Welcome to Nikol Pashinyan's "նոր Հայաստան" - Autumn, 2018

Armenians have once again placed Armenia at a very dangerous crossroads. The nation's future today hangs in a balance. Its future in fact looks bleak. Make no mistake about it, Neo-Marxist/Globalist interests put Nikol into power. The bigger purpose behind the move may be connected to the lingering dispute over Artsakh, as well as the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance's undying urge to wage war against Russia and Iran. All in all, Armenia is in the epicenter of a major future conflict in the region, and it has anti-national, liberal, pacifistic, inexperienced, unprofessional, Russophobic, politically illiterate and Western funded ideologues and street activists at the nation's control-board. Perhaps worst, Armenia also has a politically illiterate and restless population that does not know what it wants or what it is doing. Why am I getting into this painful exhibition, which, to be honest, feels like a desperate act of masochism? Simply because it is not in my nature to sit back and watch a loved one I am so invested in attempt suicide. If I can't stop the act, I want to at least feel like I did my best to prevent it. I believe a lot is at stake for Armenia right now. I believe the situation in and around Armenia has put its survival as a viable nation-state (as well as that of Artsakh's) at risk. This is why I am essentially self-flagellating by writing this commentary. This is why I decided to remain on the topic of Armenia for a while longer. I do so very reluctantly because this subject matter is very painful for me to even think about but I do so out of a sense of responsibility I feel as an Armenian. I also do so because I am very invested in the country. I believe had more people been directly invested in the country, we as a people would not be taking politics in the country very lightly. I would therefore like to give this commentary as well as the previous one as much exposure as possible, and in doing so hope that in the meanwhile our politically-illiterate, deeply-troubled and ever-restless people somehow come to their good senses - if only to avert yet another national tragedy in the future.

Predictions about Nikol are slowly but surely coming true

It's been one year since Nikol and his cohorts came into power. One year is ample time to assess the country's political inclinations and recognize its general directional vector. Although it does not make me happy to say this, but a lot of what I began predicting when Nikol's freak-show first took to the street last spring has already come to pass.
It is now a matter of fact that Supranational interests were behind Nikol's rise to power. We now know that Open Society Foundation and the Washington based NED were among the major financiers of the so-called "Velvet Revolution". In fact, Nikol's opposition newspaper "
Haykakan Zhamanak" has been taking money from the CIA run NED for many years. Both, the CIA's NED and George Soros' Open Society foundation actually finance dozens of politically active individuals and organizations throughout the small and impoverished country.

It is now also more than obvious that Nikol is indeed Levon Petrosyan's acolyte and that his political pursuits in Armenia are more-or-less a "Levonakan" agenda. It is now known that Moscow did not oppose Nikol's rise to power from the beginning. And we have also seen that despite its support for Nikol, Moscow is concurrently not happy with Nikol's government. This may suggest that Moscow (in conjunction with Anglo-American-Jews) is allowing Yerevan the proverbial rope to hang it with. We have now also seen that not one of Armenia's hated oligarchs have been arrested or even chased out of the country. None of the reported "billions of U.S. Dollars in offshore bank accounts" have been brought back to Armenia. Nikol's so-called "fight against corruption" has been for the most part a political show and the arrests that have been made thus far are primarily those of low level crooks and thugs. We have also seen Western influences - from homosexual propaganda to vaccinations, from Rap music to lowbrow comedy on television, from GMOs to American fast food chains, from IMF loans to USAID programs - flooding into Armenia like never before. Moreover, we are beginning to see that the country's economic situation is getting worst and cost of living is rising. Wages remain low, unemployment remains high. Investments are decreasing. Crime rates are rising. And Nikol's incompetent regime has absolutely no idea on how to fix any of these problems. We are also seeing Nikol's appointed officials attack and ri
dicule ethnocentrism, traditionalism, conservatism and nationalism. Armenians from Artsakh are coming under increased scrutiny. The national Church is getting targeted more frequently, and seemingly with impunity, by dubious activists from outside the country. Moreover, and perhaps most disconcertingly, Yerevan's ties to Moscow is now coming under constant question and re-evaluation. We are now seeing that Armenia's new regime is much less professional and much less nationalistic than the previous one it replaced.

Finally, it is now more than obvious that Serj Sargsyan played a role in bringing Nikol to power. After all, why is Serj Sargsyan, who according to Nikol's brain-dead and self-destructive supporters (perhaps 90%-plus of Armenians today) is the Devil incarnate, a free man and is still in possession of his supposedly stolen wealth? Moreover, the country's main traitor and criminal, Levon Petrosyan, is being contacted by Nikol's government not to interrogate him for his numerous crimes against Armenia and Artsakh but to discuss foreign policy and Artsakh. Manvel Grigoryan was essentially a low hanging Choban to make an example out of. Manvel's arrest is a political show, as well as revenge for abandoning Levon Petrosyan's revolution in 2008. To date, of the top "criminals" in the country, former president Robert Kocharyan is the only one Nikol's regime has put any sort of pressure on. We are now seeing Armenia, once a bastion of political stability in the south Caucasus, entering into a period of political volatility. All of this was predicted.

As I said one year ago, when the George Soros and NED funded freak-show first reared its ugly head, Nikol is a fraud and his rise to power may have devastating repercussions on Armenian statehood. Nikol's regime is pursing a very dangerous political course both at home and abroad. They may be doing it intentionally, they may be doing it unwittingly. Their intent is of secondary concern to me. What matters to me are the final result, the repercussions and the consequences that Nikol's political mistakes and governmental mismanagement will cause for Armenia. After all, as the sayings go, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" and "standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides". Despite his intentions and his perceived abilities, Nikol will soon find out how complicated and dangerous geopolitics can be, not only for him personally but also for the Armenian state. Nevertheless, this was all expected, at least by people who have normally functioning brains (i.e. a tiny minority in Armenian society today). Overall, the political and economic situation in Armenia today is much worst than it was before the so-called "Velvet Revolution". Armenia is being run my incompetent fools and traitors. But, the "Armenian Street" is happy it got revenge against the "Karabakh Clan"; and that's the only thing that counts in a "Democracy".

Speaking of inexperience, incompetence, unprofessionalism and foreign funded amateurs in government today: The leaked telephone conversation between the head of NSS and SIS was deeply embarrassing, very disappointing and quite concerning. The country is beginning to resemble a weak, incompetent and unstable banana republic. At the very least, what happened was criminal negligence, as it was actually a matter of national security. What this ultimately suggests is that there probably are no "state secrets" in Armenia that our enemies or anyone else for that matter does not know about. Think for a moment: The director of the NSS (essentially the head of the country's wiretapping department who incidentally has a football fetish) was himself wiretapped discussing extra-judicial/illegal arrests with the head of the country's SIS, who's brother just happens to be the Chair of the Board of Directors at George Soros' Open Society Foundations. This is a sign of weakness, incompetence and serious internal instability. Is it not also a sign of political corruption? Is it not also a sign of political persecution? For his credit, the head of the NSS is at least worried about Russia's reaction. But his expressed fear won't impress or surprise the Kremlin one bit because Armenia's NSS is in-effect subordinate to Russia's intelligence services. All in all, the leaked recording showed everyone (including our enemies) just how unprofessional and how incompetent our state officials are. I image it was not much better before Nikol. It's just that now, with all the internal divisions deepening, the proverbial shit is rising to the water's surface for all to see.

One year into Nikol's government, Anglo-American-Jews and Russians don't seem very happy and/or impressed  with Nikol, despite the fact that they were both  instrumental in bringing him to power. Western powers don't seem happy with him perhaps because of his inability to separate Armenia from Russia. Russians don't seem too happy with him perhaps because of his desire for closer relations with Western powers. There have been a number of Western and Russian articles recently criticizing Nikol's regime. The same Western propaganda organs that were singing Nikol's praise during the "Velvet Revolution" have been very critical of him lately. It's as if they are pressuring him to remind him of the things he needs to be doing. Perhaps by the Kremlin's order, Robert Kocharyan has unexpectedly jumped into the fray as well. Moreover, Russian officials are establishing closer relations with their Azeri counterparts. President Putin has not yet stepped foot in Armenia since Nikol's so-called "Velvet Revolution", but he has visited Azerbaijan. It's as if Nikol's regime is being warned and pressured by all sides. In a nutshell: Nikol and his cohorts accepted foreign support to come to power, and now they do not know how to pay them back. In a sense, they took help from Western loan sharks, now the loan sharks are expecting him to return the favor. Nikol and friends also got Moscow's support, but now they don't know how to keep it.

Nikol's options are very limited. Any attempt by his regime to break Yerevan's ties with Moscow will immediately result in his elimination with dire consequences for Armenia itself. And keeping Armenia close to Russia will needless to say upset Anglo-American-Jews. Nikol is going to find out the hard way the meaning of the famous Thatcherian quip "standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous", you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides". It's very hard for me to accept that grown men, men in charge of my homeland nonetheless, don't even understand basic elements of political rationale and wisdom. All in all, Nikol is in very deep shit. By extension, so is Armenia. All this thanks to that wonderful thing called the "Armenian Street" and that wonderful Western export known around the world as "Democracy".

Political stability, that which Armenia enjoyed for the most part in recent years, is now a thing of the past. The political instability in Armenia is now being deliberately manufactured from abroad. The country is slowly being led down a dark path. What is their end game? It may be Armenia's defeat in Artsakh. By saying defeat, I simply mean the returning of certain territories currently under Armenian control to Baku by force. Personally, in principal, I don't have a problem with trading land for peace. What I have a big problem with is being forced to return land for "promises" of peace. In such a situation, you don't control what territories you are giving up, how much territory you are giving up and under what terms and conditions you are giving it up. I believe this is where Armenia is currently heading. I believe Armenia is a victim of a conspiracy. Who are the masterminds and the ringleaders behind the Nikolite conspiracy against Armenia? Supranational powers, and their servants throughout Armenian society. What is the tool they are using to achieve their goals? The Armenian sheeple, also known as the "Armenian Street". Who is ultimately their victim? As always in our history, it's the Armenian homeland, including Artsakh. Although still a tiny minority, increasing numbers of people are beginning to finally wake up -
Anti-Pashinyan group forms new political party
Soros Foundation in Armenia – Independent Study of the Country’s System of External Governance
"Бархатных переворотчиков, как бы от них не тошнило, понять можно"
Սորոսը Հայաստանում՝ թվերով ու անուններով
Եթե Նիկոլը և Աննան որոշել են նման քաղաքականություն վարել Հայաստանում, թող երեխաներից մեկին զոհաբերեն
Հայաստանը լրջագույն վտանգների առջև, ծանր իրավիճակում է նաև վարչապետ Փաշինյանը
Լևոնի թիմը Նիկոլի դեմքով եկավ իշխանության. Քաղաքական վերլուծաբան
Ոնց որ Լևոն Տեր-Պետրոսյանի ժամանակն է վերադարձել. Սերգեյ Շաքարյանց
Նիկոլ Փաշինյանի վերջը շատ ավելի վատ է լինելու, քան Լևոն Տեր-Պետրոսյանինը. Արամ Հարությունյան
Երևանի ընտրությունները Նիկոլին տվեցին Ղարաբաղը հանձնելու մանդատ. Կարեն Վրթանեսյան
Քոչարյանը Փաշինյանի պատանդն է. Գուրգեն Եղիազարյան
Թալանված Հանքեի Միլիարդները Թողած՝ Ընկել Են Սամվել Ալեքսանյանի Էրեխեքի Ետեւից․ Գուրգեն Եղիազարյան 
Ուզում եք ՀԱՊԿ-ը աղբակույտի՞ վերածել. Գուրգեն Եղիազարյան
Փողը եկել է կոնկրետ մարդկանցից, անփող հեղափոխություններ չեն լինում. Քաղաքագետ
Ամենակարևորը հողերի ազատագրումն էր, նիկոլիզմ, զիբիլիզմ ․․․ սաղ սուտ է. Սերգեյ Շաքարյանց 
Իրանական կողմը երկու անգամ Փաշինյանին հրավիրել է Թեհրան, բայց հետաձգում է․ Քաղաքագետ
«Հեղափոխությունը Նիկոլը կամ ժողովուրդը չի արել. այս ծրագիրը Հայաստանում չի մշակվել». Գառնիկ Իսագուլյան — ԱՐՏԱՌՈՑ
Բոլոր նախագահներից Նիկոլ Փաշինյանը հանդիպում է միայն Լևոն Տեր-Պետրոսյանին. ինչո՞ւ
Նիկոլ Փաշինյանն օգոստոսի 17-ից սկսած՝ ադեկվատ չէ. Գնահատական
«Նիկոլն ու Սերժը միասին էին ծրագրել հեղափոխությունը, փաստեր ու վիդեոներ կան». Ռոբերտ Սիմոնյան
Վարչապետի տիկնոջ պացիֆիստական հայտարարությունը բուռն արձագանք է գտել
«Ժողովրդավարության անվան տակ գալիս են ժողովրդի գերեզմանափոսը փորելու» . Տ. Կոմիտաս վարդապետ (Տեսանյութ)
Փաստորեն խաբեցին «էն» ԼԳԲՏ պարադը կայացավ. Արշակ Զաքարյան
Բողոքի ակցիա՝ ընդդեմ ԼԳՏԲ համայնքի
Վատ իշխանությունից հետո եկավ ավելի վատը. Պավլիկ Մանուկյան
Մարիխուանայի, մարմնավաճառության, ԼԳԲՏ անձանց ամուսնության օրինականացում. Ալեն Սիմոնյանի 10 սկանդալային իրագործելիք նպատակները
The courageous voices listed above are now more-or-less saying what I have been saying for the past twelve months: that Serj Sargsyan planned his resignation; that nothing of real substance has changed in the country; that offshore money remains offshore; that none of the Oligarchs have been touched; that destructive Western influences are now pouring into the country; that the new government is made up of incompetents; and that major concessions over Artsakh is coming. Pavlik's interview in particular is perhaps the most significant development coming out of Nikol's "New Armenia". Yet, it did not make much news headlines. After seeing his interview, I am now beginning to think that his comrade in arms, Araik Khandoyan, also a "Sasna Dzrer" member and a well known war hero, albeit a mentally unstable one, may have been murdered by Nikol's regime for some reason. Nikol did not even attend Araik Khandoyan's funeral, reportedly because he was too busy playing footsie with Justin Trudeau. In any case, both men, Pavlik and Araik, are your typical, good intentioned, patriotic, brave... but hopelessly naive, hopelessly emotional, hopelessly stubborn, hopelessly ignorant, hopelessly backward and hopelessly politically illiterate Chobans who were fooled, manipulated, mislead and exploited by their leaders, who are in reality foreign funded mercenaries and agents. Therefore, Pavlik and Araik are your typical Armenian nationalists. The plight of Armenian nationalism was probably just like this throughout the centuries. Nevertheless, as we can see, an increasing number of people are waking-up from their debilitating revolutionary hangover. But, it's too little, too late, in my opinion. Armenia today is a total mess and Nikol still enjoys a "mandate" from the still unsuspecting sheeple. Therefore, the coming months and years don't look too good. All this thanks to Serj, Nikol and of course "people power".

Thus far, the only prediction of mine that has not yet come to pass is my prediction for Artsakh. That said,, I have no doubt that it eventually will as well. An incompetent street scoundrel and one that also espouses Liberal and Globalist ideals was put in power by Supranational interests primarily for one purpose: To cause political unrest inside Armenia, soften Armenian society and, at some point in the future, use it all to finally settle the dispute over Artsakh under the terms put forth by Supranational interests. 

There are no two ways about it: Anglo-American-Jews put Nikol in power and the Kremlin, for reasons not yet clearly understood, accepted their move. Therefore, make no mistake about it, Nikol and friends are serving behind-the-scenes masters and their so-called "Velvet Revolution" was orchestrated from above and from abroad. It therefore had nothing to do with Armenia's welfare, Democracy or even Oligarchs. Armenians have once again fallen victim to a political conspiracy. When it comes to matters pertaining to geopolitics and nation-building, Armenians continue proving themselves utterly incompetent and incapable.
How they prepared their field of play

Politics may be an exact science and an art form, but it is also a high stakes chess game where only the smartest, ruthless, fittest and wisest survives. For Western imperialists and their Neo-Bolshevik hordes, open societies are looked upon as open doors for invasion and exploitation. As they say, might makes right. And "international law" is written by the strong (the few) to control the weak (the many). With that in mind, let's understand that major powers have strategic agendas, often long-term, that they systematically pursue. The way in which they pursue these agendas is ultimately determined by factors like the targeted players themselves (i.e. those who are subjected to the agenda). In other words, they attempt to manipulate, exploit and work on the most vulnerable party in play, and they do so in ways that are most effective/efficient on that particular group. And they have finely-honed skills rooted in Marxist/Bolshevik ideology to manipulate, subvert and exploit. I have no doubt that senior policymakers and political experts in places like Moscow, Washington, London, Brussels, Ankara and Tel Aviv clearly see Armenia/Armenians as the party they can manipulate. Armenian society today is after all fully open to all kinds of Western organizations and their subgroups (e.g. Radio Liberty, British Council, Open Society Foundation, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Peace Corps, IMF, NED, USAID, UN, to name only a few) and Armenian organizations and their sub groups that work closely with Western political interests (e.g. AGBU, NASSR, ARF, AAA, ABA, Hovnanians, Zoryan Institute, to name only a few). This, coupled with our people's natural traits (e.g. օտարամոլ, չտես, greedy, egotistical, ambitious, selfish, individualistic, materialistic, jealous, arrogant, proud, self-aggrandizing, stubborn, pessimistic, cynical, irrational, tribal, temperamental, reactionary, pretentious, ostentatious, restless, impatient, self-righteous, politically illiterate and sometimes delirious), it is easy to see why Armenians are an easily manipulated and misled bunch.

They certainly have their well-financed and highly sophisticate programs and tools of manipulation and exploitation. A little reminder on how these things work -
[The Dulles brothers] were able to succeed [at regime change] in Iran and Guatemala because those were democratic societies, they were open societies. They had free press; there were all kinds of independent organizations; there were professional groups; there were labor unions; there were student groups; there were religious organizations. When you have an open society, it’s very easy for covert operatives to penetrate that society and corrupt it”. Stephen Kinzer
Мода на революцию: как молодёжь учат совершать госперевороты на западные деньги

How Western money funds overthrow-your-government classes
Հայաստանում երիտասարդներին ամերիկյան փողերով սովորեցրել են հեղափոխություն անել. Մարգարիտա Սիմոնյան /տեսանյութ/
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The US Empire, the CIA, and the NGOs: https://dissidentvoice.org/2017/07/the-us-empire-the-cia-and-the-ngos/
Moscow Details Subversive NGO Activities in Russia and Around the World:  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/49541.htm
Inside America’s Meddling Machine: The US Funded Group that Interferes in Elections Around the Globe:  https://grayzoneproject.com/2018/08/20/inside-americas-meddling-machine-the-us-funded-group-that-interferes-in-elections-around-the-globe
For context and better perspective -
As you see, propaganda, disinformation, subversion, manipulation, exploitation, deceit and social engineering is a fully developed science and it is in full operation around the world. I ask all of you to examine all the links posted above very closely to better recognize and better understand their methods as well as their agendas. Let it sink in. Extrapolate. Contemplate. Afterwards, look around you and try to connect the dots. Look at the situation in Armenia. Look at the situations in Europe and the United States. Realize that Marxists and Bolsheviks are back. Look at the last two links in particular. What the KGB defector described in the 1980s is happening right now, and it's happening all around the world. Those behind this global agenda are Anglo-American-Jews and Supranational/Globalist interests in Europe. The agenda is to eradicate nation-states, national identity, racial identity, gender identity, conservative religions and the traditional family. The intent is ultimately control, exploitation and imperial hegemony. These interests and these agendas were the ones behind our street scoundrel's rise to power in Armenia recently.

It is natural for Supranational interests to have their agendas. It is natural for them to try to push their agendas onto targeted societies. It is natural for them to use their levers of control and influence to get their way around the world. They have the means to write the political narrative and set the political mood.

For 27-plus years they have been setting-up aid agencies, civic organizations and media outlets. For 27-plus years they have been enslaving Armenia with IMF and USAID programs. For 27-plus years Armenia has been inundated with toxic influences from the West. For 27-plus years they have been buying Armenian activists and politicians. For 27-plus years they have been telling Armenians what is wrong with Armenia and its government. For 27-plus years they have been telling Armenians what is wrong with Russia. For 27-plus years they have been doing their best to turn the Armenian sheeple against its leadership. For 27-plus years Armenians have been digesting it all. And for 10-plus years, Armenia has been suffering from a very vicious and persistent campaign of doom and gloom. For over ten years (ever since the "Karabakh Clan" put down Levon Petrosyan's violent uprising to be exact) every single growing pain in the country had been getting co-opted and turned into a major fiasco by an army of foreign funded propagandists and mercenaries working under professional sounding titles such as "political expert", "independent journalist", "historian", "rights activist", "opposition politician", "NGO worker", etc. It's been a long term plan.

They poisoned the atmosphere so badly during the past 10-plus years with their constant doom-and-gloom rhetoric and propaganda that a vast majority of Armenians not only in Armenia but around the world had developed utter contempt and hatred towards their homeland's leadership, a leadership which was also seen as the "Karabakh Clan". By early last year, when then President Serj Sargsyan made some very strange and unexpected political moves, the "Armenian Street" had enough and was ready to support anything and anyone that could oust Serj Sargsyan and his "Karabakh Clan". Enter Nikol, who was none other than Levon Petrosyan's acolyte. It was in a sense a Globalist checkmate.

They were once preparing their field of play for their man, Levon Petrosyan. When that did not work well for them, they began preparing Armenian society for other servants of theirs. Long time CIA assets in Armenian society, Paruyr Hayrikyan, Raffi Hovanessian and Vartan Oskanian failed as well. Eventually, one was successful, and he just happened to be Levon's acolyte.
This is how they prepared their field of play. This is how they got Nikol, another one of their servants into power. Like I said, it was all planned. It was a long term agenda. They relentlessly worked on the people's emotions through an army of NGOs, news outlets, rights activists, politicians, political experts, etc. It finally worked. In a nutshell: Armenia fell to a well funded, well executed and long term conspiracy. The volatile situation in Armenia today, from its dysfunctional and hostile political climate to its cultural decline and decay, is therefore a by-product of social engineering and psy-ops, carried out by Western financed activists, politicians, media outlets and NGOs financed throughout Armenian society. Their agenda was to sow sociopolitical unrest and political strife inside the country, and try to cause problems between Yerevan and Moscow.

In reality, "corruption" and "oligarchy" in Armenia were no worst than what could be seen in most developing countries around the world. Yet, it has been Armenians acting the most hysterical and irrational about it. The persistent doom and gloom campaign of foreign interests - coupled with Armenian traits - is the reason why Armenian society has been utterly demoralized, why there has been a very negative/destructive political mood in the country and why a street scoundrel like Nikol is in power today. It's all by design. And this is something 99% of our sheeple seems incapable of understanding. 

Foreign powers (primarily Anglo-American-Jews and Globalists in Europe) can do only as much as we the sheeple allow them. And we the sheeple have been allowing them to basically do as they please in our societies. Foreign powers have been operating freely throughout Armenian society and these have been writing the political narratives about Armenia's previous governments, about the sociopolitical situation in Armenia, about Armenia's relationship with Russia, about the European Union, about the Eurasian Economic Union, about international relations, etc. Naturally, Armenia and Russia were always presented to Armenian society in very negative terms. Needless to say, Western countries and the European Union were always presented to Armenian society in very positive terms. The psy-ops worked. The "Armenian Street" for the most part readily consumed all the disinformation and mental conditioning fed to them. This is more or less how Armenians were demoralized and why the so-called Street harbored so much hostility towards it leadership, a leadership that was no better and no worst than other leaderships in developing countries around the world. The anti-government hysteria throughout Armenian was not natural and it was not warranted. It was fomented by Social Engineers from abroad and locally carried-out by Neo-Bolshevik activists that the same employ.

In the big picture, the fault in all this lies within us. We are the ones that are allowing our enemies a free hand to do as they please in our societies. It is our responsibility as a people to recognize all this and resist. It is our responsibility as a people not to fall for their deceit and manipulations. For reasons that are in my opinion genetic and cultural, we have not been able to recognize and/or resist. In other words, thanks to our people's jealousy, tribalism, materialism, individualism, arrogance, political illiteracy, hyper-emotionalism and of course love of all things Western/American/European, Armenia's enemies have found it easy to manipulate Armenian society.

More-and-more people around the world are beginning to recognize this serious problem. More-and-more people are beginning to wake up. Russians, Hungarians and Poles, in particular, have societies that are awake and nationalistic. Not Armenians. Armenians are sound asleep. Armenians are constantly trying to board a sinking ship. Armenians don't appear to have foresight, nor do they appear to have hindsight. Armenians don't know where they came from and where they are going. Armenian style "nationalism" and "conservatism" basically revolves around badmouthing Russians and Turks and acting as passport control agents for their women's vaginas. Short of gay parades (which is not yet possible in the country but it's being diligently worked on, so it may eventually happen) everything else goes in Armenian society. As a result, we Armenians continue to be one of the Western world's most enthusiastic victims.

Despite our constant boasting, taunting and gloating, we Armenians have fallen victim to this agenda and we don't even realize it. As the KGB defector says in his lecture, we have been subverted and don't even know it. We are indeed an ignorant people. We also seem naturally predisposed to deception and manipulation. And the net result of it, is what we have been seeing in Armenia's domestic affairs. Armenia's political landscape today, saturated with Western funded NGOs, rights groups, opposition groups, mercenaries, politicians, news media organizations and an army of street activists (all of which played a direct role in preparing the political field for Nikol) is essentially the by-product of the lavishly funded, finely honed, highly organized and very sophisticated, Anglo-American-Jewish/Neo-Bolshevik campaign to subdue and/or destroy targeted nations like Armenia. And its all made possible by us Armenians. Russia and Iran have also been major targets of these types of operations. But, having learned from their previous mistakes, Russians and Iranians are refusing to repeat them. We Armenians on the other hand seem utterly incapable of learning from our history and our past mistakes; perhaps because we think we already know everything. In any case, for reason outlined above, we remain very vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation.

I reiterate: They can have the most expensive and the most sophisticated tools/levers in their arsenal, but if we don't fall for their manipulation and deceit, all their tools will all ultimately prove worthless. But, we fall for their deceit time and again. Consequently, because Armenian society as a whole has historically been fully open to and enthusiastically receptive of Western influences, chances are your ideas on politics, government, economy, finance, history, nations, religion, morality, ethnicity, immigration, medicine, sexuality, family, child rearing, etc., are filtered through an Anglo-American-Jewish, Neo-Bolshevik prism.

They have the tools to set the political mood of any given society. They have the tools to write the political narrative of any given nation. They have the tools to create unrest in targeted societies around the world. They have the tools to recruit activists, mercenaries, agents and spies. They first destroy the targeted nation's spirit (its ethnic identity, its religious beliefs, its cultural traditions) through a well-funded, long-term and specifically targeted information war and street activism. A multitude of Western funded NGOs, government programs, media outlets, journalists, political activists, rights activists, sociologists, psychologists, political commentators and politicians, are used to systematically sow anger and hopelessness, with the hope of inciting the dregs of society to rise up against their rulers. Once they have co-opted society, they then try to subdue or destroy the targeted nation's body (the state). And they do this either through economic and/or financial subversion or, if need be, through war. For them the notions of “free media” and "free society" simply means information and people controlled by Western/Globalist interests. Their constant “the sky is falling" rhetoric is how they have wounded the Armenian spirit, sown hate within the hearts of the sheeple towards their governmental institutions and also why growing numbers of Armenians want out of Armenia.

Now you know why Nikol's newspaper was funded by the NED. Now you know why Nikol's cohorts were funded by George Soros. Now you know why Western powers had been encouraging Armenians to become politically active. Now you know why they want Armenians to disseminate negative news about Armenia and it's leadership. Now you know why they look for starving Armenians to feed. The millions of U.S. Dollars spent on starving Armenians is not only pocket-change for them but also a long-term investment. When starving Armenians become the recipient of grants worth of tens-of-thousands of U.S. Dollars annually (which is very big money for a poor nation like Armenia), the starving Armenian in question automatically becomes an enthusiastic and steadfast champion of Western agendas in Armenia. The grant recipient will consciously or subconsciously use every excuse in his or her excuse book to justify his or her treasonous behavior. It's normal. It's expect. That's what money does. That's how humanity works. Major powers and their Social Engineers understand all this. That's why Western powers throw their crumbs at backward Third World people like us Armenians.

So, we need to understand that people don't normally wake up one day and decide to take to the streets in large numbers just because they are fed-up with their government. Spontaneous or organically grown "popular uprisings" or "people's revolutions" or "regime changes" do not occur anywhere in human ecology. Major political events in a nation's life is always pre-planned, well organized and fully financed by special interests from abroad. This was the case during the American war of independence; this was the case during the French Revolution; this was the case during the Bolshevik revolution; this was the case during the Arab Spring; this was the case during all the Socialist movements around the world; this is the case for all the Democracy as well as Nationalistic movements we are seeing around the world; this is the case for Nikol's rise to power last spring. Major political movements are always a merger between foreign and domestic political interests. Agent from abroad join local assets to get the ignorant masses on their feet and sear them towards political goals.

For a major political upheaval to take place, in a hotly contested nation nonetheless, a number of essential ingredients are needed. These are: Political interests from abroad; fertile ground; political motivation; organization; financing; and a plan of action. We had all of these ingredients at play last spring. There were interested players from abroad (namely Anglo-American-Jews) were seeking change in Armenia. The money was therefore pouring into the country to fund anyone and anything that could bring about political change. Armenian society in general, the soil, was fertile and ready for change. There was the motivation, the obsessive desire to have Democracy, fight government corruption and oust the "Karabakh Clan". There was organization, a vast and well funded and well organized network of Western funded activists, officials, NGOs and media outlets were actively working to bring about political change. The aforementioned were writing the political narrative for many years, thereby setting the political mood not only in the country but also in the Diaspora. Finally, a plan of action (a template) on how to achieve political change was available. This was based on similar campaigns in the past in places like Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, Tunisia, Egypt, etc. Therefore, political change in Armenia was only inevitable. All in all, Nikol and friends also had a well organized network of activists and a very fertile ground to work on. And unseen hands were funding and guiding the popular uprising from behind-the-scenes.
Unseen hands were preparing their field of play in Armenia for a very long time. For a very long time, all of Armenia's natural growing pains were exaggerated and blow out of proportions. Armenians around the world were bombarded by anti-governmental political spin on a relentless and persistent basis by a not so little army of Western funded NGOs, street activists, independent journalists, political experts, historians, politicians and media outlets. Because the Armenian sheeple, both in and out of the homeland, tends to be gullible, emotional, restless, tribal, materialistic, shortsighted, pessimistic, cynical and politically illiterate, the above noted Western agenda for Armenia found strong traction among Armenians. Armenians were manipulated to such a degree that a large portion of Armenians saw their leadership as being more dangerous than Azeris or Turks and their homeland as a place to simply dream about abandoning. Western powers study people. They know how to manipulate people.
We Armenians are unfortunately one of their more easy targets.

Various American articles from the past, as well as
"Laurence of Arabia's" Armenians are impossible interview suggest one thing: Westerners have been studying us Armenians, that they have their opinions about us and that they have indeed been conspiring against us for a long time.

I would like to make a few observations about the sadomasochistic homosexual known as Laurence of Arabia and his Armenophobia: Anglo-American-Jews don't want competition on the world stage, especially from those who are not directly under their control. They therefore seek upstarts to attack. They attack societies that hold potential (be it political, be it economic) before such societies become a serious factor or obstacle for them in global affairs. This is done basically to ensure their place at the top of the global food-chain. It's a smart strategy. This is essentially why they have been going after Russia for centuries. Left alone to grow and develop, Russia - the largest nation on earth and one that also possesses the most natural resources on earth not to mention a massive nuclear arsenal - can put an end to Western hegemony in the world. Western powers therefore are constantly trying to undermine Russia to stop its political and economic growth. With regards to Armenians, many people don't realize that despite not having an independent state of our own, Armenians prior to the genocide were economically very influential and powerful. This can clearly be seen in Laurence's Armenophobia. There was a lot of dormant potential in our people at the time which could be used to build a viable nation-state. This was naturally noticed by others; like this Laurence. For some reason or another they did not want to see the creation of a viable Armenian nation. They therefore plotted against their "little ally". Armenians consequently lost everything. What's also important to note about Laurence's interview is that it's dated 1919. So, this clearly suggests that Western powers were plotting the partitioning of Armenia while Armenia was still independent (i.e. before 1921) and still looking towards the Western world for salvation. By Laurence's admission, historic Armenia's resource rich areas were to mainly go to Turks and the bulk of the people (particularly the numerous wealthy merchants and businessmen of the Ottoman Empire) were to be dispersed throughout Western lands. This is why instead of helping Armenians fight the Turks at the time who were relatively weak and could be defeated, they were engaged in "humanitarian" efforts to help Armenian genocide survivors evacuate Armenian lands. They more or less did the same to the Greeks. Lastly, Laurence's comment - "the British Empire is the beginning of world government. All our great troubles - wars, revolutions, strikes, plagues, etc. - all came from the fact that the earth as a whole was not governed as a whole" - are perhaps one of the first public admittance of the Anglo-American-Jewish desire for One World Government. All in all, it's a very fascinating interview that understandably has not gotten much public exposure.

So, I would like to remind my readers that major powers closely study societies around the world. Experts in various fields in sociology, psychology, marketing, intelligence agencies and field agents are constantly studying, analyzing and conducting area studies and in-depth research about nations and peoples around the world. They have in-depth knowledge about all societies. They have governmental departments that deal with such societies on an individual basis. They therefore have their agendas (short and long term) for such societies. They know exactly how to encourage and build. They know exactly how to demoralize and destroy. They know exactly who to manipulate, mislead and exploit. Their agenda for targeted societies such as Armenians are no doubt custom/tailor made. In other words, the Social Engineers in question don't apply one approach to all nations. With Armenia, they at times encourage Armenian nationalism to grow resistance to Russia's military presence in Armenia. They use their access to news media organizations and a pool of agents/activists on the ground to equate Russian influences in Armenia to colonialism. On the other hand, they present Western influences in Armenia as progressive and modern and something essential for the nation's survival. They also promote Liberal/Globalist ideals as a way of gradually causing a rift between older and conservative citizens and younger and liberal citizens. They fund schools and promote youth organizations in order to condition the minds of nation's future leaders. They pay for the youth to study in the West. They also promote religious cults, atheism and Paganism, and they take every opportunity to attack the national Church. They do this because they know that Armenian identity is deeply intertwined with the national Church and Apostolic Christianity. They know that if they can break the people's reverence towards the national Church and Apostolic Christianity, they can thereafter easily break the people's sense of identity and morality. Recognizing the influence of the Armenian Diaspora, they also place great emphasis on recruiting members of the Diaspora (particularly those from the United States and France) to serve as conveyors or catalyst for their various agendas. The Armenian Diaspora has in-effect become the unwitting and witting pack animal they use for importing various Western agendas into Armenia. Having studied us well, they know how to scare us. They know how to pressure us. They also know how to stroke our egos and blow smoke up our asses, as they say. With all this interest from Western countries, Armenians swell-up with pride, appreciation and often glee. Armenia has paid a heavy price because of all this and will continue paying heavy price because Armenians refuse to learn from their past mistakes.

Slogans like the popular Armenian street slang "Duxov" and dressing-up Nikol to make him look like Monte Melkonian, suggests to me that those who were behind Nikol's movement knew exactly what they were doing. Simply put: Nikol's movement was tailor-made for Armenian tastes, and the low quality Afro-American-Turkish influences that greatly appeals to it -

Edo Barnaulski - Nikol Pashinyan
They carefully prepared their field-of-play during the past ten years. This helped propel Nikol and friends into power. Foreign powers are working behind-the-scenes and they are macro-managing the political as well as the economic situation in Armenia. Our enemies are using our traits against us, and we seem to be loving every moment of it. Despite our intelligence and talents as a people, we are proving ourselves to be just as easily manipulated as Kurds and Arabs. Consequently, we are now facing an utterly dangerous enemy in an utterly dangerous area of the world, and we are doing so with a government that is utterly incompetent and utterly inexperienced, and in many cases foreign funded. Now that the field in Armenia has been prepared for the most part, I believe the following round of games will involve Artsakh.

Armenia's moment of truth in Artsakh may be arriving

In the eyes of Supranational powers, compared to the oil-rich and dictatorial Azerbaijan, an impoverished Armenia (a country whose restless citizenry is obsessively striving for "Democracy", "free society" and "fighting corruption", and a country where a multitude of Western funded organizations and operatives work unhindered) is clearly the vulnerable party. Azerbaijan is too tightly controlled, Baku has a lot of money and Azeri officials have been actively developing ties with Russia, Turkey, Iran and Anglo-American-Jews. Baku has maintained Russian as the country's most prominent language after Turkish. Armenia however is doing its best to adopt English. Moreover, Baku has been smart enough to shut down various Western funded propaganda operations. With its restless population, comatose economy, rudderless foreign policy, shortsighted officials, political infighting, love of all things Western/American (and French) and an army of Western funded organizations and activists, Armenia has clearly become the weak link. I therefore believe Armenia's moment of truth in Artsakh may be near.

Because of their almost obsessive and always blind pursuit of Western values, Armenians are neglecting Armenia's core geostrategic interests. This is in-effect undermining Armenia's national security. In my opinion, the burning desire within Armenians today to be "Modern", to be "Western", to be "European" and of course "Democratic" is more-or-less why Armenia was the subject of a Supranational conspiracy that brought Nikol into power, and why the emphasis for settling the Artsakh dispute will ultimately be placed on Yerevan. The phases the KGB defector spoke about in his lecture some thirty years ago can be fully recognized with today's situation. It took them about twenty-five years to brainwash the new generation in Armenia (all three previous government administrations somehow acquiesced to this social engineering agenda). With Nikol's rise to power, they are currently in their phase to subvert. Eventually, a crisis phase will arrive in one form or another, after which Supranational interests will intervene and normalcy (under their terms of curse) will be established. Ultimately, this ancient Armenian obsession to live like the Romans is the fundamental reason why Armenians remain vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation by imperial officials in faraway lands.
Seeing just how politically illiterate and easily misled Armenians are, it should not surprise anyone that Western powers and Russia are not the only ones manipulating Armenians. 

There have always been telltale signs that Armenia's political opposition (including players within Nikol's movement as well) have been financed, at least in-part, by Azerbaijan and/or Turkey. There are more Turkish and Azeri agents among us than we are willing to admit to ourselves.

I have no doubt that hard evidence will eventually come out regarding this very serious matter. There are pro-Turkish and pro-Azeri circles within Armenia's political landscape. They are found particularly among American-Armenian circles, Levonites and Paruyr Hayrikyan's followers. These people have at times suggested forming a "Transcaucasian" federation between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to resist
Russian encroachment. These characters also claim Russians/Soviets are the ones getting in the way of unity among Armenians, Georgians and Azeris. This Turkish/Azeri influence in Armenia's political life is also the reason why the political opposition's pre-Nikol rhetoric about Armenia and its government and what official Ankara and Baku have been saying about Armenia and its government have almost always been identical. Moreover, putting aside the Turkish-Armenian Diaspora, which literally has thousands of individuals that report to the Turkish government about the activities of Armenians in the Diaspora, individuals and groups such as Richard Giragosian, Jirayr Libaridyan, Zohrab Institute and the Armenian Assembly of America (and its ill-fated TARC) reveals that there certainly are pro-Turkish circles in the Armenian Diaspora as well. Moreover, as we have seen with traitors and whores such as Vahan Martirosyan, Giorgi Vanyan, Vahe Avetyan and the tattooed "Democracy" activists Asya Khachatryan, there are professional activists and agents working for Turkish and/or Azeri interests deep inside Armenian society. In private conversations these essentially pro-Turkish individuals and groups claim that had it not been for Russian meddling in the Ottoman Empire, there would not have been an Armenian Genocide. They also claim, Armenia today would have had very good relations with all its neighbors, including Turkey and Azerbaijan, had it not been for Russia. Such people see Russia as Armenia's number one problem. Such people are not as rare in Armenian society as we would like to believe. As the cases involving Hasan Oktay and Kemal Oksuz revealed recently, Armenian authorities know about these people but they do nothing to stop them. This suggests to me one thing: There are also circles within Armenia's government and/or security apparatus that are turning a blind-eye to Turkish and Azeri activities in Armenia. So, I ask the reader to please disregard the Arab-like empty bluster we often hear from Armenians about the "superiority" of Armenians over Turks and Azeris and just realize that Azeris and Turks have been out-smarting Armenians every step of the way, and they have been doing so for a very long time. As Armenians busy themselves beating their chests with pride, Turks and Azeris are slowly beating Armenians in the geopolitical chess game that is being played.

Defeat may not be too far way. Nikol's recent "constructive" meeting with an "educated" Aliyev; Nikol's destructive criticism of Artsakh officials; the lessening of tensions registered on Armenia's border with Azerbaijan; Levon Petrosyan's representative's statements about Artsakh; Nikol's henchman putting the "revolution" above the war of liberation in Artsakh; Nikol's supporters as well as his wife's pacifistic activism; the expressed desire by Nikol's regime to separate Armenia from Artsakh in future negotiations; Azerbaijan's military advances in Nakhijevan and Yerevan's silence in that regard; The appearance of U.S. State Department affiliated Armenian Assembly of America members in Artsakh; and the American ambassador's and John Bolton's most recent comments about Artsakh are all signs pointing in one general direction-
Azerbaijan Prepares for War, but Armenia falls into Radical Pacifism
Bolton: After Elections, 'No Better Time' For Armenia To Resolve Nagorno-Karabakh Issue
Mills about Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: “return of some territories is one of Madrid Principles” 
Nagorno-Karabakh resolution could bring economic gains to Armenia and Azerbaijan 
Difficult compromises needed for comprehensive peace in Karabakh, OSCE head says
Pashinyan, Aliyev Agree to ‘De-Escalate Border Incidents’
Nikol Pashinyan: Aliyev left impression of an educated person 
Pashinyan clashes with Nagorno-Karabakh leaders
Mediators Commend Armenia, Azerbaijan For ‘Constructive Measures’ On Karabakh
Armenian PM’s spouse addresses peace call to NK conflicting parties 
Azerbaijan pushes into Nakhchivan borderlands forcing Armenia to abandon positions: Bellingcat
Karabakh President meets with Armenian Assembly of America representatives
Ամենակարևորը հողերի ազատագրումն էր, նիկոլիզմ, զիբիլիզմ ․․․ սաղ սուտ է. Սերգեյ Շաքարյանց
Արցախի ազատագրված տարածքներն իրականում գրավյալ տարածքներ են․ ՀԱԿ անդամ
Պետք է ամեն օր, ամեն ժամ մոտեցնել Արցախի միացումը Հայաստանին. Արմեն Այվազյան
All signs indicate that what's happening in Armenia today is part of a Supranational agenda and that it is at least in-part connected to softening Armenia's stance towards the dispute over Artsakh and finally settling the conflict. With Nikol and his liberal and pacifistic cohorts in power, and the so-called Street still euphoric over having been "freed" of "Karabakh Clan" rule, they are very slowly and carefully guiding the sheeple towards a negotiated settlement - as Baku continues to build up its military along the line of contact. In other words, we Armenians are desperately trying to be more Catholic (i.e. democratic) than the Pope (i.e. the West), Azeris however could careless about democracy and the West. We are discussing, they are preparing. We are into "people power", they are into military power. We are talking peace and coexistence, they are talking war and conquest. This is fundamental the difference between efficient Turkic dictatorships and dysfunctional "enlightened" governance à la Armenian-style. And this is more-or-less how we lost 90-plus percent of everything during the past one thousand years.

Moscow clearly has its geostrategic reasoning behind why it wants to see the lingering dispute settled, Anglo-American-Jews have theirs. Therefore, with the Azeri sheeple fully complacent with their lives and therefore fully under the control of their authorities, it is the always restless and utterly naïve sheeple in Armenia that is currently being worked on by Supranational interests via their native and Diasporan servants.

They will try to prepare Armenian society for a final settlement. If they are unable to convince the Armenian sheeple and they therefore are not able to reach a settlement through negotiations, there will be another war. I still believe that by turning over power to Nikol, Serj Sargsyan essentially gave him the "honor" of eventually reaching a deal with Baku one way or another. There are now signs that clearly suggests this. If accurate, the following news development gives credence to a number of things I have been saying about the regime change in Yerevan from day one; mainly that Supranational interests (including Russia) have subjected Armenia to a conspiracy over Artsakh (major powers want Armenians to pull back from at least five of the regions under Armenian control) and that Serj Sargsyan essentially washed his hands from what's coming down the road by creating a situation in the country that would turn power over to Levonites who have been advocating "land for peace" for the past 25-plus years. If this news item is accurate, it's a key to better understanding what happened in Armenia last spring -

Lukashenko: Serzh Sargsyan refused to return five regions to Azerbaijan
Pressure is being put on Armenia to settle the Artsakh dispute. This is why Nikol and friends are in power today. They will be expected to make peace with Baku. And if war comes, allow me to remind the reader of a well known Wall Street saying: Past performances do not guarantee future results. The stage is currently being set. If another major war is forced upon Armenia, our arrogant idiots, those who have been boasting about Armenian military superiority over Azeris for many years now, will be in for a nasty surprise. What we as a people are doing in Armenia today is setting up our "boys" for a potential slaughter on the battlefield. I really hope I am proven wrong in this regard, but I don't think I will be.

The first fatal mistake a fighter makes is to overestimate his capabilities. The second fatal mistake a fighter makes is misjudge or underestimate his opponent. We have a long history of making such grave mistakes essentially because we have a long history of arrogance, shortsightedness and political illiteracy. And Armenia has paid an immense price as a result.

We need to stop overestimating our war fighting abilities. We are not as powerful as we want to think we are. Azeris are not as weak as we want to think they are. This is not the late 1980s or early 1990s when Azeris did not have military combat units. Azerbaijan today has a large arsenal of modern weapons and a well trained military. More importantly, Azerbaijan today also has a more complacent and largely loyal population and a much more proactive and aggressive political and military establishment. While Armenians are preaching peace and coexistence, Azeris are programing their youth to hate Armenians and dream of liberating Karabakh. In April of 2016, we lost around 150 men, some territory and a significant number of tanks and other military hardware. We lost all this not in a war but in a large skirmish. What Azerbaijan's armed forces executed at the time is known in military circles as "reconnaissance in force". Perhaps it was done to send a political message. In any case, Baku used special forces units to penetrate weak spots on the line-of-contact. It used limited number of tanks and artillery to probe and hit select spots. In the air, it used limited numbers of attack helicopters and modern attack drones, also to probe and hit select spots. None of the military hardware Baku utilized were the new weapons systems purchased from Russia in recent years. So, no late model Russian made tanks, helicopters, warplanes, multiple rocket launchers, etc. Yet, Armenians clearly came out the loser in that skirmish. Let's not forget that we control defensive positions in a very mountainous environment. Let's not forget that Russians have been covertly supporting us in Artsakh. Let's also not forget that our current generation is much softer than the generation that rose up to liberate Artsakh during the fall of the Soviet Union. Please disregard all the wonderful things you have been hearing about Armenia's wonderful "post-independence youth" and the martial abilities of Armenians in general. In reality, our increasingly English speaking, Western leaning, "բիզնիս" loving, Serj Tankian and Kim Kardashian adorning, "գողական" acting, "Ռաբիզ" singing and Hip-Hop dancing new generation, pales in comparison to the hardened generation 30 years ago that liberated Artsakh against all odds. Let's also understand that the current generation of Azeris are much more prepared for a war than the generation of theirs that lost Nagorno Karabakh. The fact is "post revolutionary Armenia" is not doing well politically, culturally and economically. We may also have a situation sometime in the foreseeable future where it will also not do too well militarily. We may therefore be in for a very nasty surprise if a major war breaks out.

I'm afraid there is even more bad news. I want to once more point out that Nikol's political movement was fueled in no small part by a strong anti-Karabakh sentiments. Scratch the surface of a Nikolite or a Levonite and you will find an anti-Artsakhtsi. I want the reader to trust me on this.

