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No talk on Russian politics would be complete without the mention of the eccentric and ever outspoken Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Zhirinovsky may be politically righteous and an extreme patriot, but he is also somewhat crazy. He is essentially the Kremlin's barking dog. Zhirinovski is not an intellectual, nor is he a diplomat. Zhirinovski simply speaks his mind, which, in a sense, is the mind of the average Russian patriot. He uses language that Russian diplomats avoid using but would nevertheless want conveyed to the opposition in some form or another. In a limited sense, America's George Bush is similar to Zhirinovsky, albeit without the theatrics that has made Zhirinovsky popular amongst Russians. Both men, however, simply appeal to the average patriot-citizen in their respective countries. Having said that, Zhirinovsky definitely has an important role to play in Russian society and politics, and he is also a great ally of Armenians and a genuine scourge of Turks.



Russian ultranationalist Zhirinovsky nominated for president


Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a flamboyant and controversial Russian ultranationalist politician, was nominated on Thursday as a candidate for the country's March 2, 2008 presidential election. He was nominated by his party, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR). Speaking at an LDPR congress in Moscow, Zhirinovsky said he was seeking to turn Russia into a parliamentary republic. He also urged efforts to curb corruption, saying it was "the most appalling social woe," and highlighted Russia's territorial integrity as a key point in his election program. Zhirinovsky once confessed to dreaming of a day when Russian soldiers could "wash their boots in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean," and to have threatened to seize Alaska from the United States as well as invade ex-Soviet Baltic states in order to get access to their ports. Zhirinovsky came third in the presidential election in 1991. His party, which was the first to emerge in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, has since enjoyed modest popularity, although its ratings have tended to decline of late. In the latest, December 2, parliamentary polls, the LDPR came third, gaining 8.2% of the vote. Although he is often portrayed as a fierce critic of the government, Zhirinovsky and his party generally support Kremlin initiatives in parliament.

Source: http://en.rian.ru/russia/20071213/92278399.html

Zhirinovsky vs. the Turks

Russia's move south is above all a defensive measure, a response; for today the threat to Russia comes from the south. From Afghanistan, which is already attacking Tajikistan; from Tehran, which is planning the Pan-Islamic seizure of massive stretches of land; from Ankara, where plans for a Great Turkish State have long been ready. Pan-Turkism threatens Russia because of its large population of Turkic speakers, Muslims, and Persian speakers--a fertile soil, an attractive bait that entices Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey northwards to create a Great Afghanistan, a Great Iran, a Great Turkey. At the very least, Turkey is dreaming of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, Georgia, in order to create a country with four seas--the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Caspian and Marmara, and even the Aegian. While Russia will lose everything--"the great and talented" Turkish people deserve to live in the center of the world, in a fragrant region, in the shores of six [sic] seas, while the weak powerless Russian nation must die. Is that what the history of mankind has ordained? No, this is impossible.

Nothing would happen to the world should the whole Turkish nation perish, although this is not something I wish upon them. But let the Turks remember how they came to Asia Minor, barbarously seizing Constantinople, looting it, massacring and subjugating all the peoples of Asia Minor. Let them remember how they massacred 1.5 million Armenians in April 1915. Let them remember this, and let mankind's conscience tremble at the way a whole people can be massacred in the space of three nights.1 And millions of Kurds are groaning under the Turkish yoke and are unable to live in their own Kurdish state. A bitter fate has divided them. A large part of them live in Eastern Anatolia, on Turkish territory; some are in Syria, northern Iraq, western Iran, and the Transcaucasus. This is a people of thirty million. It has the right to its national freedom. Who can give them this? Only Russia. It is impossible today to place victim and aggressor on one set of scales. We finally have to understand who brought civilization to this world. Who conquered the cosmos--and who seized others' lands, looted other peoples, drove them off into slavery, burned and turned Christian churches into mosques.

