Forget the Kardashians, meet the real whores of American-Armenian society - the Hovannisians! - March, 2011

Forget the Kardashians, meet the real whores of the Armenian-American society, the Hovannisians!

Guggenheim Fellow and head of the Armenian studies chair in UCLA Richard Hovannisian (who has a US military background that goes back to the Cold War's McCarthy era) and several other Armenian and Jewish "historians" in the United States have been actively involved in distorting and falsifying Armenian history. These falsifications are fully inline with Turkish and Western political interests. The following are the three links to an eye opening and informative video documentary about the organized effort to distort Armenian identity and falsify Armenian history in the United States. As noted above, one of the heads of this anti-Armenian agenda in American universities has been none other than Richard Hovannisian -
Falsifiers of Armenian History - Part 1:
Falsifiers of Armenian History - Part 2:
Falsifiers of Armenian History - Part 3:
Richard's son, Raffi Hovannisian is a graduate of CIA affiliated Tufts University (so is their colleague Vartan Oskanian by the way). When Armenia gained its independence from the Soviet Union, Washington was ready for action: Raffi served as Armenia's first prime minister under Levon Petrosian during the early 1990s. Today, Raffi is working in Yerevan as an "opposition" politician - representing Washingtonian interests in Armenia. Garin Hovannisian is the newest in a long lineage of Hovannisian agents that have been implanted in the American-Armenian community under the guise of historian, politician and more recently, author. Garin is currently being trained by his handlers to follow his grandfather's and father's footsteps. This Garin is the same character that chose Armenian independence day last September to viciously attack the Armenian Republic in several mainstream newspapers in the United States -
Who will decide Armenia's destiny - patriots or tyrants? - September, 2010:
By publicly bashing Armenia, perhaps Garin was kissing-up to Uncle Sam on Armenian Independence Day because Yerevan had at the time struck a long-term military cooperation deal with Moscow. By publicly bashing Armenia, perhaps Garin was also kissing-up to Uncle Sam on Armenian Independence Day because he wanted to get some attention to his recently published - kiss me, I'm a genocide survivor - book called "Family of Shadows". Coming on the heels of the noted documentary that revealed falsifications of Armenian history by Richard Hovannisian, Garin's book, which is said to be the Hovanissian's family history, may have been an attempt to do some damage control. In other words, it may have been a Public Relations stunt. As I said, Garin is new to the game. He will be worked on by his handlers in the US and he will be promoted in various venues throughout the Armenian-American community. Therefore, his anti-Armenia rant on September 21, 2010 and the book he is said to have authored is merely the first phase of his public debut.

Provided with a topnotch education, important contacts, a public platform - as well as an open door to all their professional endeavors - the Hovannisians are expected by Washington to be their representatives within the Armenian-American community as well as in Armenia. Alarmingly, the Hovannisians are not alone in this task. There are many others like them in the US. The list is actually quite long and it includes Policy Forum Armenia types, Armenian Assembly types, Zoryan Institute types, NAASR types, ARF types, Eastern Diocese types, Ronald Suny, Ara Manoogian, Van Krikorian and Vartan Oskanian. There is also an individual named Richard Giragosian. Interestingly, Richard Giragosian's military-intelligence background in the US is public knowledge, and he recently opened a political "think tank" in Yerevan with the help of none-other-than Raffi Hovannisian.

Although these individuals and organizations operate separately, they are ultimately interconnected and they all collaborate when it come to core Western interests with regards to Armenia and Armenians. Nevertheless, a few words on the political implications of having Hovannisian type Washingtonian whores in our midst.
During the Cold War period, nationalism of various ethnic groups inside the Soviet Union was openly encouraged by Washington primarily to foment unrest within the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union (i.e. after nationalism had served its purpose) Washington promptly stopped it support of nationalism and began encouraging Westernization/Globalism (a modern form of Bolshevism).

