Thoughts on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide - April, 2015

Going back to early antiquity, the western half of Asia Minor had been populated by Greek-speaking peoples and the mountainous eastern half of Asia Minor (also known to historians as the Armenian Highlands) had been populated primarily by Armenians. This very ancient Greek-Armenian era of the region began gradually changing in the 10th century AD when various nomadic Turkic tribes began infiltrating into Asia Minor in ever increasing numbers. By the middle of the 11th century, Armenia, a nation that had already seen over two thousand years of history at the time, had ceased to exist as a state. The fall of the great Bagratuni capitol city of Ani, first to Byzantines and later to Seljuk Turks between 1045-64 AD, ushered in the new era. The fall of Ani caused a mass exodus of Armenians to Christian lands in Europe and elsewhere. Some of these Armenian migrants, which included nobility and knights, eventually formed an Armenian kingdom in Cilicia on the shores of north-eastern Mediterranean Sea in the late 12th century with the help of European Crusaders. This Cilician Armenian kingdom lasted as an independent state until late 14th century. Nevertheless, with the absence a large Armenian kingdom within the Armenian Highlands of Asia Minor protecting Byzantium's increasingly vulnerable eastern frontiers, all of Asia Minor eventually fell under Turkish/Muslim rule by the middle of the 15th century when the great Byzantine city of Constantinople fell to Turkish Sultan Mehmed II in 1453 AD. As such, a historically and culturally rich region of the world that had from time immemorial been Greek and Armenian had transformed into an oppressive Turkic/Islamic cesspool.

The fall of Armenia and Byzantium would forever change the course of human history. The demise of Christendom in Asia Minor plunged the region into darkness and shifted the epicenter of civilization, which for thousands of years had been located in Asia Minor, to Europe. The terrible darkness that descended on Asia Minor persists to this day.

Thoughts on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide
Even after centuries of segregation, oppression, periodic massacres and the policy of settling Turkic and Kurdish tribes into Armenian populated areas of the Armenian Highlands, there remained large numbers of culturally identifiable Armenians living under Ottoman rule in the 19th century. These Armenians were slowly awakening. After a national hibernation of nearly one thousand years, the cultural and national awakening of Armenians finally began to take root in the mid-19th century within the three main centers of Armenian culture and identity at the time: Constantinople, Tbilisi and the Mkhitarist religious order located in Italy and Austria. By the late 19th century, the Ottoman Empire, described by the Russian Tsar as the Sick Man of Europe, was in steady decline. For the Christian populations of the Turkish empire, Ottoman decline essentially translated into periodic reprisals against Christians. Experiencing the oppressive empire's bloody decline firsthand and watching peoples like Bulgarians and Greeks free themselves of oppressive Ottoman rule emboldened sentiments of autonomy among Armenians worldwide. Consequently, Armenian intelligentsia, clergy and political activists in both Constantinople and Tbilisi began taking steps towards actively seeking protection for Ottoman-Armenians from foreign powers. This effort gradually evolved into also seeking some from of Armenian autonomy in the Armenian populated regions of the Ottoman Empire known as the Six Vilayets. The national awakening among Armenians at the time was encouraged by foreign powers that were opposed to the Ottoman Empire: Namely, the Russian Empire and Western powers. Although reprisals by Ottoman Turks against their Armenian subjects were thus inevitable, no one however could imagine the scale of brutality Turks would resort to first in 1894 and later on a much greater scale during the First World War.

When the First World War broke out during the summer of 1914 Ottoman Turks found themselves on the side of the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary) opposing the powers of the Entente (Russian Empire, British Empire, France and the United States). As part of the Central Powers' war effort, Ottoman Turks attempted to strike at Russia in late 1914. It effort proved disastrous for the Ottoman army. Preempting an impending Ottoman strike, imperial Russian forces mounted a major winter offensive. This military offensive known as the Caucasus Campaign decimated the entire Ottoman army in the region. By February, 1915 the Ottoman army that had been sent to fight Russia had all but disappeared. Some Turkish leaders blamed Russian-Armenians for their historic defeat, even though Armenians (primarily from the Caucasus) made up a small fraction of imperial Russian forces involved in the Caucasus Campaign. Turkish leaders also began calling into question the loyalty of all Christian Armenians living under Ottoman rule, although a vast majority of Ottoman-Armenians, like my ancestors, were semi-assimilated, faithful subjects of the Ottoman Empire.

It should also be noted that Armenians that actually sought political independence from Turkish rule were a very tiny fraction within a largely assimilated Ottoman-Armenian community. What a majority of Ottoman-Armenians wanted instead was protection and equality within a political system that had grown very aggressive. Moreover, Ottoman-Armenians were not in anyway preparing to assist the Russian invasion of the Ottoman Empire. 

Nevertheless, throwing the allegiance of the entire Ottoman-Armenian community into question and using the Russian victory in the east as a pretext, Ottoman leaders decided to be done with their already decades-long Armenian problem also known as the "Armenian question". The agenda to exterminate the Armenian presence from within the Ottoman Empire may have been planned as early as 1911 during a secret conference held in Salonika by the Young Turk government, and one of the main motivations behind the sinister agenda was the racist ideology of Pan-Turkism.

With the powers of the Entente engulfed in a major war in mainland Europe, Ottoman authorities exploited the opportunity. Many hundred of Armenian community representatives and intelligentsia within Constantinople (mostly doctors, lawyers, writers, officials, clergy and businessmen) were arrested on April 24, 1915 and imprisoned. Most of those arrested were to be murdered in cold blood soon thereafter. About the same time, Armenian conscripts within the Ottoman military were disarmed and relegated to labor duties. Most of these were also to be slaughtered in cold blood soon thereafter. In this manner, in a relatively short period of time, Turks managed to incapacitate the entire Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire. With Ottoman-Armenians now effectively leaderless and thus powerless, Turks began to turn their bloodthirsty, murderous attention upon the defenseless Armenian citizenry throughout Asia Minor. Some reprieve came from the east as Russian forces continued advancing westward, eventually liberating territories as far west as Van and Bitlis. But by 1917 the Bolshevik revolution forced Russian troops to abruptly pull out of Asia Minor. With Armenians unable to fill the unexpected military vacuum created by the sudden Russian withdrawal, Turks redoubled their effort against their Armenian subjects.
While the traditional date known for the commencement of the Armenian Genocide is April 24, 1915, we need to always remember that the systematic extermination of Armenians by Ottoman authorities was first started in 1894. During 1894-96 approximately a quarter million Armenian peasants were slaughtered in the interior provinces.
The wholesale slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman Turks and their Kurdish henchmen continued periodically thereafter for the next twenty years, coming to a climax during the First World War.
Only after the vast majority of Armenians had disappeared from within Turkish occupied Asia Minor by 1923 did the slaughter of Armenians subside. While the figure of the number of Armenians killed by Ottoman authorities is traditionally noted to be around 1.5 million souls, the real number is most probably over 2 million souls, with hundreds-of-thousands driven into exile.

Unlike what victorious powers did to Germany after its defeat in 1945, the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide were never adequately punished and the Turkish state that succeeded the Ottoman Empire was not held responsible by the victorious allies at the end of the First World War. The powers of the Entente also failed to live up to their promise of establishing an Armenian state within the historic Armenian Highlands. Western powers instead began pandering to Ataturk's Turkey. Some within Western power circles were even conspiring against "impossible Armenians". With the Russian Empire relegated to the pages of history by the end of the First World War, Bolshevik officials in the Kremlin also began making overtures to Turks, again at the cost of Armenian interests. In the end, it seemed as if the entire Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire was essentially sacrificed for the geopolitical interests of Western powers and Bolshevik occupied Russia.

Armenians have been for many decades commemorating this historic tragedy every April 24. Every April 24 Armenians worldwide renew efforts to encourage the global community to recognize what happened to Armenians during the First World War as a premeditated genocide. Every April 24 Armenians worldwide remind themselves of the lives that were lost. Every April 24 Armenians worldwide remind themselves of their historic homeland that was lost. Every April 24 Armenians worldwide renew efforts to make Turkish authorities understand that their official recognition of the horrendous crime they perpetrated against the Armenian people is long overdue. Every April 24 Armenians worldwide renew efforts to make Turkish authorities understand that appropriate land and money reparations are long over due. 

Knowing they have Western and Jewish support, the Turk remains unrepentant, defiant, belligerent and hostile. Periodically, Turks threaten Armenians to do "it" again. And as the events of 1992-93 showed, had it not been for the Russian Bear, the Turks would have indeed attempted to finish what they started during the First World War.

According to the Turkish narrative, it was a nasty war and many died on all sides. If so, then what happened to the entire Armenian population of the six Armenian Vilayets? How is it that only Kurds and Turks now live in those region? How did Armenians get scattered around the world? What battle did my many of my ancestors die in? According to another Turkish narrative, Armenians "betrayed" Turks by seeking autonomy and help from foreign powers. That Ottoman Armenians sought protection from Christian powers and autonomy for Armenians living in the six Vilayets was a very natural reaction to living as second class citizens within their homeland. After centuries of living as  Gavurs and suffering periodic massacres and displacement, Armenians rightfully sought self-determination on Armenian soil. Nevertheless, as the Russian prime minister stated in response to Ankara's anger with Moscow, a crime against humanity cannot be justified regardless of reason. Regardless of what Armenians wanted at the time and how they went about seeking it, Turks had no right to resort to genocidal policies. Turks had no right to massacre millions and erase the presence of an entire nation from within their homeland nonetheless.

The idea that we Armenians were at least partially responsible for what happened to us or that is was a bad war where all sides suffered is a conversation that Turks, Jews and Western powers would like Armenians to get into because it serves to muddle the Armenian narrative and buffers the shock of genocide. It is therefore a stunt and a red-herring. And it is why Turks and their allies want to leave the matter to "historians" to study. Nevertheless, the notion that Armenians were partially responsible is akin to saying: The victim resisted being abused, so we killed him and his entire family, as well as all his relatives.

The whole idea about educating, debating or explaining anything to the Turkish government about the events of the time is counterproductive to the Armenian cause, not to mention a total waste of time and precious resources. Armenians must therefore resist any attempt, be it by Westerners or be it by Jews, to get us Armenians into such kinds of debates with Turks. The issue at hand is not whether or not Armenians brought the tragedy upon themselves. The real issue is this: The millions strong Armenian population of pre-war Western Armenia no longer existed after the First World War. There was a vibrant Armenian population in Ottoman controlled regions of Western Armenia before the war. After the war, Armenians, along with Greeks and Assyrians, had simply disappeared. This, no matter how one looks at it, is the classic case of genocide.

No talk on the topic of the Armenian Genocide would be complete without also addressing the role organized Jewry at the time played in what happened. Similar to how the bloodthirsty Bolshevik leadership in Russia were mostly Jews, similar to how the warmongering Neoconservative leadership in the US today are mostly Jews, the reformist movement in the Ottoman Empire known as the Young Turks that was in power from 1908 to 1918 and was directly responsible for masterminding and carrying-out the Armenian Genocide during the First World War were also derived mostly from Jews. Ataturk the so-called "father of Turks" was also of Jewish ancestry. Therefore, it was perhaps only natural that Zionist-Jewish leaders in Europe at the time would be inclined to support the Ottoman Empire's genocidal agenda against Armenians. The following are perspectives on the subject matter from two righteous Jews -

"But I also thought about Theodor Herzl on the Armenian issue. Herzl’s diary demonstrates that indifference to an indigenous Asian minority is in the DNA of Zionism. In 1896, Herzl made a trip to Constantinople to try and meet Sultan Abdul Hamid so as to negotiate the purchase of Palestine, which was then part of the Ottoman Empire. Herzl was prepared to offer millions of pounds to resolve the Turkish debt crisis, and get a Jewish state in exchange. The Sultan declined to meet with him (they met a couple years later) but his aides gave Herzl some terms. Could he work on the Armenian issue in the European press? Turkey was getting bashed for its treatment of the Armenians. And Herzl, who always bragged that his pen was not for sale, agreed to do so"
"The Armenian question has occupied the Zionist movement since a mass killing of Armenians was carried out by the Turks in the mid 1890s - prior even to the First Zionist Congress. Herzl's strategy was based on the idea of an exchange: The Jews would pay off the Ottoman Empire's huge debt, in return for the acquisition of Palestine and the establishment of a Jewish state there, with the major powers' consent"
Israeli author Yaʾir Oron did an excellent job in exposing Zionist indifference and indirect culpability in his well known book The Banality of Indifference: Zionism and the Armenian Genocide. Jewish-Marxist activist Ralph Shoenman also exposed Zionist indifference and indirect culpability in his seminal work known as The hidden history of Zionism. For Zionist, the political motivation for supporting Turkey's genocidal policy against Armenians was clear: They were seeking land rights within Ottoman controlled Palestine. That Zionists diverted their lobbying efforts to London when the Ottoman Empire collapsed at the end of the war is altogether another story. In short: the Zionist founding fathers of Israel actively supported the Armenian Genocide while it was taking place. Knowing the Jewish mindset pretty well, I am pretty sure there were other, more domestic or shall I say financial factors at play in their willingness to help Turks exterminate their Armenian subjects. Organized Jewry, as well as the Ottoman Empire's well established Jewish community, must have known at the time that with wealthy Armenians (and Greeks) out of the way they would have less economic and financial competition and thus more sway in Turkey.

Nevertheless, for decades, Turks have regularly employed powerful Jewish lobbyists within the US and elsewhere to undermine Armenian efforts to gain recognition to what happened to the Armenian nation one hundred years ago. This Jewish-Turkish-Western collaboration is essentially the collaboration of genocidal powers responsible for the murder of tens-of-millions of people around the world. They keenly understand each other. This collaboration, particularly between their national and economic elite, continues to this day and despite some outward appearances it will not end for the foreseeable future. There is a historic bond between Jews, Turks and Anglo-Americans that goes back centuries. This love affair turned into an unholy marriage during the Cold War for it was during that time when "The incredible Turk" became an indispensable ally of the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance against the Russian-speaking world, against Arabs, against Iranians. The historic bond between Turks, Jews and Anglo-Americans is therefore rooted in shared, geopolitical interests. Geostrategically, Turkey is too important to give up. This is why Uncle Sam stations nuclear weapons on Turkish-occupied Armenian soil. Therefore, Armenians would do well to understand that whatever problems the Western world has with Turkey today is not about Turkey per se but about who's in power in Ankara. In other words: It's an internal matter between friends. The West is not about to turn against Turkey - not now, not for the foreseeable future.

Now, since there are Armenians that blame the religion of Islam for the Armenian Genocide, I'd like to state the following: I was very happy that Katholikos Aram I of the Cilician See publicly stated "Armenians were not massacred because they were Christians". Politics and pan-Turkic nationalism - not religion - was the reason why Turks sought to exterminate Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians. Yes, the Ottoman foot soldier or the brigand that did the actual killings of Armenians were mostly Turkish and Kurdish Muslims, but those that actually planned and ordered the murder of an entire race were more Jewish than Muslim. Those that actually planned and ordered the murder of the Armenian race were more atheistic than religious. And those who gave refuge to Armenians at the time were mostly Muslim Arabs and Iranians. In fact, even before the mass exterminations of Armenians during the First World War, Grand Sheikh Salim al-Bishri of Egypt issued a Fatwa condemning Turks for the killings of Armenians in Adana. During the First World War, Al-Husayn Ibn 'Ali, Sharif of Mecca decreed the following -
Decree issued in 1917 by the Sharif of Mecca for the Protection of Armenians:
While we are on the topic of Islam, the following lecture by a well known Islamic Sheikh Imran Hosein should be watched by all Armenians. The very charismatic sheikh makes references to "Anglo-American-Jewish" alliance; talks against the Chechen Jihad against Russia claiming it was funded and organized by Washington and Saudi Arabia; calls Russia the true progeny of the Byzantine Empire; claims the Ottoman Empire was un-Islamic and that its existence served as a wedge between Islam and Orthodox Christianity; mentions the Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution; states communism was created to destroy the Russian Empire; says those behind communism gave Crimea to Ukraine to weaken the Russian nation once the Soviet Union dissolved; warns against the problem of not distinguishing between Russia and the Soviet Union; emphasizes the need for true believers of Islam to unite with Orthodox Russia; he also makes references to Armenia several times -
Islam, Russia, Ukraine and Alliance with Rum By Sheikh Imran Hosein:
It is wrong to blame the religion of Islam for the Armenian Genocide. The sheeple in any given country can be manipulated to do whatever their manipulators want. Religion, as with another other ism, can be easily tweaked by a political/financial elite and turned into a murderous weapon. Islam was not the reason nor was it the motivational factor behind the Turk's genocidal agenda against Armenians. Armenians have historically had good relations with Muslims. Unfortunately, however, it has become very fashionable in recent years to blame Muslims for everything bad that occurs in the region. The problem in the Middle East has never been Islam per se but Turks, Jews and Westerners.

All Armenians have family stories

A majority of Armenians living today are the off-springs of genocide survivors. Most Armenians therefore have stories of death and survival. The following is my family story.

On my maternal side: At the turn of the 20th century, my maternal ancestors were a large family of bakers and farmers in Kilikia (Cilicia). My mother's father was young man when Turkish soldiers entered his hometown and began rounding up Armenians to place them on death marches to the Syrian desert. My grandfather's immediate family, however, met another fate. For reasons that my family does not know, Turkish jandarms murdered my grandfather's parents and some of his siblings. My grandfather somehow escaped and managed flee to the mountains surrounding his town. He was said to have lost his mind after witnessing the murder of his family (Khent Hagop or crazy Hagop was the nickname that he would eventually earn). Some time after living off the land he joined a band of Armenian fighters who, among other things, were also involved in helping Armenian girls and orphans escape Turkish and Kurdish captivity. Thereafter, my grandfather engaged in various raids into Turkish and Kurdish towns and villages in what essentially mounted to search-and-rescue operations seeking Armenian captives. According to stories recounted by my grandmother, my grandfather had turned into a ruthless killer. He was said to be an excellent marksman with his Russian-made Mosin rifle, with which he is said to have killed dozens of Turks and Kurds. According to one account of his exploits, he shot dead a Turkish Mufti on a Mosque minaret as the Muslim cleric was preparing to recite morning prayers. According to another story, he infiltrated into a Turkish village where he knew a young Armenian girl was being held captive. In the middle of the night he killed her captor and took her, on horseback, back to Armenian territory in French administered Syria. Once back in secure territory, he gave the rescued girl to a young Armenian man who was an orphan and told him to marry her. My grandmother would recount that my grandfather would at times come home with the blood of his victims on his clothing. When she would ask what the stains were, he would only tell her that they were blood stains from slaughtering sheep. I did not have the honor of meeting my grandfather for he died before I was born. My mother and grandmother would say that even in his deathbed my grandfather would say the only thing he regretted in life was not killing enough Turks.

On my paternal side: As tradesmen, medical practitioners and lawyers, my father's family were affluent townsfolk in Sebastia at the turn of the 20th century. One particular relative held the title of village chief. Through their professions my father's family thus had direct contact with Turkish authorities within the area they lived. According to stories recanted by my father, his family would even once-in-a-while host Turkish officials at their home. Thus, when rumors of impending expulsion orders were heard, my father's family sought the protection of the Turkish authorities, with whom they thought they had good relations with. The Turkish governor, having received the request by my father's family to speak to him, invited the representatives my father's family over for dinner to see what they had to say. According to my father, his family pleaded with the Turkish official for protection. Claiming to be good Ottoman citizens and having no political affiliations, my father's family asked the Turk not to drive them from their hometown. My father's family and the Turkish official had a very friendly discussion over dinner. However, as they were about to leave the Turk's residence, my father's family asked if they could have the Turkish official's word that no harm would come to their families. In response, the Turkish governor ensured them that my father's family were well liked and respected by Turks... but that orders were orders. Soon after April 24th 1915, the order came to expel or eliminate all Armenians living in the region. My father's extended family was decimated. Some were killed outright by Turkish and Kurdish brigands. Some died from disease and starvation on forced marches. Some simply disappeared, never to be found again. And the rest, including my paternal grandfather, were driven to the Syrian desert starving, barefoot and penniless.

An interesting footnote to my father's family story was that of my father's paternal uncle. As Turks and Kurds were raiding his town, the young man escaped certain death by jumping into a fast flowing river and disappearing downstream. He was thought to have drowned. Many decades passed. One day, by a very strange coincidence, perhaps providence, my father met someone in the United States who turned up to be his lost uncle's son. It turned out, after jumping into the river and swimming downstream for a long distance my father's uncle was rescued by a Kurdish family. This Kurdish family fed him and kept him hidden from Turks and other Kurds for a long time. He eventually made his way to Constantinople and got married to an Armenian there and gave birth to several children. One of his children migrated to the US and by providence met his paternal uncle, my father. 

Turkish apology or recognition is worthless without reparations

There are some fundamental things we Armenians need to recognize about Turkish-Armenian relations. Foremost, we Armenians need to understand that Ankara's "recognition" of the Armenian Genocide is utterly worthless if it is not accompanied by significant reparations. Armenians want at least portions of Western Armenia and financial reparations to compensate the lose of two million lives as well as their material possessions. With that said, it is downright delusional to think that Ankara will voluntarily return historic Armenia to its rightful owners or pay the tens-of-billions of dollars that it owes. What's more, Turks also know that once they give in to Armenian demands there will be Greeks, Assyrians, Syrians and Kurds demanding restitution as well. Therefore, Armenians want things from Turks that Turks will never give up on their own. Therefore, it is not in Turkey's interest to recognize the Armenian Genocide. In fact, it is not in Turkey's interest to even have a prosperous Armenia, which is why they have blockaded the country for twenty-five years. Finally, we Armenians need to recognize that the nation known as Turkey today is founded upon the graves of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians. Turkey is therefore an artificial construct that lives only through the support of the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance. Moreover, the Turkish military is a paper tiger. One good strike at Turkey and the whole country will fragment into several pieces, not much unlike Iraq. Ultimately, we Armenians must look at Turks as temporary squatters in Asia Minor.

Putting aside a handful of Turks (essentially the country's Marxists and ultra-liberals) that have in recent years seemingly begun siding with Armenians, a vast majority of Turks remain unrepentant, defiant and even openly hostile towards Armenians. 

Armenians need to understand that when it comes to matters pertain to the Armenian Genocide there are essentially two kinds of mainstream Turks: The good Turk and the bad Turk. The good Turk wants to whitewash Turkey's role in the Armenian Genocide, saying it was a terrible war where many died on all sides. The good Turks does apologize for the wholesale massacres of Armenians and does say that what happened may have constituted something resembling a genocide, but goes on to say that Armenians need to simply move on and forget about reparations because Turkey is in no position to give anything and, besides which, too much time has passed. The good Turk basically wants Armenians to forget the past and simply look to the future with Turks as good neighbors. The bad Turk says it's Armenians that actually attempted a genocide against Turks. The bad Turks says Armenians backstabbed their Turkish neighbors by siding with Russians. The bad Turks says whatever happened to Armenians was warranted. The bad Turk therefore say Armenians deserved what happened to them. The bad Turk also says they will do "it" again if need be.

Nevertheless, both the good Turk and the bad Turk essentially want one thing from us Armenians: They want us to forget about our lands and money reparations. Accepting an official apology and forgetting everything else is exactly what Uncle Sam wants from Armenians. In fact, this is what the US sponsored Turkish-Armenian reconciliation agenda is all about. The following video from Voice of America is a good example of what I am talking about -
Ömer Taşpınar talks about Armenian-Turkish reconsiliation:
The bottom line is this: Turks are willing to recognize and apologize as long as Armenians do not ask for land and money. They would have recognized and apologized a long time ago had they been sure that such a gesture by them would not lead to other things. For Armenians, Turkish recognition and apology is worthless without reparations in land and money. Turks know this. Therefore, no self-respecting Turkish government will give into Armenian demands, which to them would also mean essentially giving into Kurdish, Greek and Assyrian demands as well. This is why discussing the Armenian Genocide with Turks is a total waste of time. This is why US sponsored events such as Turkish-Armenian reconciliation is also a total waste of time. What's more, let's understand that a prosperous Armenia, especially one that is allied to Russia, is not within the strategic interest of Turkey or Western powers. Nevertheless, crimes such as genocide cannot be forgiven or forgotten or left unpunished. Thus, sooner or later, one way or another, the Turk will be made to pay.

The centennial is only the beginning

While western civilization was waking up, Armenian civilization was going into a hibernation that it would not come out of until hundreds of years later. Unfortunately, it took the near annihilation of the Armenian race to truly awaken the Armenian spirit. One hundred years ago Armenians faced near total annihilation. Perhaps it was providence that we survived. Today, we may be a broken people but the Armenian spirit is alive and well and we have a nation once again. It has come a long way since our little homeland gained its independence from the Soviet Union twenty five years ago. Long gone are the days when Armenia suffered severe energy shortages. Long gone are the days when Armenia suffered from food shortages. Long gone are the days when Armenia under constant danger of invasion. Long gone are the days when Armenia's factories were being torn down and sold to Iranians at scrap metal prices. Long gone are the days when Armenian politicians flirted with suicidal political policies such as the Goble Plan. Long gone are the days when world powers neglected Armenia. Although the devastation brought upon by the Western style, capitalistic chaos of the 1990s and its "oligarchic" legacy endures somewhat today, the Armenian state is nonetheless progressing. Although poverty and unemployment are still at unacceptable levels, Armenia continues to develop.  

Despite immense odds and difficulties both foreign and domestic, Armenia has managed to not only survive in the tumultuous Caucasus but has also become a major political player. In fact, for the first time in over a thousand years, Armenia has actually increased in size and major powers around the world are being forced to consider the Armenian factor in their political calculations.

Rome was not built in a single day, nor were any of the best in the West. All fledgling nations go through periods of growing pains. Small nations, poor nations, nations landlocked in hostile geographic locations will naturally have longer and more problematic growing pains. Despite our best efforts to make politics/society in Armenia ideal, we have to also realize that Armenia will have to travel the same painful and difficult path every other developed nation has traveled throughout history. There is no other way. There is no magic cure. It would be best for us to simply assume that the road will be bumpy and therefore prepare as best as we can for the pain. Our fledgling homeland in the Caucasus still has a long-long way to go. What Armenia desperately needs today is political evolution, not a Western-funded revolution. We have a beautiful republic today that is secure; we have a republic today that is stable; we have a republic today that is moving forward with the help of its sons and daughters and sometimes - despite its sons and daughters. Armenia is a nation with great potential. Armenians are a people endowed with great potential. Under the right leadership Armenia will be able to reach its potential. It will happen. It's only a matter of time. Nevertheless, with the new century upon us, today is a day when all Armenians should put aside their petty differences and rejoice in knowing that we have a free and independent homeland, an Armenian republic that continues to grow stronger year-after-year. In the meanwhile, we Armenians need to stop becoming unwitting tools for those seeking to undermine our fledgling republic. We Armenians need to stop unwittingly participating in the Western/Turkish agenda of dissemination poisonous propaganda about Armenia. Armenia's Western funded NGOs, news outlets and political activists exists for a sole purpose: undermining the social fabric of the Armenian nation, alienating the Armenian Diaspora from the Armenian homeland, demoralizing Armenians and sowing sociopolitical discord in Armenia. We need to stop unwittingly helping those who are conspiring against Armenia. We waited nearly one thousand years for this opportunity. Now that it's upon us we need to learn to appreciate our statehood and act responsibly. What we do with our resurrected state is very important and each and every one of us has a constructive and positive role to play.

The centennial of the Armenian Genocide has served to galvanized the Armenian nation. I don't recall Armenians this united in purpose. During the past one month we saw our dispersed nation unite into a single organ and become one fist and one voice. A positive energy has been created. This energy has to be preserved. This energy has to be harnessed for the benefit of the Armenian homeland.

We Armenians will never forget the more than 2 million martyrs that gave their lives from 1894 to 1923. We Armenians will never forgive the perpetrators and their modern day successors of this most terrible of crimes against humanity. We Armenians will never forget those who stood with us nor will we ever forget those who did not stand with us during this centennial. We Armenians will always demand recognition, justice and reparations. We Armenians will always demand the return of Western Armenia. We Armenians are willing to work another century if need be to make sure that justice is served, Turks are punished and Western Armenian is returned.

I call on all self-respecting Armenians to always remember the road we as a nation traveled on to get to where we are today. I call on all self-respecting Armenians to love and appreciate their statehood. I call on all self-respecting Armenians to recognize that the only way to prevent another genocide is to make sure Armenia maintains a powerful military. I call on all Armenians to live their lives in a manner that would make our martyrs' deaths meaningful. They could not have died in vain: A death that serves no purpose is a tragedy, a death that serves a purpose is immortality. Therefore, see to it that their spilled blood fertilizes the spirit and awakens the consciousness and help gives birth to a new Armenia. Let their deaths be the beginning of a new and better life. The centennial therefore is not the end, it is merely the beginning, and the coming century will be a period of Armenian revival.

I must admit that centennial events exceeded all my expectations. The quality and the efficiency of organized events were a very pleasant surprise for me. The atmosphere in Armenia was vibrant, exciting and alive. There was, quite literally, electricity in the air. I'm greatly impressed with the work carried-out by the centennial committee. From LA to the Vatican to Yerevan to Etchmiadzin, they did a monumental job in commemorating a monumental occasion. Therefore, my deepest gratitude to Armenian officials, clergy and Diasporan activists for the wonderful spectacle we all were treated to. The following links are to notable events -
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Vladimir Putins speech at Genocide Memorial in Armenia:
Putin visits 'Armenian Genocide Museum' on 100th anniversary of 1915 events:
Holy Mass for the faithful of Armenian Rite - 2015.04.12:
Classical music concert and memorial procession in Yerevan:
Torches light up Yerevan for the mass killings of Armenians:

LA marks 100th anniversary of Armenian mass killings with 'March for Justice':
Germany: Thousands march for recognition of Armenian Genocide:
System Of a Down - Live in Yerevan:
I would like to point out that I was particularly happy that our martyrs were finally sanctified by our church. The canonization of our slaughtered ancestors were discussed by our church leaders for many years. I guess the centennial was indeed the best time to get it done. I am very glad the Vatican stood with us (a stark lesson to Greek Orthodox Churches who to the detriment of all Christian Orthodoxy still refuse to accept our church). It was wonderful seeing the great Russian Czar in Armenia once more. I would have been happier with the French president's visit to Armenia had he not traveled to Azerbaijan on the same day. I was surprised by the recognition given to us by the governments of Germany and Austria, especially because they have millions of Turks living within their lands, although we shouldn't make too much out of their recognition. I was very happy to see the presidents of Serbia and Cyprus in Armenia: Two truly brotherly peoples with a shared history and common enemy.

But where was the Iranian president? According to many of our Iranian-Armenian colleagues, Iran was supposed to be a better, more reliable friend to Armenia than Russia. So, what happened? Did Tehran, as Americans like to say chicken-out, like last time when Ahmadinejad was in Armenia and quietly flew back to Iran the night before he was scheduled to make an appearance at the memorial complex? The rumor at the time was that Ankara had threatened Iran in some way. Recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a good litmus test for friendship. Therefore, I ask: If Tehran can't bring itself to stand with us Armenians on this matter, should it be trusted by us on other matters? I am criticizing Tehran as a friend of Iran. I harbor no ill feeling towards Iranians whatsoever. In fact, I see Iran as a valuable neighbor and a potential ally. But to suggest that Iranians are more reliable or more friendly towards Armenians than Russians is ludicrous. 

Where were the Greek and Georgian presidents? Busy kissing Turkish asses as usual? I actually respect Iranians much more than Greeks and Georgians. Politically speaking, what a worthless bunch of people Greeks and Georgians are.
Nevertheless, some thoughts regarding the EU and genocide recognition: Historically, traditional European powers - France and Germany in particular - have sought to keep Turkey at an arms length. Europe wants Turkey close but not too close. Europe wants good relations with Ankara but at the same time they don't want Ankara to be part of the European club. Europe will therefore trade with Ankara, they will allow Ankara to be part of their military apparatus but they will use the Armenian Genocide as one of their tools to keep Ankara out of the EU. With that said, the further Ankara drifts towards political independence and conservative Islam the more strained its relations will become with the EU. But, ultimately, Turkey as a nation is simply too valuable for Europe to give up. To think therefore that European powers will sacrifice all their ties with Turkey for a tiny, impoverished, landlocked and Russian-backed nation in the south Caucasus is a silly fantasy. Moreover, let's not forget the powerful backing Ankara has traditionally had from Anglo-American-Jews. Washington, London and organized Jewry have always lobbied in Europe on behalf of Turks. Why? As I keep saying: Turkey is a buffer against Russians, Arabs and Iranians. Therefore, Armenians would do good to recognize that whatever problems the Western world has with Turkey today is not about Turkey per se but about who's in power in Ankara. In other words: It's an internal matter. The West is not about to turn against Turkey - not now, not for the foreseeable future.

Needless to say, and as always, I was very disgusted by the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance. I was very glad that the royal pig and his piglet actually stayed away from Armenia. But did Armenians really think Obama might have said the "G" word this time? Are we really this naive? With that said, it's unfair to blame Obama for any of this for the fault lies not with any particular American president but on the political establishment in Washington DC. Ultimately, the Armenian Genocide is not recognized by Western powers today not because of Armenia's "obscurity" or the lack of "awareness" among western peoples but because of geopolitics and also because Jews don't want any competition to their lucrative Holocaust business. Nevertheless, I am glad more-and-more Armenians are beginning to view the Anglo-American-Jewish world as an enemy. If Uncle Sam could not get himself to say the "G" word on the occasion of the centennial, it no longer matters what he says or does in the future. What matters is that Armenians worldwide are beginning to see the political West as an evil presence and a cause of death and destruction around the world.

The centennial has shown us Armenians who are our friends and who are our enemies. As I said: Recognition of the Armenian Genocide is a very good litmus test for friendship. And with that in mind, let's all recognize that the Armenian nation has one true friend and ally and that is the Russian Bear.

Finally, I am very glad to report that the Turkish-Western agenda to derail centennial commemorations failed miserably. None of their tactics, be it the Gyumri massacre, Azerbaijani attacks on the border, "Founding Parliament's" promise to incite an uprising on April 24th or Victoria "fuck the EU" Nuland's appeal to Western-led activists in Armenia, worked in the end. Speaking of Founding Parliament's promised centennial revolution, after a few of their ringleaders were arrested a couple of weeks ago, Washington's shameless freak show in Armenia simply fell apart without as much as a whimper. All in all, I was very impressed with the way President Sargsyan's government has handled matters.

As I said earlier, there is positive energy throughout Armenia now. At least for now, the Western-sponsored doom-and-gloom campaign is abated. At least for now, Uncle Sam's smut-peddlers are silenced. We now have the momentum. We must do what we can to maintain this momentum. The centennial is not the end, it is the beginning. We cannot allow our martyred ancestor's death to have been in vain. Let us use their memory to build a better Armenia. Let us use their memory to remind ourselves that Armenian statehood and political stability is something that needs to be preserved at all cost. With the past one hundred years in clear hindsight for us all to assess and ponder, and the chaotic post-Soviet years well behind us as well, we as a nation need to look forward to the next one hundred years and build on what we have. In looking forward, we must also recognize that our building efforts should not only apply to Armenia but also to the Armenian. As much as Armenia was destroyed during the past one thousand years, so was the Armenian. We as a people have suffered one thousand years of material, spiritual, cultural and genetic damage. Let this century be a period of Armenian revival. It can be done because within us all dwells the genetic imprint of our glorious ancestors.

What happened to Asia Minor a thousand years ago is an important geopolitical lesson to be learned by regional Christians. One of the lessons that is still quite significant today is that the fall of the great Byzantine Empire in the 15th century begun with the fall of Armenia in the 11th century. Ultimately, it was religious zeal, cultural arrogance and political shortsightedness of Greeks and Armenians at the time that essentially led to the demise of Christendom in Asia Minor. Greeks and Armenians - as well as Russians - would do well to learn the lessons of the past one thousand years. A thousand years ago Armenia guarded the vulnerable eastern approaches of the great Byzantine Empire. Today, a resurrected Armenia guards the vulnerable underbelly of the great Russian nation, a nation that is the successor of the Byzantine Empire. What Greeks and Armenians could not accomplish one thousand years ago, I hope to see Russians and Armenians accomplishing in the next one thousand years. I hope to see the rise of a new Byzantium. I hope to see a union of Christian Orthodox nations.

As a grandchild of genocide survivors I promise that I will do all that I can to somehow, someday avenge my murdered countrymen. I pledge to keep the memory of our martyrs alive within my children. I pledge never to forget that we have unfinished business. I pray for the souls of all my countrymen who opted to die as Armenians instead of betraying their God and nation. I pray to see Asia Minor - the cradle of human civilization, the cradle of Aryan nations, the cradle of Christianity - become the stronghold of Armenians, Greeks and Russians. I pray to see Western Armenia, a Turkic cesspool today, returned to its former glory. And with that in mind, let's collectively pray that Sarikamish II - of course without the first one's Bolshevik ending - is not too far down the Anatolian road.

The need for self-reflection and cultural unity

Ever since the near-death experience we had a century ago we Armenians have been patting ourselves on the shoulder because of how wonderful we perceive we are. I understand that this is a natural form of self-reassurance that develops after coming face-to-face with death and managing to live. To feel good about our selves, we kept reminding ourselves (and anyone else that would listen to us) that we were the first Christians... we were the first this, the first that... this famous person was Armenian, that famous person was Armenian... We need to stop this silliness before it kills us.

If we truly love our homeland we seriously need to begin talking about our national flaws. After all, to a significant degree, it is our national (i.e. collective) flaws that has gotten us to where we are today. If we are genuinely concerned about Armenia's future and if we genuinely love our nation we need to come down from our self-induced euphoria and start taking a close, hard look at who we are today. Armenians need self-reflection.

I do not want to come across as if I'm trying to belittle our very rich history. Armenia was one of the greatest nations of the ancient world. Armenia was a major power during much of the preceding two thousand years before Armenia lost its independence in the 11th century. Moreover, much of modern human civilization has its origins within our historic homeland. Proto-Armenians brought civilization to lands stretching from India to the British Islands. Again, I am not attempting to belittle our magnificent history and immensely rich cultural heritage. Armenians do have bragging rights. I am simply longing to see the revival of Armenia. I am hoping to see the resurrection of those Armenians that put Armenia at forefront of human civilization. It can be done because deep within our people lies dormant the potential to be a great nation once again. We simply need a cultural reawakening. Therefore, we have some work to do because the modern Armenian is too materialistic, too proud, too arrogant, too negative, too impatient, too cynical, too self-righteous, too ostentatious, too gossip-prone, too politically ignorant and worst of all - too clannish.

