Armenia needs to do more than just suspend relations with Hungary - September, 2012

I'm very pleased with the way president Serj Sargsyan took the unfortunate opportunity presented by the recent pardoning of an axe murderer to carry-out a very powerful public relations assault. However, I hope the anger in Yerevan goes beyond giving angry speeches and burning the flags of Azerbaijan and Hungary. In my opinion, the Armenian state reserves the legal and moral right to have the rabid animal that was set free in Baku killed. I hope Armenian officials will be looking into this mater, and I hope Russia's special services can provide Yerevan with some assistance in that regard.

Nevertheless, what happened in Hungary several days ago was typical Western/NATO style provocation followed-up by typical Turkic behavior. And I must say I am very glad it occurred!

This latest Western/Turkic affront against Armenia should again serve as a wake-up call to our politically illiterate people (although I am not holding my breath).
What occurred is a great opportunity to again show our Hollywood-struck peasantry and Democracy Now(!) idiots in Armenia and in the diaspora the true face of not only Turkic peoples but that of the political West as well. Let's not fool ourselves into thinking that this is an isolated incident involving only Hungary (a NATO and EU member state). I realize that when it comes to Western style politics, Armenian memory is very short and forgiving. Therefore, allow me to remind you that the British did something very similar with the Lockerbie bomber a couple of years ago. Simply put, British officials released a Libyan terrorist responsible for the murder of 270 innocent souls for an undisclosed business deal between London and Tripoli. Of course this deal between the two governments occurred before London was presented with the historic opportunity to help destroy Libya and kill tens-of-thousands of innocent civilians in the process, which it gladly did of course...

There are countless other similar stories found in the annals of Western style politics.

Western officials of today are of the type that would sell their mothers and daughters into prostitution or slavery just to make a quick profit. The western world today is totally devoid of cultural creativity, compassion, morality, patriotism, family and God. Western Globalism has turned westerners into animals only concerned about self-gratification and not much else.

Anyway, let's see if our psychologically disturbed Washington-led zombies such as Ara Manoogian of Policy Forum Armenia (PFA) will take this opportunity to stop their hateful protests against the Armenian state and take their doom&gloom rhetoric to the doors of Azeri and European officials instead.

But again, I am not holding my breath.

The types of twisted freaks Washington has running around Armenian society these days posing as "rights advocates", "independent journalists" and "political activists" are strictly programmed to work only against the Armenian state. Their courage and political understanding is of the kind that can only be used against their homeland. These vermin run back into their holes when the time comes to stand-up to Armenia's real enemies. In fact, they are not even capable of recognizing who or what are Armenia's real enemies. Therefore, expect our shameless "rights" activists and "opposition" types in the diaspora and in the homeland to somehow turn all this against the Armenian state.

In fact, when I close my eyes I can almost hear their rhetorical farting:

"Serjik had time to stop this from happening but he did nothing"
Or something to the effect of:
"Serjik is the real problem because he allows his oligarchs to rob, kill and/or maim Armenians in the Armenia"

"Serjik is the real problem because he allows Armenians to kill Armenians in the military"
Or better yet:
"had Armenian been a Democratic nation, officials at the EU or NATO would not have allowed this to happen"
I have no doubt that variations of the statements above, and much-much worst, are being uttered as I write this. I have no doubt that vermin working for Western propaganda outlets such as Policy Forum Armenia, Civilitas, Hetq, Lragir or ArmeniaNow are loosing sleep at nights trying to figure out how they can somehow turn this latest Western/Turkish affront against Armenia against Armenian President Serj Sargsyan instead. The depth to which our Western-led activists are capable of going to these days is limitless. One simply cannot reason with clinically sick people that are intellectually deficient, psychologically twisted and emotionally damaged. Therefore, all we can do at this time is to simply know who they are and to keep an eye on them for there will come an appropriate time to silence them.

And speaking of keeping an eye on them, t
he following is a partial list of dangerous individuals and organizations currently working within Armenian society -

Policy Forum Armenia, Civilitas, ARF branches in the United States, the so called "Sardarapat" movement, the so called Heritage political party, Radio Liberty / Azatutyun Radio, ArmeniaNow, Hetq, Lragir, Asbarez, Armenian Weekly, Richard Giragosian, Ara Manoogian, David Grigorian, Raffi Hovanissian and family, Paruyr Haykiryan, Levon Petrosian, Onnik Krikorian, Karen Hakobian, Levon Parseghyan, John Hughes, Nanore Barsoumian, Edik Baghdasaryan, Georgy Vanian, Liana Aghajanian and Arthur Sakunts...