Although it's seldom expressed in public, many Armenians (particularly Armenians from Yerevan) believe that most of Armenia's problems stem from the "Karabakh Clan" and that the 30 year old conflict over Artsakh is the number one reason why Armenia has so many problems. In private conversations, especially with those from Yerevan, you will commonly hear things like, I don't care who is in power as long they are not from Artsakh. Anyone that does not see the negative or downright hostile sentiments towards Armenians of Artsakh within Nikol's movement (which in-effect is the extension of Levon Petrosyan's movement) is in denial - or simply deaf, dumb and blind. Negative feelings about the so-called Karabakh Clan should not be readily disassociated from feelings about Artsakh in general. Anti-Karabakh Clan mentality has the natural propensity to translate into anti-Artsakh sentiments, at least on a subconscious level. They are therefore interconnected. I am not claiming that a majority of Armenians in Armenia want to abandon Artsakh to the Turks. What I am ultimately saying is that a large segment of people in Armenia today (perhaps a majority in places like Yerevan) are ready and willing to make serious sacrifices in Artsakh. This trend was started by Nikol's political mentor, Levon Petrosyan. And it was started as a long-term process to drive a wedge between Armenia and Artsakh and settle the dispute in favor of Supranational interests.

They are slowly succeeding. Therefore keep in mind that terms such as "Karabakh Clan" and "20 years of corruption" are merely code words for their jealousy and hatred towards Armenians from Artsakh. There is no other way to explain it.

Nevertheless, as noted above, the pressure that will be brought upon Yerevan over Artsakh will be a Supranational one. Both Russians and Anglo-American-Jews may be seeking a settlement for the dispute for two very different yet equally strategic reasons: The Kremlin is cautiously yet relentlessly seeking total control over the strategic south Caucasus. Theoretically at least, settling the dispute over Artsakh and stationing peacekeeping troops between Armenians and Azeris is key to realizing that goal. On the other hand, it is now also becoming increasingly apparent that Anglo-American-Jews are determined more than ever to attack Iran. They are forming a coalition against Iran as I write this. It stands to reason that they are trying to do the same in the south Caucasus. The goal is to surround Iran to be able to ensure Tehran's ultimate defeat. Theoretically at least, settling the dispute in question and bribing officials of both nations into going along with the agenda against Iran is key for their success against Tehran.

Thus far, all indicators suggest that Russia and Western powers for the most part see eye-to-eye over Artsakh. It can therefore be surmised that both Russia and Western powers may have reached some kind of a deal or understanding. In all likelihood, some kind of a deal or understanding may have also been reached between Yerevan and Baku. Therefore, the reader would do well to disregard what the press offices of Baku or Yerevan have to say about the conflict and realize that what we are seeing take place today are Supranational interests and local players trying to prepare their field of play. Nikol and his Western-funded liberal and pacifistic cohorts are the tools of Supranational interests. Nikol and friends are being used to carryout an agenda inside Armenia because, as I mentioned above, with the constant and persistent pessimism, restlessness, hate and political illiteracy of the "Armenian Street", Armenia has proved itself to be the weak link in the greater geostrategic game. I believe Armenia is slowly pushed toward a manufactured crisis as a result.

I believe there will be increased political infighting in Yerevan. I believe the economic situation and the standard-of-living will get even worst for the general population. I believe there will eventually be another war with Azerbaijan, that is if the behind-the-scenes negotiations fail. If there is a war, I believe this time the war's outcome will not be to our liking. There will most likely be a war with Iran as well. In my opinion, this is why Armenia has been flooded by Western war pigs in recent weeks. Iran remains the number one target of Anglo-American-Jews. The Trump administration will go to war against Iran if Tehran does not voluntarily pull back from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and scrap its nuclear program. I don't see Tehran scraping its nuclear program or pulling out of Syria or dismantling its hard earned "Iranian Arc". Therefore, we will eventually see a war. This war's repercussions will not be to our liking either. All in all, Nikol's lifting of the nation's gate to Anglo-American-Jewish interests has added yet another layer of danger and toxicity in the country.

Nikol has lifted the country's gates to allow Western criminals in

The Middle East continues to be on the verge of an explosion that may be bigger than the one that has engulfed Syria and Iraq combined. Having failed in their attempt to defeat Bashar Assad's government because of the sudden Russian military intercession in Syria, plans are currently being made on how to bring war to Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah. A major war is awaiting the Iranian Arc. Anglo-American-Jewish and Gulf Arab interests are behind the effort. These want to break Iran similar to how they broke Syria, Iraq and Libya. Iran however will not be an easy nation to break or bring to its knees. Simply put: Iranians are not Arabs. Iran is a very large nation with a very large population. Iranians are by nature very patriotic and compared to Arabs, they are very disciplined. Moreover, Iran's military, while clearly outclassed by Anglo-American-Jews, will still be the most powerful foe Western forces will have faced since the Vietnam war. It will require great effort by a number of nations to defeat Iran. Iran's foes are therefore taking their time in trying to figure out how to drive a Sunni wedge in the Iranian/Shiite Arc -
Driving a Sunni wedge in the Shiite Arc (2014)
If Tehran defiantly continues developing its nuclear program, continues expanding it's Iranian Arc and continues defying Anglo-American-Jews in the Middle East - and if political pressure and economic sanctions prove ineffective to bring Tehran to its knees - we will definitely see another major war in the Middle East. Iran's foes currently have military assets stationed on Iran's western, eastern and southern borders. Iran's northern border areas and Russia therefore hold great strategic significance. The reader may recall that in a blog commentary over a year ago, I speculated that the Trump administration (backed by right wing Zionists) is trying to play nice with Russia because of its desire to bring the Kremlin on board with its anti-Iranian agenda -
Is the Trump administration trying to drive a wedge between Russia, China and Iran? (2017)
Being that Armenia and Azerbaijan are on Iran's northern border, Yerevan and Baku will play a strategic role - in either helping Iran stave off an attack or helping Iran's enemies. Being that a landlocked Armenia's border with Iran is perhaps its most reliable, whatever happens in Iran will have a direct and adverse affect on Armenia itself. Being that Armenia is very vulnerable economically and militarily, and Iran is arguably Armenia's friendliest neighbor in a very screwed-up neighborhood, any serious unrest in Iran will have a very negative impact on Armenia. As a result, Armenian officials should be spending sleepless nights trying to figure out how to stop an attack on Iran. Armenian officials should be relentlessly lobbying Iran's case not only in Moscow but also in Beijing, Washington and Brussels. Armenian officials need to be feverishly trying to move deeper into the Russia orbit to protect Armenia from consequential dangers in case a war does breakout despite efforts to stop it. Do our officials do any of this? Of course not.

As it has always been in our history, when danger raises it head, what do we do? We abandon our nearest allies and potential friends and seek salvation from criminals many thousands of kilometers away. This why a war criminal like Henry Kissinger was invited to Armenia. This is why a warmonger like John Bolton was recently in Armenia. Since Nikol took power, a flood of high profile figures from the West have poured into the country to serenade Armenians, starting with Britain's Elton John and Germany's Angela Merkel. We then had France's Emmanuel Macron and Canada's Justine Trudeau. And just recently, America's Rudolph Giuliani and John Bolton. See the kind of trash that the winds blows in when you leave your door open? It's Levon Petrosyan's acolyte Nikol that lifted the gate and allowed these corrupt officials, degenerates and war criminals
(as well as Third World immigration, but that's another story) into Armenia. John Bolton's purpose in Armenia was particularly obvious even before he opened his mouth -
Trump administration plants US flag in Armenia
Bolton Vows To 'Squeeze Iran,' Explore Weapons Sales To Armenia
Bolton: After Elections, 'No Better Time' For Armenia To Resolve Nagorno-Karabakh Issue
Bolton: Russian arms impede Nagorno-Karabakh settlement
John Bolton's unholy arrival in Armenia was preceded by a number of highly critical articles in the U.S. news media about Nikol's government. See the articles posted below this commentary. Uncle Sam had even threatened Armenia with sanctions. It's obvious Washington D.C. was marinating Nikol before John Bolton's arrival. Concurrently, Americans also offered some stale carrots in the form of American weapons. It's obvious they are putting pressure on Nikol, and trying to upset Moscow and Tehran at the same time. All in all, this is gross political meddling in a small, poor and embattled nation's internal affairs. The fact that Nikol's kindergartners think they can safely play both sides of the geopolitical fence is a clear indicator that we are dealing with self-destructive idiots and/or traitors in government.

Nevertheless, according to this Neocon/Zionist, it is Russian arms (which is provided to Armenia at cut-rate prices and sometimes for free) and not Israeli or Ukrainian made arms (those which Azeri most often use against Armenians) is an impediment to peace in Artsakh. If that was not outrageous enough, this warmonger stated he also does not want to see any Armenian troops in Syria. He also wants Armenia to begin purchasing overpriced American weaponry that are in fact worthless for Armenia's defense needs. And, if that is not enough, John Bolton also wants Nikol, who according to him has a "mandate" from the Armenian sheeple, to quickly settle the dispute over Artsakh and close down Armenia's strategic border with Iran. Yes, believe it or not, Western war pigs want Nikol to quickly settle the dispute over Artsakh so they can better "squeeze" Iran. Simply put, they want official Yerevan to abandon Armenia's core national interests and blindly join the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance's criminal campaign against Armenia's only reliable neighbor, Iran. John Bolton and his bosses obviously think they have a willing or pliable partner in Nikol. Had they not thought so they would not have made such statements publicly. Had Nikol not been a pliable partner, the Armenian side would not have remained this quiet. Every single word uttered by John Bolton was an insult to Armenians, to Russians and to Iranians. In fact, it would have been better if he just spit on us and flat-out told us all to go to hell. What John Bolton said and what he implied was much worst. And the lack of objection from the Third World savages in Armenia was even worst than that.

Did I mention that Nikol is a Neo-Bolshevik and an opportunist who exploited the "Armenian Street's" political illiteracy and hatred toward its leadership, and that he was helped in this regard by unseen hands? Did I mention that nothing good will come out of Nikol? Did I mention that Nikol's regime  poses a more serious long-term danger to Armenia than the regime it replaced?

John Bolton may be a lowlife, a warmonger, a Zionist, a Russophobe and a Turcophile but he is not as self-hating, as self-destructive, as gullible or as meek as his Armenian counterparts. As a life long representative of Anglo-American-Jewish imperial interests, he is merely telling his enthusiastic Third World hosts what the empire desires. Clearly, he thinks of us Armenians as backward and self-hating, which is why he made all these insulting statements in public. But, I'm afraid he is right. Because of our Western fetish, Western officials feel confident enough to publicly ask Armenian to more-or-less commit suicide and we Armenians remain silent. They feel confident enough to give us advice on how to essentially mismanage our country, basically because they know we want to remain "engaged" with them as a hedge, oddly enough, against our only ally Russia. We Armenians therefore deserve what's coming. And one of the things that is coming is a war with Iran and the associated hardships that will befall Armenia as a result. John Bolton's visit to Armenia was in fact a harbinger of that war. And he did not even try to conceal his pro-Azerbaijani leanings. Yet, despite all this, he did not hear a single voice of protest. He did not hear a single word of objection. No one was there, or anywhere else in the country, to egg him or yell out profanities to him. None of the Third World savages in Yerevan even dared to ask him to go the Genocide Memorial, merely ten minutes away from where he was spewing his venom, to show us Armenians just how seriously Anglo-American-Jews are taking Armenia these days.

John Bolton's unholy presence in Armenia was an insult to Armenia, Russia and Iran. I despise the cowards governing my homeland. I am ashamed of my leadership. Western officials are correct in their assumptions. We Armenians are naïve, emotional, self-hating, politically illiterate and we do have a self-destructive form of Western fetish. We do therefore deserve every bit of insult we get from Western officials. We do therefore deserve all the political hardships that befalls us. One of the world's most corrupt and most bloodthirsty criminals was in Armenia, essentially insulting Armenians, Russians and Iranians and there was not one protester that could be seen in sight. Where were all of Armenia's "political activists"? Where were Armenia's "nationalists"? Why where they not protesting John Bolton? Not one of the country's Western funded lowlife activists or Choban nationalists could be seen with placards protesting his visit, similar to what one of Nikol's appointed "officials" (a London resident and an utter idiot called Babken Ter Grigoryan) had done when the Russian President was in Armenia several years ago paying an official visit to the Genocide Memorial nonetheless. So, since we Armenians are politically illiterate, self-destructive, easily manipulated and spineless cowards, here, allow me to help set the record straight -

Allow me to set the record straight some more by saying this: American weapons are grossly over priced, very difficult to operate and maintain and they work best only against enemies that wear sandals and turbans. What's more, American officials are war criminals and they only serve the interests of the Anglo-American empire and the Zionist state. Therefore, corrupt American officials and their overpriced war toys are not welcome in Armenia. No one, including Neo-Bolsheviks like Nikol and friends will be able to drive a wedge between Russia and Armenia. Russia and Armenia are locked in an embrace no one can break for the following fundamental reason: No Russia in Armenia = no Armenia in the south Caucasus. Conversely, no Armenia in the south Caucasus = no Russia in the strategic south Caucasus. Consequently, Russians and Armenians have been natural allies for over two hundred years and will remain natural allies for well into the foreseeable future, or as long as the south Caucasus remains under a Western, Turkish and Islamic threat.

Therefore, God bless Russia. God bless Armenia. And may God help protect Russo-Armenian friendship from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Sadly, there is no one in positions of power and/or influence in Armenia trying to set the record straight. From the very top to the very bottom, Armenia today is totally devoid of political literacy, political wisdom, political foresight, political backbone and political pragmatism. For its entire post-Soviet period, the country has been stuck between backward Chobans in Armani suits and Western funded social engineers and mercenaries. For reasons we do not yet know, the Chobans recently took a step back and turned the country's control board over to the Western funded mercenaries. Perhaps Armenia is being given the proverbial rope to hang it with at a later date. In any case, Nikol and his Western funded kindergarten in Yerevan are being used to gradually bring Armenia to the brink of disaster, which may be the reason why those in positions of power and influence in Yerevan are utterly neglecting the nation's core interests and totally ignoring Armenia's strategic neighbors. They are instead wasting the country's precious resources on pandering to far away empires that could careless about Armenia and/or Armenians. And because Armenians are trying stay engaged with Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam for his part is feeling emboldened enough not only to give advise but to also threaten Armenia.

Uncle Sam does not want Yerevan to have any dealings with Iran, a country that is one of two strategic partners a landlocked and blockaded Armenia has in this world. Western officials know well that without Russia and Iran Armenia cannot survive in the south Caucasus. But it's obvious that is not a major concern for the Anglo-American-Jewish agenda in the region.

It does not matter to me if Nikol is doing all this intentionally or if he is doing it ignorantly. What matters is that he and his Western funded cohorts are the ones opening Armenia's door wide-open to these dangerous criminals. Having gotten a prominent platform by their enthusiastic Third Word hosts in Yerevan, the imperial criminals are not wasting any time in trying to isolate Armenia and turn Armenia's only regional allies, Russia and Iran, against it. In a nutshell: What Bolton presented was essentially the Goble Plan, part II. And Nikol, who is essentially Levon II, seemed to be all ears at first. But, sensing an outcry, he has since backtracked a bit. Nikol and friends are nevertheless playing a very dangerous game with Armenia. They are creating a very volatile situation. The net result of their grossly miscalculated policies can result in a number of very bad outcomes for the country. Nikol's political games are in effect steering Armenia towards isolation and laying the groundwork for a future conflict with Russia and Iran -
Իրանական կողմը երկու անգամ Փաշինյանին հրավիրել է Թեհրան, բայց հետաձգում է․ Քաղաքագետ
«Ամերիկացիները Երևանում արժանի հակահարված չստացան». Սարգսյան
Արտաքին քաղաքական երկու պարտություն՝ մեկ օրում. «Հրապարակ» Ամբողջական հոդվածը կարող եք կարդալ այս հասցեով
Armenia ready for regulation of Armenian-Turkish relations without pre-conditions: Nikol Pashinyan
As Bolton Targets Russia and Iran, Is Armenia the Collateral Damage?
Между молотом США и наковальней Ирана: какие риски для Армении создает "бой тяжеловесов"
The fact that Nikol has been invited to visit Iran twice and has refused to go clearly suggests to me that Nikol is seeking to appease Anglo-American-Jews. The fact that utter filth like John Bolton are being allowed to give Armenians toxic advise without official Yerevan objecting or protesting is clear sign that Nikol's regime desires to be in bed with Uncle Sam. The fact that Nikol is even contemplating the closure of Armenia's border with Iran in case of a war - and wanting to "unconditionally" open Armenia's border with Turkey - is a clear sign that Nikol's political priorities are not aligned with that of the Armenian nation. The fact that official Yerevan is isolating itself from Armenia's regional allies is a clear sign that we have traitors and/or idiots in government today. All in all, Nikol's Western funded regime has been an insult to our only friends in this world, Russia and Iran. Let's see how they will return the favor one day. They may have already started -
Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan sign declaration supporting Karabakh conflict settlement based on Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity principle
Putin’s Trip to Azerbaijan: Manipulating the Caucasus Triangle 
Russian ambassador to Azerbaijan meets with Nakhchivan head
Armenia 'May Lose Post' On Russian-Led Defense Group
Having his ass kissed by countless lips in Yerevan, Uncle Sam for his part is also returning us the favor by threatening Armenia with sanctions, not even including Armenia in its list of nations temporarily exempt from dealing with Iran and forcing Armenia's IMF controlled banks to put sanctions on Iranian citizens -
Pompeo Reveals Countries Exempt From Iran Oil Sanctions
Newspaper: Armenia to appear under US sanctions?
U.S. Sanctions On Iran ‘Explained’ To Armenian Government, Banks
Armenia's representatives seem so afraid of losing Western/American grants and Visas that they are refusing to establish closer relations with Armenia's only reliable neighbor. Armenian officials seem so shortsighted that they rather lose a very significant political position in the CSTO than stop their political persecution of certain individuals associated with Robert Kocharyan. All this is no doubt having an impact on Russian-Armenian relations. President Putin has visited Azerbaijan recently, but he yet has to visit Armenia, Russia's only strategic partner in the south Caucasus. The signs coming out of the region are clear to see for all those who have the gift of sight. Our tiny, impoverished, landlocked and blockaded country located in one of the most dangerous places in the world, is on the path to political isolation. It is Levon's acolyte Nikol and his Western funded cohorts that are taking Armenia down this uncharted and dark road. The world is preparing for a major war, the epicenter of which is where Armenia is located and we have foreign funded clowns in power. All of this should have been expected. All of us should have known that nothing good would have come out of Nikol and friends.

If this all blows up in their faces, and it certainly can, Nikol and his Western funded vermin can simply scatter to the Western country of their choice to save their skins.  Ultimately, it is Armenia that will suffer as always. Ultimately, Armenia is the victim of our hate, jealousy, pride, arrogance, materialism, tribalism, political illiteracy and our undying fetish with the Western world.

Because Armenian DNA seems impervious to certain truths and realities, I want to reiterate a few fundamental points: After Armenians, Russia is the only nation on earth that will willingly spill the blood of its young men and women for Armenia's national security. If Russian troops are heroically fighting and dying for Syria, a nation far removed from Russia's borders, imagine what they would do for Armenia, a nation that directly protects Russia's vulnerable underbelly, the south Caucasus. Russia's two military bases in Armenia serves the geostrategic interests of both Armenia and Russia. Not the Armenian Diaspora, not the Armenian people per se, not even the Armenian military, but Russia's 102nd base in Armenia is the single most important factor keeping Armenia alive today. Had it not been for Russia's military presence in Armenia, Armenia would have been violated by Turkic and Islamic forces a long time ago and all the "mighty Diaspora" could have done was stand-by and watch, and of course hold emotional rallies in front of this or that embassy. Had it not been for the Russian factor in the post-Soviet period, Armenians would have lost all of Artsakh, perhaps parts of Armenia as well. For Russia and to a lesser extent Iran, Armenia serves a vital strategic purpose. Armenia is an integral part of Russia's and to a lesser extent Iran's national security calculations and formulations. Armenia's existence as a nation-state in the south Caucasus fits fully into the national interests of both Russia and Iran for two fundamental geostrategic reasons: The south Caucasus has a natural  Turkic/Islamic propensity. Armenia is a natural bulwark against pan-Turkism and Wahhabist/Islamist expansionism.

On the other hand, for Western powers, Armenia is at best a disposable pawn and at worst an obstacle getting in the way of their self-serving regional agendas. Uncle Sam's desire to establish "ties" with Yerevan has one fundamental reason: The Anglo-American-Jewish desire to pursue an anti-Iranian and anti-Russian agenda in the south Caucasus. Nothing else. Therefore, human rights, gay rights, feminism, free press, Democracy, humanitarian aid, financial loans, development programs, etc., are merely the tools of exploitation and manipulation. The aforementioned is how they set deep roots in targeted nations. This is how they guide/steer the sheeple in society. In reality, the Anglo-American-Jewish agenda in the south Caucasus poses a major threat to Armenia. This threat, albeit indirect, is no less dangerous than the existential threat posed by Turkey and Azerbaijan. Yet, we still have Armenians, both Diasporan and native, feverishly working to import Americana into Armenia.

Instead of feverishly working within our neighborhood to solve problems and secure the country's future, our self-destructive idiots are once again looking thousands of kilometers away for salvation. This has been the case for two thousand years. For two thousand years Armenians have been neglecting their neighborhood and looking thousands of kilometers away for salvation. This is basically why I say that at a fundamental level, Armenians are at fault for all the black pages in Armenian history. Because of official Yerevan's "Complimentary Politics" Armenia is stagnating. Playing both sides of the political divide is not making either side happy. Both sides are therefore conspiring against Armenia. This should have been expected. After all, we have been faced with similar situations during the past two thousand years and Armenia has suffered immensely because of it. Yet, we stubbornly refuse to learn from our past disasters. Simply put: Armenia's needs to muster its limited resources to develop/deepen its ties with its regional allies like Russia and Iran as best as it can, without diluting the said effort by giving Anglo-American-Jews a firm foothold in the country. I ask the reader to put aside his or her ego and understand that Armenia lives today as a result of its ties to Russia and its border with Iran. Yet, Nikol's regime is giving Western criminals a high podium not only to lecture us but to also threaten us about our ties to Russia and Iran. Think about it. Is it not crazy? Of course it is. But that's Armenian style politics. Welcome to Nikol's "New Armenia" or "նոր Հայաստան".

Welcome to Nikol's "նոր Հայաստան"  

Welcome to Nikol's "Նոր Հայաստան", a country where Anglo-American-Jews, drug pushers, homosexuals and minorities feel emboldened; a county where Western toxins are promoted from above; a country where its intelligence agency's director much rather run a football team; a country where former Western NGO workers are today's government ministers; a country where the president is a selfie king; and a country where the natives sing and dance for their imperial overlords. Behold the narcissism, cultural degeneration, political illiteracy, self-hate, suicidal tendencies, geostrategic blunders, civilizational decline and manipulation of the hopelessly ignorant masses in Nikol's New Armenia. Foremost, the reader will be very happy to know that there no longer are any "Oligarchs" in Nikol's "նոր Հայաստան"... although its been over one year now and yet none of Armenia's top Oligarchs have been jailed or chased out of the country, nor has the supposed billions of U.S. Dollars in offshore bank accounts been returned to state coffers -
Nikol: There are no oligarchs in Armenia
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան has no problems with Western interests looting the country's gold while endagering the country's ecological health -
Pashinyan gives go-ahead to controversial Armenian mine project
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան and its newly appointed SIS director (who's brother is a high ranking George Soros operative in Armenia) all of a sudden no longer cares about the "billions of U.S. Dollars in offshore bank accounts" we were hearing about on a 24/7 basis before the "Velvet Revolution" -
How the Criminal Investigation of Mihran Poghosyan’s Offshore Business Dealings Was Conveniently Dropped
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան has not jailed any of the criminal Oligarchs nor brought back any of the "billions of U.S. Dollars in offshore accounts", but it is going after a subsidiary of a mega-corporation based in Russia that can literally freeze Armenia to death with the flick a switch -
Gazprom Armenia Under Investigation for Tax Evasion
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան arrests opposition voices -
Armenian Blogger Arrested by NSS
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան arrests the owner of one of the country's largest and most important companies -
Head of large freight company arrested in Armenia
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան  is where anti-Russian activists are allowed high government positions -
How can someone who stepped on Russian flag get high-ranking position in Armenia?
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան has been doing its best to get kicked out of a strategic military bloc led by Russia -
Armenia appears in danger of losing CSTO leadership position 

Nikol's նոր Հայաստան has suddenly forgotten about all the criminal Oligarchs in the country (including Serj Sargsyan and his brothers) and in a politically motivated move has instead arrested former president Robert Kocharyan, perhaps the only Armenian president that was/is backed by Moscow -

Former Armenian President Kocharian placed in pretrial detention
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան wants to for the first time tax the remittances transferred to Armenia by the country's migrant workers who number in the hundreds of thousands, 90% of whom work in the Russian Federation -
«Խոպանից» եկամուտ ստացած քաղաքացիները պարտավոր են այն հայտարարագրել ու դրա 23 տոկոսը որպես եկամտային հարկ վճարել պետությանը. ՊԵԿ-ի նախագիծը
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a place where dangerous American vaccinations are promoted right from the top -
Armenia PM’s children will be vaccinated against HPV
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a place where homosexuals and transvestites attack police stations and assault policemen -
LGBT community representatives invade police station in Yerevan
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a place where transvestites address the national parliament -
Տրանսգենդերը ելույթ ունեցավ ԱԺ–ում.
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is where "minorities" protest "Armenian racism" -
«Say no to racism. ոչ ռասիզմին» բողոքի ակցիա
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is seeing a rapid increase of Third World immigrants -
29,000 Indians are now living Armenia
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան promotes Azeri films -
Azeri film to be presented at Golden Apricot film festival
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան sees no need for a Diaspora ministry -
Government May Close Diaspora Ministry
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a place where the mentally deranged activists on Western payrolls have television crews following them -
Վարդգես Գասպարին բողոքի ակցիա իրականացրեց ընդդեմ Ռ. Քոչարյանի և ՌԴ-ի
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a place where the head of the Armenian Church is not protected from attacks by foreign funded agents trying to undermine the national Church -
Armenian Parliament Rejects Pro-Church Bills
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a place where Artsakh war veterans are quietly allowed to die in a hunger strikes during pretrial detention and none of the country's Western financed "rights" activists bother to hold protests -
Armenian politician dies after 52-day prison hunger strike
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան has an "economic plan" that is a whopping 30 pages long and does not include a single chart or number - 
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is entering a recession -
Recession imminent in Armenian economy in 2019
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is seeing a sudden rise in crime rate -
Crime rate drastically grows in Armenia
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is seeing a rise in the number of automobile accident deaths -
Armenia sees increase in road accident deaths 
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a place the nation's leader poses for selfies with visiting officials -
Nikol with Good Friends Macron and Trudeau
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a place where there is no state funding for the only educational and patriotic children's program on television - 
«Հայ Ասպետ» հաղորդաշարի համար այլևս փող չի լինի 
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a place where chess has no place in school -
Armenia mulls scrapping chess lessons from schools amid varying opinions
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a place where imperial officials from the West dance with Third World subjects from around the world -
Վարպետության դաս` Փաշինյանի կնոջից․ Ֆրանսիայի ու Չադի նախագահները քոչարի են պարում
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a country where officials openly boast about their ties to criminal Globalists -
President Sarkissian meets long-time friend Henry Kissinger in NYC, invites to visit Armenia
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a country where officials openly meet with criminal Globalists -
Armenian President meets with president of Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a country where American warmongers feel confident enough to give their Third World hosts advice on how to commit national suicide, and none of the natives complain or protest -
John Bolton offers Nikol to buy American weaponry instead of Russian
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a country where foreign funded mercenaries who have killed Armenian policemen are set free from jail and allowed to spew their Russophobic venom -
Armenia should review presence of Russian military base in the country: Garegin Chugaszyan
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a country that has a director of Special Investigations whose brother is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at George Soros' Open Society Foundations -
Armenia's Special Investigation Service head comments on question about his ties to Soros Foundation
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is where a foreign backed criminal like Levon Petrosyan is asked for advice on foreign policy and Artsakh -
Nikol, First President Levon Ter-Petrosyan discuss foreign policy and Artsakh conflict
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a place where Levon Petrosyan's party officials not only openly and arrogantly claim territories around Artsakh were not liberated but "occupied" but also that there is no historical proof that those territories belong to Armenians in the first place -
Արցախի ազատագրված տարածքներն իրականում գրավյալ տարածքներ են․ ՀԱԿ անդամ
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a country that does not respond in any way to major  military advances by Azerbaijan -
Azerbaijan pushes into Nakhchivan borderlands forcing Armenia to abandon positions
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a country that compliments Azerbaijan's virulently anti-Armenian leadership -
Nikol: Aliyev left impression of an educated person
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is preparing to follow the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance's imperial dictates against Armenia's only reliable neighbor -
U.S. Sanctions On Iran ‘Explained’ To Armenian Government, Banks
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is contemplating the closure of its border with Iran -
Հայ-իրանական սահմանն ամեն պահի կարող է փակվել. Փաշինյան 
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան wants the "unconditional" opening of its border with Turkey -
Nikol: Armenia ready to open border with Turkey without preconditions
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is a country where the "head spy" has a serious football fetish -
NSS Director confirms his candidacy will be nominated for position of President of Football Federation of Armenia
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան is is not doing well economically/financially and it hosts one of the world's worst football teams, but the national security director/wannabe football director wants to build a $100 million sports stadium for them -
Հայաստանը 100 մլն դոլարանոց Ազգային մարզադաշտ կունենա. սա Վանեցյանի երազանքներից մեկն է
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան has a cross-dressing comedian as Yerevan's mayor -
Introducing the newly elected Mayor of Yerevan! Congratulations Armenia
Nikol's նոր Հայաստան finally understands that Armenia's Oligarchs (who, according to our "revolutionaries" were the main reason why Armenia had high unemployment rates) are not the real reason why unemployment remains high in the country. All of a sudden, Nikol finally admits that Armenia has an unemployment problem not because of "Oligarchs" but because there is a surplus of lazy/worthless citizens, many of whom ironically took to the streets for Nikol. Great payback from the "people's choice". In any case, imagine the outcry if Serj Sargsyan or Robert Kocharyan had said something like this -
«350 հազար մարդ ճռռում է, որ պահի 800 հազար մարդու». Նիկոլ Փաշինյան
On a side note: Armenia's now 27 year old problem with unemployment, which is also directly related to its dwindling population problem, is a direct consequence of the Soviet Union's collapse. We as a people are failing to understand that today's Armenia was for the most part built by the Soviet Union. The sudden collapse of the Soviet system around 1990 abruptly cut Armenia off from the Soviet Union's vast economic network. This in-turn utterly devastated Armenia's large and quite developed industrial sector, one that had contributed to Soviet Armenia's population boom. We are failing to properly recognize this historic nuance perhaps because it does not fit our fairy-tale perception of Armenia. In any case, at the heyday of the Soviet Union in the early 1980s (i.e. when the Politburo micromanaged everything; when the entire country was well fed; when education and medicine were free; when everybody was guaranteed a job and a home; when no nation was threatening Armenia's borders; when Armenia was highly industrialized and known as one of the Soviet Union's Silicon Valleys) Armenia hosted a population of around 3.5 million (several hundred thousand of whom were Azeris, Yezdis, Russians, Greeks, Assyrian, Jews, etc). Then came the total collapse of the Soviet Union which saw Armenians tearing down all Soviet built factories. This was made worst by  the devastating earthquake in 1988 which ruined almost 1/3 of the country; the costly war in Artsakh that took thousands of lives and depleted vast amounts of resources; the 25-plus year old double blockade by two of Armenia's Turkic neighbors that made trade and production extremely difficult and increased the cost of living; the costly war of attrition in Artsakh for the past 25 years that continues taking lives and sucking resources. Post-Soviet Armenia has been afflicted with war, sociopolitical unrest, economic collapse, high unemployment rates, high crime rates, high death rates and low birth rates. This has forced hundreds-of-thousands of Armenians to leave the country. Armenia today would be very hard-pressed to host even half the population it had during the late Soviet period. Post-Soviet Armenia is simply incapable of properly meeting the needs of its restless citizens. In reality, at 2.5 to 3 million people, Armenia today may actually be overpopulated. In a nutshell, the above is an elemental part of the reason why we continue seeing all kinds of problems in Armenia today, including of course depopulation. Nevertheless, talking about boosting Armenia's dwindling population is an exercise in futility. Simply put: From top to the bottom, Armenia was built by the Soviet Union. Armenia therefore never recovered from the Soviet Union's collapse. In my humble opinion, Armenia can shed a few hundred thousand more of its most idle citizens, who are in fact a major burden on the country and in many cases pose a security risk.

So, I would like to once more welcome everyone to Nikol's "նոր Հայաստան", the wonderful "new Armenia" of everyone's dreams and aspirations. And the reader would also be happy to learn that the situation in Nikol's "new Armenia" actually falls fully inline with the step-by-step manual found in the old KGB playbook, carried-out of course by the Neo-Bolsheviks in our midst -
Confessions of a KGB Agent

Everything outlined in the lecture in the video above is what we are seeing take place in Armenia in recent years. If the previous regime was old world corruption, the current regime is fast proving itself to be new world degeneracy. Nikol and friends are slowly but surely guiding Armenia towards a disaster. In the big picture, we Armenians deserve every bit of it. After all, Nikol is the "people's choice". According to the sacred tenets of Democracy, we need to respect this choice regardless of how suicidal it may be for Armenia. What we therefore have today is a situation where Armenia is in a decline politically and culturally, but Armenians are simply flabbergasted with their new "ratings" -

Democracy Index: Notable improvements registered in Armenia
As noted above, everything we are seeing in Armenia is by design. The form of Democracy (i.e. the Neo-Bolshevism) that is promoted by Western powers today is primarily designed to cause internal strife in targeted societies and make them vulnerable to manipulation, subversion and exploitation. This weaponized form of Democracy is exported to countries like Armenia for two fundamental reasons: To either fully subjugate/occupy them and bring them under Anglo-American-Jewish control or, if occupation proves too difficult, simply destroy them (i.e. sow war or create failed states). We have seen numerous such cases around the world in recent decades. Ultimately, if you are not an organic part of the Anglo-American-Jewish world and you foolishly lift your homeland's gates to them, or you are militarily or economically invaded by them, they pour in to subdue or destroy. Nations that somehow fall under Western influences experience political unrest, economic decline, high crime rates, drug and alcohol abuse, cultural decay and/or war. This is exactly what we are seeing in Armenia today. In the big picture, Armenians are victims of their hate, jealousy, materialism, tribalism, political illiteracy and fetish with the Western world. Therefore, God bless Armenian style "Democracy" and "people power".

The Westernization of Armenian society by Neo-Marxists

Long ago, experts in sociology, behavioral science and social engineers employed by the Western world's political and financial elite (invariably known as Marxists, Socialists, Internationalists and Globalists) realized that an individual without God, family and country (to which we have to now also add gender identity) is just an easily controlled, instinct driven animal in constant search for stimulation and self-gratification. Long ago it was therefore known by experts in the field that the easiest way to subvert and control any given society was to devoid it of nationalism, ethnic/racial identity, conservative religions and traditional or Patriarchal concepts about family and morality. Under the guise of what they represent as "modern" and "progressive", corrosive ideology like Civil Society, Liberalism, Interracialism, Ecumenism, Individualism, Multiculturalism, Egalitarianism and Westernization is how they have been pumping liberal, nihilistic, anti-traditional, anti-conservative, anti-national, anti-racial and anti-Christian concepts into society. Make no mistake about it, today's "Democracy" movements are the spawns of yesteryear's Marxist and Socialist movements. KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's words are more relevant today than when they were first spoken.

A little background to the story above. The Enlightenment era in the Western world ultimately spawned a international/global movement that we in modern times invariably call Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Internationalists or Globalists. These movements primarily sought to remake human society. The had their genesis among the multinational intellectual elite of Western Europe (primarily among French, British and German thinkers, writers and philosophers). They clearly had Masonic underpinnings. And by the late 19-th century, they had mostly come under the leadership and finance of Ashkenazi Jews (European Jews). By the late 19-th century and early 20-th century, Marxist/Socialist revolutionary movements had spread their tentacles throughout the world. Armenian society was no exception. These movements in fact gave rise to the first two major political parties among Armenians, the Social Democrat Hnchakian Party and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). These two self-avowed Marxist/Socialist parties played a major role throughout Armenian society throughout much of the 20-th century. Overcome by nationalistic and revolutionary fervor at the time, these Marxist/Socialist Armenian activists did not only rebel against Ottoman Turks, they also rebelled against the Russian Empire, essentially weakening Russian-Armenian ties and thereby making Armenia more isolated in an increasingly hostile environment. Similar to Western led and funded Democratic movements sweeping the world today, Marxist and Socialist movements were spreading like wildfire in the late 19-th century, and the venerable and vulnerable Russian Empire was one of their main targets. In an attempt to forcefully subvert the Russian Empire one hundred years ago, they utterly destroyed it in the process. Having fallen far behind the industrialized powers of the Western world, Russia, still largely agrarian at the time, was relatively speaking a backward or rather an old world empire. It could also be said that the empire was mismanaged by Czar Nicholas II. In any case, the venerable Romanov Empire was already in decline at the start of the First World War. It's subsequent defeat against Germany at the Battle of Tannenberg therefore sealed its fate. The Russian Empire succumbed to the Bolshevik revolution in October of 1917. The entire purpose of the Marxist/Bolshevik movement in the Russian Empire at the time was not to better the lives of ordinary Russians, but to destroy the Russian state. Russia was to be portioned. Even its Cyrillic alphabet was to be dropped in favor of Latin script.

The venerable Romanov Empire was already in decline around the turn of the 20-th century and was thus vulnerable to defeat at the start of the First World War. It's subsequent defeat at the hands of Germany during the Battle of Tannenberg sealed its fate. The Russian Empire succumbed to the Western backed Bolshevik revolution in October of 1917. The main purpose of the Marxist/Bolshevik movement in the Russian Empire at the time was not to better the lives of ordinary Russians, but to destroy the Russian state. Russia was to be partitioned. Even its Cyrillic alphabet was to be dropped in favor of Latin script. Joseph Stalin's sudden rise to power in the early 1920s and the long and bloody internal strife that subsequently followed (essentially a struggle between those like Stalin who wanted to reinstate Russian imperialism by other means and Internationalists like Trotskyites who wanted to break-up the Russian Empire) in-effect helped preserve some of what had remained of the fallen Russian Empire. Afterwards, the onset of the Second World War, which whipped up nationalistic fervor inside the Soviet Union, in-effect "Russified" the Soviet Union. It can therefore be said that Stalin's purges and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union Russified Communism. Consequently, Russians were able to avoid a fate even more tragic than the one they had already suffered. The following map more-or-less depicts what was in store for the Russian nation had Joseph Stalin's brutal measures did not prevent Trotskyites from realizing their goals -

So, next time any idiot tells you something along the lines of - "Russians gave away Armenian lands to Turks" - simply tell them to get lost.

Losing an empire's entire wealth, national aristocracy, national church, large amounts of territory and literally tens-of-millions of people, Russians suffered by-far the worst fate under Western financed and Jew led Bolshevik revolution. If Joseph Stalin did anything right, it was the Russification of Communism. But we don't know any of this history because the winners (Anglo-American-Jews and Europe's Globalist elite) have been the writers of our history book, as well as the creators of the television programming and cinema that we have all been exposed to from birth. Nevertheless, behind-the-scenes, the Globalist and Internationalist founding fathers of the Soviet Union continued wielding great power inside Moscow. Joseph Stalin was eventually murdered by them. They continued influencing Soviet politics and economy until they finally decided to implode it in 1991 with the controlled demolition of the Soviet Union via one of their agents who was none-other-than Mikhail Gorbachev.

Concurrently, Marxists/Globalists were working on subverting the United States and Western Europe by other means. They understood that because Western Europe and North America were more developed than the Russian Empire and their societies were much less centralized, they would not be able to subvert Western nations in similar fashion. In other words, they could not successfully apply the Russian model to Western countries. They therefore had to implement more subtle methods of subversion. When a civilization cannot be conquered by force or military action, it can be conquered culturally. Western countries were therefore subjected to cultural warfare. This assault and invasion would be relatively easy because they, the attackers, were already part of Western society and they already occupied strategically important positions throughout. Consequently, for the past 60-plus years, Neo-Bolsheviks living in Western countries have been systematically buying into governmental structures and attacking the very social fabric that makes-up Western civilization, American civilization in particular, via television, music, cinema, literature, school curriculum, social activism, liberal civic programs and drugs. They succeeded to such a great degree that multiculturalism, interracialism, liberalism, egalitarianism, atheism, feminism, nihilism, illegal drug abuse, pharmaceutical drug abuse, Satanism, witchcraft, sexual decadence, culture of violence, moral relativism and homosexuality are now the norms in the United States today. They succeeded to such a great degree, that Washington DC was largely co-opted by the middle of the 20-th century (the merger between Anglo-American imperialists and Globalists I have written about previously). This merger was in my opinion the natural outcome of the Anglo-American desire for wealth and hegemony and the Globalist/Neo-Marxist desire to use the latter as a tool to finally achieve global control). Since this historic merger, Globalists have been using the Anglo-American world as a battering ram and a vehicle with which to push forward their Internationalist, Socialist and Neo-Marxist agendas.

The plan was and continues to be the mixing of races and nations, erasing national borders, killing conservative religions and more recently, blurring the lines of gender identity - of course this all under an Anglo-American-Jewish supervision. Their ultimate intent seems to be the creation of an easily controlled society of hybrid humans that are racially mixed, nationless, borderless, genderless, Godless, apolitical, nihilistic, morally ambiguous and addicted to entertainment, drugs, pornography and of course shopping. Their intent is to also create a global society that communicates in English, works for Western mega-corporations, consumes Western products and trades in Western currency -
Why are we in Decline: Cultural Marxism 
Mainely Unspoken "Dumbing Down of Schools" with Charlotte Iserbyt
Europe is finished. Nothing can save it now
34 years ago, a KGB defector chillingly predicted modern America
How the New World Order “Globalists” Are Dividing Americans
They first kill the spirit (the nation's culture/beliefs/traditions) through a cultural invasion, they then kill the body (the state and its national institutions) through an economic and/or military invasion. Overall, what has been happening in Armenia, not only since last spring but since its independence in 1991, is part of the above mentioned Globalist agenda and it is connected, at least in-part, to the dispute over Artsakh. The situation in the south Caucasus today is getting much more complicated also because of the Anglo-American-Jewish agenda against Iran. Nevertheless, these geopolitical matters are only a small part of the overall equation. Taking the opportunity brought upon by the regime change that took place last spring, Neo-Bolshevik forces embedded throughout Armenian society have jumped at the opportunity to further their Globalist agenda for no borders, no races, no nations, no religions and no genders. They have been in the process of killing the Armenian spirit for the entire post-Soviet period, with the willing if unwitting participation of the "Armenian Street". Once again, to be fair to Nikol, Western toxins first began appearing in Armenia as soon as the Soviet Union began it's historic fall in the late 1980s. The Armenian Diaspora, particularly the one in North America, played a major role in this regard. One of the first American NGOs appeared in Armenia compliments of the wealthy Hovnanian family from New Jersey. The Hovnanians and their pet projects known as Turkish Armenian Reconciliation Commission and the Armenian Assembly of America are known to have long-standing ties to the U.S. State Department. The Armenian Diaspora of Northern America has also in recent years spearheaded Homosexual propaganda in the country. For over ten years I was warning Armenians that those waiting on the sidelines of Armenia's political field were not patriots or nationalists but individuals and organizations backed by Western and Globalist interests. As predicted, the ouster of the old Choban guard simply brought Neo-Bolsheviks into power. Now these are using Armenia's weak governmental institutions, easily bought officials and utterly naive and self-destructive populace to flood the country with political, economic and societal agendas that will eventually become an existential threat to the fledgling country.

The importation of Western toxins into the country has noticeably picked-up in volume and intensity since Nikol and his cohorts came to power. Naturally, Armenia's impressionable youth, who are constantly being told they are the best thing that happened to Armenia since the discovery of Lavash, are most effected by the new regime's Globalist/Marxist/Liberal propaganda. By us deliberately/willingly/enthusiastically importing their cultural ideas and products into our homeland, they have already won half the battle against us. Who in society today understands any this? Sadly, a very-very few. This is why Armenians continue singing and dancing to impress imperial officials as the latter continues conspiring against Armenia. Sometimes it seems like the only thing Armenians can do good these days, especially the post-Soviet generation, is sing and dance... just like African-Americans -
Political power does indeed travel on the coattails of cultural influence. Through their civilizational/cultural power, they are capable of penetrating even the hardest of national borders. Think of it in this way: If we want to sing their songs, dance to their music, watch their films, eat their foods, drive their cars, trade in their money, wear their clothing and speak their language... how can we then ever think of them as the enemy? If we have our eyes on the West, how would we be able to develop our ties with our natural partners in the East? If we are so thralled by Western culture, how can we stop them from embedding their agents in our societies? Those who seek intimate ties with Western powers do so at their own peril.

Because of self-interested and greedy Armenian politicians (the prospect of Western bribes in form of aid is the fundamental reason behind Armenia’s "complimentary politics" nonsense) and a thoroughly zombified and Westernized Armenian Diaspora, corrosive Western agendas continue seeping into Armenia unimpeded. Make no mistake about it, the Western world today is utterly toxic. Because of the zealous adherence to Globalist/Marxist tenets such as Democracy, Liberalism, Multiculturalism and Egalitarianism, the Western ruling elite has turned Western nations into mere shadows of their former selves. Western civilization, one that has defined human history for the past one thousand-plus years, is dying today because Western governments willingly infected themselves with the deadly virus of Globalism. And because Western governments have their tentacles around the world, they are also dragging the rest of humanity down with them. Despite the fact that the West is a sinking ship, Armenians continue trying to board it. Despite the fact that Globalism is toxic for nation-states, Armenians are trying to adopt it. Because of our love for all things Western/American/European, we keep Western importing toxicity into our homeland. And once of the potentially toxic imports into Armenia has been the controversial "Domestic Violence law" -
More than 50 Diasporan Artists, Scholars Call on Armenia to Adopt Domestic-Violence Law 
Armenian emotions are being toyed with and manipulated. After all, who in their right minds do not want to protect women and children? But this law is designed for more sinister purposes. Despite its stated goals and lofty appearance, the legislation noted above is a sinister first step in getting Neo-Bolsheviks to control the inner working of the nuclear family in Armenia. In other words, it's an attempt to seed the young country with legislation that will prove toxic. It should also be noted that this legislation was being debated as a "precondition" to Armenia signing an agreement with the European Union. The Armenian Diaspora has been among the main driving forces behind all this. One particularly nauseating Diasporan is a disgusting character from Canada's Lebanese-Armenian community - 
Lara Aharonian: Women's Resource Center 
According to these Neo-Bolshevik mercenaries, Armenian women in Armenia are in a terrible plight and that Armenia needs Western style social reforms. What's amazing here is that the same never mentions that nearly a quarter of females living in the U.S. get beaten and sexually assaulted (and sometimes murdered) by their workplace superiors, spouses or sexual partners. These also fail to mention that a majority of women in the U.S. armed services get sexually abused. Let's also admit that nearly a quarter of females living in the U.S. become sexually active in their early teens. Nearly three quarters of females living in the U.S. regularly use or are addicted to some form of drug. Half of all married women in the U.S. end up divorced. Millions of young girls in the U.S. either run away from their homes or are thrown out of their homes by their parents, after which they end up working for the country’s booming sex industry. All in all, women in the United States are encouraged to be work oriented, sexually active and promiscuous, materialistic and selfish, shun family life, consider interracial unions, medicate themselves with drugs and experiment with homosexuality.
Is this the “liberation” of women in the Western world? Or is this actually the destruction of women and thus the traditional family in the Western world? Is this what the Armenian Diaspora of North America wants to import into Armenia? Diasporan Armenians need to come to the realization that although the situation of women in Armenia may not be ideal by any stretch of the imagination, it is still overall better than what has happened to women in the Western world. This systematic undermining of femininity and womanhood in Armenia is not the only agenda of the Armenian Diaspora in Armenia. "Prominent" Diasporan types are also championing gay rights -
Prominent Diasporans Sign Statement in Support of Equality in Armenia

Open Letter: Over 100 Armenian organizations, prominent persons call for legal reforms to address LGBT community discrimination in Armenia
With regards to homosexuals: Homosexuals need to confine their psycho-sexual disorders to the confines of their homes and not showcase it in parades. If they can do that, they wont have nay problems in Armenia. It's that simple. In any case, Armenia is a young nation located in a very troubled region of the world. Armenia is a fledgling nation going through many growing pains. Armenia is also a closed and somewhat backward society. Naturally, Armenia has many problems and the mistreatment of women and homosexuals is merely one of them. What’s important to understand here however is that all of Armenia’s problems need to be solved organically and internally. What Armenia does not need are “laws” governing family life and sexuality written by Neo-Bolsheviks thousands of kilometers away. What Armenia needs is an “Armenian” solution for its domestic problems. Moreover, Armenia needs to import cultural influences/values from more culturally compatible nation such as Russia. In the big picture, those who need to be blamed for this situation in Armenia is Westernized Armenians of the North American Diaspora (who often cannot see past their egos and self-righteousness), greedy Armenian politicians (who cant see past their bank accounts and their ignorance) and the self-destructive "Street" (who can't see past its hate and arrogance). More recently, Armenia's Neo-Bolsheviks, with strong support from the Diaspora of course, have in-effect been promoting sexual unions between Armenians and Azeris -
Armenian-Azerbaijani Facebook photo causes scandal
What our Western led and funded Neo-Bolsheviks want to see in Armenia is more-or-less this: Women acting like men; men acting like women; teaching children that it is normal to be gay; giving children the choice to choose their gender; showcasing homosexual behavior in public; and erasing national and psychological borders between Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. This is basically their "progressive" and "modern" vision for Armenia. These people are an existential threat to Armenia. As long as we continue opening our doors to them, they will continue bringing their toxins into our homes. Yet, the doors to our homes have been wide open to then since 1991. On the one hundredth anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, I want the reader to finally understand that Globalism with its "we are all one" mentality is the modern manifestation of yesterday's Bolshevism and Marxism. And those that were behind the Russian revolution one hundred years ago, which ultimately caused the deaths of tens-of-millions of people, are precisely those who are behind Globalism today.
The Western world has given humanity many wonderful things like interracialism, multiculturalism, crony capitalism, financial Ponzi schemes, mega-corporations, Wall Street, living under debt, atheism, man made global warming hoax, out of Africa theory hoax, Big Bang theory hoax, Darwinian hoax, open borders, religious cults, new age religions, mass surveillance, militarized police, nihilism, consumerism, junk foods, obesity, materialism, mind-numbing television programming, zombie films, freak shows, snuff films, glorification of death, culture of violence, serial murderers, mass shootings, military and political meddling around the world, mainstream Satanism, Christian-Zionism, Televangelism, brainwashing movies, soap operas, holocaust-worship, celebrity worship, militant feminism, gay parades, homosexual propaganda, Black Fridays, narcotic trafficking, sex trafficking, child pornography, proliferation of mind altering drugs, global narcotics trafficking, increased rates of suicide, destruction of traditional family values and Islamic terrorism... And another one of their wonderful gifts to humanity has been GMOs.  