What culture did the Turks bring to Asia Minor? Even today, Western tourists in Turkey are shown the remains of Byzantine culture. There is no Turkish culture--you don't have culture with an unsheathed sword. Who provided the basis of the Turkish army? The Janissaries. Who were they? Slav boys, captured along with their parents. The parents were killed and the boys were brought up in the Turkish spirit and turned into the core of Turkey's fighters.2 It's somehow strange that Slav boys destroyed Slav peoples while fighting under the Turkish flag. Who will answer for this? Who will pay for the desecration of Byzantine culture, of Slavic peoples? There was no Nuremburg trial to judge Turkey's genocide against Armenians. But where is the difference between the Turks and the Germans? The fascist regime was guilty for the deaths of fifty million people. The Germans had a population of seventy to eighty million. This is the same as when the seventeen million-strong Turkish nation wipes out 1.5 million Armenians. It is the same proportion. The Turks brought as much evil to mankind as the Germans. But the Germans, their party, and their ideology were put on trial. An international trusteeship was set up. Even now there are foreign troops in Germany. But no one punished the Turks. It turns out that you can wipe out the Armenians because they are a little people. But you can't do this to the French, Russians, or British, because then you'll be put on trial. But such political "hazing" won't work. All nations are equal. No one is permitted to engage in genocide. Today Georgia is wiping out the Abkhaz and Ossetians, but Europe is silent. Flatten Sukhumi with tanks. Dismember Abkhaz corpses. After all, your leader [Georgian president Eduard] Shevardnadze helped shake the USSR's position in Europe and destroy its military might throughout the world.3 And in gratitude to Mr. Shevardnadze for this he is allowed to engage in political banditry. There are not many Abkhaz, but they want to live on their own land, in freedom. But they are deprived of this right. This is genocide, racism, fascism, and it is happening today. Who will stop it?

And what about the confrontation between Azeris and Armenians? How much longer will this last? Until the annihilation of the Armenian people. But this time it's the Azeris, not the Turks. Another Turkic nation. But that's the key to the issue: Azeris and Turks are the same. In 1915, the Turks massacred 1.5 million. The Azeris have been doing this since February 1986, five years already [sic]. The Turks took three nights, while the Azeris will take fifteen years. And they will try to wipe out the Armenians completely in order ultimately to wipe out the Armenian state. Why? Because it is a Christian state. It hinders the linking up of two Turkic peoples, the Azeris and the Turks. What is Nakhichevan?4 An artificial creation. Azeris on Armenian territory. Armenia has always been there, was there from ancient times. The country of three seas--the Caspian, Black, and Mediterranean. And what is left of Armenia today? A little strip of land is all that is left of a great state, a state with a great culture, the first slave-owning state on the territory of present-day Russia.

So the Russians cannot be blamed for anything. We are not preparing to punish the Turkish, Iranian, or Afghan peoples. But we want freedom for the peoples who live in the south. And today the south is covered in blood. Islamic guards wipe out dissidents in Iran. For ten years they fought with Iraq. For what? For ten years the Kurds' attempt at freedom have been suppressed. The Turks have bombed civilians, Turkish tanks have flattened populated areas. In other words, let the Kurdish nation, which is far from small, perish. Thirty million people. This a major state by European standards. But Europe is silent. It has profitable relations with Ankara. If we close our eyes to the Kurdish problems, the Turks will have good relations with the Europeans. And what did the Turks do to the communists? They tricked them onto boats, took them out into the Black Sea, massacred them and threw the corpses overboard. That's how you settle scores with the political opposition. Is this democracy? It's barbarism, savagery.