As I said, this is only a partial list.

The aforementioned are organizations and individuals that are more-or-less tasked with fomenting political unrest in Armenia, driving a wedge between Yerevan and Moscow and bringing Armenia under the suzerainty of the political West - so that more Armenians can get hacked to death in their sleep under a NATO flag!

Guess what folks, it isn't going to happen!

Western operatives as well as advocates of Globalism in Yerevan will be made to understand that Armenia's future lies with Russia, even if this somber realization for them will require the spilling of their blood on the streets of Yerevan. Closer and deeper cooperation and collaboration with the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran is Armenia's only way forward in the Caucasus for now and for the foreseeable future. Anyone that does not agree with this statement is either an agent of the West or simply a hopeless idiot.

Dealing with Western institutions for the past twenty years has brought us nothing but economic pain, political instability and cultural degradation. The Great Game being played by the West in the Caucasus has turned the already troubled region into a serious mess. The Caucasus has been for the past twenty years a volatile powder keg constantly on the verge of explosion. Armenians need to wake-up from their EUrotic fantasies and American dreams and come to the somber realization that Pax Russicana is the only cure for the terrible ailment the region has been suffering from.

In the meanwhile, however, officials in Yerevan seriously need to grow a pair of balls and put a stop to the silent but deadly invasion of Western/Globalist forces into Armenia by implementing the following measures:

  • Immediately recognize the independence of Artsakh or its unification with Armenia. Turks have again proven that negotiations with them are utterly useless.
  • Immediately commence negotiations for joining the Moscow-led Eurasian Union. That is where Armenia naturally belongs. Armenia is a Eurasian nation - genetically, culturally and geographically!
  • Encourage Moscow to build an additional military installation inside the borders of Armenia.
  • Shut down any "news" organization, "think tank" or NGO in Armenia that is not homegrown and/or is operating with funds being brought from European or American sources.
  • Stop the active promotion of the English language in the republic. English is the catalyst and the vehicle upon which Western Globalism travels upon. Armenia's youth would be better off learning Russian, German, French, Persian, Arabic, Chinese, etc.
  • Cut all ties with NATO! What the &#%@ is it good for anyway?!
  • Cut all ties with Globalist institutions such as the IMF and USAID because recent history has clearly revealed that these agencies pose an imminent danger to the healthy and well-being of developing nations.
  • Finally, severely curtail ties with Washington because the capitol of the American empire has been and will always be an anti-Armenian vipers nest.
It pains me greatly that the promising young Armenian officer that was hacked to death in his sleep by an axe wielding Turkic barbarian was in Hungary on a NATO program to learn English. Enough of this madness! As long as Yerevan continues its foolish habit of flirting with the political West, and as long as Yerevan continues cooperating with Globalist institutions, the Armenia state will forever remain economically stagnant, politically unstable and under a constant threat of invasion.

September, 2012


Armenia Suspends Relations with Hungary

President Serzh Sarkisian suspended all relations with Hungary Friday in the aftermath of that country’s decision to covertly extradite an Azeri officer who brutally murdered an Armenian soldier in 2004 during a joint NATO military retreat, reported the presidential press service. After meeting with Armenia’s National Security Council, Sarkisian convened a meeting of the foreign diplomatic corps to convey Armenia’s anger and its decision to immediately suspend relations with Hungary.

Lt. Ramil Safarov sentenced to life in prison in Hungary for hacking to death Armenian officer, Lt. Gurgen Markarian, was sent back to Azerbaijan Friday and, despite assurances, was immediately pardoned and freed by Azeri President Ilham Aliyev. Safarov was given a life sentence in 2006 by the Budapest City Court after he confessed to killing Markarian while both were in Hungary for a 2004 NATO language course. Hungary returned the 35-year-old Safarov to Azerbaijan only after receiving assurances from the Azerbaijani Justice Ministry that Safarov’s sentence, which included the possibility of parole after 25 years, would be enforced.