Like their relentless push on Global Warming, which is basically designed by the Global elite to control and/or manage industrial activity around the world by regulating and taxing it, GMOs are basically designed to control/manage global food production. President Armen Sargsyan must know this very well since his "long time friend" is known to have said the following -
"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world." - Henry Kissinger
Think what you may, but when for-profit mega-corporations or government agencies for that matter get into the business of tampering with nature and biology, the results will most definitely prove catastrophic for all of humanity. Thank God there are nations like Russia today that are doing their best to raise awareness and resist this abomination. But more needs to be done by each and everyone of us. Spread awareness. Please see the following links and share them with family, friends and relatives -
GMO Documentary: Seeds of death - By Gary Null 
GMO - Seeds of Destruction - By F. William Engdahl
As if they have not destroyed enough, now they are going after global food production. At the risk of sounding medieval, I believe there should be set limits to scientific development. More specifically, there should be limits to tampering with nature and biology. There should be limits to the harnessing of nature for human exploitation. Nature after all has given us life. Our ecology is our home after all. With the rise of genetically modified foods and living organisms and ecological engineering experiments, humanity today is facing a existential threat that is not less than demonic in nature. Because of the fetish Armenians have towards all things Western/American - and because American-Armenians have acted as pack animals for all sorts of American/Western agendas in Armenia - we finally have Monsanto and GMOs making their toxic debut in Armenia. They naturally come compliments of one of the largest CIA front offices in the world (i.e. the US embassy in Armenia) and of course Nikol's very own "health" minister Arsen Torosyan -
Attempts to meddle into Armenia's food production began soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union. USAID was among the first to make concerted efforts in this regard. They managed to convince some of our Chobans in Armani suits to adopt some of their toxins. That's when Monsanto's cancer causing Round Up began appearing in Armenia. Despite the wide spread belief that Armenian produce and meats are "organic", the troubling truth is that it is far from it. Virtually all Armenian farmers use and abuse large amounts of toxic chemicals such as Monsanto's Round Up. Overall, however, Armenians resisted Uncle Sam's effort to introduce GMO products into Armenia. Being in Russia's sphere of control most likely helped in the matter. However, Uncle Sam never gives up, nor does he take no for an answer. Americans kept trying and hoping for a breakthrough. They slowly succeeded. While the previous regimes opened the country's door to them somewhat, they now have a ruling administration in Yerevan that is fully on-board with their program. And dangerous as it is, Monsanto products are merely one of the many existential threats that comes with seeking close ties with Uncle Sam. USAID, NED, EU, UN, NATO, IMF, World Bank, Wall Street, Peace Corps, Amnesty International, Open Society, American entertainment industry and Western based multinational mega-corporations are also very dangerous for the country's long-term health. Such Western based entities and organizations are ultimately meant to alter or control national borders, cultures, minds, morals, education, jobs, money, health, natural resources, etc. They are therefore tools of control on a mass, global scale.
Simply put: They are meant to control how people think and live. They are meant to sicken people and then put them on medications that they produce. With such tools they can give life to new nations, they can kill nations, they can create prosperous nations, they can create failed nations. The Globalist elite looks at tools like money, food, medicine and climate change as tools of control and as weapons of mass destruction -
Bill Still: The Secret of Oz
Kissinger's 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide
The Dark Story Behind Global Warming
The Ron Paul Institute: Compulsory Vaccination: Authoritarians Versus Parents?
Perhaps related to all this are the bio-laboratories that are popping-up around the world, including in Armenia -
US Boosting Number of Labs in Areas Close to Russia, China - Russian MoD
Թե ինչ կասկածելի նպատակներ են հետապնդում ՀՀ-ում ամերիկյան ֆինանսավորմամբ լաբորատորիաները
Այվազյան. ԱՄՆ լաբորատորիաները վտանգավոր են Հայաստանի համար
None of what I have written about is a secret. All the things I have pointed out are in plain sight. Yet, I yet have to see protests in front of the American embassy. I yet have to see calls for Armenia to disengage from the United States. Armenia's political activists and the Armenian Diaspora in general reserves such things only for Russia, the country that actually makes Armenia's existence possible against all odds. This political illiteracy and self-destructionism among Armenians is essentially the reason why Western influences and toxins continue making major inroads in Armenia. Very similar to what the Vatican had done for centuries with Catholicism, the Anglo-American-Jewish alliance is using a new form of global religion known variably as "Democracy", "Westernization" and "Globalism" to make or break nations around the world. Similar to Catholic emperors of the past, Democratic emperors of today are deciding who lives and who dies. As in medieval times, false notions are being spread within human society in order to control it and exploit it better. Which brings me to the now oft asked question: How has the Western world become so powerful? To answer this question, allow me to recite a true story -
Around the time when the Soviet Union was collapsing in the late 1980s, a military official from Washington asked a group of American soldiers who were present at a lecture he was giving the following question: "What is the most powerful weapon in our inventory?" One of the soldiers present raised his hand and enthusiastically said: "Aircraft carriers". The official said, "no, that's not it". Another soldier raised his hand and confidently said: "Nuclear bombs!" The official said, "no, that's not it either". Another soldier thought he had finally found the right answer and jumped to his feet and loudly proclaimed: "The most powerful weapon America has is us, the American soldier!" The official, once more, said "no, that is not it either". When the soldiers gave up on finding an answer, the official went on to answer the question he has presented and said: "Our most powerful weapons today are Hollywood, MTV (music video channel), Blue Jeans, McDonald's, Coca Cola, the U.S. Dollar and our English language." He went on to say: "With these weapons we can invade every single nation on earth and the natives will never know they were being invaded". The officer added: "If they want to speak our language, sing our songs, dance to our music, watch our films, wear our clothing, live in our lands, get their information from our sources, learn in our universities and trade with our currency, how can they ever be able to recognize us as their enemy? How will they ever defeat us?"
As it is said, political power travels on the coattails of cultural influence. Give the story some thought. When we allow ourselves to be remade in their image, how would we ever be able to resist them? In a sense, we are willingly enslaving ourselves to our oppressors. And we are doing so essentially because we want to live like them. Therefore, in the big picture, we the sheeple are at fault for giving them their unprecedented powers over us. Simply put: If we desperately want to learn their language (i.e. English); if we want to sing their songs; if we want to dance to their music; if we want to watch their films; if we want to dress like them; if we want to eat like them; if we want to trade with their currency; if we seek to get our information from their news sources; if we dream of living in their lands; if we dream of attending their universities; if we dream of working for their institutions; if we enthusiastically want to emulate their political system... then how can we ever think of them as the enemy, how can we stop their invasion of our lands?!

When financial or economic invasion does not work, they resort to cultural invasion. When cultural or economic invasion does not work, they resort to military invasion. We have seen process this play-out on countless occasion since the end of the Second World War. Although their financial and military power is immense, their most powerful hold over humanity is essentially a psychological and cultural one.

Just the other day, a good friend of mine in Armenia (a patriot and a nice guy, who also happens to be doing financial quite well due to a business his family owns) told me he is encouraging his children to disregard Russian and concentrate instead on learning English in school. I asked him why he would do such a thing. He said, so that his children can have an easier time than him (as he is fluent in Russian) getting around in Europe and the United States. He added, other than Russia, where else can you use Russian? I asked him, isn't that a narrow worldview to have? I said, let me ask you a few questions: Who is Armenia's largest trading partner? He said, Russia. I asked him, who is Armenia's largest financial investor? He said, Russia. I asked him, who is Armenia only supplier of affordable arms? He said, Russia. I asked him, who is Armenia's only provider of affordable energy? He said, Russia. I asked him, where do most of Armenia's tourists come from? He said, Russia. I asked him, where is Armenia's largest Diaspora located? He said, Russia. I asked him, who's military and economic bloc does Armenia belong to? He said, Russia. I asked him, what is the most powerful nation in this region? He said, Russia. I said to him, knowing all this you still want your children to disregard the Russian language, which as you already know is strategically important to Armenia, and instead learn English?! He paused for a moment and said: You are right, I had not thought of it that way. But added, learning English is in fashion these days in Armenia and that nothing is going to change it. As the reader can see, although Russian is by-far the most important foreign language for Armenians to learn today, learning English is instead in fashion these days in Armenia.

Did I mention that we Armenians deserve all the black pages in our history?

Our willing submission to anything and everything Western today (Anglo-American in particular) is exactly how they are easily succeeding in invading and subverting targeted nations around the world. For instance, when a Western official visits a developing nation and the natives there fall allover themselves to impress the visiting official, the Western operation in that nation is already mostly a success. When an official can get up on a podium in Washington and call for an uprising somewhere in the world that's political power. When nations willingly adopt the language of their enemies, that is civilizational power. Which brings me to the English language and its dangerous encroachment in Armenian society -
Foreign Language Yerevan: Capitalism Speaks English 
Armenia’s remote communities to deepen their knowledge of English
Learning a language as important as Russian in country as dependent on Russia as Armenia should be a strategic endeavor for all Armenians around the world. Yet, learning Russian in Armenia is increasingly being looked down upon. And those who are doing their best to spread Anglo-American culture in Armenia are doing their best to spread Russophobia as well -
Armenia's plans on teaching Russian raise fears of Moscow influence
Languages are worlds of their own. Language conveys outlook, mindset and culture. By enthusiastically embracing the English and celebrating Anglo-American cultural elements (low quality modern pop culture in particular), Armenians are unwittingly adopting Anglo-American mores, and all else that comes along with it. 

With Anglo-American mores comes Anglo-American mentality on morals and politics. When Third World natives like Armenians learn the English language, it makes the Anglo-American-Jewish social engineering (via cinema, publications, television, radio, internet, music, education, social programs, etc) that much more effective. Armenian youth, or those who did not live in Armenia during Soviet times, have been most susceptible to the most corrosive aspects of Westernization and Globalism. Russian is increasingly giving way to English among Armenia's youth today, and in many cases this is being encouraged by their families. Why? Because the impressionable sheeple in Armenia has been made to believe that by learning English their children will find better work opportunities - even though Armenia lives today because of its ties with Russia, even though the Russian-Armenian Diaspora is more affluent and more successful than all of the Armenian Diasporas combined. And what are those wonderful options waiting for the masses of Armenia's English speaking youth? 1) Migration to greener pastures in English speaking countries. 2) Working for subversive Western or Globalist organizations based in Armenia. 3) Consuming information about the world they live in from Anglo-American-Jewish sources.

Unbeknownst to the sheeple in Armenia who are relentlessly striving to learn English today, alongside William Shakespeare and job opportunities in the Western world comes the very toxic tenets of Westernization and Globalism. Actually, English is no longer the language of Shakespeare, it is more the language of Jerry Springer. English has essentially become the unifying language of freaks around the world. Liberalism, multiculturalism, consumerism, materialism, individualism, militant feminism, celebration of homosexuality and of course Anglo-American-Jewish political spin and propaganda travels very closely behind the spread of the English language. Where there is the recent spread of the English language today, there is decadence. Where there is English, there is cultural decline. Where there is English, there is moral decline. Where there is English, there is crony capitalism. Where there is English, there is consumerism. Where there is English, there individualism. Where there is English, there is political instability or political subservience to the Anglo-American-Zionist order. The English language has become a catalyst for toxic change and a tool of manipulation and conditioning.

In the absence of Russian or Soviet cultural influences after 1991, instead of filling the void with Armenian values, Armenians instead have filled the void with Western and American garbage.
Armenian television, cinema and radio today is a virtual cesspool, mimicking the worst in American-style entertainment. Three of Armenia's most popular sitcoms are fashioned after American sitcoms. These portray lowbrow comedy and lewd behavior. They are shows where families are depicted as dysfunctional; men are either idiots, criminals or swindlers; women are either docile, promiscuous or materialistic; and organized crime figures, the ultimate Armenian favorite, are glorified -
Kargin Serial (staring Yerevan's recently elected mayor, the show is fashioned after American television sitcom Two and a Half Men) 
Azizyanner (staring Yerevan's recently elected mayor, the show is fashioned after American sitcom Married With Children)

Full House (fashioned after American television sitcom Full House)

Imagine the public outcry throughout the Armenian world had any one of these very popular television series been fashioned after Russian television shows. Speak to an Armenian in Armenia about this topic and they'll be quick to say that there is "overwhelming Russian cultural influences in the country". Yet, a quick look at Armenian streets, television, cinema, literature and radio is enough to see that Armenia is instead actually drowning/suffocating under Western/American garbage. I also find it particularly odd that many in Armenia's streets display American or British flags on their clothing. Alarmingly, Armenia's institutions of learning (thought to be world class in Soviet times) are also increasingly transforming into American style garbage factories. Although Russia is the only strategic partner Armenia has, Armenia's youth, especially those in Yerevan, speak better English than Russian.

This discussion reminded me of how the Armenian world was so ecstatic when subhumans like the Kardashians and Kanye West were in Armenia during the genocide centennial in 2015, that most did not even notice that Vladimir Spivakov, one of the world's greatest living classical composers, was also in Armenia to give free public concerts in memory of the Armenian Genocide. Our sheeple's attention was naturally drawn to the traveling freak-show from Hollywood. Most did not even know that Vladimir Spivakov was in the country. If this is not a sign of how low we are as a people, I don't know what is. If this is not a sign of our civilizational fall, I don't know what is. A language as important as Russian, for nation as desperately dependent on Russia as Armenia nonetheless, is being made to step aside to a language as corrosive as English, and it is happening with the full consent of Armenians. It is truly frightening. I cannot say this in stronger terms: The Russian language has to be the most important foreign language in Armenia. In fact, the country would do well to adopt Russian as its second official language. Those who are silly enough to decry what I just suggested, need to come to the realization that English is de-facto the second official language in Armenia already.

Let's face it. Armenia is a small nation. Armenia is a poor nation. Armenia is a fledgling nation. Armenia is therefore an impressionable and thus a vulnerable nation. Armenia is culturally, politically and economically not self-sufficient, to say the least. Consequently, Armenian civilization today is like a dry sponge ready to soak up whatever influence it is placed under. This is basically why post-Soviet Armenia did not experience a "renaissance" of Armenian culture, as it was expected to by many prior to the Soviet collapse. We instead saw the Americanization and Westernization of Armenian culture. As soon as the Soviet Union ceased to exist, Armenians immediately shutdown all the Russian language schools in the country. This was done (by filth like former education minister Ashot Bleyan) supposedly to advance the Armenian language and culture in a post-Soviet Armenia. Naturally, what filled the void left by the absence of Russian in the country was not Armenian but English. Moreover, let's also be wise enough to recognize that the south Caucasus today falls under five main political, economic and cultural influences. These are: Western, Turkish, Iranian, Islamic and Russian. Left on its own, Armenia will naturally fall under one of these powerful regional influences. It therefore does not require any degree of "Russophilia" on anyone's part to realize and recognize that Armenia needs to fall fully into Russia's civilizational orbit.
Armenia can only benefit from more cross-cultural contacts with the Russian nation. Russian culture today is perhaps the last vessel of classical European/Western civilization. Armenia can only benefit from falling under the influence of Russian culture, as it had during the previous two hundred years.

We must do everything in our power to keep a strong Russian presence in Armenia, not only politically and militarily - but also culturally!  Russia today is the last cradle of western/European classical civilization. Russia today is also the last hope for Apostolic Christianity. Armenian culture flourished during the past two hundreds years (e.g. classically trained composers, musicians, poets, writers, painters, sculptors, academics, scientists, etc) because of Armenian raw talent coupled with Russian cultural influences in Armenia. Russia essentially turned the Turkified shoemaker and Kurdified sheep herder into world-renowned compositor and scientist. Today, Armenian raw talent is literally going to waste. Armenian culture today is in its death throes because of Anglo-American-Afro-Jewish influences that have flooded the country in the post-Soviet period. Sadly, the American-Armenian community is guilty in all this as it has been serving as Uncle Sam’s pack animal (the conveyor of Western toxicity) in this regard. Western influences during the past 30 somewhat years have all but ruined  Armenian culture. With Western financed Globalists now at the helm in Yerevan, the already situation will only get worst.

I reiterate: Armenians are naturally prone to foreign influences. And we know what cultural/civilizational influences are at play in the south Caucasus. We therefore need to stop the self-destructive fear-mongering about Russian influences in Armenia and finally recognize that is was Russian and Soviet influences in Armenia has put Armenia and Armenians on the world map. This is what Russian/Soviet Armenia was producing -
Alikhanian Brothers
First Atom Bomb in USSR Created in Armenia
Stepan Malkhasyants
Aram Khachatryan
Tatul Altunyan Dance ensemble
Ararat 1973
Ретро Эребуни - Ереван`86 вы офигеете
Marshal Ivan Baghramyan
Shavarsh Karapetyan
This is what post-Soviet Armenian society is currently producing -
Man is hit and killed in a bid to avoid deportation to Armenia
Armenian family avoid deportation in Dutch church as world looks on
Sex Trafficking in Armenia
Aram Asatryan
Super Sako
Gibraltar beats Armenia 1-0 in first ever competitive win
Հայաստանի աղբավայրերը
Prominent Armenians for protection of LGBT people in Armenia
Yes folks, I am cherry-picking to make a point. Point being: Decades ago, Soviet Armenian civilization was decades ahead of the post-Soviet Armenian civilization we have today. Many of the culturally positive things we see in Armenian society today are in-fact carryovers from Armenia's Soviet and Russian periods. Armenian culture in the post Soviet period is in a steep decline. In my personal opinion, Armenian culture today is actually dead. And no matter how hard I try, I don't see any light at the end of the very dark tunnel we currently are in. Having finally realized their dream of "saving" Armenian civilization, from what we were constantly told at the time was bad Russian and Soviet influences, the new sights and sounds in Armenia today, such as the following freak-show, must therefore be warming the hearts and minds of Armenians around the world -
Rwanda Minister of Foreign Affairs performs a dance in Armenia 
Side note: Besides the Anglo-American fetish, Armenians also have a severe Franco fetish. Armenians actually see France as that ideal Western nation, one that is also genuinely pro-Armenian. Armenians were therefore utterly flabbergasted, if not orgasmic, when the annual "Francophonie" convention was held, oddly enough, in a non-French speaking Armenia. Was anybody else besides me nauseated with all the love affair? We kept hearing over-an-over again: "Franco-Armenians relations go back hundreds of years!" "King Leo V of Cilician Armenia is buried in France!" "Armenians opened the first cafe in France!" "France is Armenia's ally!" "France is Armenia's friend!" "France recognizes the Armenian Genocide"!!! Charles Aznavour!!!...

Folks, these are all clear signs that we are indeed an ignorant, delirious and a self-hating bunch. These are all signs that deep inside Armenians are deeply insecure about their Middle Eastern and Western Asian pedigree, and are therefore constantly trying to find affinity/common ground with superior Europeans. And if one wants feel like a superior European, how wonderful it is to do so with the French. As such, Armenians continue to exhibit very little understand of their history or the political world they live in. Armenians love their foreign rulers so much that a failed king like Leo V, a Frenchman by blood nonetheless, is revered as Armenian royalty today and Presidents Serj Sargsyan and Robert Kocharyan, Armenians by blood who partook in the liberation of Artsakh, are hated as Tatars/Turks. This is all typical Armenian style self-destructive behavior, and one that permeates through the ages. When it comes to geopolitics and international relations there is a very serious and dangerous lack of understanding among Armenians, even among the educated, even among those in power. 

Although you regularly hear stories in Armenian society about how "Russians gave away Armenian lands to Turks" (although those who did were actually non-Russian Bolsheviks who also gave away Russian lands to Russia's enemies), you almost NEVER hear about how the French deliberately and duplicitously gifted Armenian Cilicia to Turks in November 1921, literally in the middle of the night, without even warning their Armenian "allies". That deliberate and treacherous act of French Realpolitik allowed Turks to essentially finish-off what they had started in 1915 -
The story of the Armenian Legion is finally being told – and it is a dark tale of anger and revenge
The article above was written not by an Armenian trying to set the record straight but by a Brit. A vast majority of Armenians do not know anything about how the French deliberately betrayed Armenians of Cilicia. As I keep pointing out, Armenians only know what the Bolsheviks did, which as noted above they insist on blaming Russians. As I keep reminding people, the political narrative we are all exposed to in our lives has for the most part been written or altered by Western powers. Our people's understanding of politics and history is therefore filtered through an Anglo-American-Jewish prism. Simply put: We see the world through their eyes. Our people's urge to import French or British or American culture into Armenia is essentially derived from our people's age-long Western fetish going back to Roman times. Ultimately, cultural summits or conventions like the one Yerevan recently hosted is just another way of keeping Armenians firmly anchored to the Western world.

A word regarding political Paris: Trust me, there is nothing "romantic" about it. Paris is actually the very birth place of what's known in geopolitics as Realpolitik. During the time of the Soviet collapse, France was basically ‘tasked’ with maintaining good relations with Armenia; just as Germany was tasked with to maintaining good relations with Georgia; just as Britain was tasked with maintaining good relations with Azerbaijan. The aforementioned three Western powers were essentially allocated the countries in question to work with around the time of the fall of the Soviet Union. Naturally, because France already had a sizeable Armenian population (and perhaps because remnants of ASALA and "Government of
Western Armenia" operate under French intelligence today), France was given Armenia to coax into a Westerly direction. And it has been quite successful in that regard. What Armenian do we know that does not love all things French? All in all, Armenia is suffering terribly because of our political illiteracy and Western fetish. Let’s also not forget that France is an imperial power on par with the United States, Britain and Israel. France also had a direct hand in the destruction of Syria (which until recently hosted a large Armenian Diaspora) and Libya. France also has had a direct hand in the proliferation of Islamic terrorism throughout the Middle East that has killed hundred of thousands of people (including Armenians) and displaced millions (including Armenians). Moreover, France today is one of the epicenters of Neo-Marxist/Globalist, "Multikulti" and ultra-Liberal degeneracy -

President Macron posing between a half-naked man showing his middle finger
In the big picture, other than sexual titillation, cultural degeneracy and living under massive debt, the Western world has very little to offer our small, poor, impressionable, landlocked, vulnerable and fledgling homeland in the south Caucasus. Learning languages like English and French in a country like Armenia today is essentially a gateway to more emigration, and/or working for more Western funded NGOs that are destroying the country from within. The English language, in particular, has become fully weaponized in recent decades. Today, the English language has become a powerful conduit for Neo-Marxist/Globalist propaganda and of course Anglo-American-Jewish political spin. The more people speak their language, the more people are cast under their cultural and political influences. 

Armenian style nationalism is first and foremost a threat to Armenia itself

Geopolitical factors have changed significantly in recent years. Russia is once again on it feet and it is busying itself undermining Western imperial campaigns around the world. Russia has also maintained its presence inside Armenia despite Western attempt to oust it. When it comes to Armenia, Western powers are therefore supplementing their promotion of Globalism with a considerable dose of nationalism and ethnocentrism. The Liberal stuff being imported into the country are designed for the masses. The nationalism that is being promoted in the county is designed to appeal to the patriotic Chobans. The Western approach to subverting Armenian society is therefore a two pronged effort. One is designed to destroy Armenian culture and traditions by infusing into it corrosive Anglo-American-Franco-Jewish-Afro elements, the other is designed to destroy Armenia's strategic ties with Russia by convincing the "patriots" and "nationalists" in Armenian society that Russia is actually an enemy that needs to be ousted from Armenia. While a majority of Armenians remain steadfastly pro-Russian, the artificially spawned anti-Russian sentiments inside Armenian society is slowly growing -
Less than half of polled Armenians consider Russia an ally
If this is not stopped, within a generation or two the situation at hand will get to a critical level. In a nutshell: Those that do not want to see ethnic pride take root in any society, including theirs, are all of a sudden encouraging "nationalism" Armenian society.

Yes folks, Armenia's enemies are now encouraging Armenian pride and nationalism. One such example is a cyber-activist that goes by the name of Vigen Avetisyan. This individual runs a website (perhaps based in France or elsewhere in Europe) that is stocked full of very ethnocentric/nationalistic materials. However, a commonly reoccurring theme in his/her/its work is abject Russophobia. Another example of a nationalist/Russophobe is the long time CIA asset, Paruyr Hayrikyan. Another example of a professional activist who spouses Armenian nationalism and Russophobia, is an American-Armenian character called Andranik Dovlatyan. Of course there are also the foreign funded crazies known as "Սասնա ծռեր". There are many such examples throughout Armenian society today. The support these "nationalists" are getting from Western powers (including France) is similar in nature to the support Western powers were providing the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) during the Cold War.

In any case, their goal in all this is not a big secret: They want to drive a wedge between Armenia and Russia; convince Armenians that they don't need Russia for survival; and convince Armenians that the Russian nation is an enemy of Armenia.

For a long time I have been warning that nationalism in general is a double-edged sword. Nationalism is a particular mindset and it lives in a world of its own. While nationalism can play an essentially role for a nation's survival, especially in times of war, it can also play a role in a nation's demise, especially in times of peace. As it has been throughout history, nationalists are among the most gullible, most fanatic and the most easily manipulated segment of any society. This is particularly true of Armenian nationalists, who in their twisted minds think they can recreate a "sea to sea Armenia" if only Armenians united. Such deranged people also think that Armenia can, not only survive without Russia but also flourish without it; again, if only Armenians "united". First of all, expecting Armenians to unite is like expecting a cat to bark. It's just not in the cards we have been dealt with by biology and historic circumstances. Nevertheless, nationalism is being encouraged from abroad and it is beginning to pose an existential threat to Armenia. It was a serious mistake by the regime in Yerevan to release militants known as "Sasna Dzrer" from prison. And it was even worst to allow them and others a political platform to spew their suicidal agendas. Nikol's Armenia is a country where Western mercenaries parading around as "nationalists" are given public platforms to spew toxins -
Jirair Sefilian calls for the armed liberation of Western Armenia, the ouster of Russian troops from Armenia and a revolution in Artsakh
Armenia should review presence of Russian military base in the country: Garegin Chugaszyan
Armenia’s new government and EU taking a closer look at each other, Armenian experts say
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As we can see, the most recent political platform of Armenian "nationalists" is the following: 1) Get closer to the United States and the European Union. 2) Get rid of the Russian military presence in Armenia. 3) Do not participate in any Russian-led humanitarian effort in Syria. 4) Have a revolution in Artsakh.

Apparently, it's acceptable for Armenian troops to participate in the unlawful and criminal actions of Western powers in places like Kosovo and Iraq. Apparently, Armenia's "nationalists" are going to protect Armenia's border with Turkey once Russians are made to leave. Apparently, what Artsakh needs today is a revolution. Jirayr Sefilian, a particularly insane/suicidal maniac, is said to be a nationalist. Garegin Chugaszyan, one of the masterminds of the nationalist group called Sasna Dzrer, who is also on George Soros' payroll, is said to be a nationalist. Tigran Khzmalyan, the mentally ill character who does not want Armenians to participate in any Russian-led effort in Syria, is a "nationalist" film director who has produced a documentary about Sardarapat. Anyone that associates themselves with this kind of nationalism or patriotism or whatever else one may call it is either an idiot or traitor to Armenia. As I predicted some time ago, nationalism, Armenian style mindless nationalism to be specific, is beginning to prove detrimental to the long-term health of the Armenian state. Make no mistake about it, the kind nationalism that exists in Armenian society today is for the most part a foreign-backed effort to actually weaken Armenia.

Most of those in the public eye that are actively promoting Armenian nationalism today are actually funded, directly or indirectly, by Armenia's enemies. Because of Armenian traits (emotional, temperamental, egotistical, self-aggrandizing, individualistic, politically ignorant, proud, irrational, arrogant, pretentious, ostentatious, reactionary, pessimistic, selfish, stubborn, cynical, greedy, gullible, naive and sometimes delirious) these foreign backed traitors and mercenaries have a not so small following throughout Armenian society, and their influence keeps growing; especially now that a George Soros funded kindergarten is in charge of national affairs in Yerevan. Alarmingly, this is the state of nationalism in Armenia today. And this is why I say Armenian nationalism today is more of a threat to Armenia than the standing armies of Turkey and Azerbaijan combined.

Politics is not a domestic dispute or a street fight. In politics there are no enemies or friends, just interests. Politics is a master-level chess tournament and a form of high art. In fact, it can even be said that politics is an exact science. Mix concoction A with concoction B and in time you'll end up with resultant C. This is the textbook definition of exact science. Politics can therefore be likened to a controlled laboratory experiment. This is basically what happened in Armenia in recent years. Needless to say, resultant C was Nikol. Another laboratory experiment involves "nationalists": Help "nationalists" come to power in Armenia. Then encourage them to do something utterly foolish, like carry-out an attack on Azerbaijan, or even Turkey for that matter. If the "nationalists" think they have support from abroad, from Western powers in particular, they will definitely do it. Then use this Armenian "aggression" as an excuse to attack and defeat Armenia. It's simple. Stuff like this has actually been happening in politics for a very-very long time. Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein were two of its more recent victims. Therefore, make no mistake about it, politics is indeed an exact science. The scientists in the labs are the major powers of today. The lab rats are needless to say us.

I have considered myself an Armenian nationalist for most of my life. Today, I am ashamed to identify with Armenian nationalism.

Historically, many of our people's worst moves - such as distancing ourselves from Persia and later-on not entering into religious communion with the Greek Byzantines (both of which proved devastating for Armenia) - were "nationalistic" policies. Another nationalistic policy was trying to fight the Russian Empire while at the same time fighting the Ottoman Empire; so was trying to defeat the Soviet Union; and so is trying to make Armenian "independent" of Russia today. These have all proven to be very destructive "nationalistic" policies, yet we keep repeating the same mistakes over-and-over again. Armenians are either masochists or ignorant self-destructives. Perhaps a little of both. As noted above, one of the most "nationalistic" moves of our people was keeping the Armenian Church separate/independent from the Greek Orthodox Church; presumably to preserve Armenian identityWell, ask yourselves: If Russians, Serbs, Georgians, Ukrainians and Bulgarians could join the Byzantine Church without assimilating, why couldn't we Armenians? Had we united with Greeks, there would most probably not have been a nation called Turkey today. What did our resistance to the Greek Orthodoxy get us, communion instead with the Assyrian and Ethiopian Churches? Historically, we Armenians constantly rebelled against our neighbors Greeks and Persians because we are by nature a restless, reactionary and rebellious people. Actually, we rebelled even more against Armenian rule. The "Armenian Street" (the restless peasantry) has always been a reactionary force for destruction. We Armenians are protestants by nature. And we are still suffering negative consequences as a result.
For most of my life I identified myself as a nationalist. Then came March 1, 2008. I remember thinking to myself on that utterly depressing day: The country is so much better off today (2008) than it was when Levon Petrosyan was in power... how could this even happen?!?!?! How can anyone be supporting this foreign back criminal that utterly raped and pillaged Armenia during its most vulnerable years?!?!?! Trying to answer that question was how the term "self-destructive peasantry" was born in my mind.

Today, after what I have seen transpire in Armenia's political landscape during the past ten depressing years, I have very little confidence in the collective abilities or wisdom of the Armenian people. Consequently, I want as little to do with "Armenian style nationalism" as possible. This is ultimately why I have been looking northward for answers to Armenia's problems. I see Russians as our natural allies. I also recognize that culturally we Armenians have more in common with Russians than with any Western nation. I also think Russians have a lot to teach Armenians about nationalism as well as high culture, which is thriving in Russia but dead in Armenia. Armenia's political salvation and its culture's upward evolution lies in closer relations with the Russian nation.

And if the proverbial shit hit the fan, I would rather see Armenia enter the Russian Federation than have it ravaged again. Sometimes I feel that we as a people don't deserve any better than what people like the Abkhazians, Ossetians and Chechens have.

To those who have a serious problem with what I just said, I have but one thing to say to them: I have no doubt that if the proverbial shit ever hit the fan again in the region and Armenia's brave nationalists lay dead on the battlefield or were in hiding somewhere in sunny "Los", all self-respecting Armenians, including those that are for now outraged with what I said, would themselves be demanding that we "give the house keys to Ivan"!!! Armenian style nationalism has never helped Armenia in the long run. We as a people need to better assess our flaws, our abilities, our priorities and our needs. We need to better understand our history. We need to somehow learn political wisdom. We need to somehow learn to be less individualistic, less emotional and less arrogant.  We need to be more pragmatic. And, yes, we also need to learn a quite few things from Jews. We admire Jews for their political abilities, yet, when it come to politics, we more closely resemble Kurds and Arabs.

Armenia is stuck between Rome and Persia... once again

Similar to how nature is constantly rejuvenating itself through a constant cycle of death and reincarnation, mankind and the history it creates also repeats itself. Like the cycles of life seen in nature, time is not linear but circular. History therefore does indeed repeat, like a cosmic play constantly being replayed, albeit with alterations and variations. Particulars like names and locations change with time, but the spiritual essence or the core essence seems to remain constant. Big organisms recycle as big organisms. Small organisms recycle as small organisms. Some life forms recycle as predators, some life forms recycle as grazers, some life forms recycle as parasites, etc. It's all part of our natural destiny. Moreover, every life form has genetic memory. In previous commentaries I spoke about similarities between the political situation we find ourselves in today and those we faced one hundred years ago, as well as one thousand years ago. This time, I would like to take a brief look at the similarities that exist in the political climate Armenia faces today, with those that existed within our nation two thousand years ago.

The Western world, the United States in particular, is no doubt the reincarnation of the Roman Empire. Perhaps due to the subconscious effects of genetic memory, increasing numbers of Americans are beginning to realize this. While due to historical and religious circumstances Russia has taken upon itself the title of Byzantium (Eastern Roman Empire), Russia is in my opinion actually the modern day manifestation of the ancient Persian Empire. For thousands of years, warlike Iranic peoples such as Scythians and Cimmerians, and their decedents, inhabited much of what is today southern Russia. Many place names in the region actually testify to its Iranic genesis. There is therefore considerable amount ancient Iranic blood flowing in Russian veins today. And as I mentioned previously, with blood comes genetic memory. Consequently, Russia today plays almost exactly the same geopolitical and cultural role Persia played against Rome two thousand years ago. As it was back then with Persia, Russia today, although very powerful, is constantly on the defensive against the West. As it was back then with Rome, the Anglo-American-Jewish empire's power and influence today is mostly rooted in its cultural and socioeconomic advancements.
And, as it was back then, Armenia today again finds itself in the middle of two competing superpowers and has, in the spirit of its ancestors, decided to take the middle road once again; essentially because the Western lifestyle and all the material/financial benefits that come from dealing with the West is simply too irresistible. Armenia is therefore stuck between Rome and Persia - once again.

For one thousand years - from about the fifth century B.C. to about the fifth century A.D. - Armenia was integral part of Persian world. In fact, at the time, Armenian civilization was virtually indistinguishable from Persian civilization. For nearly a thousand years, a long line of Armenian rulers, including the Artashesian and Arshakuni dynasties, were scions of Persian royalty and aristocracy. However, by the late first century B.C., Roman power and influence began increasing in Armenia. Tigran II's short-lived imperial adventures in the middle of the first century B.C. had in-effect drawn Roman attention deeper into the Armenian Highlands. By the time of Christ's birth, Rome was a hegemonic power in Asia Minor and the Levant, and it had also gained a major foothold in the Armenian Highlands. The region therefore now had two competing superpowers, Rome and Persia. The Persian Empire at the time, already many centuries old, was relatively speaking weaker than Rome, which was young and on the rise. Moreover, Persia, a traditional/conservative power, did not have the powerful lure of Rome's modern, vibrant, dynamic, multicultural and progressive civilization. Persia was in a sense "old world", whereas Rome was new and exciting. People around the world, including Armenians and others in the Persian Empire, desired the Roman way of life, as well as Roman citizenship. Roman superiority over Persia was also seen in the fact that all major clashes between Rome and Persia took place mostly within Persian spheres of influence. Through lands acquired by imperial conquest, which brought Roman assets right onto the borders of the Persian Empire, Rome was a constant military threat to Persia. Conversely, Persia was never able to pose a serious direct threat to Rome.

Persian rulers had to therefore reluctantly acquiesce to the new Roman reality on the ground in Asia Minor and the Levant. Armenia, culturally and politically part of the Persian orbit, had suddenly found itself stuck in the middle of the two competing superpowers of the time; one familiar and old, one exciting and new.

Even before Roman legions arrived at the gates of Armenia two thousand years ago, Hellenic and Roman cultural influences had already seeped deep into the Armenian Highlands (primarily through Alexander the Macedonian's conquests several centuries prior) and increasing numbers of Armenians had already begun feeling an affinity towards lands that lay to their west - essentially because the Roman world was seen as being more advanced and progressive than Persian civilization, which was seen as rigid, dull, ancient and very autocratic. With part of western Armenia (Armenia Minor) already under Roman occupation and with the increasing of Roman influences in the rest of Armenia, Persians were basically forced to come to a compromise with Rome. Starting from around the first century A.D., Armenia was more-or-less being managed jointly by Persia and Rome. Armenia was therefore politically and culturally divided between Rome and Persia, and Armenia's rulers were in-effect being appointed by both Rome and Persia. Armenia's rulers were to be of Persian aristocracy but approved by Romans.

We have seen similar geopolitical dynamics between Russia (an old world power) and the West (modern and progressive) in recent times. Like the Persians before them, Russians have also reluctantly acquiesced to Western inroads into their traditional spheres of influence, which of course includes Armenia. Eerily similar to how the two competing empires two thousand years ago had decided that Armenia's rulers were to be of Persian aristocratic lineage but crowned by Rome, today's Armenia has been ruled by presidents approved by Moscow but their administrative structures conspicuously includes officials that also represent Western interests. Nevertheless, a tug-of-war over Armenia had thus started in earnest two thousand years ago. After centuries of relative calm and prosperity under Persian rule, Armenia was now afflicted with sociopolitical unrest, assassinations, revolutions, conspiracies, infighting, military interventions, and devastation. Armenia suffered immensely as Persia and Rome fought to gain more leverage over the strategic mountainous region that had become a buffer between them.

As already noted above, Armenians had began flirting with Western (i.e. Greco-Roman) civilization as early as the second century B.C. Revealing his appreciation of how Greco-Roman men typically groomed themselves, King Tigran II was Armenia's first beardless monarch. What's more, his son, Ardavazd II, is said to have written plays in the Greek style. Starting with Alexander the Great's invasions, Armenians were increasingly exposed to a very vibrant civilization radiating from western lands. The vibrant and cosmopolitan lifestyle of Romans at the time was irresistible not only for relatively speaking backward Armenian highlanders but also for the rest of humanity, which Romans typically referred to as barbarians (think of the term barbarian as today's "Third World" peoples). Since political influence always travels on the coattails of cultural influences, Roman power was far-reaching and overwhelming. Therefore, Roman influence was in Armenia to stay. But the problem was, so was Persian influence. Armenia at the time was still part of the Persian world. But having one foot with Rome and one foot with Persia, Armenia had become a hotly contested territory and was now slowly beginning to be torn apart.

The first century A.D. Armenian King Trdat I (scion of Persian aristocracy but crowned by Rome) did what was expected of him: He maintained close relations with both Persia and Rome, but his personal tastes and sentiments (most likely like that of many Armenians at the time) tilted toward Rome. At one point during his rule, he famously visited Rome with a royal entourage of thousands. He had meetings with high level Roman officials. Upon his return to Armenia, he used Roman money and Roman builders to construct a Roman style temple of worship at his royal summer residence in Garni, Armenia. Ironically, it was in this Roman financed and constructed temple that Armenians would continue praying to their Armeno-Persian gods. The construction of the temple at Garni at the time was a drastic architectural departure from Armenia's Zoroastrian style places of worship. The temple at Garni officially heralded the encroachment of Roman influence deep into the Armenian heartland.

The temple at Garni was to be the new, Western financed structure where Armenians continued to practice their eastern traditions. Thus was born Armenia's ancient version of "complimentary politics". Thus started Armenia's troubles two thousand years ago.

While Armenia was fully within the Persian orbit (the five hundred years before the birth of Christ) Armenia enjoyed relative peace and prosperity. During the five hundreds years after the birth of Christ, when Rome and Persia were constantly clashing over Armenia, the country suffered devastation after devastation. The wars and unrest that Armenia began suffering at the time continued on for many centuries thereafter, finally coming to an end in the early 19th century when the Russian Czar incorporated Caucasian Armenia into the Russian Empire. But, I suspect, for Armenia's rulers two thousand years ago, what was a little devastation from time to time if they were able to stay engaged with both Rome and Persia? From their perspective, the Roman lifestyle and the benefits of maintaining Roman ties was simply too irresistible to abandon. Similarly, totally abandoning Persia was also not a viable option. Increasingly feeling aloof and therefore feeling alienated from their political ancestors in Persia, Armenian royalty, who ostensibly were Zoroastrians by faith, decided to further enrage Persia in 301 A.D. by adopting a new religion radiating out of Roman controlled lands.

It is very important to understand until fairly recently in history, religion was essentially what political systems are today. Since 325 A.D. (when Constantine I officially recognized a certain branch in Christianity within his vast and prosperous empire as the state's religion) European powers have used Christianity to advance their political and economic agendas around the world in almost exactly the same way as Western powers have been using "Democracy" to push their political and economic agenda around the world today. If the advanced powers of earlier times were using concepts like that of the Trinity, Christ's nature, man's spiritual salvation and the last judgment to subjugate and exploit more backward and primitive peoples around the world, today's advanced powers are using the concepts of political elections, free speech, egalitarianism, human rights, civil society, etc., as a way to subjugate and exploit today's more backward and primitive peoples around the world. The new Western religion, this time known as Democracy, like its ancient predecessor, Christianity, is again captivating the barbarians of this world and is spreading like wildfire.

We know what Christianity brought to the world... we yet have to find out what Democracy will bring. The signs however are not to encouraging to say the least.

By adopting Christianity as its state religion in 301 A.D., Armenia was officially breaking away from Persia's orbit. After about one thousand years of being part of the Persian world, Armenia was essentially giving Persia the middle finger and adopting a newly developing sociopolitical system gaining popularity in Roman lands. Needless to say, this essentially intensified the already strained relations between Armenia and Persia. This naturally caused internal problems between Armenia's powerful traditional nobles who were pro-Persian and "progressive" royals and clergy who were for the most part pro-Roman. The historic event that this situation led to should have therefore been expected. Having had enough of the relentless political unrest and the constant wars, Armenia's pro-Persian nobles finally decided to deposed their king and asked the Persian emperor to take direct control over Armenia. Needless to say, Persia gladly accepted the wonderful albeit unusual offer. And with Rome still holding on to western parts of Armenia, Armenia was therefore officially became divided between Rome and Persia. After the Armenian king was deposed, Persians and their Armenian allies tried to cleanse Persian-Armenia of its western influences (i.e. Christianity). This essentially led to the Battle of Avarayr in 451 A.D. Eerily similar to how Western powers abandoned Armenians to their fate after the First World War, much to the dismay of the pro-Roman Armenians at the time, Rome (or rather Eastern Rome/Byzantium) did not intervene to help Christian Armenians against Zoroastrian Persians. Without help from Rome, Armenians had no chance and quickly lost the battle against Persia. But Armenian fighters, or "fedayees" of their time, continued the battle for self-determination in Persian-Armenia. Armenians proved persistent and resilient in their stubborn desire to maintain their newly developing cultural and political separation from Persia. And this led to the famous Treaty of Nvarsak in 484 A.D., when the Persian Empire, under increasing pressure on its frontier lands in the east, reluctantly gave in to Armenian demands and allowed Armenians their freedom of worship.

But, Armenia would remain partitioned between Rome and Persia and Armenia would never again enjoy the peace and prosperity it had enjoyed as a kingdom within the Persian orbit.

The Bagratid dynasty, which came into existence in the early Islamic era, and which some Armenian historians claim was a Jewish ruling dynasty, proved utterly disastrous for Armenia. Ironically, Armenia would suffer the greatest at the hands of Christians from western lands. In 1045 AD, Byzantines finally put an end to the Armenian kingdom and by doing so unknowingly opened wide the gates of Asia Minor to Asiatic invasions. Byzantine/Greek stubbornness and treachery coupled with Armenian stubbornness and political shortsightedness thus became the foundation upon which the Ottoman Empire came into existence in the fifteenth century. By the early twentieth century, Asia Minor was all but cleansed of Armenians and Greeks. Ultimately, the Roman-Persian decision two thousand years ago to jointly rule Armenia inadvertently began a series of unfortunate events, the repercussions of which we Armenians are still suffering from today. It was a great, historic mistake for us Armenians to distance ourselves from Persia in favor of Rome. By ancient standards, Rome was a faraway power. Persia, however, was a powerful neighbor. Our ancestors alienated themselves from their very powerful neighbor, their natural ally for centuries, for a chance to practice a foreign religion and taste the Roman lifestyle, and all they got in return was war after war and eventually, devastation and the loss of statehood and dispersion. Very similar to the political climate in Armenia today, where we see Official Yerevan doing a delicate balancing act between Moscow and the West, Armenian leaders back then wearily, albeit willingly, walked a tightrope between Rome and Persia. Similarly, a portion of Armenian society favored Rome, a portion favored Persia. Eventually, there came a time when Armenian nobles (many of whom were pro-Persian), having had enough of the constant wars and political instability in the country, deposed their king and asked the Persian emperor to take control of Armenia. I hope it does not come to that this time around, but if it does, then so be it.

Although I fully recognize Vardan Mamikonian as one of Armenia's great historic figures, I have in recent years developed instead a spiritual affinity towards Vasak Syuni, Armenia's Persian backed Satrap at the time. From what can be discerned about him, Vasak Syuni was an astute statesman and a genuine Armenian patriot who keenly understood the Realpolitik of his time, and of course Armenia's need to remain within the Persian orbit. Although in hindsight what the Roman backed Mamikonian clan did in Armenia ultimately proved beneficial for the country, back in 451 A.D. the Mamikonians were no better than our ignorant and treasonous Westernizers and Democratizers of today. In 451 A.D. the Roman backed Mamikonian clan did not know about the rise of Islam, which would arrive in the region by 650 A.D., nor did they know about the Turkic hordes that would begin pouring into Asia Minor by the 11th century. In 451 A.D., the Roman backed Mamikonian were simply rebeling against Persia. What they did was very damaging for Armenia, but it eventually worked in Armenia's favor as the region turned Islamic/Turkic several centuries later. This is a nuance I want the reader to fully comprehend.

