Clinton Reassures Armenian Rights Groups - September, 2010

Washington is reassuring Armenia's "civil rights organizations" by saying it is behind them (see articles at the bottom of this page). Yes, globalist criminals want to reassure anti-state activists in Armenia that Washington is standing fully behind them. I'm sure Presidential Serj Sargsyan is trembling in his presidential seat. What our anti-state activists fail to realize is that Washington has essentially dealt them the kiss of death. With friends like Washington, what "rights groups" in Armenia could maintain any kind of credibility? No wonder Armenia's "opposition" has been a laughing stock. 

Does anybody still listen to the hypocritical and self-serving rhetoric of these bloodthirsty reptiles in Washington? Their rhetoric would have been very amusing had it not been so dangerous for vulnerable nations like Armenia. Before they get aroused by Washington's reassurances, our "human rights campaigners" and the so-called "political opposition" in Armenia need to calm down and realize that poverty, corruption and human rights violations exist in all nations on earth without exception; including in western European nations, including in the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America.

As a matter of fact, some of the worst cases of poverty, crime, human rights violations and corruption STILL occur right here in the good ol' US of A. But there are no problems between Washington and the "political opposition" in the USA - precisely because there is no "political opposition" in the USA. And there are no problems between Washington and the US news press - precisely because Washington controls the US news press.

America's numerous vices are presented in colorful and palatable terminology. For example, when billions and trillions of dollars get stolen by Washingtonian oligarchs (the political/financial elite that has been running the show in the US since the turn of the last century) it's called "mismanagement of public funds". When native Americans (American Indians) are forced to live in decrepit settlements where officials make sure cigarettes, alcohol and gambling are ubiquitous - the concentration camps in question are called "reservations". When tens of millions of Americans are forced into poverty as a result of officials diverting immense funds to mega-corporations - it is said "trickle down economics" will eventually help the poor. When tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghans are murdered by American troops - it's portrayed as "collateral deaths" in an essential war to protect American freedom. When nations get illegally invaded by America - it's said that oppressed peoples are being brought "freedom and democracy".

And when problematic citizens, government officials, military men or public activists get murdered by government hit-squads - the assassinations are always carried out via "suicide" (when the person committing "suicide" shoots himself TWICE in the head), by automobile/airplane "accident" or by a "lone/crazed gunman".

The greatest asset, the greatest weapon Washington has had has been its ability to hypnotize the global populace into truly believing that it was a force for good - the world's self-styled sheriff and the defender of freedom and democracy. 

The success of this Hollywood and multimedia driven conditioning of the masses has been astounding. Even today, even after what Washington has done in Vietnam, Indonesia, El Salvador, Panama, Cuba, Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan; even after what it's trying to do in Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Venezuela; even after what it had tried to do in Russia during the 1990s - a significant portion of the global population today continues believing Uncle Sam's fairytales. We the people are to blame for this. Today we are at such a pathetic point that - it did not happen if CNN did not report it. Sadly, it's the sheeple that are responsible for giving these highly sophisticated criminals in expensive suits their credibility and their worth.

We even have Armenians getting into the habit of towing Washington's self-serving agenda in Armenia in recent times. We have social activists, political activists, politicians, political analysts and freelance journalists that enthusiastically and proudly serve Washingtonian oligarchs. When asked why they do this, these Armenians say they do it because they are fed-up with the injustices in Armenia. They also say that by joining forces with Washington they are bringing freedom and democracy into Armenia...

I don't know what mental problems these people have, but thinking that Washington is seeking "freedom and democracy" in the Caucasus is sheer stupidity. 

Guess what Armenian "rights groups"? Washington has not, is not and will never be genuinely interested in freedom and democracy in Armenia. As far as Washington is concerned, the tiny speck on the map called Armenia is an obstacle to its energy exploitation agenda. The only thing Washington is concerned about is getting Russia out of Armenia so that it can allow Western oil companies, Turks, Azeris and Georgians to have they way with Armenia.