In very terse remarks, Sarkisian condemned Hungary for the transfer and also criticized the international community for not responding to apparent warnings by Armenia, which adhered to international calls to not politicize the case. In an earlier meeting with Armenia’s National Security Council, Sarkisian announced that he has instructed the defense ministry to place all troops on high alert and urged the National Assembly to convene an emergency session. He also announced that he has a “special assignment” for the head of Armenia’s National Security Service Gorik Hakpyan. Below is the text of Sarkisian’s remarks to diplomats as presented by the presidential office without edits:

Distinguished Ambassadors:

Unfortunately today we invited you to the President’s Office on an extraordinary occasion. As you should know, an officer of the Azeri military who had killed Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan, was transferred to Azerbaijan. The President of Azerbaijan – and we have been warning about it – has immediately granted pardon to him. This has happened because the Government of Hungary, a member State of the European Union and NATO, has made a deal with the authorities of Azerbaijan.

I do not want to revisit the circumstances of the murder of Gurgen Margaryan; you are very well aware of them. As the trial had demonstrated, the horrendous manslaughter took place only because Gurgen Margaryan was an Armenian. Immediately after this crime had been perpetrated the Hungarian authorities as well as our partners – EU and NATO member States, were continually urging us to refrain from politicizing that process. We were continually urged to trust the judiciary of Hungary, a member State to those important alliances.

We have been closely following all the developments around that criminal. This issue has been discussed during each and every meeting with the President, Speaker of the Parliament, Foreign Minister and Ambassador of Hungary, and we have been assured on numerous occasions that such a transfer or a return of a criminal to Azerbaijan was excluded. We have received that same response to our requests during our contacts just a few days ago with the representatives of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry and Parliament. But as a result of perfidious developments the murderer has turned up in Baku and got released.

I have nothing to say about Azerbaijan – just plainly nothing. That country speaks about itself with the actions it takes, and I am not the one to explain those steps. Ambassadors, Ladies and Gentlemen: With their joint actions the authorities of Hungary and Azerbaijan have opened the door for the recurrence of such crimes. With this decision they convey a clear message to the butchers. The slaughterers hereafter are well aware of impunity they can enjoy for the murder driven by ethnic or religious hatred.


I officially announce that as of today we suspend diplomatic relations and all official contacts with Hungary. We expect a precise and unambiguous response by all our partners with regard to this incident. Anyone who tolerates this, will tomorrow be held responsible to history. Half-measures and circumlocution are not acceptable. We will judge the attitude of our partners towards the security of the Armenian nation by their response to this incident. I request you urgently to convey this as my personal message to the Heads of your States and Governments.

That is all I wanted to say. I do not know if Q&A will make sense or not? I think it won’t since what happened can hardly be accommodated by a reasonable mind. A country that considers itself developed and civilized does not have the right to behave this way and it well deserves proper assessment by its partners.


Sarkisian Criticizes International Community

President Serzh Sarkisian criticized the international community on Friday for what he described as a lenient approach to Azerbaijan’s anti-Armenian rhetoric and actions, saying that it is paving the way for another Armenian-Azerbaijani war. He also said that Azerbaijan’s controversial decision to pardon and promote the Azerbaijani army officer who hacked to death an Armenian colleague in Budapest in 2004 is forcing Armenia to “seriously think about changing some of our approached” to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Sarkisian issued the warnings at a meeting with senior U.S., Russian and European diplomats representing their nations at the Vienna headquarters of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. They discussed the fallout from Ramil Safarov’s release from a Hungarian prison late last week.

In his opening remarks publicized by his press office, Sarkisian claimed that by freeing and glorifying the convicted axe-murderer the Azerbaijani government sought to test the international community’s reaction to its “extraordinary steps.” Those steps are part of Baku’s broader strategy of obstructing a peaceful settlement of the conflict and preparing for an eventual attempt to forcibly win back Karabakh and Armenian-controlled territories surrounding it, he said.

“I had felt the consequences of the [1991-1994 Karabakh] war on my skin,” he told the visiting diplomats. “I am sure that no country that cares about the security of our region wants [another] war either. But desires are not enough and actions are needed. And those actions should start with an accurate evaluation of things. In this case, the so-called diplomatic correctness is simply damaging regional security.”

Sarkisian likewise spoke of the possibility of another Karabakh war in a September 2 letter to the Karabakh Armenian leadership. “We don’t want a war, but if we have to, we will fight and win,” he said. Safarov’s release has been criticized by the United States, Russia, the European Union and other Western structures. They have all said that it dealt a serious blow to long-running international efforts to end the Karabakh dispute.