I also want the reader to understand that I am a Christian, but that I also identify with Vasak Syuni. I am a Christian, but I also see that our Christian faith was derived in large part from Zoroastrianism. In fact, Christianity has more in common with Zoroastrianism than with Judaism. Had I been alive in 451 A.D. I would most probably have sided with Vasak Syuni. The man was a great leader. He was a genuine patriot. He was also politically pragmatic and knew how to exercise Realpolitik to Armenia's benefit. The man was simply trying to explain to his Roman backed fanatical Christian brethren that it was dangerous to break political and cultural ties with Persia by abandoning the Zoroastrian faith (a faith that Armenians had practiced for many hundreds of years), for a new and previously unknown religion coming out of Roman controlled lands. Had Vasak Syuni been alive in Armenia today, he would have been a very capable and experienced official with very close connections to high level officials in Russia. He would be telling us about the dangers of abandoning Russia's orbit. He would be telling us to preserve our national traditions and he would be warning us about the toxic side-effects of Western influences such as Democracy, Liberalism and Globalism. If a modern day Vasak Syuni is not yet among us, he eventually will come forth. Contemplating all this, I sometimes feel like we are stuck in a weird time warp. I sometimes ask myself: Are we the reincarnations of various characters from our past? Are we condemned to repeat history? If things are indeed preordained, and we as a people are not collectively trying to tweak our destiny, Armenia's long-term future does not look very promising.

Back 301 A.D., we as a nation adopted the Trinity and abandoned Zoroastrianism. The bad move at the time eventually (that is after centuries of destruction and political unrest) worked out well for us. Christianity gave us the spiritual and cultural tools to survive as a distinct group of people in an increasingly Turkic/Muslim environment. Today, however, we are abandoning Christianity and traditionalism (and Russian civilization) by enthusiastically adopting Globalism and Westernization. In other words, we are replacing our worship of the Father-Son-Holy Spirit with the worship of Anglo-American-Jews. We are abandoning our old ally, for better relations with Anglo-American-Jews. Christianity at least gave us a national identity, morality, philosophy, architecture, a new alphabet, saints, intellectuals and a connection to a higher being. For the past two hundreds years Russia has been giving Armenians an opportunity to have a homeland in a very hostile environment. Globalism and Westernization will only give us nihilism, hedonism, individualism, atheism, materialism, multiculturalism, moral relativism, consumerism, and of course titillation. Anglo-American-Jewish pop culture primarily appeals to our animalistic nature and empowers the lowest segments of human society.

We are already in the process of going through our second 301 A.D. Our "illuminators" today are the army of Westernizers and Democratizers in our socierty. I have little doubt that we will also eventually re-live another 428 A.D. Actually, I am at a point where I actually want to see such a thing in my lifetime. This time, however, I hope to see Persians and their Armenian allies massacre the entire Roman backed Mamikonian clan before the replaying of another 451 A.D. I guess I ultimately want to avenge the desecration of Vasak Syuni's memory by seeing the defeat of the modern world's Rome and its modern version of Christianity.

So, every time you look at Garni temple, after you are done admiring its beauty, I suggest you take a moment and also think about King Trdat I and his failed complimentary politics, which eventually led to Armenia's devastation and eventual lose of statehood. Every time you look at an early Armenian church, after you are done admiring its beauty, take a moment think about Armenians eagerly adopting foreign influences and enthusiastically destroying their own. As mentioned above, that Christianity eventually worked in our favor (by insulating us and defining us as a separate ethnic/religious group in an increasingly Turkic-Islamic region) is altogether another topic of discussion. Back in 301 A.D., adopting Christianity and breaking with Persia was a major historic mistake and a disastrous geopolitical blunder. Not a single one of our Christian proselytizers and royals in 301 A.D. could have predicted that Persia would succumb to Islam in 650 A.D. Not one of our Christian crusaders in 451 A.D. could imagine the Islamization of Persia or Turkic hordes from Central Asia swarming over the entire region. Armenians at time were basically rebelling against a civilization that had defined them for nearly one thousand years, and Armenia ended up paying a massive price for it.

When it comes to geopolitics, you don't do things simply because you feel it's the right thing to do, and then take a step back and hope for the best. Political policy has to be rooted in sound geostrategic calculus and nothing else. The decision by our rulers to break relations with Persia was a major geostrategic mistake at the time that proved disastrous for Armenia for many centuries. It can be argued that we as a people are still suffering its repercussions. The scariest part of all this is that there aren't many Armenians realize any of this. Our ancestors who were placing hope in Rome two thousand years ago were foolish. Our ancestors who were placing hope on Crusader powers in Europe one thousand years ago were utterly foolish. Our ancestors who were placing hope on Western powers such as France and Britain one hundred years ago were astonishingly stupid. Those of us today who continue placing hope on Western powers are simply traitors. There is no other explanation.

Through good times and bad times, Armenia has been part of the Russian world for the past two hundred years. Armenians share a common history with the Russian people. It would be in Armenia's long term benefit today if it placed all its resources and collective emphasis on fostering better and more efficient relations with a political entity that is close, friendly, familiar, and one that we know will remain in our geographic region for the long-term. Armenia's natural place is within Russia's orbit. We must recognize that Western powers are in Armenia's geographic region merely due to geopolitical and economic calculations, and not out of geostrategic necessity. The Caucasus, north and south, is not and will never be a Western sphere of influence. Western powers are in our region therefore temporarily. In fact, Western powers have less interests in our region today than Rome did two thousand years ago. Rome eventually pulled back. Persia never did. When Uncle Sam's presence in our region proves too burdensome, he will simply abandon the region and go back home. For Russians, however, the region in question is essentially an extension of their country's vulnerable underbelly, its southern borders. Unless Russia is utterly destroyed, Russia will not in any way be leaving the Caucasus region. Armenia today is as important to Russia as it was to Persia two thousand years ago. In fact, Russians today, much like ancient Persians, look at Armenia as part of their civilization and a nation that they helped create.

Similar to how we have been captivated by the "razzle dazzle" or the Western world today, two thousand years ago Rome came to our doors and captivated us with their non-traditional lifestyle as well. Captivated and longing to become like them, we acquiesced to their influence over us. We in a sense gave them their power over us. This came at the price of ruining our centuries old relationship with our powerful neighbor to the east. Our fetish with the Western lifestyle essentially turned Armenia onto a battleground between East and West. We are unfortunately seeing the development of similar processes today. Back then, Armenia was devastated and Armenians eventually lost their statehood. Today, we don't know exactly what awaits us. I'm afraid the only thing that will save Armenia from another self-inflicted mortal wound is Russia's powerful hand in the country. And when the proverbial shit hits the fan, I would much rather see Armenia join the Russian Federation, similar to how Armenia reentered the Persian Empire back in 428 A.D.

I rather see an Armenia that is stable, peaceful and prosperous, than an "independent" Armenia that is politically unstable, culturally in decline, embattled, impoverished and under the constant threat of annihilation. I say this as a nationalist. Armenians have a very hard time admitting this, but every single one of Armenia's "golden periods" have actually come at times when Armenia had been part of a larger political system or an empire. Sadly, the unique traits we Armenians have been gifted with seem to work best for Armenia only when Armenians are living under powerful political systems created by others. The latest example of what I am talking about was Soviet Armenia. It was during the Soviet period that Armenia become a modern state, Armenia's population boomed and high culture in the country reached international heights. Our national culture in post-Soviet Armenia is all but dead. I always explain this subject matter to people this way: Soviet Armenia gave us Aram Khachaturyan and the Alikhanyan brothers, post-Soviet Armenia gave us Aram Asatryan and the Kardashian sisters. Behold our cultural decline and regression -
Aram Khachaturyan
Brothers Abraham and Artyom Alikhanian
We must do everything in our power to keep a strong Russian presence in Armenia, not only politically and militarily - but also culturally! Russia today is in-effect the last cradle of classical European civilization. Russia today is also the last hope for Apostolic Christianity. Armenian culture flourished during the past two hundreds years (e.g. classically trained composers, musicians, singers, poets, dancers, writers, painters, sculptors, academics, scientists, etc) because of Armenian raw talent coupled with Russian cultural influences in Armenia. Russia essentially turned the Turkified Shoemaker and Kurdified Sheep herder into a world-renowned compositor and scientist. Today, Armenian raw talent is literally going to waste. Armenian culture today is in its death throes because of Anglo-American-Afro-Jewish influences that have flooded the country in the post-Soviet period. Sadly, the Armenian community in North America has been Uncle Sam’s pack animal (the conveyor of Western toxicity into Armenia) in this regard. Western influences during the past 30 somewhat years have all but ruined Armenian culture. And with Western financed Globalists now at the helm in Yerevan, the already situation will only get worst.

Because of our age-old desire to live like the Romans, but also continue enjoying the protection of Persians, Armenia has once again become a laboratory for conflicting ideologies and a battlefield for competing powers. Persians want us to stay faithful to our old traditions. Romans want us to adopt their progressive ways.

To summarize: From an esoteric historical perspective, what is happening in Armenia today is the replaying of the geopolitical tug-of-war that existed between ancient Persia (the spiritual ancestor of modern Russia) and Rome (the spiritual ancestor of the Anglo-American-Jewish world) during the first few centuries of the Christian era. The situation we are in also somewhat resembles the geopolitical climate that existed in Cilician Armenia nearly one thousand years ago. The Cilician Armenian leadership neglected to craft close alliances with their powerful neighbors, instead sought temporary gains by siding with Crusaders, as well as Mongols, against their powerful neighbors. Just like Rome before them, Europe's Crusaders and the Mongols retreated to their homelands, and Armenia was left alone to deal with its hostile neighbors whom they had seriously antagonized. We are repeating the same mistakes today. I am convinced it must be due to genetic memory. I sometimes wonder if we are stuck in some nasty time warp or a vicious cycle where we as a people are doomed to repeat the same damn mistakes over-and-over again and suffer the same damn consequences over-and-over again. Hopefully not. Nothing, as they say, is set in stone. Just like the cycles of life in nature can be modified or altered somewhat, cycles of history can therefore be tweaked as well. In other words, we may be able to tweak the cycle somewhat, that is if we collectively recognize the problems at hand and collectively work on fixing them. We as a people may not have it in our genetic code or in our national destiny to be a great power, but that does not mean that we as a people are forever doomed to live like rats or gypsies either.

Democracy has evolved into a belief system similar to ancient Christianity

There is somewhat of a surreal or supernatural feel to all this. It's as if we have been here before. It's as if ancient specters are haunting us. It's as if the spirits of our failed ancestors are rising from their graves and leading us into yet another unknown. History is repeating. We are self-mutilating. We are once again opening the gates of our city to allow the enemy in. We are once again ready to tear to pieces our old prince in favor of someone we don't even know. We are once again getting ready to cut-off the head of our Sparapet, so that we may live in peace. 
The angry peasants are out in force, and they are ready to burn down their village to save it from phantoms both real and perceived. Collective hysteria has gripped the masses. Predators are smelling blood. It all feels preordained by forces beyond our comprehension. Is genetic memory forcing us into a vicious cycle? It feels like the first century A.D. all over again. Tiridates I, an Armenian scion of Persian aristocracy, has just returned from his coronation in Rome and has used Roman money to build a Roman style place of worship, in which his royal court would continue worshiping a Persian deity.

The pagan temple of Garni was Armenia's first known expression of "complimentary politics". Armenians today are again building a new place of worship with a new set of rules in the form of Democracy, but they have no choice but to again continue worshiping Russian deities in it... for now.

Democracy today has evolved into a distinct system of belief. It actually resembles Roman Catholic style Christianity of earlier periods: Just accept Democracy and you will be saved, we are told by its modern proselytizers and missionaries. Democracy even has its very own Vaticans or official Papal seats: Washington D.C., London and Brussels; as well as a multitude of martyrs and Crusaders, or rather
Democratizers, around the world.

Similar to how Armenians wholeheartedly adopted Christianity and took all its tenets quite literally, Armenians today have wholeheartedly embraced Democracy and are taking its tenets quite literally as well. Said otherwise, Armenians have been trying to be more Catholic than the Pope. Looking at it purely from a geopolitical angle, the early manifestation of Christianity in Armenia actually proved destructive for the country as it turned Persia, Armenia's natural ally for hundreds of years, into a natural enemy. For centuries thereafter Armenia became an object of war and conflict between the East and West of the time. Christianity did however eventually save Armenia from the year 650 A.D. (when Persia adopted Islam as its state religion) and onward. However, we may not be as lucky this time around. The modern world's manifestation of Christianity, i.e. Democracy, with its belief system based on the tenets of multiculturalism, liberalism, feminism, homosexuality, moral fluidity, minority rights, free trade, open borders, etc., will surely doom Armenia. Moreover, Armenia's acceptance of Western value systems may also turn a natural ally like Russia against it.

Because of our age-old desire to live like Romans, Armenia has once again become a laboratory for conflicting ideologies and a battlefield for competing powers.

Nations that refuse Democracy today are similar to nations that rejected the Vatican's version of God a thousand years ago. The repercussions for rejecting the Vatican's wishes back then, as it is with rejecting Washington's today, were terrible. The Vatican at the time was pushing its version of God and Christianity on Third World savages (i.e. the non-Christian barbarian world), essentially for control and exploitation. When the barbarians or savages refused the Vatican's dictates, they were persecuted and subjected to wave after wave of missionaries, the political activists of their time, and when need be, bloody wars. All those who rejected the Vatican's version of God, were thought to be heretics and savages, and attacked as such. Nations that were adopting the Vatican's version of God, on the other hand, were seen as saved, civilized and progressive. These saved, civilized and progressive nations however were joining forces the Vatican mostly for political and economic reasons. No government today therefore wants to be seen as having rejected God, so to speak. They therefore accept Democracy, but do so superficially, just like "Christian" kings did throughout Europe in centuries past. Today, those that reject the Western world's Democracy are presented as backward, uncivilized and oppressive. Today, those who embrace Democracy are seen as saved, civilized and progressive. In reality, however, Democracy is being adopted by nations around the world to establish good relations with Western powers. Nations accepting Democracy at various degrees of sincerity is what we have in much of the world today.

17 hundred years ago Roman officials began looking at the emergence of Christianity as an imperial tool of influence, control and conquest, very similar to how Western powers today use Democracy. Two thousands years ago missionaries from Roman controlled lands came to Armenia to bring the religion of Christianity to the natives. The new system-of-faith caught on like wildfire in Armenia. Today, the modern manifestation of the ancient Christian missionaries are the pierced, tattooed and pot smoking Democracy activists that have been pouring into Armenia from the Western world in an effort to convert backward Armenians to the ways of Democracy -

17 hundred years ago they came from the west to help us Armenians come out of our backward ways - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hripsime
Today, they are again coming from the west to help us Armenians come out of our backward ways - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X5Vq_OSe0k
Christianity eventually proved beneficial for Armenian survival. Christianity at least gave us a national identity, morality, philosophy, architecture, alphabet, saints, intellectuals and a new connection to a higher being. Democracy, Westernization and Globalism will give us nihilism, atheism, hedonism, materialism, multiculturalism and moral relativism. Adopting this particular Western religion this time will result in the death of our ancient nation. In final analysis, Democracy (rule of the masses) is a weakness, not a strength, especially for a people like Armenians.

The precedence set by Nikol's movement, namely that when you are not happy with the government you can simply disregard the nation's laws and take to the streets, will prove very painful for Armenia for generations to come. We will eventually see that Armenian traits and Democracy does not mix well. I admit that there are a few societies in the human ecology that are better suited or predisposed to handle Democracy without risking toxic/fatal side-effects. Armenian society is just not one of them. Democracy will prove extremely toxic for a people like Armenians. Armenians are a people that need to be made to fear their authorities, not the other way around. Moreover, it's important to understand that our enemies in the region where Armenia is located do not have these types of problems. We always look down at Turks and Azeris for example for not being Democratic enough. This is actually like looking down at them for not being self-destructive enough. By nature, Turks are much less likely to oppose their leadership no matter how "corrupt" it is perceived to be. Turks are much less likely to rebel against their state. Turks are much less inclined to seek the good life outside of their homeland. These are all Armenian and Greek traits and these are the fundamental reasons why there is a major/powerful nation called Turkey between Armenia and Greece. We as a people are so out of touch with reality that we are incapable of understanding that being "undemocratic" is in fact our enemies' strength, not weakness. The Plutocratic West has basically convinced our idiotic sheeple that Democracy is the only way forward for Armenia. Our very orthodox beliefs in Western fairytales (like the one that preceded it nearly two thousand years ago) is one of the reasons why Armenia will remain a small, weak, poor and dependent nation for well into the foreseeable future.

The serious political, economic and cultural mess we have in Armenia today is due to its 27-plus year old problem child called Democracy.
Democracy as preached by Western powers does NOT exist. Democracy as preached by Western powers does NOT work. 

As long as Armenians are under the impression that Democracy is a real thing and that it works, and Armenians continue looking at the Western world for inspiration, Armenia will continue flirting with its demise. Democracy, as promoted by Western powers, is essentially designed to do one of two things: Either place nations under Western/Globalist occupation (after which the occupied country is depleted of all resources and the population is subjected to indoctrination and social engineering) or keep such countries perpetually troubled every few years during election time. If our idiots ever woke up to realize any of this, the nightmare we keep reliving over-and-over again for the past 27-plus years would end overnight. And if for some reason or another we are cursed by destiny to repeat the mistakes of our forefathers, we will eventually ruin our relations with Russia and Iran and Armenia will remain a lowly ball in a geopolitical pinball machine; as it has been for much of its history.

Because of the age-old Armenian desire to live like Romans, Armenia is once again being turned into a battlefield between East and West. Apparently, the Armenian DNA seems too stubborn to learn lessons from history. And history keeps repeating. There is such a thing called genetic memory. This may be why we Armenians continue repeating the grave mistakes of our failed ancestors. And this is why I say, a people that stubbornly refuses to learn from its past mistakes, and does not attempt to tweak the historic cycle accordingly, deserve all the black pages in their history.

Genetic makeup of a nation determines its culture and politics

Souls are the divine energy within humans. Our physical bodies are merely the vehicles or rather the seats of our divine souls. Said otherwise, our souls are the force that fires-up the biomass that it is contained in at conception. Our souls are the very essence of what makes us humans. Our consciousness and our awareness (of ourselves and our surroundings) and our feelings (of love and compassion) are all due to the divine spirit we have within us. Our spirits therefore makes us who we are as unique individuals. That said, our physical bodies, or rather the biomass that our souls are contained in, nevertheless has a strong influence on our behavior as well. We as humans are therefore a by-product of a merger that takes place between our biological bodies and our spirit at conception, and each has it's own impact and influence on what makes us unique individuals. 

Sadly, the biomass (or animal) factor of our humanly existence is what has grown and developed most in humanity in recent centuries. In the distance past, I believe humans were more divine than animal. Today, I believe we are more animal than divine. Thanks to the Anglo-American-Jewish era humanity has been living in for the past 200-plus years, as well as historic figures like Marx, Darwin and Freud, the physical and thus animal aspect of what makes us who we are is what has been accentuated in modern humans. In a nutshell: Marx convinced man that that God is dead; Darwin convinced man that his ancestors were wild animals; Freud convinced man that everything he does is ultimately connected to his reproductive organs. These men essentially convinced humanity that God does not exist, that we are animals and that sex is the beginning and the end of all human behavior. Enter the modern world, where atheism, individualism, materialism, moral ambiguity, violence and sexual depravity is ubiquitous. This is part of the reason why we have more cruelty today than at anytime in the past. This is why codes of honor such as chivalry that existed in Europe has long disappeared. This is why art and creativity today is all but dead. This is why men today treat women as sex objects. Our modern era, the Anglo-American-Jewish time period I always warn my readers about, has effectively turned man into a God-less animal in the constant search for self-gratification (stimuli and titillation).

I want to now briefly talk about genetic inheritance and its effect on human behavior and politics. I call this subject matter "Biopolitics".

A mass of biological cells arranged in a specific way creates an organism. The organism's look and function is determined by the type of cells it is made up of and the way they are configured or put together. In human society, a mass of individuals organized a certain way creates a "national organism
". How a particular nation looks and behaves is therefore determined by the type individuals (i.e. cells) it contains and they way their are arranged. Similar to how chemical reactions, laws of physics, electric fields (and divine energy) pull together individual cells to form an organism, what pulls together individuals to form a nation is culture, national identity, education, up-bringing and a system of beliefs. Therefore, what cells are to organisms, individuals are to nations. 

Now, think of it this way: Individual, biological cells that makeup larger organisms can look or behave a certain way. Collectively however, the cells in question can look and behave altogether very differently. Individually, a person behaves a certain way. A collection of individuals of the same sort (i.e nation, religion, race, etc) however can behave altogether differently.

We see this phenomenon throughout the natural world. For example: Observe an individual liver cell. Then observe an actual liver, which is a collection of individuals liver cells. Do they look or behave similarly? Obviously, the answer is no. We see a similar thing in human society. Collectively, individuals behave differently than they would individually. Biochemists and Sociologists call these processes "law of reacting masses", "law of the masses" or "the law of mass action". Now, consider this: There may be many healthy cells in an organism, but the organism itself may be sick or simply not functioning properly. Similarly, there may be many healthy individuals in a nation, but the nation, as a collective, may be sick or simply not function properly. As noted, individually, cells can act or function a certain way. Collectively (i.e. as in an organism), cells of the same sort can behave quite differentlyAgain, what the biological cell is to an organism, an individual is to a nation. 

Now, lets extrapolate by bring it home: On an individual level an Armenian can be highly intelligent, talented, compassionate, considerate, faithful, wise, etc. On an individual level, an Armenian can also be brilliant in science, literature, sports, arts, etc. Collectively, however, Armenian society is dysfunctional and at times looks utterly incompetent. On an individual, cellular level, Armenians perform excellently in all fields. Collectively, on the level of an organism that is, Armenians exhibit less than ideal characteristics. Nothing explains what I am try to convey here better than sports. Individually, Armenians make pretty good sportsmen. Collectively, as in a team sport, it's the exact opposite, and Armenia's worthless football team is a shining example. Please, let's not bring up Ararat 1973. That team was one of the wonderful by-products of Soviet Armenia and the country's Soviet-Russian influences. Look at it this way: Similar to how major Armenian figures in the word today like Margarita Simonyan and Sergey Lavrov could only have happened in a Russian reality, Ararat 1973 could only have happened in a Soviet-Russian reality. This lends credence to my observation that Armenians only excel in political/economic systems created by non-Armenians. The Ararat football team's successes during the Soviet period cannot therefore be brought up in this conversation. Here, I am talking about the Armenian animal left on its own in the human ecology. Nevertheless, similarly, when it come to the collective game of politics and nation-building, Armenians, who are individually very intelligent and capable, somehow transform into gaggle of idiots easily manipulated and led astray by Social Engineers from lands far away. 

Now, allow me to add another layer to this discussion. What Biologists, Biochemists and Biophysicists are to living organisms, experts in Sociology, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences (the Social Engineers employed by governments) are to human society and nation-states. 

Biologists have long recognized the fundamental role the genetic-makeup of individuals play in determining fundamental things like health, intelligence, physical strength and temperament. Sociologists have long recognized that individuals and groups of individuals behave very differently. Similar to how Biologists have mastered the manipulation of cells to effect the behavior of an organism, Social Engineers have mastered ways of manipulating individuals as a way of effecting the behavior of nations as a whole. This is all related to the study of the law of the acting/reacting masses. 

There is yet another layer/level to this discussion. There is a thing called genetic memory and history is circular. Perhaps a lot of our likes, dislikes and interests, beginning in our early childhood, is rooted in our genetic memory. And all this is in-turn related the long observed phenomenon that history repeats itself. If history repeats, then we must repeat in some form as well. We therefore have all been here before, albeit under different names, bodies, awarenesses and consciousnesses. But our essence, the core being of who we are as spiritual beings, remains the same. This is so, whether we acknowledge our spirituality or not. So, we have been here before. We have been through this before. If we are therefore stuck in some esoteric cycle, we will see Armenians/Armenia enjoy some surprising but short-lived successes from time to time. But, overall, we will see Armenians/Armenia remain a small and weak organism in the vast human ecosystem. In other words, Armenians will periodically strive and lunge forward, as it has for most of its post-Urartian period, but it will prove unsuccessful for the most part. And the times when Armenia will truly be secure and/or prosperous, it will most probably be the time when it is a subject of a larger civilization.

Allow me to push further: Politics is not a domestic dispute or a street fight. In politics, there are no enemies or friends, just interests. Politics is a master-level chess tournament and a form of high art. In fact, it can even be said that politics is an exact science. Mix concoction A with concoction B and in time you'll end up with resultant CThis is the textbook definition of exact science. Politics can therefore also be likened to a controlled laboratory experiment. This is basically what happened in Armenia in recent years. Needless to say, resultant C was Nikol. Another laboratory experiment involves our "nationalists": First, help "nationalists" come to power in Armenia. Then encourage them to do something utterly foolish, like carry out an attack on Azerbaijan, or even Turkey for that matter. If the "nationalists" think they have support from abroad, they will definitely do it. Their aggression (the aggression that was encouraged from abroad) can thereafter be the excuse to attack Armenia. It's that simple. Stuff like this has actually been happening in politics for a very-very long time. Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein were two of its more recent victims. Therefore, make no mistake about it. Among other things, politics is also an exact science. The scientists in the labs are the major powers of today. The lab rats or the guinea pigs are needless to say us.

Now, I would like to bring another layer to this subject of Biopolitics. Besides the earthly factors at play in politics, there are also spiritual/otherworldly factors. Esoterism in politics or rather the spiritual world's effect on politics in the physical world plays a great if still undisclosed role in human history and politics. Here I am not talking about organized religions that are meant for the masses. I am talking instead about the global elite's participation in a number of ancient secret societies that delve in esoterism in an effort to bridge the divide between the physical world and the spiritual world, essentially for political gain. Although the global elite wants the global sheeple to believe that there is no such thing as a spiritual world, through their network of secret societies, the global elite themselves are heavily immersed in esoterism and the occult. It's not a fad. It's not make-believe. It's real. It's been around for many centuries and it has shaped the world we live in today -
Deep State: Secret Societies: Skull and Bones, Bohemians, Illuminati, Bilderbergs
Why the United States Government Embraced the Occult
In any case, those who master politics and play it well, live to tell the tale. Those who don't, wither away or die. We Armenians may be good at a lot of things, politics and/or nation-building is sadly not one of them. Simply put, we Armenians do not have a natural or rational understanding of the political world we live in. We just don't get it. It's simply not in our nature. We therefore cannot play the game well. We are literally politically illiterate. It's genetic. We see natural friends as enemies. We see natural enemies as friends. We are proud, irrational, temperamental, boastful, stubborn, individualistic, arrogant, pretentious, ostentatious, egotistical, self-aggrandizing, maximalistic, reactionary, pessimistic, cynical and sometimes delirious, even when faced with existential threats. At the same time, we are also meek, nihilistic, apolitical, overly-compromising and self-hating. We love the good life but we don't want to work hard or follow the rules to acheive or earn it. We are competitive, selfish, greedy and materialistic. We are never complacent or satisfied. We are natural protestants. We love to complain. We love to count other's people's money. We covet our neighbor's possessions. We are gossip prone, jealous and vindictive. We are tribal. We are politically shortsighted. We are always in survival mode. We think of only today, and we think only of ourselves and our surroundings. And we look at everything from an emotional and personal angle. All this carries-over into our understanding of politics.

I think this is all because of genetics (i.e. the way we have been bred) and our folk culture which is a by-product of our genetic makeup. Culture or a people's mindset is ultimately determined by genes. For example: German culture is the by-product of Germans. Russian culture is the by-product of Russians. Chinese culture is the by-product of the Chinese. They all live in similar environmental conditions and historic circumstances, yet they differ significantly from each-other. It can therefore be said that each and every human culture and civilization in the world today is basically an extension or an expression of a certain genetic group.

From a Biopolitical perspective, some nations are predators, some nations are scavengers, some nations are grazers and some nations are parasites. It's all a natural part of the human ecology. In a nutshell: The predators eat the grazers and the parasites make sure that the predators do not over populate. For now, I'll leave it up to you to figure out who are the predators, who are the grazers, who are the parasites, etc. Nevertheless, genetically/culturally we Armenians are predisposed to not play politics well. Armenian history is living and vivid proof. All the black pages in Armenian history is a loud testimony of our people's ability to survive but not thrive. It can therefore be said that Armenians are survivors not thrivers. It can therefore be said that Armenians only perform well in political systems setup by non-Armenians. What troubles me in all this is that this national flaw of ours may be coded in our genetic blueprint.

For many years I have been telling those who would listen to me that everything about us - from our talents to our personal characters, from our political beliefs to our personal tastes - is rooted in our genetic makeup and genetic memory. For many years I have been telling those who would listen to me that genes, biology and breeding is what that lies behind all successful and unsuccessful nations on earth. Although the Anglo-American-Jewish global establishment wants the global sheeple to stop thinking in "racialist" terms and look past genetic attributes (because in reality some races are indeed more capable than others), real science keeps challenging their Neo-Marxist efforts to deceive humanity. It may surprise some, as it certainly surprised me recently, but there actually is scientific evidence/proof behind what I am saying. Yes folks, it's true, genes does after all determine politics -
Study on twins suggests our political beliefs may be hard-wired
Voting genes: Are political views inherited?
Our political attitudes may be written in our DNA
Our Fortunetelling Genes: small genetic differences can predict a range of psychological attributes from birth
Give the materials posted above some thought. Try to think past the articles predefined confines. In other words, think past where the authors don't want you to go with the information they are nevertheless providing. In other words, contemplate, extrapolate, read between the lines and connect the dots. Once you do that, you will inevitably come to the enlightened conclusion that genes do indeed have a great influence/impact on our behavior and mindset. So, yes folks, genetics and therefore breeding (human pedigree) does predefine and predestine who we are as individuals. And we individuals of a nation collectively predefine and predestine how we behave as a nation. Genetics therefore is as national as it is individual.

Now, let's recall that the genetic heritage/lineage of Armenians go back many thousands of years, and it goes back specifically to the Armenian Highlands in Asia Minor.  But let's also recall that during the past one thousand years the Armenian phenotype has gone through significant, although internal, changes. Just as Greeks today is a lesser sort when compared to their great ancestors, similarly we Armenians are also mere shadows of our former selves. In behavior/demeanor ancient Armenian highlanders were probably very close to Caucasian warrior types of the day (physically strong, tribal, conservative and warlike). Ancient Armenians also exhibited signs of high intellect and an affinity towards high culture, similar to the intellectual or "cranial" types found in Greco-Roman civilization. Armenian highlanders, a major nation in the ancient world, were aggressive and warlike like Caucasian mountaineers but also drawn to cultural refinement like Greco-Romans. This made Armenians truly unique. This is why Armenians played a significant political and cultural role in the ancient world.

Things began to change however after the adaption of Christianity and Armenia's historic break with ancient Persian. The changes accelerated after historic political shifts took place in Asia Minor. Having lost independence in an increasingly Turkic and Islamic geography, one thousand years ago Armenian civilization (thus Armenians themselves) began going through a genetic and cultural transformation as more and more non-Armenians in the region (like Indian Gypsies from the east and Christian Semites from the south) were absorbed into Armenian society. Said otherwise, we began our decline -
During centuries, various groups of Armenians left the homeland and settled elsewhere, assimilating into their new countries and thus forever losing their national identity. However, there were also cases when representatives of other nations arrived in Armenia to become a part of the local population ”
As the article above openly states, as large numbers of Armenians were leaving the Armenian Highlands to get away from the constant wars and political upheaval, the genetic vacancy they were leaving behind in the Armenian Highlands was gradually being replaced by non-Armenians coming to the region from the east and the south. Those among such groups that were Christians (like the Gypsies) were quickly absorbed into the Armenian nation. This is how the Armenian body gradually changed over the years. And this is exactly what I mean when I talk about circumstantial rebreeding that took place among Armenians during the previous one thousand-plus years. Let's understand that we are not only talking about Gypsies here. Armenian were also absorbing Kurds/Yezdis, Jews, Arabs/Assyrians and, most probably, some African Copts and Ethiopians.

Therefore, disregard all the bullshit genetic studies claiming Armenians are a pure race and/or a nation related to Europeans. Genetic studies are often misinterpreted and misrepresented due to analytical limitations, personal bias or organizational agenda. Yes, we Armenians do have genetic ties to Europeans, but we have perhaps closer ties to eastern and southern peoples. Modern Armenians are a very mixed people, which is why we see a wide range of racial types (even Mulatto/African types) among Armenians. However, this racial mixing took place long ago and over a period of many centuries. The assimilated peoples long ago adopted Armenian identity. They are therefore Armenians of today. They are us. They are you and I. Period. And they have left an imprint in our national traits. Today, after well over one thousand years of what essentially mounted to be a large-scale culling of Armenians (historic circumstances that in-effect decimated Armenia's ancient warrior aristocracy and the highly refined civilization that it had created throughout the centuries), Armenians were gradually transformed or "re-bred". The outcome was more-or-less the three dimensional people we are today. Scratch the surface of any Armenian (regardless of their family, wealth and education), you'll find either a peasant, a merchant or a gypsy. There is very little noble, civilized, principled or warlike about Armenian society today. I am of course speaking in very general terms as there are many exceptions to what I'm saying. Again, this is not about the individual (i.e. the cell, the element), it's about the collective, the collection of individuals (i.e. the organ, the nation).

Armenians are a uniquely bred group of people who's genetic code is still mostly confined to Asia Minor. We Armenians have a unique DNA composition that was handed to us through both nature and historic circumstances. And, as we have seen with the genetic studies I posted above, genetic inheritance is indeed a factor in determining why people think and act the way they do. So, one more time: The genetic mix that makes us Armenians who we are today plays a fundamental role on how we think and act as a people. With that in mind, allow me to extrapolate one more time: Could our breeding or genetic heritage be behind the reason why we see high concentrations of certain traits and behaviors in Armenian society today? In other words, is our people's collective behavior, both good and bad, connected to our genetic code? Is this why we see a lot of talent, energy, skill, intelligence, ambition, resilience, compassion, creativity and hospitality in Armenian society?  Is it also why we see a lot of arrogance, individualism, pride, infighting, egotism, emotions, shortsightedness, pretentiousness, ostentatiousness, jealousy, materialism, stubbornness, gossip, greed, tribalism and gullibility? The answer is, resounding yes. And this all carries over to the way we see and play politics.

Allow me to therefore draw a logical conclusion from all this: Is the unique breeding and genetic makeup of Armenians the reason why we as a people have be able to survive hundreds of years without political independence? Is our genetic makeup also the reason why we as a people have been unsuccessful in nation building when we have had independence and why we are instead successful in foreign lands? Is our genetic makeup behind our tendency to be illiterate and self-destructive when it comes to politics? The answer to all these questions is an unequivocal yes. Our genetic attributes are in essence the source of both our successes and our failures. 

Let's recognize that we have had many more failures than successes in our history. Let's therefore draw some conclusions from it. With all this in mind, let's take another look at Armenians and Armenian history. As I keep pointing out, just as Germany is the way it is because of Germans, Japan is the way it is because of the Japanese and the Congo is the way it is because of the Congolese, Armenia is the way it is because of the Armenian. Therefore, when it comes to blaming someone for our less-than ideal state in the world during the past one thousand-plus years, we need to look no further than our mirrors. Once the reader comes to this very sobering realization, a whole new world (albeit not a comforting one) will open in front of his or her eyes. It's better however to struggle with our difficult reality and try to better ourselves, than engage in self-deception and lies by constantly complimenting ourselves.

If we Armenians had the warrior spirit of Slavic peoples, the nation building skills of Germanic peoples and/or the political agility and foresight of Jews, we would not be in the situation we are in today. If we want a homeland in a very nasty place like the south Caucasus, we need to forget about regime changes, government officials, "oligarchs" and our massive egos and instead strive to first and foremost better ourselves. In the big picture, yes, we did need a revolution in Armenia, but we needed a cultural/spiritual or rather a "personal" revolution. We needed an "internal" revolution that would finally start the long and hard process of re-breeding the Armenian into something that would actually be viable for nation building, and not merely excelling in foreign lands. If we want a homeland in a very nasty place like the south Caucasus, Armenia's sons and daughters need to be on the top of their game, so to speak. Alas, we are far from it.

A people as restless, as emotional, as pretentious, as self-righteous, as self-aggrandizing, as shortsighted and as politically illiterate as us cannot hope to build a powerful or prosperous nation. It simply won't happen the way we exist today. I therefore continue hoping for a drastic change of our course, and hope it arrives soon. Armenians need political foresight and pragmatic nationalism. Armenians need spiritual guidance, intellectual depth and political direction. We desperately need all this. We have no choice if we are to survive the south Caucasus. But the picture thus far looks bleak. Such things have to naturally emanate from the people. The only thing naturally emanating from our people is the burning desire to live the good life at all costs, and wherever that may be. This is why I say governments are a reflection of their people. This is why I say Armenians deserved their Chobans in Armani suits just as much as they deserve today's Neo-Marxist degenerates. This is why I say the characteristics (both good and bad) of a nation are the reflections of the people that live within it. This is why I say Armenia is the way it is because of Armenians and the genetic and spiritual makeup that makes us Armenian.

I'll say it again: Scratch the surface of an Armenian today and you'll find a merchant (often a petty, dishonest one) or a peasant (often a very naive and self-destructive one). Modern Armenians are merely remnants of a great ancient civilization. We are a broken people. Our best and brightest - the aristocrats, warriors and priests of lore - have long ago been absorbed by other nations. We in-turn have absorbed regional garbage. What we have been left with during the past one thousand years are essentially the underground dwellers (those scavenging among Turks/Muslims to survive) and the petty merchants (those sweet talking his Turkic/Islamic overlords to survive). As a collective, we are a very unstable and troublesome people. Today, our nation is too "rabiz", too "goghakan", too "Choban", too emotional, too selfish, too materialistic, too gypsy-like, too clannish, too illiterate and too otaramol to appreciate or recognize proper government or build a nation. The Armenian body is sick and inefficient; it will therefore not give birth to a Putin or a Trump despite our best wishes. "Independence" is therefore going to be a very long and very dangerous road for us.

But, despite it all, the genetic code to be a great nation again remains deep within our veins. We only have to find it and tap into it. We also still have what I call a "Golden Core". Throughout history, we have had great individuals that have suddenly risen to ensure Armenia's survival (e.g. Mkhitaryan Brotherhood, David Bek, Mkhitar Sparapet, Israel Ori, Khachatur Abovyan, Hovanness Tumanyan, Mikoyan brothers, Komitas, Stepan Malkhasyants, Drastamat Kanayan, Garegin Njteh, Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, Norat Ter-Grigoryants, etc) in turbulent times. This Golden Core found among Armenians is the reason why we have survived as a people and why we will continue to exist. This is also why we are survivors and not thrivers. In any case, yes, we can be a great nation again. All is not lost. It's therefore up to each and every one of us today to plant good seeds for the future. 

If any of what I just wrote angers you, then none of what I have to say here is meant for you. If what I write however deeply unsettles you instead and makes you think just a bit harder about our nation/people and the world we live in, then I have been successful in opening your inner eyes. Simply put, I am exposing reality, regardless of how unpleasant or troubling it may be, in a world that is utterly drowning in deceit and darkness.

Final thoughts

Some repetitions are in order: The previous regime was old world corruption. The current regime is new world degeneracy. Nikol and cohorts are Neo-Bolshevik opportunists who managed to exploit the "Street's" political illiteracy and hatred toward its leadership, and they were helped in this regard by unseen hands. For reasons we do not yet know, Serj Sargsyan brought Armen Sargayan to Armenia, gave Nikol Pashinyan freedom of operation and created a political climate that would inevitably lead his ouster. What happened was a regime change, not a revolution. Other than the arrests of a few low level thugs and the political persecution of former president Robert Kocharyan, nothing of real substance has changed in the country. What we have today are political forces setting the agendas in the country from behind-the-scenes. Neo-Marxists with liberal and pacifistic convictions are now in government.  Imperial officials can conspire all they want but if the people don't take their bait, their plans, regardless of how grandiose, will fall through. Unfortunately, we Armenians have a habit of taking the bait, hook, line and sinker as they say. Because of our hate, jealousy, emotions and political illiteracy, we have once again been dealt a major blow. Levon Petrosyan is now officially back in power, albeit behind-the-scenes via his longtime acolyte. Make no mistake about it, Nikol is Levon 2.0. Nikol is Levon by other means. So, congratulations to all you revolutionaries and champions of Democracy! Levon, the man who single handedly raped and pillaged all of Armenia throughout the 1990s, is finally back in power because of you! Now, we as a people deserve EVERYTHING this Globalist/Western funded bunch of pro-Turkish liberal mercenaries will bring upon our homeland in the coming years.

Viva la revolución!

Nothing good, at least in the long-term, will come out of what happened in Armenia last spring. From proliferation of American pop culture to the spread of Western style feminism, homosexuality, English language, GMOs and NED, USAID, Soros social engineering projects, Armenia today stands on the verge of a political, cultural and civilizational downfall.

Armenia today also stands on the verge of serious internal political strife. Politics in Armenia is slowly becoming unhinged. What we are seeing take place in Armenia in recent months is purely a vendetta/hate/tribal/jealousy driven politics. Crime is on the rise in the country. Food prices are on the rise. The economic is in decline. The new regime has no idea on how to address Armenia's inherent problems. Things will therefore likely get worst this winter. The sheeple will naturally continue fleeing the country. The "Street" thinks it is all-knowing and all-powerful. No one fears the authorities anymore. This is a very dangerous thing for a people like us Armenians. The Kremlin is not happy with what's going on in the country, but it is tolerating the new regime, for now. Iran continues to face a grave threat from Anglo-American-Jews. There will most probably be a war with Iran. Azeris continue building-up their military potential on Armenia's eastern borders. There will most probably be a war with Azerbaijan if official Yerevan does not agree to land concessions. making Nikol and his cohorts agree to major land concessions is where we seem to be heading.

All in all, what we have in and around Armenia today is a very volatile situation. And the new regime, stocked with incompetent ideologues under foreign payrolls, is not up to the task. Western toxins are now pouring into Armenia like never before. The country has lost the internal political stability it once had. Levon Petrosyan and his cohorts are all of a sudden active in politics once again. We may therefore lose territory in Artsakh when the proverbial shit hits the fan again. But, the "Armenian Street" is happy. It's happy primarily because it thinks it got its revenge against the "Karabakh Clan". According to the sacred tenets of Western style Democracy, how the Street feels is what's important in the big picture. So, all is said to be well in Nikol's "նոր Հայաստան".
From not seriously going after the nation's so-called Oligarchs to allowing foreign financed radical groups like Sasna Dzrer a free hand in politics, everything we see taking place with Armenia today seems/feels designed to be taking Armenia down the road to cultural decay, political instability, "peace with Turkey" and eventual defeat in Artsakh. Nikol and his cohorts have opened a can of worms so to speak. One of the few things Armenia had going its way, political stability, is now a thing of the past. For better of for worst, Armenia will not be the same again. Armenia is heading into uncharted territory. Politics in Armenia has officially become a rudderless boat, going whichever way the wind happens to be blowing. A persistent Westerly wind has been pushing our boat towards jagged rocks and as our boat's operators, our corrupt/incompetent officials lack the wisdom, the competency, the will and the intent to steer away from it and set course for safer territory.

Nikol is simply the latest foreign backed scoundrel to lead Armenia into political and cultural decline. What makes Nikol particularity dangerous is the high level of support he and his foreign funded mercenaries enjoy throughout our society. Again, I can't blame the foreign interests for doing what is in their best interests, I instead blame Armenians for constantly taking the bait.

We are again repeating the mistakes of our failed forefathers. We are again looking at natural friends and seeing enemies. We are again looking at natural enemies and seeing friends. We are again neglecting our allies in our neighborhood to stay engaged with imperial officials in distant lands. We are again neglecting Armenia's future and putting Armenian civilization into decline because we want to feel like we are apart of the Western world. Instead of utilizing all our resources on concentrating on working with political entities in our neighborhood to solve problems and secure our homeland's future, our idiots in positions of power and influence are once again looking thousands of kilometers away for salvation. The world is preparing for a major war, the epicenter of which is where Armenia is located, and we have foreign funded Globalists and Liberal clowns in power.
Again, I hope I am eventually proven wrong on all accounts, especially since I have a vested interest in the country's long term well being. But, Armenia clearly seems to be heading towards another defeat. Azeris and Turks must be the happiest observers in all this. History is repeating. Are we as a people doomed by our genetic destiny to perennially repeat the grave mistakes of our failed forefathers? If so, God have mercy on us. If we don't fundamentally change as a people, Armenia will continue resembling a small ping pong ball in a very large geopolitical ping pong game, as it has for much of the past two thousand years. If we don't fundamentally change as a people, I have no doubt that a hundred years from now our off-springs will be having this same conversation, that is if we still have a country by then.

We are a flawed and broken people.
It's not that երկիրը երկիր չի, it's more of a matter of Հայը մարդ չի. If a Levon Petrosyan connected street scoundrel like Nikol is what the people want to rule over them (as they certainly seem to), then the people need to take a close look in the mirror to see the real problem Armenia faces today.

We don't have a rational or realistic understanding of who we are as a people. We don't understand the importance or significance of having a nation-state, as well as the responsibilities that come along with it. We don't really understand where we come from, we don't really know where we want to go. Just as the modern Greek is a far cry from his/her ancient ancestors, the modern Armenian also pales in comparison to his and her ancient ancestor. Had we truly been a nationalistic, patriotic, conservative or an ethical people, we would not be seeing a lot of what we have been seeing. Armenians are naturally a proud people, not a nationalistic people. There is a big difference between the two. Pride is selfish (it's about the person), nationalism is selfless (it's about the nation). Armenians don't even properly understand what patriotism or even conservatism means. For "patriotic" men in Armenia, the country's borders start and stop at their women's vaginas. As long as their women are seen in public as "honorable", they could careless who is screwing Mother Armenia. Women in Armenia are as seen as either valuable personal possessions or whores. Had we truly been a nationalistic society, we would not have tolerated any of our Dodio Gagos, Nemets Rubos, Chorny Gagos, Lfik Samo, Manvels, Levons, Sashiks, Nikolks, USAID, British Council, Open Society, NED, EU, NATO, etc. Had we truly been a conservative/ethical people, we would not see extremely high rates of abortion in Armenia; the shameful murder of female fetuses to be more specific. Had we really been a righteous people, we would not be seeing all the petty thievery, greed, dishonesty, lawlessness, bribery, cronyism, embezzlement, gossip, jealousy and "գողական" behavior. Had we truly been a civilized people, we would not be looking down at handicapped people as less than human, mistreating animals and turning our country into a filthy garbage dump. Last summer I saw non-Armenian tourists in a park in Dilijan pick up trash left behind by an Armenian family. While the young European couple was picking up the trash, the family that had left the trash on the ground was standing a few meters away looking at them with a smirk. These are all common occurrences in Armenia. Had we truly been a people of culture, garbage like Rap, Hip-Hop and Rabiz, not to mention Indian soap operas, lowbrow comedy and mafia shows, would not so popular throughout the country. Like gypsies and Africans, modern Armenians seem to only excel at singing and dancing, and dishonesty. And I don't even want to get started about our Diaspora. The best thing I can say about our worthless Diaspora is that it's a graveyard. In a nutshell: The thoroughly assimilated Diaspora is the pack animal Western powers use to import various toxins into Armenia. In short: There is a  lot about our people that deeply embarrasses me.