Lenin thought that Kemal [Atatürk] was a Turkish Bolshevik.7 He gave him guns and money. And what was the upshot of this? In the Second World War, the Turks were to attack the Caucasus. Our troops were there waiting for the assault. In the Turkish High Command all the plans were drawn up. Stalin's mistake was that he did not punish the Turks at the end of the war. Turkey should have been punished because many Russians died on the Klukhor pass and in other parts of the Caucasus. This is because [the Soviet secret police chief Lavrenti] Beria would not allow fresh troops to be moved from the Transcaucasus to help in the defense of the North Caucasus against the German forces that were pushing toward Grozny, Baku, Makhachkale--because of the threat of a Turkish attack. So in reality Turkey did take part in the Second World War, just as Japan did. We punished Japan. But only because the Americans wanted it. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The Turks did not attack Vienna or Paris, so no one demanded that it be punished.

There can be different opinions and viewpoints on this. And who will be judge of this? Will we Russians really be wrong to protect the Armenians, not only as Christians but as a nation that for centuries has been subject to annihilation from the south, east, and west? Will we be wrong to give freedom to the Kurds and Baluchis? Will it not be right to give Uzbeks, Tajiks, Pushtus, and Daris the right to live anywhere they like on the whole expanse of land from Tashkent to Kabul on the condition that they not form bands? Will they not be grateful to us for this? And will not southern Azerbaijan be grateful for the chance to unite with northern Azerbaijan? They are a single people. But there are about sixteen million of them living in northern Iran who are not allowed to speak their native language or consider themselves Azeris. And the Baluchis? And the Arabs in southern Iran? All of them will be grateful. Including the Persians. And even the Turks. Because today they live on Cyprus as if they are in a besieged fortress. This is a Greek island; it was never Turkish. And it must once again become Greek--either a free Cypriot republic or a part of Greece. Cyprus must not be occupied by Turkish troops. How many Greeks were wiped out? How many Greek women raped? They can tell you about that in Athens. And do the Dardanelles really belong to Turkey? They always belonged to Greece. And Thrace? This is Bulgarian and Greek territory. So why do the aggressors from the days of the great wars continue to be there? Now, when everyone is talking about regional coopeation, we can clear all this up. There should be no labels--aggressor, invader. The Turks can live throughout the area--they can go back to the area around Tashkent and Ashkhabad, to Karakalpakia and the Aral Sea, the areas which they originally left in search of better lands.

But you should improve the land where you were born and live, not seize other towns and countries, wiping out as you go the people who live there and their culture. Up to now they [the Turks] have not created anything in Asia Minor to replace what was once there. Asia Minor, Greece, Rome,8 Mesopotamia, Egypt--all this was under Turkish domination, was taken by force and for centuries groaned in slavery. And only Russia liberated North Africa and southern Europe from Turkish domination, from Ottoman rule.9 Even now, millions of people are grateful to Russia for this. So isn't Russia capable, should she not make one final gesture? One spurt, one small spurt south, so that Russian railway lines would be laid there, and Russian trains--Moscow-Delhi, Moscow-Kabul, Moscow to the coast of the Indian Ocean, Moscow-Tehran, Moscow-Baghdad, Moscow-Ankara--would be moving day and night along them, carrying freight and people, safely. All for the economy, for the development of culture.

Source: http://www.meforum.org/article/229

Vladimir Zhirinovsky: Territories should be returned to Armenia and Kurdistan

Russian deputy speaker: “Russia has every reason to recognize Artsakh, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Transdnestr”

“The international situation has given us a positive example – if Albanians receive the right to establish their own independent state in the foreign territory, so ancient Armenian people must perhaps receive the right to restore the territory;” leader of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, Deputy Speaker of Russian State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky is quoted by a Regnum correspondent as stating in Moscow, speaking at the third Russia’s Armenian Union (RAU) Congress.

“Yes, we pity Serbs, but it is a positive signal for the international community – it is a positive signal for Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), for Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Transdnestr,” Zhirinovsky continued. According to him, if the international community recognizes Kosovo and Montenegro, Russia will have every reason to recognize analogous territories, especially as it has more rights for that, because these republics were parts of the Russian Empire, and now they pretend to restore their legal personalities. “It may not be denied – it is the international law,” he stated. As Vladimir Zhirinovsky stressed, addressing to the Russian Armenians Union (RAU) Congress deputies and guests, “the Armenian people have already been suffering for 100 years, and it is necessary to achieve adoption of at least one international organization’s resolution on returning territories to Armenian state by 2015, the 100th anniversary of those awful events.” “It is not enough to recognize the Genocide; the territories should be returned.