Nevertheless, Sarkisian complained about “international structures” which he said are trying to “equate” the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides in the Safarov affair. “This is a very bad fact,” he said. With the presidential office giving no details of Sarkisian’s ensuing discussion with the OSCE envoys, it was not clear who the Armenian leader is unhappy with. Yerevan might have been upset by EU leaders’ calls for both Armenia and Azerbaijan to “exercise restraint,” which were voiced in response to Safarov’s release.

Sarkisian also criticized the international community’s response to anti-Armenian statements made by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev earlier this year. “When Aliyev started claiming that Yerevan and Armenia as a whole are Azerbaijani lands, nobody reacted to that statement,” he said. “When Aliyev declared that Armenians are his country’s number one enemy which must be destroyed, nobody reacted.”

“To our requests and warnings to the co-chairs [of the OSCE Minsk Group] and others that this is the beginning of a bad process we were getting unacceptable replies to the effect that those statements by Aliyev are meant for domestic consumption,” added Sarkisian.

Aliyev, meanwhile, defended on Friday Safarov’s extradition from Hungary and his decision to immediately pardon the officer. “Those who say that law was broken in this case do not know the reality,” he said, according to the Regnum news agency. “Armenia wants to maintain the status quo in the negotiating process and is therefore exploiting this issue.”

Aliyev spoke at a joint news conference with NATO’s visiting Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The latter said he is “deeply concerned” over the pardoning. Rasmussen expressed the same stance while visiting Armenia on Thursday.


Armenia breaks ties with Hungary over clemency for murderer

Armenia has cut diplomatic ties with Hungary after Budapest allowed an Azerbaijani who was convicted of killing an Armenian tourist to return to his home country. The man was pardoned after returning from Hungary.

I officially declare that starting today, we cease diplomatic relations and all official ties with Hungary,” Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said during a meeting with UN ambassadors.

The announcement came as Budapest permitted Azerbaijani national Ramil Safarov return to his home country after he had been convicted of murdering an Armenian tourist in Budapest. In 2004, Safarov traveled to Budapest to study English in NATO's "Partnership for Peace program." While there, he murdered Armenian national Gurgen Margaryan, who was attending the same course. Safarov killed Margaryan with an ax while he slept.

In his initial testimony, Safarov explained that during the 1993 Armenian occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh, the majority ethnic Armenian region of Azerbaijan where he was born, members of his family were killed in the resulting military conflict. Safarov implied that he killed Margaryan to avenge his relatives. He later changed his testimony, claiming his initial statement was the result of a miscommunication between him and his interpreters. In a revised version of his testimony, Safarov claimed that Margaryan had insulted Azerbaijan's national flag.

The trial was held in Budapest in 2006; a Hungarian court sentenced Safarov to life in prison, and he could not appeal for pardon for 30 years. But on Friday, in accordance with the Strasbourg Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons, Safarov was extradited to his home country. Safarov was pardoned by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev that same day, despite previous assurances by Baku that the convict would not be released before 2037.

The Amnesty Act should be regarded as changing the life imprisonment term to the term which the convict has already done,” a presidential spokesperson said, citing local laws. Safarov had been imprisoned for more than eight years.

While Hungary put forward the 30 year appeal ban, nothing was said about amnesty, added the office. Azerbaijani television showed a smiling Safarov walking through a crowd of supporters, draped in the Azerbaijani flag and carrying a bouquet of roses.

Public outrage engulfs Armenia's capital

A demonstration took place in front of the Hungarian Consulate in Yerevan, Armenia, following the news of Safarov's pardon. Demonstrators held banners reading “Shame on Hungary” and “We demand justice.” Protesters threw tomatoes at the building. On Saturday, dozens returned, saying the protest will continue until the Safrov has been brought to justice. Demonstrators burned a Hungarian flag in protest.

A similar protest took place in front of the Armenian Foreign Ministry in the country’s capital, the Aysor news website reported. The demonstrators demanded the resignation of the head of the Ministry, Edward Nalbandyan, as well as the other officials responsible for releasing Safarov. They also called on authorities to pressure Budapest to make an official apology. Meanwhile, the official website of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has been put out of order. Armenian media say the Armenian Cyber Army hacker group is behind the attack.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry said that Budapest should have foreseen Safarov being granted amnesty.

Armenia has repeatedly informed Hungary that Azerbaijan praises Safarov’s crime at all levels, including the presidential one,” the ministry said in a statement. “Hungary’s government should have realized the consequences of Safarov’s extradition, since this action abolished prosecution of the offense. Thus, Hungary’s government shares the moral responsibility for assisting Safarov in his grievous crime.”