I know I have been overly critical and very negative. I apologize, but I just do not know how else to write this story. I am not going to whitewash our many flaws, simply because we as a people suffered a genocide some one hundred years ago. I am not going to sugarcoat things because we are "survivors". I don't do feel-good rhetoric or fluff commentaries. I am a genuine nationalist. I am also political opposition now, after all. Nevertheless, none of this means I will not raise my children as good Armenians. None of this means I am willing to assimilate now. None of this means I will give up on my homeland. Armenia needs genuine nationalists now more than ever. What's more, Armenians as a people cannot be written off as a total loss as of yet. We as a people still have a lot of redeeming qualities. Deep down inside the Armenian DNA still lives a noble and respectable people. We are the way we are today due to very bad historic circumstances, difficult geography and breeding under such conditions. The last one thousand years essentially robbed our people of its noble, warrior, spiritual and principled character. The last one thousand years transformed us from a nation of warriors, nobles and priests to a nation of peasants, merchants and gypsies. A damage one thousand years long will not be fixed quickly or easily. But, again, we as a people have in us the genetic potential to be a great nation once again. Therefore, pardon the Trumpian expression, but we CAN make Armenia great again. We have no choice but to keep hoping and keep working to better our homeland. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is Armenia. People come and go. Governments come and go. It's the homeland and its culture/civilization that stays and gets passed on to future generations. This is why we need to be mindful of what we are doing in our homeland today. Let's therefore ignore the politicians as well as the "Armenian Street", let's reject Democracy, Globalization and Westernization, and simply concentrate on bettering our homeland as best as we individually can. The question therefore all of us, regardless of political affiliation, need to ask ourselves is this: What have we done for the betterment of Armenia lately?

Autumn, 2018


Taxes, corruption, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Turkey: Pashinyan’s vision for the ‘New Armenia’

Having swept to power in a landslide electoral victory, the new government of revolutionary leader Nikol Pashinyan is now laying out its vision for a ‘New Armenia’ — with ambitious plans for peace and reform.

Following the sweeping victory of his My Step bloc in 9 December’s snap parliamentary elections, Nikol Pashinyan vowed in a Facebook live stream the next day that his government would start to implement all their pre-electoral promises as soon as the new leadership settles in. Earlier that day, Pashinyan unveiled some of his general policy plans during a press conference with foreign reporters. Pashinyan said he planned to axe taxes for small business, downsize the government by reducing number of ministries and state agencies, and introduce tax breaks for foreign business willing to invest in Armenia. ‘We have many ministries, some of them have to be cut. The Ministry for Diaspora could be not the Ministry for Diaspora, but a part of some government body’, Pashinyan told journalists. Mikayel Zolyan, a political analyst who is set to become an MP for My Step, told OC Media that government structures might indeed be inflated now, and there are also state-financed institutions, such as the ‘Offices of Programme Implementation’ or ‘Government Non-Commercial Organisation’ which have functions parallel to government bodies. Zolyan said he was also in favour of reducing ‘bureaucratic regulations’ to relieve businesses, ‘especially small and medium sized’ businesses. Nevertheless, he said it needs proper discussion.

A new opening with Turkey

During the same press conference, Pashinyan also confirmed the new leadership’s will to establish diplomatic relations with Turkey ‘without any preconditions’. He expressed hope that Turkey would have a similar position, adding that the issue was ultimately linked with Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan. During his trip to Azerbaijan in September, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reaffirmed Turkey’s support for Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Erdoğan stated that problems in Armenian–Turkish relations would be resolved only after the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed territory is resolved, which he called ‘the absolute precondition’. Armenia and Turkey have no diplomatic relations and the Turkish–Armenian border has been closed since 1993 due to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh. Relations are further complicated by Turkey’s refusal to recognise the 1915 mass killing of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as a genocide. According to Diana Yayloyan, an Ankara-based research associate at the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, Ankara’s position on Nagorno-Karabakh has been a mirror reflection of that of Azerbaijan, and if it changes in future, that would only mean the idea was ‘negotiated and approved’ with Turkey’s allies in Baku.

‘A more favorable situation’ for peace

Pashinyan, who unlike his predecessors does not have strong personal ties to Nagorno-Karabakh, has insisted on Nagorno-Karabakh authorities ‘having a voice’ at the negotiating table. According to him, no one else but Stepanakert would be able to represent the people of Nagorno-Karabakh in peace talks. The new Prime Minister also had to rebuff accusations from the HHK that he was covertly acting against the interests of Nagorno-Karabakh. In late November, Pashinyan castigated senior officials in Nagorno-Karabakh critical of his team for ‘interfering’ in Armenia’s elections. Several days after Pashinyan’s victory, Stepanakert confirmed they had replaced their Defence Minister Levon Mnatsakanyan, with others also expected to follow. Local media had long speculated about a spat between Karabakh war veterans close to the former ruling HHK party and Pashinyan. According to Diana Yayloyan ‘the chronic absence of transparency behind the decision-making process in Armenia during the previous governments was increasing the public frustration and fear that the governments might sacrifice vital national issues behind closed doors’.

Pashinyan insists on a geopolitical status quo

On 10 December, Pashinyan rejected the notion of Armenia being ‘in the Russian zone of influence’, reminding journalists that Armenia is a member country of both the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the Council of Europe. The closest format for Armenia for cooperation with the European Union is the EU–Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA), which was signed before pashinyan came to power, in November 2017. Armenia’s European partners have named CEPA as a pathway to the country’s reforms, as well as to opening up to EU investments, and possibly leading to visa liberalisation talks. After being appointed prime minister by parliament in early May, Pashinyan announced his intentions to deepen cooperation with western powers, but also confirmed as early as 14 May that Armenia would stick with its EAEU membership. Pashinyan told reporters on 10 December that as a Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) member country, Armenia had no intention of joining NATO, but will continue cooperating with the alliance within peacekeeping missions.  The CSTO is a Russia-dominated political and military alliance in the post-Soviet region.

Fallout in the CSTO

Despite Yerevan’s insistence of no change of plans in cooperation with NATO, Moscow has been irritated with the new Armenian authorities’ dealings with the CSTO, especially after law enforcement agencies sought the arrest of the organisation’s Secretary General, Yuri Khachaturov, in July. Khachaturov, later released on bail and permitted to travel to Russia, is a former Chief of Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces. He was advanced to this post a month after the 2008 anti-government crackdown on opposition rallies in Armenia, something the authorities are currently investigating. In light of recent developments, US private intelligence consulting centre Stratfor reported in November that Trump’s administration intended to concentrate on developing stronger ties with Armenia, hoping ‘to exploit’ recent Armenian–Russian tensions ‘to drive a wedge between’ them. During a trip to the South Caucasus in late October, US National Security Advisor John Bolton said his administration would be interested in exploring the sale of American weapons to Armenia. With five days having passed since the victory of Pashinyan’s coalition in parliamentary elections, the Russian leadership has not yet congratulated Pashinyan on his victory.
Source: http://oc-media.org/taxes-corruption-nagorno-karabakh-and-turkey-pashinyan-s-vision-for-the-new-armenia/

The ‘Velvet Revolution’ is affecting Armenia’s ties with Russia


On 23 April, Armenia’s Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan stepped down following nearly two weeks of mass protests calling for his resignation. The protests, which went down in history as Velvet Revolution, culminated with the opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan’s rise to the Prime Minister’s office. He is most likely to remain in office following the snap parliamentary elections on 9 December 2018. As the implications of colored revolutions in the post-Soviet region have not traditionally been limited to domestic politics of their respective states but also have redrawn the geopolitical map of the region, it was widely speculated that the sudden regime change in Armenia would have far-reaching effects on the security dynamics in the South Caucasus, particularly with regards to Armenia’s ties with Russia. Such expectations were also related to the fact that Pashinyan had long been critical of the foreign policies of the previous administration opposing Armenia’s joining the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and calling it a “serious threat” to Armenia.

After the revolution Prime Minister Pashinyan made every effort to reassure Moscow that the revolution did not have any ‘geopolitical context’ and was not directed against Russia. He noted that he won’t press for the withdrawal from the EEU because ‘there are realities and facts we all have to take note of’. He also promised to keep Armenia in the CSTO. Pashinyan insisted that CSTO membership is in line with the Armenian national interests and pointed out that he will push towards making the organization more effective so that it provides ‘additional security guarantees for Armenia and Karabakh’.

Moscow Putting Ever Greater Pressure on New Armenian Regime

Image result for aliyev putin pashinyan

Moscow has been putting ever more pressure on the new Armenian leader, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Since coming to power this past spring, Pashinyan’s government has domestically taken punitive actions against Russian oligarchs and Armenians linked to them, much to the Kremlin’s displeasure (see EDM, May 3, June 25, August 8). But in contrast, Moscow’s pressure campaign has been remarkably successful in cajoling the Armenian prime minister to toe the Russian line in foreign affairs (see EDM, September 17). It remains an open question whether that is the price Pashinyan feels he must pay to carry out his domestic programs and whether he is actually committed to a more independent foreign policy. But the answer may become apparent following the upcoming general elections, which have just been moved up from next year to December 9, 2018. The likelihood is high that Pashinyan will win a super-majority in the legislature thanks to his wide support from the bulk of the Armenian population, which wants to see Russian-linked corruption and domination rooted out (Svpressa.ru, April 23).

Since independence in 1991, Armenia has been dependent on Russia for support because of its geographic location, its war with Azerbaijan over the occupied territories, and its economic weakness. Armenia shares borders with two states hostile to its existence, Turkey and Azerbaijan; indeed, relations with the latter have always been difficult. Additionally, Armenia borders on Georgia, whose conflict with Russia has complicated external trade. Crucially, the landlocked country does not share a border with Russia. However, Moscow has supported it not only because of traditional cultural ties—both are Eastern Christian—but also because of its complicated relations with Armenia’s neighbors and its desire to use Armenia as leverage against them to boost Russian power in the region.

Armenia’s war with Azerbaijan has meant that no Yerevan government has ever felt it could dispense with Russian military backing or say no to the Russian base at Gyumri, despite all the problems that base has caused for Armenians, including multiple instances of deaths of Armenians living near it (Kasparov.ru, July 22; Windowoneurasia2.blogspot.com, July 23). Whenever Armenians are angry about Moscow, the Russian government can always point to Azerbaijani and Turkish actions or even provoke them in order to make it clear that a Russian military presence is something Armenia cannot easily do without unless there are fundamental changes in Baku and Ankara, according to one Armenian commentator (Kasparov.ru, July 13).

Could Vladimir Putin’s Visit to Azerbaijan Shift the Regional Balance of Power?


Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a surprise official visit to Azerbaijan, on September 27. The formal reason for his arrival was to hold talks with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev as well as to jointly attend the Ninth Interregional Russia-Azerbaijan Forum (Kremlin.ru, September 27; AzerNews, September 28). Local mass media in both Azerbaijan and Russia described Putin’s visit as a next significant step in improving the strategic partnership between the two countries (AzerNews, September 26). Prior to sitting down together in Baku, the last time the two leaders spoke face-to-face was in Sochi, Russia, on September 1 (AzerNews, September 1). During that meeting, Putin and Aliyev signed several documents encompassing the economy, agriculture, tourism, and the defense sector. The most significant outcome of their talks was indeed a new $5 billion arms deal to purchase Russian-made weaponry. Moreover, President Aliyev stated that the number of bilateral military agreements will increase in the near future (Izvestia, September 3).

Such a positive statement regarding military deals with Russia from the president of Azerbaijan inevitably brings to the fore the recent debate over Baku’s membership in the Moscow-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). The idea that Azerbaijan should, in fact, consider joining the military bloc was recently put forward by Azerbaijani member of parliament Ali Huseynli, who suggested that among the benefits of CSTO membership would be the ability to purchase Russian-made weaponry at internal (domestic Russian), not international, market prices (see EDM, September 10). Nevertheless, perhaps not coincidentally, Putin’s September 27 visit to Baku overlapped with another significant international event held in the Azerbaijani capital—the third annual defense exhibition ADEX 2018 (see EDM, October 10). This year, the event gathered more than 200 defense-sector companies from 32 countries, including—in addition to Russia and Azerbaijan—Turkey, Israel, Belarus, Serbia, Ukraine, Pakistan Italy, Lithuania, China, the Netherlands and France (Turan.az, September 24).

Source: https://jamestown.org/program/could-vladimir-putins-visit-to-azerbaijan-shift-the-regional-balance-of-power/

Armenia's revolution loses its way


When national security adviser John Bolton visits Armenia this week he will encounter a country undergoing a major constitutional crisis while inflaming "frozen conflict" in Nagorno-Karabakh. Unfortunately, this crisis is not likely to have a democratic climax, even though it possesses profound implications for U.S. foreign policy interests. Democratic failure in Armenia undermines prospects for peace there and extends Russian influence in the Caucasus because peace and democracy go together in the Caucasus while war and despotism do so, as well. Rather than grasp that continuing the war with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh undermines any hope of democratization, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has upped the rhetoric of Armenian nationalism, demanded an independent voice for Nagorno-Karabakh in the negotiations that would stop them in their tracks and has increased the defense budget, seemingly displaying an intention to further militarize this conflict.

Pashinyan and his team have also failed to engage the United States or European Union in any significant manner. Instead, he has endlessly and repeatedly stressed his support for Russia, even to the extent of sending a "humanitarian delegation" to Syria, and has reaffirmed the importance of relations with Iran. Thus he has antagonized the states that could support Armenia and help defend it against Moscow. Yet none of these moves have eased Armenia's relations with Russia. So absent Western support, Armenia remains vulnerable to Russian suspicions of any reforms and vulnerable to Muscovite coercion. If it so desires, it can quash reform by many means, not the least of which is to weigh in decisively on behalf of its network of supporters from the old regime. Consequently, Pashinyan has made numerous visits to Moscow to reassure Russian President Vladimir Putin, including an impromptu one earlier in October. Yet it is quite clear that he and his team have failed to obtain Russian support for their reforms even though he has wasted his opportunities to forge closer ties with Europe and the United States.  

Anarchy in Armenia

Armenian Potemkin Village Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Armenia is in a state of anarchy, commonly understood to be an environment of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority. The implications of Armenia’s institutional disintegration are dire for Europe and the Caucasus. Having witnessed both Ukraine’s Orange Revolution and the rise and fall of Georgia’s former President Mikheil Saakashvili as a senior U.S. government official over a decade ago, I am sobered by the events currently unfolding in Armenia.

Armenia’s current president, Nikol Pashinyan, came to power on May 8, 2018, when he mobilized 250,000 supporters in Yerevan’s central square and threatened a nationwide strike to protest Parliament’s rejection of his bid to become prime minister. Relenting to the power of the mob, Parliament voted Mr. Pashinyan into office that very day, despite the fact that his party held only 9 of the legislature’s 105 seats. Since taking office, the self-described “people’s candidate” has moved systematically to disrupt and dismantle Armenia’s governing institutions.

Mr. Pashniyan has also zeroed in on Armenia’s judiciary, which he described as “a class of privileged people that has served at the whim of those in power sponsoring their effort to act outside of the law.” Unfortunately for Armenia, Mr. Pashniyan is resorting to the thuggish tactics that he so piously decries. He has corrupted the security services and the courts to execute mafia-like political vendettas. On July 27, an Armenian court announced the arrest of former president Robert Kocharyan, less than a day after Armenian investigators filed a motion to have him arrested. A warrant was also issued for the detention of Mikael Harutyunyan, Kocharyan’s former Minister of Defense.

Source: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/oct/9/anarchy-in-armenia/

Narratives: Between East and West

As a young nation, Armenian society needs to develop infrastructures integral for statecraft. One of the most important attributes in governance is knowing how to control the narrative. This is done through: a) Identifying the message coming in; and b) knowing where that country stands geopolitically to recalibrate the right message for itself, its constituents, and its neighbors.

Who Controls the Narrative Controls the Outcome

“War is Deception.” This principle has been mastered by the Turks, who have dominated Western Asia for millennia through the Seljuks and the Ottomans. To guard against deception, one needs to understand who they are, and their surroundings. A nation has difficulty keeping its rediscovered freedom after being occupied. It’s like a wild animal becoming domesticated, with its progeny reintroduced back to the wild. Once reintroduced, that animal no longer knows how to hunt. It no longer knows what it is.[1]

This analogy applies to Armenia. Armenia’s ruling “Nakharar” class has long been extinguished, first by the Byzantines, then by the Arabs, and finally, the Turks. Armenia’s ruling class mentality, which gave rise to fierce nations, such as the Hyksos and its domination of Egypt 3,000 years ago,[2] or Urartu, a state prophesied to bring the Assyrian Empire down,[3] has been replaced by a business-oriented mindset.[4] The business-oriented mindset is dangerous when it comes to governing a society, as its focus is on the “now,” and the bottom-line. [5]

In order to retain sovereignty, Armenia’s leadership must build infrastructure to prepare for 21st century foreign messengers. As technology changes, so too does the messenger and the target audience. Society has moved from the newspaper to social media, where immediate and unverified information is disseminated in a matter of seconds, appealing to raw emotion.[6]

Armenia’s recent revolution: “Velvet” or “Pied Piper” Revolution?

The key for any successful Armenian leadership [Diasporan or governmental] is to understand the many different narratives being promoted, as well as the medium promoting those messages, to protect those who belong to the Diaspora, Armenia, and Artsakh. Western leaders have long understood the importance of narrative. There’s a reason why National Football League broadcasts are draped in imagery promoting the US military and patriotism, while being financed by the US government;[7] why “Google” has long partnered with the US government.[8] There’s a reason why China and Russia have begun to invest heavily in social media platforms such as Weibo and VK.com[9] to rival American platforms like Facebook or YouTube.

Armenia and its Diasporan organizations need to seriously evaluate what messages are being promoted, who is being promoted, and what they represent. No responsible leader provides a platform for famous reprobates to get “clicks” or immediate remuneration, even if it can be justified that certain famous reprobates bring attention to certain causes…[10] There’s a reason why National Football League broadcasts are draped in imagery promoting the US military and patriotism, while being financed by the US government; why “Google” has long partnered with the US government.

The fair question that needs to be asked is, was Armenia’s recent revolution a “Velvet Revolution,” or a “Pied Piper Revolution”?[11] In order to put into in proper context, the analogy of the Pied Piper relates to the recent Revolution in Armenia where it was the youth that was targeted by foreigners.

Source: https://armenianweekly.com/2018/10/11/between-east-and-west

Richard Giragosian: Trump administration plants US flag in Armenia

National Security Adviser John Bolton speaks to the media during a news conference at the US Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia, October 25, 2018.  Asatur Yesayants / Sputnik

A visit by National Security Advisor John Bolton made clear that the past practice of looking the other way as Armenia deepened ties with Iran is over

For the small country of Armenia, the past several months have marked an impressive emergence on the world stage. In a first-ever visit by a German leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Armenia in late August, followed by French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, joining other leaders for the Francophonie summit held earlier this month. While the timing of these high-profile arrivals had little to do with Armenian politics, the significance of the visits was bolstered by the rare victory of “people power” that saw the establishment of a new, more democratic government in May 2018. Yet even with such enhanced strategic significance, Armenia still faces the burdens of unresolved conflict with neighboring Azerbaijan over the Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh and a dangerous over-dependence on Russia. Against that backdrop, however, Armenia has sought greater balance to resist the gravitational pull of the Russian orbit. In fact, its rebalancing strategy was well under way before the change of government, as Armenia deepened relations with both the European Union and neighboring Iran.

U.S. Ambassador: Return of certain “occupied territories” is inevitable

Richard Mills

U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills, who is completing his diplomatic mission in Armenia, said that the settlement of NK issue will require the return of “some portion of the occupied territories”. In an interview to EVN Report Richard Mills said that the Armenian people will have to decide for themselves what they’re prepared for. The American diplomat said that he’s been struck by how little discussion there was about what would have been or is an acceptable solution and compromise in Armenia. What I did hear was a little disturbing because it appeared to be a step back from where we were. I was surprised when I first got here and found out that most Armenians I met were adamantly opposed to the return of the occupied territories as part of a negotiation settlement. It has long been my government’s understanding of why the occupied territories were originally seized; they would be land for a peace option. So I was very surprised that there was no support for that anymore,” Richard Mills said. He noted that he understands how events like the 2016 April War make this even more difficult for the Armenian people, but “the harsh reality is that any settlement is going to require the return of some portion of the occupied territories.”

Source: https://mediamax.am/en/news/karabakh/30601/

Pashinyan clashes with Nagorno-Karabakh leaders

Pashinyan Sahakyan

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan has clashed with senior officials in the de facto leadership of Nagorno Karabakh, an unusual breach between the two closely tied entities. The squabbling started when a candidate for parliament in Pashinyan’s My Step alliance, Sasun Mikaelyan, said at a November 26 campaign rally that “the success of the people’s protests this spring was more important than the Artsakh liberation war.” (Artsakh is the Armenian word for Nagorno Karabakh.) That amounted to heresy in many circles in Armenia, where the military victory over Azerbaijan in Karabakh is glorified as the nation’s finest hour, and it elicited strong reactions. Senor Hasratyan, spokesman for the de facto Karabakh defense ministry, accused Mikaelyan (himself a Karabakh war veteran) of “having a desire to speak and nothing to say” and criticized the attempt to diminish “the heroic battle of our thousands of martyrs.” Pashinyan himself joined the fray the following day; at a pre-election rally in Alaverdi, he said that he was the only leader of Armenia whose son has served in the military in Karabakh, and took an additional shot at the Karabakh leadership, claiming that even their children didn’t serve in the armed forces there.

You are ruining what was built for decades: Ex DM to Pashinyan

Վիգեն Սարգսյանը

Former defense minister Vigen Sargsyan has referred in an extended Facebook post to the foreign policy by Armenia’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and its outcome describing “new Armenia’s” foreign policy as “boring or more right to say unpleasant film.” “I am writing this on the background of Pashinyan’s American fiasco which became clear after the visit of the U.S. President’s Assistant on National Security Affairs Bolton to Armenia. For the first time the Armenian-American official dialogue was aimed not at clarification of mutual interests and approaches but informing about the interests of one side to the other. An impression was as if Bolton was not U.S. President’s advisor but the Armenian PM’s and came to hint what should be done and what should not,” Sargsyan wrote, saying that it is not clear why this time unlike in Moscow the PM failed to voice the principal of not interfering into affairs of one another. Making conclusions on Bolton’s visit, former DM wrote.

“- Armenia must get rid of its “historic clichés”. Turkey? I think yes.
- At the upcoming elections the PM needs high vote to be able to make decisions in Karabakh conflict settlement not favorable for Armenia.
Bolton reiterated not only Azerbaijan’s claim that Armenia is to be blamed for own blockage but justified the closing of the border by Turkey and its justification – Turkey’s policy of supporting Azerbaijan in Karabakh issue.
- Armenia should not expect new assistance and direct investments from USA.
- Armenia must finally become independent. Bolton’s remark relates to Armenia’s strategic ally – Russia.
- The USA does not deny that it sold and may continue selling weaponry to Azerbaijan and if Armenia wants it can also buy U.S. weapons instead of Russian.
- In Iranian issue Armenia does not have alternative but fully apply U.S. sanctions. A statement on compressing the ring over Iran was made from the territory of Armenia – Iran’s neighbor and friend country.

Source: https://www.aysor.am/en/news/2018/10/27/vigen-sargsyan/1483219

 Newspaper: Russia concerned that pro-Westerners will dominate next Armenia parliament 


 According to a Russian source, emissaries from the Russian Federation (RF) are in Armenia these days to understand the situation in the country, Hraparak (Square) newspaper reported.  “The RF is concerned that pro-Western and Soros [foundation-related] forces will dominate the next NA [National Assembly of Armenia].  Moscow views several people who have a key pro-Soros reputation and are on the CC [ruling Civil Contract party] [electoral] list [in the forthcoming snap parliamentary election in Armenia] as a challenge thrown at it. Moscow views several people who have a key pro-Soros reputation and are on the CC [ruling Civil Contract party] [electoral] list [in the forthcoming snap parliamentary election in Armenia] as a challenge thrown at it.  “They have a major reservation toward such figures as Davit Sanasaryan [head of the State Oversight Service of Armenia], and Babken Ter Grigoryan [Deputy Minister of Diaspora]. (…). They are offended by the presence of figures who are considered pro-Soros,” Hraparak wrote.


  1. I again took no pleasure in producing this commentary. Writing this as well as the previous one was like an exercise in masochism and self-flagellation. Please understand that I did it out of a strong sense of responsibility and a natural/genuine sense of nationalism. Armenia today is at a very dangerous crossroads. The south Caucasus region is on the verge of an explosion. And Armenia has Neo-Marxists at the helm and a "Street" that is politically illiterate and self-destructive. I take no pleasure is saying that a lot of what I predicted about Nikol and his cohorts have come true. I still want to be proven wrong in all this, but I think bad times lie ahead for Armenia. In any case, you may have figured out by now that a lot of what I have to say in this commentary is not for the faint of heart or the uninitiated. If you don't fully understand the various subject matters discussed or if you are incapable of facing realty regardless of how harsh or unpleasant it may be, I ask you to please not read this blog. There are numerous feel good/mainstream/fluff sites throughout Cyberia that would be more than happy to welcome you with open arms. This blog, essentially a tiny spec in the vast wilderness of Cyberia, is not one of them. If you have serious problem with what I have to say, go away. I am not here to make "virtual friends" or get "likes". Everything written here had to be said. In fact, everything written here has to be repeated o er and over again until it has an effect. Therefore, I standby everything I have written. So, if you are not into feel good rhetoric or mainstream thought and you want to rationally discuss and debate subjects covered in this commentary, I simply ask you to please read this commentary in its entirety first. I know that it's a tall order but I ask you to please take in and digest everything I have to say before you pass judgement or argue a point. Moreover, if you wish to criticize or debate something I said, I ask you to please quote my words so that I know where you are coming from, but do so by staying faithful to the context in which I said it. In other words, don't nitpick words or phrases and present them against me - and don't argue for the sake of arguing. So, please, no pissing contests. Intelligently, rationally and respectfully debate or get lost.

    I look forward to your comments.

    PS: Attention Armenian speakers. If you want to see a brilliant display/example of insanity, political illiteracy and suicidal behavior, all presented under the guise of "Armenian nationalism", I ask you to please carefully listen to what Jirayr Sefilian had to say recently. Even I, who expects this kind of lunacy among "Armenian nationalists", was left breathless watching this. Folks, forget Turks, Kurds, Jews, Western powers, Russia... the real reason behind all the black pages in our history, including the genocide, is lunatics like this. The real reason why Armenia has historically been raped and raved by all her neighbors, is lunatics like this. Behold why we are where we are today -

    Jirair Sefilian calls for the liberation of Western Armenia, the liberation of Nakhijevan, the defeat of Azerbaijan, the ouster of Russian troops from Armenia, a revolution in Artsakh
    and, if that's not enough, says the West is ready to assist Armenia in this regard

    1. Sefilian is an unhinged personality. Nevertheless his call for the return of western Armenia, Nachichevan, are an expression of the collective subconscious of all hayer. However he is off the tracks of rationality when he wants severance of Russian links, a revolution in Artsakh - this proves the man is not corpus mentis-- and the Cherie on top of his aberrant ruminations is that the western powers will aid and support the goals of his political dreams. Sefilian is a nationalist in name only; and it is a discredit to genuine nationalists to hang the nat. label on him. He is transiting a no man's land in the domestic political sea. It was a politically motivated move to absolve him of his crime and subsequent release from prison.

  2. Excellent post as usual, although in this response I will do my best to give commentary or critique on some of the things you've said.

    1) "...On the other hand, it is now also becoming increasingly apparent that Anglo-American-Jews are determined more than ever to attack Iran. They are forming a coalition against Iran as I write this. It stands to reason that they are trying to do the same in the south Caucasus....."

    I would not be surprised if the Anglo-American-Jews will try to foster separatist movements within Iran, with the Iranian Kurds and Iranian Azeris being the most likely candidates. Part of Greater Azerbaijan includes all of northern Iran, or Iranian Azerbaijan. It would be similar to say, detaching Manchuria from China during the early 1930s with the Japanese sponsored Empire of Manchukuo. In this scenario involving a war against Iran, "Greater Azerbaijan" would become the Manchukuo of the Caucasus. However, even if the US were to attack Iran from its bases in Iraq and Afghanistan plus possibly the Caucasus with a US-friendly Azerbaijan, the invasion will not be an easy task. Who knows what kind of military strategies will Iran have against the US. I would also assume that Iran's military leaders may have contingency plans for a potential war with the US and its allies.

    2) "...If that was not outrageous enough, this warmonger (Bolton) stated he also does not want to see any Armenian troops in Syria. He also wants Armenia to begin purchasing overpriced American weaponry that are in fact worthless for Armenia's defense needs..."

    In this scenario, it might be a foolish move for Armenia to send its troops to Syria when the home front is much more important. Regarding overpriced American weaponry, I have watched a good clip from South Front that talks about the US's unpreparedness for a major conflict.
    Please pay attention to the segment of the video regarding the US Navy and its problems with the upgrades of some of its fleet, as well as the US Air Force. When I watched it, I was a bit shocked as to how the invincible US Navy (which is practically the lifeblood of US power projection) had atrophied beyond repair. The constant problems with the F-35 has become a massive money sink, which tells us of the main problem of wanting to put every unproven advanced tech into a single equipment. The victory disease that the US military has was proven brutally in the infamous Millenium Challenge of 2002 (I have mentioned this in a previous note). I would imagine that if Armenia had purchased unreliable US made weapons, they'd be defeated even faster against an Azeri military that sticks to Russian weaponry, and not to mention potential massive debts that they'd get themselves into.

    3) "...Allow me to set the record straight some more by saying this: American weapons are grossly over priced, very difficult to operate and maintain and they work best only against enemies that wear sandals and turbans..."

    Which proves my point above. Another thing too is that a crude IED made by a terrorist would cost only around $10-20 to a Humvee that would have costed $20,000 to make. The military industrial complex doesn't have to worry about whether or not their products sucked as long as they can make money out of it. Ironically, this might be very well their biggest weakness.

    4) "...Western officials know well that without Russia and Iran Armenia cannot survive in the south Caucasus. But, it's obvious that is not a major concern for the Anglo-American-Jewish agenda in the region..."

    When I read this quote, I could imagine some neo-con or a pan-Turanist speaking about the "Final Solution to the Armenian Question". Then again, control of Central Asian resources has been the top priority of the Anglo-American-Jews.

    (to be continued)

  3. (continued from previous post, sorry for the exceedingly long reply)

    5) "...If this all blows up in their faces, and it certainly can, Nikol and his Western funded vermin can simply scatter to the Western country of their choice to save their skins. Ultimately, it is Armenia that will suffer as always..."

    Funnily speaking, this scenario might have already happen or will happen to Ukraine at some point in the future, given that Poroshenko's popularity has sunk much deeper and has little chance of winning another presidential term.

    6) "...With that said, I would like to once more welcome everyone to Nikol's "նոր Հայաստան", the wonderful "new Armenia" of everyone's dreams. And the reader would also be happy to learn that the situation in Nikol's Armenia today actually falls fully inline with step-by-step manual found in the old KGB playbook, naturally carried-out by today's Neo-Bolsheviks..."

    I have known about Yuri Bezmenov and some of the things he said about ideological subversion. The thing is, it's not only the West that faces this kind of problem too besides Armenia.


    Yes, even my native Philippines also has this kind of degeneracy, and we're the most Catholic country in all of Asia. Ideological subversion has also infiltrated most of the institutions as well.

    7) "...The plan was and continues to be the mixing of races and nations, erasing national borders, killing conservative religions and more recently, blurring the lines of gender identity - of course this all under an Anglo-American-Jewish supervision. Their ultimate intent seems to be the creation of an easily controlled society of hybrid humans that are racially mixed, nationless, borderless, genderless, Godless, apolitical, nihilistic, morally ambiguous and addicted to entertainment, drugs, pornography and of course shopping..."

    This sounds exactly like the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan espoused by the aforementioned bastard in terms of race mixing. However, various new kinds of ethnic groups have sprouted from race mixing in European colonial empires, with the Spaniards, Portuguese and French being the top three empires that actually encouraged race mixing. A dumbed down population makes it easier for the globalist elites to control, but a dumbed down large population in the billions would be too difficult to control, hence the population control schemes that globalists have cooked up.

    9) "...All in all, women in the United States are encouraged to be sexually active and promiscuous, shun family life, think in interracial terms, medicate themselves with drugs and experiment with homosexuality..."

    This isn't surprising, given that Western countries might also have an epidemic of teen pregnancies. Western shows including Maury and Jerry Springer are rife with teen pregnancy related issues. Moreover, interracial marriages have also become common in Anglophone countries, where the most common interracial marriages in the US (for example) is that of Euro-Americans and Asian-Americans. Undesirability for certain behavioral traits within certain types of women among certain males (in some cases, the growing acceptance for undesirable behavior among white females has pushed white males to consider marrying Asian women, and vice versa)


  4. Thank you Arevordi.

    I just started reading. From what I see so far this looks like one of your seminal works. All I want to say is you are a talented writer and a great thinker. I learn alot from you and you make me think and analyze even if I dont like what you are saying sometimes. Yes we are a difficult people and we have always been but we cant lose hope now. I know its hard but dont lose hope in our people just yet. Everyday more people are opening their eyes. Everyday Pashinyan's popularity is dropping, slowly but its dropping. Also you know better than me that Russians are not leaving Armenia under any circumstances and for nobody. I think we will get through these bad times.

    P.S. What you did with Babken Dergrigoryan's picture is absolutely brilliant!

  5. @Arevordi,

    Amazing work as always. I normally dont like posting comments but I have to say something here to everyone. Don't judge the world through your eyes. The sad truth is Armenians as one group of people are not nationalistic not religious and not even conservative. Let nobody confuse backward ignorant mentalities in Armenia with nationalism or conservatism. If we had strong and developed national or christian identity we would not put up with garbage like Soros in our country for not even one day. Soros gangs are ALLOVER Armenia and Armenians dont say shit about it. When was the last time you saw people protesting him, when was the last time our officials complained about him? NEVER! Soros has people everywhere in the country and its not just Soros. ALL KINDS of western agents and offices operate in Armenia with full acceptance from the people. The diaspora is just as bad. I love they way you put it they are US state department pack animals. Russians Americans and even Europeans are more nationalistic and conservative than us. My wife is Polish. If you want to see nationalism and conservatism look at the Polaks. Yes also the Russians. Look at America and all those midwest types who support Trump. Where are our conservatives and REAL nationalists not freaks of nature like Jiro Sifilisyan? Just thinking about all this makes me so damn angry. I am telling you if we dont wakeup soon we surely going to DIE as a people. That's all I want to say. Keep up the good work. I hope your readership grows.

    1. Taparagan Hayorti,

      Interesting name. Thank you for commenting. I guess this subject matter touched a "raw nerve" as they say. I am in agreement with much of what you said. Had we truly been a nationalistic/patriotic/conservative/moral people, we would not be seeing a lot of crap have been seeing in Armenia. Armenians are a proud people, not a nationalistic people. There is a big difference between the two. As I always say, for "nationalist" men in Armenia, the country's borders start and stop at their women's vaginas... As long as their women are seen in public as "honorable", they could careless who is screwing Mother Armenia... Women in Armenia are as seen as either valuable personal possessions or whores... Had we truly been a nationalist society, we would not have tolerate any of our Dodio Gagos, Nemets Rubos, Chorny Gagos, Manvels, Levons, Sashiks, Nikolks, USAID, British Council, Open Society, NED, EU, NATO, etc... Had we truly been a moral/ethical people, we would not see extremely high abortion rates in Armenia, the murder of female fetuses to be more specific... Had we really been a righteous people, we would not be seeing all the petty thievery, dishonesty, lawlessness, gossip, bribery, jealousy, embezzlement, etc... Had we truly been a civilized people, we would not be looking down at handicapped people as less than human, mistreating animals and turning our country into a filthy garbage dump... Last summer I saw non-Armenian tourists in a forested park in Dilijan pick up trash left by Armenians, with the Armenian family who had littered the ground standing a few meters away smirking at how a young European couple was picking up some of the trash they had left behind... Had we truly been a people of culture, garbage like Rap, Hip-Hop and Rabiz not to mention Indian soap operas, lowbrow comedy and mafia shows would not so popular in the country... Like gypsies and Africans, modern Armenians only excel at singing and dancing. And don't get me started about our Diaspora. The best thing I can say about our worthless Diaspora is that it's a graveyard. In short: A lot about our people embarrass me. There is a lot about our people that I dislike.

      But, none of this means that I will not raise my children as good Armenians. None of this means that I am willing to assimilate into "superior" societies. None of this means that I will give up on my homeland. We Armenians still have a lot of redeeming qualities. Also, I know that deep down inside the Armenian DNA lives a noble and respectful people. Simply put: We are the way we are today due to historic circumstances, geography and breeding. The last one thousand years essentially robbed (culled) our people of its noble/warrior/principled character. The last one thousand years transformed us from being a nation of warriors, nobles and priests to a nation of peasants, merchants and gypsies. But, again, we have in us the potential to be a great nation again. In any case, we have no choice but to keep hoping and keep working to better our homeland. One last important thought: People come and go. It's the homeland and its culture/civilization that stays. So, forget the people, forget Armenians per se, forget the Street, forget "Democracy" and simply concentrate on Armenia, the homeland. So, what have you done for the betterment of Armenia? No need to answer that as it's a rhetorical question.

    2. Armenia was under Ottoman enslavement for 7-9-12 centuries? Our legacy is that of a truncated, prostrated, enslaved nation. Our lands were conquered, partitioned, quartered, re-partitioned ,shredded, our people- severed form our vanquished elites- dispersed to the four corners of the planet. It is a miracle of miracles that we are still around. It is impossible to become "normal" again in the space of a century after a millenia of servituded. We are an a-cephalic nation. As for the diaspora, one should not expect too much for those segregated and splintered branches. If one grows up in the USA, he'll become an american of sorts, if one grows up and educated in France, he'll become a deracinated Armenian with a French veneer. For have to wait for a few more centuries, surviving as Armenians, to find and vindicate our roots,traditions,morals and virtues. At the present moment in history we are floating in the air like a kite buffeted and tossed around by the winds.

    3. Armenians need to revisit their history, and this time do so from an objective and rational angle... and with some insight, wisdom and a wider world view. We keep looking at ourselves and the world we live in from a very shallow and superficial perspective. It's not doing us any good. It's only raising a new generation of Armenians with miss misplaced priorities and an utterly false sense of superiority. Look at it this way: When you think you are so wonderful as a people/culture, why go through the trouble of trying to change anything? Of course I am talking about the patriots and nationalists among us. The ones that are not patriotic/nationalistic, long ago got tired of the backwardness of Armenian society and assimilated into the world's more developed nations and cultures. In other words, those that assimilate are the ones more-or-less embarrassed of our people's backwardness (Middle Eastern, Central Asian behavior). Many of those that assimilate do so because they don't want to put up with Armenian traits such as pessimism, gossip, jealousy, greed, arrogance, pride, materialism, stubbornness, tribalism, overemotional, ostentatiousness, misogyny, narrow-mindedness, etc...

      In an ideal world, Armenians would admit all their flaws and instead of assimilating into other cultures to escape them, they would try their best to better themselves.

      Our survival story is significant, but it is not as significant as we think it to be. Non-Muslim Jews, Greeks, Assyrians, Yezdis, Chalcedonians, Macedonians, Copts, Zoroastrians and Maronites, until recently all of them landless, have also survived within the same region. The aforementioned were also oppressed and massacred from time to time. Our survival story is not unique nor is it a miracle. Stop believing in feel-good rhetoric and ethnocentric fairytales. This constant self-complimenting and self-aggrandizing comes from the PTSD we suffer because of the genocide. Because we came face to face with utter annihilation, we are constantly trying to boost our self-confidence. In other words, all the boasting we do is in fact derived from our severe lack of self-confidence. This is why we are constantly trying to compare ourselves with Europeans nations. Why we are constantly boasting about this or that person being Armenian. Why w are boasting about having an old civilization. Why we are boasting about being the "first" Christian nation. Why we boasting about being the "first" people genocided in the 20th century... I sometimes think, had it not been for the genocide we would have all vanished by now and there would not be a thing called Armenian nationalism. The genocide awakened us. The memory of the genocide, and the effort to have it "recognized", continues to play a major role in helping Armenians around the world maintain their identity and unity as a community.

      Getting back to our survival story: We basically survived on our native soil. Good... but not a miracle. Many stateless nations have survived the ravages of history, including native American Indians. All of our historic Diasporas, except the one in Istanbul and Persia, vanished after a few generations. Armenians of Polis and Persia survived simply because they were living in segregated communities in conservative Muslim countries, and they were relatively well to do and large in numbers.

      The current Diasporan communities around the world are relatively new. They will also vanish in due time. It's happening in front of our eyes. 90% of the Armenian genocide survivors that ended up in North America or Europe have already vanished. The Lebanese-Armenian community is quickly assimilating. The Turkish-Armenian community is all but dead. The intermarriage rate between Armenians and Turks in Turkey is over 75%. Thanks to Anglo-American-Jews, the Armenian communities of Syria and Iran are also dwindling very fast.

      In reality, if you look at it from a wider world view, our survival story is not all that impressive. Calling it a miracle is an insult to real miracles.

    4. Regarding your last point: That's the major problem/dilemma we face as a people today. How do we keep what we have (our independent state) long enough to be able to "re-breed" ourselves out of our flaws? The prognosis does not look too promising. As long as we willingly turn ourselves into a geopolitical ping pong ball at the hands of the major powers (i.e. complimentary politics), we wont be fixing anything. As long as we willingly put ourselves in the middle of a geopolitical tug-of-war (i.e. complimentary politics), Armenia will stay weak, isolated and poor and Armenians will constantly be in danger of annihilation.

  6. This is totally healthy and these are well-adjusted people

    “Savior from the Planet Ijevan”: One man documents Pashinyan’s rising cult of personality

    6.5/10 would run 20-100 million strong opposition protest on the pop princess

    1. These kinds of things end badly. I feel it in my gut. This whole thing is gradually heading towards a major disaster... with Armenians singing and dancing like a bunch of delirious gypsies along the way. At the end of all this, I would not even be surprised if Nikolik ends up suffering Vazgen Sargsyan's and Karen Demirjyan's fate. C'est la vie...

    2. The euphoria over Nikol is equal to the sum total of hate towards Serj Sarkisyan. Their love for Nikol is the pathological manifestation of hate towards Serj.Therefore it cannot last long and it wont. Regardless I dont care what happens to any of them. This is my biggest fear

      Իսկ եթե թուրքերը հարձակվեն Քարվաճառի՞ ուղղությամբ. «Հետախույզի օրագիրը». 27 / Նոյեմբեր / 2017


    3. Arevordi, what these clips of Pashinyan and please tell me this guys is not crazy LOL

      Չոգևորվեք ոչ մեկդ․ 20 տարի թալանել եք բանակը․Նիկոլ Փաշինյանը՝ Սասուն Միքայելյանին քննադատողներին

      Ծակերից դուրս չեք գալու, փողոցներով չեք քայլելու. Նիկոլ Փաշինյան

      Բակո Սահակյանին կոչ եմ անում կարգի հրավիրել իր կառավարության աշխատակիցներին. Նիկոլ Փաշինյան

      Armenians are waking up but it only took them seven months LOL

      Երևանի ընտրությունները Նիկոլին տվեցին Ղարաբաղը հանձնելու մանդատ. Կարեն Վրթանեսյան

      «Նման բան իրեն թույլ չի տալիս նույնիսկ մեզ թշնամի պետության ղեկավարը… Դուք պետք է հրապարակայնորեն ներողություն խնդրեք մեր ժողովրդից». Կարեն Օհանջանյանը՝ Փաշինյանին

    4. Wow. I didn't realize this guy was also insane. You can see it in his eyes. But this is not a laughing matter. This lunatic is doing his best to drive a wedge between Armenia and Artsakh. Our people are singing and dancing towards a major political disaster. We as a people deserve every bit of what is to come. Moreover, I don't care who is waking up now. They can all go back to sleep. Too little too late. They should have been smart/wise enough to see all this from the start. As always in our history, our people wake up only when the knife reaches the bone (i.e. when it's too late), and even then only some wake up. make no mistake about it, the country is still 90% pro-Nikolik. All Nikolik supporters, without exception, are either morons or degenerates. This means 90% of Armenians are either morons or degenerates. The train is moving. It's heading into a dark tunnel.

      Welcome to Nikol Pashinyan's "նոր Հայաստան". Like I said in my commentary, Nikol is the "people's choice". According to the sacred tenets of Democracy, we need to respect this choice regardless of how suicidal it may be for Armenia.

    5. LMFAO watching Pashinyan in action is like watching the Sonic Kid Rant on youtube. How can it be possible that Armenians chose this guy as their lord and savior... oh yeah I forgot:

      Ապշեցուցիչ տեսարան՝ նոր օծված եկեղեցու բակում

      Գագիկ Ծառուկյանի հեռանալուց հետո

      Golly, I just don't understand why Armenia does not have German or Swedish standards of living...

      Also, I'm not done with reading the blog entry, but the part about how Armenians abuse animals really hit a nerve. Ancient Armenia was the place where most animals were domesticated, indicating a highly refined and developed civilization, see map linked below. The filthy Semite-Gypsy hybrids of modern Armenia are truly soulless in the way they randomly attack, beat, and kill stray dogs and cats, not to mention hunting endangered species to near extinction and the way they treat pets and livestock. That is Arab, African, or Asiatic level behavior, and it is all too common among our retards. Of course these "people" as a matter of course murder infants, particularly females, in the womb so no surprise there... Again, these are the same rabble that brag about being Christians and Aryans and descended from Urartian kings where in reality they probably have more in common with fucking Afghanis. Except Afghanis would have had the good sense to tear a shrieking bitch like Pashinyan to shreds rather than anoint him king.


      But hell, if the nation needs an internal cleansing through chaos and war, if it is truly inevitable as it appears, then I'd rather get it over with as soon as possible and start rebuilding. The longer the inevitable is delayed, the more degeneracy will take root. Give it enough time and Pashinyan will usher in Armenian child trannies on hormone blockers and an Armenian porn industry.

      ps Serj did not lift a finger to prevent any of this shit from taking shape, so basically in 25 years Armenia has produced no leader of value, except apparently Kocharyan

    6. While Armenians sing and dance like Gypsys or "brothas" for their Soros-linked colonial overlord, real nations with real leaders which practice real nationalism have all moved to remove the Soros cancer. In addition to Russians, Poles, Hungarians, and Iranians we need to mention Turkey as well.

      Soros Foundation Pulls Out of Turkey After Erdogan Attacks 'Hungarian Jew'

      I hate Turks and would not hesitate to liquidate every last one of them if it was an option, but respect where respect is due. There is a reason why Turkey is still a regional power expanding its influences with all geopolitical blocs, while Armenians continue to exist as third world filth. And that reason as Arevordi has said is biological and cultural, reflected in a nation's collect mentality.

      Speaking of worthless third world gypsys:

      Full stream ahead! Russia & Turkey officially complete construction of joint gas pipeline

      Dipshit Bulgarians sabotaged the pipeline Russia was laying across the Mediterranean Sea to them, which would have weakened Turkey’s position, increased Bulgaria’s hand in dealing with the EU, and pumped millions into Bulgaria's shitty economy. Instead the Bulgarians chose to obey Brussels and Washington, told Russia to go fuck itself, and then got flooded with Syrian refugees and gay propaganda.

      Again fair is fair, Turkey has a competent leader in Erdogan and they brilliantly picked up the golden opportunity Bulgaria threw away, all while pumping the entire Balkans with neo-Ottoman soldiers. It is becoming exceedingly easy to understand why Turks dominated the Balkans, Caucasus, and Middle East with their thousand-year Ottoman reich. TBH it sucks for Russia having to take care of utterly incompetent, unreliable, and ungrateful Orthodox Christians, Russia would have had a much easier time if it just started colonizing the former Byzantine realm with hardy Slavs, the same way England colonized America.

    7. Serbia isn't ungrateful to Russia though, but bludgeoned into political cuckholdry by the Anglosphere. On the other hand, the EU would now have to buy high priced oil and gas from Turks.

      Speaking of which, if things had gone bad for both Armenia and Artsakh, why can't the Artsakh military actually launch a virtual takeover of Armenia?

    8. Jerriko,

      The absolute worst case scenario would be an open power struggle or warfare between warfare between different Armenian military factions. Armenians are unfocused on the Turkish and Azeri threat as is, a civil war would be the death of the country. The anti-Artsakh western-funded Levonakans would use it to destroy the country.

      And Serbia is the exception, and even it is buckling. My derision was directed more towards western-obsessed Armenians, Georgians, Bulgarians, Romanians, and Greeks.