Putting aside the well known fact that the world's most tyrannical governments tend to be ones that have been put into power by Washington, do our self-destructive peasantry in the so-called political opposition in Armenia realize that if Armenia ever got hijacked by Washingtonian criminals Moscow would be forced to turn Armenia upside-down? Do these pathetic people realize that they are playing with the very existence of the Armenian nation? Do these ignorant people realize that they are nothing but petty pawns in Washington's geostrategic game to undermine Russian power in Armenia and exploit the region's energy wealth? Do the well meaning ones amongst these people realize that they won't be able to exploit their ties to Washington for the betterment of Armenia?

If Armenia's "rights activists" are against human rights violations - why are they joining forces with the globe's number one human rights violator?

Silly Armenians.

What our "rights groups" in Armenia fail to see is that corruption, assassinations, human rights violations and the oppression of certain ethnic groups in the West have been turned into an exact sciences - unlike in the rest of the world when such things are done recklessly. Our nation's so-called oligarchs (our backward peasants that suddenly became rich as a result of the chaos brought upon by the collapse of the Soviet Union) are nothing but petty boy-scouts compared to the kabal of highly sophisticated criminals in the West. For those who have difficulty assessing/comprehending the world we live in, I will try to explain, in simplest terms possible, what is the main difference between the West and the rest:

The acquired and/or plundered wealth in the West is so incredibly immense (think Vatican, think Hapsburgs, Spanish empire, British empire, Swedish empire, Dutch empire, German empire, French empire... to name only a few) that even the crumbs that fall off the lavish banquet tables of the Western world's elite today is more than enough for western populations to maintain a good standard-of-living. 

Thus, it's all relative. It's all relative to perception. Needless to say, this situation is changing as the West plunges deeper-and-deeper into a global economic mess that which they created with their own hands. But that's another topic.

It also needs to be pointed-out to our anti-Serj crusaders that corruption and man's  tendency to violate another man's rights is a very natural human trait. As a result, as long as mere mortals are tasked with running the political/financial show on earth, corruption will never disappear. Thus, corruption cannot be totally eliminated - it can only be managed. 

Unfortunately, the only way corruption will be managed in a country like Armenia is with public education starting in kindergartens, lasting regional peace and a lot of time (perhaps generations). Nonetheless, when we talk about Armenia we need to be mindful that we are essentially talking about a post-Soviet nation in the Caucasus with a tiny population, no nation-building experience, no natural wealth worth mentioning, little production and limited markets to export to. More importantly, we are essentially talking about a brand new nation without well established national institutions.

As we all know and appreciate, we Armenians are well known for being shrewd businessman. But our "shrewd businessmen" in our homeland are finding themselves essentially fighting each other over our nation’s very limited economic assets. They are essentially fighting over the "crumbs" that exists in our small, landlocked and barren nation. In a certain sense, Armenia is too small for the Armenian. This is the price we Armenians pay for very ambitious and very business-driven - and living in a land that is tiny, isolated, barren and embattled. We are also talking about a country that is landlocked, blockaded and surrounded by enemies in a very turbulent and violent region. So, even in the best of domestic circumstances, Armenia would still suffer from severe economic depression and widespread poverty - simply as a result of being located in one of the nastiest neighborhoods on earth.

Nevertheless, we again need to be reminded that it took western nations centuries of genocides, slavery, apartheid, exploitation, civil wars and immense world wars to reach where they are today. But we have our self-destructive peasantry today criticizing and attacking our fledgling nation for not being like Switzerland or Sweden! 

I have seen "educated" and "patriotic" Armenians complain that Armenia has not yet become a Scandinavian like nation or a Switzerland - specifically due to its "oligarchs"! Simply amazing. Don't get me wrong, it's a healthy wish for Armenia to be like a "Scandinavian" country. But, what about the realities of where our nation is located, what about the behavioral realities of the modern Armenian? 