Along side Armenia, Armenians themselves have also suffered nearly one thousand years of damage. In my opinion, the repair of this cultural/genetic damage should take precedence over constructing buildings in Armenia. In other words, before we attempt to reconstruct Armenia we first need to reconstruct the Armenian. Case in point: Our wealthy Chobans-in-Armani-suits are a reflection of modern Armenian society. A nation full of materialistic, overly-ambitious, very intelligent, fiercely independent, deeply pessimistic, painfully cynical, extremely jealous, impossibly stubborn and politically naive people with Asiatic mindsets cannot in all honesty expect to have an "enlightened" government. To fix Armenia we therefore somehow need to figure out a way to fix the Armenian. Armenia's problems today are thus an accurate reflection of modern Armenian society and culture, and no single politician - especially one that is serving a Western agenda - will be able to cure Armenia's fundamental ailments. What Armenia desperately needs today is a sociopolitical evolution; what Armenians desperately need today is farsighted nationalism, patience and cultural unity.

One of the most important lessons we Armenians were thought one hundred years ago was the crucial need for cultural and thus national unity. Ironically, however, one of the things that continues to get into the way of Armenian unity is Armenian pride.

Allow me to explain.

We don't need "proud" Armenians. We already have too many "proud" Armenians walking this earth without any connection to their Armenian homeland. We have too many proud Lebanese-Armenians; we have too many proud American-Armenians; we have too many proud French-Armenians; we have too many proud Russian-Armenians; we have too many proud Persian-Armenians; we even have proud Turkish-Armenians.

Armenian "pride" comes from Armenian arrogance. Armenian pride comes from Armenian tribalism. In other words, Armenian pride is about the Armenian ego. Therefore, Armenian pride is destructive and one of the causes for the divisions in our people. What we desperately need instead of "proud" Armenians are nationalist Armenians. I say this because a proud Armenian can be proud of his or herself anywhere on earth, an Armenian nationalist on the other hand can only feel proud in Armenia. A "proud" Lebanese-Armenian can easily discriminate against an Armenian from Armenia. And, vice-versa, a "proud" Yerevantsi can easily discriminate against an Armenian from Lebanon. A nationalist Armenian, however, would never discriminate against another Armenian because of where they were born.

Speaking of destructive Armenian pride, there is another form of pride that is very detrimental to the Armenian homeland and to Armenian nationalism and that is "Western Armenian" pride.

There are significant numbers of offspring of genocide survivors living in the Diaspora today who consider Turkish-occupied Western Armenia to be their one and only homeland. Although this emotional attachment to Western Armenia is in itself quite commendable, Diasporan Armenians who feel this way more often than not tend to look at the current Armenian state in the south Caucasus as a foreign, "Russified" entity. These champions of Western Armenia feel they have little in common with the current Armenian state. Dr. Henry Astarjian, a well respected Anglophile who also happens to be a well-respect ARF activist, is one of those Diasporans today advocating Western Armenianism in lieu of pan-Armenianism. His thoughts on the subject matter -
"The motherland, basking in corruption and crime, is plagued with depopulation and confusion about its political identity. It pretends to switch its orientation towards civilized Europe, while historically, traditionally, culturally, and de-facto, it lives under the Russian tent. Russian armed forces remain camped on Armenian soil, while Russia pursues its interests by cow-towing to Azerbaijan. The psychological orientation of the Armenian man-in-the-street continues to be loyal to Russia, despite a huge American diplomatic presence in the country. This orientation is fortified by the fact that Russia is the biggest employer of Armenian workers, be they scientists or peasants... Armenia is no longer the spiritual or nationalistic fortress of Armenians; a sad, but true fact. To fill the vacuum created by this situation, the post-genocide Armenians are laboring to find identity in their immediate ancestors’ churches, tombstones, graves, and destroyed homes in Western Armenia ...
"In two generations the Nation, including Armenia, has not produced a single poet, a single philosopher, a single literary giant, a single serious musical composition, a single drama or comedy, a single opera, a single military commander, a single political figure, a single strategist, a single futurist, or a single visionary worthy of excellence or praise. Our linguistics and the lexicon have deteriorated, especially in Armenia, where the Soviet era spelling and grammar have been basterdized, and the government hasn’t raised a finger to fix it. The structure has crumbled under the weight of alienation. Armenia has ceased becoming our guiding light!"
Living quite comfortably in their adopted homelands, worthless Diasporans like this clown above tend to subconsciously seek all sorts of excuses to refrain from the difficult building-process that is urgently required in Armenia. Diasporans like this Astarjian character, who are more Turkish and Kurdish at heart than Armenian, are the fundamental reason for Armenian disunity and political impotency. Diasporans like Astarjian go out of their way to immerse their children in the cultures of their adopted Diasporan homelands but when they happen to be in Armenia they do their best to preserve their "Western Armenian" culture. This is a destructive dichotomy within the Armenian psyche that I can't yet adequately explain. We saw this process play out recently among Syrian-Armenian refugees in Armenia. When Syrian-Armenians fled to Armenia, instead of immersing themselves into their homeland's culture, they opted instead to preserve their Syrian-Armenian identity -
«Կիլիկյան վարժարանում ջնջվում է հայությունը»:
No wonder there is a disconnect between native Armenians and Disporans. Instead of taking the opportunity given to them by fully embracing their homeland, Syrian-Armenians (known to be one of the most "patriotic" Armenians in the Diaspora) have been doing their best to essentially preserve their assimilation. And these people have the nerve to look down at Armenians in Armenia for being "Russified"? I don't mean to digress from the topic but it's this kind of attitude displayed by Diasporans that fosters resentment among native Armenians. Why would Armenians try to preserve their Syrian-Armenian identity in Armenia? Why?!?!?! I just don't get it.

That significant numbers of Diasporan Armenians today feel they have little in common with today's Armenia is beyond doubt. That the constant doom-and-gloom about Armenia by our Western-led propagandists is aggravating the situation is also beyond doubt. That assimilation plays a big role in this condition is also beyond doubt. But in my opinion this condition is also a by-product of our conscious efforts to preserve "Western Armenian culture" within Diasporan societies. When a child is raised begin told that his or her ancestral homeland is Western Armenia and that his or her native tongue is Western Armenian, that child will inevitably have a difficult time feeling a cultural and/or emotional connection to the Armenia we have today.

Are we trying to attach Diasporan children to a nation that only exists in concept, at the expense of the nation that exists in reality?!?!?!

Ethnic identity, religious faith and language are interconnected and are the most important unifying and defining factors in any given society. They are in fact the three pillars of identity and nationality. In my opinion (an opinion of a Diasporan let me remind you), I believe there needs to be ONE Armenian homeland, ONE Armenian language and ONE Armenian church. For thousands of years rulers around the world have recognized the crucial need for cultural unity through the adoption of ONE language and faith under ONE state. This millennial old wisdom however seems to somehow escape a significant portion of Armenians today.

Just thinking: Is our attempt to preserve the Western Armenian language in the Diaspora actually becoming a stumbling block to genuine national unity?

Without a homeland within which to evolve in a language will inevitably die. It is therefore no surprise that The Western Armenian branch of the Armenian language is on the path of extinction. Even increasing numbers of Diasporan Armenians are beginning to see the language as being on the verge of death. It's death blow came on April 24, 1915. It's been slowly dying ever since as fewer and fewer numbers of Armenians are speaking it. How many Armenians do we know that can speak Western Armenian without mixing into it a large amount of Arabic, Turkish, French or English words? How many Diasporan Armenians speak Western Armenian at all? How many will speak it in one or two more generations? The reality of the matter is that Western Armenian is on the path of extinction and its course with destiny cannot be reversed because Western Armenian does not have a homeland within which to live and develop.

Just thinking: Should the entire Diaspora simply adopt the official language of the Armenian republic?

Armenia has a desperate need for cultural unity. As much as I hate to admit it, our clinging to "Western Armenian" identity and language is  aggravating the situation and actually creation the very basis for division. Although we have one homeland and one official language, we have significant numbers of Armenians conceptualizing another homeland and teaching their children another language. We need to bury our Diasporan mentalities. We need to bury our provincial mentalities. The divisions we have had have been the by-products of our tragic history. There is no Western Armenia. There is no Eastern Armenia. There is but ONE Armenia. There is no Diasporan Armenian. There is no native Armenian. There is but ONE Armenian. If we are to grow and prosper as a nation, there has to be one culture, one language, one church, one state. We waited one thousand years for this opportunity. We can't squander it now. At the end of the day, we need to realize that the Diaspora is a dead end. The Diaspora is in fact a graveyard for Armenians. Any penny spent on the Armenian Diaspora is a precious penny wasted. While it exists, the Diaspora has to be a source of support to the Armenian state. The Diaspora has to therefore, speak the language of the Armenian state, both figuratively and literally.

I'm a Diasporan Armenian. I grew up hearing both dialects of our language because we had relatives in Armenia who would visit us periodically. Today, I have a home in the Diaspora and a home in Armenia. I know both sides intimately well. I am therefore being very objective and rational when I say I think our language divide (i.e. cultural divide) is a very serious matter. Although many of us do not want to talk about it, we have a serious language/cultural divide within our nation. Western Armenian speakers are incapable of understanding Eastern Armenians speakers - linguistically and culturally. Sadly, however, a vast majority of Diasporan Armenians are totally blind to the matter's seriousness essentially because of the powerful instinct to preserve what was uprooted during the genocide. I also suspect Armenian traits such as arrogance and pride playing a role as well. However, we Armenians need to be mindful that language is a very powerful tool. Language - be it English, Russian, French, Turkish, Eastern Armenian or Western Armenian - imparts cultural values and a specific mindset/outlook to the speaker. 

A common language is one of the core elements and a most crucial prerequisite in national unity. As emotionally difficult as it may be, we need to stop trying to revive the dead. Western Armenian cannot be saved. We need to recognize our loss and look forward. Accepting the official language of the Armenian Republic will go a long way in helping the Diaspora better understand the homeland and its people and vice-versa. If we want future generations in the Armenian Diaspora (as long as the Diaspora survives) to feel a deep connection to and a genuine affinity towards their ancestral homeland in the south Caucasus, they need to be taught the official language of the Armenian state. If we are to feel as one nation and one culture and if we want our Diaspora to feel intimately connected to the Armenian state, we Western Armenians need to put aside our pride, arrogance and tribalism and learn to embrace the official language of our one and only Armenian homeland. In short: If we want our Diasporan children to truly feel connected to the Armenian state they need to be thought the official language of the Armenian state. I would like to once more remind the reader that the liberation of Western Armenia can only start from Yerevan.

Russians and Turks will clash again, will Armenians be ready this time?

Director of the Yerevan based Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan recently stated: “Armenia is a key South Caucasus country for Russia and cannot be replaced by anything else. Importance of Russia to us is, of course, even greater. But Russia cannot substitute Armenia with Georgia, or Azerbaijan, or South Ossetia, Iran or Turkey. Russia uses its influence in the region due to the current format of its relationship with Armenia, and Putin has confirmed it”. From a Russian perspective, Armenia is an indispensable geostrategic asset in a very strategic yet volatile region of the world. From a Russian perspective, despite its trade ties with Ankara, Turkey is a serious geostrategic threat due to its size, strategic location, large Muslim population and NATO membership. What's more, Russia has long coveted territories under Turkish control due to Ankara's possession of ideal warm water ports on the Mediterranean Sea and its control over the strategic Dardanelles. Top level Kremlin officials know very well that the only thing stopping the Turkification and the Islamification of the entire Caucasus, both north and south, is a powerful Armenian presence in the region. That Russia sees Armenia as part of its civilization is therefore quite a natural thing and that Russia will militarily protect Armenia is beyond question.

In an article appearing in Russia Today, Mikhail Aleksandrov, a political analyst working for the Institute of CIS made the following comment about Moscow's military presence inside Armenia -
Armenian-Russian ties support a balance of forces. With its presence in the South Caucasus, Russia is creating a counterbalance to Turkey, Iran and preventing the West from getting access to the region, including military. If it wasn’t for Russia, the South Caucasus would be in a similar situation as we are observing in Syria or Libya today.”
In another article produced by Russia's Pravda, Vice President of the Academy of Geopolitical Issues Konstantin Sivkov is quoted as saying - 
If Turkey attacks Armenia, it will be treated as an attack on Russia. Russia would fight on Armenia's side with all its might. If necessary, Russia could use nuclear weapons against Turkey, both tactical, and if need be, strategic. This is defined in the military doctrine of the Russian Federation. Armenia is fully protected with the Russian umbrella of both conventional forces as well as strategic nuclear forces.
Alexsei Arbatov, the former deputy chairman of the Russia State Duma's Defense Committee defined Russian-Armenian relations with the following words - 
Armenia is our only classic military-political ally...Armenia will not survive without Russia, while, without Armenia, Russia will lose all its important positions in the Caucasus...Even though Armenia is a small country, it is our forepost in the South Caucasus.  I would say that Armenia is more important to us than Israel is to the Americans.
In describing what Russia's reaction would be to a possible invasion of Armenia by Turkey or Azerbaijan, Alexander Khramchikhin, Director of the Institute for Political and Military Analysis said - 
This comment by the former Russian ambassador to Armenia,  Vladimir Stupishin - 
In my view, the true settling of the Karabakh conflict suggests complete rejection by Azerbaijan of the primal Armenian lands. It is possible to resolve the problem of the refugees by providing them with opportunities in places where they live now. How come in almost every discussion on Karabakh the only refugees that are being consistently mentioned are the Azeri refugees? Why can’t the Armenians return to Baku, Gyandja, Sumgait, Artsvashen, Getashen, etc.?
This comment by Alexander Dugin, the political philosopher many Armenians accuse of being pro-Turkish and anti-Armenian -
"Armenia is the single most serious ally of Russia. It is part of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Collective Security Treaty Organization, that is, we should have a unitary system of missile and air defenses and integration on all levels, including nuclear defense and the nuclear umbrella which we guarantee Armenia. Accordingly, these actions take place in the framework of deploying a system of strategic security around Russia in relying on its allies. Armenia belongs to this first and foremost. But this is not because we are planning some kind of aggravation of Turkey or, moreover, a war."
This comment by a Russian-Muslim political analyst, Ilqar Mammadov -
"When Azerbaijani officials, including the president, predict that Armenia will collapse as a state, they are mistaken. Nobody will let Armenia collapse. Even if only 100,000 people lived in Armenia, Russia would protect it as it regards Armenia as its outpost."
This comment by head of Russia's Institute of Oriental Studies, Vitaly Naumkin -
"Russia will never allow Armenia to be harmed or attacked. If anyone attacks Armenia, Russia will take part in defending Armenia, this is absolutely obvious.”
This comment by a senior researcher of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Viktor Nadein-Rayevsky - 
Russia will never cede Armenia for improving its relations with Turkey. This is a matter of principle. There are things one can sacrifice, but there are things one cannot. The point is not so much that two million Armenians live in Russia and many of them are Russian citizens. For Armenia Russia’s steps must never be bad. The point is that even the Yeltsin Russia perfectly realized that it must not waive Armenia’s interests, not mentioning Putin, who clearly sees the national interests, at least, the clear ones. He is trying to extrapolate them for the future. I simply can’t imagine that Russia may yield Armenia – if Russia does this it will lose all of its positions in the Caucasus. Russia should understand one most important thing – there are partners and allied countries with whom one should keep up the sense of alliance and duty.
The following is an excerpt from a 1996 analysis by the well respected director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, Dmitri Trenin -
The purely military interest which Russia has had in the Caucasus appears to have receded in importance in comparison with the Imperial or Soviet periods. It is now essentially defensive in nature and precludes any large-scale strategic penetration, including the supply of military assistance, arms supplies, etc., to any third party. To prevent any potential Turkish opportunism at the time of the Soviet Union's disintegration, Marshal Shaposhnikov, then Commander-in-Chief of the Joint Armed Forces of the CIS, warned of a "Third World War" if Turkey were to interfere militarily in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. In March 1993, General Grachev, Russia's Defence Minister, made Russia's own military co-operation with Turkey conditional on Ankara's discontinuing its military assistance to Baku.
And the following are the comments of the Russian Ambassador to Armenia -
"It is impossible to imagine modern Russian history without Armenians"
As long as Russian nationalists are in power in Moscow, Russians will continue seeing Armenia as an asset and Turkic peoples as a threat. That Russia will militarily protect Armenia from all regional predators is therefore beyond question. Armenia's membership in the CSTO and the EEU and the Russian troop presence in Armenia is a guarantee that Turks and Azeris will remain on their sides of the border.

Once more I'd like to remind the reader that despite Moscow's very lucrative trade deals with Ankara during recent decades, Moscow has not stopped recognizing the Armenian Genocide; Russian officials have not stopped from appearing at the Armenian Genocide memorial in Yerevan; Moscow has not allowed Artsakh to be invaded by Azerbaijan; nor has Moscow's profitable dealings with Ankara stopped the Russian military from paying less attention to the security of the Armenian-Turkish border. Unlike in the Western world, where virtually everything has its price, Moscow's approach to regional politics is firmly based on its national security needs, and Armenia is an integral part of Russia's national security and it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

As long as Russian officials continue protecting Russian interests and as long as Russian power and influence continues to grow throughout the Caucasus and the Black Sea region, Russians will sooner-or-later run into problems with Turks. Regardless of any trade deals they have between them, the resurgence of Russia - and Turkey's growing Islamization - thus sets the stage for a future clash between Russia and Turkey. In my opinion, such a clash is not merely a probability but an inevitability and such a clash will no doubt cause tectonic shifts in the political and cultural character of the region.

Let's recognize that Russians and Turks are from two, vastly different cultures and civilizations. Ethnic Russians are mostly decedents of central European Vikings settlers and ancient Iranic peoples that were Christianized about one thousand years ago and the Russian nation is the progeny of the Byzantine Empire. Muslim Turks, on the other hand, are the decedents of various central Asian nomadic tribes that invaded eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the Armenian Highlands during the past one thousand years. Christian Slavs and Muslim Turkic peoples have clashed throughout history. It is essentially a natural rivalry within the human ecology that is similar to that of bears and wolves (pun intended) competing over the same feeding territory. Russians and Turks have come to blows over a dozen times only during the past two hundred years - each time with Russia winning. In the 1990s we again saw this rivalry between Russians and Turks play out in the Caucasus and in the Balkans, and more recently we saw it take place within Syria and Crimea. In each case the Russian Bear was victorious. The relationship between Moscow and Ankara cannot get too warm because Turks today have an instinctual fear of the Russian Bear and Russian have an instinctual disdain towards Turks. Another reason why Moscow will never lower it guard when it comes to dealing with Turks is Russia's large Turkic/Islamic population. Moscow has an inherent problem in this regard. Therefore, demographic concerns as well as fears of uprisings by its Turkic/Islamic population will force Russian officials to always keep relations with nations like Turkey at an arms length. Simply put: Russian officials know all too well the potential risks of pan-Turkism and blindly embracing Turks. There may be periods of peace and cooperation between the region's two natural competitors but the rivalry between Russia and Turkey will never totally disappear. Recognition of the inevitability of a Russian-Turkish conflict is what has made the political West embrace the Turkish nation for the past two centuries. 

It's not only me predicting an eventual Russo-Turkish clash. In the following article we see George Friedman's Stratfor also acknowledging this natural geopolitical inevitability -
"Ultimately, both Russia and Turkey know that this relationship is likely temporary at best. The two Eurasian powers still distrust each other and have divergent long-term goals, even if in the short term there is a small window of opportunity for Turkish and Russian interests to overlap. The law of geopolitics dictates that the two ascendant powers are doomed to clash — just not today"
The following quote taken from the Georgian press is a Russian take on the matter -
"Viktor Yakubin, analyst on the Caucasus region is confident that a confrontation in the region between Russia and Turkey is an historic inevitability"
And the following is the Turkish perspective appearing in the Voice of America -
"Soli Ozel, an International relations expert at Istanbul’s Kadir Has University, said Ankara's latest spat with Moscow has exposed the unbalanced nature of the relationship. "The Russians have not been at all forthcoming in terms of respecting where Turkey has interests," said Ozel. "So I don't see the Russians being particularly careful about not upsetting, offending or whatever the Turks, whereas the Turks have been usually pretty careful. This is, in my judgment, a relation of unequals. Ozel pointed out that Ankara did not even recall its ambassador from Moscow, as it did with Austria, the Vatican and most recently Luxembourg when they backed Armenian genocide claims"
After all is said and done, one thing remains crystal clear for me:  If Western Armenia is to be liberated someday (and I think it's a very real possibility), it wont come by the way of an "Armenian-Kurdish" alliance as some delusional idiots in the Armenian community think, it won't come as a result of "international law" as some Western-financed activists foolishly think,  and it wont happen as a result of Armenians collaborating with Islamized Armenians inside Turkey. If Western Armenia is to be liberated someday it will only happen by Russian-Armenian troops marching westward from the south Caucasus. Kurds and Islamized Armenians will no doubt be utilized as factors on the ground only when such a Russian-Armenian force from the Caucasus enters Western Armenia. 

We Armenians must understand that the only realistic chance we will have for liberating at least portions of Western Armenia is a future Russian-Turkish conflict. A Russian-Turkish war is the only calculus we can place any kind of hope on. This calculation must be an integral part of our nation's long-term strategic formulations and an integral part of Armenian lobbying efforts in Moscow. I'd like to remind the reader that such a thing has a historic precedence. Something similar to what I'm suggesting nearly became a reality in 1915 when Russian troops successfully liberated large portions of Western Armenia. That Bolshevism reversed Russian gains is altogether another matter for discussion. Barring any future calamity within Russia (and there is nothing on the radar screen to suggest such a thing), as they have always, Russian forces will crush Turks in any future conflict.

Nevertheless, the road to Western Armenia starts in eastern Armenia, and the keys to Western Armenia's liberation are found in the Kremlin. Diasporan Armenians need to begin thinking of the current Armenia state as their ONLY hope for resurrecting Western Armenia. All Armenians need to begin seeing Moscow as the ONLY place where to lobby Armenian interests. This is the long-term, pan-national agenda we Armenians must embark on - if - we want to see Western Armenia liberated one day. I have no doubt that Russians and Turks will come to blows once more. I have no doubt Turks will be defeated once more. Will we Armenians be ready?

Thoughts on the liberation of Western Armenia

Turks will never willing give back Western Armenia to Armenians. Turks will never pay the many billions-of-dollars necessary to compensate Armenians for the lives lost and property looted. Moreover, placing any hope on "international law" for the return of Western Armenia or the payment of reparations is as good as placing hope on the tooth-fairy. International law always takes a backseat to the old adage of "might makes right". International law always takes a backseat to realpolitik and geopolitical interests. International law is created by the strong to control the weak. Once you have the big guns and the big funds, you simply take what is yours and then you manipulate "international law" to excuse your actions. Once you have the big guns and the big funds, you simply reconfigure international law to meet your needs.

I have long maintained that Armenia's main problem today is not its "oligarchy" or "corruption" but its landlocked geography and the economic blockade its two neighbors have placed against it. Armenia will sooner-or-later need to expand and breakout of its mountain prison if it is to prosper and be taken seriously by the international community. I have always maintained that collaboration with Russia (and to a lesser extent with Iran) is the only way forward for Armenia in this regard. I have always maintained that the best route for Armenia to expand is through Georgia to the Black Sea and/or through Azerbaijan to the southern Russian border. My sentiments regarding this geostrategically important matter are reflected in the following blog entry -
With that said, the liberation of Western Armenia is also a hypothetical possibility and it should definitely be addressed. However, we should be mindful that if Western Armenia is to ever be liberated, chances are that it will have to be a joint Russian-Armenian venture. The keys therefore to Western Armenia is not found in some international law, it is not found in Brussels, it is not found in Washington and it is not found in the Armenian Diaspora. The keys to Western Armenia is found in Moscow and in Yerevan, and to a lesser extent in Tehran. Armenians need to wise-up, stop wasting their time and limited resources in an anti-Armenian vipers next like Washington and take the "Հայ Դատ" to the highest and most secretive offices of the Kremlin instead.
I fully acknowledge the fact that this is a very complex geopolitical matter. There are many variables involved, not the least of which is the unpredictability of tomorrow. No one but God knows when the day will come when Armenian tanks will drive into Van and reclaim Armenia's most ancient capitol city. That glorious day may or may not happen within our life times. Having said that, we as a nation need to be vigilant and ready for when an opportunity to do so does finally arrive. If we are not ready to exploit such an opportunity, then obviously there is no chance whatsoever. However, if we are ready and work towards that particular goal, then there is a chance, a very good chance. Therefore, it's ultimately up to us as a people to decide what we want for our future. Sadly, however, when it comes to the discussion of liberating Western Armenia many Armenians either are indifferent to it, approach it irrationally or are categorically against it. And this apathy and irrationality is the main obstacle we face in this matter, not Turks. Therefore, the "enemy" is us.

While the problem may be the Armenian, Armenia the nation-state is on route to actually becoming ready to embark on such an endeavor one day. Yes, despite what you hear about Armenia from Western-funded activists and propaganda outlets, Armenia is gradually becoming a major regional player thanks to its membership in the CSTO and the EEU. Unlike in 1914, Armenia is an independent nation with a major military victory already to its credit. Unlike in 1914, Armenia has a relatively powerful military that is getting stronger by the year. Unlike in 1914, Armenia is an established nation-state with an important strategic alliance with the Russian Federation and very warm relations with Iran. Unlike in 1914, Armenia also has a worldwide Diaspora than will come to its aid in time of need. Armenia today is a developing nation-state and one that already yields the most political clout in the south Caucasus.

Therefore, the last thing I want is for us Armenians to be asleep at the wheel once again when opportunity comes knocking on the door. Apathy, the lack of political awareness and patriotic ambition within Armenian society is my biggest concern. One hundred years ago the same situation allowed Turks to ravage historic Armenia and exterminate the region's native Armenian population. Despite all the patriotic songs and stories we have heard from the period of the First World War, the reality of the matter is that most Armenians at the time were either complacent with their overall condition as semi-Turkified Ottoman subjects or simply scared into inaction.

Let's remember that the Ottoman military had been utterly decimated and Turkey was not a serious fighting force soon after the start of the First World War. Moreover, when Russians retreated from Western Armenia in 1917 they left behind large stockpiles of weaponry that Armenians could have used for the liberation effort. Had we as a people collectively and enthusiastically rallied around the goal of liberation we would have been able to preserve significant portions of our historic lands - despite the Russian retreat in 1917 - and there would most probably not have been an Armenian Genocide to lament over. In my opinion, Armenian apathy, political ignorance, complacency and lack of preparedness allowed the genocide to take place.

In this regard, I think we all can learn a lot from our warlike compatriots in Artsakh. Being that Armenians of Artsakh are the only major group within our nation that were not totally subjugated by any power at any time in history, they are the direct genetic decedents of the warrior-aristocracy of the ancient Armenian Highlands. Armenians of Artsakh carry within their genetic code the traits of our ancient ancestors. Therefore, it is fully understandable why a majority of the greatest Armenian men in modern times were derived from the general vicinity of Artsakh. This, in my opinion, speaks volumes about the importance of pedigree. While the rest of the Armenian nation was deprived of its aristocracy and reduced to being subservient peasants, artisans and merchants during the course of the past one thousand years, much to the chagrin of Persians, Turks and Bolsheviks, Armenians of Artsakh were able to preserve our people's ancient characteristics: Resourceful, disciplined, resilient, stubborn, intelligent, patriotic and warlike.

Needless to say, Azeris found all this out the hard way during the 1990s. Artsakh reminded all Armenians that the external enemy has always been and continues to be the Turk. Artsakh showed us all that the only way forward is through armed struggle. Artsakh also gave us all a real lesson in genuine patriotism and realpolitik. In a certain sense, Artsakh saved Armenia and the Diaspora, not the other way around. 

Getting back to the First World War: Only a minuscule percentage of Armenians actually fought for Armenia's independence in Western Armenia. Insignificant numbers, lack of discipline and the lack of cooperation and coordination among various Armenian groups often characterized the Armenian liberation effort at the time. Not only that, as noted above, many Armenians at the time were even rebelling against the Russian Czar and many within the Ottoman-Armenian community were actually conspiring against Armenian freedom fighters. As much as we are inclined to blame Turks, Kurds, Germans, Brits, French and Russians for our devastating losses during the First World War, we Armenians also share equal blame. In fact, I would go as far as saying what happened to Armenians back then was primarily the fault of Armenians because, unlike us Armenians, all the other players at the time were merely doing what was in their best interests. We need to learn from our mistakes and look forward.

There are many important lessons to be learned from the First World War: The need for national unity; unconditional service to the national flag; a powerful military; being a part of genuine alliances with regional powers; a heightened awareness to the political world we all live in; and the importance of geostrategic foresight.

Moreover, the need to approach Armenia's current sociopolitical issues rationally and objectively is also fundamentally important - so is the need to stop chasing our tails with dangerous Western fairy-tales: toxic concoctions known popularly as Democracy, Capitalism, Civil Society, Westernization and Globalization. More importantly, we need to collectively work towards deepening our strategic alliance with the Russian Bear. We need to use our God given talents to figure out a way of turning Russia's national interests into an extension of Armenian interests. The foundation to do just that exists today for Moscow's and Yerevan's political interests converge to a great degree. This needs to be further cultivated in an organized effort.

The convergence of interests between our two nations needs to become institutionalized. Armenian officials, business tycoon and activists therefore need to be a constant presence within the walls of the Kremlin. While Armenia's increasingly powerful military is without any doubt Armenia's TACTICAL advantage on the global chessboard, Yerevan's alliance with Moscow must be cultivated to become Armenia's STRATEGIC advantage on the global chessboard.
Armenia's expansion is therefore mainly based upon the nature of Russo-Armenian relations, as well as various other geopolitical and socioeconomic factors. Armenian officials need to work on these factors and the rest of us need to be patient and pray for the best. I firmly believe we will liberate our historic lands. It's merely a matter of when. I will now briefly address some reoccurring questions and objections some Armenians have every time the topic of liberating Western Armenia is brought up in conversation.

Will Russia help? 

When the circumstances are right, in other words when the West is in no position to intervene perhaps due to a major war or economic collapse or when the Turkish state is on the verge of falling apart, Moscow may be very willing to participate in a military campaign inside Turkey in order to gain direct assess to the very strategic Strait of Dardanelles or to gain a foothold in the warm water sea ports in Cilicia. Geostrategically, it would fully serve Moscow's interests if their regional rival Turkey is broken into pieces and some of the pieces given to its strategic ally Armenia.

Will Iran participate?

Iran's position in such a scenario is more difficult to predict for Iran is an Islamic state and it also has a natural fear of Russians. But, with proper negotiations with Moscow and Yerevan and perhaps some incentives, Tehran may very well be convinced to seek the destruction of its historic rival, the Turk, as well.

How will Armenians defend the land when it's liberated? 

The lands in question can easily be defended by a well armed and well trained modern military force. The land is rugged and alpine, once you acquire it and dig in, you are in total control. Artsakh is a good example of how effectively a relatively small but capable force can protect a large mountainous region. Also, if you do have a nuclear device behind you, you are virtually untouchable. North Korea is a good example this. Besides, I only envision Armenia making a move into Western Armenia when the Turkish nation is weak and if Yerevan has Russian and Iranian support. In other words, when the Turk is vulnerable and the geopolitical situation is appropriate, you stomp on its head as fast as you can and as hard as you can and you don't stop stomping until you accomplish your mission. 

What about Kurds?

Western and Israeli interests in the region, which have been pushing for greater Kurdish autonomy, may cause serious problems for Armenian interests. Kurds may as a result pose problems for any westward expansion by Armenia. But Kurds can, at least theoretically, be negotiated with. There is therefore a possibility that Kurds may be willing to accept the liberation of at least some portions of Western Armenia, if of course they receive sovereignty in other Kurdish populated territories in exchange. In the event, however, Kurds oppose the liberation of any portions of Western Armenia, they can be made to comply. Because they are very fragmented and backward, Kurds are a much easier problem to solve than Turks. In any case, Kurds who decide to remain within the liberated territories Western Armenia will do so as Armenian citizens. Having said that, however, the emphasis should be placed on negotiating with Kurds and convincing them to accept sovereignty in territories south and west of Van.

What is so important about Western Armenia? 

Western Armenia, also known as Armenian Highlands, is the cradle of Armenian civilization as well as the cradle of human civilization. Western Armenia is where millions of our martyred ancestors lie in unmarked graves. Moreover, the region is rich in natural resources and agricultural potential. Every Armenian wants to see a prosperous Armenia, right? Well, a prosperous Armenia will need to expand eventually. I envision the Armenian homeland growing in population in the next one hundred years. Armenians will eventually need more land, if only for living space. Therefore, what better land than our lands to expand into? More importantly, the Armenian Highlands - with access to the Black Sea - hold great geostrategic value. The strategic value of the territory that Ankara controls today is one of the fundamental reasons why Turkey is a major political and economic player in the region. The territory in question is an important international intersection and a potential major hub for trade. Those who control the Armenian Highlands automatically become major political players throughout the region and beyond.

The only way we Armenians will be able to get some respect from the international community is by creating a large and powerful nation: A nation that would be able to sit on the table as an equal with major powers. Let's not forget that politics is always dirty business. If we Armenians want our homeland to truly prosper we need to be aggressive yet prudent. Isn't this how the wealthiest and the most powerful nations on earth got their start? Isn't this how the wealthiest and the most powerful nations on earth live today? To this effect, we need to get rid of our victim mentality. We need to get rid our our Diasporan mentality. Unfortunately, we Armenians tend to think small. When one thinks small one accomplishes small. As long as we remain small, dependent on foreign aid and politically indecisive and thus vulnerable, the international community will give us lip service at best or plot our destruction at worst. Nevertheless, whether or not we will be able to liberate our historic lands in Western Armenia is more-or-less based upon the following factors:
A settlement of the Artsakh dispute in Armenia's favor
The strength of the Armenian economy
The strength of the Armenian military
The strength of Russian-Armenian alliance
The nature/quality of Armenian-Iranians relations
The nature/quality of Armenian-Kurdish relations
The nature/quality of Armenian-Arab relations
The nature/quality of Armenian-West relations 
The nature/quality of Armenian-Greek relations
The degree of Turkey's internal problems
The degree of Turkey's problems with Western powers
The psychological readiness of Armenians
The above are more-or-less the main geopolitical factors that would determine whether or not we will be able to see the liberation of Western Armenia one day. It's a tall order. Moreover, these are all hypotheticals and to some extent wishful thinking. The condition today is not yet ripe. The factors are not yet there. But, as I said: If we keep this agenda alive in our minds, desire it with all our hearts and be patient, there is a possibility. But if we don't do the aforementioned, then there is no chance whatsoever. Thus, the pivotal factor is played by nobody but us.

Western Armenia can only come under Armenian control when Armenia becomes powerful enough to take it back from Turkey. The only way Turkey will recognize the Armenian Genocide and pay its long overdue reparations in money and land is when it is on its knees. Anyone that thinks any of this can be done otherwise is delusional. From the beginning of time it's been "might makes right" and it's no different today. International law is made and broken by the rich and the powerful of this world. International law is made by the powerful to control the weak. We must realize that only the strong can impose their version of history upon others. Only the strong can right the wrongs of history. Only the strong can enjoy a prominent position on the negotiation table. Only the strong are invited to lavish banquets as honored guests. It does not matter if Yerevan (or Moscow) officially recognizes the Turkish border. Legal documents and treaties are made to buy time and are thus meant to be broken. Examples of this are far too many to recite. We need to allow our politicians to play their games on the international stage. But it is our responsibility to keep the light of Western Armenia lit within our hearts and minds - until the day comes when Ankara is on its knees. Until then, however, the prosperity and security of the current Armenian state takes precedence over all other concerns.

We have one homeland and that is the Armenian state with Artsakh. The road to Western Armenia starts in Artsakh and may yet pass through Javakhq. Therefore, our people's number one priority today should be to secure Artsakh's independence or its unification with Armenia and to strengthen the Armenian state militarily, economically and demographically. Everything else is secondary at this juncture. I am not advocating a war with any nation. I simply want to see Armenia build a powerful military and economy for self-defense. I am confident that Turkey will sooner-or-later fall apart. We Armenians simply have to be ready to reclaim what is ours when it happens.

Thoughts on the Kardashians' visit to Armenia

When the world's most famous or recognized "Armenian family" is made up of low class, flashy, physically enhanced, utterly materialistic and sexually deviant bimbos from the US, it says a lot about the plight of modern Armenian civilization. When such materialistic bimbos from the US are adored and venerated throughout the world, it speaks volumes about the degenerate times we are living in. Sadly, we are living in a period in human existence where degenerate values (i.e. filthy behavior by low class people) is emulated throughout the world - thanks to the overpowering influence Western (i.e. Anglo-American-Jewish) cultural values have had around the world.

Those of us who were mindlessly praising the "Kardashian sister's" high profile visit to Armenia were basically promoting, be it wittingly or unwittingly, the corrosive tenets of Westernization in Armenian society. Those of us who were mindlessly making excuses for the "Kardashian sister's" trashy/slutty behavior are part of the reason why Western powers have an overwhelming influence on human society today. When I see Armenians mindlessly admiring low class behavior, I am reminded that it is we the sheeple that essentially give Western powers their overwhelming power over us. And this is what I mean when I warn people about the power of Western social engineering and cultural subversion. If a century ago religion was the narcotic of the masses, today, low quality Western entertainment is the narcotic of the masses. However, whereas organized religion continues to be crucially important for any given society, Western-style low grade entertainment is without any doubt very toxic for humanity. We need to therefore open our eyes and realize that the "Kardashian sisters" are an integral part of a vast array of powerful cultural tools Anglo-American-Jews are currently using to destroy European/western civilization, indigenous cultures, conservatives values, traditional families and Apostolic Christianity.

Although they and their fans surely don't realize it, the Kardashian sisters are actually powerful tools of Western style Social Engineering. They are the unwitting conveyors of Westernization, Americanization, Globalization, multiculturalism, interracialism, atheism, materialism, corporatism, consumerism, wealth worship, celebrity worship, etc.

Are we happy that the Kardashian sisters posed for pictures in front of the Mother Armenia monument? Are we happy that the Kardashian sisters finally put Armenia on the map? What's the message to the world? Are we happy that Mother Armenia is now being associated with low class, Hollywoodian bimbos who basically made a big name for themselves by acting slutty and filming their sexual encounters with black-American celebrities? Are we now happy that Armenia is the ancestral home of professional whores millions of normal people around the world look down upon and despise? And what's the massage to young women in Armenia? That money and looks are everything? That they need to alter/enhance their physical features, dress in expensive and revealing clothing and sleep around in hopes of landing a wealthy husband? Do we realize how corrosive this all is especially for a small, fragile, poor and traditional society like Armenia, a country that is already suffering terribly from Western values such as capitalism?

What a wonderful situation we are in on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide: Professional whores and degenerate hoodlums are now representing Armenia on the world stage. And Armenians everywhere are excited about it! Armenian girls finally have a larger than life role model to emulate! Armenian boys can now line-up in droves to take lessons on how to rap and dance like a hoodlum! We Armenians have nothing to worry about now! Armenia is finally on the map! This all speaks volumes about our people today.

The stated excuse by our idiots for enthusiastically honoring the lowest scum of humanity is gaining attention for Armenia and the Armenian Genocide. Well, we can all be happy now that the Armenian Genocide feels like a blurry footnote to the Kardashian's visit to Armenia.