Those ones, who are living there now, should be returned to Ashgabat and Tashkent -- what does one people need two states for? And territories should be returned to Armenia and Kurdistan. Kurds are betrayed people too – they have been expecting for 100 years,” the LDPR leader said. Also, he called the RAU to be more active in the Russian provinces and to cooperate with Russian political and non-governmental organizations in order to explain to young generation of Russians that “Armenians are our brothers; they are Christians, and they have been living side by side with Russians for hundreds of years.” Zhirinovsky called on the RAU to cooperate for realization of other socially vital initiatives.

Source: http://www.ekurd.net/mismas/articles...ntstate766.htm


Unrecognized republics, which were formed in the territory of the former Soviet Union, will follow the path of Montenegro, Russian State Duma Vice-Speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky said. «Abkhazia, Transnistria and Karabakh will follow the path of Montenegro. Referendum on declaring independence in Montenegro is a precedent in the international law,» he told journalists in Moscow before the third congress of the Union of Armenians of Russia. «Time will come and resolutions on referendums will be adopted in the South Caucasus, e.g. Karabakh will acquire independence,» Zhirinovsky added. «Karabakh is fully entitled to become an independent state and for Baku not to feel hurt, it may not join Armenia, having allied relations with it,» Russian State Duma Vice-Speaker said. He also reminded that Abkhazia joined Russia earlier than Georgia and it was included in the Russian Empire as the Abkhaz Kingdom. «Transnistria has nothing to do with Moldova. Tiraspol and other cities of Transnistria are those created by Russians and Transnistria can join Russia with time,» Zhirinovsky remarked. May 21 a referendum on independence was held in Montenegro. The Montenegro independence block collected 55.5% of constituency votes, while the supporters of preservation of the common state got 44.5% of votes, Russian media report.

Source: http://www.armtown.com/news/en/pan/20060525/18154/

More on his nationalistic rhetoric, often times sounding like an extremist's rant. Excerpts from his book as presented by the American Heritage Foundation:


Georgia is an impediment to us. We must change our border. We must have an outlet on the Pacific and Indian Oceans, or set up a "wall of China" to separate us from the South. But building a wall would interfere with our trade with Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan. That would impoverish us. So we probably shouldn't do that. So there is only one choice. The operation should be carried out using the code-name "Final Thrust to the South." Our army will carry out this task. It will be a means for the nation as a whole to survive and a way to restore the Russian army. New armed forces are only born in combat operations. You cannot build an army in commissariats and barracks (p. 70).

Russia must expand to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. This is not just my folly. This is Russia's destiny. This is fate. This is the great achievement of Russia. We must do this, we simply have no choice. We cannot do otherwise. This is geopolitics. Our development demands it as a child who has outgrown an outfit needs a new one. This is how I see Russia. She will have the strongest army in the world, strategic missile troops and missiles with multiple warheads. Our military space platforms, our space ship "Buran" and our "Energiya" rockets are the country's shield in space. Complete safety and no competitor (p. 112).

It will be a new Russia... in which the Orthodox Christian religion plays the dominant role. We must not allow alien religions to break down the conscience o our youth, because that doesn't bring peoples closer, it interferes with their understanding of the world around them. We must help the Russian Orthodox religion attain its proper place.... One symbol, this black, yellow, and white flag, the flag of Russia, is the unifying symbol of the entire country.... One hymn, one state language, the language of international relations - Russian. One currency, the ruble. One system of finance, transport, ties, energy, ecology, defense, internal politics....


