Mutual Cooperation Between Russia and Armenia Continues - 2007

Mutual Cooperation Continues


Serge Sargsyan's official visit to Moscow evidenced the irrevocability and the succession of the process of strengthening the strategic partnership and extending the trade-economic relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation. The main peculiarity of the visit was that the Governments in both countries have changed, such change having taken place in Armenia a few months ago and in Russia - quite recently. And in half a years' time, i.e. at the beginning of 2008, there will be presidential elections in both Armenia and Russia. In the meantime, the governments of both countries are viewed as the legal successors of the authorities in power. The qualitative changes in the mutual cooperation have predetermined the necessity of continuing and extending the alliance between Armenia and Russia. Being the only military and political ally of Russia in our region, Armenia has also become a serious economic partner. As evidenced by the last 6 months' 70 per cent growth of bilateral good circulation and the significantly increased volume of the investment of the Russian capital in Armenia as well as the economic component of the Armenian-Russian cooperation is steadily approaching the high level characteristic of political cooperation. And the maintenance and further acceleration of such high paces naturally demand ensuring relevant political guarantees in terms of maintaining the positive potential of bilateral cooperation.

As shown by Prime Minister Serge Sargysan's official visit to the Russian Federation and the meeting with his counterpart as well as with other officials of that country, the Governments of Armenia and Russia are determined in maintaining the achievements of their predecessors. The Armenian Prime Minister arrived in Moscow not only with the purpose of summing up the accomplishments with his counterpart, but also submitting a package aimed at deepening the bilateral cooperation and advancing bold proposals. They concerned the complex and comprehensive problems of nuclear energy and, in that connection - the issues of exploiting the uranium mines of Armenia, building an oil refinery in the neighborhood of the border with Iran, operating the production capacities acquired in Armenia by the Russian side and increasing the communication potentials of export. Russian Prime Minister Victor Zubkov had a particularly enthusiastic attitude to the proposal of involving Armenia's construction potentials in the preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games.

This will enable our country to operate new capacities for the production of construction materials. The parties are convinced that the implementation of all the programs may, in the near future, increase Russia's direct investment, which has already assumed large volumes and contribute to the progress of the main industries in Armenia. Through operating large capacities in the sphere of nuclear energy and oil industry, Armenia will supplement the fuel-energy complex necessary for the further development of its economy and get chances to export energy in large volumes to the neighboring countries. In conditions of the existence of such a complex, no economic blockade can impede our country's development, because Armenia will not only have gas in sufficient quantities, but also electric energy and oil. We believe Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan's first official visit to Russia was unprecedented both in terms of the number of the meetings held and their contents as well as the abundance of the issues discussed and the agreements achieved. It showed that the new Government of Armenia and Russia and their leaders, who shoulder the responsibility of extending mutual cooperation, will not only maintain but also extend the rich traditions of the cooperation between the Armenian and Russian peoples.

Source: Hayots Ashkharh, Armenia

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