We Armenians didn't need the Kardashians to attract attention to Armenia. Those in the US who have an interest in the Kardashian sisters probably don't even know what a passport is and most probably cant even find the US on a map. We also don't need the Kardashians attracting attention to the Armenian Genocide. Let's please put an end to our collective stupidity and come to the realization that the Armenian Genocide is not recognized by Western powers today not because of Armenia's "obscurity" or the lack of "awareness" among western peoples but because of geopolitics (i.e. the West needs Turks against Arabs, Russians and Iranians) and also because Jews don't want any competition to their lucrative Holocaust business. Therefore, regardless of how trashy the Kardashians will act for us Armenians, they will not change the geopolitical calculus of the Western world not even one bit. And if they can't do so, then why are we making such a big deal about them? Why are we bestowing upon them a larger-than-life status? Are we Armenians this desperate? Are we this insecure? Are we this low class? Are we this stupid?

Using the Kardashian name to attract attention is like smearing shit on your face to get people to notice you.

Ultimately, whatever "positive" impact their visit to Armenia may have had on the country will be short-lived and superficial at best. However, long after whatever positive they may have brought to Armenia is long gone and forgotten, the negative impact they left on Armenia and on human society in general will remain for a long time.

I personally have nothing for or against the Kardashian sisters. I have no problems with the Kardashians going to Armenia - even if they will then be  flying to Israel, where they are actually looking into purchasing a multimillion dollar summer home. I am glad they were in Armenia spending money and getting to know their ancestral roots. Moreover, I do not want to come across as being puritanical or old-fashioned. My comments here are not about independent, self-assured, non-traditional women getting ahead in life and making a name for themselves. In fact, I find strong/independent women to be very attractive. I also recognize that such women have a very important role to play in human society if only to act as a buffer against male dominance, which I find very aggressive and predatory. I may not agree with all their politics but I am a great admirer of Angela Merkel and Marine Le Pen and I think they should be role models for women around the world. My problem therefore is not with the Kardashians per se. They are who they are. My problem is with Armenians. My worry is about the class/quality of my people. We are enthusiastically venerating low class, trashy women who have made a name for themselves and acquired wealth essentially through exhibitionism, pornography and prostitution. This conversation is about us as a people and I'm afraid this conversation says a lot about the Armenian of today. This conversation also says a lot about the dumbed-down masses around the world that Western powers would like to see partake in political discourse through so-called democratic processes. Western powers realize its much easier to appeal to the animalistic sense of the sheeple through tools such as pop culture, television, cinema and music. Low quality pop culture is how Western powers appeal to the global masses. Western powers realize it much easier to manipulate the sheeple and have it do what it wants then to deal with non-compromising heads of states. In other words, the West leads from the bottom up.

When low class people like the Kardashian sisters are placed on a high pedestal (e.g. extensive press coverage, press interviews, meeting government officials, being escorted around the country, adoring fans lining up to see them, etc) it sends an unmistakable signal to society and that signal is: Being a flashy whore has great advantages in this day in age. What kind of message are we sending to our impressionable young? Is this what young girls in Armenia need to see? As noted above, Armenia is already suffering terribly from Western/American/Capitalistic values without us celebrating the lowest aspects of Western/American/Capitalistic culture. We should not be putting such people on a pedestal as if they are royalty. We should not be adoring such people as if they have advanced human civilization in some way.

There was a time when humanity only venerated scientists, writers, medical doctors, inventors, artists, explorers, scholars, clergy, royalty and military men. If we are to venerate humans we need to be venerating today's top rated scientists, intellectuals and artists. And speaking of humans to venerate: One of the greatest classical music conductors of modern times, Vladimir Spivakov, visited in Armenia for a one week stay during which he performed several classical music concerts in commemoration of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide -
World famous Spivakov arrives in Yerevan for concerts on the Armenian genocide centenary:
Needless to say, Vladimir Spivakov, who's spouse is also Armenian, was not paraded around Armenia like illustrious royalty. It turns out Armenians reserve such honor only for professional whores from the United States. Social media in Armenia did not go crazy over one the world's most famous conductors giving free concerts in Yerevan. It turns out Armenians give such attention given only to jungle music. In fact, the very day thousands of excited Armenians had gathered around Swan Lake in Yerevan to adoringly listen to animalistic noise, there was a historic mass celebrated in Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican during which the Pope publicly recognized the Armenian Genocide -
Holy Mass for the faithful of Armenian Rite - 2015.04.12:
The mass at the Vatican was specifically held in honor of Armenians for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. During the ritual at the world famous basilica in Rome, Saint Gregory of Narek was proclaimed the Doctor of the Catholic Church, Katholikos' Garegin II and Aram I gave excellent speeches and the Holy Eucharist was prepared under the live sounds of the Armenian Duduk. It was a momentous event. But, for all its historic importance, it took a distant backseat to a bunch of low class people from the US and their low class, arrogant rapper who actually thinks he is Jesus Christ -
Kanye West Jumps into the Lake During Yerevan Concert:
As the reader can see, world famous conductor Spivakov arrived in Yerevan to perform free concerts for Armenians, the Vatican celebrated a historic mass in honor of Armenians - while Armenians were out chasing whores and rappers from the US. It's shameful. I am absolutely taken aback by all this.

The presence of the Spivakovs and the Kardashians in Armenia were also symbolic in that the Spivakovs and the Kardashians are actually very worthy representatives of their respective civilizations: One produced a world class whore, the other produced a world class maestro. Whereas "drunk" Russians and "godless" Soviets brought high culture and intellectuality into Armenian society, thanks to the Westernization of Armenians in recent decades Armenians are systematically devolving as a people. The fact that the global masses - including us Armenians - are satisfied by mind-numbing nonsense and animalistic titillation is the reason why Western powers have sway over humanity today and why that thing called "democracy" is a very-very scary notion. Our love for things that are spiritually and intellectually void is the reason why Western powers, the producers of all things spiritually and intellectually void today, have so much power over us and the reason why western civilization and Christianity are in decline.

Note: We as a people also need to be mature enough to ignore the "politics" of Armenian celebrities. Who turned individuals like Charles Aznavour, Vardan Petrosyan, Ruben Hakhverdian or Serj Tankian into political analysts, international relations experts or even diplomats? What in the life of our politically outspoken celebrities have made them experts on serious geopolitical or even military matters? Have they studied the subject? Have they even read a scholarly book on the subject? Do they read at all? Expressing thoughts is one thing because everyone's got the right to speak their minds. But we as a people must not give our singers, musicians, poets, actors and comedians too much weight when they do speak their minds about serious political matters. Allow me to present this matter in another way: As we all know most disciplines in life require a diploma or a license to partake in or practice. We also know that international relations (i.e. politics) is a science which is why many colleges today have courses that teach "political science". In fact, there are prestigious institutions around the world that prepare diplomats, international relations experts and political analysts. Therefore, I ask: Why do people who are not in any way trained in politics so eager to voice their opinions on the subject? Why are people who have absolutely no training in politics so vociferous and uncompromising on the subject? Do people without medical training confidently speak about medical matters and expect to be taken seriously? Do people without musical training confidently speak about musical matters and expect to be taken seriously? Do people without architectural or engineering training confidently speak about construction of buildings and expect to be taken seriously? The answer is no. Then why is it that doctors, taxi drivers, actors, vegetable vendors, accountants, housewives, sales clerks, shoemakers and musicians speak about political matters and expect to be taken seriously? Think about this. This is a problem especially for a people as stubborn, as emotional, as arrogant and as naive as us Armenians.

Thoughts on Jirayr Sefilian's arrest

Although we Armenians have had numerous war heroes that have fought in foreign armies (particularly Russian and Soviet) we have had very small numbers of war heroes that have fought for an independent Armenia. Perhaps this unfortunate aspect of Armenian history is the reason why every single person who has fought in an Armenian war effort and has made a name for himself is unconditionally loved and venerated by Armenians today. While understandable and commendable our unconditional veneration of war heroes may however prove somewhat counterproductive at times.

We Armenians need to be mature enough to move away from the notion that just because someone courageously fought in the war of liberation in Artsakh some twenty years ago needs to be unconditionally loved and respected for the rest of his or her life. Moreover, what gives people the stupid idea that just because someone was courageous on the battlefield that someone will be a good political leader? What makes people think that just because someone was a war hero some twenty years ago cannot do things that are deemed treasonous today? In fact, what makes people think that a war hero has to be emotionally stable, psychologically normal or even smart? Simply put: Armenians need to stop bestowing supernatural powers to their war heroes. This applies even to the likes of our Monte Melkonians and Andranik Ozanians.

For all his legendary prowess on the battlefield General Ozanian was also hopelessly idealistic, fiercely independent, emotional, stubborn, proud and quite ignorant of international relations and geopolitics. General Ozanian was more of a champion of the "oppressed" than an Armenian nationalist. It is well documented that General Ozanian even took up arms against the ARF-led government in Armenia in 1918 because of political quarrels - at a time when Armenia was barely alive and Turks were systematically killing-off Armenians throughout the region. It is well known that General Ozanian hated and distrusted his brethren in the ARF yet for some reason looked up to and trusted the Brits - which is part of the reason why we lost our control over Artsakh at the time. Finally, when the politics of the time proved more than he was willing to bear, General Ozanian took off to retire in sunny California with his young bride... whereas others like Garegin Nzdeh and Drastamat Kanayan remained to continue their fight for an independent Armenia. In my opinion, General Ozanian's greatness is strictly confined to the battlefield and then only as a rebel leader. Thus, when we honor a man like him we need to honor his military exploits and nothing else.

Chances are that had Monte Melkonian, the ASALA operative turned legendary freedom fighter in Artsakh been alive today he would have been a militant opposition leader in Armenia. The man was very courageous and very disciplined but also very idealistic and an ardent Marxist/Socialist. Melkonian was perfect for the battlefield! How would he fare in political life? What was his intellectual depth? How stable was he emotionally? How broad was his understanding of the political world? How well did he understand Armenia's geopolitical predicaments? Would he seek to topple the Armenian government because of Western catchwords such as "oligarchy" and "corruption"? Would he seek to push his Marxist ideas onto Armenian society? Would he look at Armenia's perceived subordination to Russia as a problem that needed to be resisted? Due to his idealism and thus political rigidity, would he be manipulated by Armenia's enemies? Chances are Melkonian would not have fared well in Armenian society after the war. Similar to General Ozanian, Monte Melkonian's greatness is also strictly confined to the battlefield as a guerrilla leader. Thus, when we honor a man like him we need to honor his military exploits and nothing else.

What I have described above is not strictly an Armenian problem. War heroes falling from favor is in fact a human norm around the world. For example: Consider how General Zhukov, the greatest Soviet general of the Second World War was treated by Stalin after the war ended. Similar processes happen even in the Western world. General Douglas MacArthur had serious problems in American society after the Second World War. And General Patton, the "legendary" American war hero who valiantly fought the German Wehrmacht in western Europe, was most probably assassinated by his government because he was too vociferous and too extreme -
General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book:
General Patton can be described as a fanatical nutjob. It is now known that after the defeat of Nazi Germany, he actually wanted to go to war against the Soviet Union. Therefore, I think Uncle Sam did the world a great favor by having him killed. By killing him, Uncle Sam also gave future generations of Americans an unblemished, iconic war hero to idealize. Which brings up another international norm -
Dead war heroes are more effective in serving their nations than living ones
Yes, we need to respect out war heroes but we should not be tolerating destructive behavior by them. Yes, we need to respect our war heroes but we must expect them to play a ceremonial role during times of peace. Yes, we need to respect our war heroes but we need to be weary of them when they attempt to get into politics. Yes, we need to respect our war heroes but when our war heroes attempt to turn their guns against their state, we simply need to put aside all the niceties and just rein them in.

All of this also applies to today's ASALA. Please note that ASALA today, or whatever remains of it, is a foreign supported operation. The main ASALA representative in France is a nutjob who's most probably under a French payroll. He, like ARF activist Astarjian, is one of those Diasporans who places the concept of Western Armenia over-and-above the Armenian state. Monte Melkonian's ASALA associate Alex Yenikomshian, who is currently one of the leaders of the radical group known as "Founding Parliament", is also most probably working for the French.

Nevertheless, when Jirayr Sefilian attempted to take up arms against the Armenian state several years ago to stop official Yerevan from doing things that only existed in his paranoid head, it was a clear signal that our war hero was on a downward spiral. When Sefilian then became the leader of a foreign sponsored extremist organization known as "Founding Parliament" and began making plans to incite a revolution on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, he essentially forfeited his place in Armenian society and negated all the previous good he had done for his homeland. Simply put: Jirayr Sefilian is a delusional nutjob. I say delusional because I would hate to think of him as a traitor to the Armenian state. Jirayr's time in Armenia has long expired. Armenian officials should hang a medal around his neck, thank him for his services to Artsakh twenty years ago and send him back home to Bourjhamoud. He would probably be much more useful in Syria.

April, 2015
(articles amended in 2018)


Events Commemorating the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide,,18405764_303,00.jpg


 Priests carry an icon to attend a religious service in Echmiadzin, the religious center of the Armenian Church outside the capital Yerevan, Armenia, Thursday, April 23, 2015. On Friday, April 24, Armenians will mark the centenary of what historians estimate to be the slaughter of up to 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks, an event widely viewed by scholars as genocide. Turkey, however, denies the deaths constituted genocide and says the death toll has been inflated. The Armenian Apostolic Church, the country's dominant religion, held services Thursday to canonize all victims.  (AP Photo/Sergei Grits)

 Pope Francis, left, is greeted by the head of Armenia's Orthodox Church Karekin II, during an Armenian-Rite Mass on the occasion of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, in St. Peter's Basilica, at the Vatican, Sunday, April 12, 2015. Historians estimate that up to 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Ottoman Turks around the time of World War I, an event widely viewed by genocide scholars as the first genocide of the 20th century. Turkey however denies that the deaths constituted genocide, saying the toll has been inflated, and that those killed were victims of civil war and unrest. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

Համաշխարհային մամուլի անդրադարձը Վատիկանում մատուցված Պատարագին!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_960/image.jpg*


Before the Holocaust, Ottoman Jews supported the Armenian genocide’s ‘architect’

Author Hans-Lukas Kieser says a desperate Zionist press praised the empire even during the slaughter of its minority population, a murder which Israel continues to gloss over today

This past June, a scheduled Knesset vote to recognize the World War I killings of Armenians as genocide was canceled due to a lack of government support. Because of Israel’s complicated on-again, off-again diplomatic relations with regional powerhouse Turkey, “it hasn’t been able to do what many Israelis have ethically wanted to do — publicly recognize the Armenian genocide in the Knesset,” Prof. Hans-Lukas Kieser tells The Times of Israel from his office at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Last year Kieser was awarded the President of the Republic of Armenia Prize for his significant contribution to the history of the Armenian genocide. He has also recently published the book, “Talaat Pasha: Father of Modern Turkey, Architect of Genocide.”

The political biography explores how Mehmed Talaat, more commonly known as Talaat Pasha, almost single-handedly masterminded the Armenian genocide. Armenian intellectuals in Constantinople (today’s Istanbul) were rounded up on April 24, 1915, followed by the systematic extermination of 1.5 million people, primarily because of their Armenian ethnicity. The ideologically motivated genocide took place under the supervision of the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), led by three de facto leaders of the Ottoman Empire at the time: Ismail Enver, Ahmed Djemal, and Talaat. Collectively all three were known by their military titles as the “Three Pashas.” Even though Turkey continues to officially deny the Armenian genocide, historians unanimously agree that it is a historical reality.

Laying foundations for a Turkish state

Kieser’s book claims Talaat operated a new messianic form of nationalism that sought to “dilute” non-Muslim identities in his attempt at new nation building in Turkey in 1915. Talaat was the “mastermind of his genocidal universe,” Kieser claims. The historian also says it was Talaat — rather than Kemal Ataturk — who laid the foundations for the modern Turkish nation state, which began in 1923.

“Of course the Turkish Republic [itself] came about under Kemal Ataturk,” Kieser says. “Talaat did not plan a republic — he was a son of the empire, after all. But he made a number of important steps so that Ataturk could then establish the Turkish nation state.”

Talaat led the Ottoman Empire into World War I “in jihad,” says the historian, transforming Asia Minor into a Turkish national home and creating a “Turkey for the Turks,” as per the slogan at the time. Kieser’s book, over 400 pages long, makes for tough reading at points — especially as the historian recollects the systematic murder of Armenian Christians. He notes, for example, that the “removal of Armenians from Eastern Asia Minor mainly took place from May to September 1915, where women and children endured starvation, mass rape, and enslavement on their marches [towards death].”

Kieser says a great number of villages in northern Syria became an “arena of mass crimes” in 1915, where Armenian civilians — who were considered “fair prey” — “were raped, abducted, and murdered en masse without any protection, or punishment for the offenders.” In the eyes of his admirers, however, Talaat is still seen as a great statesman, skillful revolutionary, and far-sighted founding father of the modern Turkish state, Kieser points out. This narrative is especially pertinent in Turkey today, as it increasingly takes a more authoritarian and Islamist approach to its political identity. This is particularly notable, Kieser stresses, when it comes to the fundamentalist ideology of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its authoritarian leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

“Talaat really is the elephant in the room [in Turkish politics] today,” Kieser says. “Erdoğan is the master of a party, so in that sense his [ideas] fall in line with Talaat — even if it’s not acknowledged very much in AKP circles in an explicit way.”

“But implicitly, Erdoğan and Talaat share a number of similarities where a democratic start eventually moves to a very authoritarian end,” he says. Kieser says that like Talaat, Erdoğan is “far from a real democrat,” and shows a very “vague notion of what constitutionalism really means.” Moreover, like the CUP leader, Erdoğan places all his efforts “on how to achieve and keep power.”

Ripples of shame

Israel’s recent decision to continue to remain silent on the 103-year-old genocide has garnered its share of criticism from historians, academics, writers and human rights activists — many from within Israel itself.  Prof. Yehuda Bauer, a leading Israeli historian and an academic adviser to the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, said in a June radio interview that the Israeli parliament’s failure to recognize the Armenian genocide was a “betrayal.”

Benjamin Abtan, the president of the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement (EGAM) and the coordinator of the Elie Wiesel Network of Parliamentarians of Europe, in an article published in Haaretz in June claimed that Israel had “a particular responsibility in recognizing the Armenian genocide [to] ensure mass atrocities [were prevented] in the future.” According to Kieser, recognizing the Armenian genocide holds a relevance for Israelis today beyond the usual discussion of Israel-Turkey relations. Jews, he says, historically played a key role in promoting propaganda from the Ottoman side as Armenians continued to be slaughtered.

The historian says that Talaat enjoyed “particularly good Jewish press” in Istanbul and abroad” during the period surrounding the genocide — notably in Germany, where newspapers like Deutsche Levante-Zeitung praised Talaat as “an outstanding leader” and the “savior of imperial Turkey.” Although this glorification smacked of propaganda and lies, Kieser claims many Germans bought into the words of the Jewish press at the time and were affected by its corrosive logic.

Currying favor?

The historian recalls how many Jews loyal to the Ottomans largely looked the other way where the suffering of Armenians was concerned. This included figures such as Alfred Nossig, who helped found both the General Jewish Colonization Organization (AJK) and the Zionist Organization (ZO). Both were set up for the purpose of Jewish lobbying across the Middle East and elsewhere, and subsequently encouraged intimate relations between Jews and Ottomans.

However, Kieser is keen to emphasize that some historical context is needed. This was a crucial turning point in Jewish history — before the Balfour Declaration was announced in 1917. Jews were looking for diplomatic favors — from a myriad of countries — wherever they could find them, in the hopes of securing Zionism’s ultimate end goal: a Jewish state in Palestine.

Consequently, a number of Jewish newspapers purposely tried to promote relations between Talaat and Jewish politicos and diplomats within the dying Ottoman Empire. They even grossly exaggerated these relations for propaganda purposes, Kieser says. The German Jewish newspaper Die Welt — the mouthpiece of the Zionist Organization — for instance, wrote in 1913 of Talaat’s “friendly relations with many Jewish personalities.”

Still, even for all of the positive Jewish press Talaat received during this period, his attitudes to Zionism were complex. On the one hand, Talaat did not want to be associated much with Jews and Zionism. But on the other, there were potential benefits in publicly courting Jewish political interests. In 1913, an article published in the Istanbul-based L’Aurore, a Jewish newspaper financed by Zionists, praised the benefits of Jewish-Turkish relations, even hinting that an alliance between Pan-Judaism and Pan Islamism in Turkey could be a viable political option — something Kieser says Talaat was seduced by. But the historian is keen to stress that Talaat in no way sympathized with Zionism, despite claims from both observers of the time and a number of historians since.

“We know from what he said and what he wrote that he was in no way sympathetic with Zionism. It’s also clear from the negotiations that he only needed the Jews to a certain extent in order to survive internationally. And he was successful in this regard,” he says. “The Jewish Question” involved Jews jostling for political favors from the Ottomans, who still held considerable sway in the Middle East. But the power dynamics also worked the other way too, the historian explains. “Talaat’s relationship with Jews during this time gave him considerable international leverage that he successfully used to deflect attention from Armenia,” Kieser says.

“In spring 1915 — which was a honeymoon for the Zionists in Istanbul — Talaat made sure there were no conflicting issues internationally because he wanted to strike the Armenians,” says Kieser. “Jews feared they would suffer the same fate as the Armenians, so they in no way welcomed any pro-Armenian or pro-victim activity [reporting] because they feared for themselves.”

Upstart Zionist youth take a stance

There were, however, some exceptions — notably, a group of young Zionists called Netzah Yisrael Lo Yeshaker (NILI), or, The Eternal One of Israel Will Not Lie, a pro-British espionage group in Palestine at the time. NILI felt a strong sense of solidarity with the Armenian victims, even writing reports which they sent out to the international community in the hope of waking them up to the atrocities. “The NILI group — which contained people like Aaaron Aronson and others — saw the Armenian genocide, and even wrote long reports about it,” Kieser says. “They saw that this total stigmatization and finally extermination was a process that could also happen with the Jews.”

“So they were deeply sympathetic not just emotionally, but also in a Biblical and prophetic approach,” he adds. “But they were a small minority.” “Unfortunately, the silence carried on many decades after the war. So you had Jews in Israel and the Jews in Turkey who continued to help Turkey deny the Armenian genocide,” Kieser says. Kieser makes a point in the book of comparing the Armenian genocide with the Holocaust, and finds some similarities. “Imperial cataclysm and a particular combination of circumstances in the first months of WWI made the Armenians an obvious target,” he writes.

He goes on to state, “Actors from the top and below, extremist ideas, entrenched prejudices, and material incentives colluded in the brute destruction [of the Armenians].” A little more than two decades later, Europe’s Jews were to experience “an analogous situation,” he observes. “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” Hitler asked his generals in his infamous Obersalzberg speech on August 22, 1939 — just days before Germany’s invasion of Poland.  Talaat “certainly wasn’t Hitler,” says the historian, admitting that he is reluctant to make direct comparisons between both far-right demagogues. Nevertheless, both leaders share a number of similarities, Kieser says — they represented societies, states and political parties that embraced radical domestic violence to overcome what they believed were crisis and defeat.  “Talaat was the mastermind of a single party regime,” Kieser concludes. “It was a single party rule that very strongly stigmatized one particular group.”

How Herzl Sold Out the Armenians,h_482,q_auto,c_fill,f_auto/!/image/1018316866.jpg

He supported the brutal Ottoman sultan against them, believing this would get the sultan to sell Palestine to the Jews

The Armenian question has occupied the Zionist movement since a mass killing of Armenians was carried out by the Turks in the mid 1890s – prior even to the First Zionist Congress. Herzl’s strategy was based on the idea of an exchange: The Jews would pay off the Ottoman Empire’s huge debt, in return for the acquisition of Palestine and the establishment of a Jewish state there, with the major powers’ consent. Herzl had been working hard to persuade Sultan Abdul Hamid II to accept the proposal, but to no avail.

“Instead of offering the Sultan money,” Herzl’s diplomatic agent Philip Michael Nevlinski (who also advised the Sultan) told him, “give him political support on the Armenian issue, and he’ll be grateful and accept your proposal, in part at least.” The Christian European countries had been critical of the murder of Armenian Christians at the hands of Muslims, and committees supporting the Armenians had been founded in various places, and Europe also offered refuge to leaders of the Armenian revolt. This situation made it very difficult for Turkey to obtain loans from European banks.

Herzl eagerly took the advice. He felt that it was appropriate to try any means possible to hasten the establishment of a Jewish state. And so he agreed to serve as a tool of the Sultan, by trying to convince the leaders of the Armenian revolt that if they surrendered to the Sultan, he would comply with some of their demands. Herzl also tried to show the West that Turkey was in fact more humane, that it had no choice but to deal with the Armenian revolt this way, and that it aspired to a ceasefire and a political arrangement. After much effort, he also met with the Sultan on May 17, 1901.

The Sultan hoped that Herzl, a well-known journalist, would be able to alter the Ottoman Empire’s negative image. And so Herzl launched an intensive campaign to fulfill the Sultan’s wish, casting himself as a mediator for peace. He established ties with and held secret meetings with the Armenian rebels, in an attempt to get them to stop the violence, but they were not convinced of his sincerity, and did not trust the Sultan’s promises. Herzl also made energetic attempts to this effect in diplomatic channels in Europe, which he was very familiar with.

As was his way, he did not consult with other Zionist movement leaders, and kept his activities secret. But in need of some assistance, he wrote to Max Nordau to try to recruit him for the mission as well. Nordau responded with a one-word telegram: “No.” In his eagerness to obtain the charter for Palestine from the Turks, Herzl publicly declared – after the start of the yearly Zionist Congresses – that the Zionist movement expresses its admiration and gratitude to the Sultan, despite opposition from some representatives.

Herzl’s chief opponent on this was Bernard Lazare, a French Jewish intellectual, leftist, well-known journalist and literary critic, who had fought prominently against the Dreyfus trial, and was a supporter of the Armenian cause. He was so incensed by Herzl’s activity that he resigned from the Zionist Committee and abandoned the movement altogether in 1899. Lazare published an open letter to Herzl in which he asked: How can those who purport to represent the ancient people whose history is written in blood extend a welcoming hand to murderers, and no delegate to the Zionist Congress rises up in protest?

This drama involving Herzl – a leader who subordinated humanitarian considerations and served the Turkish authorities for the sake of the ideal of the Jewish state – is just one illustration of the frequent clash between political goals and moral principles. Israel has repeatedly been faced with such tragic dilemmas, as evidenced in its long-standing position of not officially recognizing the Armenian genocide, as well as in other more recent decisions that reflect the tension between humanitarian values and realpolitik considerations.

 The REAL Holocaust: The 1915 Armenian Genocide and its Russophobic Origins

"As a result of the Jewish lobby's recommendations, the Young Turks government removed Armenians from Anatolia in 1915. Hence, the economy of the country was left in the hands of Jewish capital." - recent article in a pro-Erdogan Turkish newspaper.
Johann von Bernstorff (German ambassador); "The way the Armenian problem was solved was hair-raising. I can still see in front of me Talaat's cynical expression, when he emphasized that the Armenian question was solved."1

Einar af Wirsén (Swedish Diplomat) "When I kept on pestering him about the Armenian question, he once said with a smile: 'What on earth do you want? The question is settled, there are no more Armenians'".2
Henry Morgenthau (American Ambassador (He was Jewish)); "Whatever crimes the most perverted instincts of the human mind can devise, and whatever refinements of persecution and injustice the most debased imagination can conceive, became the daily misfortunes of this devoted people. I am confident that the whole history of the human race contains no such horrible episode as this. The great massacres and persecutions of the past seem almost insignificant when compared with the sufferings of the Armenian race in 1915."3
On May 30th 1915 Talaat Pasha issued the Tehcir Act, which on paper was a security measure the Turks put forth to prevent a Russian-Armenian revolt by forcibly relocating the nationals of Armenia to Mesopotamia and Syria.4 This was the story the Young Turks told the world to avoid and minimize any public disapproval or foreign resistance. The relocations involved disarmed Armenians being forcibly marched to camps in the inner deserts of Anatolia and Syria, and these camps were not stocked with necessary supplies for survival.5 The properties of these people were confiscated and sold to new arrivals, the men were often singled out to be killed first, and the women were often enslaved and raped en masse. The accusation of Russian-aligned rebellion was used as justification and cover. American Ambassador Henry Morgenthau frantically remarked;
"Have you received my 841? Deportation of and excesses against peaceful Armenians is increasing and from harrowing reports of eye witnesses it appears that a campaign of race extermination is in progress under a pretext of reprisal against rebellion. Protests as well as threats are unavailing and probably incite the Ottoman government to more drastic measures as they are determined to disclaim responsibility for their absolute disregard of capitulations and I believe nothing short of actual force which obviously United States are not in a position to exert would adequately meet the situation."6
A confession is considered as valuable only if it contains some true and verifiable details of the crime the investigator did not know of. This rule of criminal investigation was observed in the controversial telegram transcriptions written in The memoirs of Naim Bey.7
On March 25, 1915, Talaat states: "It is the duty of all of us to effect on the broadest lines the realisation of the noble project of wiping out the existence of the Armenians who have for centuries been constituting a barrier to the Empire's progress in civilization."8
What events led to these horrific genocide and near destruction of the Armenian people, and why are the Armenian people important for European history? Did it happen, or didn't it, and who was behind it?

Armenians are an ethno-linguistic-religious group distinct from their surrounding neighbors. They have their own church, the Armenian Apostolic Church, which was founded in the 1st century CE, and became in 301 CE the first branch of Christianity to become a state religion. They have also their own alphabet and language which is classified as an independent branch of the Indo-European language family. The historical homeland of the Armenians sits north of the Fertile Crescent, a region of substantial importance to modern human evolution. Genetic and archaeological data suggest farmers expanding from this region during the Neolithic populated Europe and interacted/admixed with pre-existing hunter-gatherer populations.

Furthermore, Armenia’s location may have been important for the spread of Indo-European languages, since it is believed to encompass or be close to the Proto-Indo-European homeland (Anatolia or Pontic Steppe) from which the Indo-Europeans and their culture spread to Western Europe, Central Asia and India.9
The Holocaust of the Armenian people wasn’t simply stopped at the borders of Turkey; Ottoman troops by the Young Turks insistence had also invaded Persia. During this invasion Christian Armenians and Assyrians alike were slaughtered. In fact, approximately half of Persia’s Christian Assyrians alongside about four-fifths of the Christian Assyrian leadership were killing during this time by Turkish and Kurdish invaders.10

Two months after the (largely Jewish led) Bolshevik revolution the new Russian government began withdrawing Russian troops from the Caucasus. This withdrew the only ally the Armenians had and put their remaining people at risk of extinction. At this time the last refuge for these people was the small remaining unconquered land of historic Armenia centered around Mount Ararat.11

Mount Ararat is traditionally the Christian-accepted location of Noah’s Ark in the Book of Genesis. Armenia was the first Christian country in the world. The Armenian language is the most ancestral, oldest Indo-European Language left since the extinctions of its Indo-European predecessors Anatolian and Tocharian. It’s hard to overstate the ethnocultural significance in this event threatening complete extermination of the most ancestral Indo-European speakers and also the most ancestral Christians. Much of the Armenian highlands were lost; Western Armenia was renamed “Eastern Anatolia” by the invaders. With the survivors and refugees concentrated in Caucausia the impending invasion threatened complete annihilation.

The Christian leader Catholicos Gevorg V ordered Church Bells to peal for six days as all classes of Armenian people were called to take up arms with the women and children readying supplies and the entire survivors of the nation prepared for total war.12 The President of the Armenian assembly stated “If we are to perish, let us perish with honor.”13 In the battles of Sardarabad, alongside Abaran and Karakilisa, the outnumbered Armenians managed to defy the odds and fight off the Turkish invaders. Historian Christopher Walker remarked that with a loss at Sardarabad "it is perfectly possible that the word Armenia would have henceforth denoted only an antique geographical term."14

The Destruction of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire resulted by most estimates with 1.5 million of the 2 million Ottoman Armenians being exterminated. The history of Armenia is intertwined with that of Europe and Russia especially. Russia had generally had an Armenian presence through its history but after the Russo-Persian wars in 1828 Russia annexed parts of the historical Armenian nation. Since that time Russia has generally defended the rights of Christian minorities in the Ottoman lands. Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov is perhaps the most visible example of a Russian Armenian given that he was born to an Armenian father.

But the Armenians had, for the most part, been very well integrated in the empire as well. Armenians were formerly dubbed the "loyal millet".15 The Armenians opportunities in the region arguably increased with the transition from Greek Byzantine rule to Ottoman rule. Armenian villages traditionally had a high degree of autonomy as well. Any sort of separatist nationalism would seem unviable, and the main Armenian conflicts with the Ottoman Muslims were based about regional autonomy and protection from bandits. The primary Armenian political organizations with public protests were advocates pushing for autonomy such as the 1890’s Kum Kapu demonstration.16 These requests were quite reasonable as the Armenians had suffered various attacks and murders from Muslim Kurds and other bandits who, by the Ottoman empires laws, held legal superiority in court.

During this time the Sultan Abdul Hamid II attempted to shed the “sick man of Europe” label his failing Ottoman Empire had by encouraging a modernization of the Empire, which required a stronger and more centralized government role in citizens affairs. Abdul Hamid II was attacked in the British press as the “Red Sultan” for various atrocities committed against minorities such as Armenians and for all intents and purposes was the perfect archetype of a Tyrant.17

The Young Turks who sought to overthrow him by contrast were revolutionaries. They shouted their slogans of “Hürriyet, Musavat , Uhuvvet” inspired from the French “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” meaning “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”. Turkish ethnicity is often described as a "melting pot" of all Anatolian people ranging from the gene pools of the Balkans, Anatolia, and parts of Asia."18 The Young Turks were also rationalists following a materialist ideologies like positivism which they prioritized over religion; The Islamic authorities the Ulama even denounced them as "trying to change Islam into another form and create a new religion while calling it Islam".19

The Ottoman Empire was historically a place where Jews could live without fear of persecution according to one of the Erdogan aligned newspaper the Daily Sabah.20 Indeed this tolerance extended into the post-Sultan era of the Young Turks, as the Encyclopedia Judaica noted that various Zionist groups were hopeful in 1908 for opportunities to press their interests; “the absence of antisemitism in Turkey made the idea [Jewish settlement in Palestine] possible”.21 Talaat specifically was very open to these ideas;

"Four years later Talaat even propagated the fantastic idea of a 'Muslim-Jewish Alliance.' The Balkan wars had plunged the Ottoman Empire into financial ruin and Talaat, who became a key member of the CUP's ruling triumvirate following the military coup of January 1913, expected the Zionists to link the empire with the fabulous wealth of 'world Jewry.'"22
Knowing this background of the states historical pluralism, alongside the progressive and secular motto of the new government and its noted tolerance of Jewish minorities, one has to ask how a genocide could have even been possible. How could such a progressive government proceed to horrifically genocide many of the states indigenous Christian populations?

If we take a closer look at the killings we come across many disturbing disparities in the treatment of these minority groups. After all in the Great fire of Smyrna catastrophe of 1922 the Christian Armenian and Christian Greek sections of the city were destroyed while the Jewish and Turkish sections were not.23 In 1918, three years after the passing of the Tehcir law, Talaat Pasha made a Turkish Balfour declaration equivalent expressing support for the establishment of Jewish Palestine.24 Clearly it is a strange sort of nationalism the Western world is unfamiliar with when the Jewish minorities are spared.

The Armenian Holocaust was not only unexpected by the victims but in fact it is still to this day denied by the perpetrator state Turkey. And until recently, the execution of the genocide itself was only known by third party observers, with the state of Turkey claiming the genocide was really just a civil war. The only direct evidence of intentional genocide were in translated telegrams written in the 1921 published The Memoirs of Naim Bey which lost much of the source material telegrams. In October 2016 however Prof. Taner Akçam found archived Ottoman telegrams confirming the legitimacy of various events from The Memoirs of Naim Bey and confirming that they were not mere fabrications for propaganda.25 This legitimacy was confirmed further when the “smoking gun” of April 2017 was discovered, an original telegram directly inquiring over the murder of Armenians. The official Young Turks government telegram asks directly if the deported Armenians are being killed or “merely sent off and deported”.

“Are the Armenians who were deported from there being liquidated? Are the troublesome individuals whom you have reported as having been exiled and expelled been eliminated or merely sent off and deported? Please report honestly.”26
This is a telegram with an Ottoman letterhead and with the Ottoman coding system acquired by an Armenian Catholic priest, Krikor Guerguerian. He held the evidence in a private archive wherein it was secured by his nephew. The issue being re-raised has re-opened conflicts between Turkey and the international community. During the Western progressive-leftist worlds drama over President Donald Trumps Holocaust remembrance statement of “11 million”, an angry and emotional response from the Jewish Telegraph Agency made some very interesting admissions on the Jewish Holocausts history.27
The “5 million” has driven Holocaust historians to distraction ever since Wiesenthal started to peddle it in the 1970s. Wiesenthal told the Washington Post in 1979, “I have sought with Jewish leaders not to talk about 6 million Jewish dead, but rather about 11 million civilians dead, including 6 million Jews…” “I said to him, ‘Simon, you are telling a lie,’” Bauer recalled in an interview Tuesday. “He said, ‘Sometimes you need to do that to get the results for things you think are essential.’”
Bauer and other historians who knew Wiesenthal said the Nazi hunter told them that he chose the 5 million number carefully: He wanted a number large enough to attract the attention of non-Jews who might not otherwise care about Jewish suffering, but not larger than the actual number of Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust, 6 million. With the newly opened international drama of the Armenian Holocaust denying Turkish government, we can find some interesting admissions of the origins of the Young Turks revolution. The Young Turks Revolution broke out in Salonica. Salonica was the largest Jewish city in the world at this time with Jewish people constituting over half the population. According to a prominent Turkish Newspaper in a very recent article on October 13th 2017; 28
“The most prominent financier and mentor of the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), which seized the government in 1908, was a Jewish banker of Italian origin from Salonica, Emmanuel Carasso. When Greeks, who had held a privileged status up until then, fell into disfavor after the Constantinople massacre of 1821 targeting Greeks, Jews were hoping for a second chance. However, with their art facilities scattered around Anatolia, Armenians came in first thanks to their capital surplus. As a result of the Jewish lobby's recommendations, the Young Turks government removed Armenians from Anatolia in 1915. Hence, the economy of the country was left in the hands of Jewish capital. Carasso, who was a part of the committee that informed Abdülhamid II of his dethronement, was the closest confidant of Talat Pasha, the figure responsible for the deportation law. In fact, when Talat Pasha escaped abroad in 1918, he entrusted his entire estate to Carasso. To take an active role in the foundation of the Ankara government, Carasso returned to his homeland before his death.”
The allegations of the Armenian Holocaust denying Erdogan-aligned newspaper are very important and need to be explored in depth, as these allegations may help to uncover background historical interactions between Jewish groups and European/Christian groups in a multicultural environment. In his book Banality of Indifference, Yair Auron alleges that the Jewish citizens of Turkey during this time were apathetic to the murdered Armenians. Regarding the attitude of the Jews towards the Armenians, he wrote:
"A slight grimace on their lips, a short heartfelt sigh, and nothing more. The Armenians are not Jews, and according to folk tradition the Armenians are nothing more than Amaleks! Amaleks? We would give them help? To whom? To Amaleks? Heaven forbid!"29
During the 1922 great fire of Smyrna, in which the Greek and Armenian portions of the city were burned down while the Turkish and Jewish sections were spared, the accounts of Jewish teachers alleged that either the Greeks or Armenians started the fire themselves.30 This apathetic and dismissive attitude has even been shown in the Jewish “Anti-defamation league” which as recently as 2007 campaigned against the American governments recognition of the Armenian Holocaust.
“Foxman finally acknowledged the Armenian Genocide in his remarks. It was an encouraging development given that ADL’s only formal statement on the genocide is worded in such a way as to actually circumvent the intent required for a finding of genocide by the UN Genocide Convention.”31 “That statement, issued in 2007, said that the “consequences” of the Turkish massacres of Armenians were “tantamount” to genocide, implying it was not a planned extermination. This statement was widely censured, but calls for an unambiguous confirmation were rebuffed by ADL.”
It needs to be noted here that the American ambassador to Turkey Henry Morgenthau was himself a Jew, and quickly became of the fiercest advocates for recognition of this genocide, and even demanded American intervention to protect the Armenian victims. But of course exceptions don’t break the rule. The post-WW2 world has served to served to center all discussions of prejudice on nomadic minority ethnic groups. The topic is very well studied with any and all possible ethnic and political roots examined. By contrast, prejudice and oppression of Indo-European nationalities and their culture or religious practices are not widely discussed. While these events are minimized in the social/academic spheres of the Western world, Christophobia and Europhobia have not only happened historically but continue to happen today.