The country's President Sargsyan accused Hungarian authorities of colluding with Azerbaijani authorities to have Safarov released. "The Hungarian authorities have to understand that they made a big mistake. They actually made a deal with Azerbaijani authorities,” he said. The incident sparked concerns in countries as far away as the US. The White House voiced clear disappointment over Safarov’s release, and demanded an explanation from Budapest.

We are communicating to Azerbaijani authorities our disappointment about the decision to pardon Safarov. This action is contrary to ongoing efforts to reduce regional tensions and promote reconciliation. The United States is also requesting an explanation from Hungary regarding its decision to transfer Safarov to Azerbaijan,” Tommy Vietor, the Secretary of the US National Security Council said.

The Nagorno-Karabakh War gave rise to the tensions between the neighboring Caucasus states. First as Soviet republics and then as independent nations, Armenia and Azerbaijan fought from 1988 till 1994 to control the territory. Despite ongoing negotiations between the two countries, with Russia acting as mediator, they have yet to reach a formal resolution to the dispute. The territory is currently ruled by the local government, which is backed by Yerevan.


Russia Condemns Azerbaijani 'Ax Killer' Pardon

Russia condemned on Monday the pardon given to an Azerbaijani army officer who was sentenced to life in prison for murdering an Armenian soldier in Hungary in 2004. In a press release, Russia's Foreign Ministry said the decision by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to pardon Ramil Safarov, who returned to Baku on August 31 following his transfer from Hungary, "undermines efforts... to reduce tensions in the region."

Ramil Safarov had been serving a life sentence for hacking Gurgen Margaryan to death with an ax during a NATO training event in Budapest in 2004. Safarov attacked Margaryan as the Armenian slept, striking him an alleged 16 times. Armenia and Azerbaijan have been at odds since fighting a bitter war over the mainly Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh enclave in the early 1990s. A ceasefire was signed in 1994, but relations continue to be strained.

Hungary said it had agreed to return Safarov to Azerbaijan after receiving assurances that his sentence would be enforced. But Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan has said Hungary made a "gross mistake" in sending Safarov back to Baku, where he was greeted as a national hero, and announced that Yerevan was severing its diplomatic ties with Budapest.

"With their joint actions, Azerbaijan and Hungary opened the door to the recurrence of such crimes," Sargsyan said in comments carried by his press office. "I cannot put up with this. The republic of Armenia cannot put up with this," he added.


Nikolay Bordyuzha: Azerbaijan’s decision to grant pardon to Safarov runs counter to international law

Azerbaijan’s decision to grant pardon to the Armenian officer’s killer runs counter to the norms of international law, Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Nikolay Bordyuzha said in a statement released Monday. “This decision questions the effectiveness of the interstate system of fighting crime,” the statement reads. “This move, which apparently was made for some political reasons, cannot be justified. Making a hero out of the criminal will only contribute to the escalation of the already high tension in the region. I am convinced the international community will not hesitate to give an impartial assessment to what happened,” Nikolay Bordyuzha stressed in his statement.


'We will go to war over axe killer pardon'

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev last week immediately pardoned Ramil Safarov after he was extradited from Hungary, where he had been serving a life sentence for the 2004 killing. Safarov was also promoted to the rank of major, given a house and eight years’ worth of back-pay after returning home to a hero’s welcome, in defiance of assurances from Baku to Budapest that he would serve out his term in Azerbaijan.

“We don’t want a war, but if we have to, we will fight and win. We are not afraid of killers, even if they enjoy the protection of the head of state,”Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian fumed in a statement late on Sunday. “They (Azerbaijanis) have been warned,” he said, calling Azerbaijan a country where “illicit orders set free and publicly glorify every bastard who kills people only because they are Armenians”.

Safarov hacked Armenian officer Gurgen Margarian to death at a military academy in Budapest where the servicemen were attending English-language courses organised by NATO. His lawyers claimed in court that he was traumatised because some of his relatives had been killed during Azerbaijan’s war with Armenia, and alleged that Margarian had insulted his country.

Armenia and Azerbaijan are locked in a long-running conflict over the disputed region of Nagorny Karabakh, where they fought a war in the 1990s. Armenia-backed separatists seized Nagorny Karabakh from Azerbaijan in the war that left some 30,000 people dead. The two sides have not signed a final peace deal since the 1994 ceasefire and there are still regular firefights along the front line. Analysts warn the frozen conflict risks slipping again into full-scale war.

