Putin’s adviser on plans to destabilize Azerbaijan


“Russia is the guarantor of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and Armenia as well as the Karabakh. If we assume that Russia abdicates these functions, the territorial integrity of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh will not be ensured, since Russia is a proportional power, thereby, countries in the zone adjacent to Russia can maintain their territorial integrity solely due to good neighborly relations with Russia,”- an ideologue of the Putin regime, the ideologist of the United Russia Party, member of the advisory council by the State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin Alexander Dugin came up with such a sensational statement, haqqin.az reports citing the Armenian sources.

According to him, “Today Karabakh belongs to Armenia, because the Armenians have made a deal with Russia.”

In his interview, Alexander Dugin also voiced overt threats against Azerbaijan and reveals Russia’s secret plan to destabilize the situation in Azerbaijan: “Azerbaijan has Talysh and Lezgin factors. There are many other ones, the gravity of which Azerbaijan cannot even imagine. Russia has a lot of leverage to speak friendly in the language of a dialogue or a hostile language.”

The pro-Kremlin politician is vexed with Azerbaijan’s position on the territorial integrity of Ukraine: “The very fact that Baku is opposing Russia shows that Azerbaijanis challenge us like Saakashvili and the Kiev junta, and we already know how it ends… If Russia starts talking to Azerbaijan, who demonstrates the negative attitude to it, indicated in the vote in the UN General Assembly, there are other factors that Russia may resort to apart from Nagorno-Karabakh,”- Dugin stressed, adding that unlike Azerbaijan “Armenia has proved itself as a faithful friend, and we truly appreciate this, whereas Azerbaijan has unexpectedly betrayed us, that we have also taken a note of.

Will we keep silent? Surely, not. They are on the path of self-destruction,”- said one of the masterminds of Putin’s Eurasian Union. 

Source: http://gulustan.info/2014/04/putins-idea-monger-on-plans-to-destabilize-situation-in-azerbaijan/