Armenian nationalism was similarly actively encouraged by Washington and its lackeys throughout the Armenian Diaspora during the Soviet years. This agenda was vividly witnessed in Washington's support for the Soviet dissident and so-called Armenian nationalist, Paruyr Hayrikian. Today, however, expressions of Armenian nationalism is ridiculed and belittled by Western interests throughout Armenian society. Today, talking about the genocide is a good thing (as long as it does not go past talking of course) but any expressions of nationalism is a bad thing (unless the topic of discussion is Russian-Armenian relations, in which case Western powers want Armenians to feel nationalistic). But generally speaking, we are told that nationalism is fascistic and that being ethnocentric is racist! Moreover, Armenians in academic circles in the US that attempt to promote and/or pursue an Armenocentric approach to Armenian history and identity are ostracized and ridiculed. The Hovanissian family remain at the forefront of this Western agenda inside Armenian society.

I understand that some of my accusations against the Hovannisian family are speculative in nature. However, the speculations in question are based upon close observations and an in-depth understanding of how Western intelligence services operate, as well as an understanding of the West's long-term geostrategic goals in the Caucasus. While we cant see what people like the Hovannisians collaborate with behind closed doors, what we can however see is their handiwork. In other words, we see the by-product of their actions. These people seem to have three primary objectives when it comes to political and historical matters pertaining to Armenia and Armenians -
1) Get Russians out of Armenia. They are always attempting to undermine Armenia's relationship with Russia. Their ultimate desire is to push Russians out of the Caucasus. First, it was the Soviet Union they targeted, now it's the Russian Federation. Their ultimate goal is to allow Anglo-American-Zionist, European and Turkish interests to pursue their agendas (namely regional energy exploitation) free of Russian meddling. It is well known in serious political circles that the Armenian state cannot survive in the volatile south Caucasus without Moscow's economic support and military protection. Thus, in my opinion, anyone that attempts to place a wedge between Armenia and Russia today truly deserves the title of traitor. Sadly, our Diaspora in America has more than its normal share of traitors and collaborators against the Armenian state. It needs to be said, however, that many of these people (the self-destructive peasantry as I call them) do what they do unwittingly/unknowingly. Regardless of intentions, however, these people's actions serve to endanger the very existence of the Armenian state.

2) Crush Armenian nationalism. They want Armenians to feel insecure, dependent, victimized and helpless so that nationalistic pride, the primary cure against the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance's Globalism, is not able to take root within Armenian society. Sadly, the Armenian Genocide is being used as a tool towards this very purpose. We have thus far had three generations in the Diaspora that have been raised being told that Armenians are victims and that they need Western recognition. Needless to say, this "knowledge" has caused severe identity crisis, self-confidence issues, victim mentalities and pro-Western sentiments. Don't believe me? Please take a close look around you, perhaps even a look in the mirror. And this already bad situation has more-or-less been made worst by the hijacking of our Hay Dat by those who essentially want us to remain weak, pathetic and constantly begging at the feet of Western officials for help. Simply put: Servants of Western powers within Armenian society treat Armenian nationalism as a bad thing - with one notable exception: when it comes to Russia's presence in Armenia.

3) Give Armenians lip service. For example: They talk a lot about recognizing the Armenian Genocide - but behind closed doors they make sure that it never goes past the talking stage. As a matter of fact, many of these people actually collaborate with Turks. Weren't Armenian Assembly members such as Van Krikorian involved in the infamous TARC agenda several years ago? Isn't Armenian-American "historian" Ronald Suny a Turkophile at heart? It's as if they want us to continue feeling victimized and helpless - without ever providing us a resolution. In military circles, this would be called psychological warfare (i.e. psy-ops). Needless to say, Armenians are not their only victims. Similar agendas are carried-out against other targeted nations as well: Iranians, Arabs, Central/South Americans, Serbians, Germans and Russians readily come to mind.
I understand that many of our politically ignorant and/or self-hating Armenian-American compatriots have a lot of respect for the Hovannisians and other individuals mentioned within this commentary. I also understand that my comments and accusations on this page may seem a bit troubling or nonsensical at first glance, especially if the reader is not very knowledgeable about the complex world of superpower politics or does not acknowledge self-destructive traits found in Armenians. As long as we Armenians continue being guided by our emotions, egos, obsessions and political ignorance, we will continue to be led by charlatans and traitors.