This lack of study for this sort of prejudice is very problematic for the modern “multicultural world” especially as anti-European/Christian prejudices are increasingly apparent and ignored by the mainstream media/academia. This lack of study needs to be adequately addressed. The future and survival of European Christendom is depending on it.



The story of the Armenian Legion is finally being told – and it is a dark tale of anger and revenge

Horizon Weekly Newspaper

Governments at war make dangerous promises. And the First World War was a time of promises and lies. The promises came first: in 1916, the British told the Arabs they could have independence; in 1917, they told the Jews they could have a homeland; and the French told the survivors of the 1915 Armenian genocide that they could return to liberate their homelands in eastern Turkey.

Then came the betrayals

Superpowers like legions, the Roman variety, preferably when they are composed of foreigners. So the British created an Arab Legion to fight against the Ottoman Turks for independence and a Jewish Legion to fight against the Ottoman Turks for Palestine. And the French created an Armenian Legion – an offshoot of the French Foreign Legion, needless to say – to fight against the Ottoman Turks for Cilicia. The Arabs lost Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, the Jews did not get all of Palestine, and the soldiers of the Armenian Legion – having helped to liberate Palestine – were abandoned amid the ashes of their own burnt cities.

Among the indigenous peoples of the Middle East, they were the most traduced of all, since they recovered not a square inch of their land. To be a loser doesn’t get you much purchase in the history books. To be a loser twice over turns you into a curio. Thus the story of the Armenian Legion has until now been largely untold and unremembered.

And Armenian Legionnaires: Sacrifice and Betrayal in World War I, Susan Paul Pattie’s first and original account of the fury, heartbreak and suffering of its soldiers – women as well as men in that most misogynistic of 20th century wars – is not for the faint-hearted. There are Armenian troops, armed and in uniform, desperately searching the Constantinople-bound Turkish refugee trains for Armenian girls who had been raped and kidnapped by the Ottomans who had butchered their families. “Too late,” young women told their would-be rescuers. They preferred to stay with their new Turkish husbands, or at least refused to be separated from their half-Armenian and half-Turkish children.

One Armenian woman, travelling by rail with a Turkish family, was discovered by soldiers of the Armenian Legion, her chest “adorned with gold”, and refused to be separated from her companions. She was taken from the carriage at the next station and “married to the legionnaire who had rescued her”. Sarkis Najarian “saw a rich Turkish family travelling [on the train between Adana and Mersin] with a pretty girl whom he thought must be Armenian”. He managed to separate her from the family and sent her to an orphanage. There had been many forced conversions of Armenian women although we rarely hear the women’s account of these “rescues”.

Najarian’s own sister Yeghsabet, when he discovered her, was already engaged and refused to leave her fiance, fearing for her life and offering Najarian money to go away. When he found her later, “she was married to a rich [Arab] Bedouin, tattooed – and happy”. There is a photograph of a young and beautiful Yeghsabet in a veil. “I have Armenian blood,” she would later tell her brother, “but I was raised a Muslim. When I hear the call to prayer, I have to do my prayers until the end of my life.”

Many of the men in the original legion had been signed up by the French in Egypt where they had settled with their families after a French warship rescued them in 1915 from the famous 40-day siege by the Turks at Musa Dagh. Others came from Europe, even from America, men who spoke French and American English as well as Armenian, anxious to fight for their still nonexistent nation after the horror and humiliation of the Turkish genocide of a million-and-a-half of their own Armenian people. By July 1918, the French had registered 58 Armenian officers, 4,360 soldiers – including 288 French Armenians – and two artillery gun crews with 37mm artillery. But while Susan Pattie, a scholar of Armenian history at University College, clearly sympathises with her heroes, there is an ugly undertow of revenge in their desire to fight for the Allies.

Fighting in Palestine at the 1918 Battle of Megiddo – the original Armageddon, which the Armenians call Arara – they received an official commendation for gallantry from General Edmund Allenby. But Hovannes Garabedian was to recall how he and his Armenian comrades found the Turkish trenches filled with their dead and dying enemies. “The ones who were not totally dead proved to be the most unfortunate,” he said. “The memory of yesterday’s genocide … was so fresh in our minds, the thirst for revenge was so profound in the hearts of the Armenian legionnaires, the wounded Turks found no mercy. They were finished in their trenches.”

Again and again, in Pattie’s story, there are references to this most pitiful, comprehensible and terrible of emotions among a persecuted people: the need for vengeance and reprisals.

As the Armenian soldiers advanced with French and British troops back into the Cilician/Armenian fields and mountains from which they and their families had been driven by the Turkish genociders three years earlier, there was violence and murder. And with the rise of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s nationalist uprising against the Allies, the French found their Armenian Legion an embarrassment rather than a trusted auxiliary. Surviving Armenian families who had trekked back in hope to their cremated homes in Marash found themselves dispossessed of their lands again, massacred once more in their thousands, joining retreating Armenian soldiers in the French withdrawal, many dying, frozen and starving, in their second exodus from Turkish Armenia in five years.

Hovannes Garabedian wrote of how, in hospital, he heard with joy the news of the Allied powers’ recognition of an “Independent Republic of Armenia” and then, three days later, learned that the Turks were again slaughtering and deporting the Armenians of Marash. “Suddenly, the days of excitement and happiness were replaced by long days and years of sorrow and mourning.” The victorious western powers wanted no more of their colonising war in Cilicia – not far away, the British were at the same time facing an Arab uprising in Iraq – and, in some cases, French officers virtually abandoned their Armenian legionnaires who were officially still part of the French army. They were to do the same to their faithful “Harkis” in Algeria just over four decades later.

The Armenians, in their pride and revenge, could not, perhaps, be expected to understand how soon their road to Golgotha would have to be retrodden. Did they not recognise their grim future when the Armenians were refused participation at the Versailles peace conference in 1919? Should they not have been included as joint Allied victors over the German-Austro-Hungarian-Ottoman alliance in the First World War? Attacked by bandits, demobilised Turkish soldiers, hunger and thirst, the retreating soldiers of “liberation” found themselves asking another question of all those who suffer refugeedom. How come some Armenian families had remained in their villages during the genocide? What deals had they struck with their Turkish oppressors? Why were Armenian girl refugees found with Bedouin tattoos on their faces, marks which were surgically removed by their “rescuers”.

Shame, like defeat, was a feeling rarely uttered but much felt. There are, remarkably, documentary photographs of the Adana battle, of men digging trenches and Armenian soldiers slogging across the hillsides of Marash. With the subtlety of all great powers, the Allies spoke not of betrayal. They called it “the Marash Affair”.

The rump nation Armenia which emerged to the east – quickly engorged by the Soviets and today a brave but often corrupt state – was of little interest to the men of the disbanded Armenian legion. The survivors returned to refugee families in Lebanon – at least one became a Beirut policeman – or to homes in France or in America where they often flourished and sometimes met for picnics, holding old flags and remembering false promises from powerful nations and creating little Armenias in their countries of exile. Lieutenant John Shishmanian even received a personal post-war letter from General Allenby.

“I am sorry, if the gallant conduct of the Armenians was not sufficiently recognised,” the great man – now high commissioner in Egypt – wrote from Cairo just after Christmas in 1919. “I know they fought nobly, and I am proud to have had them under my command.” The Battle of Arara – Megiddo or Armageddon to us – left its 23 Armenian dead in the desert, their bones later gathered and transshipped to the Armenian St James church in Jerusalem. The ashes of Viscount Allenby of Megiddo and Felixstowe were buried in Westminster Abbey.


The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part I)
Image result for Dönmeh

There is a historical “eight hundred pound gorilla” lurking in the background of almost every serious military and diplomatic incident involving Israel, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Greece, Armenia, the Kurds, the Assyrians, and some other players in the Middle East and southeastern Europe. It is a factor that is generally only whispered about at diplomatic receptions, news conferences, and think tank sessions due to the explosiveness and controversial nature of the subject. And it is the secretiveness attached to the subject that has been the reason for so much misunderstanding about the current breakdown in relations between Israel and Turkey, a growing warming of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and increasing enmity between Saudi Arabia and Iran…

Although known to historians and religious experts, the centuries-old political and economic influence of a group known in Turkish as the “Dönmeh” is only beginning to cross the lips of Turks, Arabs, and Israelis who have been reluctant to discuss the presence in Turkey and elsewhere of a sect of Turks descended from a group of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th and 17th centuries. These Jewish refugees from Spain were welcomed to settle in the Ottoman Empire and over the years they converted to a mystical sect of Islam that eventually mixed Jewish Kabbala and Islamic Sufi semi-mystical beliefs into a sect that eventually championed secularism in post-Ottoman Turkey. It is interesting that “Dönmeh” not only refers to the Jewish “untrustworthy converts” to Islam in Turkey but it is also a derogatory Turkish word for a transvestite, or someone who is claiming to be someone they are not.

The Donmeh sect of Judaism was founded in the 17th century by Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi, a Kabbalist who believed he was the Messiah but was forced to convert to Islam by Sultan Mehmet IV, the Ottoman ruler. Many of the rabbi’s followers, known as Sabbateans, but also “crypto-Jews,” publicly proclaimed their Islamic faith but secretly practiced their hybrid form of Judaism, which was unrecognized by mainstream Jewish rabbinical authorities. Because it was against their beliefs to marry outside their sect, the Dönmeh created a rather secretive sub-societal clan.

The Dönmeh rise to power in Turkey

Many Dönmeh, along with traditional Jews, became powerful political and business leaders in Salonica. It was this core group of Dönmeh, which organized the secret Young Turks, also known as the Committee of Union and Progress, the secularists who deposed Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II in the 1908 revolution, proclaimed the post-Ottoman Republic of Turkey after World War I, and who instituted a campaign that stripped Turkey of much of its Islamic identity after the fall of the Ottomans. Abdulhamid II was vilified by the Young Turks as a tyrant, but his only real crime appears to have been to refuse to meet Zionist leader Theodore Herzl during a visit to Constantinople in 1901 and reject Zionist and Dönmeh offers of money in return for the Zionists to be granted control of Jerusalem.

Like other leaders who have crossed the Zionists, Sultan Adulhamid II appears to have sealed his fate with the Dönmeh with this statement to his Ottoman court: “Advise Dr. Herzl not to take any further steps in his project. I cannot give away even a handful of the soil of this land for it is not my own, it belongs to the entire Islamic nation. The Islamic nation fought jihad for the sake of this land and had watered it with their blood. The Jews may keep their money and millions. If the Islamic Khalifate state is one day destroyed then they will be able to take Palestine without a price! But while I am alive, I would rather push a sword into my body than see the land of Palestine cut and given away from the Islamic state.” After his ouster by Ataturk’s Young Turk Dönmeh in 1908, Abdulhamid II was jailed in the Donmeh citadel of Salonica. He died in Constantinople in 1918, three years after Ibn Saud agreed to a Jewish homeland in Palestine and one year after Lord Balfour deeded Palestine away to the Zionists in his letter to Baron Rothschild.

One of the Young Turk leaders in Salonica was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. When Greece achieved sovereignty over Salonica in 1913, many Dönmeh, unsuccessful at being re-classified Jewish, moved to Constantinople, later re-named Istanbul. Others moved to Izmir, Bursa, and Ataturk’s newly-proclaimed capital and future seat of Ergenekon power, Ankara. Some texts suggest that the Dönmeh numbered no more than 150,000 and were mainly found in the army, government, and business. However, other experts suggest that the Dönmeh may have represented 1.5 million Turks and were even more powerful than believed by many and extended to every facet of Turkish life. One influential Donmeh, Tevfik Rustu Arak, was a close friend and adviser to Ataturk and served as Turkey’s Foreign Minister from 1925 to 1938.

Ataturk, who was reportedly himself a Dönmeh, ordered that Turks abandon their own Muslim-Arabic names. The name of the first Christian emperor of Rome, Constantine, was erased from the largest Turkish city, Constantinople. The city became Istanbul, after the Ataturk government in 1923 objected to the traditional name. There have been many questions about Ataturk’s own name, since “Mustapha Kemal Ataturk” was a pseudonym. Some historians have suggested that Ataturk adopted his name because he was a descendant of none other than Rabbi Zevi, the self-proclaimed Messiah of the Dönmeh! Ataturk also abolished Turkey’s use of the Arabic script and forced the country to adopt the western alphabet.

Modern Turkey: a secret Zionist state controlled by the Dönmeh

Ataturk’s suspected strong Jewish roots, information about which was suppressed for decades by a Turkish government that forbade anything critical of the founder of modern Turkey, began bubbling to the surface, first, mostly outside of Turkey and in publications written by Jewish authors. The 1973 book, The Secret Jews, by Rabbi Joachim Prinz, maintains that Ataturk and his finance minister, Djavid Bey, were both committed Dönmeh and that they were in good company because “too many of the Young Turks in the newly formed revolutionary Cabinet prayed to Allah, but had their real prophet [Sabbatai Zevi, the Messiah of Smyrna].” In The Forward of January 28, 1994, Hillel Halkin wrote in The New York Sun that Ataturk recited the Jewish Shema Yisrael (“Hear O Israel”), saying that it was “my prayer too.” The information is recounted from an autobiography by journalist Itamar Ben-Avi, who claims Ataturk, then a young Turkish army captain, revealed he was Jewish in a Jerusalem hotel bar one rainy night during the winter of 1911. In addition, Ataturk attended the Semsi Effendi grade school in Salonica, run by a Dönmeh named Simon Zevi. Halkin wrote in the New York Sun article about an email he received from a Turkish colleague: “I now know – know (and I haven’t a shred of doubt) – that Ataturk’s father’s family was indeed of Jewish stock.”

It was Ataturk’s and the Young Turks’ support for Zionism, the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, after World War I and during Nazi rule in Europe that endeared Turkey to Israel and vice versa. An article in The Forward of May 8, 2007, revealed that Dönmeh dominated Turkish leadership “from the president down, as well as key diplomats . . . and a great part of Turkey’s military, cultural, academic, economic, and professional elites” kept Turkey out of a World War II alliance with Germany, and deprived Hitler of a Turkish route to the Baku oilfields.” In his book, The Donme: Jewish Converts, Muslim Revolutionaries and Secular Turks, Professor Marc David Baer wrote that many advanced to exalted positions in the Sufi religious orders.

Israel has always been reluctant to describe the Turkish massacre of the Armenians by the Turks in 1915 as “genocide.” It has always been believed that the reason for Israel’s reticence was not to upset Israel’s close military and diplomatic ties with Turkey. However, more evidence is being uncovered that the Armenian genocide was largely the work of the Dönmeh leadership of the Young Turks. Historians like Ahmed Refik, who served as an intelligence officer in the Ottoman army, averred that it was the aim of the Young Turks to destroy the Armenians, who were mostly Christian. The Young Turks, under Ataturk’s direction, also expelled Greek Christians from Turkish cities and attempted to commit a smaller-scale genocide of the Assyrians, who were also mainly Christian.

One Young Turk from Salonica, Mehmet Talat, was the official who carried out the genocide of the Armenians and Assyrians. A Venezuelan mercenary who served in the Ottoman army, Rafael de Nogales Mendez, noted in his annals of the Armenian genocide that Talat was known as the “renegade Hebrew of Salonica.” Talat was assassinated in Germany in 1921 by an Armenian whose entire family was lost in the genocide ordered by the “renegade Hebrew.” It is believed by some historians of the Armenian genocide that the Armenians, known as good businessmen, were targeted by the business-savvy Dönmeh because they were considered to be commercial competitors.

It is not, therefore, the desire to protect the Israeli-Turkish alliance that has caused Israel to eschew any interest in pursuing the reasons behind the Armenian genocide, but Israel’s and the Dönmeh’s knowledge that it was the Dönmeh leadership of the Young Turks that not only murdered hundreds of thousands of Armenians and Assyrians but who also stamped out Turkey’s traditional Muslim customs and ways. Knowledge that it was Dönmeh, in a natural alliance with the Zionists of Europe, who were responsible for the deaths of Armenian and Assyrian Christians, expulsion from Turkey of Greek Orthodox Christians, and the cultural and religious eradication of Turkish Islamic traditions, would issue forth in the region a new reality. Rather than Greek and Turkish Cypriots living on a divided island, Armenians holding a vendetta against the Turks, and Greeks and Turks feuding over territory, all the peoples attacked by the Dönmeh would realize that they had a common foe that was their actual persecutor.

Challenging Dönmeh rule: Turkey’s battle against the Ergenekon

It is the purging of the Kemalist adherents of Ataturk and his secular Dönmeh regime that is behind the investigation of the Ergenekon conspiracy in Turkey. Ergenekon’s description matches up completely with the Dönmeh presence in Turkey’s diplomatic, military, judicial, religious, political, academic, business, and journalist hierarchy. Ergenekon attempted to stop the reforms instituted by successive non-Dönmeh Turkish leaders, including the re-introduction of traditional Turkish Islamic customs and rituals, by planning a series of coups, some successful like that which deposed Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan’s Refah (Welfare) Islamist government in 1996 and some unsuccessful, like OPERATION SLEDGEHEMMER, which was aimed at deposing Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2003. Some Islamist-leaning reformists, including Turkish President Turgut Ozal and Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, died under suspicious circumstances. Deposed democratically-elected Prime Minister Adnan Menderes was hanged in 1961, following a military coup.

American politicians and journalists, whose knowledge of the history of countries like Turkey and the preceding Ottoman Empire, is often severely lacking, have painted the friction between Israel’s government and the Turkish government of Prime Minister Erdogan as based on Turkey’s drift to Islamism and the Arab world. Far from it, Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) seem to have finally seen a way to break free from the domination and cruelty of the Dönmeh, whether in the form of Kemalist followers of Ataturk or nationalist schemers and plotters in Ergenekon. But with Turkey’s “Independence Day” has come vitriol from the Dönmeh and their natural allies in Israel and the Israel Lobby in the United States and Europe. Turkey as a member of the European Union was fine for Europe as long as the Dönmeh remained in charge and permitted Turkey’s wealth to be looted by central bankers like has occurred in Greece.

When Israel launched its bloody attack on the Turkish Gaza aid vessel, the Mavi Marmara, on May 31, 2010, the reason was not so much the ship’s running of the Israeli blockade of Gaza. The brutality of the Israelis in shooting unarmed Turks and one Turkish-American, some at point blank range, according to a UN report, indicated that Israel was motivated by something else: vengeance and retaliation for the Turkish government’s crackdown on Ergenekon, the purging of the Turkish military and intelligence senior ranks of Dönmeh, and reversing the anti-Muslim religious and cultural policies set down by the Dönmeh’s favorite son, Ataturk, some ninety years before. In effect, the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara was in retaliation for Turkey’s jailing of several top Turkish military officers, journalists, and academics, all accused of being part of the Ergenekon plot to overthrow the AKP government in 2003. Hidden in the Ergenekon coup plot is that the Dönmeh and Ergenekon are connected through their history of being Kemalists, ardent secularists, pro-Israeli, and pro-Zionist.

With tempers now flaring between Iran on one side and Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United States on the other, as the result of a dubious claim by U.S. law enforcement that Iran was planning to carry out the assassination of the Saudi ambassador to the United States on American soil, the long-standing close, but secretive relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia is coming to the forefront. The Israeli-Saudi connection had flourished during OPERATION DESERT STORM, when both countries were on the receiving end of Saddam Hussein’s Scud missiles.



  1. Պետք է ասեմ որ սա ձեր ամենահաջող գրառումներից է: Ամէն ինչ է ասվել, ու տեղին է ասվել: Սակայն ես ուզում եմ հետեվյալ կետերի մասին ավելի խոսել բլոգի ընթերցողների համար.-

    "If we truly love our homeland, we seriously need to begin talking about our national flaws. After all, to a significant degree, it is our national (i.e. collective) flaws that has gotten us to where we are today. "

    My first official blog post was exactly about this:

    Հասկանալ Հայու Ինքնաքննադատության Կարողությունները

    We are still incapable of discussing, in my opinion, the most fundamental problem of the Armenian world today. Armenians are not ready to accept the fact that yes, a lot of what has happened to us today are due to our own mistakes and shortsightedness. Thanks to Armenian arrogance and stubbornness, we are not able to accept this simple fact. Instead, we rely on blaming others. Another reason that we do not "evolve" is because, after a major loss/tragedy that has occurred within our history, we fool ourselves by labeling them with absurd concepts such as "moral victories" and "death is knowledgeable immortality". Instead we should carefully study our mistakes, and by study I mean on a state level. Complete Social Engineering is needed in Armenia and in the Diaspora. Which brings me to the next point you discussed:

    "To fix Armenia we somehow need to figure out a way to fix the Armenian."

    I wholeheartedly agree. There is no other way. Even if we are found in the best geopolitical circumstances, if we do not change, we are bound to repeat the same mistakes. The Byzantine Greeks demonstrate this. A huge empire vanished from the face of the earth due to the self-destructiveness of its people (Greeks and Armenians).

    I believe one of your readers posted this documentary in the past:

    Fall of an Empire - The Lesson of Byzantium

    As the end suggests, Byzantology was only closely studied in the 1940s. I believe that, in the case of the formation of a new social engineering program, Byzantology has to be an essential part of the curriculum in Armenia. (As well as Caucasian and Turkish geopolitics).

    "might makes right"

    Always. When you're strong, you get respect. You get what you want and get away with it. When you're weak and all supplicating, nobody respects you. Worse, they spit on your face and leave you to die alone.

    A lot of the points you mention here are going to be frequently discussed in my blog in Eastern Armenian. Every one of us has to have its part in having an impact on the Armenian Mindset.

    On a final note, regarding the Centennial, I agree that this year it was more as if we rose out of the ashes like a Phoenix.

    1. I was the one who posted the link on the documentary of Fall of an Empire - The Lesson of Byzantium.

      On the other hand, there was a documentary on BBC about Extreme Russia (even though it's not a good source of info on Russia, sometimes you gotta know what the enemy is doing to get a clear picture of what he or she does) and there is this important quote a Russian nationalist said:

      "A person without a national identity is just manure for others to grow on"

    2. Շնորհակալութիւն ընկեր: Մենք էականորեն խոսում ենք հայերի վերածնունդի մասին: Այս թեման պետք է քննարկվի մեր հասարակության մեջ. դա սկսվում է մեր ընտանիքներում: Սկսենք խոսել այս հարցի մասին մեր շրջապատում գտնվող մարդկանց հետ: Այս դարը պետք է լինի մեր վերածնունդի ժամանակաշրջանը:

    3. Jerriko,

      The Russian nationalists comment was excellent. To which I'll add: A person without God, family and country is an animal that is easily led astray.

    4. PS: Geopolitics and the study of important time periods in our history should be mandatory course in all Armenian schools.

    5. Geopolitics should be a high priority subject for the entire world to learn.

      There is something that all Orthodox Christians (Greek Eastern, Syriac, Armenian and Oriental alike) should be aware of: there was a call by the Our Lady of Fatima or some other Catholic organization that called for 'the consecration of Russia under the Immacualte Heart of Mary'.

      To me personally, this is an outrage. The very idea that the world is trying to 'convert' Russia to Catholicism just made my blood boil. Moreover, with the effects of Vatican II and the Latin Catholic world's socio-political degeneration, plus the things that I had to witness while I was still a Catholic has led to my departure from the Catholic Church.

      Just how influential is the Catholic Church in Armenia anyways? Well enough of my personal grievances, the tragic part of this centennial is that whenever Turks and Azeris are often confronted with anything that is related to the Armenian Genocide, they'd use the Khojaly card to shut them up. Moreover, I don't think it's just Pan-Turkism that has motivated the monsters to kill Greeks, Armenians, Bulgarians, Assyrians and to some lesser extent, Kurds.

      Pan-Turanism is far more dangerous than Pan-Turkism because Pan-Turanism has included Hungarians and Finno-Ugrics as its spiritual brothers. Pan-Turanism is by nature anti-Greek, anti-Orthodox Christian, anti-Armenian and definitely anti-Slavic. Hence it is far more necessary that the Orthodox world must intensify their fight against Pan-Turanism.

    6. The terms Pan-Turkism and Pan-Turanism are the same as far as I'm concerned. I don't see a real difference between the two.

    7. That was a good documentary about Byzantium. However, it is not so simple to figure out what needs to be done based on it. Take Russia and Armenia. How can Russia ensure a decent succession to Putin? How to avoid the oligarchs destroying the state? How to force the elite to think about the national interest of a Eurasian future instead of its desired Europe? In the case of Armenia, how to try to unite people? How to get people to focus on high-priority items instead of something like "democracy"?

      If today's Greece is following in a Byzantine cultural way, you can see that this is not effective. Too many parties; too many opinions; too many people unable to make tough choices; too many experts on tax evasion: and too many operatives for outside interests. It is a mess. Today's Greeks could lose an empire as big as Byzantium in just a few decades, if not sooner.


  2. Excellent post Arevordi, this may as well be your manifesto. I agree with you 100% regarding the Eastern/Western language divide. An amusing anecdote: my father is from Iran and came to America in the 70's. A few years before I was born he started working part time at the local Armenian community center teaching Armenian to the children in an after-school program. This was in Detroit were most of the Armenians are descended from Genocide refugees. He started teaching them Eastern Armenian, when his superiors insisted otherwise he responded "why would they need to learn that?" Needless to say, he was promptly fired.

    Armen K.

    1. I'm a Diasporan Armenian. I grew up hearing both dialects of our language because we had relatives in Armenia who would visit us periodically. So, I am not being biased in any way when I say I think our language divide (i.e. cultural divide) is a very serious matter. Sadly, a vast majority of Diasporan Armenians are totally blind to its seriousness essentially because of the - instinct - to preserve what was uprooted during the genocide. Needless to say, language is a powerful tool. Language - be it English, Russian, French, Turkish or Western Armenian - imparts cultural values and a specific mindset to the speaker. Diasporan children being thought the official language of the Armenian state will feel better connected to the Armenian state.

  3. Nothing succeeds like success. There is something called the virtuous cycle. Armenian representatives need to get working on making contacts with Russian think tanks and retired military colonels and such to work on contingency planning. If the economy and politics get better, more will be influenced in Russia and the diaspora community. As for those in Los Angeles, I wouldn't focus on them. Or maybe send some missionaries. The main value they provide is to attack Turkey on moral grounds.

    Am I wrong in seeing three possible scenarios for Armenian growth? Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. What would be the circumstances for these? Serious decline in Turkey doesn't seem likely in the near future, whereas the other two countries look like they are more vulnerable. By the way, Armenia has a good historic claim on Western Armenia, which would make it easier for Russia to get involved. If Saakashvili et al. come on the scenes, it might be time for Russia to help Armenia. Do you think that is possible?

    Is there a kind of national militia or anything resembling the Swiss system? It might be needed if the world situation gets ugly.

    One big advantage Armenians need to get to the Kremlin is how cheap an investment might be. If you look at what the West did with Galicians, you get the idea. Also, there are no obvious drawbacks in backing Armenians. The Kremlin has had the option of helping the 30% in Latvia who are ethnic Russians, but their general strategy has been to try to play nice with the EU. In the case of Turkey, that is silly. Also, Russia had to hold back in the past to maintain decent business relations with the West. That Rubicon has been crossed. The only reason for not shafting Georgia is that Russia will have to live with Georgia in the future.

    As a wild idea, what about a contest with reasonable money for proposals to develop Armenia geostrategically in the future? Some say Soros' university has such contests and challenges for things like white papers on how to break up Russia. Yerevan needs strategists.

  4. The move forward should be finding a framework in which to formulate claims of restitution, wherever possible, against the Turkish state, e.g the restitution of the lands of the catholicosate in Sis. It is a small step, but it is a beginning. Recognition must be followed by reparations. Turkey will only recognize the genocide by force of arms. Have you ever heard of a murderer confess to his crime ?. The murderer gets an assisted team of lawyers and defense council and it goes around circuit courts for years. Turkey is conscious what recognition will entail. Billions of dollars in damages followed by redrawing of borders. The redrawing of borders can only come about by the dissolution of the present Turkish state. The disunity in our nation is a perennial case and the best ally the Turkish state can have. There was a small item of news can serve as example. An mp recently exhorted the diaspora to open accounts in Armenian banks of a 1000 dollars. There was a flurry of criticism and attacks against mp for her declarations in parliament. The mp made an excellent bell ring to the diaspora, however she fell short on the amount of her request. The diaspora, individuals in the diaspora, should, must open accounts in Armenian Banks, not of 1000 $ but of 10000 $. To have a homeland in this luciferian hell of a world, entails sacrifice, abnegation, and more sacrifice. Critters like dr Asterjian, are of no practical help. This dr is a perfect mold of the environment which has spawned him. Listen to his vocabulary and it is the perfect pattern of circumlocution identifying contemporary mind set, : " stakeholders, inclusiveness, economic growth, pluralism,openness , democracy, corruption, and all the jargon of the multicultural and culturally ossified other side.
    Economics is very important , of course, but it should be subject to political goals and credos , not the other way around. Recently I attended a talk by a very good and eloquent speaker from Australia on how to "fix things " for Armenia. For moments I thought the guy was lecturing at an Australian pre election rally. He wants to fix things in Armenia a la Australiana. If you hear someone from the USA or the UK, you will hear the same identical tune, same script, same nuances. Piper

    1. Why can't Armenians learn from the masters, and do whatever the Jews did regarding the Nazis? That would get the money and property angle going. A restitution of territory would be tougher, of course, but you could selectively get victories. A judge here and there might rule in favor of Armenians, and force discovery if there are documents that are needed.

      Anyway, the point is that you need a strategy and to think about things from a long-term perspective. If you want to take advantage of a future weakness in Turkey or Azerbaijan, you need the infrastructure. Like the Jews, there could be institutes for the genocide, with white papers and historical appeals. The head of that could write letters to the NY Times. If big-name US universities have specializations on the Jewish Holocaust and even the Ukrainian so-called holodomor, why not something similar for Armenians?

      You might make the argument that the West is totally hostile, and that doing things in, say, France would be counterproductive. But I disagree. Even if one branch of "Armenian restitution" in Paris wants X and the other branch in Moscow wants Y, the point is that you will be moving in the right direction, and you will have a contested claim against Turkey. Also, think about the possibilities. If a Jew died in a German camp, and an Armenian died in the same camp, well ... there are lots of Turkish assets in Germany, and they have the biggest genocide industry of them all.


    2. Eurasian, I fundamentally agree with you. What you are essentially recommending/describing is laying the groundwork with which we can gradually create a new reality regardless of Western/Jewish hostility. In order to do any of this, however, we as a nation first need to set our priorities in order (i.e. we first need to abandon our counterproductive pursuits of "fighting corruption" and promoting "democracy" inside Armenia and concentrate on more strategic matters) and we need true national unity (i.e. better Diaspora-Armenia relations).

    3. Arevordi,

      Perhaps it isn't for me to say, but I think most comfortable Diaspora Armenians in Los Angeles are not going to be possible to unite with a pro-Russian, national interest Armenia. You have to be realistic; these folks are brainwashed by the Hollywood/TV complex, and too many of them are going to be recruited by Western NGOs and such.

      Just as you call for taking the hard step of accepting the basic loss of the Western Armenian language/dialect, you need to take the hard step of saying that critics from thousands of miles away who never visit are not going to deter you from building a better country, and that country is surrounded by few friends and many enemies.

      So use Western, prosperous Diaspora Armenians for support in going after Turkey in media or academia or politics, but their value in developing the current country of Armenia is likely to be more that you could try to get business deals. Perhaps a small software company in the West would try to hire in Armenia because the owner is from the Diaspora.

      As an aside, I hope you don't have too many working on process reforms. They are practically useless. Things like campaign finance reform. Politicians who talk about this are usually a cover for not doing what is necessary. Or changing the voting age. These are all distractions.


  5. Romanian AnonymusMay 2, 2015 at 12:30 AM

    @[Abdul Hamid] aides gave Herzl some terms. Could he work on the Armenian issue in the European press? Turkey was getting bashed for its treatment of the Armenians. And Herzl, who always bragged that his pen was not for sale, agreed to do so"

    Was prescience from Herzl's part? The press was using a term reserved only for a "unique event in the history of mankind" for the wrong people!

    THE NEW YORK TIMES of 10 Sept 1895 published an article with the title:

    ANOTHER ARMENIAN HOLOCAUST; Five Villages Burned, Five Thousand Persons Made Homeless, and Anti-Christians Organized.
    LONDON, Sept. 9. -- The Daily News will to-morrow publish a dispatch from Kars, stating that fresh outrages have been perpetrated in the Erzinzian district.

    1. We all remember always the anti-Orthodox sentiment among the Jews and the main reason why they have a grudge against the Orthodox Church? Here's a rather interesting article made by a blogger with possible links to Golden Dawn:

      Though don't lose hope on the Greeks yet. There are still some who have the same kind of fighting spirit as other sane minded nationalists, be it Russian, Serbian, Armenian, or Chinese.

    2. Romanian AnonymusMay 3, 2015 at 12:36 AM


      They were so from the very first day ("If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you").

      Look at a very cursory sample (

      "A. Roy Eckardt, a pioneer in the field of Jewish-Christian relations, asserted that the foundation of antisemitism and responsibility for the Holocaust lies ultimately in the New Testament. Eckardt insisted that Christian repentance must include a reexamination of basic theological attitudes toward Jews and the New Testament in order to deal effectively with antisemitism...
      [Rabbi Michael] Cook believes that both contemporary Jews and contemporary Christians need to reexamine the history of early Christianity, and the transformation of Christianity from a Jewish sect consisting of followers of a Jewish Jesus, to a separate religion often dependent on the tolerance of Rome while proselytizing among Gentiles loyal to the Roman empire, to understand how the story of Jesus came to be recast in an anti-Jewish form as the Gospels took their final form...
      Some scholars assert that critical verses in the New Testament have been used to incite prejudice and violence against Jewish people (the worse offender being the Apostle John - m.n.)...

      Rabbi Eli Cohen posted on the Isaiah 53 Face Book page:
      The NT is propaganda of 1st century believers in Jesus and has also been used to justify killing Jews. Try Luke 19:27 or 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16.

      And what to say of what is said about St. John Chrysostom? Remember that he is the author of the most used Liturgy in the Orthodox Church.

  6. Bravo Arevordi. You bring up some very important controversial topics into the forefront: Turkish apology is not enough, Armenians need cultural unity, diaspora children need to adopt official language of Armenia, Armenians need selfreflection, Armenian Russian relations is key to liberating Western Armenia. I agree on all accounts.

    PS: I like your "crazy hagop" grandfather. I can imagine what he went through in life. God rest his soul.

  7. This commentary sums up many questions we Armenians have about the AG. Off course the lessons we have to learn is the only way to a new powerful Armenia. 100 years of AG should become a milestone to a new Armenia, to a new Armenian. the only way our ancestors blood will not go in wane is if we make necessary changes and become better.

  8. "One Armenian is not enough, two is better, three is too much" this is about diaspora.
    I have heard this words when i was a youngster just starting to explore the world. Every time i found myself abroad those words came alive. Regardless of the country be that a small city in the middle of Russia, or a coastal metropolitan city in USA or Europe i have faced situations where those words rang true. In diaspora Armenians try to gather around each other, protect and help each other until a certain point. Once too many are gathered and start to compete with each other, divisions surface. those divisions appear along the lines of birthplace usually, like naming someone lebananahay, parskahay, fransahay, amerikahay or hayastanci. it is natural that differences in the background make it easy to blame one if you want to find a reason.
    As Arevordi says if we want to become a LION nation with the pride we have we need to look further and feel bigger than petty criminals. we need to get rid of bazarchi, kopekchi and false gokhakan attitudes. Every Armenian owns another a helping hand without any questions. To me anyone who divides us along any lines is a traitor. I never accept any criticism based on place of birth. if someone tells me oh he is lebanahay or parskahay i am ready to punch his lights out.
    We cannot go forward without learning to respect each other as an Armenian. To me Armenian is one and wholesome.

  9. Has anyone seen reports about USA delegation to AG memorial? I remember reading about a delegation from Obama headed by treasury secretary. Could it be that our government told them to fuck off.

    Here is Sargsyan's interview to Pozner on April 24th where he pretty much trashed USA and Israel about recognition of AG. He stated that those countries place interests above morals which he can understand but never accept.

    This is the first time any Armenian leader publicly says we don't accept their decisions.

  10. On the interview of Sargsyan to Pozner there was a question about why Armenia is so mononational 97% Armenians living? I thought Sargsyan's answer was very interesting. He said maybe because Russian Emperors saw Armenians as most loyal subjects and never thought about filling the land with other nationalities.
    Also liked his answer to WWII memorials.
    Generally considering Pozner did his jewish play Sargsyan answered expertly.

  11. God forbid that Armenia be filled with other nationalities. Armenia is a nation state and homeland for Armenians. It behoves the Armenians to keep it that way. The cult of human rights needs to enshrine homelands for distinctive population groups. The right of human diversification. The racial rights of human diversity. As for this Jew Pozner , he should go and preach national rights for all citizens in his homeland Israel. Armenia is blessed, all our neighbors despises us and do not want tolive amongst us. Heavenly gift of the Gods or a blessing from Providence. Race is a unique gift from The almighty, it is a unique gift from nature. It is better for Armenia to remain impoverished and Armenian, than prosperous and blended in the globalized miasma. This is exactly what you will get if you follow the modern doctrines of ( we must not call it the West, the West today it is not what the west was before 1945) multicultural, hybridization, racial Tower of Babel of and blending genes of the Juden shaped and configured cosmos.