Our healthy wishes for Armenia are being transformed into irrational expectations from Armenia. We simply cannot expect Armenia to reach "Scandinavian" standards in twenty short years, with the cultural values we Armenians currently have and in the Caucasus of all places. Had it been as easy as some of our people seem to think it is, the entire world would be living like the tree-hugging Swedes.

I'm sure at this point someone will foolishly ask: But what about Israel? 

In my humble opinion, it would make more sense to compare Armenians to Afghans than to Jews. What Armenian in their right mind would dare compare a tiny, dispersed nation mainly originating from Anatolia, the south Caucasus and the Middle East - to a relatively large, well organized, very influential and immensely wealthy ethno-religious group primarily based in western Europe and north America? Had we Armenians produced a dynasty like the Rothchilds; had we Armenians been prominent in the western world's silk, spice and slave trades; had we Armenians managed the western world's finances for centuries; when we Armenians produce a ultra-nationalist/racist sacred book like the Talmud; when Armenians start teaching their children that Armenians are God's people and all else in humanity are essentially animals; when a majority of the world's wealthiest people are Armenian; when the western press gets controlled by Armenians; when western academia gets overseen by Armenians; when the entertainment industry in the US gets controlled by Armenians; when a majority of Wall Street executives are Armenians; when Armenians manage to form something like the Federal Reserve in the US; when a majority of American officials end up in Armenian pockets - then and only then can we justifiably and rationally compare Armenia to Israel or Armenians to Jews. 

In the meanwhile, let's stick to comparing Armenians to Afghans.

When it comes to our fledgling and embattled homeland, we Armenians must strive to be positive, farsighted, rational, realistic, objective, proactive and patient. We also need to have the political maturity and the intellectual honesty to realize that our current president is by-far better than our previous two presidents. He may not be the one we all can love and adore, but he is far better than his two predecessors; and that in my book is what they call - an improvement!  

And I expect President Serj Sargsyan's successor to be a further improvement still. Nevertheless, I am very impressed by the our president's political maturity and courage as well as most of the aids he has surrounded himself with. Naturally, I'm also very content with the Russocentric path he has taken in the region. However, I also realize that he is somewhat powerless against Armenia's powerful businessmen, including his brother.

Just like during the times when Armenia's powerful feudal families challenged the authority of Armenia's kings, the wealthy businessmen of Armenia today (our new feudal barons) are in a strong sense just as powerful as our sitting president.  

This is one of the fundamental problems we as a nation need to remedy. There needs to be one president, one head, one leader in the nation - not one in every region of the nation. 

This is an ancient problem we are continuing to have, and a problem that is in essence a homegrown problem. As a matter of fact, much of our other domestic/social ailments are homegrown "Armenian" problems.  

The fundamental flaw within our people today is the ugly fusion of Islamic, Turkic and/or Bolshevik mentalities prevailing in Armenian mindsets. And I would like to again remind the reader that government's are an accurate reflection of their subjects.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? 

Before we attack our president let's first realize that those in Armenia who are prone to giving/taking bribes, those who are prone to breaking laws, those who worship anything and everything that is non-Armenian, those who are ready to resort to violence to settle their problems, those who's number one goal in life is to abandon his/her homeland, those who treat their communities like garbage dumps, those who treat women like cheep possessions - came much, much before our much hated president. 

Presidents per se are not the problem - we the people are the problem. Many of our compatriots in-and-out of our homeland are self-destructive peasants at heart. How else can one explain tens-of-thousands of people rebelling in March 2008 - for someone like Levon Petrosian, a treasonous filth that had already once raped and pillaged the country?