We say to America: Stop while there is still time. We say to Bill Clinton: don't repeat the mistakes of Napoleon and Hitler .... America will also start to fall apart soon. A lot of negative material has accumulated and there are many problems and ethnic conflicts arising. You have your own perestroika ahead of you, your own sickness, your own degradation. We Russians won't gloat when several of your states break away, when your factories stop running and you lack food and medicine, when people start to leave America for Europe, Russia, Ja- pan, South Africa, and Australia. We won't gloat when California becomes part of Mexico and a black republic of Miami is established, when the Russians take back Alaska. It won't be the United States of America, but the Commonwealth of New American States and in- stead of Washington running the country it will be run from San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Texas ...

We won't humiliate you when you have to ask for loans from international banks or ask for extensions on your payments of old debts. You already have a huge domestic and international debt today. You already. have a huge number of problems. So don't dig trenches under others and don't spit in the well from which you yourself will someday have to drink. - We the Russians do not harbor hostile feelings towards Americans. We never clashed with them. On the contrary we shook hands as allies on the Elbe in Germany. Together we over- came the most terrible aggressor of the twentieth century. Today you [Americans] should not commit mistakes. The Chinese stopped in time. Mao's ideas did not capture the world, and the Maoist revo- lution did not spill over the borders of China. The Japanese did not demand world domina- tion either. The Germans are fed up with war forever, and do not want to take part in any kind of military conflicts. Sweden has altogether forgotten what a war is. After the defeat inflicted by the Russian army, the Swedes refused to fight anywhere....

You Americans are the last nation, the last state that is making noise someplace, that is dis- patching its rapid reaction forces, is dictating, imposing its will on Iraq, Libya, and Serbia. Do not interfere with the affairs of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Australia. Deal with your own problems. Let us finally deal with regional cooperation. Let us end the Cold War for real. You shouldn't tell us what to do in the Baltic countries, Central Asia, the Dnestr region and the Transcaucasus. And we won't tell you what to do in the [Latin Ameri- can] States. We won't look into why you kidnapped the legitimate president of Panama, Noriega, why you dropped paratroopers on Grenada and destroyed the regime of Morris Bishop, even though all these things are barbarity, open aggression, and interference in the affairs of other peoples and violations of international and national law. The hour may come when you will have to answer for all of this. You are demanding arms cuts. OK, let's start cutting. But simultaneously. We will not dis- arm unilaterally. We have consented to withdraw our troops from Europe, and you shall also withdraw yours.

The Germans, for instance, want you out of their country more than they want us out. They would prefer Russian troops to American. In many countries of the world they desire that you pull out your bases. Americans, let us finish with the tension in the world that is generated by you and us. Let us not accuse each other, humiliate each other, not search to find who has more warheads, tanks, planes, and submarines. Let's agree on the balance of power in the world, upon the division of spheres of influence, upon the principle of regional cooperation, upon the principle of North-South relations which will stop any and all tension in East-West relations and will exclude war forever. Therefore, you Americans must leave the Balkans and the Near East.

Then the world will thank you. But if you don't cool off your hot heads someday [the world] will put you on trial in a new Nuremburg. We believe in the common sense of Americans .... We display neither chauvinism nor wild nationalism. We would like to believe that you [Americans] don't seek the dominance of your nation over others. Remember, after all, that you live on what your government institutions steal on the sly. First you robbed South America and Africa, then profited from two world wars, and for the last fifty years you've been stealing the most valuable resource of all, "brains." Throughout the twentieth century the best minds in the world have been sail- ing, flying, and driving to your country from all over the world .... You should realize that your achievements don't come from the native population of America and the first settlers. Part of that wealth comes from Russians, because almost all the mathematicians in America are Soviet Jews who left the USSR. ... So let's calm down and occupy ourselves with domestic affairs, affairs of the neighboring region. For America that is the [Latin American] States and Mexico and the nearby region of the Caribbean. For France that means North Africa. For Russia that is Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey. You have to agree with this and not interfere or meddle. The same with China.