  12. On whirlwind tour of It exhibits and convention from Las Vegas, London, Paris, and Athens.
    Armenia is a unique treasure, and very few realize it. When in Las Vegas I thought I was in some cuckoo land in the stratosphere. The IT convention were filled with Europids. That is fine, come out of the convention and you feel you are-- depending where you find yourselves --- in Tajikistan, San Salvador, Ethipia, Panama, a mishmash of humanity with heavy dose of negroid genes that makes the place look appalling. Yet the majority of the zombies love it. London it is gone totally afroasian. To see a pure Englishman in London is like finding an ounce of gold in a heap of quagmire. In some place you feel you are in Bangladesh, Lahore, Bombay, in other places resemble more like Lagos, Maputo, or Zanzibar, in other areas, you could be in Marrakech, or Tunis, of tripoli. A could smelling place, one wonders how long before the island implodes. The elite of England is totally judaized. Every member of the elite is either a Juden, half Juden, or Juden stained. A perfect Juden colony has the emerald island of yore become. Paris ? No comment here, Paris is an African city in the heart of Europe.
    Athens is in the grip of racial mongrelization through the massive invasion of the unhappy country by the thirdl worlders. It is bemusing to see how the Greeks are taking it lying down and prostrate before their imperiled dispossession. After all thesehellish spots in the world you reach Erevan, and at last a breath of fresh air, a thoroughly clean city with clean cut Armenians, and no foreigners, it is paradise on earth. We must ensure to keep this paradise intact and unplolluted. It is a Herculean crucible. When everyone around you is getting the pox, how do you prevent the contagion ? Stay humble, and out of the limelight, don't attract envy. Recently I read a write up in Armenia world, about a Zimbabwean that is going to become an informa ambassador of karabagh in Zimbabwe ? Has anyone been in Zimbabwe ? It is not thirld world but no world at all.
    Traveling in public transport in London, Paris, the USA, it feels like traveling in cattle trucks with two legged bipeds, bipeds.

    1. Anonymous,
      It's one thing to love your own people, it's another thing to trash and hate everything and everyone else out there that is not yours. You might try to refine and mature your nationalistic feelings a little.

    2. I am not about to shed any tears for Brits, Yankees or the French. They FULLY deserve the mongrelization of their people and the fall of their civilization. Regarding Armenian demographics: I don't think we have much to worry about. One of the reasons why Armenia will stay homogenous is because Armenians are a very difficult people to live amongst. Heck, even Armenians have a hard time living with Armenians...

    3. I agree 100% with Arto. The fact that this anonymous poster can attempt to equate finding Englishmen to finding gold demonstrates how immature he is. I can't stand these "White Nationalist" Armenians who partake in hillbilly behavior, and hurl insults towards races that have never harmed Armenia while bending over backwards to kiss the asses of Armenia's greatest enemies (Englishmen, Frenchmen, and western/northern European Protestants and Catholics in general. I can guarantee you no Englishmen, ever in history, has said something as pathetic as "finding a pure Armenian among these Turks, Kurds, Arabs, and Persians is like finding gold". Here's a news flash: Englishmen have done as much as the Turks to destroy Armenia. Those "bipeds" from Africa that you insult have never once actively worked to destroy Armenia.

      On the same note, your type that fear-mongers against Armenian economic and political ties with China with ridiculous "they will colonize Armenia" rhetoric makes me sick. Here is a helpful hint: stop tearing your hair out over the fact that one group of non-Armenians (Whites) are spreading their legs for another group of non-Armenians (Africans and Asians). If those societies aren't bothered by the millions of "black on blonde" videos that they produce and post to the Internet every year, it is certainly not your place to condemn them. The non-Armenians of Europe have little to no interest in preserving their racial "purity", and that is entirely their business... They do, however, have a great interest in keeping Turkey and Israel afloat at Armenia's expense and the expense of innocent Arabs in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and elsewhere, so perhaps the bastardization and extinction of those nations is a good thing.

      For example, Sweden will be the first nation to die off, and I am glad because it means the world can be spared from suffering from another asshole like Carl Bindt.

      I think what you honestly need to do is take a trip to redneck country in the USA, walk into a room full of neo-Nazis and announce "hey guys, I'm your long-lost Armenian Aryan brother". The rednecks may be able to beat some goddam sense into you. Or maybe you can try western Ukraine - the Aryanest of the Aryans - and they can beat some sense into you (your probably safer with rednecks though, they won't kill you and steal your organs... hell you'd be safer in Baltimore).

      If anyone here is interested, have a look at how much hatred the average "White Nationalist" has towards Armenians in the link below. As an added bonus, look at a few of the pathetic Armenians who kiss the asses of the anti-Armenian racistss and cry "guys no, really we are Aryans, we swear... look at our language, and the Alfred Rosenberg certification". Compare that to the Armenian nationalists who properly told the hillbillies to fuck off:

    4. The content of that link was very funny :)

    5. Some of the phrases that Armenian used were incredibly funny too :)

      The anti-Armenian jerks deserved every insult that that got, and then some.

    6. It is not appropriate to equate false, fake white nationalist with genuine nationalism. It is a gross misrepresentation to confuse it with hatred for the other. Taking some hillbillies or red necks or Ukrainian Liberal Jewish induced louts and social in adaptive rejects as representing true nationalist is playing in the hands of the establishment. Also it depends on ones attitude. I have noticed that a number of Armenians appear to have fallen foul of these type of groups such as vnn and others. Do not paint all nationalists with the same brush. You have the Greek nationalist movement the GD, which brought motions into parliament for the memory of Armenians and has always spoken about the genocide. These movement has no links, no sympathy , nor empathy with the type of pseudo nationalists such as Vnn and others of the same ilk The GD is considered by the establishmen to be a dangerously extreme racist , neo nazi, antisemitic and hate spewing movement who resists the invasion of Europe. In contemporary Europe there is not a single true nationalist movement. All the nationalist outfits have been infiltrated by the Jew poison, and the leadership know tows their Jewish bosses. The GD is the sole exception, that is why they are persecuted, vandalized and chased.There maybe those who wish the white euro pids destruction, or biological extinction. That is their choice, for personal experiences they might have had or other reasons. I do not share that kind of thinking. But maybe it is due to my monumental immaturity. Please those who are expressing anti European , anti white angst, is inappropriate to provide Carl Bildt, on the one hand, and Adolfo hitler on the other .

    7. Golden Dawn has nothing to do with this conversation. If they want to save their country, good luck to them.

      No one here gives a shit about other races going extinct or not. I care about Armenia and Armenia alone; my "personal experiences" have nothing to do in shaping my geopolitical views. When I support a policy regarding other nations I do so within the context of "is it good for Armenia?". If the other nation in question does not really affect Armenia in any way, I have no ill will towards them and wish them well in building themselves up. That's why you never hear me insult Vietnam, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Chile, or the African countries, despite the vast differences that exist between those nations. You, on the other hand, adopt the viewpoints of the former western European colonial powers and attack these people who have no links or hostility against Armenia - which makes your position retarded because those western European colonial powers looked down on Armenians as much as it did on Asians and Africans, and they actively played a major role in Armenia's destruction. Only a naive simpleton, a complete dumbass, or a masochist cuckold can look at Armenia's recent history and still find a way to refer to Englishmen or the other western European assholes as "gold". The western Europeans don't care about you or any other Armenian, you're not one of them, you never were and you never will be. Stop trying to fight their battles for them, it's pathetic.

      Hypothetically, if Europeans and Jews did not go to extreme lengths to attack Armenia and Armenians; if Europeans and Jews did not go to extreme lengths to support Turkey and Azerbaijan, the I would wish them well. But the facts prove otherwise, so fuck Europe and their Jewish, Turkish, Azeri, and Saudi/Pakistani/Islamist partners. Not a single tear will be shed for those evil nations as the universe finally brings them to justice.

      Your whitewashing of the English, French, and Americans regarding their actions against Armenia reminds of those Russian "nazi" scum who cover themselves in Swastika tattoos and celebrate Hitler, despite the fact that Hitler and Hitler alone was responsible for millions of their fellow Russians dying of starvation in St. Petersburg and elsewhere. Or those "anti-fa" scum in Germany who praise the British and Americans for the firebombing of Hamburg, Dresden, and Berlin. It's a unnatural, self-hating mindset that I will never understand.

    8. Case in point: California is slowly being taken over by Hispanics and Asians, and the remaining Whites are quickly becoming bastardized. Should we tear our hair out because America is losing one of its most valuable territories, or should we look at this as an opportunity as the long-term and irreversible weakening of Turkey's sole remaining international backer of any real power, the United States? Does it serve Armenian interests to make enemies out of Hispanics who have never harmed Armenia, and sometimes show support for Armenia (; or aren't we better off minding our own business? Similarly, London is the location where thousands of anti-Armenian decisions have been taken by the English which have directly and indirectly helped dispossess millions of Armenians from Armenia, and here you are bitching about the fact that - in an act of universal justice - the English themselves are being displaced from London? Same with the French being displaced from Paris, wasn't it these very same Frenchman who overnight set the Armenians up for slaughter in Cilicia? What goes around, comes around; these people are justly being subjected to the same fate that they set Armenians up to a century ago. Good riddance...

  13. If you want a strong country, you probably need a larger population, in addition to a more united one. Are there incentives for Diaspora Armenians to move to Armenia? Surely a lot of people from Syria or Lebanon could consider moving if the economic situation seemed reasonable.

    Is there a university in Armenia that can offer scholarships to bring students in? Maybe it could be partly in Russian and partly in Armenian. In any case, that could be another angle. And there might be a value in having a business program that would appeal to families for their children with the idea that learning Russian and perhaps getting favorable treatment in working in Russia would be an incentive. There must be lots of families debating where their children should go to university. If going in Armenia meant an easy entree into Russia, that would be a big plus.

    Also, there should be incentives for having children.


    1. Eurasian, all the things you described exist to a certain degree in Armenia, including benefits for having children. The problems remain that Armenian government resources are already limited, and whatever is available has to go to security first, for external and for internal threats, which is understandable. Additionally, education is great but Armenia's economic potential is limited due to geographic factors; there's no point having a large graduate population if they will all leave for jobs in California, Russia, and Europe. Hopefully the Eurasian Union will bring in much needed economic improvements.

      An interesting note, Hitler's Germany had a great program for population increases where for every child a young family had, the state would pay off a quarter of their home mortgage. Four children meant a paid off home for the couple, and for the state meant almost twice the replacement rate of 2.1 children per families. A paid off home also helps keep people attached to the land, town, or city that they lived in. Additionally, the paid off home freed up income for families to spend on good for their children, which increased overall tax revenue. I always thought this was a very good model to be copied for Armenia.

    2. The government fully subsidizes the cost for childbirth in Armenia.

    3. Subsidizing childbirth is not really the issue; the cost of raising children is the point.

      Maybe too many students would leave and not come back. That is possible. On the other hand, if you bring in students from abroad, and you have specializations in agriculture and kind of boutique things, such as call centers, all with a Russian focus, Armenia might benefit, particularly if you could get some donations from the rich Armenians in Moscow. This is not to compete with kids who could go to Stanford; it is more for families with a decent standard of living in, say, Lebanon.

      Of course, the real economic policy might be getting the Kremlin to come to the view that two new independent countries are needed: the Javakheti Republic and the Adjara Republic. Both friendly to Moscow, and Armenia would get access to the sea, and gas pipelines would be of a different nature.

      Anyway, Sarkis, what do you recommend as an economic development plan? What isn't screwed by the geographic situation?


    4. Eurasia, I was only pointing that this topic is a concern in Armenia and steps are being taken to remedy the problem, although we have a long way to go until the citizenry feels economically secure in the country. We need to be mature enough to see that Armenia's problems are many and they are related to the region where Armenia is located. So, they won't we fix so quickly. In fact, they won't be fixed until Pax Russicana reigns in the region. In the meanwhile, we cant afford to hysterical over such problems because doing so only makes it worst. First thing's first, Russia has to win the battle for the south Caucasus. Everything else thereafter will gradually fall into place...

    5. Eurasian, first off you made a good observation as our current geographic situation makes any conceivable scenario unreasonably harder. As a general rule Armenia needs time and peace in order to allow evolution in all fields, from society and government down to economics. As a general answer Armenians need to focus on their strengths and look to what has worked in the past. During Soviet times Armenians were employed in factories that produced components for Russian firms as part of the Soviet system. In modern times Armenian subsidiaries of Russian companies, like ArmenAl Aluminum Plant, ArmenTel/Beeline and VivaCell/MTS, Armenian Railways, and other industries are profitable. And we all know Armenians are famously smart and quick to rise in management positions in large enterprises. So I would expect that the best hope for Armenian economic development is for Russian state-owned companies to step in and once again reopen Armenia's idle, Soviet-era factories and businesses. And on the side Armenians can apply their natural talents to emerging technical and technological fields, especially information technology and computers. Russia has a great space industry and weapons industry, advanced phsyics research base, and a strong potential in industries like aircraft and vehicles. Armenians need to be ready to play a leading role in these fields, perhaps produce another Mikoyan.

      Armenia's development economically requires internal stability and the minimalization or removal of western influences, especially the toxic NGOs and propaganda outlets masquerading as "independent media" which serve to undermine societal trust and stability and set up events like March 2008, which set back economic development by years. In other words, asswipes like john hughes and richard giragosian need to join jirayr selfishyan in prison in order to create the required societal stability for Armenian businesses to grow.

      Also realize that it is difficult for nations with limited natural resources to develop economies. It would be like a natural body-builder competing against freaks on steroid and surgery. Israel develops because of billions in western aid, donations, and reparations/extortion. Britain and the US rely on manipulating the global economy through their control of currency and commodities. The Middle East has oil. China has sheer demographics allowing it to become a manufacturing powerhouse. Nations like Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea, besides having winning mentalities, have had decades of peace and stability to develop along with tons of US aid. And nations like Germany and Japan are heirs of great empires. Armenians have a long way to go before reaching societal order of Germans, Koreans, Japanese, or Singapore.

      Lastly, the Sargsyan government needs to keep the business elites reigned in. This means better regulations to prevent unreasonable practices like price gouging, tax evasion, and other anti-consumer practices. I realize that a small but powerful oligarchic class is impossible to avoid in any country - including western "democracies - so the only real alternative is to force the oligarchs to play nicer with the population, and to invest their profits back into the country's development or face the threat of the government crushing them.

      Those are just my thoughts, I'm not really an economics expert, nor do I ever trust anyone that claims to be an economics expert.

    6. Sarkis,

      Thanks for your thoughts. Regarding the population, I think you have to think long and hard about how many people you need to actually regain a territory. The land inside Georgia would require very few, and the bigger question would be how many you would need for the initial period when the change of ownership took place. But Western Armenia is fairly large, and even Naxcivan would surely require 100,000 to operate on a long-term basis. So I think Arevordi needs to make clear what new borders might be feasible based on population, not simply the desires of Russia or a nationally-minded elite, or historical justice. And you might want to spare some for the tip of Azerbaijan that carries gas and oil into Georgia. That looks vulnerable and useful. Also, you might take a territory in ruins, so the logistical demands might be high - more manpower drawn off for at least a year.

      As for your thoughts about the economy, well, I have never been there and can't say, but think culture is a big part of the picture. When a culture is hitting on all cylinders, great progress can be made. It isn't simply that the US is buying their products or that they have a fair amount of natural resources. Besides, people have a simplistic view of resources. Japanese are always reminded in school how they have few resources, but this ignores that they have good ports and zones protected from ocean storms, lots of fresh water, good soil, mountains that protect the major population centers from Siberian storms, great geothermal, etc. Oh, and oceans to protect from invaders. Not bad for a country with nothing. So, if Armenians are clever and opportunistic, then the coming years might be great for them. We are entering a world of technological revolution, and small numbers of clever people might defeat larger groups with old thinking. This would certainly apply in military matters, but new energy systems and batteries are being rolled out and I, perhaps being biased, imagine an Azeri elite that would very much lack creative problem-solving that is so important in times of change.

      Also, there is the problem that misconceptions can prevent considering things. For example, solar panels work more efficiently in colder climates than tropical ones due to the panels not getting too hot. So, while Azerbaijan and Turkey are willing to spend billions to prop up Nacxivan, Armenians and Artsakhians need to think creatively and take advantage of the new game. So, to repeat what Arevordi has said, "Armenians need to think strategically." As a former serious chess player, I would say you need to gather your Tigran Petrosians and consider these things. And one of the most important game plans to have at the moment is one for the case that Azerbaijan attacks to the point that it is considered war on Armenia. What is the/a result that the Armenian state should want in the ceasefire/settlement? Is it in Armenia's interests to put Aliyev in the situation where he feels forced to attack? Speaking of that, you need to get an Armenian billionaire to buy a TV station in Russia to "catapult the propaganda", as I recall Bush II saying. Putin claims that the Kremlin did a poll of sentiment in the Crimea before making its moves there. If 75% of the Russian public supports Armenian in a war instead of, say, 60%, that might make a difference in their calculations. After all, serious numbers of Russian soldiers might die or get committed into some thankless peacekeeping mission. A politician like Medvedev is probably going to be more keen if the poll numbers are high.


    7. More on the topic of economics:

      (Part 1 of 2)

      Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, I got caught up in the other discussions. I believe that one requirement for serious industrial growth are large, state-affiliated industrial enterprises to set up R&D and production. In other words, a form of socialism is required to guide and manage large industrial entities and factories. For example, Japan was in a semi-feudal state until the Meji Restoration of the 1860s. The Meji Restoration period saw Japan's rapid modernization and industrialization, when powerful conglomerates known as Zaibatsu arose and were the driving force in the economy. The country embarked on a program to import western knowledge, but at the same time preserve Japanese values. The period is worth studying, as it led to Japan becoming strong enough that it was able to challenge Russia in Siberia right before World War 2. Also worth noting is that after the US dropped two weapons of mass destruction and then occupied Japan, the US wanted to destroy Japan as a power so it began to dismantle the Zaibatsu forcibly, until it changed its mind and decided to allow Japan to rebuild itself economically in order to be used as a tool against China, Russia, and North Korea:

      Another rising Asian power worth studying is South Korea, which has the similar Chaebol. These are also very large and powerful business conglomerates that, through close connections with the state and through dictatorial means, managed to develop Korea into an economic powerhouse:

      Armenia may be vastly different than Japan and Korea, but I think some lessons can be learned from their development. Large businesses with heavy connections to the state and heavy regulations seem to me to be the best way to develop an economy. You can find countless examples in the west as well. In Armenia's case, large enterprises would be best off in close cooperation with Russian economic giants, which have the capital, expertise, and interest to see to Armenia's development. Cooperation with China and even India can also be a factor here, I believe Armenia had/has a joint manufacturing project with China called Nairit 2 (I am not sure...). In order to see idle Armenian factories spring to life once again, they will need to be reintegrated with Russian firms.

    8. (Part 2 of 2)

      One thing that nations DO NOT need for economic development is the silly notion of democracy, where uninformed masses make decisions they are not qualified to even discuss, let alone decide. Japan, Korea, Singapore, the US, Germany, the Soviet Union, none of these countries industrialized and developed economically because of voting or any silly process involving committees. Large enterprises where charged with development, and they set to it. When they encountered any resistance, they crushed it with brutal force. The history of Korea's Samsung, for example, is a testament to autocratic means yielding impressive development results. In other cases, opposition was massacred ( because these developing nations couldn't afford to tolerate foreign subversive games. And corruption was ubiquitous, see the American gilded age for example (, and even the courts and legal system in the US adopted the policy of protecting the development of businesses over all other priorities ( The big banks, the big automotive companies, the big electronic companies, the media companies, German entities like IG Farben, Japanese Zaibatsu, Korean Chaebol, all of these groups were brutal and corrupt in their dealings, they stepped on millions of people but they succeeded in industrializing their nations and finally delivering to them the high living standards of today.

      And I didn't even mention the large agro-businesses and dozens of other industries dominated by large, state-subsidized entities. Or exploiting natural resources, or exploiting colonies and slave labor, and other factors which Armenia does not have the benefit of. These are the methods that the big boys used to develop, not transparency, not election, not civil society, and not bending to be raped by IMF and World Bank "Structural Adjustment Plans" which set up weak nations for western subservience (

      Again, economics is not my specialty, these are just my thoughts.

    9. Sarkis,

      You should compile your thoughts on economics and democracy and produce an article for me.

    10. Eurasian,

      Regarding what lands to liberate first: As the current blog section on liberating Western Armenia suggests, if it was up to me I would first look into gaining direct access to the Back Sea through Javakhq and Ajaria or establishing a common border with Russia through Azerbaijan. In my opinion, the prevailing geopolitical climate of the region suggests that creating a common border with Russia would be the most feasible/realistic alternative. If a major war breaks out between Armenia and Azerbaijan, it would benefit Moscow greatly if Armenian forces cut right through and separated Georgia from Azerbaijan. Armenian lobbying efforts in Moscow needs to work on convincing them of this. By having us Armenians drive a wedge between Georgia and Azerbaijan and thereby gaining common borders with all south Caucasus republics, Russian can solve a number of difficult geopolitical problems. The land between Armenia and Russia is very sparsely populated. [The land between Armenia and the Black Sea is not heavily populated either] Once you take the land you can revert it into nature preserves, farming lands, resorts or even mines, all of which Armenia has very little of today. However, the most important benefit "land" gives to a state is geostrategic value. Needless to say, Armenia having common borders with Russia or a direct access to the Black Sea will be a historic turning point for the Armenian nation. Nevertheless, if we want Armenia to break out of its mountain prison, which is exactly what its current borders are, Armenians need to start discussing this topic. Let me remind you that when it comes to trade, business and money, Armenians are by nature like voracious sharks. Therefore, Armenia as it exists is too small for the Armenians. The Armenian shark, which has been made to swim in a small pond for the past 25 years (current Armenia) needs a well stocked ocean to operate in to feel good and realize it potential. As long as Armenia is landlocked in a place like the south Caucasus Armenia will never reach its potential and the Armenian sheeple will always seek to move to greener pastures.

    11. Sarkis,

      Democracy as it is currently practiced in the West is a scam. One can make a reasonable case that living standards in the US have been declining for 40 years. The last thing anyone needs is more groups promoting strange ideas of behavior or petty issues.

      However, the issue of development model is a long one. The US had periods of using the National System of Political Economy of Friedrich List, which worked quite well. This was somewhat copied in Germany and you could argue modern China and parts of East Asia. You also must have control over your banksters. They are worse than NGOs. As for East Asia and their zaibatsu and equivalents, well, I don't know if Armenia is big enough for that approach. The system involved things like taking university graduates and moving them into different positions to create a good managerial class. It involved share swaps so the stock market couldn't influence them. It is a long story. Besides, what really made Japan work was a zeitgeist and weltanschauung for the whole country.


      Yes, those scenarios make sense, and perhaps the only thing that really matters is the calculations in the Kremlin. But sea freight is cheap, and that area of Russia looks fairly unpromising. One question I have, though, is what exactly would make sense? From the perspective of populations, natural defenses, and economics? As an example, I doubt Russia would want to take an area with a significant percentage of unhappy people. So just creating a new state in Georgia where 35% of the people would be non-Armenian might not excite the Kremlin. You have to convince them that the defense of the new borders will not be too difficult.

      One last question. Should Armenia want to encourage an attack by Azerbaijan or is it better to wait a few years? They say that Baku's financial reserves have fallen dramatically and the expectations are that their oil revenue is going to decline dramatically before too long.


    12. Very well said, Eurasian. There is no such thing as a "democracy" in the Western world. Western world has been governed by an elitist/plutocratic system for centuries. The West became powerful and wealthy - and thus stable and orderly - due to centuries of conquest, human exploitation and plunder on a massive scale. Western wealth has been so great the crumbs that fall off the lavish banquet tables of the Western elite is enough to provide the common man in the Western world (you and I) with a good standard of living, relatively speaking of course.

      Don't be afraid to call Frederick List's National System of Political Economy by its other name: National Socialism. In my opinion, National Socialism and constitutional monarchy are the best forms of government devised by man.

      The only way Armenia can break out of its mountain prison is for Armenians to convince Russians (and to a lesser degree Iranians) that Armenian expansion is in their interest. And the best time to embark on a adventure outside of Armenia's borders is when Azerbaijan, Georgia or Turks have serious internal problems. In the meanwhile, our only task is to strengthen Armenia politically and economically.

    13. Arevordi,

      Besides the plunder, the reality is that current Western democracy is quite far away from any semblance of the good days in ancient Greece. We don't randomly draw people who have experience in a field to vote on things. We don't make things an obligation or at least apply social pressure so that those doing things of social value are those who don't want to. The last thing we need is politicians who want to be politicians.

      As for the dreaded N.S., yes, it is quite similar to List's ideas. But there are issues with using the NS phrasing due to the Nazis. The first is that the Nazis are seen as being a one-party state, with a more limited range of debate. The NSPE was at least not as dictatorial in the US, and arguably in other countries where it was tried. Also, it is difficult to compare, as, for example, Japan had a good approach in the 1920's and '30's, but the political system eventually fell into outright military rule, with economic decisions being based on military desires and their endless fight between the army and navy, not based on national interest. In other words, there have been many different variations, and they changed over time. And the N.S. term has too much Nazi in it when using English. PE sounds like just mixing economic policy with politics.

      It would be a bit of a long discussion, but the cultures of Korea, Japan, and China lead to serious differences in how economic systems work. There is a Korean saying along the lines of "One Korean can do anything, and one Japanese can do nothing. But ten Japanese can do anything and ten Koreans can do nothing." And Chinese just don't want to work in big corporations very much, they want to start their own. This causes a problem with the successor for company founders. All the sons want to be number one at their own company, not number three in a bigger company.

      As for Armenia embarking on expansion when others are weak, I seem to recall reading that the Byzantine Empire had what could be called the first modern geopolitical system of actively analyzing and trying to implement policies along the lines of "How do we cause stresses in this country?" Obviously, the general idea is as old as the hills, but my guess is that both Georgia and Azerbaijan are countries where just a little push at the right time and place might put them in a very vulnerable position. In other words, instead of waiting for the perfect chance, Armenian strategists need to consider ideas along the lines of paying local gangsters to cause trouble or distractions from areas that Armenia cares about. "The Lord helps those who help themselves." was something we learnt in Sunday School.


    14. Eurasian,

      Ideally, political/economic models need to be tailor made to properly fit a particular culture. One of the problems in the world today is that the "Western" model is being forced down the throats of all humanity. This is why we see so much poverty and despair in areas of the world that are subservient to the Anglo-American-Jewish world order. I personally believe National Socialism (or whatever you want to call it) is the best model for us Armenians. Best performing economies in recent years, be it China, Russia or South Korea are based on National Socialistic policies.

      Regarding your last paragraph: I think Armenia - as a people, as a civilization - is still some time away from beginning to think along these lines. With that said, projects both big and small begin with talk. This is why I am doing my tiny part by starting this conversation. Once more: There is a limit to how much regional stability via Pax Russicana will benefit Armenia. If we Armenians want Armenia to truly prosper and grow in strength we must have Armenia breakout of its mountain prison.

  14. Compliments of our Jewish friends

    1. It is not news that Israel has been updating and upgrading technology to the Azeries armed forces. Whilst loud calls are made on Russian arms sales to Azerbaijan, total silence is kept to what the Israelis are dealing with in Azerbaijan armed forces. It is hoped that Armenia, with Russian partnership is keeping a qualitative edge ahead of the Azeries. It is strongly hoped that is the way. In the end it comes down to a battle of technologies. To counter the numerical high mass of Azeries troop formations we need to counter with qualitative superiority in technology. Piper

    2. Baku's got the money to purchase whatever it wants. This all underscores the vital importance of Armenia's strategic ties to the Russian Federation. Armenia needs to deepen its alliance with the Russian Bear. Without direct Russian support and protection Armenia will disappear from the map once more. Those who do not see or understand this are either idiots or agents of the West.

    3. I don't think this author has a good grip on military matters. Some quick online research turned up that he is a personal trainer based in Sydney, Australia and occasionally comments on the ANC Australia page. Does he really think that Azerbaijan's made-in-israel Spike anti-tank missiles, or S-300 air-defense systems are going to change the military balance between Armenia and Azerbaijan? Specially in the scenario of a renewed war in the mountains of Artsakh? Does he really think the idiot Azeris are going to master jamming technology and disable Armenia's Russian-grade, and jointly operated with Russia, air defense systems? Does he really think that Azerbaijan will achieve military superiority over Iran? That's laughable.

      He doesn't even mention artillery, which is the only area where we should be concerned due to the threat it poses in the hands of those barbarians who will likely aim at our civilians. And what is this supposed to mean:

      To Armenia’s detriment, no current imagery to date has found any defensive ground based jammers in the country. What is interesting is that Russia’s technology also has had major advances in electronic warfare, which raises the question as to why Armenia has been reluctant to purchase such equipment from Russia. Russia’s shift in strategic interests and further deteriorating relations between Armenia and Russia, which has seen ongoing problems, could amount to the increase in technology transfers between Israel and Azerbaijan. Nonetheless Azerbaijan’s basic upgrade packages to date are still concerning and can ultimately lead to the next level of procurements and technology base.

      What "deteriorating relations with Russia"? And then I noticed this crap:

      Masis Ingilizian - May 5th, 2015
      Azerbaijan has the upper hand in the negotiations for Nagorno Karabagh, and although we can never be certain of the process(I will write about Madrid principals soon) its comments like this which antagonize the process itself, and stop Armenian civil society and think tanks from supporting the return of the occupied districts. But they come from both sides… Technically for your information, you should read the Madrid principals and get an idea of what belongs to who.

      I think that I have provided enough evidence, through direct quotations from the author's works, that Masis Ingilizian is a diasporan nobody and that we should not take him seriously. Case closed.

    4. Romanian AnonymusMay 6, 2015 at 10:47 PM

      His profile:
      "Masis Ingilizian is a researcher at the Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies." says it all.
      Australian politicos and jurnos are regularly submitted to a process that a "anti-Zionist" (but not anti-semitic!) site calls "Rambaming" after the name of R(abbi)M(oses)b(en)Maimon, or Maimonides, the Jewish luminary. It consists in invitations to Israel where they are "shown the realities of the only (vibrant) democracy in the ME" (naturally dined and wined and God knows what else). All become loud speakers of Jewish propaganda and supporters of Israel's policies in all areas.

  15. This argues that Armenia and Georgia are having a row. Any thoughts on whether relations are actually strained?


  16. Arevordi, this was a great entry as usual. There are a lot of points worth commenting on, but I will focus on the most important one: the reunification of the territories of Greater Armenia of ancient and medieval times under today's Republic of Armenia is a top priority of Armenian existence. It may not be something that can be accomplished right away, but we need to always have it in our national strategic field of vision. Simply put, the Republic of Armenia is incomplete as it exists currently. The Artsakh and Syunik highlands, the Araratian plain, the Lake Van basin, and the territory in and around those central regions have always been Armenian heartland - for there to be any hope of peaceful development for the nations in the region Armenia must be made whole again. Needless to say, the lebensraum and natural and strategic wealth of the region is also crucial.

    I don't want to sound like a fanatic who believes he knows the future, but I am very confident that the region will not remain in its current configuration forever, in fact I believe a reconfiguration is due within our lifetimes. Turkey peaked long ago as a state and civilization, it should have collapsed around the time of the Crimean War. Only western self-interest in the form of Britain and France, Germany, and now the USA has artificially kept Turkey together by patching it up, using brute force, or pouring in billions in treasure to prolong Turkey's existence as a pawn against Russia. From the Truman Doctrine, to that filthy "The Incredible Turk" propaganda piece you linked to, to allowing Turkish occupation of Cyprus, to having war-criminal trash like Bush and Obama say "God Bless Turkey" during their visits to Istanbul the west has shown how greatly the west values Turkey.

    But thankfully, the west (aka Anglo-American-Jewish alliance) itself has long passed its peak and is on an irreversible decline. In a way the Jews are doing the dirty work for us by fundamentally weakening and bastardizing the west, ensuring that western dominance will not be maintained too far into the future. Like you say, a war between Russia and Turkey is inevitable - the factors are too many. The Armenian government needs to be ready, when the time is right Armenia needs to move in and reclaim by force whatever occupied Armenian territory it deems reasonably necessary. The Armenian military and the Russo-Armenian strategic alliance are the key tools for this purpose.

    For any of the interested readers here, check out this entry by Arevordi on hyeclub (a shitty pseudo-Armenian forum) covering this exact topic. It is from 2006, see how ever accurate the assessment was back then, and how true the sentiments from that entry remain and apply to this current blog entry.

    Thank you Arevordi for continuously contributing to the development of Armenian geopolitical studies in the English-language world.

    ps The Turkish armed forces are just large, not superior. Look at their equipment, it is all Vietnam War era hand-me-downs from the US. For example, their tanks consist of 2000 Patton Tanks and 700 modern German Leopard 2 tanks. It's been a long time since Turkey's candy-ass soldiers faced a legitimate conventional military or faced any battles where America did not do most of the fighting.... Too bad Greeks are such cowards today, otherwise Turkey would face a two-front threat from east and west - not to mention their internal and Kurdish problems, and the incredible hatred that the Arabs from the south have for them, and of course Russian Crimea isn't too fond of Turks either.

    1. Thank you for the compliments, Sarkis. More importantly, I'd like to say that you have a very proficient grasp on the subject matter. Bravo.

  17. Сербские и Русские добровольцы Армянской Армии (Serbian and Russian volunteers of the Armenian Army)

    In light of the very respectful visit by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić to the Armenian Genocide Memorial-Museum in Tsitsernakaberd on April 24, I thought I'd post a link to the video above highlighting some examples of Russian and Serbian volunteers who fought, and in some cases sacrificed their lives, defending the besieged Armenians in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) from 1988 - 1994. I don't think enough Armenians, especially the brainwashed or dumbed-down Armenians from the western diaspora, are aware of the fact that our Slavic and Orthodox Christian brothers took up arms next to Armenians in Artsakh. It is especially noteworthy when considering how remote, and frankly inconsequential, Armenia and Artsakh were to Serbians, but we were united and facing a barbaric, Islamist, Turkic enemy. And these fine men were volunteers fighting for ideological and civilizational values , we can be sure that Armenians did not pay for their services.

    No one from the "democratic" or so-called "Christian" Catholic or Protestant nations volunteered for Armenia - quite the contrary they were indirectly supporting the Azerbaijani aggressor via Turkey, or otherwise negotiating the so-called "Deal of the Century" to build oil and gas pipelines through Baku to Turkey. Neither did any volunteers emerge from the western-leaning, EU-fantasizing Orthodox nations like Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, and of course the scum of Georgia. And the lowest class scum in the world, western Ukrainians, were volunteering or selling themselves as mercenaries to fight for the Azerbaijani side. Needless to say the British government most likely also provided some covert aid to Azerbaijan via Turkey, and so did the filthy kikes from Israel.

    I've seen some desperate and pathetic Armenians from the diaspora, including degenerate cyber-warriors from Asbarez like Glendale's Kevin Abrahamian, refer to certain "pro-Armenian" US politicians as "true friends of Armenia, people who would take a bullet for Armenia". I've seen the same types of losers with misguided intentions or general comprehension problems posing with Ukrainian flags, cursing the Serbs as being "genocidal like the Turks", worshipping the English as a golden race, and generally spreading the NATO-Judeo-Turkic war-cry "Death to Russia, Death to Armenia!"... It's a damn shame that these people only work to the benefit of Armenia's enemies, and ignore the very few friends Armenia does have who would and have literally taken bullets for Armenia.

    ps too bad the above documentary is in Russian, there really needs to be a translation into Armenian and English.

    1. I briefly met two wounded Serbians in a Yerevan hospital during the summer of 1992. I don't remember why I was in the hospital but while I was there I saw two wounded fighters with bandages on their arm and legs. I recall one had curly dark hair so I initially thought they were Armenians but someone told me they were Serbians. I approached them and thanked them in my broken Russian. Soon after I saw the two the words of the US military official who just prior to the Soviet collapse was warning about the "rise of Orthodox states" came to my head and everything began making sense...

    2. That's very noble, and I would have thanked them too. Those men are the true heroes who deserve to be applauded in public, praised in Armenian media, and who children in Armenia should be named after (rather than that clown sarkozy or any other two-faced western politician).

      Despite the tortures and attempted murders the Russian nation has suffered for the past century, Moscow remains standing as the Third Rome, and a fourth there shall not be. Russia shall lead a resurgent Orthodox World. I'm looking forward to the rebirth of the Orthodox World, because Armenia will rise once again with this new order while Armenia's enemies, including local Turks and their distant puppetmasters in the Anglo-American-Jewish west, will be cut down to size or even destroyed. Ironically today's international picture is not too different to the original rise of the Byzantine Empire because back then the Western Roman Empire had reached its largest extent and technological peak (just like the west today), yet it had become notorious for being degenerate, being unable to keep the "barbarians" out of its borders, and wasting its resources in endless wars in the East to maintain its empire (just like the west today). The similarities are undeniable, and the outcome for the west must the same today as it was for Rome in the fifth century - total collapse into a new Dark Ages. I guess in this regard President Putin is can be loosely analogized to Constantine the Great... One last thing, the beginning of the fifth century, when Rome was in steep decline, coincided with the beginning of a Golden Age for Armenian history and culture. You know what they say about history repeating itself.

      Of course the above is abstract and strategic (long-term or very long-term), we cannot be delusional or pretend that it will be an easy transformation. There is a lot of work to be done. Even if there is light at the end of the tunnel, Serbia itself is still in a very big mess for the time being:

      Armenia attends LOGEX 15 exercise as observer (held by US in Serbia)

  18. Erdogan Snubs Putin’s Invite to Moscow Ceremony

    “April 24, 1915 is a melancholy date, related to one of the most horrendous and dramatic events in human history, the genocide of the Armenian people,” Putin said in a letter to the World Without Genocide commemorative event on April 23, the text of which was also posted on the Kremlin website. Furthermore, the Duma voted on April 24 to pass a resolution that described the 1915 massacres and deportations as genocide.

    Erdogan has rudely rejected Russia's invitation to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the victorious conclusion of World War II in Moscow, and will only be represented at by its Moscow ambassador. Here we see Russian interests being actually negatively affected due to the fact that Putin himself personally went out of his way to show Russian support for Armenia. Unlike the west, Russia does not use the Armenian Genocide as a bargaining chip with Turkey, but instead follows a moral and consequently very pro-Armenian policy... On a side note, if Erdogan refuses to visit the Russian military holding a parade in Moscow then perhaps the Russian military will one day hold a parade in Ankara and Istanbul.

  19. The Russians very respectfully display artifacts they saved (and actually purchased from the proper owners) from Western Armenia in 1916 officially as "Treasures of Western Armenia". Meanwhile the "golden" Englishmen scum stole untold amounts of cultural heritage from almost every country in the world, and display them in their loot headquarters known as the British Museum - and to top it off the limey faggots purposefully misrepresent ancient Armenian heritage as "ancient Turkish heritage" despite the fact that Turkey was invented only around the Seljuk invasions around the year 1000.