Agent Richard Giragosian

The first heads-up I got about agent Richard Giragosian was from a cyberian colleague who had lived in agent Giragosian's home state, Rhode Island. This person contacted me several years ago when Giragosian had just began making noise in Armenian circles as a "political expert". His letter is reprinted at the bottom of this commentary.

 Today, you may already know that with the help of his close comrade-in-arms, Raffi Hovannisian, agent Giragosian lives and works in Yerevan as a political analyst of a think tank known as ACNIS. As an officially recognized political expert/analyst in Armenia, agent Giragosian's main task has been to take carefully aimed shots at Armenia's strategic alliance with Russia. His so-called think tank also concerns itself with undermining Armenia's current government, which is seen as being pro-Russian. 

Last summer, when Yerevan announced it was extending Russia's military presence in Armenia, agent Giragosian publicly stated that Armenia was being "colonized" by Russia. Of course agent Giragosian totally avoided to mention that his bosses in Washington have about one thousand military installations and hundreds of thousands of troops based in dozens of nations all around the world. Of course, agent Giragosian also ignored the fact that the Russian base in question (merely several thousand strong, many of whom are in fact Armenians contracted by Russia) is fundamentally the reason why Armenia's borders have not yet been violated by NATO member Turkey. In a more recent press release, agent Giragosian warned Armenian officials that the social unrest in Tunisia is something that the "corrupt" regime in Yerevan seriously needs to think about and worry. What agent Giragosian failed to point out, however, was that events currently taking place in the Middle East and North Africa are actually a popular uprising against the region's American-backed dictators.

As I have outlined in my previous commentaries, agent Giragosian's bosses in Washington DC and Langley, Virginia simply want to replace Armenia's pro-Russian government with a bunch of mercenaries that are willing to serve the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance. Slogans such as "end of corruption in Armenia" and "freedom and democracy in Armenia" are being used to recruit and/or employ our nation's sheeple. It must also be pointed out that Armenia's interior ministry in tandem with Russia's intelligence services know exactly who agent Giragosian and many others like him work for. Official Yerevan allows these types of individuals to operate inside Armenia primarily as conciliatory gesture toward Washington. I would even venture to guess that a majority of self-respecting Armenians who know these people in Armenia realize that these vermin are dangerous foreign agents and not compatriots worthy of any respect. As a matter of fact, public information provided about agent Giragosian by Armeniapedia is very self-explanatory (see reprinted text below this commentary). They don't even try to hide the fact that agent Giragosian has ties to the CIA. Thus, there are no real secrets being revealed here by me. So, don't panic.

My exposé about individuals such as agent Giragosian and the Hovannisian family are primarily directed towards the American-Armenian audience - perhaps the most irrational and the most ignorant group within our world-wide Diaspora and one that continues to suffer from serious political hallucinations and obsessions.

Nonetheless, when discussing issues relating to Armenia, Armenians need to be wary of the following organizations and individuals: Radio Liberty, Voice of America, EurasiaNet, Civilitas, Acnis, P0licy Forum Armenia, Armenian Assembly of America, Hetq, Lragir, A1 PlusArmeniaNow (the propaganda outlet run by American agent John Hughes and British agent Tony Halpin),  factions within the ARF, ARF media outlets Armenian Weekly and Asbarez, Raffi Hovannisian and family, Levon Ter Petrosian, Paruyr Hayrikian, Vartan Oskanian, Ara Manoogian, Van Krikorian, Onnik Krikorian and of course Richard Giragosian.

And they say Armenia is not a free nation...

