Medvedev-Sargsyan Meeting, September 2008

When Pictures Say More Than Words

Medvedev - You will make friends with the Turk.

Sargsyan - Say what?!

Medvedev - I said you 'will' make friends with the Turk and you 'will' invite him over to your house.


Sargsyan - Invite him over to my house? Do I have to sit next to him?

Medvedev- I'm afraid so Tovarish, and you will do it with a smile.

Sargsyan - Ay qez ban...


Lukashenko - Hehe, I hear you will be hosting someone very-very special tomorrow night...

Sargsyan - fuck you, Luko.


Sargsyan - Efendi Gul, we are so pleased to have you here...

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