    Museum Exhibits Armenian Artifacts a Century after Rescue by Russians

    In 1916, during the Russian military campaign which temporarily liberated Western Armenia from Ottoman Turkey, Saint Petersburg’s Russian Museum of Ethnography sought Czar Nicholas II’s permission to dispatch a scholarly expedition to the Van area to collect Armenian artifacts from imminent loss. The Czar gave immediate consent in his handwriting: “Approve. Need to hurry.”

    Armenia's History Falsifications By British Museum London UK - Հայաստանն Անտեսանելի Երկիր է

    I don't want to sound petty, but I am glad the English are being bastardized and displaced from their own homeland. They deserve it.

    1. Knowing what Turks were up to in the area these people essentially went out of their way – risking their lives in the process – to preserve elements of Western Armenia’s cultural heritage from destruction. The fact that they made this effort speaks volumes about their refined sense of humanity and culture. The following is a video link of the event at the museum in Saint Petersburg -

      Ռուսաստանի ազգագրության թանգարանում հայկական մշակույթը ներկայացնող ցուցահանդես է բացվել:

      God bless the great Russian nation. God bless their great leader, Vladimir Putin. And may God help strengthen and deepen Armenia’s alliance to the Russian Bear. Nevertheless, although it pains me, I often think of what would have been had the Bolshevik revolution never took place and Russian-Armenian forces held on to Western Armenia beyond 1917.

    2. That was a very nice clip Arevordi, thank you for providing it. There is something mystical, almost spiritual, about viewing the surviving cultural creations or our ancestors, whether it be architecture, coins, books, textiles, carpets, or small personal belonging as appeared in that exhibit. We are fortunate those great men of science, culture, and history from Russia risked their lives to save our heritage.

      There is no other way to say it: These people are really our best friends. As far as I am concerned, they did everything possible to resurrect Armenia from the 1800s to the fall of the Tsar - Armenia having died almost 800 years before the first Russians showed up. Armenia could not ask for a better ally, not Iran, not the US/UK, not Germany, not anyone else. And while Russian military prowess is already well-known, Russian refinements in humanity and culture deserves more attention. Russian museums, Russian historians linguists, and ethnographers, Russian artists, composers, sculptors, engineers, and writers have all been profound in the worldwide cultural scene - and Armenia and Armenians permeate in all of these fields and are intertwined with Russian arts and artists. You can randomly pick up a Dostoyevsky or Pushkin book and run across an Armenian character or two. Russian historians like Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich Ivanov do more to promote the truth about ancient Armenian history than deceitful Armenian-American scum like richard hovannisian, ronald grigor suny, or the late nina garsoian.

      What a great, rock-solid foundation to build our strategic alliance on.

  20. I'm not sure what the agenda of this blog is, whether it's pro Russian at the expense of Armenia, or pro-Armenia in and of itself. Rather than presumptions, the facts state that Russia is the traditional enemy of Iran and Turkey, muslim neighbors intent on conquest, which automatically makes Russia-a Christian superpower-a natural ally. But the fact remains we Armenians have bred such herosner, that we don't have any right to relinquish our hopes on anyone else but ourselves, and history should have already taught us not to place our hopes on Europe or Russia or anyone else. I'm not sure why this blog is anti-ARF, as the ARF is the essence of pro-Armenia. If nothing else, it was the hand of the ARF that hunted down and punished the chief organizers of the Armenian Genocide. Peace to all!

    1. Obviously you do not know much about this blog. Therefore please refrain from making any foolish observations. There is no "anti-Dashnak" agenda here. But when the party screws up, as they often do, I do criticize them. When they do the right thing, I never refrain from complimenting them. Moreover, without strong Russian support (no one is talking about "relinquishing" anything to anyone) not even a million brave Dashnaks will be able to stop the Turkification of Armenia. By not deepening Armenia's strategic alliance with Russia - because Armenia also has to flirt with Western powers - you are playing with Armenia's future. By thinking just because you have "heroes" you can go it alone in the south Caucasus, you are playing with Armenia's existence. It's one thing to be nationalistic, it's altogether another thing to play with fire because you think you are indestructible. Remember the analogy about the cat looking in the mirror and seeing a lion. Such cats don't survive in the wild.

      Please identify yourself with a moniker next time you post a comment.

    2. I'm the only openly anti-dashnak figure here. If you want to understand why I am against the ARF, go on this thread and read the exchanges between the user Razmig and myself and others. Load all of the comments, and search the page for "dashnak" to find the relevant discussion:

      Read the posts before coming back here and commenting on the subject. And if you do come back to post regarding the dashnaks, post something cogent and intelligence instead of making generalized, unsubstantiated, and unsupported claims like "the ARF is the essence of pro-Armenia". The regulars at this blog use sources, logic, and rational analysis to present arguments regarding Armenian geopolitics - this is not a cult temple where hardline, brainwashed fanatics heap unending praise on whatever entity they perceive to be their messiah, in this case the entity being the dashnak party.

      I want to try to be fair with everyone, but generally I am familiar with your type. You're probably an AYFer from Los Angeles, whose parents were immigrants from Lebanon or Syria. Hell, you may live somewhere near the west San Fernando Valley, correct? As Arevordi said, you obviously did not bother to read the blog, and I doubt you will bother to read the comments I linked to above. Typical...

      ps Karnig Saskissian music videos do not count as valid sources.

    3. Why don't we focus more on the points being argued rather than "monikers." I don't think there is a nation on earth that can go it alone, and no one here is making that argument. In fact, that is a very silly and immature assumption. As in life, you must work with whatever options you have and make the best of it. That is a given.

      Your underlying premise that without Russia there is no Armenia is faulty. In fact, it is that sort of peasant thinking where we have placed our hopes on others that has gotten us nowhere.

      Are you telling me that if Armenians hadn't risen up and struggled for Karabakh, that Russia was going to do the fighting for us and hand the land over to us?

      And please, don't attribute our victory to the Russians who at the time were getting their a s s e s handed to them by the 1 million strong chechens.

    4. Anonymous, the first portion of what you wrote makes sense the rest of what you wrote is idiotic nonsense.

      Don't bother posting again if you don't use a moniker.

  21. Isn't Greece and Cyprus the same as NKR and Armenia, they're the same Greeks aren't they?

    1. Cypriots are somewhat different from Greeks on the mainland. In look and demeanor Greek-speaking Cypriots are very close to various Levantine peoples. There is also a large Armenian component in their genetic heritage.

    2. I personally like Greeks, I look at them as being like cousins of Armenians and in fact I cannot think of a single Greek I have ever met who I did not get along very well with. So when I criticize them it is because I am extremely disappointed in the dying westernized nation Greece has degenerated into today... That being said, if you want to piss off Greeks, especially mainland Greeks, you can always post the following picture. It may help explain why Greece today has declined so much:

      Greek-speaking Cypriots have a very large component of Armenian blood in them, as did Greek-speaking peoples in Asia Minor before they became Turkified over the preceding centuries. Armenian Cilicia and Cyprus were very closely linked. And I'm certain that Greeks from Istanbul to the Pontiac Mountains would probably have been very hard to distinguish from Armenians.

      Although assimilation is usually inevitable over time, it is still noteworthy that a large part of the reason that Armenians who were west of Armenia proper assimilated so quickly and completely into the larger Greek population was the loss of cultural identity which occurred when many abandoned the Armenian Apostolic Church for the Greek Orthodox Church - it was all downhill from there. Similarly, cities like Lvov had very large Armenian populations at one point, but once the community started converting to Catholicism, it wasn't too long before they assimilated into oblivion.

  22. The world's top diplomat tells it how it is. Germany and Russia are two of the world's greatest nations, if they ever reached a level of strategic alliance the Anglosphere would disintegrate. Always keep the Anglo-American motto "Keep Germany down, Russia out, and America in" when you enter a discussion regarding Russo-German ties.

    Russian-German Relations Downturn to Impact Euro-Atlantic Region - Lavrov

  23. Gazprom to reduce gas price for Armenia

    Armenia reaping another benefit for joining the Eurasian Union. I like how our diasporan EUrotics completely ignore the fact that Russia's Gazprom provides Armenia with incredibly cheap fuel, and that the "corrupt" Armenian government subsidizes the prices even further for Armenian consumers... I bet those selfish EUrotic clowns would sell their own mothers if it meant somebody would subsidize their own personal fuel costs. Jerks.

  24. Longtime readerMay 7, 2015 at 8:41 PM

    Arevordi, I m sure you know Armenia signed a trade deal with US, can we now say Sargsyan's complimentary politics is giving fruit? Maybe we should tone down the criticism since its working.

    US, Armenia Sign Trade and Investment Framework Agreement

    1. Longtime reader, I apologize for the late response. I was away for a few days. Please see my reply to AV.

  25. The war in Syria is off the news but serious battles are continuing and Turks and Saudis are openly aiding Islamic State:

    Casual observer

  26. It's also high time the Armenian government gave the Armenian cell of the Radio Liberty terrorist network the boot, or a free trip to Nubarashen.

    It Is Time to Call Radio “Liberty” What It Is: Radio Gestapo Amerika

    Another non-entity of whom no one has ever heard and never will again, Lynn Lubamersky, declared Cohen to be “a mouthpiece for a mass murderer.” If the non-entity means Putin, who did Putin mass murder? The mass murderers of our time are George W. Bush and Obama, and clearly Cohen is not a mouthpiece for them.
    So many academic careers today depend on federal and corporate money, that it remains to be seen if the academics in Cohen’s area of expertise can afford to stand up in his behalf.

    Damn true, academia in the west has entirely lost its integrity, and is totally subservient to big business, including big pharma and their vaccines and psycho-pills; big agro/meat with their toxic GMOs, their chemically altered, pesticide-laden, antibiotic-laden, over-processed garbage and atrociously inhumane treatment of livestock; not to mention the ultraliberal socio-political insanity that the system drills into students heads. And of course the push for expanding the American empire, whether in the form of right-wing neo-conservatism or left-wing "humanitarian" aggressions.

  27. Gestapo America ? Why gestapo America and not kgb America or CIA or FBI America ? The conventional lexicon is to demean and demonized everything that was German. The Gestapo , compared to the Kgb, CIA or FBI were dilettantes and amateurs. Who is the West ? America, the EU, Israel ? We should call and identify by their names the usurpers and impersonators of The West. America is not the West, neither is the UK, nor the EU. The west perished in the ruins of 1945. This world we have today we inherited it from the "western victors".

    1. Wow, you sure are good at spotting the reverent issues. The most important takeaway from that article was definitely that the NSDAP is being demonized... No other important information, such as information pertaining to current geopolitical issues, was contained in the article.

      The current rulers of the west are in many ways the spiritual successors of past western powers like Germany (today's west is simply giving Operation Barbarossa another shot), and even like the Roman Empire (which similarly rose to be the world's greatest and most creative power only to collapse into a degenerate cesspool). The west has for centuries worked to destroy the east, let's not forget the key role western crusaders of the past played in weakening the Byzantine Empire and setting it up to be conquered by the Turco-Islamic hordes. To hell with the west.

  28. Here we go seems like we are in EAU for cognac sales. I have a problem with that. Pragmatic decision or not I thought we are in EAU for values too. Probably washington post presented Pr. Sargsyan words as they like to because this article is BS.

    1. TK, when I read the article I understood that the reporter asked President Sargsyan, "what was the main reason Armenia decided to join the Eurasian Union over the European Union?", and President Sargsyan answered, "Armenian products, including cognac, compete well in the Russian market but not well in Europe, therefore it makes sense to join the Russian trading bloc". This is the perfect answer to give.

      Remember that the Eurasian Union is supposed to be primarily about economics, and the decision Armenia was facing in 2013 was whether to join the Russian-led Eurasian Union or to sign the "Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area" with the European Union during the Vilinus Conference which was scheduled in November 2013. Armenia had been negotiating with the EU for a while, but in September 2013 Sargsyan met with Putin and announced Armenia had decided to join the Russian-led Eurasian Union.

      Obviously behind the diplomatic focus on economics and trading, the real battle was a political and cultural clash between Russia and the west. Joining the Russian bloc means Armenia will more or less conform to Russian values, and enjoy Russian diplomatic protection in its domestic and foreign policies. Joining the EU bloc would have led to EU values like homosexuality, and EU policies like aggression against Russia, Syria, and Iran being promoted in Yerevan.

      But obviously President Sargsyan is too professional to say "we joined the Russian bloc because we don't want faggotry, trannies, atheism, race-mixing, kike-worship, and Greece-style slavery in our country". Just like President Putin says "we are working with our western partners to resolve our issues" when he really means "we are getting ready for war and getting ready to ditch the dollar because those western warmongers are trying to destroy Russia and destroy our Christian/Slavic culture with homosexuals and Muslim extremists". It's all politics and diplomacy.

      ps Intentional or not, it is interesting that the example of "cognac" was used. The EU has ridiculous and anti-competitive trademark laws regarding geographic indicators and appellation. According to the EU, only France can produce "cognac", while everywhere else that makes the exact same drink has to label it "brandy". Also according to EU law, only France can produce "champagne" and everywhere else has to label it "sparkling wine". Also, since 2002, "feta" has been a protected designation of origin product in the European Union. According to the relevant EU legislation, only those cheeses produced in a traditional way in some areas of Greece (mainland and the island of Lesbos), and made from sheep's milk, or from a mixture of sheep and goat's milk (up to 30%) of the same area, may bear the name "feta"... I think the whole thing is bullshit, it would be like saying "only Mexico can label its tacos and burritos as 'tacos and burritos', or only California can label its hamburgers as "hamburgers". Here is a relevant article about Armenia calling its cognac as "cognac":

      Armenia seeks EU permission to label brandy as cognac

    2. The final print of the interview might have been tergiversed, to give it a Washington tilt. I find sargsyan comments to the point. The cognac example is apt and illustrates the natural and obvious advantages of trading with the EEU. But there is much , much more than cognac. As for values the EU key values are economic and mercantile, and that is the language they understand . Why would Sargsyan have chosen the EU ? It would have been a calamitous choice. The poorer members in the EU are getting poorer, and their participation in the EU is not improving their economic condition, nor their social condition, nor their demographic condition. Piper

    3. TK, I don't believe the Washington Post misrepresented President Sargsyan's statements. I have heard Armenian officials make similar comments in the past. I also have a problem with the way Armenian officials tend to frame Yerevan's decision to remain within the Russian fold. It's always presented as: Armenians love the West but Armenia has no choice but to remain with Russia. No talk about shared values, shared culture or shared history - just mercantile language that Western officials understand. The approach is a fundamental part of Yerevan's complimentary politics.

      PS: I agree with Sarkis. I think President Sargsyan brought up cognac as a symbol of Armenia's displeasure with the EU.

  29. Նոր գրառում

    Հայրենական Մեծ Պատերազմի Պատգամը Հայ Ժողովրդին (The message of the Great Patriotic War to the Armenian People)

  30. Олег Газманов - Вперед, Россия! (новая ссылка)

    Russian patriotic music. Armenian patriotic music is too often mourning or defeatist in nature, reflecting our victim mentality. But the Russians have a solid track record of beating the shit out of Frenchmen, Germans, Turks, Ukr "nazis", and any other aggressor who made the mistake of invading Russia.

    The message in this song is that Russia is back and ready to kick the shit out of the current aggressors. There is also a strong pro-marriage and pro-children message. And I mean marriage, not the homo-faggot degeneracy that western white people now worship.

    Compare the values of the two civilizations: Russia v. the west. The future belongs to Russia.

  31. Congratulations for Victory Day.
    After the magnificent military parade, there was a gathering of world leaders in the Alexandrovsky gardens. The photo and video are of great symbolic and political value.

    1. I am impatiently looking forward to reading your assessment of the military hardware on display today.

    2. This is by far the most powerful thing that was displayed:

    3. I noticed that and it was surreal seeing it, and I agree with you.

    4. Shoigu is rock solid back up to Putin, i have always been very impressed by him. Here is an article about it:

  32. Moscow marked the 70th anniversary of Nazi Germany's defeat today in a style that is befitting the Russian nation: It was epic -

    Largest May 9 parade in Russian and Soviet history since WW2 (FULL VIDEO):

    Праздничный концерт «Дороги Великой Победы» на Красной Площади:

    1. The victory over Nazi Germany was a victory of Soviet peoples. Armenia, a nation of barely over a million people at the time, lost well over two hundred thousand of its sons and daughters in the war effort. Over one hundred Armenians were awarded the title of "Hero of the Soviet Union", the highest military honor bestowed by the Kremlin. One of the finest Soviet tank divisions of the war, one that was amongst the first military units to fight its way into Berlin in 1945, was the Armenian 89th Tamanyan tank division. Hovannes Bagramyan was the first non-Slavic Marshal given command of an entire front. Finally, we must never forget Gevork Vartanian, the Soviet-Armenian agent who singlehandedly thwarted the assassinations of Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in 1943. Despite its size Armenia contributed greatly to the final Soviet victory.

      May 9 is in fact a double holiday for Armenians worldwide for on May 9, 1992 the historic Armenian city of Shushi was liberated by Armenian forces. The liberation of Shushi became the turning-point of the war in Artsakh -

      Karabakh marks 23rd anniversary of Shushi liberation:

  33. Following events occurred this week, 3 days a part:
    President Sarkisian Meets with US Senate Leaders, including the warmonger John McCain.

    Then he attends the Victory Parade in Moscow and also delivers a descent speech at Supreme Eurasian Economic Council meeting:

    Are we testing Moscow's patience with the US visit? Or have we somehow received Kremlin's approval to play a complimentary policy and possibly be a link between the West? It's hard for me to believe that Moscow will tolerate Yerevan's flirting with the West, especially with United States, unless there is a catch. What are your thoughts?


    1. AV,

      Armenia is already a member of CSTO and EEU. By flirting with the West, the following is more-or-less what Yerevan is trying to do -

      Armenia can become bridge for economies of Eurasia and Europe:

      Becoming a bridge between East and West is good for Armenia, it is good for Europe and it is good for Russia. In a nutshell: Moscow does not have a problem with Yerevan flirting with the West as long as Yerevan is operating from within the Russian umbrella. Which is why the following happened in Washington DC last week -

      US-Armenia Sign Trade and Investment Framework Agreement:

      I don't think Moscow would have allowed the agreement above had Armenia been contested territory. But let's realize that this trade deal is mostly symbolic, a mere gesture of goodwill by Uncle Sam. While President Sargsyan was in Washington DC President Obama did not once meet with him. I was at the ecumenical service at the National Cathedral last Thursday night. I saw Joe Biden there. He did not speak one word the entire night. What I am saying is that there are no changes in the political calculus: Uncle Sam is in bed with Ankara, the Russian Bear and Yerevan are wed for better or for worst.

      With that said, symbolic or not, the trade deal that was signed in DC was significant in that Yerevan is finally succeeding in presenting Armenia as a potential trade hub in the south Caucasus. Ironically, heightened tensions between Russia and the West due to the conflict in the Ukraine is helping Armenia in this regard. By maintaining political stability and carefully managing good relations with both East and West, Armenia is beginning to look like the ideal place to do business in the region. In fact, Armenia is also in a position to act as an “offshore” for Russian and American entities wishing to do business indirectly.

      Again: As long as strategic ties between Yerevan and Moscow are strong and Armenia is part of Russia's political orbit Russians will have no problems with Armenians exploring the world.

      So, all in all, brilliant maneuvering and politicking by President Sargsyan. But this all comes with significant political risks. To play with the West you must tolerate Western projects - as well as Western activists - within your country. With that said, President Sargsyan's government has managed to discredit and defang Armenia's Western-led political opposition in recent years. There is currently NOBODY within Armenia's political landscape that can even remotely threaten to pull off a color revolution. Therefore, although I often sound the alarm about Western activists in Armenia and warn against getting too close to Western powers, I am not too worried about official Yerevan's flirtations with the West - especially now that Armenia is part of the EEU and CSTO.

      The way Yerevan handled the Gyumri massacre, Prosperous Armenia's unexpected play on power, Founding Parliament's treasonous actions, heightened tensions on the border with Azerbaijan and centennial commemoration - all simultaneously nonetheless - is clear sign that professionals are at work in Yerevan.

      With that said, despite any trade deals or warming of relations between Armenia and the West, official Yerevan can never lose sight of the fact that Western entities like Soros like funds, NED, NATO, USAID and the IMF continue to pose a serious danger to Armenia. I am pretty sure Russian intelligence will do their best to keep reminding Armenians of this.

  34. Arevordi and Sarkis,

    Would either of you be able to recommend a place to read about Armenia/Artsakh's war(s) with Azerbaijan? Maybe even a book.

    I'm curious about what tactics were used. Looking at a map (and Google), Azerbaijan looks painfully vulnerable to destabilization tactics, even those that would be rather cheap and not especially sophisticated. Is it simply that the Armenian authorities don't want to promote or permit such an escalation? Obviously, Armenia doesn't want to anger Iran too much, but I doubt Tehran would cry if Baku had lots of problems.


    1. Try the Wikipedia article:

      There are probably better war documentaries available in the Armenian language than in English. The few I've seen in English don't really get into details about the military tactics. Try reading the Wikipedia article and then searching youtube for names of the various battles in Armenian (should be spelled out in Armenian at the beginning of the Wikipedia articles.

      I haven't read any books covering the Artsakh War in detail. I have wanted to read Monte Melkonian's brother's book "My Brother's Road" for a while now. It may or may not cover the war in detail:

      Wikileaks released a few private records by American diplomats in Azerbaijan wherein they stated that in official and unofficial conversation with Azeri military people, the Azeris pointed out the map of Azerbaijan and expressed extreme fear of how indefensible and flat their territory is, and how they feared that if they launched an attack against Armenia and it failed, there would be nothing but flatlands between the Armenian military and Baku.

      I think Armenia's view is that we already won the war, further expansions at this point are not worth the risk.

      Iran is not all that trustworthy, it is an Islamic state and desperate to keep some semblance of influence in the South Caucasus, a region which in the Iranian mindset was "rightfully" an Iranian-dominated territory full of obedient khantes until the Russian Christians moved in in the 1800s. That being said, Armenia has nothing to fear from angering Iran, as Russia keeps Iran out of the region, and Iran is too isolated and has too many Azeris concentrated in its northern regions to make enemies out of Armenia.

      You won't see Armenia initiate any major operations unless there is a radical upheaval of a pan-regional or global level...

    2. Sarkis,

      Thanks for the info. The Wikipedia article was a good introduction.

      As for you see Armenia not initiating any major operations, I suppose my question would be more along the lines of, "Should Armenia or Artsakh try to provoke or weaken any parts of Azerbaijan or Georgia?" Or even just create a group assigned to take over the Armenian area of Georgia in the event that Georgia once again wants to hassle Russia. We get back to Arevordi's issue of geostrategic preparation.

      By the way, is there an agreement to not attack cities in and around Artsakh as part of the ceasefire? Do both sides agree to only attack military targets?


  35. Swedish Military Instructors to Train Kiev Forces

    LMAO. Are the Swedes going to Kiev to teach the Ukrs the joys of "gender-neutral" bathrooms for kindergarteners, the importance of guaranteeing sex-change operations?

    Seriously, can the Swedes sink any lower? It's a small comfort to know that while these Swedish men are busy meddling in a losing, hopeless, anti-Russian crusade in Kiev, the Blacks and Muslims in Sweden will be keeping their wives and daughters warm (volunarily or otherwise). Truly a nation of Carl Bindts.

    We Armenians used to be able to say we're better off than the Africans. Now we can say we're better off than Northern Europeans as well.

    1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase 500%

    Muslim rapists in Sweden ‘enjoy impunity’: Amnesty International | The Muslim Issue

    Sweden's 'gender-neutral' pre-school

    ISLAMIC INVASION OF SWEDEN HAS LED TO RAPE CRISIS. | Sweden Sending Soldiers To Fight Islamic State While Allowing Moslems To Flood Their Own Country | Sweden Renames Birds With “Racist” Names | Over 20% of the Population of Sweden is Non-Swedish

    NSA leaks: Sweden spied on Russian leaders for US — RT News

    Russia accuses Sweden of escalating tension in Baltic Sea — RT News

    1. Hi Sarkis,

      In large part the color revolutions of the ex-soviet space failed due to political resistance from the Russian state structures. The battle has been turned into an ongoing gradual war of attrition but correct measures taken by the Russian govt has limited it's progress and the blunders of the west have reversed some of the gains they had made earlier. Unlike the soviet space, Sweden and the rest of west Europe was a totally defeated and colonized region offering no state level resistance. The sociological experiments devised by the Rand institute have had devastating success by demoralizing society to the point that they don't even find the grounding within themselves to recognize gender anymore, let alone understand the incompatibility of their culture to the backward tribes they are importing in hordes. Once the destruction of Sweden is complete, it will be a great case study a few years down the road by sociologists in the countries within the Russian sphere of how through the use of media and the education system one can take a once great Viking powerhouse and degrade it into non-existence without the use of a single bullet.

      Here's an article from the Noravank institute which touches upon this issue and how it relates to Armenia. I hope the Arm. govt is paying attention

      On a side note, I want to thank you for posting so much good info on this blog. Your clear-minded analyses are great. I've read some of your debates on other comment pages and you have a knack for eloquently putting a boot up the ass of ignorant people.

    2. But Sarkis, that insanity drives people into fascism. For example, an interesting guy with a fairly well-known radio show is Henrik Palmgren, from Sweden. His show is often worth listening to, but he is more and more becoming sympathetic to what might be considered to be Norse/White/anti-Zionist themes. One problem with this is that the English-speaking world doesn't have any presence for the Soviet or Russian side of the non-mainstream world, but there is a huge amount for the Nazi side. So it is influencing him. Finally, he recently had Alexander Dugin on his show, but that is the first in quite a few years of having the show.

      Here is an example of the articles on his site:

      "The Swedish political elite have plans to build a new city, funded entirely by Swedish taxpayers, to accommodate the massive wave of incoming immigrants. This radical plan also proposes the confiscation of summer homes and the conversion of old historical buildings and churches in order to facilitate the arrival of new immigrants. Meanwhile, Sweden's welfare system is plummeting as politicians suffer from Stockholm syndrome, trying to be a "humanitarian superpower." Native Swedes have been chosen to carry the weight of the world, sacrificing themselves on the altar of multiculturalism."


    3. Arto2, thank you very much for the compliments! It's great to know that I have a small, but extremely intelligent, audience here. For the record, I appreciate reading the information and sources you post as well.

      You pretty much hit the nail on the head: Sweden is on its way to becoming the object of future case studies for the Russian bloc as to how powerful - and potentially devastating - sociological experiments carried out through the education industry, the media of news and entertainment, the advertisement industry, and the legal industry can be.

      Another noteworthy factor in why countries like Sweden have offered zero resistance is that they have relatively high living standards. Rich and comfortable people never undertake revolutionary causes because their wealth makes them spoiled, soft, and fearful. From observations of modern history, revolutions do not occur absent either clandestine and subversive meddling (as in role that the Freemasons and other sects played in the French Revolution; or the role Organized Jewry and western imperialists played in seeding the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia; or western-controlled NGOs played in the color revolutions in Serbia, Georgia, and Ukraine), or otherwise if there is extreme hardship for the population (the rise of Hitler in Weimar Germany). Scandinavian countries have extremely high living standards thanks to their natural resources like North Sea energy reserves, as well as their own past industriousness. I guess it is just human nature that wealth and easy living corrupts values to the point that these societies are now incapable of self-defense and self-preservation... Here is a very relevant audio clip regarding the selfish passiveness of America's own White middle class as the Jewish establishment systematically attacked them on every from after World War 2. Notice the role of class in the collapse of society. Also notice the false hope in money and political parties. These are very harsh truths considering that the presenter is William L. Pierce, one of the strongest White Nationalist figures from American history:

      Middle class deserves what they get William Pierce

      I often wonder how significant was the role of fact that Armenians in the Ottoman Empire tended to be richer than Turks and others; there are a number of very complex factors on why Armenians were so easily led to slaughter by such small numbers of Turkish soldiers, but I wonder if their wealth played a bigger role in their passiveness - especially since many survivor testimonies have stories of wealthier Armenians just paying for donkeys to ride on and following deportation orders without much protest. On the other hand I believe a significant portion of the Armenians in western Armenia were peasants; plus the other social and cultural weaknesses that existed in western Armenia...

    4. I'd also like to reiterate an observation Arevordi has made in the past, namely that Germanic peoples tend to be very law-abiding and very deferential to authority. I think that in one sense, that allows for an orderly society, a docile and peaceable population that tends to avoid ostentatious/clannish/mafia-like behavior and be good at things like forming quiet and orderly queues. But I also think that in another sense, such peoples can be much more easily conditioned to blindly obey Big Brother. Therefore, as soon as the government of a county like Sweden came under Anglo-American-Jewish influence, the fate of the Swedish people was sealed. Same with the Dutch. Same with the English. And same with the Danes and Norwegians. Especially important in this case is the fact that Christianity in the west (despite how crappy Protestantism and Catholicism inherently are) has been eliminated, only to be replaced by the "liberated" populations now placing the faith that they once reserved for Christian priests into the new priests of ultraliberalism and social engineering they see on the media; the priests who tell them Putin is evil or diversity and feminism are strengths. I think it was Svediatsi who originally posted this hilarious video about feminist policymakers in Scandinavia - these are

      Direct evidence that feminists HATE facts

      Anyway, I feel bad directing so much of the conversation to Sweden. It is just that the comment by anonymous where he praised the Turcophilic English race as being like gold angered me. I never support praising the English, but it was even more insulting being right after the Genocide centennial commemoration and the spectacle we witnessed of those pink-skinned Anglo royal pigs spending April 24 in Turkey. That plus I get sick of Armenians who take illogical stances or make illogical arguments when it comes to Armenian issues; whether they start applying a neo-conservative Weltanschauung to Armenian issues; or they spend their time promoting democracy or ultraliberalism as a panacea to Armenian issues; or when they bash Russia and try to undermine the Russian-Armenian strategic alliance; or when they needlessly trash unrelated nations from Asia, Africa, or Latin America because they have delusions that Armenians are allied with the colonial powers of western or northern Europe; or they try to distort reality and history in order to cover up the failures and liabilities of their favorite Armenian political party.

      As a nation we need to honestly look at ourselves in the mirror and make a serious effort at understanding our history, strengths, and weaknesses. We cannot allow ourselves to have any sacred cows, whether its "saving western Europe" or "defending the honor of the dashnak party" or whatever. We need to adopt the key to Jewish power, which is to judge every single fact we receive by the question "Is it good for Armenia, does Armenia have any actual long-term interest in this that we should expend our limited resources in this direction?". With such clear reasoning, we can conclude that the Russian-Armenian alliance, the Armenian Armed Forces, and the economic/demographic/societal security and stable development in Armenia are crucial areas of focus, while chasing fairytales about democracy or worrying about the fact that our western enemies (consequently Turkey's western allies) are committing suicide are not things we should be concerned about.

    5. Sarkis jan, another brilliant commentary. One of the factors behind how Turks managed to easily empty Asia Minor of Armenians (and Greeks) was because Armenians in cities (especially in and around Constantinople) had high standards of living (and were somewhat assimilated) and thus a majority of them were openly against Armenian revolutionaries who were more numerous in the interior. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to realize that the good life makes people soft, selfish, materialistic, complacent and ignorant. The good life - coupled with Anglo-American-Jewish style social engineering - is the reason why Western civilization is in decline. And, as you said, chasing our tails with Western nonsense such as "egalitarianism", "democracy" and "fighting corruption" will definitely keep us from focusing on vital strategic issues facing the Armenian nation today.

  36. Parev Yexpayrner,

    I am long time reader of this blog. I have a question for its readers and contributors: What are the implications of the Eurasian Economic Union in terms of migration of foreigners into Armenia?


    1. Andre, Armenians are very difficult people to live with. Even Armenians have problems living with Armenians. I am not worried about an influx of "Uzbeks" into Armenia. Besides, by the time Armenia is stable enough and prosperous enough to look enticing to foreign migrants it will be generations from now. In the meanwhile, whatever benefits the EEU will eventually bring to Armenia will only benefit Armenians. Also realize that Armenia has millions of Diasporans to fill job vacancies. Ultimately, I rather Armenia have problems with controlling the flow of migrants in the country than continue having problems with economic stagnation, political instability and depopulation.

      Thank you for reading.

    2. It is not a matter of whether Armenians are easy or difficult to live with or amongst which will decide the ultimate fate of our nation state. Today we confront an unprecedented phenomenon , that of mega shift in populations transfers, relocations, migrations etc. This not a natural phenomenon but a man made, making use of superior technologies and techniques in social and demographic engineering. All what is required is a few thousand foreign transplants, and the transplanted yeast will grow. I pray that Armenia stays Armenian for Armenians. Uzbeks, Tajiks, may not be the problem today. Tomorrow we don't know. Armenia is a very beautiful territorial trophy coveted by outsiders for its conquest and annexation. Geopolitical reason can see to this. The powers to be , today have the acumen and capabilities of distorting ,disfiguring , degenerating the demographics and genetically pool of any nation state, without firing a single shot. No nation state is safe. Following Germany's defeat in WW2, the victors, ( the grand Sanhedrin and their co criminals) decided to eliminate the core of the Germanic trunk in what was Germany by radically altering the biological make up of the country. Turkish, Muslim guest workers were favored for migration over the more kinship European people's. Also, the orchestrators of this population replacement plan knew very well that Turks and Muslims will never depart, where the others will . After the Turkish invasion , succesive waves of non European races begun to flood into Germany. The same prescription was applied to the rest of Europe. The first barrier to such an eventual transmogrification is for a country to be poor and unattractive to the invading forces . The Corrupt, state in putrefaction EU is now planning to create quotas for intake of refugees. They are insane to the point of no return. 1 BN from Africa are queuing to get into Europe, more BN from Asia are also waiting. This is open ended migration with the aim to replace the native European populations. It is succeeding. They can change the racial composition of a nation state in a couple of generations.Imagine if Armenia had decided to join the EU? , they would have granted her an intake quota of the migrant flotsam. Fortunately Armenia is a battle ground, it is a fortress at war, the migrant waves in waiting of Muslims, negers, Asians do not have the stomach to seek entry in embattled regions. It is all part of the geopolitical chess game.

    3. Fortunately Armenia is a battle ground? You want Armenia to be a battle ground so that Asians and Africans wont come for work? That is very twisted way of thinking bro. Im with Arevordi that Armenia's prosperity takes priority over third world people coming to work. You are creating tall tales to worry.The Kavkaz is not Europe and Armenians are not European whites. Europeans are on a suicidal path and we can't help them, it's their choice. you people need to stop worrying about them because the symptoms of their coming death is all around like this one:

    4. Anonymous, I think you are insane to suggest that Armenia is better off poor and unstable than prosperous but facing an influx of third world migrant workers. As longtime reader said, please get your priorities in order.

    5. Immaturity, fear and paranoia often lead to irrational assumptions and assertions. Anonymous looks at Armenia through a European lens, which is the lens of a defeated and dying people. Under such perceptions, the thought of developing Armenia's economy, establishing ties with China, growing as a people becomes a danger. But this is a distorted reality. If anyone is going to move into Armenia over the next decades, it will be returning Armenians who immigrated out during the 1990s and 2000s, and also probably Armenian refugees from the Middle East.

      Claiming that Armenia's current weak economic state is a cure for a non-existent problem (third world immigration) is not too different than the Armenian opposition traitors claiming that Armenia's westernization would be a panacea to non-existent problems like "Russia wants Armenia without Armenians" or "Russia is preparing to sell Armenia to Turks" or "Armenians are too corrupt and երկիրը երկիր չի". On a related note, I've also seen some silly diaspora Armenians addressing Armenian socio-political issues through American political lens (ie making libertarian or laissez-faire capitalism arguments that don't make sense in an Armenian context).

      It also shows a very strong disconnect from the reality of today's Armenia, whose population I am sure would not take too kindly to outsiders telling them that being poor is actually a blessing.

      Personally, I am optimistic that Armenia's living standards and the way the Armenian government manages the country will continue to steadily improve in the coming years. The main danger I see is international instability caused by western greed, warmongering, and corruption.

  37. Նոր կարճ գրառում
    New small post

    Հայու Զգացմունգայնությունն ու նրա հետեվանքները: «Մեր թերությունները Բ.»
    Armenian Emotionalism and its consequences

    1. Մեր ազգային բանակի մեջ տեղի ունեցող անկարգութիւնների և սպանութիւնների պատճառի մեծ մասը մեր երիտասարդների զգացմունգայնութիւնից է գալիս: Մեկը մյուսի սուրբ մաման է հայհոյում ու... արյունահեղ պատերազմ է տեղի ունենում: Սա գեների և դաստիարակության (մշակութային) խնդիր է:

      Եթե Տուրքերը մեր սահմանի վրա հավաքվեին ու մեր մայրերի հասցեին հայհոյանքներ մղեին մենք ծովից-ծով հայաստանը կվերականգնեինք:

  38. Seems like good traditions continue, the military parade in city of Vladivastok was headed by Admiral Sergei Avakyants, Commander of Pacific Fleet.

  39. 35 million Chinese died in WWII. Chinese leader's co-op for May 9 victory celebrations.

  40. (Part 1 of 2)
    I don't know how or why the silly question of "what if Central Asian immigrants start moving to Armenia en masse can even be raised. This is just hysteria and doom-and-gloom fear mongering. I'm pretty sure these rumors started from Russophobic, EU-worshipping cyber-warriors on various Armenian forums. In fact I am almost sure that the root source for these baseless fears is probably out of one of Washington's propaganda offices. Perhaps some of the people raising that fear here were innocently browsing other forums and fell for the trap, so it's not your fault. But the fear is completely unfounded.

    Even under the so-called nternationalist, "raceless" Bolsheviks and the Soviet Union there was never a campaign to racially mix Armenia. There is zero reason to fear such a thing happening today. As Arto2 pointed out above, the reason that Russia was able to resist color revolutions and internal western subversion was because of the existing structures within the Russian state apparatus. Well those Russian state institutions and their Armenian counterparts are still in place, stronger than ever. First off it would not serve the national interests of either Russia or Armenia to import minorities - Muslim minorities no less - into Armenia. Why would they want to fuck up the ONLY region of the Caucasus (North and South) which is not an Islamist cesspool? There is absolutely no reason to have any such fear. Neither the Russian nor the Armenian state would ever want to see, or ever tolerate, multiculturalism taking hold in Armenia. Thank God!

  41. (Part 2 of 2)

    Second, everyone here needs to realize that in terms of national policy planning, Armenia is wayyyyyyyy stronger than the "democratic" west. Western technocrats/politicians are all psychotic malcontent freaks who despise their own countries because they come from outcast fringe elements of their societies (like ultraliberals, homosexuals, or Jews). That is why all of them support the freakiest, most unnatural sociological experiments within the countries of which they are in charge, with their ultimate hope being to reshape (ie destroy) their countries as the countries exited in the past, and instead remake those countries in their own twisted image. How else can you explain a French president like Sarkozy discussing the need to "force" his country's population to race-mix if they do not race-mix voluntarily, or an English party leader saying "the English as a race are not worth saving", or a US president like Bill Clinton enthusiastically telling college students "I cannot wait until Whites are a minority in this school"... Armenians should be proud that - for all of its flaws - the Armenian government is not run by such side-show freaks who hate themselves and their nation. Armenian politicians may be prone to corruption, clannishness, they may have primitive mannerism, but shit their greediness pales in comparison to the sickness which defines most western politicians. Armenia has not been infected by the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance, unlike the western countries, so there is no need to worry about experiments like mass experimentation being carried out in Armenia.... but of course we need to be vigilant because the western media and NGOs are busy seeding Armenia. As we recently witnessed, Armenian society's adoration of Kanye West - particularly among the youth - proves that the threat of ideas like multiculturalism being imported from the west into Armenia remains high.