    9. Jerriko,

      Sarkis is right. The risks Armenia faces from its neighbors is very great. Armenia is one of the few countries on earth that is under constant threat of an invasion and annihilation. In fact, I cannot think of another. No, Israel is not. In fact, it's the opposite with Israel. Israel's neighbors are under the constant threat of invasion. This is why we Armenians have no choice but to remain united and focus our attention on our neighboring enemies. Armenia and Artsakh cannot live without one another. This is why Nikol's Western financed and led regime (which has been slowly driving a wedge between Armenia and Artsakh for the past ten years) poses a serious long term threat not only to the survival of Artsakh but also that of Armenia. It's their Globalist plan. They want to finally wash their hands of the Artsakh burden and fix relations with Turks and Azeris to build the Armenia of our dreams. It's been a long term plan. They poisoned the atmosphere so badly during the past ten-plus years with their 24/7 doom and gloom propaganda that a vast majority of Armenians not only in Armenia but around the world developed utter contempt and hatred towards their leadership, a leadership which was viewed as the "Karabakh Clan". By early last year, when Serj Sargsyan made some very strange moves, the "Armenian Street" had enough and was ready to support anything and anyone that could oust the "Karabakh Clan". Enter Nikol, who was Levon Petrosyan's acolyte. Like I said, it was all planned. It was a long term agenda. They relentlessly worked on the people's emotions through an army of NGOs, news outlets, rights activists, politicians, political experts, etc. It finally worked. I have covered this subject matter from time to time in my commentaries. In a nutshell: Armenia fell to a well funded, well executed and long term conspiracy.

      PS: As much as I like Serbians, Serbians are also a broken people. Don't forget that the first successful Color Revolution took place in Serbia. All other Color Revolutions afterwards have more or less followed the Serbian template. In final analysis, Serbs proved to have smaller balls than Armenians. Their affinity towards Russia is rooted in their religion. They also see Greeks as a brotherly nation. In nay case, I wish my ancestors adopted Orthodox as well. But, it is what it is. You work with what you have...

    10. Well, when you put it that way, Armenia and Artsakh are to each other what Serbia and Montenegro was historically or even Athens and Sparta (Armenia and Serbia being the Athens, and Montenegro and Artsakh being the Sparta).

      In addition, Artsakh is technically the North Korea of the Caucasus already, with its Songun-like policy. They're the only ones that are literally fighting on the front lines for Armenian nationhood. And those western-obsessed ethnic groups are the ones who would view the Byzantine period as something akin to a tragedy.

      In all honesty, what Armenia needs is a strongman who is a mixture of Pinochet and Park Chung Hee in terms of leadership. I have once stated that Armenia's economic woes could be solved by taking a page out of South Korea's economic miracle, but in this case an Armenian economic miracle would have to be inspired by more than one mere example. If I remember correctly, the chobans are the ones with the business savvy minds, right? It's a bit of a shame that Armenian chobans aren't trying to compete globally with the likes of European and Asian corporate giants. They'd probably fear genuine economic protection because they stand to lose the most. It's the same scenario with the Filipino counterpart of the Armenian chobans, only in our case the Filipino "Chobans" would also oppose the idea of opening the country's economy to direct foreign investment.

      I can imagine that Erdogan is laughing all the way to the bank with the oil and gas money he's about to receive as a result of the pipeline that was constructed. In essence, it's a good thing that Bulgaria rejected the pipeline, because now the EU would have to pay extra for the oil and gas, and Turkey can use that to its advantage. Plus there's also the added bonus of gas shortages for the winter that's going to cause a panic and create enough anger in Ukraine.

  7. Arevordi, I hate to admit this but your stinging commentary is spot on my friend, we are not an easy people. Thank you for the link to Laurence of Arabia's interview. I wan to share his comments about us for those who don't know it, it explains alot about how they see us and what they are doing to us:

    "Armenians won't work,” he said. That is the trouble with your plan and that is the trouble with the Armenians. That is the trouble, really, with all these old races that have been civilized, learned the game and, having once dominated the world and worked it, have lost con­trol, gone back, as you say; or, as I say, carried on. They have gone forward logically, psychologically, physiologically. They do not care for hard labor. It is that which distinguishes them from the childlike, truly backward nations you Americans have had to do with. Primitive peoples are merely lazy. They can be forced forward, worked, developed, exploited, if you please. There is some hope for them; some use. But these forward peoples, the ex-civilized nations— they are not lazy. They are too intelligent to work for others. They are exploiters themselves, instinctive, inbred, incorrigible, hopeless."

    "Jews, he said, taking breath, the Jews themselves feel about Armenians the way the anti-Semitic Europeans feel about the Jews; and so do the Greeks, Turks—all the other races that have ever had them on them. They feel that the Armenians would put them all to work. And they would. The Armenians are all that the Jews are, plus all that all the other races are—and they are Christians besides!“

    "The Armenians, he said, must not have Armenia, not the back lands. They would not work them themselves, not even for themselves. They would not even do the work of organizing the work or development. They would let them out as concessions to others to manage. They want to live on the coast, in cities, on rent, interest, dividends and the profits of trading in the shares and the actual money earned by capital and labor. There are lots of people like that, I said. The Armenians aren't the only ones. I see you still do not grasp my point, he said. There are indeed others who would like to do that. The French bourgeoisie is moving in that direction, and our own English are coming to it, especially our Little Englanders of the so-called upper-class. They have that as their ideal. They would like to do noth­ing, but they can't. They are harmless. They are willing to do nothing but spend. But they do spend, you see. Even your Jews are spenders, great spenders. But your Armenians will do nothing and they won’t spend. They get and they save; they sell but only to buy again and so get more and more. It takes evolution to develop such perfection of the true commercial spirit, and is a matter of degree. And the Armenians are the nth degree. I tell you that if ever the Armenians are given a fair start in the world, if they get a free hold of any corner of the earth, they will own the whole planet and work all the rest of mankind. That’s what the Turks know and dread and the Greeks and—all of us who know them. And so, he sidestepped, as we Americans say crudely, and so we must divide them up, Armenia to one man­datory, the Armenians to another.“

    1. Actually Arevordi beat me to it. I was wanting to post the Lawrence of Arabia interview for a while. I stumbled upon it after after trying to understand where the concepts of globalism come from. Lawrence was a British intelligence officer who knew the Armenians well but exaggerated things to push the British global agenda. There is nothing the Armenians could have possibly done that would have been any worse than what the Anglo-Jews have been doing to the world for centuries. He just didn't want any competition to the British Anglo-jewish establishment and was willing to commit genocide to achieve it. It would be an awesome education if Lawrence's interview was mandatory reading in all Armenian political science and military educational establishments. Armenia has been in the global crosshairs for the last 120 years, more intensively in the last 30 years. Armenia inherited a tremendous potential from the Soviets, it was the foreign controlled governments that have been tasked to destroy it, one may say willingly by the people but I disagree. The people have always been tools under every political establishment. The same gypsy peasants in yerevan shouting nikol today could have been educated and brought up to have been different today, or at least they could have been sidelined and marginalized if the right leadership was established in 1990s. The establishment of healthy national institutions in a country that hasn't had one for centuries requires the crystallization nation building ideology, in Armenia's case to counter the intense western effort to destroy any such formation. Thats an uphill battle without support from a strong partner, especially when blockaded, in a war and surrounded by genocidal predators. I really wish Russia would step in to counter the soft power of the western globalists, for their own sake of not for ours. Armenians are naturally pro-Russian but with every passing year the western agenda in Armenia is eroding this, and the Russians have been sitting on the sidelines of the social engineering game only complaining.

    2. Arto, that's exactly it. They don't want competition. They therefore undermine and attack targeted societies before such societies become powerful. It is done to ensure their place at the top of the global food chain. It's a smart strategy. This is essentially why they have been going after Russia for centuries. Left alone to grow and develop, Russia can put their lights out. In any case, this is why I say as long as their machinations/actions around the world does not bite them in the ass at home, they will continue setting fires around the world. What's important to note about Laurence's interview is that those words were spoken in 1919. In other words, Anglo-American-Jews were plotting the partitioning of Armenia while Armenia was independent (i.e. before 1921). The country's resource rich areas were to mainly go to Turks, and the bulk of the people (particularly the numerous wealthy merchants and businessmen of the Ottoman Empire and not Caucasian Armenians who were mostly peasants) were to be dispersed throughout Western lands. This is why instead of helping Armenians fight Turks at the time, they were helping our people evacuate to Western countries (France and United States in particular). Many people don't realize that despite the fact that we did not have independence, economically, Armenians of the 19th century were more powerful/influential than they are today. There was a lot of dormant potential in our people at the time which could be used to build a viable nation-state. Others, like this pedophile faggot Laurence, noticed it. They therefore plotted against us. We consequently lost everything. Also, Laurence's words are perhaps one of the first public expressions of their desire to create One World Government. All in all, it's a very fascinating interview that for some reason has not gotten much exposure...

      PS: By nature, by character, Armenians as a people are not pro-Russian. Pro-Russian sentiments you see in Armenia stem from the people's survival instinct and the nostalgia they have towards Soviet period in their lives. Culturally and genetically, Armenians are closer to Middle Easterners, Central Asian and Turks. Had it not been for the genocide, our people would not have any degree of animosity towards Turks and Azeris, nor would they have any degree of Russophilia. In fact, even today you see a lot of affinity among Armenians (particularity older generation Western Armenians) towards Turkish culture. In short: Our people are pro-Russian because it is a matter of survival. As for how Russians view us: As long as Armenia is not fully part of Russian civilization, in other words not part of Russia itself, Russians will keep Armenia/Armenians on a short, stout leash. All the good things Russians did in Armenia during the past two hundred years (the building of schools, hospitals, research facilities, factories, major public infrastructure, etc) were done because Armenia was part of the Russian Empire and Soviet Union. There is no such thing as trust in politics. There is no guarantee that if Russia invests 100 billion dollars in Armenia today and turns it into a powerful/prosperous country, tomorrow Armenians would not be looking for a different bed fellow. Even today, even when we all know that Armenia cannot survive without Russia, you have Armenians preaching independence from Russia. In any case, as long as Armenia is independence and wants to have good ties with the Western world, Russians will make sure to hold us by the balls and by the throat. As I told you before, Russia is an old world power. When it comes to soft power, Russia does not have the patience, the money or the expertise and sophistication of Anglo-America-Jews.

    3. I am a bit shocked as to learn about the dark side of Lawrence of Arabia that the mainstream media wouldn't broadcast, mostly because the elite doesn't want their secrets exposed in such a manner that would allow the masses to pent their fury at them.

      I'm just wondering as to how would the Anglo-Jewish establishment have to gain by actually dispersing the Armenian merchant classes to Western lands, knowing that they too, might become just as economically competitive as their Jewish peers?

  8. The western floodgates have truly opened under pashinyan. I cant believe what I'm seeing on the internet nowadays. Pay attention to the way unrelated topics are mixed together to muddy the waters, national values are ridiculed and the tactics being used to encourage cynicism.

    10.11.2018 / Եռաբլուր / "Կամք" / Արշակ Զաքարյան / ՔՈՂԱՐԿՎԱԾ ՍԱԲՈՏԱԺ

    ԶԳՈՒՇԱՑՈՒՄ!!! լգտբ-ների դեմ ակցիան կարա լինի քողարկված ՍԱԲՈՏԱԺ

  9. By nature, by character, Armenians as a people are not pro-Russian."

    --Sure they are, by and large. Russians were certainly greeted as liberators by Armenians when Russia took over the Caucasus from Persian rule. Armenians were also very much pro-Russia in all of the Russian-Turkish wars, and hopeful to be freed from Turkish oppression. Don't blame Armenians (nor Greeks) for being upset for Russian backing of Ataturk that cost them their lands; admit it for what it was, a mistake on the part of Russia, just like it was a mistake selling Alaska, and don't try to sugar code it, or try to pervert it as Anti-Russian.

    "Culturally and genetically, Armenians are closer to Middle Easterners, Central Asian and Turks."

    What exactly do we have to do with Wahhabis, Jihads, the Koran, Saudis, Yemenis, women's covered heads, an Islamic judicial system,...again?

    Being conquered by Turks and forced to live under their oppressive rule for centuries doesn't make us like them. if they were anything like us, we'd have lived peacefully, we'd have co-existed. Please don't compare us, rather offensive. Furthermore, islam and Turks in particular are totally capable of inhumanity. That's something we're incapable of. If Russia takes over Georgia, you wouldn't expect wide scale unthinkable atrocities. Just imagine what Turks with do if their troops moved into Armenia. And now think how Armenians would treat Azeri civilians if they advanced to liberate more territories? In other words, you're comparing uncivilized barbarians to those who are not. Just because they eat dolma, doesn't make them like us!

    "Had it not been for the genocide, our people would not have any degree of animosity towards Turks and Azeris, nor would they have any degree of Russophilia."

    Wow, you are way off on your history. Armenians have been getting butchered and slaughtered like sheep for centuries under Turkish rule. Go back and do a quick review of history on what was happening way before 1915.

    The only thing that ever brought "peace" between Azeris and Armenians was a Russian overlord, what type of a distortion is your statement?

    PS: Hrant Markarian interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sns6In0WYHY

    1. I am not talking about assimilated Armenian diasporas in places like North America and Europe, where Armenians consciously try to act American or European. I am instead talking about more 'ethnic' Armenian societies in places like historic Armenia (Anatolia), Middle East, the south Caucasus and southern Russia.

      Two hundred years ago, Armenians began looking north to Russia for salvation because of 'religion' and nothing else. Don't confuse religious affinity Armenians had towards Russians with cultural similarities. Culturally, Russians and Armenians live in two very different worlds. I'm not saying one is better than the other. All I'm saying is that Armenians are culturally closer to Middle Easterners and Central Asians than to Europeans. This is a no brainer. It could not be any other way. Armenians and Muslims and Turkic peoples have lived side-by-side for centuries. It rubs off. Even a deaf, dumb and blind person knows this.

      In the more ethnically diverse regions of Russia where Armenians number in the hundreds-of-thousands like in the region of Krasnodar, the typical Armenian looks and acts like your typical Central Asian, with the only difference being that the Armenian is nominally Christian. It is well known that Armenians who don't assimilate well into Russian society tend to feel very comfortable living among Russia's Georgians, Azeris, Tatars, Tadjiks and other Central Asians.

      Among the recent migrants to North America and Europe, you see a lot of 'Asiatic' behavior. Young Armenian men in southern California act more like Mexicans and Blacks than Whites or Rednecks. In the Middle East, Armenians are almost indistinguishable in look and behavior from Turks, Kurds and Levantine Arabs, with the only difference again being religion. Even today, even after the genocide, Western Armenians are culturally closer Turks than to Russians or Europeans. Don't believe me? Visit an American-Armenian church picnic or a "qef". It's not by chance that Armenia and Azerbaijan are similar in the way they selectively murder female fetuses. Nor is it by chance that Armenia is also where Indian Soap Operas and Turkic music have always been very popular. Nor is it by chance that Armenia is where men 'squat' and spit like they do in Central Asia. Nor is it by chance that Armenia is also a country where misogyny is a national sport.

      Culturally (folk traditions, mindset, outlook, life styles, behavior, views on sexuality and family, etc) Armenians are closer to Turks, Kurds and Central Asians than they are to Russians or Europeans. This is very obvious to any objective or even a casual observer. It is however expected that "proud" Armenians (who want to be seen as being more "European" or perhaps uniquely Armenian) will be in denial of all this. Obviously, you are in denial. Obviously, what I'm saying here does not fit your fairytale perception of Armenians. Obviously, it's bothering you. I suggest you stop your day dreaming and get yourself to see things for what they really are. Trust me, it may not feel cool, but life is better that way. Learn to deal with reality, even if you don't like it.

      Come to think of fit, this conversation is such a none issue that I am suspecting you are that moron that comes here to get into pissing contests with me. In any case, let's make a deal. If you are offended by any of what I said, get lost. Okay?

      PS: Stupid, "Russians' never made any deals with Ataturk. Also stupid, there is a lot more to the Middle East than Sauidis, Yemenis, Jihadis and Wahhabis.

    2. Arevordi jan, yes I'm that guy and I also notice that a lot of my past points/analysis have really stuck with you thru the years... but that's not the issue here. In the period when the genocide took place, Armenians had been living under Turkish rule for several hundred years. So of course there would develop cultural similarities. I think this occurred primarily in the area of cuisine. In terms of mentality, way back when before the 1800's Armenians had liberal ideas that today we associate with Americanism, or "western values"--freedom of speech, political parties, equality, democracy and so forth. Even Arabs in the empire had no democracy. Turks themselves had no democracy. Jooos and Muslims were resentful of Armenians' economic and political successes. Armenians were prominent in the economy. We had industrialists, bankers. The accountant for the Sultan was even Armenian. The ottoman mint that printed the money was under the supervision of an Armenian. Armenians were progressive, way ahead of their times.

      Armenia is a Christian, conservative society. Russia is a Christian, conservative society. Armenians living under Turkish and Persian rule were an oppressed people, and looked to the Russians as liberators from this oppression. Armenians have had a natural affinity for the Russians primarily for this reason. Christianity is another important reason. After all, Russia is heir to the Byzantine Empire, isn't it? Russians, after all, are an Indo-European people, aren't they? They speak an Indo European language, don't they? What does belly-dancing have to do with Armenian folk culture? the modern middle east is synonymous with Islam, Arabs, and Semitic peoples, which are unrelated to Armenians in their essence. The squatting behavior is very typical of Russian men (not that that's is in anyway related to culture; lack there of, actually). The machoism of Haystancys also comes from Russian influence. Look at the Armenians of Iran--very docile, polite, honest, etc... We do share a lot of cultural traits with Iran. That again is because they're an Indo-European people. and in comparing Persians to Turks, invading Persian armies would never be capable of inhuman atrocities against civilian populations despite their Islamic influence.

      But any how, let's cut it short. Keep up the good work, but try to improve in other aspects. best!

    3. Listen, you and I are living in two very different worlds. Also, we are talking about two different things. You are talking about Armenian talent, intelligence and ambition in the service of foreign empires. I am talking about Armenian folk culture and Armenian society in general. You, for a number psychological reasons (not the least of which is self-hate) want to believe that Armenians are a "European" people. I, on the other hand, am perfectly comfortable with knowing that Armenians are NOT a European people.

      One more time: Culturally Armenians today are MORE Middle Eastern and Central Asian than European. There are many historic reasons for this that I do not want to get into here. These should be obvious to all. This however does NOT mean Armenians are not more European than Middle Easterners and Central Asians. Also, I am not making a qualitative judgment. In this conversation, Western does not mean better than Eastern and vice-versa. They are what they are. They both have good sides and bad sides. You can on a personal level pick what civilization you want to be a part of, but don't make stuff up to convince people that Armenian culture, folk culture or the "Street" to be precise, is closer to European culture. The only similarity Armenians have to Europeans is religion. Don't bring up language (i.e. we are Aryan crap) unless you are also ready to speak about cultural connections to Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis and Indians. One more time, Armenians as a people are closer to Middle Easterners and Central Asians than to Europeans or Russians. Conversely, Armenians are more European than Middle Easterners and Central Asians.

      Do you get the nuance? Probably not, because you are obsessed with being seen as a "European". Again, it's your self-hate talking. You must not like what you see in the mirror. Don't worry. If your skin isn't pinkish white or if you have a big nose, that does not make you inferior to the "mighty whitey". A thousand years ago being a European White meant being a backward barbarian.

      The Ottoman Empire in the 19th century, especially its western regions, was quite developed and its upper echelon (which included many Armenians as you pointed out) was quite westernized. Ottoman Armenians were therefore also exposed to European culture and lifestyles through the levers of empire. The outlying regions of the empire however, where a vast majority of Armenians continued to live, remained quite backward. The bulk of Armenians therefore were similarly backward. The exposure to European culture and lifestyles among Armenians of the backward eastern regions occurred after the Russian Empire occupied the south Caucasus in early 19th century. The newly emerging Armenian elite/intelligentsia there at the time wanted to feel closer to their very powerful and highly developed "Christian" brethren in the north and west by adopting European norms. But, the vast majority of Armenians, the peasantry in both Ottoman and Russian empires (essentially those that cutoff the head of Mxitar Sparapet and presented it the Pasha of Tabriz not long before) continued their backward Asiatic ways... as it is doing now.

      What does belly dancing have to do with Armenian culture? Nothing, accept that most Western Armenians (Turkish and Middle Eastern Armenians) love it. That's the point of what I am saying. I guess you haven't been to typical axpar weddings or celebrations.

      PS: Yes, your self-hate, political ignorance and unhealthy obsession with Europeanism has stuck with me. But, I would not be proud of it if I were you because I think you are a moron. If you have nothing to say about politics, I don't care to hear anymore of your nonsense.

  10. Russia is basically saying: "Despite we don't trust each other, we still want to protect you, Armenians. Stop backstabbing us!"

    Քննարկման դիմաց հող հանձնելն անհնար է․ Զատուլինը` ղարաբաղյան կարգավորման մասին

    Read more: https://armeniasputnik.am/politics/20181201/15977346/konstantin-zatulin.html

    Հայաստանում ռուսական ներկայությունը զիջում է ամերիկյանին. Ռոման Բաբայան

    Read more: https://armeniasputnik.am/russia/20181130/15959437/armenia-rusastan-babayan.html

    Հայաստանը ոսկոր է թուրք–ադրբեջանական միության կոկորդում. Տեր–Գրիգորյանց

    Read more: https://armeniasputnik.am/politics/20181130/15955404/norat-ter-grigoryanc.html

    Հայկական բանակը կարող է հետ մղել տարածաշրջանային սպառնալիքները. Սիվկով

    Read more: https://armeniasputnik.am/politics/20181202/15995986/haykakan-banaky-karox-e-het-mxel-taracashrjanayin-sparnaliknery.html

    Հայաստանին մատակարարած ռուսական զենքը չեզոքացրել է Բաքվի գերազանցությունը․ Եվսեև

    Read more: https://armeniasputnik.am/armenia/20181201/15973732/armenia-vladimir-evseev.html

  11. Valid concerns raised here. However, it's a bit odd coming from this former HHsH scumbag. When did he become a republican?

    Republican Party of Armenia MP candidate: Azerbaijan president is preparing an attack


    1. They are now raiding offices of the political opposition? Even Serzh and his chobans did not do that.


  12. Arevordi more ammo for you aper

    "Մարիխուանայի, մարմնավաճառության, ԼԳԲՏ անձանց ամուսնության օրինականացում. Ալեն Սիմոնյանի 10 սկանդալային իրագործելիք նպատակները (լուսանկարներ)"

    "Ամենակարևորը հողերի ազատագրումն էր, նիկոլիզմ, զիբիլիզմ ․․․ սաղ սուտ է. Սերգեյ Շաքարյանց"

    Պոեզիա ծլիկի, *ցիկի, կլիտորի և *լորիկի մասին, որը հավանաբար հաճելի է Լիլիթ Մակունցին

  13. California AnonymousDecember 5, 2018 at 9:23 PM

    How Armenian justice works part 2

    How much lower are we going as a people? It's so sad watching my country turn into a banana republic. If this kind of bull shit keeps up we going to be a failed state. Then say goodbye to Nagorno Karabakh. Azeri Turks know this. They are just waiting for their time. We are our worst enemy.

    1. I can't believe this nonsense happened again. Who the fuck has these types of conversations - where illegal political persecution of individuals are discussed at the highest levels of office - over the telephone? How old are these morons? What is their IQ level? What world do they live in? These idiots are destroying the country. And what's the worst or most worrying part in all this? These incompetent Neo-Bolsheviks have the FULL support of the sheeple. I bet most of our peasantry is very happy with this. I bet they are saying, we finally have law and order in the country. It all stems from ignorance, arrogance, hate, jealousy and revenge. This is politics at its lowest. This is true democracy. This is what Armenians deserve. This regime is toxic and they are slowly ruining the country, but our peasantry has NEVER been happier. This is all so embarrassing. What a self-destructive bunch we are. Are there any more idiots out there that think Armenians left on their own will be able to maintain any form of statehood in a dangerous place like the south Caucasus? We deserve what is to come. Azeris are indeed patiently waiting for their moment. We will lose the next fight. Remember my words. Afterwards, we'll have our assholes blaming everything and everyone (needless to say primarily Russians) except themselves...

  14. Well, it seems the election results are pretty much set. About what I'd expected, however, why such a low voter turnout?


    Also, another thing I find insteresting is how Prosperous Armenia still managed to get a decent amount of votes. Especially when you hear/read the claims that Tsarukyan is a big partner with Kocharyan. It seems fishy, and a little odd how Tsarukyan de jure left politics for 2 years but returned in the beginning of 2017. Just an observation.


    1. Don't make the mistake of thinking that low voter turnout must mean there are a lot of people in silent opposition to Nikol. There is virtually no opposition to Nikol among the ignorant masses. In my opinion, the low voter turnout was a result of two fundamental factors: 1) Armenians are generally speaking apathetic when it comes to politics. 2) Everyone knew Nikol's party would win by a very large margin. In other words, no one was worried about Nikol losing... many therefore stayed home to watch their favorite Indian Soap Operas. Nikol's party got 70% of the votes. Tsarukyan's Prosperous Party finished in a very distant second place at around 9%. Tsarukyan continues to stay alive in Armenian politics essentially because he employs thousands of people around the country. In any case, the circus is over. It can now officially be said that Armenians fully deserve their government as well as what's to come in the coming years.

    2. It turned out precisely as expected. A landslide. On the domestic front Nikols plans and economic projects have not been visible . More promises are on its way; one such is a laudable one, to increase, to double Armenia's population by 2030. How does he propose to do that, he does not say. 3 m repatriates. Nikols litmus test would be on his external policies, his relations with Russia; Iran and how he handles the Artsakh challenges. The landslide victory seems to give an air that everything is bright and sunny in the country after the ouster of the RPA and the smash and grab of the government reins. The war on corruption is being waged,- according to the media and government henchmen - but has anyone seen any evidence; or it is a " displacement of the past performers " by a new generation of corrupt Nikols. Have people's pockets suddenly been filled with improved incomes . Does not seem so; but the only thing that keeps improving is Nikols stature and popularity. To cap it all we have the notorious traitor Levon returned to the political fold.

    3. The previous regime was corrupt and rotten to the core; they have been plundering and pillaging the country to enrich themselves for the past 3 decades. Looking back only at the past 10 years, if you're going to blame Nikol for anything, then you have to give credit to Serzh for making it all possible. If it wasn't for his insatiable desire to cling to power, this whole velvet revolution would not be possible.

      As far as geopolitics is concerns, Sakashville could come to power in Armenia and it still wouldn't change Russia's stance toward the country. This is about more than west vs east, or what regime governs Armenia. Regimes will come and go. In the larger scheme of things, Armenia's existence is a matter of national security for Russia, for Iran, for Europe, and even beyond to China. Therefore, enough with the doom and gloom. Let's all hope the new gov't is successful. Their success, is the nation's success.

    4. Anonymous,

      I keep asking morons like you to refrain from commenting on my commentary if you have not read it in full. Obviously, you have not read my last two commentaries. Had you, you would have known that I blame Serj Sargsyan for helping Nikol come to power. I do however also blame the sheeple's political illiteracy and the ease with which it always gets fooled by foreign meddling. It is very possible that Serj deliberately hung on to power to bring Nikol to the political forefront. It's very possible that the move was done to stop Karen Karapetyan's political ascent and bring Levonites into power. It all looks and feels like a political conspiracy, and Serj Sargsyan and Armen Sargsyan are in on it. The purpose behind the conspiracy will be seen eventually. In my opinion, it's most likely tied to Artsakh. In any case, as I say in my commentary, the old regime was old world corruption, the new regime is new world degeneracy. Faced with these two bad choices, I prefer the corrupt old Chobans over these degenerate young Globalist/Liberals. Regarding your Saakashvili reference: I said the 'exactly' same thing in my previous commentary. I also said Russia has Armenia by the balls and by the throat. Nothing and no one will therefore be able to pry Armenia away from Russia without destroying it in the process. Thank God Russians were smart enough to gain control over all of Armenia's most vital national infrastructures. That said, instead of simply feeling complacent that Russia has Armenia on a short and stout leash, we as a people should be seeking ways to become in Russia what Jews are in United States. We should be seeking ways to become a serious 'political factor' in Russia. This is not happening today essentially because our attention as a people is fixed on the razzle-dazzle of the Western world. This is not happening today because Armenians as a collective do not have strategic foresight or political insight, nor do Armenians understand what genuine nationalism is all about. As long as individuals like you represent our "Street", Armenia will forever remain small, poor, weak and in danger of extinction.

      One last thing: If you woke up one day and finally realized that this new regime is primarily interested in promoting Globalist/Western agendas inside Armenia (brotherhood with Turks ,and Azeris, open borders, diversity, liberalism, minority rights, IMF loans, GMOs, homosexual propaganda, more NGOs, more Anglo-American pop culture, more social engineering programs, etc), will you still wish it success? Should we see an Armenia that is enslaved by Globalist and Anglo-American-Jewish interests as a success story? Depending on your age, did you also wish Levon's regime success in the 1990s? If so, you certainly got your wish. Armenia has been one step away from becoming a failed state all these years thanks to what Levon planted in the early 1990s. Wake up you stupid moron! Nikol is Levon 2.0. Nikol is Levon by other means. Next few years has the potential to cause more harm to Armenia than what was done in the previous 20 years under the "Karabakh Clan". So, no, I will NOT wish our Globalist/Western financed regime in Yerevan any success; because doing so would be wishing a defeat for Armenia. Understood?

      One more time: If you have not read my last two commentaries please refrain from posting comments about my work.

    5. Congratulations to Armenians around the world, you have officially given power to our nation's favorite son Levon Ter Petrosyan

      "Ամեն ինչ դեռ նոր է սկսվում․ ՀԱԿ-ը հայտարարություն է տարածել "

      "Intel: Why Armenia wants to make peace with Turkey"

      Armenia's isolation is continuing as we speak

      "Top Russian, NATO generals to meet in Baku on December 12"

  15. Arevordi, if nothing else your commentary is well written and interesting. You are in a sense saying history is repeating because Armenians are adopting the modern world's christianity which in your opinion is democracy. Fascinating theory. So would you also say Nikol Pashinyan is our modern day Grigor Lusavorich?

    1. From an esoteric point of view, he may very well be. Although recent events exhibit such signs, it's still way too early to tell. Time will show. In case you are assuming that just like how Christianity proved beneficial to Armenia, Democracy might as well, please consider what I said in its entirety -

      "Back 301 A.D., we as a nation adopted the Trinity and abandoned Zoroastrianism. That bad move at the time eventually (after centuries of destruction and political unrest) worked out well for us. Christianity gave us the spiritual and cultural tools to survive in an increasingly Turkic/Muslim territory. Today, however, we are adopting Globalism and Westernization. In other words, we are replacing our worship of the Father-Son-Holy Spirit with the worship of Anglo-American-Jews. Christianity at least gave us a national identity, morality, philosophy, architecture, alphabet, saints, intellectuals and a connection to a higher being. Globalism and Westernization will give us nihilism, hedonism, individualism, atheism, materialism, multiculturalism and moral relativism... We are already in the process of going through our second 301 A.D. Our "illuminators" today are our Westernizers and Democratizers. I have little doubt that we will also eventually re-live another 428 A.D. Actually, I am at a point in my life where I want to see such a thing in my lifetime. This time, however, I hope to see Persians and their Armenian allies massacre the entire Roman backed Mamikonian clan before the replaying of another 451 A.D. I guess I ultimately want to avenge the desecration of Vasak Syuni's memory by seeing the defeat of the modern world's Rome and its modern version of Christianity... 17 hundred years ago Roman officials began looking at the emergence of Christianity as an imperial tool of influence, control and conquest, very similar to how Western powers today use Democracy. Two thousands years ago missionaries from Roman controlled lands came to Armenia to bring the religion of Christianity to the natives. The new system-of-faith caught on like wildfire in Armenia. Today, the modern manifestation of the ancient Christian missionaries are the pierced and tattooed Democracy activists that have been pouring into Armenia from the Western world in an effort to convert backward Armenians to the ways of Democracy -

      17 hundred years ago they came to help us Armenians come out of our backward ways - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hripsime

      Today, they again come to help us Armenians come out of our backward ways - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X5Vq_OSe0k"

      In a nutshell: The sociopolitical processes that brought Christianity to Armenia is almost identical to the processes that are bringing Democracy to Armenia. Christianity, with its value system, eventually proved beneficial to us as it helped us survive in a region of the world that eventually turned Turkic/Islamic. Democracy, with its unique system of values, will most definitely prove toxic for us.

  16. Can you comment on the absence of congratulations from Putin on the elections? The spokesperson only spoke of "cooperation with the new government."

    1. Whatever I say will be speculation. But, knowing how international relations and geopolitics work, I can make safe conclusions. Nikol flew to Moscow to meet with Putin days before the elections. Now, it has been days after the election but Putin has still not yet congratulated Nikol. What does that mean? Either the meeting between the two did not go well and/or there is a Supranational plan/agenda at play. The agenda in question may be to put pressure on Armenia's new regime with regards to Artsakh. The following news development just came out and it's related to this conversation. I am still trying to wrap my mind around it. If accurate, it actually gives credence to a number of things I have been saying from day one; mainly that Supranational interests (including Russia) have subjected Armenia to a conspiracy over Artsakh (major powers want Armenians to pull back from the five regions under Armenian control) and that Serj Sargsyan essentially washed his hands from the "land for peace" deal that is coming up with Baku by creating a situation in the country that would turn power over to Levonites who have been advocating "land for peace" for the past 25-plus years. If this news item is accurate, it's a key to better understanding what happened in Armenia last spring -

      Lukashenko: Serzh Sargsyan refused to return five regions to Azerbaijan

    2. I appreciate the feedback. Anything is certainly possibly in politics. But here's my take on it: in the larger scheme of things, the big powers wouldn't need to put themselves thru this trouble of pussyfooting around and coming up with intricate plans and schemes behind the curtains to force Armenia's hand into fitting an agenda. Quite simply, Armenia is a country without many alternatives. Sure Armenians would be forced to fighting a war of survival, and per history perform their best on the battlefield. But what would be the cost? Let's put it this way: even if sakashville came to power in Armenia, it would still be preferable to a Turkish state stretching from Istanbul to the Caspian, where they breed and multiply like bunny-rabbits. such a turkey is the grand plan of Turkey and Azerbaijan (hence their blockade and isolation of Armenia) in an effort to suffocate the state. To put it mildly, such a state is not in the interests of Russia. It's not in the interests of Iran. It's not in the interests of Europe. and beyond. Less than 3 million Armenians in landlocked, resource poor tiny country are what's standing in the way. Armenia in it's current boundaries, without Artsakh, cannot sustain as a state. the outside powers know this too well, and it doesn't meet any of their interests.

    3. The article Arevordi posted states that the Russians would guarentee the peace with peacekeepers. In essence a recreation of Soviet period. Offcourse this is a disaster for Armenia and will ultimately end the same way the Soviet union ended, in another war. The Turkish appetite to eliminate Armenia will not end in foreseeable future. However below Gurgen explains how Serj Sarkisyan had secretly agreed the give the 5 surrounding territories back but knew his lack of popularity amongst his people would not allow it so he essentially groomed nikol for the job

      Քոչարյանը Փաշինյանի պատանդն է. Գուրգեն Եղիազարյան

      As we see, nikol has begun already, replacing high level commanders in Artsakh that will pose any resistance to his ultimate plan. It could ultimately come down to an orchestrated war where the Armenians agree to "lose" certain territories.

      Sorry to be saying this but the Armenian people have been stabbed in the back by its neoliberal leadership since Levon set the ball rolling.

      Why those 5 regions weren't actively populated by 400,000 refugees from azerbaijan tells you all you need to know about the plan to hand back the lands going back 25 years.

    4. Arto2,

      I have been saying all this from day one. I got a lot of laughs and insults for it in return. But, I have no choice but to describe things as they appear to me. Idiots can laugh and insult all they want. It's been that way since the dawn of humanity. And, yes, all four administrations (Levon, Robert, Serj and Nikol) knew/know that the territories in question were to be returned to Azerbaijan. For their credit, Robert and Serj tried their best to postpone/delay the inevitable. Finally, Serj seems to have washed his hands of the matter by turning over to Nikol the nation's control-board. I said all this last spring when it had not even crossed anyone's mind. In any case, the last 24-plus years evolved the way it evolved in Armenia essentially for one reason: To break the will of an Armenian nation that saw itself as victorious. The "Karabakh Clan" fairytale was also concocted by the same to drive a psychological wedge between Armenia and Artsakh. They succeeded somewhat. They were able to sow a noticeable degree of hate and anger towards Armenians from Artsakh. But they not able to fully break our nation's collective will over Artsakh. So, they came up with another plan/approach. Enter Nikol and friends, who are essentially the remaking of Levon and friends. Now, our "people's choice", Armenia's favorite son, will be the one expected to finish the deal with Baku. This will be tried in the next few years now that Nikol has gotten from our sheeple what is tantamount to a green light. Ultimately, this is all the fault of not Russians, not Americans, not European, not Jews, not Turks... but ours. This is all a result of incompetent leadership and failed politics, the seeds of which were planted in the early 1990s by Nikol's mentor Levon Petrosyan.

    5. Anonymous,

      I disagree. You are making some erroneous presumptions. First, you and I don't know what is being decided or talked about in the highest offices of the Kremlin, the US State Department, London, Paris, Tehran, etc. We look for signs. We see what is taking place on the ground. We draw conclusions from it. But don't make the mistake of thinking you know for sure what the powers really want. Second, and perhaps more importantly, NO ONE here is talking about Armenians pulling out of Artsakh proper. If true, even in the article I posted, President Putin tries to make this important point to President Sargsyan. According to the article, Putin tries to reassure Sargsyan by saying what's being discussed has nothing to do Artsakh proper. Russians are just as aware of pan-Turkism as Armenians, if not more. However, Russians naturally look at these things somewhat differently. In Russian eyes, the "five regions" outside of Artsakh proper does not equate to pan-Turkism taking over the entire region. I am not saying it's right that they feel this way, I am just pointing out how they see this matter. Let's not forget that they have a superpower's perspective on such matters. Their field of vision is much wider than ours.

      Ultimately, it was up to us as a people to use the previous 24-plus years to convince the Kremlin otherwise. We instead got into bed with the their enemies to show them that we have "options", knowing full well that Russians know we don't in reality have "options". In a nutshell: We Armenians failed Artsakh.

      I have outlined many times the reasons why Moscow may want Yerevan to reach a land for peace deal with Baku. Simply put: It's their way of getting Russian troops (by the way of peacekeepers) into the mix. It's also their way of taking direct control over both Yerevan and Baku and, by extension, Tbilisi. It's ultimately about Pax Russica. Moreover, as to the question of why are they "pussyfooting" around this very serious subject matter. Exactly because of that, it is a very serious matter. Said otherwise, if major powers are not careful with their political games around the world, they can inadvertently start wars they don't want and risk destroy nations they are not seeking to destroy. This is especially true when dealing with a nation as small and as vulnerable as Armenia. So, NO ONE, including Western powers, is trying to destroy Armenia or give Artsakh to Baku or risk sparking a major war.

      Supranational interests simply want the territories in question to be used as negotiation cards. Also, they seem to be looking at us as the side that is much easier to exploit and manipulate. Hence, the conspiracy against us and not against the Azeris. The sheeple need to be fooled or convinced into a land for peace deal. Trying to force the matter can cause serious problems. Similar stuff was tried with Jews and Palestinians. This is how they got Israel to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip and not outright annex the West Bank. Regarding Jerusalem: It took them seventy years (and a thoroughly compromised American president like Trump) to recognize it as the capitol of Israel. So, even almighty Jews have not had it all their way.

      Anyway, you are looking at this matter from an emotional angle. You are also seeing things as black and white. You are also being maximalistic. You don't seem to have a good understanding of superpower politics and Social Engineering. So, one more time: Now that they have the "people's mandate", Nikol and friends will use the next few years to soften Armenian sensibilities about this subject matter and gradually steer the country towards a land for peace deal.

    6. It's happening faster than expected

      "Expert about withdrawal of Azerbaijani troops: Baku will expect adequate measures from Yerevan "

      "Analyst: Any conflict in South Caucasus may lead to involvement of external forces"

      "‘Me and Putin proposed Serzh Sargsyan to surrender five regions, he refused’ – Lukashenko on 2016 NK talks"

    7. I respectfully disagree. You saw what NATO did in Serbia to have it give up on Kosovo. You saw what Russia did in Georgia in 2008. I'm not even going to mention Iraq, Libya, Syria, so on and so forth. These are all countries much bigger and with more options than Armenia. That aside, the presence of Russian troops in Arstakh would be counter to US/western interests, and certainly opposed by Iran, which is against the idea of any foreign military presence in the region. There's a conflict of interest here that almost rules out any "conspiracy" regarding the territories. Lastly, Artsakh's soviet boundaries are absurdly arbitrary. Without the surrounding districts Artsakh would not only be exponentially more vulnerable, but would need at least 2-3 times more troops than it has reserves. It's not only impractical and costly, but just plain stupid. Notwithstanding some words being thrown around, i don't believe any force in Yerevan is naive enough to go there. And if they were, Iran and Russia certainly wouldn't let them, and that's even if Sakashville was in power in Yerevan. To punish Armenia in this case would be the equivalent of the person who cut off his nose to spite his face--you'll be faced with much larger, menace of a problem in the alternative.

      Ի՞նչ կա Ռուսաստանի չշնորհավորելու և Լուկաշենկոյի խոսքերի հետևում

      This is what I would call fair and balanced. But anyhow, around minute 7 says it all, of course leaving out how such an event would adversely effect Russia and Iran, and beyond.

    8. I know you disagree. With the level of your understanding of the political world I wouldn't have expect otherwise. In any case, there is nothing "fair" or "balanced" about that American funded asshole from Civilnet. Just know that watching this sort of crap kills brain cells...

    9. You actually didn't provide any counter-arguments to the valid points I made in your dismissal, but interestingly enough here's a case in point that came up today after the "optimism" voiced from Baku:


      The Russian official went on to note the “tragic fate” of Ukraine and Georgia which he said have been let down by the West. “Such obvious disregard by the West of the interests of countries which it has been drawing into its orbit must serve as a warning [to Armenia,]” he said.


      In other words, if the surrounding territories up for debate, Moscow would not be issuing such a "veiled" threat. But to punish Armenia in such case would be to punish itself. Moscow would sooner organize a coup to install a pro-Moscow regime than allow any Armenian concessions to Azerbiajan.


    10. Anon, I'm going to give you the benefit of my doubt. Now, what exactly are you arguing; that Russians would not want Armenia to pull back from some territories in a land for peace deal? If so, you are failing to take into account a ton of statements made by Russians to precisely that effect and you are failing to see a fundamental political nuance in the matter.

      So, allow me to explain one more time: The Kremlin wants Armenia to pull back from the said territories UNDER ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS; terms and conditions which foresee the stationing of Russian troops between Armenians and Azeris and incorporate Azerbaijan in CSTO and the Eurasian Union. What the Kremlin ultimately wants is a more direct, hands on approach in the south Caucasus. Bringing up pan-Turkism or Armenia's demise in this conversation is simply fear-mongering. As long as Russia has a powerful presence in the south Caucasus there will not be any form of Pan-Turkism in the region. Now, with that said, under no circumstances would the Kremlin want Yerevan to make any kind of peace with Baku (or Ankara) independent of it and with the help of Western/American supervision. In other words, Moscow wants to be in direct control of all such situations. The concern in Moscow today seems to be Nikol. From a Russian perspective, Western/American/Globalist powers have managed to sneak Nikol into power. Moscow did not object for reasons we can only speculate about at this time. One speculation is that they did not want Armenia to descend into chaos by trying to stop Nikol. Because Nikol has immense popularity in Armenia, any coup directed against him today can run the risk of destroying Armenia. Moscow therefore is tolerating Nikol and also doing its best to keep Nikol on a short leash.

      That said, there may also be special interests in Russia that have made a deal with Western/American/Globalist interests with regards to Artsakh. This is very possible. And this may be why Serj basically handed power to Nikol while Moscow not only stood by and watched by encouraged the transition. The Kremlin may be tolerating Western/American-Globalist interests in Yerevan simply as a means to achieve their goal; as in a chess game. In any case, Moscow has been macro-managing the situation in the region since the early 1990s. In more recent years, however, it has begun to look as if they are seeking to micro-manage the situation in the region. It's no secret that they want Pax Russica and not Pax Americana to reign in the south Caucasus. This is why Armenia's Western financed mercenaries are constantly warning that Moscow is trying to bring back the Soviet Union. In a nutshell: The Kremlin wants Yerevan to settle the dispute with Baku only under its terms and conditions.

      Stop arguing with me and start listening to what I am telling you. I also suggest you stop listening to bullshit put out by Western/American financed assholes. I told you it kills brain cells.

    11. I've been following you for over 10 years now, so I do listen to you and have much respect for a lot of what you have to say, notwithstanding the occasional spats (wink). But here's the thing: in the scenario you described, what's in it for Azerbaijan? You are also underestimating that for all intents and purposes Azerbaijan is NOT inclined towards Russia. It is in fact a de facto extension of Turkey, who's interests in the region are categorically opposed to Russia's. I'm not arguing with you that Russia want's an Armenia that is dependent on it. But it also understand that if Azerbaijan gets what it wants, then there's nothing to entice it with and keep it under it's orbit. What I'm saying is the current situation on the ground suits all parties involved. Azerbaijan doesn't want Russian troops separating them. Iran doesn't want any foreign military presence. the current situation on the ground gives Moscow leverage over both, and any change here would undermine Moscow's influence over both and therefore be in service of western interests.

    12. Anon, in the scenario I described, parts of Artsakh is what will be it for Azerbaijan - plus CSTO, plus EEU. Don't believe bullshit talk about Baku wanting everything, including so-called "Erivan". It's just psyops. It's them setting the bar high and putting pressure on Yerevan. Aliyev's Baku knows Artsakh will not come under their rule ever again. Aliyev's Baku knows hell will freeze over before they take Yerevan. Trust me, the Aliyev family (which in reality couldn't careless about Artsakh) would be more than happy with the territories. Moreover, Aliyev is without doubt more inclined to go to bed with Russians than with Turks, Westerns or Iranians. Baku's flirtations with Ankara, the West and to a limited extent Islamists is partially done to get favors from Moscow. If push comes to shove, Aliyev will run to join CSTO and the Eurasian Union. Aliyev would enter the Russia's orbit without hesitation.

      Mind you that I am talking about Aliyev's Azerbaijan. There is a possibility, albeit remote, that a truly pan-Turkic or pro-Iranian leader might rise power there. That would be a game changer. And it would not be in our interests. That is why I have always said we are lucky to have someone like the Aliyevs in power in Baku.

      In any case, we Armenians are so fucking twisted when it comes to politics that we actually think Azeris are stupid. Please stop watching Kill Dim cartoons. They also kill brain cells. Such low level propaganda has done more harm to the political perceptions of young Armenians than good. Just like how we Armenians have a skewed understanding of ourselves, we also have a very skewed understanding of our enemies and politics in general. It's very dangerous. It's part of the reason why we suffered a genocide. Unfortunately, it's genetic. Trust me on this. So, it's not your fault. Just like it wasn't my fault when I use to think like you once. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and the world suddenly starts looking very different to you.

      For the last time: For a long time Moscow was very happy with the status quo. Something however changed several years ago. Today, Moscow VERY much wants to convince Yerevan to give up the 5 territories so that it can put its troops in the region and force Baku to enter the CSTO and EEU. They have made this wish of their very obvious. Kocharyan and Serj were playing games to delay all this. Then, as if overnight, Nikol materialized. Nikol is here to prepare the field for a land for peace deal. If that does not work out, there will be another war. I am not talking about a skirmish like in 2016 but a real war. So, remember that famous Wall Street saying...

  17. With the way Western societies are going downhill due to uncontrolled ultra-liberalism, is it any wonder why most of the libertarian movement in the West today is looking at the works of Hans Hermann Hoppe, in particular, his book on "Democracy: The God that Failed"? However, the libertarians today have raised valid points on why our society is going down the toilet, which is mainly due to the desire for more government control into our own private affairs. Don't take my word for it though, I'm not a libertarian. However, libertarianism might be something that can be studied by societies seeking an answer to their problems.

    With that aside, I'm sorry for proposing that Artsakh should actually take over Armenia through a military coup. It's just that any kind of destabilized situation might be a prime example of why military coups normally happen. Spain before the Spanish Civil War was an unstable place, with both the Right and the Left at each other's throats before civil war broke out, leading to Francisco Franco's victory. I'm wondering if Armenia has a similar situation, with the Cultural Marxist left and the traditionalist right at each other's throats as well.

    Another example of globalism's undesirable legacy:

    Is Armenia seriously apeing China and India in terms of gender imbalance? It's bad enough that China and India have a gender imbalance within their population (daughters are often looked down upon in China and India because of their preference for sons), but if one day Armenia has more males than females, the social consequences would be enormous. You might even have a rise of Armenian incels going on a killing spree (like the Toronto shooting with Alek Minassian occurring). In most traditionalist circles, women are just as valuable as men, though I can add that they are even more valuable because they are the ones who bring forth the next generation of human beings into the world.

