively recognizing the strategic importance of Armenia's ties with Russia. Moreover, I feel satisfied knowing that, at least on a subatomic level, I had a hand in the outcome. Today, no man, no political party is capable of driving a wedge between Armenia and Russia. That danger has passed. As a result, I feel a strong sense of mission accomplished. I therefore no longer have the urge to continue as in the past. In other words, the motivational force that had propelled me in previous years has been gradually dissipating because I feel that this blog has lived to see the realization of its stated goal.

Going forward, I do not want to write merely for the sake of writing. Also, I do not want to say anything if I have nothing important to say. I feel like I have said everything I needed to say. Henceforth, I will post seasonal commentaries about topics I find important.

To limit clutter in the comments section, I kindly ask all participants of this blog to please keep comments coherent and strictly relevant to the featured topic of discussion. Moreover, please realize that when there are several "anonymous" visitors are posting comments simultaneously, it becomes very confusing (not to mention extremely annoying) trying to figure out who is who and who said what. Therefore, if you are here to engage in conversation, make an observation, express an idea or simply attack me, I ask you to at least use a moniker to identify yourself. Moreover, please appreciate the fact that I have put an enormous amount of information into this blog. In my opinion, most of my blog commentaries and articles, some going back ten-plus years, are in varying degrees relevant to this day and will remain so for a long time to come. Articles in this blog can therefore be revisited by longtime readers and new comers alike. I therefore ask the reader to treat this blog as a depository of important information relating to Eurasian geopolitics, Russian-Armenian relations and humanity's historic fight against the evils of Globalism and Westernization.

Thank you as always for reading.