The aforementioned individuals and entities, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly do the bidding of the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance and its regional Turkic allies and their oil/gas interests. One of the primary goals of the aforementioned mercenaries, parasites and agents of influence - who unfortunately represent a significant segment (if not a majority) of Armenians in and out of the homeland - is to undermine Armenia's crucially important strategic alliance with the Russian Federation.

And they say Armenia is not a free nation...

Heck, looking at the political landscape in little Armenia, I see a lot of foreign agents, a lot of anti-state news media outlets, a lot of foreign NGOs doing their corrosive work, a lot of foreign and domestic mercenaries, a lot of foreign and domestic provocateurs and quite a lot of treasonous politicians of all types.

And they say Armenia is not fee?!?!?! 

Politically, Armenia is actually a lot freer than the United States! Of course I say this with much regret. Nevertheless, against all odds our landlocked and blockaded republic in the south Caucasus has been developing independent of the Anglo-American-Zionist global order and their regional Turkic allies. This political independence is essentially the reason why Armenia has been blacklisted by the Western alliance and this is the reason why a slew of Western agents currently saturate Armenia's political landscape.

To summarize, the following is what we know about agent Richard Giragosian -

1) He is half-Armenian (Armenian father, English mother)

2) He is said to have a military-intelligence background in America and a civilian rank that is said to be equal to a lieutenant colonel in the military

3) He was married to an Algerian woman and converted to Islam - the conversion to Islam was most likely done to enable him to penetrate Islamic communities

4) He speaks English, Arabic, French and some Armenian

5) He was transferred to Armenia to start a "think tank" and begin working against Armenia's political orientation towards Russia

6) He is a close associate of Raffi Hovannisian

7) He has connections to the Armenian Assembly of America

Finally, the following is what my cyberian colleague from Rhode Island wrote about agent Giragosian several years ago, a couple of years before agent Giragosian setup his political "think tank" in Yerevan -
Richard Giragosian was married to an Algerian woman (since divorced and now married to a Yerevansti) and "converted" to Islam at his wife's families request (I don't think he was serious about it). Also, he learned to speak Arabic. This helped his career immensely after 911 because he was an insider in the Islamic community who could gather info for the US government. He has a civilian rank equal to the military rank of lieutenant colonel and has gone through military training (such as airborne school) with US Army special forces. He is half Armenian on his father's side. I don't know his mother's lineage, but I could probably find out. Anyway, I believe his Armenian stepmother had more of an influence on his life than his real mother. He also speaks French. With all that said, it is obvious that he is a US agent, but I hope he is not using his position in ways that hurt Armenia (knowingly or unknowingly). Anyway, I am telling you all of this because Richard should have nothing to hide. If he is truly working for Armenia's interest and aims to be in the public eye, his dealings should be transparent and he should be held accountable for his actions for better or for worse. All in all, on a personal level, I like Richard...but I only know him as an acquaintance. I have now been conditioned to look at him with suspicion.


Armeniapedia: Richard Giragosian

Agent Richard Giragosian seated next to Turkish Grey Wolves activist Hasan Oktay

Richard Giragosian is an analyst specializing in international relations, with a focus on economics, military security and political developments in the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and Asia. Now based in Armenia, he is a regular contributor to publications of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) and the International Security Network (ISN) and is a contributing analyst for the London-based Jane’s Information Group. Giragosian is also an Associate Fellow at the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS). From 2002-2006, Giragosian served as a guest lecturer for the U.S. Army’s John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, NC, and has regularly provided briefings for the U.S. military.

Giragosian has contributed to publications of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Bertelsmann Foundation, the International Security Network (ISN), the Swiss Peace Foundation, and has written for Jane’s Defence Weekly, the China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, Jane’s Intelligence Digest, Asia Times Online, Demokratizatsiya, Jane’s Foreign Report, the Journal of Slavic Military Studies, Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst, the Turkish Daily News, the Turkish Policy Quarterly, the Turkish Daily News and the Harvard International Review, among others. He has also provided analysis for the BBC, Al Jazeera English Service, and the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), and is a regular guest columnist for the international edition of Newsweek.