    1. Jerriko,

      You always ask good questions and you always make excellent observations. There is however one insignificant error in your comment. The Ultra-Liberalism of the Western world is not "uncontrolled". It's actually VERY controlled and it's controlled from the highest levels of Western society. What's more, society is "going own the toilet" only from OUR perspective. Most in society today actually think society or the world has never been better. In any case, from the Western elite's perspective, they are simply remaking society (i.e, social engineering). I don't think the Western elite is deliberately trying to destroy its own civilization. Their end game (i.e. what they ultimately desire to accomplish by eradicating White/European culture, Christianity, traditionalism and conservatism) can only be speculated.

      In a perfect world, Artsakh forces would march into Yerevan, establish military rule, execute a few hundred of the worst Western funded traitors and put an end to our Democracy nightmare. But, we don't live in a perfect world... especially us Armenians. Franco's Spain was a relatively large and prosperous country and it did not have larger and more powerful neighbors waiting to invade it. By international standards, Armenia's military is tiny. Artsakh's military is even much smaller. Any internal conflict among Armenians would immediately be exploited by Turks and Azeris. What you therefore suggest would not work in Armenia's case. In any case, I should also point out that Armenian society is not very divided, yet. And Armenians are not that very ideologically driven, yet.

      Globalism has little to do with the large scale murder of female fetuses in Armenia. The satanic abomination in question is simply the by-product of a very backward and very patriarchal society that is only ostensibly/superficially Christian. Generally speaking, Armenians have compassion but no ethics or moral compass. "The end justifies the means" is how many Armenians live. Misogyny (looking down at women or hating women) is quite wide spread in Armenia. Armenian males have a very twisted view on sex. Sex is looked at as something 'dirty' you do with tramps. This is perhaps because the first sexual encounter many (if not most) young males have in Armenia is with a prostitute or with the neighborhood slut. Generally speaking, males in Armenia look for an obedient, docile, virgin to marry and bring home to mama. The 'honorable' wife is then expected to serve the husband's family on hand and feet and bring new boys into the world. For their "sex lives", Armenian males basically go to whores, usually Slavic ones. I personally believe a lot of the psychological imbalances/disturbances Armenians have towards women and sex in general is due to our genetic makeup and folk culture. Living in an Islamic part of the world for the past 1300 years has not helped either.

      PS: Regarding your other point about Laurence of Arabia: Because we are relatively speaking few in numbers and a displanted/displaced people (i.e. we are not in our homeland), we would not be able to pose any competition or danger to Anglo-American-Jews in their homelands. By taking Armenians out of their homelands and dispersing them around the world, they would effectively put a cap on Armenian national/economic ambition and enhance their societies with Armenian ambition, talent and skill.

    2. It's also common within the entire Third World that the best and brightest of its peoples are transplanted into the more prosperous nations in the First World, not just Armenia. In lands like the US, Canada and Australia, the intellectuals who come from the Third World often migrate there for better job opportunities. Consequently, the brain drain has a negative effect on the countries these talented migrants are leaving from, as they don't have enough educated people to help run their societies there. However, the more undesirable elements of the Third World also settle in the First World to peddle their garbage there too.

      I honestly think that the views of Armenian men and Western incels towards women are so frighteningly in sync with each other that they would make natural friends in any given situation, though Western incels are for the most part the darker and angrier version of the typical Beta Cuck.

      Meanwhile, the Syrian situation is fast improving with Russia, Turkey and Iran planning on a new Syrian constitution:

      And we haven't returned yet to the situation in Ukraine, but I honestly think that the new conflict in the Donbass region is about to turn in a different direction:

  18. Blockbuster news from today. Our Duxov PM is becoming Vladimir Vladimirovich's BIATCH! LOL

    Russia Wants to Curtail Western Military Presence In Armenia

    Newspaper: Armenia authorities await desired congratulations from Russia

    Lavrov speaks about Russian, US NGOs quantitative ratio in Armenia

    1. Interesting. I don't trust those labs one bit. Can't leave such serious matters to Armenians to take care of. Money will get you anything and everything in Armenia these days. I am glad Moscow is being proactive on this matter. I am also glad Nikol is meekly acquiescing. I guess Putin slapped him around a bit when Nikol was in Moscow just before the elections. Nikol is doing his utmost to cowtow to Moscow but Moscow is not even sending him a congratulatory message. This very unusual in the diplomatic world, let alone among allied nations. That's in fact insulting for the new regime in Yerevan. Nikol is now effectively a hostage to Western powers that helped him gain power and Russian interests that control all of Armenia's lifelines. This is not going to end well. Thatcher's middle of the road comment comes to mind again...

  19. Հեղափոխությունից հետո հազարավոր հնդիկներ եկել են Հայաստան

    I'm not even going to hide the amount of contempt I feel for Armenians. Normally I would add that there is no situation which is improved by importing tens of thousands of Indians, but given the absolute truth that very large segments of Armenia's population are basically grotesque gypsys mass migration from Indian seems appropriate. I've all but washed my hands of the Armenian issue, expecting independent Armenia to become a respectable nation is like expecting Somalia to launch its own Space Station. BTW Georgia allowed large numbers of Indians to move in in the last two decades, the locals hate them and the government was forced to crack down on them.

    And yes, anyone in denial about the genetic quality of large segments of Armenia's population should just watch random news reports from Armenia's villages, especially news reports of some infastructure failure or local scandal. Literally brown toothless gypsys screaming at each other, every one of them certainly involved in cheating on their taxes and other forms of fraud, every one of them accusing others of being responsible for the fact that their village is a shithole. I'm frankly amazed that for a number of decades the Soviets managed to turn this nation into a productive one.

    1. Sarkis, don't go off the deep end on me again. The last 27-plus years has utterly depleted Armenia of it's finest sons and daughters. The lowest classes in the country have basically came to the fore during the past 30 somewhat years. These people were out of sight, out of mind during the Soviet period. In fact, some time ago (before the Russians/Soviets arrived in the area) a lot of these peasants were underground dwellers. They lived like animals and they basically scavenged for survival. Their life styles has simply carried over to our days. These peasants are for us what Trailer Trash are for Americans. Personally, I don't see them as Armenians. An Armenian is a much higher being for me. When I say I don't consider them Armenians, I mean that quite literally.

      Regarding the topic of gypsies: When I sometimes call Armenians gypsies or gypsy-like, I do so figuratively and literally. Although there no studies that I know of on this subject matter, I suspect a lot of the people you see acting like gypsies in Armenia are in fact gypsies by ancestry. Many gypsies used to live in Anatolia and the South Caucasus in the not too distant past. From what I recall, there was even a specific kind that lived among Armenians in Armenian populated territories. They were called Bosha, among other names. So, ask yourself, where are all the gypsies of our region? The only logical answer I can come up with is, a whole lot of them were assimilated into Armenian society throughout the centuries. This is why a significant portion of Armenians today look like Indians (or just freaking weird) and they act like typical gypsies. These people are not our kin. These people are nomads that were assimilated into Armenian society. They now have Armenian names. They speak Armenian. They identify as Armenian. They share our national faith. But, culturally/genetically, they continue exhibiting gypsy-like behavior. At the risk of drawing out all the deaf, dumb and blind nationalists, I would dare say that a not so insignificant portion of Armenians today are descended from gypsies, at least in part. Like it or not, Anatolian and Caucasian gypsies are part of our "rich" cultural fabric.

      With all that said, please stop with your "Brown" people crap. Stop acting like a wannabe mighty whitey. There are many upstanding Brown peoples on earth. One of them, Yemenis, are being genocided as I write this. Being Brown is not the problem. The problem is the lack of culture, civility, ethics, faith, decency, self-respect, humility and patriotism you see among Armenians today. This topic is ultimately about our "one thousand year old damage" I always speak about. For over one thousand years, as hundreds of thousands of Armenians were leaving their homeland to settle elsewhere, hundreds of thousands of non-Armenians, like gypsies, were coming into Armenian lands and becoming part of the nation's social fabric. Those that became Christian were eventually absorbed into the Armenian family. Unfortunately. But, this is our sad reality. You play with the cards you have been dealt. Many Armenian can't deal with such reality; which is why they instead make up faiytales to believe in.

      If you see yourself as an Armenian patriot, then it's your duty to do your part to repair this damage. That won't happen with you not being a constructive and proactive member of Armenian society.

      In any case, the following links might interest you -

      How Indians turned into Armenian Gypsies

      Armeniapedia Gypsies


      Who are Armenian gypsies? Bosha

      Armenian Gypsies called BOSHA in Yerevan Armenia

      Gypsies in Central Asia and the Caucasus

    2. I had previously not read any of the links I posted above. I had just done a quick Google search knowing there was some online material available on the topic. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see the following quote in the PanArmenian article -

      “During centuries, various groups of Armenians left the homeland and settled elsewhere, assimilating into their new countries and thus forever losing their national identity. However, there were also cases when representatives of other nations arrived in Armenia to become a part of the local population ”

      This is EXACTLY what I have been saying all these years. As large numbers of Armenians were leaving the Armenian Highland to get away from the constant wars and invading Turks and Muslims, their genetic vacancy in the Armenian Highlands was gradually being replaced by non-Armenians coming to the region from the east and the south. Those among such groups that were Christians (like the gypsies) were quickly absorbed into the Armenian nation. This is how the Armenian body gradually changed over the years. An this is EXACTLY what I mean when I talk about circumstantial breeding that took place among Armenians during the previous one thousand plus years. Let's understand that we are not only talking about Gypsies. Armenian were also absorbing Kurds, Jews, Assyrians as well as African Copts and Ethiopians.

      Therefore, disregard all the bullshit genetic studies claiming Armenians are a pure race. Genetic studies are often misinterpreted an misrepresented by personal bias or organizational agenda. Yes, we Armenians do have genetic ties to Europeans, but we have such ties to eastern and southern peoples as well. Modern Armenians are a very mixed people, which is why we see a wide range of racial types (even African types) among Armenians. However, this mixing took place a very long time ago. In other words, the assimilated peoples long ago adopted Armenian identity. They are Armenians. They are us. Period.

    3. Armenians have a serious problem digesting this subject matter because this is the first time they have been confronted with it (it's new to them) and also because Armenians tend to be proud and quite stubborn. Generally speaking, we Armenians have been raised on legends and fairytales about Armenian history and what it means to be an Armenian. This has fed Armenian pride and egotism. The prism through which we Armenians see Armenia and ourselves comes from the Russian/European promoted Armenian nationalism during the 19th century and the genocide of Armenian by Turks in the 20th century. This has been the boundaries/parameters of our national story. And the story more-or-less say: Armenians were the first Christians. Armenian are Aryans. Armenians are Whites. Armenians are European. Armenian are a pure race. Armenians had powerful kings. Armenians are one of the greatest peoples on earth. Turks are the mortal enemies because they tried to annihilate the Armenian race. Turks are backward. Muslims are backward. Et cetera.

      In a nutshell: The aforementioned are the borders/parameters of Armenian identity today. Needless to say, it's a cherry picked, if not grossly skewed, view of our selves and of our surroundings. It's more-or-less an attempt to find a comfortable place in the modern world. It's also an attempt to find acceptance in the Western world. And it's all understandable.

      But, this is also why we as a society today have a convoluted, upside-down view of the world we live in. This is why we as a people have a shallow understanding of history and politics. This is why we see natural enemies as friends and natural friends as enemies. This is why we want to be spoon fed by others and yet always bite the hand that feeds us. This is why we as a people overestimate ourselves and underestimate our enemies. All this explains more-or-less why Armenia has for hundreds of years been a tiny, impoverished and weak nation on the verge of annihilation.

      I'll say it again: Scratch the surface of an Armenian today and you'll find a merchant (often a petty, dishonest one) or a peasant (often a very naive and self-destructive one). Modern Armenians are merely remnants of a great ancient civilization. We are in fact a broken people. Our best and brightest - the aristocrats, warriors and priests of lore - have long ago been absorbed by other nations. What we have been left with during the past one thousand years are essentially the underground dwellers (those scavenging among Turks/Muslims to survive) and the petty merchants (those sweet talking his Turkic/Islamic overlords to survive).

      But, the genetic code to be a great nation remains in our veins. We also still have what I call a "Golden Core". Throughout history, we have had individuals that have suddenly risen to ensure Armenia's survival (e.g. Mxitaryan Brotherhood, David Bek, Mxitar Sparapet, Israel Ori, Xachatur Abovyan, Hovanness Tumanyan, Mikoyan brothers, Drastamat Kanayan, Garegin Njteh, Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, Norat Ter-Grigoryants, etc). This Golden Core found in Armenians is the reason why we have survived and why we will continue to survive. So, yes, we can be a great nation again. All is not lost. With this in mind, we need to be a constructive force in our communities. It's therefore up to each and every one of us today to plant good seeds for the future.

  20. us pulling out of Syria, please comment Arevordi!!!


    1. I think you would be better off asking President Trump to comment. That said, for what it's worth, the following are some of my speculations:

      Ostensibly, Trump's decision to pull out the American military presence from inside Syria is a blow not only to Kurds but also to Israelis. At face value, it's a win for Russia, Iran, Turkey and of course the Syrian government. This is why the political establishment and MSN is going nuts over the matter.

      There may be a tactical calculus behind the move; like repositioning/redeployment of US troops elsewhere in the Middle Eastern theater. Perhaps it is being done to ensure the safety of American servicemen ahead of some major conflagration in the region that they are planning. In other words, the Pentagon may be trying to avoid getting its troops caught in the middle of a major regional war that may not be too far away. We don't yet know if it's connected but there most likely will be war coming against Iran and/or Hezbollah in the foreseeable future.

      Finally, there is also the possibility that President Trump, staying true to his campaign promises, is continuing to push forward with his isolationistic policies. I have insinuated this before; President Trump may in fact be a Globalist asset. Not George Soros type Globalism but higher up on the elite's totem pole. We here have in the past speculated that the Globalist elite may be seeking to downsize the American empire. Trump may be playing that role under the guise of American nationalism. In other word, he may be America's Gorbachev. Time will tell.

      Nevertheless, as you all can see, similar to what was done with Armenia one hundred years ago, Kurds themselves have long become petty pawns at the hands of Western powers. Until recently, some circles among Armenia's Western financed Russophobes were pointing to the flourishing Kurdish-American military/political cooperation in Iraq and Syria as an example of how good things can get between Armenia and America - if only Armenians abandoned their "slave mentality towards Mother Russia". Yes, what we see happening to the Kurds is EXACTLY what would have happened to us Armenians had we been foolish enough to trust Western powers and try to put an end to our "slave mentality towards Mother Russia". And allow me to remind the reader that unlike Kurds, who number in the tens of millions, we Armenians are an endangered species. Any major wrong move on our part can effectively put an end to the Armenian revival story.

      Bear in mind that while the region in question is essentially adjacent to Russia's vulnerable southern border (also know as its vulnerable underbelly), it is THOUSANDS of kilometers away from Uncle Sam's home. American troops are in Syria and Iraq simply to play games, not much else. Russian troops on the other hand are in Syria to protect Russia's borders. This is why I say to people, look at Russian warriors bravely fighting and dying for Syria - and imagine how much more they would do for Armenia.

  21. Pashinian is flying to Moscow to meet Putin. Hopefully Putin will smack Pashinian knuckles and tell him his boundaries and red lines . On the Karabagh issue, this is not going to be settled ever, if not by armed action one way or another. I recall a debate in the ottoman parliament in 1914, when our main speaker Zohrab engaged into a lengthy discourse, and at the end of it he received a retort by a turk MP who decried that there is no room or space in the empire for both turks and Armenians. So those peaceniks and Levon's promoters and westernized zombies can keep on smoking the peace pipe, that is all they 'll achieve, smoking endlessly from the barbiturates of an imaginary "peace". If Pashinian cedes the 5 0r 7 0r 3 so called buffer zones to Aliyev, he-Armenia will not get any recognition, nor a peace -save for a piece of worthless paper - which will be the basis for the turks next onslaught on Karabhagh. This conflict will ultimately will stay as it is for an undetermined period and ultimately will be decided by a clash of arms. Armenians should and must forget a forlorn negotiated peace; negotiated cession of territories yes, but peace with Turkey it is a chimera. Peace with Turkey- on turkish terms- will mean absorption by Turkey; the question is if absorption of Armenia by Turkey and the disappearance of an Armenian nation will serve Russian interests.

    1. I agree with you on all accounts, Torino, especially your point about "unconditional" peace with Turk. The Kremlin will be more inclined to encourage Armenians to pull back from the territories around Artsakh than have Armenia make peace with Turkey. But, that is EXACTLY what the "elite" in Armenian society, both in the homeland and the Diaspora, want. You see Turkish-friendly sentiments and a desire to make peace with Turks openly on among Levonites, Nikolites, Sorosites, Paruyr Hayrikyan followers and circles in the American-Armenian community such as the Armenian Assembly of America. There are other circles as well. These people represent a significant portion of Armenian society. They are also found among Armenia's repatriated community. I briefly talk about this Turkish fetish among Armenians in the body of my blog commentary. These people think Russia is the source of all of Armenia's problems. They even blame the genocide on Russia. These people say Armenians will be able to make real peace with all its neighbors ONLY if Russian presence/influence is expelled from Armenia. Just think about that for a moment. Isn't it insane?! In any case, like I said, these people are not a fringe group. Their numbers are gradually growing as they fool more and more people.

      I have said this before and I'll say this again: When it comes to Armenia (in other words, when it comes to ensuring the survival of an Armenia in the south Caucasus) I trust Russians MORE than I trust Armenians. I mean this. All the deaf, dumb and blind "nationalists" among you here can call me whatever you want. All I will tell you is to open your eyes, discard all prenotions (i.e. rid yourselves of all long held beliefs about Armenians) and keep observing Armenians. You will eventually come to agree with me. Left to their own devices, Armenians are a self-destructive bunch. While Armenia cannot fully be trusted to Russians. Armenia cannot fully be trusted to Armenians either. This is why I think Armenia needs to be a joint venture between Armenian and Russians. Armenia would not exist today had it not been for the Russian presence inside Armenia. Any intelligent person with a healthy understanding of history and politics can quickly see this fact. Yet, it's precisely the Russian presence in Armenia that is being undermined by Armenia's "nationalists" and Globalists, both in the service of Anglo-American-Jews and Turks.

      Thus far, they have not been successful in driving a wedge between Armenia and Russia because the greater Armenian population, although self-destructive and politically ignorant, still has an instinctive attachment to Russia/Russians. In other words, most Armenians continue to have survival instinct. However, this should not placate anyone because Anglo-American-Jewish and Turkish interests are diligently working on the younger generation of Armenians today. It's working. The iPhone toting, Kardashyan adoring, Gap wearing, Rabiz and Rap signing new generation in Armenia are a bunch of worthless morons. They are superficial and soft, and by instinct they are West-leaning. They pale comparison to the generation that won Artsakh. Trust me on this. Please, no one bring up the skirmishes of 2016. Very few among you truly understands military matters. Most worrying, the younger generation is slowly losing their elder's survival instincts.

      While Russians were smart enough to gain full control of Armenia during Kocharyan's and Sargsyan's presidencies, Armenia's population is losing its pro-Russian sentiments with each passing generation because the country has been saturated by Anglo-American-Jewish and Turkish interests. This will prove devastating for Armenia in the long run. We are repeating the disastrous mistakes of our ancient ancestors.

    2. Whatever "peace" achieved between Turkey and Armenia will always remain superficial. Turkey's ultimate goal is to overrun Armenia. Even if it establishes diplomatic relations and opens the border, and preaches brotherhood, Armenia will always face an existential threat from Turkey, even if Armenia hands over Artsakh along with the 7 regions and gives up on genocide recognition. Are you telling me you can't see that? Therefore, Russians are not and don't need to be concerned about peace between Turkey and Armenia. Armenia's policy on the matter is absolutely accurate: relations without preconditions. It would not only help the economy, but would be a diplomatic slap on Azerbaijan's face. Always bear in mind though, if Turkey took that step, there are other motives behind it. The only time when Turkey will cease to be an existential threat to Armenia is when it fragments with the creation of a Kurdish state. In fact, it is only with Turkey's unconditional backing that Azerbaijan pursues the policy it does.

      Also, please stop insulting "nationalists." Being reckless and irrational is not nationalism. jirayr sefilyan in particular does not make any sense to me. He is most likely a sold man. anyone who argues about throwing the Russian base out, should clearly see that at a very minimum it would create great difficulties and pose great threats for the country. such people cannot be categorized as "nationalists".

    3. Anon, I don't know what you are arguing about.

      For well over ten years I have been warning our idiots that "independence" from Russia means DEPENDENCE on Turkey. Our enemies (Anglo-American-Jews and Turks) know this well. It's our idiots that just don't seem to get it. This is why from time to time our enemies publicly call on us Armenians to free ourselves from the Russian yoke. I have posted articles by Westerners and Turks encouraging Armenians to free themselves from Russian control. This call (essentially a call to commit suicide) has been getting traction in Armenian society both in and out of the homeland. Make no mistake about it, dependence on Turkey (which is a natural by-product of independence from Russia) is exactly what's being promoted throughout Armenian society by an increasing number of Western financed mercenaries and choban/gypsy nationalists.

      Self-described "nationalists" that say "we are not anti-Russian, we are pro-Armenian" are in fact promoting a Turkish agenda whether or not they realize it. Whether they realize it or not, wining Armenia's freedom from Russia will only end up enslaving Armenia to Turkey.

      Russia will sooner destroy Armenia than let it go, but that's another topic of discussion. For the sake of argument, let's say Russians one day said to us, we have just about had enough of you ungrateful Armenoids, now get lost... The very next day, if Armenia is not overrun by the Turkish military, it will be overrun by Turkey's massive economy. If Armenia somehow was able to "free" itself from Russia, it will automatically - by default - become the newest province in eastern Turkey. Iran won't do anything meaningful in this regard essentially because Iran is too busy trying to fend off Anglo-American-Jews and Saudis. Iran is a good neighbor. But Iran will NEVER spill blood for Armenia. They will sooner make deals with Turks and Azeris. Reminder: After Armenians, ONLY Russians are willing to fight and die for Armenia, albeit it for pure geostrategic reasons. If for argument sake Russia cut Armenia loose, due to Armenia's unfortunate geography, Armenia would risk becoming MORE dependent on Turkey than it is currently on Russia.

      I won't make any further judgments on this mater. I'll instead leave it up to our "nationalists" and Russophobes to decide. So, ask yourselves: Will it be Turkey or Russia? Stop fooling yourselves about alternatives and options, as well as bullshit talk about "self-reliance". We are talking about the south Caucasus. We are talking about Armenians. There are no other options for Armenia. It's Russia or Turkey. Period. Armenia is one of those nations on earth that simply speaking will not enjoy high levels of independence. It WILL NOT happen, not in our life times at least. So, if Armenia was to be a dependent nation, what nation would you morons really want it to be dependent on, Russia or Turkey (and Azerbaijan)? No one should bring up Iran because Iran at the end of the day is a conservative Islamic nation and it has very serious economic and political problems of its own. No one should bring up Georgia in this discussion either because Georgia is currently Turkey's bitch and sooner or later it will again become Russia's bitch.

      In any case, our "nationalist" advocates of "independence from Russia" are in fact ENEMIES of our homeland. One day, perhaps when it's too late, you people will understand all this.

    4. Regarding nationalism: It's not only Sefilyan. Sasna Dzrer and their supporters, Armenian Renaissance and their supporters, Government of Western Armenia and their supporters, Paruyr Hayrikyan and his followers, certain circles within the ARF, a shitload of ostensibly patriotic proud/characters throughout Armenian society and cyberspace. These are all "nationalists". These all want a powerful Armenia free of "foreign influences". These "nationalists" say not wanting Russian influence inside Armenia does not mean they want Western influence inside Armenia. What these "nationalists" don't tell you however (either because they don't want you to know or they themselves don't know) is that when you take out Russian influence from inside Armenia, the void it creates will only be filled by Western influences. This is fact. This in fact occurred already once with devestating results. Armenian "nationalists" shut down all Russian language schools in the country immediately after the Soviet collapse, ostensibly to promote Armenian/national cultural values. But what happened instead was Anglo-American-Jewish cultural values filled the void. This is why Armenian culture in "independent" Armenia is comatose (I would even say dead). Armenian culture/civilization was in fact flourishing under autocratic Soviet rule. Go figure...

      By definition, anyone today that preaches "independence" from Russia is a "nationalist". We have increasing numbers of such "nationalists". There are NO organized groups of nationalists within Armenian society that are patriotic, conservative, pragmatic and pro-Russian. There are NO nationalistic organizations seeking closer and deeper ties with Russia, like the ones you see popping up across eastern Europe. All of the organizing/financing of "nationalistic" groups in our communities are being done exclusivly by our enemies WITH our consent. That's the reality of where we are today. I have to add here that our cultural/genetic divide with our Slavic friends in the north (e.g. not being Orthodox to begin with) is playing a very negative role in this case. With their attention fixiated on the razzle-dazzle of the Western world, Armenians (younger generations to be exact) are gradually losing their survival instincts. Consequently, Russia is slowly becoming the number one target of Armenian "nationalists" both in and out of the homeland. That this is happening cannot be argued. Armenian "nationalists" therefore pose a threat first and foremost to Armenia. I cover this subject matter in the body of my commentary. No one argue with me on this.

      Armenian "nationalists" have done a lot of good things. Not going to get into them because it's been over done. What has not been talked about enough (or at all) is the stupid/destructive stuff Armenian "nationalists" have done throughout the centuries. It was Armenian "nationalism" that broke away from Persia thereby plunging Armenia into centuries of turmoil. It was Armenian "nationalism" that did not allow Armenia to unite with Byzantium (I also blame Greeks in this). It was Armenian "nationalism" that made King Hetum ignore his neighbors (Greeks and Arabs) and instead travel all the fucking way to MONGOLIA to find friends. It was Armenian "nationalism" that waged war against the Ottomans AND the Russian Empire at the same time. It was Armenian "nationalism" that failed to come to terms with Bolsheviks, thinking the West was going to come and save them. It is Armenian "nationalist" that opened the gates of post-Soviet Armenia to Anglo-American-Jews. It is Armenian "nationalist" today that want independence from Russia. If you ask me, I would say Armenian "nationalism" has done more harm than good to Armenia.

  22. I'm not sure of what link between Ter-Petrosyan and Shirvanyan he's referring to. I can't verify the accuracy of this guy because I don't know of of him but he makes some interesting comments. Stuff which we knew about Ter petrosyan and pashinyan.

    Հոկտեմբերի 27-ի գործողություններում Լևոն Տեր-Պետրոսյանի անմիջական մասնակցության մասին շատ հիմնավոր փաստեր կան. Արծրունի Ավետիսյան


  23. Will Moscow not be content with Pashinyan's administration? Or is it simply that it's not their preference, but they're willing to go along with it? The political symbolism is astonishing, but leaves much to speculation and interpretation. Not congratulating Pashinyan's win for so long, yet an early congratulations to Kocharyan for the new year and Christmas. Pashinyan certainly has undertook steps that show he's willing to put his money where his mouth is- in Syria (where even Serj didn't send troops), at UN resolutions--not mentioning the affirmations on every stage of no changes in geopolitical orientation. would love your take on it arevordi. Thanks!

  24. While Armenniggers are singing and dancing for their Soros-backed HNIC Pashinyan, Azeris are patiently foaming at the mouth to avenge 1994:

    Azerbaijan ex-FM proposes to wait until Yerevan-Moscow relations’ deterioration, and to start war

    With a name like De Waal, what else would you expect:

    The Caucasus: No Longer Just Russia’s Neighborhood

    Russia is usually very subtle diplomatically, but since Armenniggers can't take a hint diplomatic messages have to be as blunt and primitive as the behavior on an Armenian mafia drama:

    Russia’s Putin congratulates Robert Kocharyan on New Year and Christmas holidays

    1. As if things weren't depressing enough, Moscow may be seriously considering withdrawing it's base from Armenia. After regaining Crimea, Gyumri's base has become somewhat redundant given the reach of both offensive weapons and the capabilities of monitoring equipment. The recent "deal" banning foreign military presence on Armenia's soil may be in preparation for that. The laboratories were just a smoke-screen. Once the Russians leave, the vacuum cannot be filled by foreign forces. Listen to this interview. I can't vouch for this guy since I don't know of him but he's presenting interesting points saying that Yerevan has continuously failed to read the signs from Russia and as a result has constantly chosen the wrong foreign policy directions in dealing with the Kremlin.

      «Նոր իշխանությունները նույնպես սարսափում են Ռուսաստանի հետ կոնֆլիկտից». Մանվել Սարգսյան, Երկրի հարցը

      And for anyone doubting that we are soon facing a full-scale war, one that we will likely lose large amounts of land and lives due to the pathetic quality of our leadership:

      Կա աշխարհաքաղաքական պրոցես, որի մասին պաշտոնական Երևանը չի խոսում․ Հրանտ Մելիք-Շահնազարյան

      I wish that at some point someone would confront these democracy idiots openly and ask why western countries don't run their corporations like democracies if its so great? Why doesn't Google, Apple, Tesla, Boeing have street demonstrations and select kindergarten teachers and journalists to become CEOs overnight?

    2. Arto, don't believe the fearmongering being carried out by some for political reasons. Right now there are a lot of false prophets running around and politics is becoming unhinged in the country. Russians will NOT leave Armenia, under any circumstances. The 102nd base's strategic value may decrease somewhat due to geopolitical changes in the region, but the Kremlin will NEVER abandon a secure foothold like the one they have in Armenia. Also, the Armenian body remains steadfastly pro-Russian, at least for the foreseeable future. So, Russians are not leaving Armenia. Period. In fact, they will sooner lay waste to the country than leave. That said, the Kremlin may however begin using our people's undying Western fetish as an expedient excuse to back Baku's claims over Artsakh. In any case, what's happening in Armenia is deeply embarrassing and very frustrating. We are helplessly watching from the sidelines as our peasants, merchants and mercenaries tear down our republic brick by brick - and most are still in the singing and dancing mode. It's scary.

      I have said this before and I'll say it again: At the end of the day, the only thing that may save Armenia from Armenians is the incorporation of Armenia into the Russian Federation. But, even here, I am not 100% sure if Russians would want us in their home in that way. It's easier to control nations at an arms length without being responsible for the country's entire population.

      Մանվել Սարգսյան is just another one of the country's Western propagandists. He is actually closely associated with Founding Parliament/Sasna Dzrer crazies. If you listen closely to what he is saying, he is basically lamenting that Armenians generally speaking are instinctively pro-Russian. He basically wants us Armenians to be more "nationalistic" so that we may be able to find the courage and the means to oust Russian forces from within Armenia. When he says Armenians are not assessing/understanding geopolitics correctly, he simply means that Armenians are failing to understand that Russia no longer needs Armenia and that Armenians should grow a backbone and finally seek true self-determination. There is nothing new here. This false prophet is just another example of how Armenian society today is utterly SATURATED by Western mercenaries and agents. These people are the cancer within the Armenian body. These kinds of people are the reason why Armenia has consistently failed at nation-building (and uniting forces with major power in the neighborhood) for the last two thousand years.

      Hrand Melik-Shahnazaryan, Sergei Shakaryants and Gurgen Yeghyazaryan are among the few professionals in the country that can be seen as pro-Russian; but even here their Russo-centrism is very reserved/moderate, nothing like the pro-Westernizm of the rest...

      PS: Good point about corporations and Democracy. But don't make the mistake of thinking that the West is Democratic. The West is a Plutocracy, much like mega-corporations. The people/workforce has a limited say in the way the country/corporation is run. For the last five hundred years or so, Western nations have been ruled by a financial/political/royal elite, an elite that in many cases are the scions of powerful families/dynasties that go back hundreds of years. These elite families today dominate the upper echelons of all the powerful corporations (and secret societies) that run the world today.

    3. U.S. rabbi: Jews can be bridge between Muslims and Evangelicals

      Quoting the article:

      "Saudi Arabia and Bahrain believe the road to US evangelicals runs through the Jews . . . Rabbi Marc Schneier . . . “I’ve been asked by the Saudis and the Bahrainis to help create a relationship between them and the Evangelical community in the US” . . . Schneier said that in March he will be leading a group of top Evangelical pastors from the US to Baku, Azerbaijan. Just as Evangelicals are pro-Israel, Schneier said, Azerbaijan is a pro-Israel Muslim state. “So if you are going to begin a process of reconciliation between Evangelicals and Muslims, the best country to begin with is Azerbaijan.”

      End Quote. Reading the above quote, understanding evangelicals, jews, azeris, and knowing the general worthlessness of Armenians, from the Adam-schiff worshiping assholes in Glendale to the filthy gypsys in Armenia, "deeply embarrassing and very frustrating" is spot on and may be an understatement. Seriously, I've gotten to the point that I expect more sensibility from the things my Black friends from the gym say than from anything from the mouth of a random Armenian, or for that matter a random sean hannity watching American - at least I can't picture the blacks making excuses for Jews spitting on Armenian priests in Jerusalem, getting emotional about "Jews share our pain in genocide" not to mention the trans-species nonsense that all of the trendy intelligentsia wannabes are into now. And I don't think they'd ever accept a nasal-voiced low-grade rabble rouser as a serious leader who wears a fucking adidas baseball cap while leader a revolution as a serious leader. This comparison really says a lot about Armenians.

    4. Armenia is and will remain in the Russian ambit. Think tanks in Russia are already mulling and envisioning a western Europe, swamped under the on going invasion, afro islamic invasion, becoming islamized in the next 30- 50 years. Russia is gearing herself to begin dealing with an islamic western Europe ( the destruction of western Europe is proceeding at a galloping pace, the UN program to replace indigenous European races by masses of other worlders is in sync and lockstep with the unrelenting invasion currently in progress. The latest UN - world government- diktat on the Immigration pact signed by numerous countries ( USA- Israel, among others refrained; but countries like Greece, Spain and the rest of the West swallowed it hook line and sinker) This pact enshrines migration as a human right and does away with borders, national sovereignty and nations.One does not need to be a statistician or proficient in maths to add 1=1=2. History will demand, if what was known as the " West" is to survive , a new "reconquista" ,as in 1480's when the kings of Spain and Queen Isabella routed the Islamic Moors from Spain, is to be set in motion. This 2nd reconquista can only start from the eastern half of Europe and Russia. Against this background, Armenia will never be let out of Russia's sphere of influence ; for better or worse neither Armenia can wish it to be any different. Psychopaths, traitors, prophets of doom , sell outs, are rampant and roaming at will in the country. Democracy brings you these cancerous diseases; and they are strongly felt in a small country like ours.

  25. I see a lot of comments here regarding Azerbaijan starting a full fledged war in Artsakh. I want to remind everyone, while Azerbaijan achieved a strategic point, nevertheless a very pointless one in the skirmishes of 2016; Azerbaijan, conceded massive losses for such a small, gain. No one knows the true exact figures, but there is strong speculation, per assessment that Azerbaijan lost close to 500-1000 personnel. If Azerbaijan were to commit a more aggressive onslaught than 2016, not to be an optimist, their troops would more or less be utilized as canon fodder.

    I do not want to talk much here and reveal exactly how, but in 2016 Azerbaijan was under the impression they could retrieve Talish, with the amount of troops committed, even more, they were under the impression they could also push further than Talish, that was not the case at all. Artsakh was caught by complete surprise, yet managed to inflict so much damage that the Azeris know and knew that any further incursions may cause entire units of their armed forces to be completely eradicated.

    Even if Artsakh had an armed forces worth of 10,000 troops only, when placed strategically, in entrenched defensive positions, Azerbaijan will always lose 10 fold. We are talking about mountainous region, where tanks have difficulty operating and moving and establishing power positions for foot-soldiers to move foreword.

    I am pro-Russian when it comes to Armenia, but i would like to remind everyone to be a bit more logical. The beauty of western power circles, is that, authority is not dependent on one man, there is a level of respect and a deep web of authority after an political figure-head comes and goes; the same cannot be said about Russia. I fear that there is far too much emphasis on Putin, after Putin, Russia could be more vulnerable than ever. It is a huge mistake for any large nation that give so much power to one individual. For this Armenians must be smart, and think strategically, and not keep all their eggs in one basket, but more eggs in a specific basket (Russian), but not all.

    1. Unknown,
      Your understanding of warfare, politics, history and Russia seems typically shallow/superficial.

      What happened in April of 2016 was clearly a defeat for our side. One must be an idiot to still believe that the attack was a surprise. The military operation by the Azeris, which destroyed more than ten tanks and killed around 150 of our soldiers, may have been planned in Washington during a meeting between Sargsyan, Aliyev and Kerry which took place merely two days before the fighting began. In any case, if our side somehow did not have any prior knowledge, that means our side has - zero - military intelligence capabilities. In which case it means that our side is - worthless - as a fighting force.

      In any case, Azeris committed a very limited number of troops and military hardware to the fight. In the first day of the attack, Azeris managed to occupy a lot of territory all along Artsakh's eastern border. This is why Baku called for a cease fire in Moscow the very next day after the fighting began, essentially to formalized/consolidate their military gains. Moscow did not accept the cease fire to give our side the time to recapture the lost territories. Our side managed to liberate most of the lands except one hill near Taliysh. Moscow then accepted the cease fire. The fight seems to have been orchestrated for reasons we do not yet know.

      Moreover, if used properly, Azeri firepower can decimate any of our defensive positions, and kill large numbers of troops right in their trenches. Tanks in mountainous terrain can work well as mobile artillery units acting as fire support for infantry.

      Obviously you have very little understanding of Russia.

      The country is indeed run by state institutions, albeit primarily by intelligence agencies. It was the FSB that propelled Putin to power, not vice versa. There are also a number of very capable political and military institutes that produce very capable leaders on a regular basis. Putin is a great leader and he is very unique, but his mystique and therefore his appeal to the Russian masses has been carefully crafted by Russian state institutions. Simply put: The state made Putin into what he is today, not vice versa. If God forbid something happened to Putin, there is a long line of very capable men in Moscow ready to takeover the reigns of power, many of who are more hard-lined.

      Russia has a continuous history that is now nearly one thousand years old. Politically, they have been - totally - independent for most of that one thousand years. In our 2500 years of recorded history, we Armenians have been fully independent around - 30 - years during Tigran II rule. For the last five hundred years, Russia, in all its vastness and ethnic diversity, was ruled very efficiently and without any serious problems. Their only problem in five hundred years was Bolshevism. Although it was a very sever setback for Russia, Bolshevism and its aftermath is more-or-less the only black spot in their history. When you think of Russian history think of it in its entirety and not only events in the past one hundred years.

      Open your eyes and see that old Russia is back now. Russia is a nation that has historically given powerful leaders both in politics and warfare. Russia has also been a nation where Third Worlders (like Armenians) have risen to great heights. Genetically, Russians are a mix of Vikings, Scythians (ancient Iranic horseback warriors) and Turkic/Mongolian peoples. It's a potent genetic mix. And they have been bred in constant battles, major historic battles, most of which they have won. Their genetic memory is not that of defeat and servitude, it's one of victory and conquest. Anyone that underestimates their capabilities as a collective nation is an idiot.

      Finally, you must really have a problem with perception if you think cult of personalities do not exists in the Western world. What do you think the Kennedys, Reagans, Clintons, Bushs, Obamas and Trumps of America have been? I suggest you open your eyes and go back to studying.

    2. Sorry, don't want to rustle your bush, but how on earth can you state that Armenia has only had 30 years worth of independence during its 3000 years worth of history?

      Are you forgetting the Urartian period? 400 Years
      Early Orontid Period? Roughly 250 Years
      Bagratuni Period? 200 Years
      Cilician Period? Around 250 Years
      Principality of Khachen (although a very small state)? 1000 years

      Didnt even mention the Artashesian Dynasty.. really suggest you stop being so dismissive of our past, not simply because you are wrong, but also psychologically, you are not achieving what you are trying to achieve, and i know what you are trying to achieve, and it is the completely wrong approach, believe me. The smash and degrade tactic, to belittle people, has never worked ever--individually or collectively. You are right about many points you underscore, but some definitely not, and this is one of them.

      I know you have a very provocative style of communicating with people, but that does not bother me, what does is when you degrade our history to 30 years of independence. Armenia has had an independent Kingdom, at least every 200 years for the 3000 years of History we have. Please tell me anyone else that has achieved this?

      Beyond the point, Armenians are essentially a mix of Hurrian-'Urartian', tribes mixed with Proto-Indo-European Anatolian Farmers. You cannot compare Russian statehood/history to Armenian statehood/History. The most similar people to Armenians as far as historical heritage, are Assyrians. Assyrians, were at a time the mightiest people in the world, yet exist, albeit without statehood. For you to degrade us, is strange. This is not 'feel good fluff' bs as you say, but facts. Tell me a nation state that has existed in one of the most volatile regions in human history till this date other than Armenians?

      Genetically as you say, Armenians also preform excellently in combat sports, countless MMA Champions, Boxing, Wrestling etc, push way above our weight--we do not lack in this regard, other than having limited numbers, and probably a "superiority complex," too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. In fact, statistically, in proportion to population, when looked at the ratio, we are better fighters than Russians, there is nothing lacking as far as our warrior capabilities. What is lacking, is too many Chiefs not enough Indians complex. On top of lacking funds in order to develop high standards of infrastructure/and military, although our military is not even that bad. I do agree, that collaboratively we need to be better fighters, Artsakh showed signs of this, however we were fighting a different Azerbaijan back then, but just like back then the odds were stacked against us. And we had that very interesting Gorbachev approved earthquake strike Gyumri. Conspiracy theory or not, that earthquake was dodgy, say what you will... don't care.

      Yes Yelstin was indeed the man that wanted Putin to succeed, and i doubt Russia is shortsighted enough to allow its gains to go to waste after Putin's administration; however, the point i was trying to make was, everyone with some level of abstract thinking knows, no U.S. President genuinely wields much authority or power. With Russia, I want to add once more, there is far too much emphasis on Putin. As you say, the Russian State has created the image of Putin, and not vice versa, but there is far too much emphasis on Putin. After every Stalin there is a Kruschev, somewhat different, but not the same. After every Breznev there is a Gorbachev, lets hope there isn't a Gorbachev after Putin.

      Completely wrong, regarding Artsakh. Entrenched positions cannot be mowed down by missiles, there is no evidence for that. Armenian firepower thanks to Iskander, and many other missiles in our arsenal, can level Baku, and the entire nation of Azerbaijan. There is mutual destruction. Aliyev (one man), would not risk such thing, as he looses everything he has ever gained.

    3. Two interviews with Samvel Babayan post April 2016 four day war. He gives an accurate account of exactly what the 4 day skirmish really was and the capabilities of the Azerbaijani army today.

      Սամվել Բաբայան. «Ճիշտ չեմ համարում Սեյրան Օհանյանի փոփոխությունը»

      Սա Ղարաբաղի հարց չէ, Հայոց պետականության հարց է

      Indeed Azerbaijan has capabilities today to slaughter large numbers of soldiers at the front and with the new polonaz and israeli long range systems to simultaneously level Yerevan and Stepanakert to the ground. It pisses me off that our people have such simplistic viewpoints about our military capabilities vs the enemy's based on a pre-arranged hand-over of territory in April 2016. The only thing holding Azerbaijan back is the threat of Russian intervention if they launch such an "un-sanctioned" war. The Russian threat stands like a hammer over Azerbaijan's head but it may be removed at any time if our "democratically elected" authorities continue to piss the Russians off, ie if the new union of journalists and soros-funded human rights advocates (ie the new Armenian government) continue to spend 98% of their lobbying resources and energies in Europe instead of Moscow.

    4. All that aside, here's an indisputable fact: with Turkey's unconditional backing (openly stated during April 2016), there's nothing constraining Azerbaijan from unleashing a full-scale war against Artsakh and Armenia, and that includes Russia. Azerbaijan tested the waters thru all means and methods over the course of several years, with the culmination in April 2016. Azerbaijan makes no attempt to hide its intentions, and is so sincere in its intentions that it doesn't even resort to "political correctness" when it comes to Armenia. If you think Azerbaijan would hold back for 1 minute if it was confident in its abilities, then you have limited knowledge of military matters, and simple logic generally. As a patron state of Turkey, it would have ZERO regard for Russia, as Turkey itself did when shooting down the Russian jet and its activities in Chechnya.

    5. Reading this argument is like watching your out-of-shape friend who's had a few drinks insist he can totally beat the shit out of the group of freshly released violent felons sitting across the room. "Bro I'm buff, and if these pussies had any balls they'd have stepped up already. I won a fight back in high school in 1994."

      With all due respect to Armenian soldiers, the victory in 1994 was as much due to total Azeri incompetence as to anything Armenians did. And Armenians did not capitalize on our victory. And besides, I do not foresee another Surat Huseynov marching on Aliyev's Baku during the next war. Both sides have A LOT more firepower now and potential to cause much death and destruction, which Armenians cannot rebuild or breed back into existence at the same pace as Azeris. Nazi style overconfidence in our superiority to the barbarian hordes and Mongol half-breeds is a guaranteed path to Operation Barbarossa and Berlin 1945 - let's not overestimate ourselves. Every other aspect of Armenian society is a shadow of what the Soviets bequeathed us in the early 1990s, why would our military be any different, especially considering the lack of militarism, patriotism, spirituality, and willingness to sacrafice for the common good among like 80% of our people?


      On another note, here are some of the worst segments of the Trump cult of personality.


      Whatever Trump does, from appointing Nimrata Handhawa to bombing Syria, you can count on these assholes to scream "wow so BASED." Trump could literally pimp his wife and daughter to African warlords or Mexican cartels, and he'd get blind praise.

    6. Anonymous/Unknown (I'm assuming you are the same character),

      Funny how you simply pushed everything I said aside without even giving it a moment of thought. Yeah, I get it. Your mind lives in lala land (because your ego demands it), you therefore don't want to be bothered by facts or reality. Your comments make it obvious you don't know what you are talking about. It's all about fluff and feel good rhetoric for you. It's very troubling to see how little Armenians like you understand our history, regional history, warfare and politics in general.

      Let me start by saying that the Russian military can take all of Turkey in a single week if the Kremlin really wanted to. Not capability but political and economic ramifications/repercussions is what controls military policy. The Kremlin's reaction to the downing of its warplane in Syria by Turkey several years ago was in fact a brilliant display of its great power, power not to take its sights off its main agenda of saving Syria (which is what Western powers wanted to see), while punishing Turkey at the same time. No wonder Armenians like you don't understand high level diplomacy and statecraft. Politics is still a street fight and a pissing contest for the likes of you. With this kind of mentality (and lack of political awareness/understanding), our troops in Artsakh will be slaughtered next time there is a major war.

      Wake up you damn fool. Without Russian support our military will be defeated in less than a week. There is only ONE reason why Baku has not made a serious move on Artsakh and that reason is called RUSSIA. There is only ONE reason why Ankara has not made a serious move on Armenia and that reason is also called RUSSIA. Weaken the Russian factor in the south Caucasus (what many proud "Independence" minded Armenians want to see today) and we'll be saying goodbye to Artsakh, if not also to Armenia. Despite the collective stupidity of us Armenians, I don't think it will get to that point; simply because it's not in the interest of Moscow to allow Turks or Azeri take Armenia or Artsakh. I think Moscow will at some point however punish Armenia's Western/Globalist led government by allowing Baku to take some territories around Artsakh away from Armenian control.

      In the big picture, people like you are our Qaj Nazars. When I talk about the house cat looking in the mirror an seeing a lion, I am talking about people like you. People like you scare me. I don't care for pride and nationalism if it is rooted in ignorance and delusion.

      Regarding Armenian independence, I am speaking about FULL/TOTAL independence. Armenia is NOT a fully independent state today. Armenia has NOT been a fully independent country for most of its history. By pointing this out, I am trying to explain to ignorant/proud Armenians like you that being dependent on another power for survival (like Russia today) is not unique in Armenian history. In fact, being dependent on regional powers has been the NORM for us for much of the past 2500 years.

    7. I only mentioned the last 2500 years of our history because we have very limited knowledge/information about earlier periods. From what we know Urartu was a federation of regional tribes/nations. Urartu was NOT a state founded exclusively by ethnic Armenians. In fact, we Armenians, as a national/political group of people, are a post-Urartu product. In any case, we don't have enough information about Urartian society, politics and the region's geopolitical situation to speak confidently about the time period in question. This is why I concentrate only on the last 2500 years. So, with that in mind, learn that 2500 years ago Orontids were under Persian rule. So were the Artashesians and Arshakunis that succeeded them. Bagratunis (who many claims to be a Jewish dynasty) were invariably subordinate to Arabs and Byzantines. Armenian Cilicia was kept alive by the European Crusaders and to a lesser extent Mongols. After Europeans and Mongols were chased out of the region, Cilicia quietly disappeared. Kachen princes was subordinate to Persia. Every single kingdom and/or principality after Tirgan II's short reign were in various degrees subordinate to some regional power. We Armenians have been relentless in trying to establish self-rule (every two hundred or so years like you said) by taking advantage of geopolitical vacuums in region and by allying ourselves to powerful nations in our region. What I am saying here cannot be disputed by any serious historian.