Seeing how Armenians carry themselves when it comes to politics or nation building, God forbid there ever be the thing called "democracy" in Armenia. Such an experiment could prove suicidal for our state. Even the mere notion of our people being allowed to rule themselves is enough to give me nightmares these days. Before we can fix Armenia's numerous problems - we first need to fix the Caucasus (I am confident Pax Russica will do that) and then we need to fix Armenians (only we can do that)

The effort to remake Armenians cannot start by government decree, it must start in our households. Nevertheless, I must admit that even with all its numerous and complex problems, thanks to several geopolitical factors and a handful of people in our homeland, Armenia has managed to do better than many other nations with better sociopolitical situations and geopolitical circumstances. 

What Armenia needs at this point in its national development is political evolution - not a Western funded revolution.

Nevertheless, I have a question for Hillary: what "rights group" today is monitoring America's bloody rampages across the globe, as well as severe corruption and social injustices that go on right here in America? Who gave these hypocrites the right to criticize and/or punish nations that do not fit their standards or fall for their manipulations? Who is to punish Washington for its crimes against humanity? Criminals are clearly attempting to police the world. Do any of the self-destructive peasants who are so vehemently against our authorities in Armenia still pay any attention to the political garbage being spewed by these professional criminals? Aren't these Armenians ashamed of their collaboration with an entity that is in effect seeking to sweep our homeland under the Caucasian rug?

We were once a proud nation of disciplined warriors, hardy peasants, intellectuals and priests. What the hell happened? Don't bother answering, I know what happened: a thousand years of Turkic/Semitic/Islamic/Bolshevik successes in the region have deformed us beyond recognition. But I continue maintaining the conviction that there continues to exist a great potential within us. This potential only needs to be worked on, it only needs to be cultivated. Sadly, however, a thousand years of genetic and cultural damage will not be fixed in a few years. We need a few generations to fix our domestic problems. In the meanwhile, I want to see our politicians in Armenia keep Washington at an arms length and continue sticking as close to the Bear as possible. Our vehicle to a better future lies only with better relations with Russia, not with hypocritical criminals in Washington who's only interest in the Caucasus is energy exploitation.



Clinton Reassures Armenian Rights Groups

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has again assured Armenian civic organizations that the United States is “steadfastly committed” to promoting democracy and respect for human and civil liberties in their country. "The United States believes that the same values that gave birth to our nation–open and vibrant democracy and unwavering respect for human rights, including a firm commitment to media freedom–are the bedrock of a free, prosperous society, and critical to Armenia’s future. We stand by these values and will continue to voice our support for them in Armenia and around the world,” Clinton said in a letter to nine Armenian human and civil rights organizations.

The letter, publicized on Thursday by one of those groups, the Asparez Journalists Club, came in response to their joint appeal to Clinton that was issued during her recent visit to Armenia. They urged Washington to press the Armenian authorities to immediately free all “political prisoners,” end police torture and attacks on journalists, and properly investigate the 2008 post-election violence in the Armenian capital.

The Asparez chairman, Levon Barseghian, handed the written appeal to Clinton at her July 5 meeting in Yerevan with two dozen local journalists, human rights campaigners and other civic activists. Addressing them, Clinton heaped praise on Armenian pro-democracy groups and pledged continued U.S. support for their activities. “Please know that the United States and the Obama administration and the American people are standing with you as you help lead your country into that future of promise and potential that every Armenian deserves,” she said.

In her July speech, the chief U.S. diplomat also expressed concern about media freedom in Armenia and, in particular, a controversial law on broadcasting enacted by the authorities. But she made no mention of the continuing imprisonment of more than a dozen Armenian opposition leaders and members arrested following the disputed February 2008 presidential election, The Armenian opposition has repeatedly accused the U.S. and other Western powers of being lenient towards President Serzh Sarkisian because of his Western-backed policies toward Turkey and Azerbaijan.


Armenia’s Rights Record Again Criticized By U.S.