For nine years, Giragosian served as a Professional Staff Member of the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress. As the committee’s principal staffer on the former Soviet Union and China, he was a liaison to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the Library of Congress, and organized Congressional hearings and studies for Members of Congress. He has also worked as an analyst for Abt Associates, Inc. from 2000-2005.

Giragosian has written and lectured on developments in international affairs and has participated in select research and consulting projects for the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as for the UN, World Bank, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and the U.S. Department of State. He is a member of the International Studies Association (ISA), the Academy of Political Science, the Central Eurasian Studies Association (CESS), the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN), and the U.S. Naval War College Foundation.

Giragosian is a member of the joint OSCE-Republic of Armenia Task Force on Cybersecurity. He is also affiliated with the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), based in Alexandria, Virginia, and was also appointed twice as a State Commissioner on the Virginia Governor’s Commission on Armenian Affairs and the Virginia Gubernatorial Armenian Advisory Commission.



  1. Um, I think you got the info about Richard Giragosian wrong. It's me who has an English mother. Also, in relation to your accusations, I am neither a British agent or have close connections with ArmeniaNow. I wrote one article. That's all. Perhaps you should simply accept that people have different views that yourself...

  2. Um, I don't think you are the only one on earth with an English mother. You really don't work for them? Are you suggesting you are doing their work for free? You are not merely expressing "different views". By your politically motivated actions, you are undermining a vulnerable nation in the Caucasus. As far as I'm concerned, you are an agent provocateur. Whether you accept it or not, you are a tool of the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance. You need to be watched closely.

  3. I did like this article and thought it had some interesting points. BUT. I think this article is schizophrenic and has a lot of nonsense. By lumping nearly all Armenians together outside of Armenia, you practically left no one that would qualify as a "real" Armenian, except perhaps Armenians of Armenia who blindly follow anything Russian like drones.

    As a diaspora Armenian, to date all the "traitors" I have seen have come out of Armenia, starting with the first chief traitor president LTP. Do you actually hope to gain any credibility by lumping clowns like LTP and important diaspora organizations like ARF, Asbarez, etc? Fat chance!

    Yes the presence of Russia is important in Armenia because it keeps the Turks (and NATO) away... this is equally important for Russia, and not just for Armenia.

    But before blindly worshiping Russia, I will remind you that it was our dear Russia which divided Armenia and gave Naxichevan and Artsax to Azerbaijan. It was also our dear Russia who stopped us from finishing the job against Azerbaijan in 1994 while we had the chance. And let's not even talk about Kars and Ardahan. Think about all this carefully before becoming a blind Russophile drone and slandering patriotic diaspora Armenians who want nothing but success for Armenia.

  4. Kevork,

    I kindly ask you to stop watching the "History channel" and start educating yourself about the region's history, as well as the history of the Bolshevik revolution.

    For your information, Kars and Ardahan were first given away by proud nationalists of the ARF. Then, the same region, as well as Artsakh, were placed under Turkic rule by the Jew-led Bolsheviks that had just destroyed the Russian Empire.

    The Russian Empire, the Bolsheviks, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation need to be looked at separately because they all represent different geopolitical dynamics. Those who blame the evils of Bolshevism on Russians are either intellectual midgets or Western agents.

    Educated people understand that geopolitically speaking Moscow's political formulations drastically changed soon after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and the Caucasus was on the verge of being overrun by Turkic/Islamic/Western interests. Whereas before the Soviet collapse Kremlin authorities were trying hard to preserve the union by trying to squash the independence movement in Artsakh, after the Soviet collapse they have been trying hard to preserve their only historic ally in the region - Armenia.

    I'm simply asking our ignorant compatriots in the western world to wake-up and take full advantage of this historic situation.