      It's understandable why you have ZERO understanding about warfare, geopolitics and Russian history, but why do Armenians like you have so little understanding about OUR history? Why do you create fantasies? Is it because our reality does not fit your fairytale perception of Armenian history? Is it because your ego/pride wants to be part of a great victorious nation? Like I said, people like you scare me. People like you may be good for the battlefield (maybe not even there) but people like you in politics would be a disaster for Armenia. You need to stop arguing with me and start listening. If you have serious questions feel free to ask, but I don't care to hear any more of your nonsense.

      PS: Believe it or not, I am willing to entertain the idea that the Soviet Union triggered an earthquake (they had the capability) to stop us Armenians from trying to break-apart the Soviet Union. Similar to how Russia's GRU was most probably responsible for wiping-out Armenia's leadership in late 1999 to stop official Yerevan from adopting the Washington sponsored Goble Plan.

    8. Before i respond, want to let you know, i have been a long time reader of your blog for years now. Only recently have i found myself questioning your approach on certain aspects, but there is a lot i agree with you, in fact probably 80% of what you state makes sense. I am unknown do not know who anonymous is, but from here-forth in your blog i will regularly contribute as 'Vanetsi.'

      Firstly, regarding Urartu, please do not peddle the same bullocks we hear chechens, georgians and turks parroting day-in-day-out. The only historian to SUGGEST, let me iterate, SUGGEST, let me underscore SUGGEST that Urartu was a 'North East Caucasian' tongue was Diakonoff. He did not do this with a peer reviewed panel, nor is his ASSUMPTIONS, accepted by a formal historical linguistic panel. There are only 280 so-called words identified of the hurrian-‘urartian’ language, which 190 or so, is in the Armenian language. 70% of the known words are used in Armenian today. The beauty of the 521 BC Behistun inscription is that it states word-for-word, that Urartu=Armenia, they are synonymous toponyms used to identify the same nation state. Do not want to dwell into this further, as I want to address some of your other points, but yes “Urartu’ was indeed Armenia. Even Strabo stated as a temporary account some 400 years later after the supposed “Urartian’ collapse, that Armenia broke up Syria (Assyria). Once more Armenia being used synonymously for “Urartu”.

      Once more, there is no lacking in Armenian fighting spirit and capabilities, we lack numbers, sure, we lack monetary funding sure, we lack strategy, yes—but Armenians are excellent fighters, we have been the mercenaries and core of every single military since time immemorial. Persian Heavy Cavalry the renowned Cataphracts, were in-fact majority Armenians, Caucasian Albanians and Medes. Byzantine military during its peak under Heraclius (an Armenian), was majority comprised of Armenians, even dubbed as the Armenian Empire by the Rashidun caliphate (Arabs). Even today at a micro-level, I want to remind you, we push way above our weight, our MMA fighters, Geghard Mousasi bellator middle-weight champion, K-1, Giorgio Petrosyan 2-time champion, Boxers, cruiserweight WBA champion Arsen Goulamirian, list can go on—are renowned. We push way above our weight, and we are recognized as excellent fighters by many groups of people.

      I want to highlight something very important once more, your term “feel good fluff” is nonsensical, this isn’t feel good fluff, I have literally identified our flaws, but bad fighters we are not, statistically by ratio we have more champions than Russians, Iranians, Turks. What we lack is the strategy to channel our fighting spirit into a cohesive obedient military force, and that has been our problem. Again too many chiefs not enough Indians.

      Sad that you would agree with Soviet Unions action in the Gyumri incident, don’t give me that, “you are so short-sighted” rebuttle nonsense.

      I agree we are dysfunctional, and you are a prime example of that, your smash and belittle tactic is typical Armenian behavior. You will not achieve what you are trying to achieve with your approach, you will push people away from your message.

      What is your opinion on Russia’s re-aproachment with Israel, and Putin’s close ties with Netanyahu?

    9. Arevodi, this is what I'm trying to say: No one is denying that presently, and since independence, Russia has put Turkey's intentions for the Caucasus at bay (also that of Iran's). What I'm also saying is, and this is indisputable, that if Azerbaijan was convinced in its abilities, no one and nothing would constrain its actions, and that includes RUSSIA. That is a fact, and not subject to dispute. In fact, wasn't it Russia that Azerbaijan ran to asking to intervene and enforce a ceasefire, both in 1994 and 2016? And no, "economic ramifications/repercussions" is not what controls military policy. Those are cast aside for military/territorial successes throughout history, most recently in the Crimea and Novorossia. What price did Turkey pay for it's occupation of Cyprus?

      No one is seeking a break from Russia, or arguing that the West is where Armenia should be. Far from it. Today and for the foreseeable future, Armenia and Russia need eachother and are tied to eachother, like it or not. That's why Putin spoke of Armenia's significance on the "world" scale.

      Nevertheless, my main problem with you is to please stop discounting Armenians' abilities. Armenians have gone up against a lot more powerful armies in their history, and have survived against insurmountable odds. I don't care about idiot masses. I'm talking about the Armenian name.

      Secondly, you're not a neutral evaluator when it comes to certain history regarding Russia. For instance, the whole current karabkah mess is all a result of Russian imperial divide and rule strategies all laid out in advance, and now they've got us chasing our own tail, and here you're arguing if it wasn't for them "kiss artsakh good bye." why did they split it and nakhijevan from us to begin with? Please don't construe that as "anti Russian."

    10. Anonymous,

      You are performing verbal gymnastics in an attempt to explain your flawed thinking. Come down to reality, please. Turks are not in any position to disregard Russia's wishes in the south Caucasus. Even in the 1990s, when Russia was on its knees, Turks took Russia's wishes in the south Caucasus very seriously. Needless to say, as soon as Russia is weak and Turks lose their natural fear of Russians, they will make their move in the south Caucasus. And, we, despite the best efforts of our nationalists, will lose Armenia once again.

      This is why I say every time an Armenian says a prayer to God for the well being of Armenia, they should also say a little prayer for our Slavic friends to the north. Armenia cannot exist in a place like the south Caucasus without the Russian factor in the region. This is what our disgusting democratizers and stupid nationalists are failing to fully understand.

      I want Armenians to stay close to Russians, understand Russian society and become active in Russian politics. I want Armenians to use their close proximity to Russia and their intimate knowledge of Russians for the betterment of Armenia. We can't repeat the mistakes of breaking with the Persian Empire and the Byzantine Empire simply to be different from them. This time we need to fully embrace our most powerful neighbor - even it it means giving up some degree of sovereignty/independence. What worries me here is genetic memory and the cycles of history. We as a people may be doomed to repeat past mistakes. But, I will do my best as an Armenian to awaken people in this regard.

      Regarding Karabakh: When have I said otherwise? Of course the Karabakh mess we have today is a result of the Bolshevik revolution's aftermath. Of course major powers like Russia and the Soviet Union use divide and counquer tactics. That's called Realpolitik. That's called Statecraft. That's called Geopolitics. No wonder you don't get it. Politics is a street fight for you. You express typical choban/merchant mentality. You have a miniscule understanding of the time period to you are arrogantly ranting about. It's very typical of your kind. Listen and learn. In the big picture, Nakhijevan, Artsakh and Kars were lost by Armenian nationalists. In a nutshell: When nationalistic government of the newly founded first republic failed to come to terms with the Bolshevik leadership that had come to power in Russia (because our nationalists were waiting for American/French/Birtish help), Bolsheviks returned us the favor by shattering our land claims. Instead of complaining about what Bolsheviks did, ask yourself: What sense would it have made for the Bolshevik leadership to entertain the demands/claims of Armenian nationalists when they, Bolsheviks themseles, were busy even giving away Russian controlled lands?

      Stupid, did you look at the map of Bolshevik Russia I posted in this blog? It shows what the Bolsheviks wanted to do with Russia. So, yes, you certainly are anti-Russian because you think Bolsheviks and Russians are the same thing. I will say this again, don't come here with your stupidity if you don't have a good understanding of history or if you have not read my work in full. Ignorants like you need to first better understand history as well as what I write about in this blog - before they open their mouths and make total fools of themselves.

      Also, I said POLITICAL and economic rammifications will hold Moscow back from using its military. Militarily, Russia can pulverize Turkey in a week. It won't because of POLITICAL and economic rammifications. In other owrds, going to war against Turkey may start a world war that will inevitably hurt Russia. Like I keep saying: Politics is not a street fight or a domestic dispute. In any case, stop trying to get into a pissing contest with me. You need to live several more lives before you can debate/argue anything with me. Now please go to your facebook or other someplace that can keep you busy, I don't need your bullshit.

    11. Vanetsi,

      I don't want to turn this conversation into a debate about Armenology or Urartology. I am going to say the following for the record and we are ending this conversation.

      Generally speaking, I am inclined to accept Urartu as Armenia's predecessor. But, no matter how you look at it, we have very little real information about who/what Urartians were. From what we know about them, their pantheon and their language was not Aryan (Indo-European). From the gathered information, Urartu (known locally as Bianili) was a federation of regional nations/tribes. After its fall its people fused to form "Armenians" of Aryan/Hurrian pedigree. The real ethno-genesis or the origin of very ancient terms like "Armenian" and "Hay" are not clearly known.

      Regarding ASSUMPTIONS: Everything you have written is an ASSUMPTION as well. Your sources are my sources. You don't possess special information. The issue here is as I see it is preconceived opinion (preconception). Depending on their intellectual capacity, emotional state, knowledge and intentions, two different people can look at one object and see two totally different things.

      Regarding Behistun and Armenia: Armenia is a geographic location where the "Hay" live. You seem to be forgetting that we are ethnically Hay. For reasons we do not know, our neighbors (primarily Greeks and Persians) called the highlands between the Mediterranean, Black and Caspian seas as Armenia. We "Armenians" however called ourselves Hay. The ancient Hay NEVER called themselves Armenian. All available evidence suggests different nations/tribes lived in the territory of Armenia. These were lumped together as "Armenians" by Greeks and Persians. We "Hays" did not see ourselves "Armenian" until the modern era.

      Regarding language: The Armenian language has similarities with virtually all regional languages because we have lived in close proximity to them for thousands of years. Language similarities suggest origin and/or interaction. There are similarities between Armenian and Semitic languages as well. Therefore, don't make ASSUMPTIONS merely on language similarities.

      Regarding our warrior ancestors: We today are far cry from them. If you don't see this, you are hopelessly blind. In the early 1990s, lines of men waiting to go to war were dwarfed by lines of men waiting in front of the US embassy to go to Los. We today have little in common with our ancestors. I have talked at length about the circumstantial breeding that has changed us during the past one thousand years. That said, we still have in our blood (in our genetic code) the potential to be great again. That is why we continue seeing good military men and good sportsmen in our society. However, many of our people today (perhaps most) are more gypsy-like than what you have in mind.

      Regarding my approach: My approach is my approach. Don't like it? Leave. I don't have an agenda here other than explaining to proud yet naive/ignorant Armenians such as yourself that we Armenians today are not as capable as we think we are, and that Armenia will surely die if our idiots in power ruin Armenia's relations with Russia.

      If believing in fairytales (essentially to make your identify more palatable) is what works best for you, then be my guest. Believe in all the fairytales and make all the nationalistic assumptions you want, but don't expect me to partake in it. Sober minded, clear sighted and pragmatic nationalists is what I am looking for. I am looking for Armenians who have a realistic assessment of themselves and their enemies and who keenly understand the political world they live in. I am also looking for Armenians who understand that Russia is the single most important factor in Armenia's life.

      Overall, I respect your patriotism. Better to have Armenians like you than to have gypsy-like chobans or self-haters.

    12. Vanetsi,

      Regarding Putin and Jews: We need to recognize that Jews are a superpower in today's world. Therefore, you can't ignore them, and you can't willy-nilly oppose them either. Putin is playing his game at a very high level. The Kremlin is playing a very delicate, complicated and sophisticated game of politics and diplomacy.

      Some things to consider: While many Jews are anti-Russian (primarily those who live in the US), many Jews are also very pro-Russian (primarily those who have lived in the Soviet Union). What we also fail to realize is that there are millions of Jews (mostly mixed) living in Russia, and they are quite active in Russian life. Moreover, there is over 1.5 million Russian-Jews living in Israel, and they are quite active in Israeli life. The Russian language is treated as one of the official languages of Israel. Moreover, Jews have a strong lobbying presence in Moscow. Israeli businessmen and officials are a constant presence in Moscow.

      In a nutshell: Knowing all this Putin's Russia is doing his best to have warm/constructive relations with Jews and Israel. At the same time, the Kremlin is also doing its best to keep Iran, Syria and Hezbollah alive essentially as hedges against Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Putin no doubt wants to cooperate/work with Jews, but he is not beholden to them. American officials on the other hand have fully succumbed to Jewish control. Organized Jewry controls the United States, they do not however control Russia. Moscow's and Washington's actions in Syria are proof of this.

      Look at how complicated and volatile Russian-Israeli relations are -


      PS: I never said I agree with what the Soviet Union may or may not have done in Gyumri. I simply meant to say, I would not put it past them to carryout an atrocity like that to save their political/economic union. I do however agree with what they may have done on October 27, 1999. Stuff like this (if true) is simply seen by their political/military elite as a matter of Realpolitik. What I am saying is that they would have done it inside Russia if need be. Sacrificing innocent lives, even of theirs, for the well-being of the "state" is part of Russian mentality/character. This is just how they are. They have been bred to be this way during the past one thousand years. This is their strenght. In the big picture, this is what makes them formidable on the world stage. Russians can be a destructive force and they can be a constructive force. This is why I keep saying we need to better understand the political world we live in. This is why I keep saying we need to stay as close to them as possible and better understand them. Politically and militarily, they are like having a monster on your side. But you need to keenly understand the monster's nature not to get hurt by it even if by accident...

    13. Hi Arevordi,

      Vanetsi again. I will just briefly address your response regarding Urartu/Hay/Armenia etc for the last time I hope..

      It is not uncommon for nations to refer to themselves with differing self-designations.

      Greeks call themselves the ellas
      Georgians the Kartvelians
      Germans the Deutch
      Armenian the Hayer
      List can go on, I am sure you are aware..

      Regarding the Hay self-designation, I am really happy you brought this up, as it further enhances the fact, that Armenians (Hay), were the majority component to what the Assyrians referred to as the tribes of Nairi aka Urartu/Ararat. The Hayasa-Azzi thankfully recorded by the Hittites were a related people to the Hatti (Hittites) albeit regarded as barbarians by the Hatti. The Hayasa were Indo-Europeans, whereas another Tribe called Armani-Subartu which was recorded in the Akkadian epic of Naram Sin roughly 2300 B.C., these tribes collaborated together during Assyrian incursions into their common homeland, and formed the ethnogenesis of Armenia, as the Assyrians stated roughly 70 tribes formed the tribes of Nairi. This is NOT speculation. The Tribe of Armani was recorded north of the city of Elba in today’s northern Syria which coincides with historical Armenian territory. In fact, the term Armani was used to designate not an Indo-European people, but a supposed Hurrian people.

      The ethnogenesis of Armenia is indeed indo European (Hayasa) and Hurrian (Armani-Subartu), we are an amalgam of these two tribes. This coincides with why we call ourselves Hay, and why outsiders called us Armani. What I stated regarded language is NOT speculation, by fact roughly 190 words of the known 280 known “Urartian” words are in the Armenian language today. That is an astounding amount % wise. Not even Ancient Greek has that % of retention to modern Greek. Don’t what this to be a discussion of Armenology too, but I think it is very important to understand that there is a lot of misinformation, and indeed Armenians being an amalgam of Proto Indo Europeans and Hurrians formed the majority of the so-called “Urartian” kingdom. I also think it is important we Armenians understand a clear picture of Urartu, as there is an international agenda, from Turkey, Azerbaijan and our pleasant Anglo-banking friends to degrade our history. I am not one to make boastful chest banging claims, and state we are “superior aryans” nonsense you hear these embarrassing Armenian boshas state, but we are indeed under a psychological war to degrade our heritage, which will effectively destroy our identity down the line, which will ultimately put your efforts all these years to complete waste. We are the supposed “Urartians,” Behistun (521 BC) is one of many primary sources that attest to this.

      I do agree, a lot I see in Armenian community bothers me, men wearing suits with no socks, materialism rampant, pussified appearance, not an ounce of common-sense. I cannot stand a lot about Armenian community, but when you (as you say), find ones, the golden core ones, it’s as if, you’re among the best people in the planet. Our strategy with Russia must change, I agree, we have 2 million people there, highly influential people. Many Russified-Armenian families, we need to take advantage of that before it is late. I am just as disappointed with appointment of Pashinyan than anyone, and the zombies in the Armenian community sicken-me. One positive from Pashinyan, is, however, that these zombies in Armenia and out supposedly have “hope,” or the allusion of hope. This can garner some positives, less emigration perhaps? Spike in population? For the time being, I play along our boshas, and pretend to like Pashniyan, but hope he is ousted carefully without his ever-so unbearable screeching voice.

    14. Vanetsi here again.

      This is a response to Arto2.

      Samvel Babayan is an absolute baffoon to go on television give a documentary and for CIVILNET to post our shortcomings and weakness on LOC.

      This is treachery at its finest, what foolish, idiotic people would openly discuss their weaknesses in an interview, and then for the organization to post it online. Typical CIVILnet.

      Do we even know an ounce of weaknesses regarding LOC for the Azerbaijani side?

      This is weakness beyond means. And Armenians producing A class buffoonery at its finest once more. Typical we are all Chief mentality. What gives that a**hole the audacity to hang our dirty laundry like that, and for CIVIL (SOROS) net to post this interview?

      While all of you cream your pants and state, "wow what an awesome person, he calls it as it is." In normal, careful nations, individuals part of previous, and current military establishment would voice their concerns in an internal panel, call for a meeting to discuss certain shortcoming. Not openly show all our cards. I have no doubt in my mind that Samvel Babayan is paid by Azeri money.

    15. I disagree, Vanetsi. Samvel Babayan did not reveal anything about our military capabilities that Russian, Iranian, American, European, Israeli, Turkish or Azeri intelligence don't already know. Only the public was not previously aware of what was revealed by Babayan. There was no "treachery" on his part. If you ask me, it's good that he aired some of our dirty laundry in this regard. We as a people have been far too complacent (and over-confident) about our war fighting capabilities. Militarily, we are not as powerful as we like to think we are, and our "boys" are not the "warriors" we think of them as. What I am saying here is not meant to "lower morale", it's meant to wake us up to reality. Complacency and underestimating the enemy is the fastest route to defeat. What's ore, I have no doubt that Samvel Babayan does NOT work for Azeris. If anything, he works for Russians. Why did he show up? Why did he say the things he said? What's the real story behind him? I don't know. The fighting that took place back in April of 2016 was clearly orchestrated by the parties involved. Exactly by who and for what specific purpose, I do not know. I have no doubt however that official Yerevan was aware of the impending attack. I also have do doubt that Babayan's arrival in Armenia/Artsakh at the time was part of the conspiracy. But, again, we do not yet know details, and probably never will.

  26. Parev Arevordi

    Սուրբ ծնունդ և շնորհաւոր նոր տարի բոլորթ համար


    It's interesting because yet he is probably Western he doesn't lose pragmatism and I like his idea of entering full membership to SCO

    Regards. Bocha from Argentina

  27. Happy new year to all. I hope the new year brings health and happiness to our families and peace and stability to our homeland.

  28. Soros Foundation and its strategic plans for Armenia


    For Turkey -


    For Russia


    The rest:


    1. Very interesting.
      These people are serious about remaking the world in their image.
      I have to also say, George Soros is simply the tip of the spear...

  29. Trump occasionally surprises with an awesome, offhand "yeah but everything they told us was bullshit" comment

    Did Trump endorse Soviet intervention in Afghanistan… or disavow US backing of jihad there?

    Fuck Ronald Reagan, the terrorist supporting, amnesty granting, homosexual sonned asshole, and fuck the ideology called "American conservatism" that worships him. I've been saying for years Reagan's body should be exhumed, cremated, and the ashes flushed down the toilet of a gay bar in San Francisco - that is what his legacy is worth.

    1. I totally agree with you about Ronald Reagan. I don't understand why "conservative" Americans worship him. The filth sold the U.S. to globalist/international interests while he was in power (perhaps in a deal to destroy the Russian-led Soviet Union). You are too young to know this, but his time in office also saw the U.S. become totally subordinate to organized Jewry and international mega-corporations and banks. His time in office also saw pharmaceutical companies begin peddling their toxic drugs directly to the American cattle (which drastically spiked suicide and mass homicide rates in the country some years afterwards) and interracialism/multiculturalism becoming mainstream in the country. American civilization and American politics has been going down hill ever since. Yet, he is admired by a large cross-section of White Americans. Kind of reminds you of Armos, no?

    2. I'm going to put aside the Armenian part of my identity for a moment and address this topic purely as an American. The left is what it is, just a continuous march to deconstruct civilization. I suspect western nations could have pulled through despite the left if there had been anything resembling actual traditionalism as a counter-balance . . . Instead we got an absolutely worthless type of imitation "conservatism" founded on 1) free trade, 2) open borders {defended with right-wing appeals to cheap labor rather than leftist appeals to humanitarianism} and 3) endless wars for either Israel or democracy, best personified by Reagan. It had to have been by design of course, back when the economy was still good and the Internet wasn't around the establishment worked feverishly to make sure that the only conservative figures who got major attention were tools like William Buckley and Reagan. And since times were good, no one questioned the wisdom of these over-glorified tools. By the time the damage was done, they figures were dead and deified, no actual traditionalist political movement of note existed, and of course Americans were too stupid and gullible to figure it out . . . So Reagan, just like Einstein, Freud, Marx, or soon enough McCain and Bush, were blown up and sold as True American Heroes to be worshiped by the brainless, drugged out, bankrupt Americans. Part of the reason they succeeded was because White people generally have become soft, decedent, over-civilized pussies who cannot accept ideas which require hard work and sacrifice, hence nonsense talk about "bootstraps" and "a hand up, not a hand out" instead of refreshing the tree of liberty or actually regulating mega-corporations and billionaires. The socio-political system in the west is very cleverly designed and it is a closed system which internally recycles all of the anger and backlash its ultraliberalism generates by focusing that anger and energy inward towards built-in pressure valves like Reagan or McCain. The same process has reconstructed western Christianity to misdirect people into either the globo-homo camp or the Christian-Zionist camp.

      And on a side note, apart from free trade, immigration, and endless war, American conservatism is just retarded. It is mainly a mix of the worst aspects of libertarian nonsense applied to nonsensical situations, so that you end up with "corporations are people" and "abortion and gay marriage/adoption are fine SO LONG AS it was a state government decision and not federal." And the argument that immigration from Central America is beneficial because creates new consumers or raises the GDP or other untruthful economic gibberish. American conservatives are the only people ever who will look you in the eye and say "I'd be proud if my son chose to serve in the Middle East and gave his life for Israel." In a nutshell, since the end of WW2 conservatives have managed to conserved absolutely nothing. And the worthlessness of conservationism is shown by the type of leaders it produces: Reagan, the Bushes, Pence, Paul Ryan, Romney, McCain, Sean Hannity (every girl dreams a man will say her name the way Hannity says "Israel"), Ben Shapiro, and every single jackass at Fox News who is not named Tucker Carlson.

      And here's an interesting thought experiment. Which one is worst: the Paul Ryans of America, or the voters who consistently vote to put the Paul Ryans of America into office. Is such an ideological system, political system, or nation that allowed this sytem to come into place worthy of survival?

      END RANT

    3. Also, speaking of libertarianism, did you know that direct advertisements to children, at least on television, were strictly limited until Reagan decided to unleash the "free market" on American children. That's what caused the explosion of very low grade 1980s children's cartoons, which had absolutely no purpose other than selling plastic toys manufactured in Eastern Asia (mostly Taiwan back then.) Seriously when you look at the things that Reagan's campaign against government regulation and consumer protections from ultra rich and powerful business interests had on American society, it starts to hurt your head that there is actually anyone who looks back at Reagan with any sort of fondness. I've said for a long time that even if somehow America could return to its 1990s self, the damage was already done by then and the total downfall we have witnessed since then would still be inevitable - not just the economic downfall, that was already set by the 1970s, but the social downfall.

      Also, I didn't mention the famous Citizen's United case. Of course, leave it conservatives to choose "corporate donations (aka legalized bribery) is a form of free speech protected by the First Amendment" as a hill to die on while the ultraliberal tech giants wantonly censor actual speech like the Daily Stormer, Alex Jones, and every conservative Internet personality who has had their videos blocked, ability to collect donations cut, and websites yanked away. Truly unbelievable.

      That being said, let me pick my Armenian identity back up and become whole again, it does put things into perspective. All societies have their unique retardations. In fact, in addition to Russian badassness, I've somewhat come to appreciate the insect-like hivemind of the Chinese, it seems more robust than what westerners or Armenians have. We can go on and on about how Armenians are self-destructive and how the Armenian nation -while it has admirably survived in some form or another- has largely been a historical failure. These are important facts and we need to admit, understand, and educate ourselves if we ever hope to improve our situation for ourselves and our progeny. We cannot sugar-coat anything.

      But then again, despite Armenian shortcomings, Armenians may not be as self-destructive as Americans. Armenians are self-destructive in a primitive and sloppy way, there's almost a comical aspect to how basically greedy and materialistic Armenians are. Westerners, especially conservatives, have developed a form of self-destruction that is masochistic and refined and fetishized, that is based on self-hated and psuedo-intellectual gobbledygook that primitives like Armenians, Muslims, and Africans would never fall for. Can you really imagine a significant portion of Blacks ever taking an asshole like Sean Hannity seriously?

      Arevordi, on a personal note, all that I outlined above is the main reason that I don't post as much. You may think I am angry with you, that's not it. I really appreciated this long, brutally honest blog commentary re Pashinyan's Նոր Հայաստան (God help us). But sometimes you need a break from politics, the amount of negativity and stupidity on display can really have a negative effect.

    4. I was too young to know about Ronald Reagan, but I was barely an infant when Bush Senior led the US to war against Iraq over Kuwait. In a sense, Iraq was the new testing ground for the imminent New World Order he spoke of in one of his speeches. I was also just a child when the Yugoslav Wars broke out, and I just immigrated to Canada when I kept hearing about NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia. However, even as a teenager I had joined the anti-Dubya bashing until when Obama came in. Droning over aside, I never trusted any aspects of "libertarianism" at all, even when I was introduced to such a concept. To me, libertarianism sounds too suspiciously like liberalism. In essence, libtertarianism is basically Classical Liberalism that hasn't been given the Post-Modernism treatment.

      That being said, there are differences between actual conservatives and "cuckservatives". Cuckservatives support the faux-conservative values as mentioned above. Would a real conservative support unfettered free trade, even at the expense of the loss of livelihood in a typical American community?

      Most Westerners these days have no longer view sacrifice and hard work as essential. Technology has indeed eased up our lives, but it does have its own drawbacks. The rise in living costs has made most of the millennial generation more desperate for extreme solutions, which explains the resurgence of Marxism on the left and Fascism on the right. It also explains how the get-rich-quick schemes have become popular with most of the millennials. I don't blame them if they lost faith in hard work and sacrifice. It only brings out the worst in people if they had to sacrifice their own comforts.

      (end part one, will be continued in part two)

    5. (Part Two)

      It is only Western Europeans that have grown soft, while Central and Eastern Europeans are still working hard and sacrificing some of their comforts. Even as early as the 1960s, American consumerism was in full swing:

      I also believe that Western parents had a role to play in failing to raise their children well, and even cartoons have shaped the childhoods of the millennials today. Here's an example of one particular cartoon from Canada that has gained notoriety with parents:



      You could say that the media also plays a vital role in creating a generation of screwups, with all of the participation trophies, ribbons and everything else.

      On a different note aside, while I would admire Russians for their gutsy determination, I have to admit that Asian societies, especially East Asian societies, have been bred and raised on far too much collectivism, without any regard for individual rights. Even the Philippines is guilty of harboring a sort of collectivist culture, especially with family dynasties that have arisen as a result of both Spanish and American colonial rule. Then again, collectivism in general is nothing but poison that crushes the individuality of each person suffering from lack of individualism.

      On a final note, Western Christianity has been damaged beyond repair. Evangelicals, charismatic Catholics and all other sorts of Protestant factions have been compromised with the whole "Judeo-Christian" garbage. Eastern and Oriental Christianity so far, hasn't suffered as much damage as their Western counterparts did, although communist secret police infiltration of those certain churches have been as damaging.

  30. What Arevordi has been talking about as long as I can remember, the neo-bolshevik planned destruction of society from within by deliberately destroying the education system and by engineering society based on the principles of individualism and consumerism. The seeds were firmly planted by Levon T Petrosyan, continued and accelerated during Kocharyan and especially Sarkisyan, and will be completed (with the final nail in the coffin) during Pashinyan. God help Armenia

    Ովքե՞ր և ինչու՞ են «պայթեցում» մեր կրթական համակարգը. «Հայացք Հայքից»

    I guess its not all that bad, in the not to distant future we can be proud of our western-inspired education system and resultant society. Hopefully soon we'll see some of this "human-rights" being experienced in Armenian society:

    NBC Promotes 11-Year-Old 'Drag Kid' Who Performed At Adult Gay Bar

  31. Chatlax Nikol went to kiss Putin's ass and ask for favors but ended up getting bitch slapped instead. Modern Armenian society is replete with gypsy-like whores willing to sell their country for a few Dollars or Pounds. Are comatose and quite Russophobic American-Armenians finally waking up from stupidity? The following articles were just released -

    Russia Raises Gas Prices for Armenia in New Year

    London's anti-Russian organization revealed in Armenia

    How Long Will the Self-Delusion Last?

    Bad News Beginning

    1. Hi Arevordi,

      Vanetsi again.

      Possibly Prince Charles intended visit in 2013:


      Was for two main purposes:

      1. appointment of Armen Sargsyan
      2. and the anti-russian organization operating out of Armenia


      Why would a high ranking Royal make a visit to Armenia of all places, as soon as i noticed this in 2013 i knew this was fishy.

    2. I think the Amulsar mining project had a lot to do with Prince Charles' visit to Armenia.

    3. I agree with, Arto. Charlie was there most probably to discuss Amulsar, as well as bring Armen Sargsyan back into the picture in Armenia. Members of the so-called royal family in Britain would not dare get their hands dirty by directly getting involved in the domestic/political affairs of countries around the world. That's what the British Embassy, the British Council and characters like Armen Sargsyan are for...

  32. California AnonymousJanuary 6, 2019 at 8:38 PM


    This is extremely disturbing, to say the least. The Turkish Azeri infiltration in Armenian society you talk about in the blog. This is sickening beyond any words...... Our Country’s worst enemy, beyond any doubt, is us, as a lot of our forefathers have proclaimed. I don’t know what to say.....

    I agree with everything you say. I have been telling people I will believe the “Velvet Revolution” when Nikol gives Levon the-most-evil, the same treatment that he is giving Kochar. It’s pretty obvious walking the streets of Yerevan and talking with the various strata of society here regarding all you say including the “Artsakh clan”. I can see with my own eyes and brain, 24/7, the crowd psychosis of Yerevan, if that is the right phrase. No need to mention the odaramolutyun of new the generation’s ignorant worship of all that is in English and that is American etc. The sick issue of lack self-esteem which is endemic in the psyche of of our people. Look at all the stupid English, even misspelled names of shops, translated BACK to Armenian,.. it’s truly pathetic.

    As you say the non-locals have been working on this for a long time. Importantly, our people have been ready and receptive to this kind foreign influence since at least the introduction of the self-chosen’s anointed to our country and highlands. I can’t add anything to what you say other than one question and two items:

    1- I don’t understand the Russian approach because of the language barrier, and because the internal politicking of the Russian Federation may be a whole lot more complex than that of the US, which is actually pretty simple. Namely, the clown show of the US political parties, the two ring circus, even the controlled opposition in the Alt-media and the deep state and the swamp which is increasingly NZWO, despite the lies of Trump; just as it was with his preceding POTUS’s. It is pretty clear by now that even the slowest brains must have understood that Trump is part of the swamp. In fact he is accelerating the Odet Yenon plan.

    2- regarding your comments about the coming war and opening the country's gates to Anglo-American-Jews.... I think it’s much worse than that. I think it’s quantum step up for danger and toxicity...

    3- The one massive item that I can add to your thoughts is of no less significant than all the significant issues of fear and danger that you’ve mentioned. It is the policy shift that Is clear as light, the effect of the so-called “Central Bank of Armenia” (as a conduit of the IMF and the “newo-liberal” agenda). It is obvious to me that this is being used in co-ordination with the Nikol “Velvet Revolution” agenda to reinforce the feel-good mood of the sheeple here. The shadow banking “Vark’s” (loans) adverts are everywhere. The local bank loan-departments are JAMMED with people. I can see it all with my own eyes. In one word, I’ve coined the term “The consumer Bubble of HAYASTAN”. In my mind, it is a straight analog of the housing bubble of the mid-2000’s before the “Great Recession” in the USA. What BS!

    The worst part is yet to come. As is always the plan of the fiat-money creating Central Bank of the World, they will call in the loans of the sheeple as; well as that of the sellout deep money state of Hayastan to exacerbate the effect of what YOUR predictions are. They will be EXTREMELY WELL co-ordinated time-wise. If you have any info on the IMF RE Armenia, etc. please email me.

    The best to your family for the new year. And to our Fatherland.

    1. Thank you, my friend. My best regards to you as well.

      The Russian approach to all this has also been an enigma/puzzle for me as well. It feels/seems as if they are taking a step back (knowing that Armenia can't cut its umbilical cord with Russia and survive) and allowing us the proverbial rope to eventually hang us with (force us to give up territories around Artsakh) in order to force Baku into the CSTO and the Eurasian Union, knowing they will still maintain control over Armenia. That Armenia is getting flooded by Globalists/Westerners in the process does not seem to worry them too much. Perhaps because as I said they know that Armenia has no choice but to remain in the Russian orbit.

      Regarding your other point: Wasn't it the British industrialist/imperialist Cecil Rhodes that said -

      “Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for making the Anglo Saxon race but one Empire? What a dream, but yet it is probable; it is possible”

      “We must find new lands from which we can easily obtain raw materials and at the same time exploit the cheap slave labor that is available from the natives of the colonies. The colonies would also provide a dumping ground for the surplus goods produced in our factories”

      “To think of these stars that you see overhead at night, these vast worlds which we can never reach. I would annex the planets if I could; I often think of that. It makes me sad to see them so clear and yet so far”

      And Wasn't it Nathan Mayer Rothschild that said -

      “Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws”

      “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply”

      Financial institutions, economic systems, industry, banks, trade, money, etc., are the alpha and the omega of all nations on earth today without exception, and Anglo-American-Jews control all of it. Money rules and Western powers are the rulers money. Armenia fell victim to the gods of money as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed. This is essentially why all sorts of Western organizations operate in Armenia, why Armenia is the recipient of Western financial aid, why the Armenian Dram is pegged to the US Dollar and why Armenian money is printed in Europe. The same setup was more-or-less put in place in Russia as well during the 1990s. Putin's government seems to have made some changes in this regard (I am not too familiar with the particulars) but they still have some vulnerabilities. As independent as Russia is, it is still somewhat dependent on the Western financial system to operate around the world.

      Anglo-American-Jews will not be defeated until the Western financial paradigm (including the role of US Dollar as a global reserve currency) is shattered and replaced with another one. I don't see this happening in the foreseeable future.

  33. Շնորհավոր Սուրբ Ծնունդ
    счастливого Рождества
    Merry Christmas to all our Orthodox brothers and sisters around the world.

  34. 30000 Indians in Armenia today! Our homeland is becoming a typical trashy country.


    1. Is this for real?!

      There is no 30,000 of any minority in the country, how can there be 30,000 Indians?! Who the fuck is allowing this?! If this is the new norm in chatlax Nikol's new Armenia, say goodbye to Armenia. When is the bad news coming out of the country going to stop? Anyone that supports this administration is either a fucking idiot or a filthy traitor. Sadly, we have a LOT of fucking idiots and filthy traitors in our midst. I want the reader to take note that this process is essentially how Armenia was slowly depleted of native Armenian highlanders during the past one thousand years and replaced by other peoples passing through the region.

      We as a people/nation are digressing culturally, politically and genetically.

      Not too long ago I told an Armenian in Yerevan that official Yerevan should allow a few thousand South African Boers (who are being terribly persecuted by South African Blacks) to move into Armenia and establish farms, which they are very good at, he almost had a heart attack at my suggestion. This idiot must be very happy now...

      A "proud" Armenian where I live once said to me, we Armenians are lucky that Armenia does not have a sea coast. Taken aback by the unusual comment, I asked him why would he say something like that. He said, so that Russians would stay away from Armenia. This idiot must also be very happy now...

      Come to think of it, we Armenians deserve all this. One of the favorite pass-times of Armenians in Armenia is watching Indian Soap Operas and movies.

      Let's also remember that Gypsies are genetically/ethnically Indians. What we are seeing may therefore be the beginnings of another population displacement cycle. Just like in the past when the genetic/cultural vacuum left by Armenians leaving Armenia would eventually be filled by others like the Gypsies, Armenians today are again leaving Armenia and Indians and others are coming in. What's more, many (if not most) of these Indians are from the lower classes of Indian society. So, we are getting their trash, as if we don't have enough ourselves. Let's understand here that even if a few thousand of these people remain, it can have a significant genetic/cultural impact on a small country like Armenia.

      All of this, from the popularity of Indian Soap Operas to now allowing tens-of-thousands of Indians into our tiny and impoverished homeland - must somehow be related to our people's genetic memory. Bravo Armenians! You are doing an amazing job with Armenia...

    2. From what I can tell, the Indian migration started under Serj Sarkisyan when he took a trip to India and agreed to wave the visa requirements. Apparently Indians can now fly to Armenia without tourist visas and apply for one after the reach Yerevan. They're not the educated ones, but are brought to Armenia to do low wage menial jobs Armenians claim there aren't enough of. Most are likely to be the result of human trafficking by largely Indian assholes who "sell" them as slaves to Armenian assholes, and will have no financial means to return to India when their run ends. The wave is doubling year on year. An easy problem to solve at this early stage by changing a few laws but don't hold your breath.
      Does bring up an interesting question though. For years we've been hearing there aren't enough jobs in Armenia hence the outward migration, but our country is somehow able to accommodate 10's thousands of foreign workers. It was always disturbing for me to see Armenians gladly working in LA carwashes but refusing to do the same type of work back home because if the neighbors see then "amota".

    3. Arto, as I told Ռազմիկ Արտաշես: Yes, it did started during Serj's time in power but it has accelerated greatly since chatlax Nikol came to power. What you bring up about employment is one of the many serious flaws in our people. These flaws are in fact a matter of national security. Think about it: Armenia's worthless young males (the morons our people for some weird reason continue going crazy over) refuse to do dirty work or laborious work (because it's below them, because mama/papa does not approve), so South Asians come in to do the work instead. Armenia's worthless young males then find themselves going to Russia, Europe or North America where they all of a sudden have NO problems doing any kind of dirty or laborious work... So, what we end up having is Armenians leaving Armenia to do low wage dirty work... Indians coming into Armenia to do low wage dirty work. It's a world turned upside down. Bravo Armenians! You are doing a great job with Armenia...

    4. What you say about Armenians living in Armenia to do low wage dirty work and Indians coming in to do low wage dirty work is 100% true, and this is something common in Middle Eastern and Gulf countries, where I can speak from experience. Labour workers and maids are hired from places like India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and the Philippines in countries like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE etc. For some fucked up reason Armenians like to act like the Arabs in this regard. As if it's shameful to do labour work. It's all about the ego and pride.

    5. It's also very Turkish. In traditional Turkish society, men hangout in bars, restaurants and coffee/tea houses as their women work in factories and in the fields. Similarly, labor and hard work is looked down upon by young males in Armenia. This is why a lot of the men in the country are always looking for ways to scam, cheat and steal for a living, as well as shortcuts or exemptions to regulations/laws. The primary intent is to make a 'quick buck' or 'hit the jackpot' as they say in American parlance. For Armenians, 'honorable work' simply means buying and selling stuff, like cheep Turkish goods for example...

    6. I'm a bit shocked and surprised that the whole "we don't want to do menial work in our homelands" has also caught on in Armenia, because this is the type of mentality that is prevalent in most Third World countries, and the movement of migrants, especially Indians in your case, to fill in the work that regular Armenians wouldn't do. I guess that menial work in the more wealthy countries like Canada, the US and Russia is ok, because it pays more than menial work back in Armenia. This mindset is also prevalent among Filipinos, which explains the huge diaspora that we have.


      In our case, it's even worse with illegal Chinese workers filling in jobs that Filipinos don't want to do back home, which they are OK doing it in the Middle East and in the West. I get the feeling that it's either we Filipinos are imitating other Third World people, or they're imitating us.

      Just imagine the reaction among Armenians if 30,000 Filipinos were to come to Armenia to do some domestic work.

  35. These two articles give a more accurate description of the situation with Indians in Armenia. I don't think there are 30 000 Indians who have settled in Armenia (for now). It is mostly that the number of Indian visitors has increased. Nevertheless, we should be worried:


    Հնդիկների ներհոսքի աճն անհանգստանալու առիթ կարող է լինել, և չպետք է խնդիրը համարել ռասիստական կամ նացիոնալիստական․ Ստեփան Դանիելյան


    Անցած մեկ տարվա ընթացքում Հայաստան այցելած հնդիկների թիվը կտրուկ ավելացել է. «Հայոց աշխարհ» 

    Ամբողջական հոդվածը կարող եք կարդալ այս հասցեով՝ https://www.aravot.am/2018/12/15/1001379/ 

    © 1998 - 2018 Առավոտ – Լուրեր Հայաստանից

    PS I've had Yerevan locals who worship the EU tell me that Armenia's population must be 40% French/Italian/German. Now in a sense those are "good genes" (we could use some German discipline for example), but his approach came from a point of view of օտարամոլութիւն: Nevertheless, it is absolutely true that Armenia's finest have left Armenia throughout its past 1500 years at least.

    1. Don't be naive. Exact numbers/figures are not important here. As I said, even a few thousand Africans, Middle Easterners, Central Asia or Southern Asians can have a very adverse effect on our already flawed genetic pool and national culture. Don't forget we are a tiny nation and Armenians will continue leaving for greener pastures elsewhere. Don't forget we are a օտարամոլ people who WILL accept such garbage with open arms. These people coming and going will only stain the country. Yes, this nonsense started during Serj Sargsyan's rule. Couple of years ago I saw a crew of young Bangladeshi men cleaning the streets somewhere in Yerevan. I could not believe my eyes. However, the flow of these Third World undesirables have increased greatly under Nikol's rule. For the FIRST time in my life I saw a number of real Boshas/Gypsies (in their filthy garb) in the streets of Yerevan last summer. If you juxtapose this issue with the current government's Globalist/Western leanings (remember that some of Nikol's officials have openly talked about opening Armenia's borders to allow non-Armenian refugees in), this issue becomes very concerning. Don't take this lightly.

      Theoretically, more European blood (Germanic and Slavic in particular) in Armenia would be therapeutic/beneficial for our race/nation. In fact, more European DNA may offset the non-Armenian DNA that was absorbed into our people during the past one thousand-plus years. But, what European is going to want to live among a people like ours? Short of a major war in Europe, one that will displace large amounts of people, it's not going to happen. That said, we have an opportunity today to try to bring into Armenia several hundred or several thousand Boars from South Africa, but we are not even considering it. Apparently, bringing South Asians and Middle Easterners into Armenia is more inline with Armenian thinking/taste. Many of us do after all look and act Indian somewhat. Again, it must be genetic memory.

      Finally, regarding your last sentence: It would have been complete had you said: Armenia's finest have left Armenia throughout its past 1500 years... and the genetic/cultural vacuum they left was in many cases replaced by non-Armenians from the region. Although I fully agree with you regarding our people's օտարամոլութիւն, we do nevertheless have the real need to breed out the Gypsy/Central Asian and Middle Eastern heritage from our genetic pool. We need to approach this matter not from a օտարամոլ-s perspective but from a nationalist's perspective. Unfortunately, there is no safe/practical way of doing it. But what's going on in Armenia is the exact opposite of what needs to be done in Armenia...

      Like I said, bravo Armenians! You are doing a wonderful job with Armenia...

    2. You guys are wasting time driving yourselves crazy over these kind of issues. Only another catastrophe or calamity will bring Armenians back to their senses.

    3. Speaking of South Africans, I just found this article, this is just fucking amazing -

      South African-Armenian Solidarity

      Instead of gravitating towards a truly great people like South Africa's Boars (they make great soldiers, workers and farmers) we as a people are gravitating towards garbage as usual. We won't want too many Russians to live in Armenia (because the men are drunks and their women are whores) but we are perfectly fine with Indians and Iranians coming into Armenia in droves. Generally speaking, modern Armenians have a natural tendency to gravitate culturally towards American Blacks, Mestizo, Middle Easterners, Central Asians and Indians. Those of us who prefer to gravitate towards Europeans/Russians are usually the ones seeking to abandon their Armenian identity often because they are ashamed of it's tendency to be drawn to garbage. This is why Armenian pop culture today is absolutely saturated with Afro-American and Kurdo-Turkish influences - and virtually no European or Russian folk/classical influences. The time when Armenian identity/culture beautifully commingled with traditional/classical European identity/culture was during the Russian and Soviet periods of our history. The only thing "independence" gave us as a people is the freedom to be trashy.

      Like I have been saying -

      The Russian/Soviet period in Armenia gave us Aram Khachaturyan

      The post-Soviet "independent" period gave us Aram Asatryan

    4. @Anonymous
      How many more catastrophes do we need before we wisen up. Any more catastrophes and there won't be an Armenia left.

    5. On the South African topic , Georgia has already a number of Boer farmes that have emigrated there. The Georgian government has given them land at very good ,attractive terms, and the Boer is very happy to develop the land and bring with him the vast and enormous technical know how on farming. Georgia benefits from the import of technology and the Boer has land that he can develop in peace , without the impending potential of physical harm, murder, land grab without compensation and the criminal hatred of blacks toward non blacks. Why is Armenia not doing something similar is anyone's guess. Boers are a sturdy breed, racially conscious, hard workers, honest and christians. Adding a community of Boers into Armenia will an enhancement to the gene pool. Recently a party of Boers visited Stavropol with the intention of migrating there. They are speaking of around 15000 people. I personally met a few of the boers that settled in Georgian farmlands, they are very pleased and in process of bringing more of their kin. Very bad news if Armenia foolishly , criminally stupid, an aberrant insanity,permits the opening of borders thus encouraging the invasion of third worlders into tiny land locked Armenia. The landlocked paradise will be swamped by an unstoppable tsunami of " refugees" ( fake refugees) before you finish your breakfast. It is a recipe of ethnicide and deracination. Armenia is a nation state and homeland for Armenians only , it is not an international,multiracial theme park and it should never be on that path which is a passport to racial dissolution and oblivion.

    6. The traditional/conservative/ethnic Armenian mindset works more along the line of Afro-American, Mestizo, Turkish, Kurdish, Indian, Middle Eastern and Central Asian culture. Like I said, Boers make great fighters, builders and farmers. In fact, a handful of Boer farmers can put all of Armenia's farmers (those crazy about attacking their crops with tonnes of poisons like Round Up) out of business in a very short period of time. And trust me, they can also out-fight and out-mate Armenians. This realization, subconscious in my opinion, is the problem. Armenians, subconsciously/instinctively fear the presence of large numbers of European peoples like Boers or Russians in Armenia. Subconsciously/instinctively, Armenians fear being out-performed in their homes. This is why nationalistic/conservative/traditional Armenians are vehemently against seeing Russians or other European in Armenia, but they have no problems for instance with large numbers of Yezdis in the country. This is why trying to bring Boers into Armenia has not even crossed the minds of our so-called leaders. I am not talking about օտարամոլ Armenians who would love to assimilate into European/Western civilization, I am talking about traditional/conservative Armenians.

      PS: I dislike/distrust Georgians as much as anyone, but they are way ahead of us Armenians, culturally/racially speaking.