The United States has again criticized the Armenian authorities’ human rights record, saying that they have continued to stifle dissent, manipulate elections, tolerate police brutality and restrict judicial independence over the past year. "Authorities restricted the right of citizens to freely change their government in [the May 2009] mayoral elections in Yerevan,” the U.S. State Department said late Thursday in an annual report scrutinizing human rights practices around the world. "During the year authorities subjected citizens, particularly those considered by the government to be political opponents, to arbitrary arrest, detention, and imprisonment for their political activities; lengthy pretrial detention also continued to be a problem,” concludes the report. “Authorities continued to use harassment and intrusive application of bureaucratic measures to intimidate and retaliate against political opponents. Authorities used force to disperse political demonstrations and constrain citizens seeking to publicize them. Police beat pretrial detainees and failed to provide due process in some cases.”

Ill-treatment of criminal suspects in police custody has long been regarded as the most frequent form of human rights violation in Armenia. According to the State Department, the illegal practice has continued unabated, with the Armenian police and other security bodies “regularly” beating and bullying detainees to extract false confessions. “Witnesses continued to report that police beat citizens during arrest and interrogation while in detention,” says its report. “Human rights nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) reported similar allegations; however, most cases of police mistreatment continued to go unreported because of fear of retribution.” The extensive report also says “numerous” Armenians claimed to have been mistreated by security offices to falsely incriminate dozens of opposition members arrested following the February 2008 presidential election and the ensuing street violence in Yerevan. “Most or all of these arrests appeared politically influenced to varying degrees,” it says.

As a rule, Armenian courts dismiss torture claims made during the opposition-related and other trials. The State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, which compiled the report, appeared to attribute this to the broader lack of judicial independence in the country. Armenian courts, it said, “remained regularly subject to political pressure from the executive branch.” “The [Armenian] law provides for the presumption of innocence; in practice, however, this right was frequently violated,” says its report. “According to court statistics, the courts rendered only seven acquittals out of a total of 2,407 verdicts handed down during the year, for an acquittal rate of approximately 0.3 percent.”

The Armenian judiciary was also criticized this week by the main democracy watchdog of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. In a long-awaited report, the OSCE’s Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) concluded that at least some of the trials of the arrested oppositionists were not fair because of a pro-government bias shown by judges. The Armenian government and judicial authorities have yet to react to the criticism. The main opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) on Friday portrayed the ODIHR report as further proof of its view that “justice was not applied” to the jailed oppositionists. Levon Zurabian, a leader of the opposition alliance, at the same time criticized the Warsaw-based watchdog for making no “political evaluation” of the controversial trials. He also stood by his claims that the OSCE deliberately delayed the publication of the report to avoid undercutting President Serzh Sarkisian.

The State Department noted that approximately 13 individuals jailed in connection with the 2008 vote and post-election unrest remained incarcerated as of the end of 2009. It charged that Armenian law-enforcement bodies continued to “arbitrarily detain individuals due to their opposition political affiliations or political activities” and restrict freedom of assembly. “Police regularly used force to break up the daily gatherings of supporters of opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosian in downtown Yerevan,” argued the department. The report goes on to describe the disputed municipal elections in Yerevan as “significantly flawed.” The State Department used the same phrase to assess the authorities’ conduct of the last presidential ballot. The department further deplored a lack of “media pluralism” in Armenia and “multiple attacks against journalists” reported last year. “Corruption remained widespread, and authorities did not make determined efforts to combat it,” it added.

The report prompted diametrically opposite comments from Armenia’s leading pro-government and opposition parties. Galust Sahakian, the parliamentary leader of President Sarkisian’s Republican Party of Armenia (HHK), said his assessment of its findings is “very negative.” “It does not correspond to reality,” Sahakian told RFE/RL’s Armenian service. “It’s a biased report which I think not only fails to help Armenia’s public and authorities but may also have bad consequences.” But Armen Martirosian, a leader of the opposition Zharangutyun party, strongly disagreed. “The facts contained in the report are absolutely true,” he said. “I’m saying this … as a person who has felt all these problems this on his skin.”


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