It has interests in Mongolia, in South Asia. But it should not give sidelong glances at Russian action in Afghanistan, let alone in Iraq or Turkey. Same with Japan. It is ready to accept Russian access to the coast of the Indian Ocean, but it wants some islands from the Kurile chain. Here, some solution can be found. Maybe something can be given to Japan. Possibly some part or another of an archipelago that is not fully colonized by us but that Japan badly needs. A formula can be found under which Japanese interests will be taken into account. Thus, positive conditions for the whole of mankind can be created, so that political AIDS, or a political Chernobyl will not strike our planet. The last word will belong to the Russians, because the Americans in the final analysis will agree with our position, with our formula of geopolitical development of the world through which Russia will establish its southern borders, its last thrust to the south (pp. 119-123).

All this can be considered a political revelation of the foundation of a new arrangement in our region and a new favorable world order. We will be understood in all the capitals of the world. I have discussed this with Americans, Frenchmen, Germans, Japanese, Greeks, and Serbs-with many people (p. 137).

Russia has been given a great historic mission. Therefore it must act decisively in national tasks, in the development of infrastructure, in the construction of good roads, storehouses, refrigerators, transportation routes, housing .... Russia will become one-story again-cottages, saunas, garages, gardens. This is better for living than these cement apartment blocks. Life will be better in India, because the conflict with Pakistan will end. Russia will have a border with India. The conflicts between China and Mongolia, China and Central Asia, China and India will cease. Japan at last will define itself in terms of its national interests. Everyone will have calm. South Africa will be guaranteed a white republic in the southern part of Africa.

But no one will help Russia. As for America, it could happen that it will need Russia's help. Spanish-speaking people from Mexico and other Latin American countries will in- crease in the north. The black population will increase until it reaches 40-50 million. Altogether this means about 100 million people. Half of America will be colored. And in the future' since colored people reproduce faster, there will be more crime in America, with the white population dying out and the colored population increasing. Who knows, maybe America will be seeking help from Russia in the mid-21 st century? 'Russia must quickly become a strong and powerful state; it must have expanses of open water on its maritime borders. The Pacific Ocean isn't warm-water, but it abuts the far Eastern borders of Russia.

Then there's the longest border in the world, between Russia and China. It must be a peaceful border for once and for all, because China focuses south, not north. Friendly India. Then at the end, the Indian -Ocean. And friendly Iraq. And in the west, those countries that possesses an advantage. Rumania may get this or that - we'll allow a little piece of Moldova .... The Poles feel infringed upon because they would like to claim Lvov, but Lvov is needed by the Republic of West Ukraine. And the Germans will press the Poles. In the regions of Volyn' or Brest, perhaps, Poland will acquire something. We could settle all these questions for our eastern and western neighbors, and our south- eastern neighbors, with just one condition-first Russia gets that which it needs: just like in trade, first goods come to Russia, then we concede some to our neighbors (pp. 138-139).

Gorbachev and Yeltsin bent over backward to help the West, the USA, CIA, and Israel. And what did they get in return? Nothing. Not a thing. They were deceived. Neither the Stavropol bear nor the Ural bear were up to the negotiations. You need a different kind of intellect .... What you need here is a person with a cosmic intellect, or at least a planetary intellect (p. 140).

Let Russia make its final "thrust" to the south. I can see the Russian soldiers gathering for the final expedition southward. I can see Russian commanders in Russian division and army headquarters, mapping out the route for the military formations and the endpoints of those routes. I see aircraft gathered in air bases around the southern regions of Russia. I see submarines surfacing near the coastline of the Indian Ocean and amphibious assault ships nearing the shore where Russian soldiers are already marching, armored infantry vehicles are on the move and great masses of tanks are rolling through. Russia will finally make her last military expedition. There will never be another war from the South for Russia and it has long since been impossible for war to come from the North. In the West they understand this, and in the East they will find out (p. 142).



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