    During Artsakh's liberation war Levon Petrosian was the major impediment to Armenian forces. Russians may have stopped us from "finishing the job" in 1994 simply because capturing Baku or any other major Azeri city far from Artsakh was not what Armenians were fighting for. And had you understood anything about military matters you would have realized that moving deep into Azerbaijan would have proven disastrous for Armenian forces. If Moscow indeed stopped Armenia's advance deep into Azerbaijan, I suggest you call your nearest Russian embassy and thank them... for they in fact saved the Armenian military from defeat.

    At the end of the day, the only thing keeping Azeris and Turks on their side of the border is Moscow (as well as powerful Russian arms in Armenian hands) and not the big-talking-under-performing diaspora. Come down from your cloud and please join us here in the real world.

    The diaspora may mean well but with its numerous Western agents, political ignorance and genocide obsessions, the "patriotic diaspora" (especially the American-Armenian community) is fast becoming a serious liability for the Armenian state.

    If you can, please stop thinking like a simpleton. Start reading the pages on this blog to educate yourself about the political world you live in. In the meanwhile, I kindly ask you to continue wasting time pursuing genocide recognition in Washington and leave serious politics and nation-building to those who understand what they are doing.

    So, the only person that needs to think about anything here is in fact you.


  5. I LOVE the title of this article! LOL

  6. Arevordi is right.

    Now almost all know that hovanisyans are CIA spy.
    All is know that Zionism should die, because it is impossible to wash brains of 7 000 000 000 people. May be it was possible during last 2000 years, but not now. Now all people know what is america, who is english queen, who are the gay presidents and senators... All people know who are the police-mans and what is the court or democratic rules.

  7. I don't remember where I first came across a link to this pdf document, but it is basically a resume for richard giragosian. The organizations listed reek of that disgusting Anglo-American-Jewish-Turkish stench:

    Mr. Richard Giragosian is the Founding Director of the Regional Studies Center (RSC), an independent “think tank” located in Yerevan, Armenia. He also serves as a Visiting Professor and as a Senior Expert at the YerevanStateUniversity’s Centre for European Studies (CES) and is a contributing analyst for Oxford Analytica, a London-based global analysis and advisory firm. Giragosian previously served from 2009-2011 as the Director of the ArmenianCenter for National and International Studies (ACNIS), another think tank in Armenia. From 1999-2008, he was a regular contributor to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) publications, and also served as a contributing analyst for the London-based Jane’s Information Group from 2003-2010, covering political, economic and security issues in the South Caucasus, Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. From 2008-2010, he was a regular columnist for the Turkish-language international edition of Newsweek and still serves as a consultant and adviser to several Turkish media outlets and analytical publications. He has contributed to publications of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Bertelsmann Foundation, the International Security Network (ISN), the Swiss Peace Foundation, and has written for Jane’s Defence Weekly, Oxford Analytica’s Daily Brief, theChina and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, Jane’s Intelligence Digest, the Hong Kong-based “Asia Times,” the journal Demokratizatsiya,Jane’s Foreign Report, the Journal of Slavic Military Studies, Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst, the “Turkish Daily News,” the Turkish Policy Quarterly, OxfordUniversity’s St. Antony’s International Review (STAIR), and the Harvard International Review, among others. He has also been regularly quoted and cited by the “Washington Post,” the “Wall Street Journal,” the “New York Times” and the “International Herald Tribune,” as well as by the BBC, AFP, Reuters and Bloomberg news agencies. From 2002-2006, Giragosian served as a guest lecturer for the U.S. Army’s John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, NC, and has participated in various research projects for the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI), the Naval Post-Graduate School (NPS), the U.S. Navy’s Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS), and for the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School. He has also worked as a consultant for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the U.S. Departments of Defense and State, the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Union (EU), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the International Crisis Group (ICG), and the London-based global risk consultancy Control Risks, among others. For nine years, Giragosian served as a Professional Staff Member of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) of the U.S. Congress. As the committee’s principal staffer for the former Soviet Union and China, he was responsible for organizing Congressional hearings, studies and briefings for Members of Congress and served as JEC liaison to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). He has also worked as an analyst for Abt Associates Inc., a social science consulting firm, from 2000-2005, and was a research consultant for the New America Foundation and the Center for National Policy (CNP) in Washington. Giragosian is a member of the IREX Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program Reading Committee and the Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC) Fellowship Selection Committee. He was twice appointed as a State Commissioner on the Virginia Governor’s Commission on Armenian Affairs and the Virginia Gubernatorial Armenian Advisory Commission. He has also served as an honorary member of the National Steering Committees of both the 1996 Clinton-Gore Reelection Campaign and the Gore 2000 Presidential Campaign.