    Anyway, everyone can relax. The Eurasian Union will NOT lead to an influx of Central Asians into Armenia. Developing ties with China will NOT lead to an influx of Chinese into Armenia. If you are afraid of multiculturalism and massive immigration taking root in Armenia, then you should focus all of you energy on eliminating the western presence inside Armenia because the west is the root of that evil. The west's main access points to infect Armenia are the NGOs, the controlled "opposition" traitors inside Armenia (Hayrikyan, Hovannisian, the mercenary LTP), the western universities (AUA) and university programs (like the Journalism department of Yerevan State University, the western controlled media (hetq, lra-glir, armenianow, azatutyun), the "activists" (homosexual, environmental, anti-corruption, feminist, atheist), western-linked religious cults (mormons, jehova's witnesses, baptists, pentecostals, other born-again protestant cults), pop culture (music, movies, tv, fashion), and of course the entirely-politicized, weaponized English language itself.

    1. Sarkis, you hit the nail right on the head: The problem of multiculturalism and open borders is a problem of Westernization and Globalism. Our number one wish should be to see Armenia a stable and prosperous nation - even if that means "third worlders" will begin looking at Armenia as a place of opportunity. I would love it if one day our problems stemmed from our country's prosperity.

  42. Is it a fact that Armenians were issued with identification documents in the third reich, and their nationality was unspecified but their racial origin designated them as Aryans. If Armenians were considered Aryans by the blood thirsty, racist, antisemitic , nazi-fascists, there appears to be some disconnect somewhere ? You can still meet some elderly ( in Sao Paolo) Armenians from pre war Germany proudly displaying their identikit of Aryan. Ferenc Szalasi was Armenian ( he must have been white ?), and the leader of the last hungarian government at the end of the war. Ferenc was executed at the end of the war. I am merely noting some observations, I am not making any statements. In the deepest heart of Africa, an Armenian was brutally murdered in his farm. He was murdered because he was white; Another Armenian run the same fate in Luanda, he was mugged and liquidated because he was a " Branco con muito dineiro" white man with plenty of money. In a diasporan community in Brazil, a daughter was getting married, to which the cousin was prompted to verify if the husband to be was " white" . Another young youth got shacked up with an afri woman. The family arose in full anger and " Zrika Amot zev me kar nego" . The youth was kicked out of the family. There seems to be a color/ identity problem if others do not perceive us the way we do ourselves. Hovik was another young Armenian that fell foul because of being white. The bandits that slain him in Sierra Leone, did not bother to figure out that Hovik was an Armenian. However this is just a mere observation and not a point for a discussion. Papken- Sao Paolo

    1. Your personal experiences and these obscure stories relating to diasporan Armenians who are far removed from Armenia have absolutely no bearing and no relevance whatsoever to current Armenian geopolitics. The 1930s German view regarding the Aryanness of Armenians has no bearing whatsoever on Armenian geopolitics. And if you fail to see the contradiction between being pro-Armenian and being pro-west/European/Anglo, then you have very severe and crippling comprehension deficiencies. Don't pretend like you only attack Asians and Africans because you are afraid Armenians will mix with them, we all know that you attack Asians and Africans because imitating your neo-colonial or neo-nazi heroes gets you off. Pretending that you are a White man - in the context where "White" means "of western or northern European origin" - is your primary motivation.

      You can find Armenian leaders among Hungary's anti-communist movement, you can find Armenian leaders among Romania's communists, you can find Armenian leaders leading the Bulgarian independence movement from the Ottoman Empire, you can find Armenians in the Wehrmacht, the US Army, the Lebanese Army, etc. None of those figures matter at all as far as Armenian geopolitics are concerned. Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lebanon, the US, and Germany have all fucked Armenia over without hesitation when it suited them. It is only ideological extremist Armenians who falsely think there are non-existent bonds of "shared Whiteness" which tie those nations to Armenia. And for the record, those "anti-communist" scum in eastern Europe were facing off against the Red Army, of which Armenians were a major component through various machinations of history. So pardon me if I don't give a damn about Hungarian nationalism. Those same nationalists were quickly turned into tools of the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance, and switched from anti-communism to anti-Russians, anti-Putin, and anti-Orthodox from the beginning of the Cold War down to today. To hell with the lot of them... And shame on Andranik and the other Armenians for risking their lives for Bulgaria instead of focusing everything on Armenia, when Bulgaria today is such a pathetic, gypsy nation that it refuses to recognize the Armenian Genocide for fear of offending the Turks, and also a leading NATO, anti-Russian nation and a nation almost entirely devoid of actual Armenians. I'm not impressed with stories of Armenians wasting their efforts helping useless, degenerate Europeans, any more than I would be with stories of Armenians engaging in local city politics in Watertown, Fresno, or Glendale.

      Back to the western Europeans: I'll repeat myself: they hate Armenians with a passion, they hate the Greeks and Cypriots, they hate the "Asiatic" Eastern Orthodox Slavs, they hate Orthodox Christianity, and they even hate large parts of the Italians, Portuguese, and Spaniards. The only thing the western and northern Europeans have a taste for are Jews and Turks, which is pretty much all that we can expect from faggot races like Anglos, the French, the Dutch, and the rest. Failing to see this reality, choosing to pretend you don't see this reality, or being an apologist and making excuses for the west by trying to shift all of the blame for their shortcomings on the Jews doesn't change reality one bit. I don't know what is more sick, the whites of the west, or the Armenians who worship them.

      That's it, conversation over. Enough time wasted on the west. If you want to pursue the topic further, go to VNN or Dailyslave and convince the mighty neo-nazi keyboard-warriors there that Armenians are White...

    2. Romanian AnonymusMay 14, 2015 at 1:21 AM

      My suspicion is that all that "defense of Whites" is another Kike deception forced down the throats of the mouth gaping so-called "Aryans".

    3. The funny part is that the Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards and possibly other Southern Europeans that aren't Orthodox Christians are Catholics.

  43. A bit too dramatic, but still an interesting read.

    America's Achilles Heel. Published by ClubOrlov:

  44. More fodder for your blog Arevordi. Worsening Turkish Russian relations we have predicated:
    Turkey says 'nothing justifies' Russia policy ahead of NATO talks:

    I never saw the "incredible turk" movie before. Thanks for linking it. Anglos are a disgusting bunch of criminals. They even got a couple of selfhating Armenians to help them make the film.

  45. Two important military announcements

    Re-commissioned? Soviet nuke-capable sub-killing copter comeback slated

    ‘Blackjack’ comeback: Russia to renew production of its most powerful strategic bomber

  46. Armenia should follow Vatican's lead and recognize the State of Palestine.

    1. I agree, it is a bit hypocritical to commemorate our own genocide but ignore the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Also, Armenia needs to stick it to Israel every chance it gets because of the long history of Jewish and Israeli anti-Armenianism. Israel doesn't have any support outside of the degenerate Anglosphere and western Europe, and they definitely should be deprived of pointing out Armenia as a sympathetic state.

      Armenia might also want to link Palestinian recognition with Artsakh's independence, and advertise its support for Palestine in Islamic countries and organizations like the OIC in order to weaken support for Azerbaijan.

      Also, just for fun, such recognition by Armenia would cause the Israel-worshipping pansies in the western diaspora much mental anguish, and would expose the scum as being sick, self-hating, anti-Armenian freaks. Kevin Abrahamian comes to mind.

    2. Knowing that Turkey is only as powerful as its Anglo-Jewish backers, official Yerevan does not want to piss off the Anglo-Jewish world. With that said, I think there are times when official Yerevan "should put values over interests". And since we are on the topic of recognizing nations, I think we can't forget to mention Artsakh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. With that said, I realize that despite our wishes, at the end of the day, geopolitical calculations will trump values, ethics, morals, decency, truth, justice... Armenia is a state. Armenia is acting like a state regardless of whether we agree with its actions or not.

  47. Go Armenia! Good job. Another achievement for which the government deserves credit...To hell with the naysayers in the traitorous opposition and the doom-and-gloom monkeys in the western-controlled media.

    Armenia improves position in Human Capital Report with 30 points

  48. A nation of cuckolds... The EU needs to hurry up and import blacks, muslims, and Asians into western Ukraine. It would definitely improve the genetic makeup of these filthy animals.

    Orwell Blushes: Ukraine POW Recalls 'Wonderful' Nazi Death Camp on TV Show

  49. eThe nazi death camps is a myth. There were concentration camps. Deaths occurred, but to call them death camps it is perpetuating the lies and deceits surrounding WW2. The victor's propaganda juggernaut. The Ukrainians are not filthy animals. Who is running the Ukraine today. The Jews. The nomenclature is Jewish from top down. The country is Jew ridden. As from AfroAsian invasion of the " filthy animals" that is already in progress. It is in the Jewish agenda to deracinate all Europids in their own homelands. On the genocide issue, don't expect any recognition from Israel. It will deflect the gloss and veneer from their WW2 narrative.

    1. That's technically correct actually, because ukrs are lower than animals. Animals don't jump to prove they hate "Moskals". It is an insult to horses, pigs, salmon, and cockroaches to classify them in the same category as ukrs. I bet if you moved to Kiev or Lviv for even a couple of days you would come to your senses, or at least get some sense beaten into you.

      You've been a white nationalist for so long that you sound exactly like them: you avoid placing any blame on the dumbass ukrs and instead blame everything on the magical Jews. This is one of the main reasons that movement is so discredited.

      And you are being paranoid, there are not yet enough immigrants in ukraine. But I am certain that ukraine, poland, the baltic states, the czecks and slovaks, the croats, and all of the other western-wannabe eastern-rejects will experience the joys of diversity within a few years. Good for them, they were falling over themselves to join NATO and the EU. African and Asian genetics would definitely improve the dimwitted and self-destructive populations of those ass-backwards, semi-gypsy nations.

      "Europids" can only be subjected to deracination if they consent to it, actively or passively. Stop pleading their case here. You may instead find your life more fulfilling by traveling to an Anglo nation and preaching to coal-burners.


    Good movie about the real genocide of nationalist socialist Germany.

    1. The fire-bombings of Hamburg, Dresden, and Berlin were really just war crimes committed against civilians. The Soviet military had already largely destroyed the Germans and it was clear to everyone that the retreating Germans would surrender in a few months time. But what else can you expect from the Anglo pigs? Of course the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were also were crimes, and particularly cruel because of the long-term nature of the radioactivity they unleashed on those Japanese cities.

      There is a lesson to be learned here. Hitler praised the English as his Germanic racial kin. He bent over backwards to appease them, and even after the declaration of war he practically begged them for peace. He even offered to throw his Italian and Japanese allies under the bus and protect the British Empire with German troops if any nation had opposing interest to Britain. He gave the British a free pass at Dunkirk to evacuate a ridiculous 340,000 enemy troops, even though the British were the ones who declared war on Germany and were calling for the destruction of Germany. He treated their POWs with extreme respect, unlike Soviet POWs who were treated worse than animals. Hitler may or may not have authorized Rudolf Hess's suicidal trip to Scotland during wartime... And the British expressed their gratitude by murdering German civilians without mercy. This is the unavoidable fate of any irrational actor who lets his emotions and misplaced love/admiration cloud his thinking and judgment. I hate to say this, but Germany pretty much got what it had coming to it for making such stupid decisions. When amateurs and extremists try to enter geopolitics, they risk their nations destruction.

      And it is no different today, specially for us Armenians. We cannot indulge in self-deception when the west throws a few token praises towards our nation or people. Nor can be fall for scripted appeals to a shared sense of Europeanness, Whiteness, Christianity, values, culture, or anything else designed to trick Armenians into taking a pro-western (and thereby anti-Russian) position.

      Ps after the war the allies also set up concentration camps for disarmed German soldiers.:

  51. Terribly sad movie.

    " negotiating with Mugabe is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game".

    Vladimir Putin, 2013. Piper

  52. Two things that caught my eye lately:

    [1] Serzh Sargsyan posing with John McCain, simply outrageous (while being ignored by Obama -> we don't give a crap about Armenia, but would like to do everything to escalate tensions between you and your only ally Russia, do you agree? Ofcourse says Serzh Sargsyan, please let's take a picture together dear John McCain, before I go to Moscow to celebrate victory day...........)

    [2] Huge internal chaos in Azerbaijan, numerous influential oligarchs arrested, billions of dollars have disappeared, rumours of coupe d'etat, etc.

    Any thoughts?

    1. I don't like the photo of the President of Armenia shaking hands with that American-Zionist terrorist McCain any more that you do. The problem, though, is that we simply have no idea what is motivating Sargsyan's actions. Is he genuinely trying to get closer to the west, even though it is clearly not in Armenia's long-term, or even short-term interests? Or is it like his public diplomacy with Turkish officials during the Soccer (Football) Diplomacy, where Sargsyan was clearly coordinating his actions with the Kremlin in private, while in public Sargsyan applauded when the Turkish team scored, and smiled and played nice with the Turks?
      If Sargsyan just wants to ease the focus or pressure off of his government right now, maybe in hopes of having more room to deal with internal Armenian issues, then I guess it wouldn't be that bad. I seriously hope that is the case, because I would hate to think of Armenian leaders giving people like that degenerate McCain any sort of legitimacy.

      As for Azerbaijan, their economic high times appear to be over. Lower oil prices hit them hard, if the recent devaluation of their currency is any indication. Aliyev and co. appear to have blown most of the cash and self-aggrandizing public events, and ugly nouveau riche buildings that will soon fall into disrepair.

      While we are on Azerbaijan's meteoric economic rise and meteoric economic fall, for a military that spends billions every year, all they have to show for it are 18 used, Soviet-era MiG-29s that were sloppily modified by the ukr animals (one or two may or may not have already crashed during training flights), a bunch of israeli drones (one of which Armenians already shot down), a hundred export-model T-90s, and a domestic manufacturing industry to build shitty rifles (one or two of much may or may not have misfired and blown up when the trigger was pulled), South African MRAPs (militarily useless), some S-300's (irrelevant for Armenia, useless against Iran)... and some artillery and helicopters. Dare I say that the Golden Era for Azeri rearmament and militarization are over?

    2. re: Any thoughts?

      Yes, Azerbaijan has a glass jaw, and way too many streets, buildings, monuments, airports and what have you named "Aliyev". Reminds one of a miniature oil kingdom with no future. And the rumors of corruption are practically Ukrainian. They also haven't realized that their value to the West is, like many countries, as a pawn.

      Another thought is that Baku might be tempted to make a big push on Artsakh, as war is the great distraction.

      In any case, it is entirely possible that Azerbaijan could be seriously destabilized without too much money, manpower, or technology. Is there an Armenian Soros, someone who, out of the goodness of his heart, wants to bring democracy and human rights to enemy countries?


  53. Maidan in Macedonia, and my thoughts:

    Well it seems that Nudelbitch has gone at it again, or so hopefully I could be proven wrong and someone else stirred up the pot in Macedonia. I would often compare Macedonia and Ukraine together in terms of how they were developed. The concept of the Macedonian nation was created in 1903, and before that Macedonians also considered themselves as Bulgarians. It was not until 1945 that Macedonia was formed as a nation within Yugoslavia. Macedonia itself consisted of Macedonians (speakers of the Western Bulgarian dialect), Serbs, Albanians, Greeks and at one point Bulgarians (speakers of the Eastern Bulgarian dialect). Ukraine also had this kind of problem too. Macedonians also have some animosity towards Bulgarians, kinda similar to Ukrainian animosity towards the Russians, only Macedonians chant "Bugari, Tatari" to dengrate Bulgarians, which is as bad as "Moskali na nozhi".

    I'm not surprised really at the Albanian hand in such destabilizaton efforts, and the dream of "Greater Albania" rears its ugly heads again. Most of the Albanians who took part in the destabilization of Macedonia would have come from Kosovo, and I'm not surprised that Kosovars also became radicalized enough to join ISIS.

    Unfortunately Macedonia is not Artsakh. Macedonians had long detached themselves from their Bulgarian brethren, but they managed to stop the Albanians from taking away a part of their territory in 2001 (in a way, Macedonians are just as skilled in fighting insurgents). I honestly believe that when Putin restores balance into the world, Nudelman et al should be the first ones to be tried for crimes against humanity and executed like common criminals. I also hope that Bulgaria has a rational, pro-Russian government and actually annex Macedonia once again, just to get rid of the pro-US idiots who plague their government.

  54. Media security specialists in Armenia? Nice

    1. I periodically run into interviews by Tigran Kocharyan and every single time I do I am very-very impressed by him. I am very glad he is making a name for himself in the country.

      We can expect anything from treasonous filth like "Khzmlyan" and company. So, I don't understand why Armenian social media is so incensed at what he recently did. He and his friends in "Founding Parliament" are a collection of psychologically disturbed morons, simple minded idiots, closet homosexuals and foreign funded mercenaries. These people in should be treated as toxic waste: Gather them and either bury them or just truck them out of the country. I think their right place is in Turkey or Israel.

  55. Another interesting development:

    Armenia Creates a Muslim Muftiate and Names Imam Trained in Iran to Head It

    1. Very interesting development indeed.

    2. The Mufti of Armenians is Aram Nazaryan

    3. The Mufti is reported to be Arsen Safaryan. Who is Aram Nazaryan?

    4. First of all, a country doesn't simply "create" a Muftiate, but the Muslim people inhabiting a territory provide the legitimacy for the Mufti, very often through elections.
      Second, one doesn't simply "get trained" for the Mufti position as if one is training to become a commando.
      Third, Paul Goble is not the most reliable source of information.

      Aram Nazaryan is the Grand Mufti of all Armenian Muslims.
      The report in the link is simply not true.

    5. Are you a Muslim? Please forgive me but I know nothing about this topic. The report you reject also implies that the position of a Grand Mufti was recently created and that Arsen Seferyan was recently sent to Armenia to head it. I also cannot trust Paul Goble, but what would be the reason for such a blatant lie? What do you think is going on? Why has this matter made the news? In your opinion, what geopolitical ramification, if any, does this have in the region?

      PS: What is Aram Nazaryan's ethnic background? Do you know anything about him or even Arsen Seferyan?

      PS: Any specific reason why you are posting under the name of Hasan Jalalyan? From what I know the Jalayan dynasty were all Armenian Christians.

    6. Dear Arevordi, indeed I am Muslim. You have to ask Paul Goble what is behind his claims. What I know is that Mufti Aram Nazaryan knows very well what is going on, but that is up to him to decide when and how to explain the subject matter. The ramifications are significant for Armenia, the region and beyond.

      Aram Nazaryan is an ethnic Armenian, I know him in person. As to Arsen Seferyan, I do not know him, you can perhaps ask someone in Armenia or Iran for more information on this Imam.

      PS: I know Hasan Jalalyan was a Christian Armenian, I can explain to you in a private message why I am posting under that name. How can I contact you via e-mail?

      I will keep you updated nevertheless.

    7. I am very interested in what you have to say. Please go to my blog profile and you will see a link to my email.

  56. Putin expresses concern over situation with national languages in some countries

    Another excellent move by President Putin. The west spent the last century accusing the Soviet Union and Russia of "trampling the rights" of religious minorities (aka members of western-funded cults throughout Russia, or Islamist terrorists in the North Caucasus, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.), of "sexual minorities" (aka disoriented homosexual, transsexual, and pedophile perverts who are in need of mental help), and ethnic minorities (aka constituent members of the Russian Federation which the west would like to turn into anti-Russian bases).

    We Armenians should look at Putin's statement and apply it to Georgia, a western-backed, so-called "democracy" which in reality is a micro-empire abusing the national identity of its Abkhaz, Ossetian, and Javakhk (not "javaketi") Armenians. Even western institutions cannot deny in their reports that the worthless Georgian scum openly and actively discriminate against Javakhk's native Armenians and our language, but since those reports are only meant for political meddling inside of nations targeted for destabilization, there is never any repercussions from the self-declared "guardians of human rights" from Europe and the US. In fact, the only ethno-linguistic group that the west is keep on protecting inside Georgia are the Meshketian Turks, which the EU is pressuring and funding Tblisi to import back from Central Asia (where Stalin deported them) into Georgia, with specific plans to settle the Turks into Armenian Javakhk.

    Putin's remarks more generally apply to western Europe, where minority languages are dying. On the British islands, the Celtic languages (Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish, Breton) have less than one million speakers combined, and only Welsh is not classified as an endangered language. EU-member Spain has similar issues with Basque and Catalan, among others. Regional languages in France, the Netherlands, Germany and other "democratic" nations are pretty much dead. So good for Russia for highlighting western hypocrisy... And do I even need to mention the status of the Native Americans who were subjected to a continent-wide genocide by the English assholes?


    This was on the sidebar of the Russian-language webpage T.K. posted earlier:

    T.K.May 11, 2015 at 9:25 PM

    Seems like good traditions continue, the military parade in city of Vladivastok was headed by Admiral Sergei Avakyants, Commander of Pacific Fleet.

  58. The sooner the Armenians from Javakh raise a resistance , the better it will be . We can not allow the Mesketiam Turks to encroach and invade the territory of java kg, thus displacing the indigenous of the moment. Replacement of populations is a standard practice and norm implemented by the troika EU USA Israel. They have mastered the art to perfection and role models of population replaced nations are today the UK , France, Sweden, holland, Belgium., and the new theater of action are now the southern Mediterranean nations. Every nation, small or large is under this unprecedented historical phenomenon. The rising of the cosmopolitan Tower of Babel. Borders need to be sealed.

  59. I would like your thoughts. It was the US president Woodrow Wilson that assigned the US State Dept the task of drawing Armenia's borders included in the Treaty of Sevres. While you may argue that it's a worthless piece of paper, when you take the times into consideration it's a very powerful act that took place. Can you imagine something like that happening today? It was no less phenomenal back then. The legitimate Turkish government, prior to it's overthrow by Ataturk, recognized these borders, so did all the allied nations. In fact, the legitamate Turkish government sentenced the chief organizers of the genocide to deaths, prior to being overthrown.

    So, what went wrong? Ataturk was flirting with the Russian Bolsheviks, who provided arms to Ataturk which were instrumental to turning the tide against not only Armenians but also the Greeks to the west. Where is the fault of the US in all this? When after the Turks fooled the Russians and then turned to the US, the West believed it was better to cooperate with Turkey and keep it in tact, than one that would fracture and parts of which would end up in Russian hands. There was nothing inherently anti-Armenian in this; the US just made the best out of what it hand on it's hands, and it was a correct calculation. What would one expect, that the US would slap sanction on Turkey and push it do give up lands to Soviet Armenia?

    Would appreciate thoughts, thanks.


    1. You sound like an apologist for Uncle Sam. You also don't sound very well versed in the political history of the period. With that said, however, I agree that Uncle Sam at the time did look favorably upon the creation of an Armenia. But "Wilsonian Armenia" was not "phenomenal" back then because the US was not a phenomenal power back then. That was a time period when the US was a second rate power when compared to Britain, France and Germany. That was also a time when the region's geopolitical landscape was still forming. The obstacles to Armenia at the time was France, Germany, Britain and Bolshevik occupied Russia - the only four nations that had direct influence on the region. While you blame "Russians" for turning tide against Armenians later in the time period you curiously forgot to mention France and Britain. Had you known anything about the time you would have known that Ataturk was flirting with the British, French and the Bolsheviks at the same time. In fact, Ataturk felt politically closest to Britain and France. I suggest you read up on how Armenians lost Cilicia. Anyway, what you need to realize is this: When the US became the preeminent global power after the Second World War, it adopted Turkey as a strategic asset to serve as a buffer against Russians, Iranians and Arabs. Therefore, your wet dreams about the "pro-Armenian" Uncle Sam of one hundred years ago wont get you very far with today's pro-Turkish Uncle Sam.

      PS: I bet you are a big fan of that worthless Ara Papyan character.

    2. I'm not a historian by any means but a 10 minute google job just showed that the treaty of Sevres was signed 6 months before Armenia became Soviet Armenia. Had the US senate endorsed the Armenian mandate (which they refused to do), there most likely would not have been a Soviet Armenia to begin with. There was absolutely no will on behalf of the congress to establish a Wilsonian Armenia. Seems like they were whores to special interests back then as much as they are now and they were setting the groundwork for their long enduring love affair with the turk.

      And your mention of the Russian bolsheviks opens up a can of worms which you know little about by the sounds of it. Luckily there is no better place than here to learn that from:

      Read my friend, it is the only ticket to your salvation.

    3. Arto jan, "observer" is right in that Washington at the time was very sympathetic to the Armenian cause. Armenians received a lot of aid from the US during the genocide years. But what "observer" fails to understand (which is very typical for Armenians) is that eventually geopolitics will trump all other considerations. When there were no geopolitical stakes, Uncle Sam was pro-Armenian. When it came right down to making final decisions based on geopolitical considerations, Armenians were rather easily forgotten by Uncle Sam. This is similar to how a number of "pro-Armenian" politicians today in Washington always lobby on behalf of Armenians. But you know as well as I do that as soon as any one of these "pro-Armenian" politicians are placed into a position of real power - they will all of a sudden suffer from amnesia. It's amazing that I still find myself explaining this to people. It's as if people these days are incapable of critical thinking and common sense.

      PS: If Uncle Sam did not arm Ataturk or directly conspire against Armenians at the end of the First World War, it was ONLY because the US was still a second rate power at the time with little (if any) influence over Turks. Those that had direct dealings with Ataturk were the British, French, Germans, Bolsheviks and organized Jewry. So, no wonder Armenians were easily forgotten.

    4. If "Wilsonian Armenia" was not "phenomenal" back then because the US was not a phenomenal power back then, then taking into account that Britain and France and other allied nations were also signatories to the treaty of Sevres, not to mention the legitimate Turkish government itself, then that should leave no doubt as to how phenomenal it just was. In fact, while the US had decided to take no part in the partition of the Ottoman Empire, and it’s Senate had rejected the Armenian mandate, nonetheless the Wilsonian boundaries were incorporated into the treaty of Sevres.
      What did I forgot to mention about France and Britain? They were the main powers behind the plan to partition the Ottoman empire, and the imposition of the harsh terms of the treaty of Sevres.
      As for the loss of Cilicia, that is not a valid or reasonable argument. Cilicia did not have a large enough Armenian presence to sustain as an Armenian state. Whereas the French and British were making plans to end the Ottoman Empire, Russia had negotiated the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with the Ottoman Empire in 1918. In that treaty, the Ottoman Empire regained the lands Russia had captured in the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878), specifically Ardahan, Kars, and Batumi. Any need to remind you of subsequent treaties?
      As for the politics of today, you must understand that had the US been the enemy of Armenia, it could have imposed sanctions on it for “occupation of Azeri lands”. Artsakh president, as we speak, is freely traveling to France on a working visit. The point is, it’s not all black and white as you try to portray it.

    5. The book "The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America's Response" by Peter Balakian is extremely well-researched and lists public American responses during the Armenian Genocide and its immediate aftermath, including the massive amount of aid that America sent to the survivors and to the Armenian Republic. It also touches upon the internal politics which led to a slightly isolationist tendency in the Senate, which was used to justify rejecting the mandate over Armenia (there were also other, internal reasons). The US even sent a military delegation to visit Armenia for the purposes of assessing it as mandate, the Armenian Film Foundation has a documentary about it and it features some rare archival footage, including the American delegation visiting Armenian Kars.

      All that being said, as Arto and Arevordi pointed out, national interests trumped all. Armenia was too small and unviable, in a remote and hostile region to waste resources on. America was also just about to step into the role of "leading western power" which meant that America would assume a stance hostile to eastern peoples, including Slavs, Orthodox Christians, and Armenians.

      Some general history: No genocide would have happened if western powers Britain and France had not launched the Crimean War in the 1850s in order to literally save Turkey by destroying Russia. The Germans actively colluded with the Turks during the Genocide, German military units were even involved in fighting the Armenian resistance at places like Musa Ler - which incidentally is why I don't feel too bad when I see documentaries like Hellstorm, because Germans have Armenian blood on their hands. The Germans were also the ones who put Lenin in an armored train and transplanted him to Russia in order to destroy the Czar, which was disastrous for Armenia in 1918 and ironically was disastrous for Germany during World War 2. The French, staying true to their reputation of cowardly faggots, gave away Cilicia to the Turks in the middle of the night right after they had finished disarming the Armenian defense units. The British, French, and other Euro trash all issued condemnations or promises to help Armenia, and promptly ignored their promises when it suited their needs. Britain and France may have wanted to partition Turkey, but only if they could get the pieces for themselves as colonies. As soon as it became clear that Armenia would end up falling to eastern (Soviet) influence, they abandoned their plans to partition Turkey.

      The lesson: geopolitics is unforgiving. Looking at worthless declarations and worthless pieces of paper as "phenomenal" is the first step in setting yourself up to be raped by your enemies.

      Also, Wilsonian Armenia was only a concept and was stillborn. Let it go. It is never going to happen. No

      Ps your argument that Cilicia "did not have enough Armenians" proves that you are either ignorant and irrational, or that you are a psychologically damaged loser acting as an apologist for the west because you have fallen for the illusions/deceptions that the west puts out of the west being the pinnacle of human progress. You came to the wrong place to preach about the Treaty of Sevres. Trying going to your local AYF group, you'll get a better reception there.

      Ps2 You don't see a contradiction when you say "The point is, it’s not all black and white as you try to portray it" when in the preceding sentence you wrote "had the US been the enemy of Armenia, it could have imposed sanctions on it for “occupation of Azeri lands”?

    6. Observer,

      Who cares what Western powers said or did before or during the war. What matters is what they did after the war. So, I really fail to see your point. If you are here to whitewash or excuse the Western world's anti-Armenian policies, then I don't have anything to say to an idiot like you. Your take on this matter is very shallow. Don't you think NATO member Turkey's blockade against Armenia is in fact a covert, indirect Western blockade against Armenia? Did it ever occur to you that Western powers are giving Armenia lip service because they are trying to keep Armenia engaged with the West? Much of the Western aggression against Armenia has been covert, behind the scenes due to the aforementioned reason. If however Yerevan ever stops cooperating with Western powers, Western aggression against Armenia will be direct and quite overt. If your wet dream comes true one day and those evil Russians are chased out of the south Caucasus, who do you think will then fill the geopolitical vacuum? The only rational answer is: Turks, Azeris, Wahabbi Muslims, Georgians, Jews and Western oil corporations.

      Cilicia did not have a majority Armenian population? If Cilicia had an Armenian majority the French and the British would not have done what they did? This is the depth of your understanding? Besides, we are now basing our land claims on territories that had an Armenian majority? Many of the main Armenian populated regions of Western Armenia did not have a majority of Armenians either. So, does being a minority excuse treachery and ethnic cleansing against Armenians? Stupid, it was the French and the British that promised Armenians their security in Cilicia. This is the reason why tens-of-thousands of Armenians returned to Cilicia after the First World War to only be massacred and deported again when the French and the British changed their minds.

      That fact that you are excusing French/British treachery against Armenians and suggesting that Uncle Sam is a friend to Armenia tells me what an clueless asshole you are.

    7. I'm not here to excuse anyone's actions. If anyone did anything to harm our nation, that should be brought to the surface, be it the French, Brits, or Russians. Your attempt at justifying everything anti-Armenian that Russia has done does not render you credible or rational; it makes you look stupid. As you said, geopolitics trumps everything. And that explains all anti-Armenian moves the Russians have engaged in with Turks in the past. They'll settle their issues at our expense. So, unless you come to that full understanding without making adjustments to make an exception for Russia, you’ll see that you aren’t being real mature or rational. In fact, the manner in which you respond speaks volumes of the level of your maturity.

    8. The fundamental point of the matter that I’m trying to make is that, ultimately, Russia is interested in an Armenia that is highly dependent on (if not otherwise one of its provinces). This automatically puts it at odds with Armenia’s long term national and state interests, because an Armenia with little or no options can’t exercise a great degree of independent policy. What puts us in a predicament is the fact that we’re surrounded by unhuman enemies capable of unthinkable carnage. This doesn’t make the Russians angles, but you can see how it plays into their hands. Going back into the not so distant history, you can see at critical times Russia undertook anti-Armenian pacts with these very same monsters, and to claim that this won’t happen is naieve—geopolitics trumps all without exceptions. Unlike Moldova, for example who has more room for manuevring. While going against Russia isn’t without consequences, Moldovans are not in danger of unhuman destruction at the hands of Russians or any of its neighbors, even if it were taken over militarily. So, this isn’t about pro west pro east. It’s about pro Armenia, the predicament our nation faces, and how to best maneuver what we’ve got on our hands.

    9. Observer,

      For what it is worth, here are my two cents' worth, from a non-Armenian Westerner. I admit to being somewhat mystified that Armenians can't see how having Russia is like Israel having the US.

      I think you have to look at it more like Russia is Armenia's older and more prosperous brother. He may let you down at times; he may spend all his money and be unable to help when you need it; he may even get his business smashed by some Jewish gangsters sent from London, Berlin, and New York, who then break some business promises you thought you had. But he is still the best you have got. And you are surrounded by brutal enemies and others who will definitely sell you out if the situation seem reasonable.

      So the answer is to rely on your brother only to a point. That is why Armenia needs to develop in every way, starting with the economy. Yes, your brother may manipulate you in ways you don't care for as a matter of pride, greed, or some other unseemly motive. But Armenia is not some island in the South Pacific; Armenia has powerful neighbors who want her dead. Give thanks to God that your big brother is still alive and has gotten over his alcoholism and fetish with Western degeneracy in the last few years. It is a plus that your big brother likes the fact that you are willing to help take care of your elderly parents, which eases that burden.

      One other point would be to realize that the West is full of posturing. They pretend to care about human rights or the plights of minorities or some other BS. They would have sent hundreds of professional political/cultural actors to weep about the Armenian Genocide if Ankara would have given the OK. And then all the suckers in Los Angeles would have thought that the West cares about Armenia. Armenia is lucky to have "honest" opponents in Ankara and Baku.

      Anyway, the geopolitical situation for our lifetimes and probably much longer is that Russia needs Armenia to keep her Southern underbelly safe. In my opinion, the Kremlin would use nukes to keep Armenia. To overcome the dependence on Russia, Armenia needs to do some of the things this blog has talked about. However, you should realize that the basic problem is not solvable. Armenia will be destroyed if Russia has serious internal problems for long enough. It is entirely likely that Armenia would be empty now if Moscow had lost in Chechnya. And some Western, Soros, "human rights" group would issue requests to Turkey to give more food to the remaining 100,000 Armenians and allow cameras in to limit the carnage.


    10. Observer,

      ".... This automatically puts it at odds with Armenia’s long term national and state interests, because an Armenia with little or no options can’t exercise a great degree of independent policy....."

      Can you honestly believe that a land-locked, blockaded, resource poor and poverty-stricken country surrounded by genocidal neighbors can actually exercise independent policy? Wake up from your romantic slumber. We need powerful friends. It's either going to be the turk loving west or the Russians who also share some of the same crucial strategic goals as we do in the region.


    11. Arto2,

      When I spoke about a predicament that Armenia is in, what do you think I was talking about? Unlike Poland, Moldova, Ukraine, the three Baltic countries, etc...who prefer to turn to the West, Armenia has really unhuman, savage beasts for neighbors ready to tear it to pieces in the most horrendous ways. Why does Poland, moldova, Ukraine, the Baltic countries prefer the West? Because Russian policy at its core is based on imperialism and conquest. And so, Armenia is forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. That, however, does not by any stretch of the imagination make the Russians saints or saviors, and certainly does not justify replacing Christianity with blind Russian A$$$ worship as Armenia's official state religion, as some are preaching here.

      In fact, for all practical purposes, when the shet hits the fan, Russia's track record of being there for Armenia in her times of need is just horrible. In fact, at the most crucial times, Russia's interference has been against Armenia during her time of need.

      Like I said, Russia wants an Armenia that is highly dependent on it, if not otherwise one of its provinces. Russia wants an Armenia that it can tell what to do, and how to act, and not one that can engage in free dealings (as in the case of the association agreement being replaced over night with the decision to enter the Eurasian union.) One would think that Armenia, as a state, would have national interests at heart. Russia thinks otherwise. This automatically puts our long term state interests at conflict with the way Russia sees and wants things. You see? Russia would rather the Karabakh conflict not be solved, because it keeps Yerevan close. If Russia were a really attractive option though, Armenia would want to keep close regardless.

      What I absolutely cannot believe, though, is how some here would reasonably expect France to set up, finance, and run an Armenian state in Cilicia where Armenians numbered in the hundreds or few thousands?

    12. Arto, Sarkis and Eurasian,

      This "observer" character is the same asshole that periodically pops up to make the silly accusation that we here are blind Russian worshipers. Don't waste your time on him, the idiot is hopeless. Pay particular attention to his comments about how Russia is supposedly more "imperialistic" than the West; how Russia has a "horrible" track record of being there for Armenia in her times of need; and why Cilician Armenians should have never expected assistance from France. I'm pointing these out simply to show you the caliber of the person you are trying to enlighten. This character lives in lala land and there is nothing you can do to help him.

    13. Eurasian,

      It's not only your opinion that Russia will resort to nuclear weapons to protect Armenia from foreign invasion, Russian officials periodically state the same. No one in the West or Turkey doubts that Russia will go nuclear if Armenia is seriously threatened. I think it's actually part of Russia's military doctrine essentially because, geostrategically speaking, Armenia is looked upon as Russian territory. Similarly, as the events of October 27, 1999 showed, no one doubts that Russia will not hesitate to turn Armenia upside-down if Yerevan tries to break away from the Moscow's orbit. For better or for worst, Armenia is wed to Russia. It may be an arranged marriage but Russia has proven to be a good partner for Armenia. Let's not forget that Russian-Armenian relations go back over two hundred years and Armenia exists today due to the Russian factor in the region.

      Your comments about Chechnya was very accurate. I'm very impressed because most people, most Armenians don't realize just how close the entire Caucasus - including the south Caucasus - came to a drastic Islamo-Turkic makeover in the 1990s. Had the Western-Turkish-Pakistani-Saudi Arabian agenda in the Caucasus at the time succeeded we Armenians would have - at the very least - lost Artsakh and Armenia today would be subordinate to the whims of Ankara and Western oil corporations. But don't expect assholes like "observer" to understand any of this.

      PS: You mentioned that you are not an Armenian. What are you and what is your motivation for being here?

    14. The Baltics, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine do not have any menacing neighbors hell-bent on its eradiation. If Russia is not imperialist as you assert and only wants good neighborly relations, why are the aforementioned countries turning the other direction? Would you please care to explain?