Russia, which is part of the OSCE Minsk Group that is mediating in negotiations to find a peaceful solution to the Karabakh conflict, expressed “deep concern” over the extradition and pardon.

“We believe that these actions of the Azerbaijanis, as well as the Hungarian authorities, go against the efforts agreed at an international level primarily through the OSCE Minsk Group aimed at reducing tension in the region,” Russian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement.

The EU said Baku and Yerevan should refrain from exacerbating the dispute. In a statement, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele said they “are concerned by the news” of the pardon, adding that EU officials were “in contact with the relevant authorities”. EU officials will “continue to follow the situation closely,” the statement said.

“In the interest of regional stability and on-going efforts towards reconciliation,” Ashton and Fuele said they “reiterate their call on Azerbaijan and Armenia to exercise restraint, on the ground as well as in public statements, in order to prevent an escalation of the situation.”

Baku on Monday accused Yerevan of launching a wave of attacks on eight Azerbaijani websites including those of the president and various news portals, sometimes posting photographs of the murdered Armenian soldier. “The very fact of this action speaks of the powerlessness of Yerevan, resorting to the tactics of the weak,” Azerbaijani presidential administration official Elnur Aslanov said in a statement.

The administration also published a series of letters from citizens praising Aliyev for pardoning the convicted killer. “I am grateful to you for the nationwide joy you have given us by releasing Ramil Safarov, returning him to his homeland and, most importantly, doing justice,” wrote one of them, Zamina Aliyeva.

Yerevan on Friday cut diplomatic ties with Hungary over the pardon, while US President Barack Obama said he was “deeply concerned” about the incident. Hungary summoned Azerbaijan’s ambassador on Sunday to protest at Baku’s decision after earlier saying it had been assured Safarov would serve out his term.




    Idiot aliyev has succeeded in temporarily uniting Armenians of all factions around Serj, and Serj's forceful declaration of "Armenia will measure relations with its allies by their reaction to this outrage" has checked the "international community" and forced IT publicly into Armenia's corner.

    Երկաթը տագ-տաք կը ծեծէն: Time to Recognize Artsakh!

  2. Armenian should liquidate this ”national hero” whose hands have Armenian blood on them. In this era when petro money buy everything, the only way is to retaliate and to retaliate with force. This murderer should be liquidated. Miain zecov ga aski prgutiun. We should learn from Israel and from our fedaiys who liberated Artsakh.

  3. Recently, the Armenian Community of Hungary sent a letter to the Armenian President, where it says how they are "dissapointed by the Armenian regime because it didnt help them stop Safarov etc." The full letter is here:

    However, Instead of completely bashing the Armenian regime, one must take a few factors into consideration:
    1. No doubt that steps have been taken by the Armenian regime against Safarov's case in Hungary during the last 11 days, however such steps are kept begind closed doors and remain secret from the public. Also, these cannot be big steps because Armenia doesn't have the capability(see #5. Also, it does not matter what the Armenian leadership did/did not/tried to do to stop Safarov, because all that took place was a fabricated show by NATO and its oil-rich ally country Azerbaijan.

    2. Where was the Armenian Opposition all the time during these years? Why didn't they raise the problem of Safarov's case? My guess is they are more careless than the ruling regime(and in some case more pro-azeri oriented when it comes to solving the Karabakh conflict).

    3. Even if the country's oligarchs were turned to angels overnight, even if many reforms took place in the country, Armenia would still suffer financially. That is why there is one Embassy in Vienna that is responsible for 4 countries. In my opinion, Austria is a good choice because the Mkhitarian Fathers are there, it is a more active community than the Hungarian one.

    4. «Հունգարիայի հայ համայնքը ոչ մի աջակցություն չի սպասում Ավստրայի ՀՀ դեսպանությունից, մենք ինքներս ինչպես միշտ այնպես ել այժմ կձեռնարկենք մեր դժգոհությունը արտահայտելու համար Հունգարիայի կառավարությանը»: This last phrase tells a lot of things. First, it shows the typical diasporan mentality that Armenians have, which is demanding and demanding for the sake of the cause. Second, it shows the uselessness of writing this message to the Government, OR it shows the political illeteracy of writing it. Such letters should not be made public, so that we do not seem divided in front of the Hungarians and azerbaijanis. Second of all, Armenians must come to the realization that creating lobbies in western countries will not get us anywhere. The west has betrayed, destroyed, and sold Armenia countless times. And today, Obama gives lip service to naive Armenian-Americans that he will recognize our Genocide. The same was done by previous presidents. Armenians should understand that only a Strong and Powerful Armenia can make turkey recognize the Armenian Genocide. They should also realize that it is not the big diaspora that has been keeping the peace in the Caucasus, but the Armenian Military. I quote Arevordi's words from its previous blog post:

    "Immensely arrogant and nauseatingly self-righteous, diasporan Armenians in particular have a tendency of either treating Armenia as an exotic zoo where they aloofly observe the "primitive" natives from behind their protective shells; a public gallery where they proudly showcase themselves or their wares; or an open-air laboratory where they arrogantly mix all kinds of dangerous sociopolitical concoctions. Very few diasporans today actually appreciate their newly reborn homeland; very few diasporans today truly understand the predicament of their embattled homeland in the Caucasus; very few diasporans today genuinely feel any affinity toward their compatriots in their homeland; and fewer still understand what the homeland needs and - more importantly - what it does not need."

  4. 5. How can a country which is landlocked, under constant threat of two neighboring enemies(one being a NATO member, the other being the brother of that NATO member), under the dependence of land transport of another neighbor(also a close ally to NATO), under the pressure of helping Syrian Armenians in its limits(this is another subject), doing its best to keep peace in the region, be able to create a powerful lobby in a country which is another NATO and taking direct orders from Washington, and make the punishment of Safarov a possibility? Sooner or later this was going to happen, since oil-hungry Hungary is very close to turkey(ethnically too), to Washington and to azerbaijan.

    In conclusion, Armenia should cut its ties to NATO, and stick closer to the CSTO. Armenia belongs in the East, in the Eurasian Union. The future Union is the best choice for Armenia, geographically, economically and politically speaking. Geographically Armenia is closer to these states. Economically, Armenian market is most recognized in these states. Politically speaking, we all know why...

    Armenia is not in a position powerful enough to seldom stop Hungary let Safarov go. Many naive Armenians like to complain that Armenia takes its orders from Moscow. What's funny however is that the entire NATO members, as well as most of Latin America and the Arab World takes its orders from Washington.

  5. "I have no doubt that vermin working for Western propaganda outlets such as Policy Forum Armenia, Civilitas, Hetq, Lragir or ArmeniaNow are loosing sleep at nights trying to figure out how they can somehow turn this latest Western/Turkish affront against Armenia against Armenian President Serj Sargsyan instead. The depth to which our Western-led activists are capable of going to these days is limitless."

    You were spot on. The scum involved in the article try to pass the heat from aliyev to Sarkisyan, falsely comparing the assassination of a sleeping Armenian student to corruption which exists in Armenia and every other country. Beyond reprehensible, a disgrace to the memory of Lt. Margaryan. Self-destructive peasantry indeed.

    I feel bad for the goats that these անգրագէտ jackasses fornicate with...

  6. Three words come to mind: Reprehensible. Disgusting. Idiotic. Believe it or not "Aravod" is not the worst or the most dangerous of the whole bunch. What these so-called "opposition media" have been doing is very dangerous for Armenia. In fact, I don't know who/what is worst for the young republic: the Armani wearing chobans monopolizing major businesses in the republic, or the Western-led self-destructive peasantry in opposition emphatically sowing anger, despair and hopelessness in the country?

  7. How can we get rid of the chobans while keeping the country intact and without letting the opposition come to power? It's a pretty tight situation...

  8. And that is ultimately - the main problem - Armenia has. This problem is something we all need to somehow figure out how to fix. In the meanwhile, however, I'll stick with the chobans knowing that they will eventually become civilized...

  9. I heard about the news of the Azeri officer's return to Azerbaijan as a 'hero' by the Azeri government. Quite horrible really, but at least the Azeris may have unintentionally shot themselves in the foot with their actions. If it all comes down to such a dreaded confrontation in the streets of Yerevan, would a civil war be the only solution?

    On the other hand, is Washington so callous as to even aid and abet those thugs who want to wipe Armenia off the map?

  10. Folks,
    Any chance Armenia will take this opportunity to unilaterally recognize Artsakh's independence?

    Btw, saw a photo of that animal paraded around in Baku, looks like Hungarian jail fed him pretty well.


  11. I really dont think so. NKR is much bigger than this case. NKR is a serious international problem and Armenia cant just make a unilateral decision about it.


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