Dear reader,

Arevordi will be taking a sabbatical to tend to personal matters. New blog commentaries will henceforth be posted on an irregular basis. Please note that the comments board however will continue to be moderated on a regular basis.

The last 20 years has helped me see the Russian nation as the last front on earth against the scourges of Westernization, Americanization, Globalism, Zionism, Islamic extremism and pan-Turkism. I have also come to see Russia as the last hope humanity has for the preservation of classical western/European civilization, Apostolic Christianity and the traditional nation-state. These sobering realizations compelled me to create this blog in 2010. Immediately, this blog became one of the very few voices in the vastness of Cyberia that dared to preach about the dangers of Globalism and the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance, and perhaps the only voice preaching about the strategic importance of Armenia's close ties to the Russian nation. From about 2010 to 2015, I did monthly, at times weekly, commentaries about Russian-Armenian relations and Eurasian geopolitics in general. It was very difficult for me as I had no assistance in this endeavor. The time I put into this blog therefore came at the expense of work and family. But a powerful feeling, dare I say voice, inside me urged me to keep going; and I did.

When Armenia finally joined the EEU and fully integrated its armed forces into Russia's military structures a couple of years ago, I finally felt a deep sense of satisfaction and relief, as if a very heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders. I finally felt that my personal mission was accomplished. I therefore felt I could take a step back, as I really needed the rest. Simply put: I have lived to see the institutionalization of Russian-Armenian alliance. Also, I feel more confident now that generally speaking Armenians are collectively recognizing the vital/strategic importance of Armenia's ties with the Russian nation. Today, no man, no political party is capable of driving a wedge between Armenia and Russia. That danger has passed. Anglo-American-Jewish agenda in Armenia failed. As a result, I feel a strong sense of mission accomplished. I feel satisfied knowing that, at least on a subatomic level, I had a hand in the outcome. I therefore no longer have the urge to continue as in the past. In other words, the motivational force that had propelled me in previous years has been gradually dissipating because I feel that this blog has lived to see the realization of its stated goal.

Going forward, I do not want to write merely for the sake of writing. Also, I do not want to say anything if I have nothing important to say. I feel like I have said everything I needed to say. Henceforth, I will post seasonal commentaries about topics I find important.

To limit clutter in the comments section, I kindly ask all participants of this blog to please keep comments coherent and strictly relevant to the featured topic of discussion. Moreover, please realize that when there are several "anonymous" visitors posting comments simultaneously, it becomes very confusing (not to mention extremely annoying) trying to figure out who is who and who said what. Therefore, if you are here to engage in conversation, make an observation, express an idea or simply insult/attack me, I ask you to at least use a moniker to identify yourself. Moreover, please appreciate the fact that I have put an enormous amount of information into this blog. In my opinion, most of my blog commentaries and articles, some going back ten-plus years, are in varying degrees relevant to this day and will remain so for a long time to come. Articles in this blog can therefore be revisited by longtime readers and new comers alike. I therefore ask the reader to treat this blog as a historical record and a depository of important information relating to Eurasian geopolitics, Russian-Armenian relations and humanity's historic fight against the evils of Globalism and Westernization.

Thank you as always for reading.