    15. Wait, so Russia armed Turks against the Greeks in the early years? Any sources to back that up?

    16. Observer, for someone who is accusing me and others of looking at things as black and white the nonsense you keep writing is a textbook example of looking at political matters as black and white issues. The only thing I have to say to you is stop watching crap like Fox. You sound like a typical idiot that gets his "news" from mainstream propaganda outlets. Anyway, please get lost. I don't want to discuss anything with you. You are a waste of time.

    17. Observer sounds like your typical diasporan faggot who is dying to prove that he is a "good American" who gets his (mis)information from the Anglo-American-Jewish propaganda machine. He is most likely a college-indoctrinated tool who, in his personal life, is a coward and weakling. And he probably has mental and moral shortcomings, perhaps he is a homosexual (aka he "experimented" in college) or his mother is a coal-burning whore and therefore he hates the civilizational values that Russia exists because the existence of his kind would not be possible in Russia, he could only exist in the filthy atmosphere of the west (like the mold on a rotting fruit or the cockroaches in a dirty home)... I am making personal insults because obviously the attempts that observer has made at geopolitical analysis are so shoddy that it is not worth addressing.

      Arto gave the best advice: reading would be his salvation. But his/her/its type is not worth saving, it should just return to hyeclub or reddit or wherever it gets its retarded, west-worshipping viewpoints. They can praise the blowjob-giving Poles, to quote the Polish-foreign minister.

      I don't want to waste time arguing with people like observer, but for anyone else who may be interested: the scum of the baltics and eastern europe are pawns of the west in the great chess game - luckily within a few years massive African and Muslim immigration will bring some much needed improvements to their genetics. Read that Turk-lover Brzezinski's "Grand Chessboard" for more information.

    18. Romanian AnonymusMay 23, 2015 at 1:38 AM

      My 2pence,

      The "Observer" character is the kind of "typical" anti-Russian troll who pops up also in Romanian blog comments. I read his comments diagonally to save time, guessing exactly what they are to say, because they use exactly the same catch words. There is no doubt who pays them (although some could be such idiots that really believe what they are suggested to say).

    19. Romanian,

      Russophobic trolls like our "observer" exist in all societies afflicted by the virus of Westernization, Americanization or Globalization. They people have a severe deficit of intellectual and spiritual depth and they are utterly incapable of critical thinking and rationale. But the worst part is that they 'think' they have knowledge, they 'think' they have answers. They 'think' they are progressive, they 'think' they are modern. It's essentially the arrogance of idiots. In other words, they are Americanized.

      With that said, we must acknowledge that the Russian nation is still suffering greatly as a result of terrible crimes perpetrated by the Bolshevik regime during the 1920s and 1930s. The memory of Bolshevik crimes in eastern Europe is still vivid throughout the region today. And this memory is exactly what's being meticulously and continuously exploited by an army of Western propagandists. Moreover, we must realize that the Soviet Union's sudden collapse disillusioned hundreds-of-millions of people throughout Eurasia. In fact, the Soviet collapse ruined the lives of hundreds-of-millions of people. Nations that suffered the most because of Bolshevism, communism and the collapse of the Soviet Union place direct blame on the Russian nation for their plight - often without realizing that Russians suffered just as terribly. That the masses will blame Russians per se is natural. It's inevitable. In short, Russia was on the losing side of history twice in one century. Russia has a very difficult, uphill battle to clear its name. Western powers for their part will do their best to make sure that nations that have suffered as a result of 20th century politics in Moscow will never forget. Needless to say, with global levers in their hands, the West will have the upper hand.

      The Western move on Kiev two years ago, which predictably drew a harsh Russian response, was at least in part designed by Western strategists to create conditions within which bad neighborly relations are maintained between Russia and eastern European nations.

      In a nut shell, what I am saying here is that in the minds of young, Westernized imbeciles like our "observer" it's just ain't cool to be pro-Russian.

      PS: Poles are a revealing case. While every Pole you speak to will say Germany was by-far their worst neighbor, most Poles claim to hate Russians much more than Germans. Poles are a people who suffer terribly from Western social engineering.

    20. Romanian AnonymusMay 24, 2015 at 12:43 AM


      You are perfectly right, alas. Russia has still a long way to go to heal the sequels of the terrible disease that affected her and through her others. What irks me is exactly the kind of attitude exhibited by the Poles. The most anti-Russian are, not unexpectedly, exactly the ones who collaborated the most.
      Solzhenitsyn had some profound views on the phenomenon:
      ”I expressed disappointment that the “conflation of ‘Soviet’ and ‘Russian’, against which I spoke so often in the 1970′s, has not passed away in the West, in the ex-socialist countries, or in the former Soviet republics. The elder political generation in communist countries is not ready for repentance, while the new generation is only too happy to voice grievances and level accusations, with present-day Moscow [as] a convenient target. They behave as if they heroically liberated themselves and lead a new life now, while Moscow has remained communist. Nevertheless, I dare [to] hope that this unhealthy phase will soon be over, that all the peoples who have lived through communism will understand that communism is to blame for the bitter pages of their history.”
      We are on the same page.

    21. "African and muslim immigration will soon bring a genetic improvement in the Baltic States ". Someone is reading Dysneyland comics. Comments like that are the product of a feverish imagination and a complete lack of gentics and biological acumen. Anonymous Ivan

    22. Ivan, first off you are on the right track as Disney promotes homosexuality, race-mixing, and the worshipping of primitive, Africanized pop-culture through all available means. So do all of the other mainstream media, particularly the media aimed at children. Lucky for the Baltic nations, they are so desparate to pretend they are part of western culture that they openly embrace every perversion that the mainstream media throws at them.

      The main point is that the Balkans have wholeheartedly signed up to the western agenda, meaning the Anglo-American-Jewish agenda. As have most of the rest of the EU and NATO vassals. And if you could pull your empty head out of you filthy ass for even a microsecond, you would understand that the EU and NATO have a specific agenda of massive third world immigration, interracialism, general population replacement for Europe. They don't even hide the agenda, it is out in the open. The Italian Navy picks up boats of African immigrants, and the EU settles them all over Europe. EU nations have immigration quotas that they have to meet. Every corner of the EU, from Ireland across to Greece is full of millions of immigrants. So if you think for even one second that the faggots of the Baltics will be spared this agenda, then you are the one with a "feverish imagination" and a complete lack of acumen in any field of discussion.

      The EU also promotes debt slavery, hollow-hoax worship, population control (aka abortions and childlessness) and other forms of degeneracy. Yet the Baltic nations are so thoroughly brainwashed by pro-western, anti-Russian propaganda that they trip over themselves at every opportunity to further integrate themselves into the Anglo-American-Jewish nightmare that is the EU. Hell, even though the euro currency is in shambles, Estonia in 2011, Latvia in 2014, and Lithuania in 2015 abandoned their own currencies and adopted the eureo. Because Baltic peoples are faggots and pussies, and get off on ceding control of their countries finances to Anglo-American-Jews. Anything to distance themselves from Moscow. I'm sure gay pride is fully celebrated in Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius. And they think giving blowjobs to Americans will somehow result in NATO protection.

      Given everything I have described, the Baltics will no doubt resemble the multicultural cesspools of Sweden, the Netherlands, Britain, and France in a few years. And that brings me to my final point: the Baltic nations are heralding in this fate with open arms because they are retarded, defective people. When large numbers of their women start getting knocked up after a night of BBC in the coming years , it will result in large numbers of half-breed mutts will not suffer from the bio-cultural deficiencies that the current, inbred, Russophobic, Anglo/American-worshipping, Zionist-obeying, self-destructive assholes occupying the Baltics. Ergo, an improvement in genetics.

      In closing, anonymous ivan, let me tell you to go fuck yourself. If you are actually from the Balkans, then have fun watching your country democratically elect to commit suicide via EU vassalage - hey it beats life under them "evil" Russkies, right? But just in case the person who posted that comment is actually that one idiot "white nationalist Armenian" who equated Englishmen with gold, then he also needs to get lost because this is the wrong forum to bitch and cry for the white trash who are being led to their destruction by the Anglo-American-Zionists. Seriously, stop wasting time arguing that unrelated cause here. The writing is on the wall for Europe, and I am glad it is. The sooner Turkey's NATO butt-buddies die off, the better.

  60. Pres. Sargsyan is doing the right thing, showing the finger wrapped in a silk lining.

  61. Armenian president within last 2 months had important meetings with 4 major powers in the world, Presidents and/or PMs of Russia, China, France and Germany. I am feeling much more confident with the way our foreign policy is progressing.

  62. Soviet flags, Russian flags, portraits of Stalin and "Yankee Go Home" banners in a massive 9th of May march in Gori (Georgia).

  63. The Decline of the United States

    I wouldn't call Germany a potential senior partner, but the writing is on the wall regarding America's decline.

  64. A Color Revolution for Macedonia — Paul Craig Roberts

    If Washington can grab Macedonia, Washington can stand between Greece and Serbia and perhaps persuade Greece to align with a Washington-supported natural gas pipeline that would supply Europe from Azerbaijan, thus reducing Russia’s influence in Europe.
    Macedonia has an Albanian minority population. Albania is a Washington vassal and NATO member. Washington has aligned with the dissident Albanians, demonstrators are in the streets, the Macedonian government is accused of corruption as was the Ukrainian government, and the US State Department is expressing its concerns about the Macedonian political crisis that Washington has orchestrated.

    Washington, Islamists, Turks, kikes, and all sorts of anti-Russian freaks are in an alliance to the death... And yet some degenerate Armenian-Americans are determined to support Washington's cause to the extent that they are ready to offer their own mothers as "comfort women" to Washington's imperial mercenaries...

  65. ‘US hunt for Russians’: Moscow warns citizens traveling abroad

    Inching closer to war, or at least some heavy retaliation.

  66. Arevordi,

    You asked why I am here. Well, I am just an American who has lived in Asia for a long time and has an interest in geopolitics. Have a copy of Luttwak's "Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire" on my desk at the moment. And your blog has a number of pieces that are quite interesting, as well as helping to fill my lacuna when it comes to the Caucasus. You do a very good job of getting some important information and truths to the broader Armenian world.

    I suppose I have a bit of a secondary motive in trying to understand what seems to me to be the foolishness or naivete of various groups, such as the Greeks, Armenians, and many Arabs. I enjoyed their food and music when I lived in Southern California, but could never understand how someone who was from Libya could ever be so stupid as to want the West's "help". I happened to work with someone whose father had been in the diplomatic corps for Khadaffi, but the only conclusion I could draw from that was that the people were childish. Perhaps like someone who got a free scholarship to UCLA refusing to go because it wasn't USC. It is easy to understand all the traitors, but hard to understand the stupid.

    If you are willing to take any requests, I would suggest you do a few posts on Armenia's neighbors in a thorough way. For example, a long analysis on the strengths, weaknesses, and possible future directions for Georgia. Of course, it is always subject to circumstances changing because the West and Russia might cut a deal on spheres of influence at some point, but such is the challenge with your kind of writing.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

    1. Eurasian, because of the name you post under I had simply assumed that you were Armenian. Care to tell us your nationality (ethnic background)?

      Regarding the foolishness or naivete of various peoples: As you have seen in my exchanges with certain visitors here, I also have very low tolerance when it comes to politically illiterate people. With that said, I think we Armenians generally fare well, especially when compared to peoples like Ukrainians, Poles, Georgians, Greeks and Arabs. I constantly criticize the Armenian approach to politics essentially because I want us to always keep the "bar high", so to speak. I am constantly fearing mongering about Western inroads in Armenia not because it is an imminent danger but because I want to raise awareness and prevent future, potential problems. In other words, I want to do my share in preventing today's cancerous cells in the Armenian body from metastasizing into malignant tumors someday.

      The main goal of this blog is to therefore encourage its readers to begin seeing current political issues - as well as history - from a rational, analytical and geopolitical perspective. I want my readers to think out of the box and revisit and thus rediscover certain aspects of history they only thought they knew well.

      I'll keep your advice about writing about Armenia's neighbors in mind. I'm not sure if you know but I have written about Georgian politics in the past, but always from a pro-Russian and pro-Armenian perspective. Please look at the following two blog commentaries if you haven't yet done so -

      What could the "Georgian Dream" mean for the south Caucasus? (October, 2012):

      Clashes at anti-government protest in Georgia (May, 2011):

      I try to keep this blog more-or-less in pace with current regional developments. So, I have no doubt that sooner-or-later I will have to revisit Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, etc. Anyway, thank you for your compliments. Thank you for reading. I am looking forward to your continued participation in discussions.

    2. Arevordi,

      I am the type of American whose British ancestors settled the East Coast by 1700. So pretty far back by American standards. Having said that, I consider the City of London to be one of Satan's favorite portals to visit Earth.

      I have noticed your appeal to rationality and not emotions on many occasions. Isn't it obvious that countries have interests, not really friends? Of course, there are different approaches to things, so US elite circles might have internal debates about how to balance Iran and Israel for their broader goals. And this is where our friend Observer is rather funny. Russian elites might debate whether to make Armenia bigger, richer, or stronger, whereas American elites might debate whether to make Armenia smaller or otherwise weaker. And yet he focuses on the idea that there is a certain logic in having Armenia weak within Kremlin circles. That logic only applies if and when Armenia can survive on her own; at the moment, that is not the case. If Armenia became significantly weaker at this point, Russia would have some tough decisions to make, economic as well as military. Speaking of military matters, could you explain or refer me to something on the events in October 1999? The Wikipedia entry raises more questions than anything. What did Russia do or not do?

      I did read one of those posts on Georgia, which was quite helpful, but would think that a number of recent developments would require revisiting the topic. For example, where are things with the railroad and what do you make of the second citizenship issue with Armenian-Georgians? I tend to see Georgian nationalism as a problem. Actually, the treatment of minorities in that whole part of the world is problematic.

      One point with the neighbors that I couldn't really get is what the Armenian establishment would like to see from a strategic or diplomatic point of view. My guess is these things, so please correct me if I am off.

      1-Recognition of Artsakh in the current borders.
      2-Better rail or road access to Russia.
      3-Opening the border with Turkey for trade.
      4-An increase in Russian strength throughout the entire region, including Iran.
      5-A weakening of Azerbaijan.

      What I don't know from the above is if they would like to see Azerbaijan attack Armenia or Artsakh as an opportunity to get more territory. If they would like that, when and under what circumstances? My limited dealings with Turks (though I visited there not long ago), would say that they can be easily provoked over matters of pride.

      Anyway, again, thanks for your efforts in informing people.


    3. Minority problems will always exist as long as minoritiy groups do not acquire critical mass to a degree which may become a threat to the host populations. The solution is to reduce or keep minority groups in one's nation to a bare minimum. The Israelis have done an incredibly fantastic job . They reduced the component of their christian population ( 40%) to a mere 8%. How they did it, silently and with total acceptance it is a question need to be addressed to them. Stemming from this example we have the tortuous conduct and behaviour of Georgian authorities toward the Armenians in the Armenian majority areas. These areas will have either to revert back to Armenia, or Armenian living there accept the status quo; see their numbers reduced and be deprived of State interest for development. This is not a problem with Georgian nationalism. The problem is that there are Armenians in areas of Georgia which should not be under Georgian suzerainty. By the same token the Georgians might perceive that the problem lies with Armenian nationalism. . Russian pivot in the Transcaucasus centers in Armenia. The dependency factor is obvious, if Armenia depends on Russia for 80 % of her trade, then you have a dependency, there is nothing wrong with that. The question is the quid pro quo. For Russia, Georgia is not a reliably base, the Georgians are oriented toward the West. Azerbaijan is equally unreliable since it is an appendage of Turkey. We have two turkish states. Russia will not sacrifice the Armenian borders or territories. If push comes to shove they can simply annex or gobble up it up in a greater Russia. This in itself is a better solution since if Armenia becomes unviable, it would be preferably to fall under Russian suzeraignty, than the unthinkable Turkish genocidal state. Armenia has no option at all. With Russia Armenia lives, With Turkey Armenia loses body and soul. A common border with Russia needs and must be forged, for mutual benefit. How this can come about is another matter. Historical opportunities have to be siezed and consolidated. Artsakh is Armenia; Russia can not view it as separate entitiy only linked by religious , linguistic and racial ties. It was an abortion of a territorial assignment by Stalin's bolcheviks. Piper

    4. Eurasian,

      You are as American as they come. Well, I am glad you are here to give us your all-American perspective on matters.

      I have to say you have a pretty too grasp of the geopolitical situation in the region. Your five point strategic agenda of the Armenian government is quite accurate, but it's missing some points: 1) The weakening of Turkey. 2) Developing better, more productive relations with the Armenian Diaspora. 3) Maintaining good relations with EU and the US. 4) Deepening relations with Iran. 5) Developing ties with China and India.

      Here is a blog commentary about the October 27, 1999 assassination that may help in shedding some light on the topic -

      Some Thoughts on the October 27 Killings in Armenia - October, 2010 :

      The only thing you said that I take some issue with is your somewhat arrogant comment about the "treatment of minorities in that part of the world". How has your nation treated its minorities in the past? In fact, how well does our nation treating its minorities today?

      Allow me take this one step further, which would actually bring this topic closer to the reality that exists in that part of the world: How would US authorities treat Mexicans, native Americans, mid-West libertarians or blacks if they sought to break away from the US or if they were collaborating with the enemies of the US? Let's take this a step even further: How would US authorities react if independence seeking minorities were armed and shooting back?

      One of the fundamental problems with that part of the world is the way national borders came into existence. The region's borders were established by imperial powers such as Britain, France, Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Another problem with that part of the world is that minorities there are often times native of the lands they are minorities in and sometimes they seek independence. Another problem in that part of the world is constant wars which breeds a cycle of inter-ethnic hate. Another problem with that part of the world is foreign meddling that constantly seeks to exploit the situation thereby making it worst. Another problems in that part of the world is genocidal/criminal nations like Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia - all three being Western strongholds.

      In case you want to bring up the treatment of Christians in Islamic lands in the past, just think about how Muslims were treated in Christian lands during the same time period. Were Islamic colonies tolerated inside Christian Europe back then? Not a single one was allowed to exist whereas Muslim lands contained large Christian populations. Islam has traditionally been more tolerant towards Christians and Jews than the other way around. The genocide against Armenians was a pan-Turkish agenda. The anti-Christian mood in the region today is DIRECTLY a result of Western meddling in the Middle East for the past century. Western policies in the region have given rise to a radical and intolerant form of Islam that never existed in history.

    5. Arevordi,

      Yes, your additional points for what the Armenian establishment are working on seem quite reasonable, and you have written about most of them or at least discussed them in the comments. I am curious what India and China can bring to the table. China does good and cheap construction, whereas India can help with IT or service industries, but is there an overlap for Armenia?

      As for the tone of arrogance, my apologies. The US has a dark record and American Indian reservations today and the policies towards them in general show the dark heart and racism that wasn't even required to simply steal their land. In addition, a lot of the evil (most?) that occurs around the world is ginned up by the Anglo-Zionist Empire. Having said that, though, I don't get the feeling that the national mindsets of many people are very compromising, even though their national survival is not at stake. Take Georgia as an example. It seems to me that they needed to be inclusive and not so aggressive with their minorities. Like in the US, patriotism/nationalism are tools used by scoundrels.

      Certainly, though, America is the last place to brag. Even now, the entire approach towards minorities seems to have been designed to give an excuse for disaster down the road. It goes without saying that any group that posed the least threat to the establishment would be smashed ruthlessly. And I totally agree about Islamic versus Christian history. If and when the Western system, or at least the American Empire, collapses, it will be very ugly. What goes around, comes around.


  67. Sudaka:

    Hello Arevordi. I usually dont share a lot of your views but in the core we are in one tune. I feel the situation is really worsening. Here in Chile we are in a situation of complete predatory wstern hegemony but with a population sick and tired of that corruption that does everything in their power to maintain us in a zombified state. I just want to ask you, when you will upload a new entry, and how do you see the near future of the Armenian relations with the USA? It is still a lot of danger to drop the EEU and embracing the west just by an opportunistic feel (economic like asociation with the EU )? How do you think Russia will respond in an scenario where Armenia coul be dumping the EEU?. One more question. How vulnerable is Armenia against an ISIS or big terrorist group offensive on their territory and against a campaign in the Russian Caucasus from Georgia?

    1. Sudaka?

      I regularly address all the questions you asked in my monthly blog commentaries as well as in the comments section. Please read my work before you ask questions or form opinions about this blog.

      To recap: Armenia is not moving away from Russia in any way. Armenia is firmly within the Russian camp (more so now than ever before) and it will remain there. Having already become a member in the EEU and CSTO, what official Yerevan is trying to do now is to present Armenia as a political bridge and a trade hub between east and west. Therefore, having already secured a strategic alliance with Russia, Yerevan is doing its best to keep relations with Europe and the US warm and constructive. Understand that Yerevan is doing this with Moscow's blessings. Therefore, it's erroneous to think that Yerevan's attempt to forge good relations with the West will come at the expense of Yerevan's ties with Moscow.

      Armenia is vulnerable to a number of things in the south Caucasus: Islamic extremism and pan-Turkism are amongst the things Armenia is vulnerable to, which is also the reason why Russia and Armenia are in a natural alliance and why both nations enjoy a symbiotic relationship.

      Just curious: What views of mine don't you usually share?

      Are you Armenian?

    2. Zorro Chilla
      Sorry arevordi, im not the sudaka you think, i used the name not knowing some poster here used it before. I apologize. Im from Chile, i sometimes read your blog and find it interesting with a really nice data recollection from different sources. I send those questions becuase im worried about the situation in the caucasus specially because it is in such unfavorable political climate with Turkey, Georgia, Islamic extremism and the USA doing their stuff against Russia. For being such a beautiful place it is cursed with powerfull dangers. My question was about what do you think and i am pleased with your short answer. Keep up the good work. When are you to upload a new megapost?

      ps: (i differ in things such as multiculturalism and homosexuality. I consider myself a well educated person and can see when something is used politically and when the same thing is destroyed when the same political manipulation does not need that anymore. I am from a postmodern school of tought, critic and never conforming. I see that people of ancient cultures does not like those views and i respect that, BUT i defend those positions because are part of a long standing struggle in our human culture and beyond beliefs and traditions. We are in a new era, we must valorate our culture, but dont destroy other views because we automatically see them as tools from our enemies. Thats it in few words) I only hope we as a people can
      defeat the hegemon and live in a truly multipolar world.

    3. Welcome to the blog, Zorro Chilla. I don't think our views are all that divergent. My main problem with homosexuality and multiculturalism is that it's being used by Western/Globalist powers as tools of social engineering and political meddling.

      Homosexuality is a very common psycho-sexual disorder that will not disappear from the world regardless of what anybody does. I am against discrimination and/or violence against homosexuals. With that said, I am even more against the celebration or promotion of the gay lifestyle in traditional conservative societies by Western-Globalist powers. The celebration and promotion of homosexuality (as well as feminism) is being used by Western/Globalist powers as a way of culling population growth - as well as destroying traditional religions and the traditional family, which are seen as obstacles against their desire to better control humanity. Similarly, the promotion of multiculturalism is being used by Western/Globalist powers as a way to eradicate nationalism and racism, which are also seen as obstacles against their desire to better control humanity.

      The overall intent here is to socially engineer a global populace that is God-less, nation-less, race-less and to a certain extent gender-less. Such a population can then be easily manipulated and controlled by those who possess levers of global control.

      I don't mind homosexuality as long as it's kept private and not being pushed onto children or society at large. I don't mind multiculturalism as long as it's confined to nations that were founded on multiculturalism - i.e. US, Britain, Russia, Turkey, etc. I actually see multicultural societies as being vibrant and interesting. My problem with multiculturalism is when Western powers use it as a tool to destroy aboriginal cultures and attack nationalism in targeted societies.

    4. Multiculturalism is biological oblivion. When masses of different Etonians are thrown together in a perimeter the following meshing of these factions is unavoidable. Multiculturalism could be defined as a crime against " humanity, against biological identity ?". Naturally before such a classification can be engendered it will have to be enunciated by a Juden. The Juden always create and mold the parameters of any discourse and also provide the nascent paradigmatic vocabulary. Trotsky and his Racism. Which is a rootless word. Le mkin and his genocide, which is playing with words, other juden luminaries and verbal prestidigitators have made it with hate speech, bigotry, previously disadvantaged , the list of juden crafted words fill many compendiums. Time and space does not allow for the complete listing.

  68. Thank you for the latest entry Arevordi, I wasn't sure how you were going to update the blog regarding the AG's 100th memorial, but you truly did the topic proper justice with your entry, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole thing and as always, learned new valuable pieces of information to add to my own understanding of the topic.

    There are a few unrelated topics I would like to add my two drams to that have been touched up in this entry and the last one. My parents were born in Iran, my mother's side actually can trace herself back generations to the original group of Armenians brought over into Iran by Shah Abas. My dad while originally from Iran, was part of the group of Russian Armenian families that settled in Iran turn of the 19th century/beginning of the 20th century. His father originally from Rostov and his mother from Krasnodar Russia. Familial backgrounds aside, while I've read this blog, I've more than a few times disliked the manner in which Iranian Armenians have been referred to as "pets", which is in fact a misnomer, and to quote you famously "allow me to explain" . . .

    There are two groups of Armenians that I feel the Armenian nation as a whole owes a GREAT debt to. The first being the Iranian Armenians and the other being the Karabakh Armenians. Of all the various Armenians tossed across the globe over the past 500 years, the Iranian Armenians that were brought over by Shah Abbas and their decedents in Iran are in fact the most accurate living fossils of "the Merchant Armenian" that we always refer to on this blog. I use the term "living fossil" because Iran's Armenians have maintained to this day a VERY closed community that nearly NEVER saw intermarriage with other minorities/ethnic/religious groups throughout its 400 year history in Iran. Only in the past 20-30 years I would say this has deteriorated somewhat. In particular the Armenians of Iran hailing from the Peria region are directly responsible for re-instituting a lot of cultural norms, beliefs, and religious practices in Soviet Armenia due to the en mass immigrations that took place in the 1940's, 60's, and 70's. Hayastancis would due well to remember that before the "Akhpars" from Peria got to Armenia, Hayastancis had been thoroughly been brainwashed by the Bolshevik cultural onslaught. Atheism was rampant and Armenian Christian and Pagan practices were dead. Christ had been replaced by " Lenin Papik" in classrooms, millennia old churches were being used as barnyards by the local village populations, and holidays such Zatik (christian) and Varta Vor (pagan) were nearly non existent prior to the arrivals of the "Akhpars". . . .

  69. Part 2 . . . .

    And what was the reward for these Iranian Armenians that out of love for their Hyrenik, immigrated to Hayastan on a whim for the sake of meeting the population quotas for statehood demanded by the Bolsheviks? Well they regularly were assaulted and discriminated against by the then Sovietized local Armenian populace, they were taken advantage of by locals because they were unfamiliar with Soviet laws, and had the privilege of being labeled as "Akpar" by fellow Hayastancis in public and in classrooms. Yet what they brought to Armenia should truly be viewed with awe. Though many were uneducated folk from the villages of Peria and surrounding Iranian provinces, through sheer stubbornness, they slowly over a course of 50 years or so taught the thoroughly Godless and Bolshevitized Hayastancis about practices of eating fish during Zatik as pertaining to their Christian beliefs as well as celebrating ancient Armenian Pagan practices such "Varta Var" among any other things that were revitalized. The cultural semblance that exists today in Hayastan with regards to way of life, Christian beliefs, and pagan roots of sun worship were all but dead had it not been for the incredibly patriotic Iranian Armenians from the Peria region and beyond. Soviet officials were lobbied by these very people to have all the ancient and local churches be re-activated as sites of worship because at the time they had become covered by shit due to being used as barnyards by local Haystancis. I will be the first to admit, when it comes to Geopolitics and political will, Iranian Armenians are essentially imbeciles, however, that does not mean they did not in their own way have huge impacts and contributions to Armenians worldwide. And as for the "SingSong" dialect they use, well that really is the only vestige of being amid Persians for 400 years. Anyone that knows Farsi will immediately understand that the SingSong dialect of Armenians is phonetically a direct derivative of the speech rhythm and pattern used by Persians when they speak Farsi. Other than that, after 400 years of living amongst muslims in Iran, these people have retained a living fossil record of Armenians that existed during the original migrations instigated by Shah Abbas. . ..

  70. PART 3 . . .
    Armenians of Iran in fact are the very same "Merchants" which sadly represent the middle period of the 1000 year ago loss of the "Armenian warrior spirit". This was how these Merchants were 400 years ago, they were exactly like the Iranian Armenians of the 20th century, because the Iranian Armenians changed little during that 400 year course. But make no mistake, while Iranian Armenians are not "warriors" as we would like our whole nation to be, their business acumen I believe is amongst the most shrewd and calculated. This is a group of people that was able to institute food processing in Iran on a national scale which at the time of the 1980 revolution was unheard of for any minority. The Mekaelian family of food processors is a perfect example. Sadly, yes they lack political will and spirit, but they have had other far reaching contributions to Armenian national aspirations that are often overlooked because they were far more gradual and passive. Their importance in what I like to consider a mini cultural renaissance in Hayastan during Soviet times is unparalleled, and yet some folks here like to refer to Iranian Armenians as "pets" or "parska havs" or other derogatory terms which is simply not the type of respect they deserve. I will leave you with this thought, EVERYWHERE any Iranian Armenians have settled, whether it be west, east, north, or south, they have come to be loved by the local populace and be respected by government officials because of their contributions to civil society. Today within a conservative muslim government, a small left over population in Iran still holds 2 seats at the national assembly by simply being themselves . . .

  71. PART 4 . . . .
    The second group of Armenians that the Armenian nation should be very grateful of are the modern day Karabaghcis. Oddly enough, while the Iranian Armenian represents the living fossil record of yesteryear that has had all semblance of the warrior spirit sucked right out of him over a course 1000 years. Karabagh's Armenians I believe gave birth to a new age in which a rekindling of the warrior ways has been started. They are brash, they are crude, but they are also cunning and willing to kill and did whatever was necessary to liberate Arstakh. For me, as a modern day Armenian male, the liberation of Arstakh is monumental, in fact it is the first non -defeatist act for Armenians worldwide in the 20th century. While the goats at the ARF for 100 years have fomented a self-pitying, whining, and passive aggressive Armenian spirit within the Diaspora, the Karabagh Armenians gave birth to the idea of "yes, we can and will kill, maim, slaughter, in the name of defense of our lands." Basically during the Arstakh war the world for the first time saw that Armenians will not allow a transgression of ethnic cleansing and land grabbing to take place against them for the first time in a long while. Yes we needed Russia's support to do it, but the blood and guts came from Armenians of Arstakh, and this is a critical ingredient to instill hope, courage, ruthlessness, and resoluteness within an ethnic populous that for so long has either been practicing self defeatist ideology or simply been bullied.

    Sadly though, yet again when Karabaxcis were fleeing Sumgait to Soviet Armenian proper, again the local populace began treating them poorly as new arrivals, much in the same light as Iranian Armenians were treated decades earlier. Karabacis got the term "Smelly Karabaxci" as the derogatory choice of term to describe them, though ironically enough, many of them were far more educated than the locals they were living amid. When the war broke out, the usually cursory faggots in Yerevan were claiming that "we are dying for these Turkacas Hyes blah blah", many in Yerevan were against the war effort that was being implemented for the sake of the oppressed Arstakh Armenians. That is why today you will see many Yerevancis and other locals claim "Armenia has been usurped by Karabacis", what these motherfuckers don't realize is that those that fight to win a war are the ones that will be left in charge when that war is won, and that is exactly what happened. Many of those very same "smelly Karabacis" that won the day in Arstakh are now running the show in Armenia and the Yerevancis and ARFers each for their own reasons are whining as to why it is not them running things. . . . .

  72. PART 5 . . . .
    With regards to Iran and Russia. Russian and Armenian interests today align more than ever, some of you idiots coming on this blog to jerk off to your US/EU wet dreams are absolute imbeciles. First off, no nation can ever claim to be the unconditional friend of another nation forever, it has never happened in history, and it never will. Even Israel gets a rare push back from US administration despite most of the time the tail wagging the dog in the US/Israeli relationship. Interests however do align strongly from time to time and in this period in history, there is no doubt that Russian and Armenian interests are in alignment.

    NO MOTHERFUKERS, that does not mean that Russia is going to abandon its entire military industrial complex and avoid multi billion dollar deals with say the Azeris on our behalf, as it has been pointed out to deaf ears repeatedly on this blog, amidst a Russian vacuum, the Israelis will step right in and sell the Azeribaboons the weapons they need. Georgia tried to fuck Russia and now cannot be trusted. The Azeris got some oil money and are sitting on the fence flirting with BP, NATO, and Russia, so they cannot be trusted. Armenia however is dependent on Russia, enjoys cultural and religious ties with Russia, and currently is the single buffer state with the best track record with Russia in terms of reliability. Now are Russians in the power play position in this relationship we have with them, YES they are, but that does not mean they do no value the level of ties we have and the convergence of our interests.

    Right now Armenia is to Russia, what Mexico is to the US. Yes that is a crappy analogy but it's true. Mexico is a hugely important geopolitical buffer zone for the US. However, Armenia can become to Russia what Israel is to the US IF AND ONLY IF all the dumb shits in the Diaspora in the US, EU, AND RUSSIA realize its time to lobby the Russians as a top priority. Once Russians see a serious dedicated effort to reach out to them by Armenians worldwide will they take Armenia and the Diaspora as a whole more seriously, seriously enough in fact to curtail arms sails to our enemies just as the US does for Israel against Israel's Arab enemies.

    If I had to chose one nation to rely on when the shit hits the fan its Russia simply because 1) we live close to one another, what affects me will undoubtedly affect the Russians on some level far more than the US/EU an ocean away 2) We have generally speaking historically positive ties and we've "done time together" in Soviet times and further in the past 3) We share religious commonalities 4) We have more or less common long term enemies that would like us gone, but us Armenians are far more vulnerable because we chose to be merchants while the Russian developed their warrior ways (i.e.: have nukes) 5) Russians have always supported and recognized the AG undoubtedly 6) The MOTHERFUCKING RUSSIAN PRESIDENT, arguably the second or soon to be first most powerful man on Earth has taken a flower in his hand and gone to the AG memorial to pay his respects when he could just as easily not give a shit and take a big dump on the entire Armenian nation and there is nothing any Armenian could do. . . .these and many other reasons should be reason enough to realize we need to begin working more closely with our Russian partners in forming a truly long lasting strategic partnership while our interests align. . . .

  73. PART 6 . . .
    With regards to Iran, certainly they are not the ideal geopolitical ally. Frankly, this whole new mufti issue has been uncomfortable. Other things that make me as an Armenian uncomfortable are the lack of Iranian presence at the AG 100 memorial in Armenia. This is a direct neighbor we are talking about and still that ugly Muslim commonality (despite the Sunni, Shiite issue) reared its ugly head and seemed to trump Geopolitics for the Iranians. What else could explain their absence and also Amedjinedad's disappearing acts as Arevordi has pointed out in the past. Though I will say I am not surprised, this is a classic example of Persian socio-political behavior, they are master tacticians in social situations in getting what they want and this is on a larger geopolitical scale.

    Yes its true we have MANY churches in Iran while they have just the Blue Mosque in Armenia, BUT, those churches don't simply serve our community interest. They are a visual buffer of sorts for the world, especially against Western criticisms of Iranian regimes being bad towards minorities. Armenian churches have become somewhat of a tool for Persians to use as a defense against totalitarian accusations made by the West. Also please keep in mind, while they simply have "Just the blue mosque" in Iran, some proselytizing is at times attempted and women conversions due to intermarriage due occur sadly, yet our government does not react to these issues with violence and killings. But during the 80s and 90s, and even to a high degree today, if any proselytizing were to be attempted in Iran, you would be jailed or worse yet, possibly be put to death. I know this is a muslim thing, but while Geostategically I have nothing against Iran or its people, I think its important to take these types of minutia into consideration before we either dedicated ourselves fully to them or take them seriously as "allies". What I have always wondered is if Iran had the military might of say Russia, and the Russians were where the Iranians are now, would either Armenians or Russians be allowed to flourish as mostly Christian states or would the Iranians align themselves quickly with the surrounding muslims and squash us?

  74. Next time when an Iranian official arrives in Yerevan, this official must be made to pay a visit to the memorial.i don't care about ahmedijad making an excuse and disappearing. We should have prevented it. This step of a visit to the memorial is not to be compromised. You either pay a visit or don't come in at all. the Iranians are conspicuously silent when it comes to AG. Why ? They are indifferent and remiss to recognize it.

    1. Several reasons for Iranians acting like little bitches regarding the Armenian Genocide:

      -Iranians fear NATO-member Turks, and Turkic influences on their own Turkic minorities.

      -Iranians are Muslims, when push comes to shove they are not interested in accusing another Muslim state of genocide lest is set a precedent.

      -Iranians themselves have in earlier centuries engaged in mass deportations of Armenians, most notably Shah Abbas in the 1600s against the Armenians of Nakhichevan and Yerevan.

      -Iranians generally consider the South Caucasus to be a province of Greater Iran which they have (temporarily in their own minds) lost control of, they have never really looked at Armenians as much more than a subject race of Iran.

      -Some Armenians, specially Parskahays, mistake the fact that Iranians playact nice and respectful to Armenians as alleged proof that "Iran loves us, bro". Arto in the past gave the example Iranians generally being willing to go to great lengths in order to achieve whatever end they want (the example he gave was a Persian man feigning a conversion to Christianity and even learning the Armenian language to some degree just to be able to marry an Armenian girl he wanted, while in reality the Persian had no intent to change permanently).

      All that being said, if Armenia wanted to put more pressure on Iran, Armenia could easily do so. Russia's presence in Armenia means Iran will never be able to threaten Armenia and will always have to smile and play nice with Armenian leaders. I think Armenia values Iran more for the open border; for tacit Iranian support (or at least non-interference) in Artsakh; for Iran serving as a slight balance to Azerbaijan in international Muslim organizations like the OIC (although Armenia knows it cannot rely on Iran for any serious diplomatic support); and for Iran not molesting the remaining Parskahays. Genocide recognition or non-recognition from Iran is, I think, less important for Yerevan than the above factors, specially in light of the difficult geopolitical situation Armenia faces and the dearth of decent bordering nations Armenia currently has - which incidentally is another excellent proof for why Armenia NEEDS a common border with Russia, either through Azerfagjan or through Georgia.

  75. The Russophobes must be having a very hard time lately... well they would be having a hard time if they were capable of any logic, independent thought, critical thinking, self-respect, or shame; unfortunately the Russophobes tend to be comprised of the lowest form of scum within the Armenian nation and as such they are impervious to facts.

    Airport in Armenia's north will start functioning by 2015 end

    YEREVAN. – An airport in Stepanavan town in Armenia's north will start operations till the end of t his year, Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Vache Terteryan said.
    The repair works are being carried our together with the Russian partners within the framework of creation of Armenian-Russian humanitarian center, he said while presenting report on implementation of the 2014 budget in the parliament.
    In long-term perspective the center will have international significance for rapid reaction to emergency situations.
    “Operation of the airport in Kapan will extend coverage and to the south of the republic. However, it's too early to name specific periods of recovery. Airports will be able to receive civil aviation, too,” he added.


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